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Dehydration (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Omg , “you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital” with reader x Bucky please! I need that in my life.

A/N: My thing with post break-up AUs is literally that I always want the couples to get back together. Like goddamn why can’t people be HAPPY? Thanks to the anon who requested this! 

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Genre: Romance

Pairing: Zak/Reader

Rating: G

I was inspired by @imaginezak post “Imagine Zak getting nervous to ask you to marry him”, which spurred me to actually create an imagine/fandom blog. So this one is for her and the anon who requested it.

You stood at the doorway, watching Zak and trying to puzzle out his mood. The two of you had been dating for two years and friends for much longer. While Zak wasn’t an “open book” per say, you were a little proud to admit you knew his quirks and moods better than most. Most times, you were able to read him like a book, even while investigating (which came in handy a few times).

Today was apparently not one of those days.

“Zak?” you called out. You narrowed your eyes slightly as he jumped; he had been jittery and on edge since the team got back from a recent investigation you had to miss. Now that you thought about it, the whole team - minus you, of course - was acting weird and secretive. What was going on?

“Yeah, honey?” Zak answered, looking up from his laptop.

“You okay?” you asked. Walking over to the couch, you curled up next to him and began fiddling with one of his rings. “You’ve been acting weird the past few days. You sure everything went alright during lock down?”

You watched as Zak’s expression relaxed into a soft smile meant only for you. Leaning forward, he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I’m fine, sweetheart. Just had a lot on my mind lately,” he soothed.

“Care to share?” you offered. You raised an eyebrow when his soft smile turned playful and mischievous. Your suspicions were correct: he was up to something.

“Not right now, but soon.” He laughed at the suspicious look you were giving him. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Alright,” you conceded. After a moment, you decided to try a different approach. “How about we go out tonight? Get your mind off all those things you’re worried about?”

“Actually, I was already thinking something like that. Fright Dome is open and Aaron was thinking on going. Want to join him and go for a drive afterward?” You smiled and nodded. With the scheduling, it had been a while since the two of you had been on a proper date. Mostly, you ended up going on impromptu walks or drives to see the sights. While no less romantic, you still missed an actual date night that wasn’t overshadowed by an investigation.

“Take a drive to our spot?”

Zak’s smile widened further as he kissed you softly. “I knew I loved you for some reason,” he grinned, laughing as you playfully punched in the arm.

Later that evening, you couldn’t stop smiling as the Challenger roared down the dark desert roads, breaking the peaceful silence what was a part of rural Nevada. As usual, Fright Dome was amazing. The haunted house event delivered more and more each year, making it the go-to even every Halloween. Since you joined the team, it was practically tradition for you and Zak to hit the event at least once. It was your favorite attraction, aside from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and the themed haunted house your family did every year for the trick-or-treaters (this year, it was zombies).

During the event, Zak hardly left your side. Aside from occasionally posing for pictures (the face he made with the clowns still made you giggle), he switched between holding your hand or wrapping an arm around your waist. Even now as he drove to your spot, his fingers were intertwined with yours, his touch warm and comforting.

The drive had been oddly silent; Zak turned off the radio sometime ago, stating something about wanting to soak in a quiet moment with you. Looking over at him, you smiled at the relaxed expression on his face, something that didn’t happened all too often lately. Occasionally, his eyes would narrow thoughtfully or his fingers would tighten around yours slightly, as though he were suddenly getting anxious about something, but then he would relax and settle into the drive again.

Finally, he pulled into a familiar parking lot. It was the place you both frequented together when needing to get out of Vegas. You would bring Gracie and your dog out, go for a hike, and simply let nature wash away the tension that would build up. It was also special for the both of you as it was the place where Zak worked up the courage to tell you he loved you. It was also where he kissed you for the first time.

You smiled wider when he got out and opened the passenger door before you got the seat belt off. “M’lady?” he asked in a faux royalty accent, extending his hand to you.

“Thank you, kind sir,” you replied in a good impression of a Southern belle. Looking out to the moonlight desert, you grinned as you stood up. “I do declare, this is a beautiful sight!”

Zak’s laugh trailed off as you straightened up and gazed into his blue eyes. “Yeah it is,” he whispered. You blushed and giggled at the cliche moment. Zak seemed to have noticed the cliche as well as he laughed nervously and led you to the hood of the car.

