today's friendly reminder

Friendly Reminder

Today is the day folks! Today is the day A&E/JMo/Colin have their panel in Atlanta. Further reminder that there will be a screening of 6 x 11 at the event. That means there will be spoilers and flailing all over this website in a few hours. Mine is not a spoiler free blog, and I know I don’t have the willpower to stay away, so consider this your warning. My blog will be blowing up pretty soon with Cs and spoilers and all kinds of goodness. I will do my level best to tag everything, though, so if you actually have willpower and don’t want to be spoiled, Blacklist ouat spoilers, 6 x 11 spoilers, and CS Atlanta panel.

To: You impressive humans

From: This impressed human

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Friendly reminder today is also yixing’s happy camp

friendly reminder that theon greyjoy:

  • was an innocent child of 10 when he was taken from the only home he ever knew to live as a HOSTAGE for his rebellious father’s good behavior
  • was physically and emotionally abused by his older brothers and probably his uncles at this only home he ever knew
  • was then raised knowing he could be killed AT ANY TIME by the man who was supposed to be a father figure to him if balon stepped out of line
  • was never treated with warmth by ned or catelyn stark but got to see them dote on and adore their own stark children
  • was then mocked and rebuked by his actual father when he finally got to go home
  • is a main POV character and has been in the story since the very first chapter
  • did NOT burn winterfell



Friendly reminder today with it being Ali’s birthday that if something cute happens to just keep your fangirling in the Krashlyn tag, keep it out of the player tags and please for the love of god DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE comment ‘omg krashlyn’ or any variation of that on anything thing that either of them post. Fangirl all you want, but please understand what proper boundaries are. Don’t be that person that give the rest of us a bad image.