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Back at it with part two of THIS request!! Now for my deep story mode guys, I’ll do the minor trio soon I promise!!! I’m having a little writer’s block since I was working on a personal story today; four thousand words later I can’t even think T-T I’m a weakling I know, a lot of y’all can crank out 20,000 words a day but I’m working on it ^^
-mod cozy <3

- Jumin needed company for his up-and-coming trip to his favorite cherry farm (you know the one)
- Unfortunately, Juju once again, wanted to sit back and let people pick the cherries for him
- You were having none of that
- You dragged him along, suit and all and forced him to help you get the hard-to-reach fruits because he’s so ding dang ginormous
- The fact that you got a pretty good view of him stretching out definitely helped though
- You spotted a particularly gorgeous looking cherry and had Jumin reach it for you, deciding it would be a waste to wait and eat it, you split apart the stem holding the cherries together and handed one to Jumin,
- Mr. trustfundkid didn’t look all that happy about eating in such an uncultured manner but one look at you and he was all but inhaling it
- You smiled up at him when you finished and any resolve he had was lost
- He grabbed you hand and leaned in so he was face-to-face with a very blushy you
- “It’s going to taste like cherries.” He winked and closed the space between you
- “Forgive me kitten, you looked so cute I couldn’t help myself.” At which point you pulled him down for another kiss
- The poor farmers accidentally walked in on the both of you making out get a room you two

- Seven had the most brilliant idea to hold an impromptu master chef competition between the two of you after watching far too much food network
- Unfortunately, poor baby doesn’t really know how to cook for shit
- He literally plates honey buddha chips and pours phd pepper into a wine glass oml
- You followed in his footsteps and plated phd pepper before pouring hbc into a wine glass
- You won on the basis of creativity and man he has never been more in love with you
- You guys were giggling idiots, and you did that thing that they do at weddings where the couple links their arms before taking a bite of the cake
- But this time it wasn’t cake
- It was chips
- And you made the mistake of looking up
- Annnnd now you were both bright red messes
- You stood there for a really awkward amount of time with goofy smiles on your faces and blush dusting both your cheeks
- The second Saeyoung finished his chip, he snaked him arm around your waist and leaned in to whisper something to you
- “It’s going to taste like Honey Buddha Chips.” With that, he crashed your lips together
- If you thought you were red before

I promised a jerevin/jerevinwood nightmare fic and i delivered

I say it’s both because ryan’s in the relationship but he’s not there so he doesnt count

Jeremy doesn’t feel Gavin twitching and shaking in his sleep beside him, nor does he hear the soft whimpers, but he does feel Gavin bolting upright with a gasp, shuddering and running his hands over his arms. He was usually a heavy sleeper, but if either of his partners left the bed, he’d wake up in an instant. Now was no different, as he sat up and rubbed at his eyes, looking over at the panic stricken Gavin.

“Hey, babe, what’s wrong?” Jeremy kept his voice low and even, like Gavin did for him when he would wake up in tears. He felt especially protective because Ryan was out of town for a job for the next couple days, and he was the only one here to comfort Gavin. He had to do an even better job of it.

“No-nothing, darling, go back to sleep.” Jeremy could hear how his voice shook and when he laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, he could feel the trembles rack through Gavin’s body. He scooted a little closer, wrapping a hand around Gavin’s middle.

“It’s not nothing, Gavin. You wouldn’t wake up if it was nothing.” Gavin turned to look at him, cheeks wet with tears. Jeremy had never seen him like this, vulnerable and small and scared. It’s not that he’d never seen Gavin cry, he’d never seen Gavin this defeated.

“We should have talked about this months ago, but Ryan kept telling me it wasn’t the right time and…” Gavin sighed, brushing the tears away roughly. “He’s not always right. And he’s not here to tell me no. Three years ago, I was captured by a gang and held for six months before the crew could find me.” Jeremy gasped softly, pulling Gavin closer.

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Sometimes what starts out as a really bad day progresses to laughter with colleagues, discussions about writers’ egos, lunch-break lourry writing, LUSH soap, coming back to a clean house, eating fried chicken and watching iZombie while the bf tells me how well his day went.

Sometimes a day that starts with you feeling like you’re going to burst into tears turns out way better than you could ever have expected.

I wore a new dress with glitter makeup and high heels and wrote like a thousand words today at Sbucks.

I think Sayre wants me to do something with him. I need to run an errand before work tomorrow (recycling my old mattress though putting it with the other junk on the street is tempting me) which makes me sad. He doesn’t like it when I break routine

I have no excuse for this and have no idea where it came from.

edit: cleaned up and now on AO3!

Dear Asshole

Every week, Laura sends him a small selection of his fanmail she finds either particularly funny or particularly touching. This week, Derek’s under fire from not only Laura - as his publisher and sister, she holds double the sway she normally would - but from his editor, too. So he’s missed a couple of deadlines - what modern fantasy writer doesn’t miss deadlines? Really, he’s just fitting in - Laura should be grateful that he’s finally living up to the genre’s stereotype.

This week, Derek only receives one forwarded letter from Laura and he finds himself eyeing it suspiciously where it sits, ostensibly innocent, on the counter of his tiny breakfast bar.

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colin spacetwinks’ writing tips ‘n tricks (for actually getting writing done, not idea generating):

  • - generates various noises you can use to help sorta keep the busier parts of your mind distracted, which is a big problem for me, i’ve found. has random ‘productivity’ and ‘relaxation’ noise generators, but you can customize them anyway you want. also has white, pink, and brown noise generators
  • physical notepad/to-do list - writing down my basic goals of what i want to write today (be it an amount of words or specific scenes) helps keep me on task, i dunno about anyone else. and crossing it off gives a great sense of relief
  • some kind of timer - i like to use a lil bit of the “pomodoro” technique, which says to do things in 25 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks, though i tend to do 45 minute chunks with 15 minute breaks. a physical timer, a downloadable digital timer, or, anything’ll do
  • changing perspective - instead of going “i’m going to write several thousand words today! yeah!”, i try to position things as “i’m gonna write 500 words this hour” and anything more i write than that is gravy. then i do another hour, and another, till i don’t have anymore time for writing that day, or just don’t feel like writing anymore. trying to write 500 chunks to get to 2000 is a lot easier to manage than just “i’m gonna write 2000 words”, believe me