Sitting on the hood, you barely noticed Zak dimming the headlights slightly as you gazed out into the desert. It really was beautiful. The half moon and stars were bright enough and expansive enough to cast the desert in an ethereal glow. It was nothing like some of the places you and the crew were locked down in where the glow seemed spooky. Instead, it was almost cliche at how romantically perfect it was. You turned to Zak to comment about it, but stopped when you caught him watching you with a mixture of tenderness, awe, and nervousness. He averted his eyes quickly and a small blush creeped up his neck.

“You okay?” you asked.

“Y-yeah, why?” he replied. He cleared his throat of the slightly waver you heard. You didn’t have to look down to know that he was softly tapping his fingers nervously. This was getting ridiculous; you needed to get to the bottom of this now.

“Zak, you’ve been nervous and jumpy since you got back from California. Not to mention the whole team and some of the production crew have been acting weird! What is going on?” Instead of answering you, you were surprised when he stared at you stunned one moment, then cracking up the next. “Zak, it’s not funny!”

“It really is, Y/N,” he answered finally. “I’ve been busy thinking and planning and hoping that you wouldn’t catch on, but you did.”

“What are you talking about? Thinking about what?”

“The future, mostly. And what it holds for us.” Your eyes widened as your mind started spinning. Was he actually talking about…?

“Y/N, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I realized how much you mean to me. Whenever I’m around you, I’m happier, freer, less…less haunted than before. That’s not something I want to loose. I mean, I know we haven’t talked about any of this and we probably should have at some point and I’m probably springing this on you and scaring the living daylights out of you-” he rambled on, his nerves suddenly getting the best of him.

“Yes.” Both of you froze as the word was breathed out.


“Oh God!” you exclaimed, clapping your hands over your mouth. “I mean - are you - if you are - oh my - crap, Zak!” you rambled, laughing and crying at the same time. Zak released the breath he was holding and started laughing. “Zak, are you-?”

“Yeah I am,” he admitted. “I’ve been trying to find the right time for weeks.” Once he finally composed himself enough, he took a deep breath and slipped his hand into his pocket. “Let me see if I can do proper now.”

You choked back a sob as he pulled out a small box and knelt down on one knee. “Since you’ve come into my life, you have brought me out of the darkness that constantly surrounded me. I love you with my entire being and I want you with me forever. Y/N Y/L/N,” he opened the box to reveal a beautiful, yet simple engagement ring. “Will you marry me?” You were so overwhelmed with emotion, all you could do was nod.

With a shaking hand, Zak gently slid the ring onto your finger and swept you up into his arms. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you giggled as he spun you around with a loud cheer. Setting you down, he cupped your face in his hands tenderly. “I love you, Y/N,” he whispered, a few tears running down his face.

“I love you too, Zak,” you replied, sealing the proposal with a tender, yet passionate kiss.

Credit goes to @imaginezak

Positive Reinforcement - A Citrus Fanfic

This one’s a little more…self-indulgent?  But I hope everyone likes it!

The sun had already sunk well below the horizon by the time she walked away from the school grounds - another day of grueling Student Council work having succeeded in keeping her there long after hours.

The last few days had been more taxing than usual, but today…today had been just plain frustrating.

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For Your Safety

A/N: Requested by anonymous: Can you do a write up with Spencer where the reader has to go under witness protection even though she’s also an agent and she refuses to leave him and it takes everything to get her to go….lots of fluff and stuff!!! Please and thank you 😊😊

No class today = time to write! Yay! To the nonny who requested this, I hope you enjoy it!!!!:)


You ripped off your bulletproof vest as you slumped down into your seat at your desk. In all of your years working at the BAU, this case had been the worst.

It was your brother.

He had always been a trouble maker, and this time he got in way too deep. He got involved with the mob and apparently didn’t give them what they wanted, because you found his body just a few days ago in the river. It crushed you – he was such a great brother and he had so much potential. You had barely had time to mourn your loss yet.

You worked tirelessly with the team to find who did this. You were just getting back from catching the man who took your brother’s life and was finally able to have a moment of peace. That was, until Hotch called you into his office.

You sat down in the chair across from his desk and studied the look on his face. It wasn’t a good one.

He took a deep breath. “Y/N… I just got a call from the local PD in Virginia. It appears that the man who killed your brother has broken out of jail, and everything in his cell points towards… it looks like he’s coming after you, Y/N.”

You were at a loss for words. “I, um… what does this mean Hotch?” you said as tears streamed down your face, your fingers quick to swipe them away.

“We have to be extremely cautious about this… we think it would be best if you were to go into the witness protection program. Just until we find this guy. He is known to be very good at changing his appearance and changing aliases” Hotch explained. He watched as your face went from sad to angry in a flash.

