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“It was amazing. It’s funny because Willam, Alaska and I were doing a gig in London maybe two years ago, and a friend of mine was like, ‘my friend Aaron is Little Mix’s hair person and they love you guys and they were wondering if they could come to a show’. They came along and hung out in our dressing room – it was so funny, Little Mix hanging out in OUR dressing room. Jade is the superfan, she wears our merch. Some promo she did, she was wearing a Courtney Act tank top, it’s so fabulous. They messaged us and asked us if we wanted to be in their music video. They were so lovely, and their mums were there, and Jade’s mum came and hung out in our dressing area. We just sat there having a kiki. She came around at Drag Con and queued up, it’s adorable. We were like, ‘it’s ok, nobody will mind if Jade skips the queue’.” - Courtney Act

When I go see Beauty and the Beast today...
  • Me: (holing my ticket outside the theater) I want adventure in the great wide somewhere...
  • 6 year old behind me: Excuse me.
  • Me: (more dramatic)I want it more than I can tell!
  • 6 year old: Lady come on, could you move?
  • Me: And for once it might be grand, to have someone understand....
  • 6 year old now pushing by: Freak

When men deny the testimonies of sexual assault victims, it reminds me of the line in Luke 24 when the women told the male apostles about the resurrection: “But these words seemed to them an idle tale, and they did not believe them.” It is a reminder that for centuries men have ignored and discredited the words of women. Even words sent by Jesus himself.

Tomorrow morning on the Radio One Breakfast Show we have an announcement about a guest that’s going to be joining us on Friday morning…they are coming in live…we’re going to let you know at 8am
—  Nick today on a Friday guest announcement. I don’t want to get my hopes up but I’m getting my hopes up. PLEASE LET THIS BE LOUIS, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE. 
Flirt Lane (ft. Jeongguk)

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Drabble game prompt 53. “I’m flirting with you.”
shy!jk, aka furious amounts of fluff (from the BTS in 10 years!au)
→ 2.5k words

A/N: Highly recommend reading both Yoongi’s and Tae’s versions of this au! It’ll make a little more sense :) Thanks for requesting to my beautiful bby mutual, @dat-town <3 Sorry if it’s not what you expected :( but pls feel free to request more to all my readers! 

You’re feet are killing you, as you scurry around the chapel, careful to take your gig seriously as you snap pictures of every aesthetic scene you can possible capture in the hustle of the wedding. 

Picture of the altar, check. 

Picture of the bride and her bridesmaids, check.

Picture of the groom and his parents, check. 

Snapshot of his members, check. 

Side-view of the flowers lining the entrance, check. 

Long-shot of the entrance, che– oh shit.

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Midterms are over and I got to go to q small presentation of one of Riot’s character designers in my school!!!

I have some more time now and will be getting back on those commissions, sorry for taking so long with them;;;

Anyways, sorry for this ramble but I am still hyped as shit!! One of league’s champion art design leads graduated from my school and discussed us about his work at riot. He was in charged of Taliyah, Camille, and Kayn’s art team. He also helped model Illaoi, Bard, and Tahm Kench, even showed the WIP process for him.

It was really awesome to see and listen to their process into making the champion’s visuals. I took a lot of notes and even got the last question to ask about the comics in league too. I am a thosand times more motivated to work on some portfolio level works. (also maybe apply for internship next year //wheeze) Overall it was a great experience and it was worth being marked absent for two classes lmao.


Shortly after purchasing the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, the owners learned that the only remaining Rothschild’s giraffes in the country were at risk, as their sole habitat was being subdivided into smallholdings. So they began a breeding program to reintroduce the Rothschild’s giraffe into the wild. Today, guests can enjoy visits from resident giraffes in search of a treat. By Cari Hill

Day Eighty-Six

-A woman knocked over a stack of brochures at the register. She attempted to fix it, but instead simply knocked it over to the other side. Thankfully, it is the thought that counts, so she and I can remain best friends.

-A wide-eyed man with wild hair and a two-pronged beard walked through the store looking like a cartoon depiction of Satan sticking a fork into a power outlet.

