today's friendly reminder

do me a favor, don’t think about going on press tours with tom for what he calls “moral support” and standing off to the side behind the cameras of each interview and during one you can tell he’s starting to get bored so you start making faces at him and when you bite your lip slowly, something you knows gets him going, he’ll just give you this look and remind you subtly between interviews that you’ve got it coming after he’s done


•schools look at legacy kids and famous people and athletes first
•each school tries to craft their freshman class to be really diverse and fit their own values
•so like you can be qualified as hell but maybe they need someone who can contribute something that you can’t (like maybe you play piano but they really need a cello player)
•lots of people apply
•lots of people get rejected
•you are not alone

I know it’s hard not getting in to your dream school, but I promise life goes on. This has nothing to do with who you are or what you’re worth. Happiness is still right there if you reach for it. The world hasn’t fallen apart, and you will be okay.

Friendly Reminder

Today is the day folks! Today is the day A&E/JMo/Colin have their panel in Atlanta. Further reminder that there will be a screening of 6 x 11 at the event. That means there will be spoilers and flailing all over this website in a few hours. Mine is not a spoiler free blog, and I know I don’t have the willpower to stay away, so consider this your warning. My blog will be blowing up pretty soon with Cs and spoilers and all kinds of goodness. I will do my level best to tag everything, though, so if you actually have willpower and don’t want to be spoiled, Blacklist ouat spoilers, 6 x 11 spoilers, and CS Atlanta panel.

friendly reminder that james norrington and elizabeth swann only have like a ten year age difference

friendly reminder that james norrington wasn’t trying to court elizabeth swann when they were crossing from england and she was a child and he was an awkward teenager/young twenty-something year old

friendly reminder that governor swann did business at the fort and elizabeth wouldn’t have been at society events until she was of age to come out and be in society so james wouldn’t have seen her very often until then

friendly reminder that jack sparrow and hector barbossa are both older than james norrington and no one has a problem with those age differences

friendly reminder that ten year age differences weren’t that big of a deal anyway

friendly reminder that other faves like elizabeth bennet & mr. darcy have around a ten year age difference too (i think he was twenty eight and she was twenty right)

friendly reminder that a lot of people have ten year age differences in their relationships even today

friendly reminder that your celebrity crush is most likely well over ten years older than you are

friendly reminder that james norrington is not a goddamn pedophile for liking elizabeth swann

thank you & have a nice day

Friendly Reminder.....

Today a puppet flirted with Mr. Troll House, while outing him and Ms. Frilly MineHeart and Mr. Troll House proceeded to NOT deny anything and merely flirt back (gleefully)……

And it sent YaoiHag/PT/FappingTown into a near nervous breakdown, as well…