You stood up. “I am not going to put my life on hold for this jag off, Hotch. It could be months, even years before we find him and I… I just can’t do that. I’m not going to let him control my life”

“Look… it’s not going to be easy, but this will be your safest option” He continued to try to reason with you.

“No. I respect your opinion, but I’m not doing this” you said curtly as you gathered your belongings.

“No? Y/N, you can’t just…” Hotch tried to talk you out of it but you cut him off as you slammed the door.

You rushed out to your car, but was stopped when a hand gently pulled your arm. You turned around and saw your boyfriend, Spencer, in front of you. You had been keeping your relationship a secret from the team for almost a year now, so the first time since you found out about your brother, you got to feel his warm arms around you and breathe in his sweet scent.

“Oh Spence, I just… I don’t know what to do right now” you sobbed into his chest as he rubbed your back.

He buried his face into your shoulder, holding you tighter. After a few moments, you pulled away as Spencer wiped away the tears on your face.

You took a deep breath and revealed to him what Hotch had told you. How the man who killed your brother broke out of jail. How Hotch thought that he was coming after you now. And how he thought that you should go into witness protection. You watched Spencer’s face change as you told him every new detail of what was going on.

He looked down, then looked back up at you, taking your hands. “Y/N… I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I think you should listen to Hotch” he said with tears in his eyes.

You knew what he was going to say, yet it still broke your heart when you heard him say it. “We don’t know how long this could go on, Spence. I can help more if I’m here with the team. I can’t just sit around and do nothing… plus… I don’t… Spence, I need you here with me. I don’t think I can do this without you” you said as your voice broke.

“Honey, I know… I don’t want to have to do this, but Hotch is right. You’ll be safest if you’re put into witness protection… This guy is smart and has so many connections, and if he can break out of jail… I don’t even want to know what all he is capable of… Sweetie, please don’t cry” he said as your slow stream of tears turned into sobs again. He wrapped his arms around you once again as he gave you a few light kisses on the top of your head.

“Spence, I’m safest here with you”

His heart was breaking with every plea. “You have to trust me, Y/N… you have to trust that the team and I will find him and bring you home. But until then… the biggest priority is to keep you safe. And if something happened to you… I would never forgive myself” his voice cracked with every word. “Please, if you’re not going to do it for you… do it for me”

You let his words sink in. “What am I going to do without you…” you said with a sigh as you took his tie in your hands and straightened it out.

“We will get through this, okay? And I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get home” he said as he took your face in his hands, kissing your forehead. He paused for a moment, the both of you soaking in what you knew were some of your last moments together.

“I guess I need to go talk to Hotch” you said giving Spencer a small smile. You wrapped your arms around his neck to give him a kiss. His arms wrapped around your waist and his fingers gripping onto your shirt as if he were holding onto this memory until he saw you again.

“I love you, Y/N” he said softly as he pulled away.

“And I love you” you said as you gave him a light peck on the cheek.

You gripped onto his hand tightly as he led you back into the FBI building and into Hotch’s office to start making plans.

Seventeen’s Junghan scenario /request/

You were camping with your whole class. It’s been two days since you all are here.

Today was a sport day. All of the students were doing different types of sport including you.


You were really tired from all the sport you did. You were half asleep and walked to your tent. Which apparently wasn’t yours. You didn’t notice and laid down next to the person with long hair. You thought it was your best friend and hugged ‘her’ from behind as you fell asleep. The person turned around and pulled you closer.


The next morning.

It was 6AM and your alarm started to ring. The person who pulled you really close started to yawn and slowly opened ‘her’ eyes. The person was now fully awake and saw you.



You were still half asleep and didn’t even notice that it was your crush Junghan.

‘‘Y/n! Wake up!’’

‘‘What do you want y/bff/n!’’

You were also fully awake now and saw it was Junghan. Your crush.

‘‘Y/n…what are you doing in MY tent?’’

‘‘This is YOUR tent?’’



You got out of the tent and ran to yours. You found your best friend still sleeping. You sighed and facepalmed yourself.

‘‘Why am I so dumb?!’’


This was your last night here and you all were sitting at the campfire. All of the classmates were talking about the expierences here.

You were just sitting there eating marshmallows.

After a while someone tapped you on the shoulders and you turned around. It was Junghan.

‘‘Can we talk?’’

You just nodded with your head and followed him into the woods. After all the walking he stopped and you stopped too.

‘‘I wanted to tell you something before we go back to Seoul.’’


‘‘I like you.’’