-I told a woman to have a good day, to which she angrily said, “Okay!” I nearly followed her to apologize and let her know that I will not force her to do anything against her will.

-An elderly man threw a twenty-dollar bill at my face. The next man handed me his cash as meekly as one could. I appreciate his existence and his natural drive to balance things out.

-I asked a woman how she was. She replied, “Forty dollars,” and pushed a gift card at me. She has been one of my more affable guests today.

-While I was stocking candy, a woman approached my lane. Once I got back to the register, the woman looked me in the eye, and left for the adjacent cashier.

-I was angrily called “Dora” after an elderly woman had a coupon denied. I have no follow-up commentary for this as I still have not entirely processed it myself.

-A woman announced, to nobody in particular, that she deserved a free pizza. I agree with you, ma'am, and I will stand by you until we all get the free pizzas we deserve.

-I was handed a box of tampons. Upon picking them up, I found the box to be unnaturally warm, almost hot to the touch. The only thing burning with more intensity than the box were the questions it left me with.

-A young mother found that she had perfect change. Her children gave her a standing ovation with neither hesitation nor prompting. I am unsettled at the lack of credits rolling after this, as I had been certain that this level of familial support did not exist outside of cheesy sitcoms.

[170621] Samuel's Vlive Summary

• Samuel was surprised when he started the Vline with 3 million hearts already
• He said hi to the fans in Korean, Chinese and English and showed off his little fawn snapback
• Samuel had to move to another location because the internet connection from the basement was not good.
• Samuel started to read the comments and answered some of the questions.
• Someone asked him what is his fan name. He said Melona. (Not quite sure what it means)
• A fan asked if he likes Messi. He said he likes soccer but he does not know much about it. His favorite soccer player is CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo. (i died at this moment because of the meme)
• He received a lot of comments saying he is cute and his voice is nice. In which, he shyly thanked the fans.
• Someone also asked him to call her noona. Samuel turned red and shy. It took him awhile to compose himself and said “Noona, I love you.” (Iloveyoutoo)
• He was asked to do aegyo and he chose to do the three shaped hearts from Showtime.
• Samuel introduced Brave Bro as his special guest for today and they talked about his coming album in August.
• Brave Bro started to play a sneak peak of five different songs from the albums. Each of them has different unique style that fits Samuel the best.
• Samuel got excited when the hearts come to almost 9 millions. He sang a part of Sixteen, in which is also his title song.
• He asked the fans to support his coming solo debut and look forward to him in the future.
• Samuel also danced and sang to Sixteen one more time as a promise when his Vlive received 10 million hearts.

Cr: @arredondo-samuel

Cherry-Bomb Bastard

A/N: ~For the Anon who filled my Jungkook thirst~

Word Count: 10,269

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“Baek, why do I have to be here again?” Baekhyun rolled his eyes at your question, yanking out one of your earbuds as you blew a bubble into the gum you were smacking on.

“Maybe if you weren’t playing your music so loud you would’ve heard me the first time.” he raised his brow at you, nodding his head to the loose earbud that was playing loud rock ‘n roll into the open air. “I told you; this was a last-minute MC thing they needed me to do and I wouldn’t dare leave you at the dorm with the sausage party living there.”

“I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest as you popped your gum.

“Oh, I know you can, I also know that the guys wouldn’t control themselves around you.” Baekhyun pointed out, dragging you further in the backstage area of the TV set.

“How come things like this always happen when I come to visit you?” you huffed, blowing another bubble as you followed your older brother.

“Coincidence?” Baekhyun smiled and shrugged, chuckling when he heard the music coming out of your exposed earbud.

“Really? ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James?” you just smirked and winked at your brother.

“Hey, 70′s American funk is amazing and you can’t tell me otherwise big bro.” you saw him poke his tongue out at you as you shoved your earbud back in, taking out a fresh stick of gum and adding it to the growing wad in your mouth. You tugged the leather jacket you wore closer to you; well, really it was Baekhyun’s, but after hearing you complain about the cold he immediately gave it up to you. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of your whining if he didn’t.

