today's flavor is turtle

Today's flavor is turtle(p.2)

[11:04:52 PM] Hat-ler’s choice booty: One frolicked into the doors of the place, lots of weird people here! Two guys in skirts walked up to their group. Oh wait! It was Entre and 72! “Hey you guys!“ One said cheerfully with his kawaii voice, the sides of his lips pulling up into a smile.
Entre waved shyly. “O-oh hello One” He replied in his own uke voice, taking a step back shyly. 72 walked over as well, his bones creaking in his old raisin body. “What was that, whipper snapper?“ 72 muttered his voice as old as a pie tin.
“We’re here to eat today! Me and these bakas~” One said wide eyed up at the old raisin once-ler.
“ oooh, well then come on you youngin, you and your bakas can come sit over here” 72 walked slowly over to a table, poking a shaky finger at the table.
“Entre, come get these nice youngin’s orders!” 72 commanded and uke Entre ran over and nodded quickly. “Y-yes baka!” He replied.

[11:13:41 PM] Nonny: Glut perked up, a new scent becoming apparent,  “There’ssss someone following uss” It crouched low and turned around, squinting its bright yellow eyes and slowly crawling towards Bitter. “Heeere kitty, kitty…”
Creep turned his head, “Glut, what aaaare you….?” He paused, thinking for a moment, “You know what? Nevermiiiind.”  As they walked into the iHOP, Creep gave the two new guys a small wave, a grin cracking through his features.

[11:17:54 PM] Kira: bitter was about to follow them inside until he realized that glut was watching him "eep!” he squealed in suprise as he backed away, not wating to be eaten by the enormous sin. “g-get away from me Glut! I just came here for some turtle soup!”

[11:20:50 PM] Tabbie: Swag stomped up to the restaurant and slammed open the door, demanding to know as to why today’s flavor was ‘turtle’. “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DO YOU TITSLUTS THINK YOU’RE DOING?”

((Bitter,Entre and One are uke nekos c8 ))