‘‘Is tha- WHAT?’’

‘‘I like you.’’

You almost choked and you tried to control yourself.

‘‘Are you seri-’’

He cut you off by kissing you.

Your eyes widened and you couldn’t believe what just happened.

He broke the kiss and looked down.

‘‘When your eyes are not closed during the kiss it means that you didn’t enjoy it. So I guess you don’t like me back.’’

‘‘No! That’s not it! I like you back! I was just really suprised.’’

He smiled and kissed you again. This time you closed your eyes and enjoyed the kiss.


I hope you like it!

~Admin Ji

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I'll take care of you my darling.

¤here is a little domestic! lucaya with cuddles and shared showers. enjoy my lovelies¤

The light in the loft was dim, only apparent through the large windows, and the streetlamps outside. Maya also had the lamp on the coffee table, basking the room in an golden glow. The blonde in question, was strewn across the sofa, finally able to get some well deserved sleep.

The past 24 hours had been a blur. She was on a serious deadline, for a piece that a buyer requested, for tomorrow, or maybe it’s today. She had lost track of the hours. It could have been 1:00, but she had no idea. She’d been up for almost a complete day, making sure it was perfect, all the colors blending and the strokes even. When she had finally finished, her eyes were barely open, and she had stumbled over to the couch, covered in paint and passed out.

Which is exactly where Lucas found her, when he unlocked the door, at nine thirty. His shift had ended at the animal clinic. The place was 24 hours, but he barely ever took the night shift. Especially not when his girlfriend needed him.

The door creaked a bit, but shut behind him, and he threw his keys on the counter. He crept silently, groping the wall for the lightswitch. When he found it and light was restored to the apartment, he could see the painting she’d finished. It was beautiful, with thousands of shades, swirls and strokes. He thought anything she did was beautiful, but this one was just stunning.

He wandered over to the couch, where he heard the soft intakes of breath. His tiny girlfriend was curled up, hair in wisps around her elfin face, stained with paint. She wore a tshirt she had claimed from him and her painting jeans. Her chest rose and fell with every even little breath she took.

Making his way around to the front of the couch, he kneeled down near her face, planting a kiss on her forehead. She acknowledged the gesture, but remained asleep. He knew she needed a shower, and that she’d want one, but ultimately skip it because she was too tired. But she’d thank him in the morning.

He cupped her face with a hand, rubbing her cheek.

“Maya? Hey baby,” he said. She stirred, and shifted.

“Hey Ranger Rick.” She was still on the move, eyes closed, until she was comfortable again. He rubbed his hand up and down her arm.

“Come on darling, we need to clean you up.” She scrunched her nose at this.

“Noooo. Sleep.”

“Sorry babe, but you really need a shower.” And with that, he slipped his arms under her, and picked her up bridal style.

She mumbled something in protest, but Lucas didn’t hear it, and he walked her down the small hallway, to the bathroom. He flicked on the lights, and they reflected  off the baby blue tiles. He set her down on the closed toilet seat, her head drooping down, her chin resting on her chest. He turned on the shower first, because getting hot water was pretty slow in their apartment.

He undressed her first. He guided the tshirt over her head with much difficulty. It took him some work getting her arms out of the sleeves, but he got it done. Next to go were her jeans, and he stretched out her legs, unbuttoning them and shimmied them down her legs. Her bra and panties were next, then her hair down from her bun. She looked beautiful, with her golden hair, falling down over her chest, her skin tinted pink in the light. But then again, she always looked beautiful to him.

Once he had finished with her clothes, he stripped down himself, tshirt, jeans and underwear, until he was just as naked as she was.

He put his hand under the water, making sure it was hot enough. He was sure, and pulled her up to her feet, and walked her into the shower. He would give her a bath, but they only had a shower, so he made do. He leaned her up against the wall, then gliding in himself. He made quick work of her hair and body, scrubbing the paint off, as she dozed off, lifting her head a few times, and making appreciative grunts.

He pulled her out, wrapping a large white towel around her, and picking her up again. This time, she was brought to the bedroom area, and set down on a chair. She was stripped if the towel, than clothed in one of his tshirts and clean underwear. Then she was finally brought to their king bed, and tucked under the covers, with a sigh of content.

He grabbed a pair of boxers too. He also did a round of the loft, making sure the door was locked and the lights all were off. Soon, he joined her under the covers, cuddling her to his chest.

A muffled “I love you” could be heard from under the depths of his chest. It was her way of saying thank you. He responded with a peck to the top of her head, and settling into restful slumber.