You sighed, aimlessly looking around at the hustle and bustle of the studio as your mind became absorbed in funky bass and brass music. You took your phone out of your pocket, intending to change the song when you ran smack dab into someone, losing your brother in the throng of stage workers. You fell straight on your bottom, your earbuds popping out of your ears as your phone slid across the floor.

“Shit.” you muttered, scrambling after your phone. You reached out to grab it when a hand beat you to it, picking it up and examining the screen. You looked at the person on the ground next to you (obviously, they were the one you had ran into) and were fully intending on giving them a good cussing out not only for taking your property, but for not even mumbling a sorry, when your words got caught in your throat.

The person you ran into had to be one of the best-looking people you had seen in your entire life; with sweet chocolate brown hair, dark eyes and sharp facial features you didn’t know if you had ran into a normal human being, or some sort child of Aphrodite. You stopped your persistent gum chewing when he finally acknowledged you, his lips curving into a smirk as he held your phone out to you cheekily.

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A high school taz au, based on this post (made by @flovvright and @shorthalt) about Kravitz stumbling into DnD because he’s just way too gay. 

Julia ships it. Hurley and Sloane throw back some beer. Taako scores a date. 

Julia’s smirking when the DnD club meets that evening, which is Taako’s first clue.

“What’s your beloved smirking about?” he whispers, elbowing Magnus in the shoulder. Magnus shrugs, too busy staring besottedly at Julia to formulate an actual response. God. Taako places a hand on Magnus’s cheek and shoves. He can’t afford to have Maggie’s sappy shit dripping all over him.

“All right, so,” says Julia, in her best I’m-the-DM-listen-to-me voice, which, honestly, works very well. Everyone shuts up, including Sloane and Hurley, who were chatting in the corner. They’re engaged in a battle of wits against Julia, trying to shove one of their crazy plots center stage, but so far Julia has foiled them every time. Taako’s pretty sure it’s going to end with their characters falling spectacularly in love. Art imitates life and all that. “We’re getting a new guest player today.”

“Who is it?” Angus asks with his adorable tiny pipes at the same time Taako groans, “Fuckin’ a, you’re not letting Lucas back in, are you?”

“Be nice,” says Merle, from the back of the room.

“Fuck you,” says Taako, and flips him off.

“Fuck no,” says Julia, and opens the Player’s Handbook. “Okay, so, here’s the scene: Hurley and Sloane, you two are in a tavern south of Broadsbrook - ”

“Hey, hold up, who’s the guest player?” Taako asks.

“You’ll see when they get here,” Julia says, and oh gods, there’s that smirk again. “I’ll set a different scene when they arrive.”

“C’mon, Jules, just tell me - ”


“Mags, make her spill.”

“Nope,” says Magnus, with the exact same inflection. 

Julia beams at him. He blows her a kiss. “You’re two feet away,” Taako points out irritably.

Magnus leans all the way over the table, sticking his butt in Taako’s face, to kiss her. “Oh my god gross gross gross, get this egregious display away from me - Merle, make them stop.”

“You’ve got Magnus’s butt within whackin’ range, take care of it yourself, kid.”

Magnus sits back down very quickly.

Taako finger-guns at him. Then, clearing her throat, Julia picks up narration. For ten minutes, they plod through a couple battles in a tavern south of Broadsbrook. Hurley’s playing a halfling - a joke she made about her own diminutive stature - and Sloane’s playing basically a fantasy Elven version of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Way, except with a  bonus tendency to beat the shit out of anyone who comments on Hurley’s height. 

The brawl ends with the four gerblins sprawled across the floor of the inn and Hurley and Sloane toasting each other atop a table. They roll to link arms and drink from their own mugs, the kind of stunt you see idiots do in movies. Sloane gets a fifteen. Hurley crit fails. Hurley’s drink ends up all over Sloane.

Then the door opens, and closes, and a smooth voice says “Hello.”

Taako looks up, and feels his cheeks flame red.

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