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Best Friend confesses Series: Vernon

This is part six of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

You can always tell when Vernon has been overworking himself, and today is one of those days. Even though you have a shopping trip with Seungkwan scheduled for the afternoon, he’s barely been answering your texts, and on the video call you had last night, he was distracted and kept muttering words under his breath and staring into space. You even receive an annoyed message from Seungkwan begging you to come over early to help cheer him up. Apparently he still hasn’t emerged from the bedroom he slept in the night before despite the fact that he had an early night.

So you gather up some of your things and head over to the dorms. Seungkwan is beyond excited to see you and begins whining when you get in the door. He says Vernon promised that the day off would be a good chance to go shopping, and now he’s just lying around instead. You make some non-committal soothing noises and follow him to the room where Vernon is.

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How They Handle Your Anxiety - Chocobros

Today has been one of those days where my anxiety has been pretty apparent. Because of that, the idea for a drabble about how the chocobros would react to their s/o having a rough day just kinda happened. Hope you all enjoy!

*** I wrote this based on my own experiences with anxiety and how I essentially just shut down. I am aware that everyone experiences anxiety in different ways but I hope that anyone who reads this does like it. If you would like a different sort of scenerio, send me a request and I will be more than happy to do it! 


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Genre: Romance

Pairing: Zak/Reader

Rating: G

I was inspired by @imaginezak post “Imagine Zak getting nervous to ask you to marry him”, which spurred me to actually create an imagine/fandom blog. So this one is for her and the anon who requested it.

You stood at the doorway, watching Zak and trying to puzzle out his mood. The two of you had been dating for two years and friends for much longer. While Zak wasn’t an “open book” per say, you were a little proud to admit you knew his quirks and moods better than most. Most times, you were able to read him like a book, even while investigating (which came in handy a few times).

Today was apparently not one of those days.

“Zak?” you called out. You narrowed your eyes slightly as he jumped; he had been jittery and on edge since the team got back from a recent investigation you had to miss. Now that you thought about it, the whole team - minus you, of course - was acting weird and secretive. What was going on?

“Yeah, honey?” Zak answered, looking up from his laptop.

“You okay?” you asked. Walking over to the couch, you curled up next to him and began fiddling with one of his rings. “You’ve been acting weird the past few days. You sure everything went alright during lock down?”

You watched as Zak’s expression relaxed into a soft smile meant only for you. Leaning forward, he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I’m fine, sweetheart. Just had a lot on my mind lately,” he soothed.

“Care to share?” you offered. You raised an eyebrow when his soft smile turned playful and mischievous. Your suspicions were correct: he was up to something.

“Not right now, but soon.” He laughed at the suspicious look you were giving him. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Alright,” you conceded. After a moment, you decided to try a different approach. “How about we go out tonight? Get your mind off all those things you’re worried about?”

“Actually, I was already thinking something like that. Fright Dome is open and Aaron was thinking on going. Want to join him and go for a drive afterward?” You smiled and nodded. With the scheduling, it had been a while since the two of you had been on a proper date. Mostly, you ended up going on impromptu walks or drives to see the sights. While no less romantic, you still missed an actual date night that wasn’t overshadowed by an investigation.

“Take a drive to our spot?”

Zak’s smile widened further as he kissed you softly. “I knew I loved you for some reason,” he grinned, laughing as you playfully punched in the arm.

Later that evening, you couldn’t stop smiling as the Challenger roared down the dark desert roads, breaking the peaceful silence what was a part of rural Nevada. As usual, Fright Dome was amazing. The haunted house event delivered more and more each year, making it the go-to even every Halloween. Since you joined the team, it was practically tradition for you and Zak to hit the event at least once. It was your favorite attraction, aside from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and the themed haunted house your family did every year for the trick-or-treaters (this year, it was zombies).

During the event, Zak hardly left your side. Aside from occasionally posing for pictures (the face he made with the clowns still made you giggle), he switched between holding your hand or wrapping an arm around your waist. Even now as he drove to your spot, his fingers were intertwined with yours, his touch warm and comforting.

The drive had been oddly silent; Zak turned off the radio sometime ago, stating something about wanting to soak in a quiet moment with you. Looking over at him, you smiled at the relaxed expression on his face, something that didn’t happened all too often lately. Occasionally, his eyes would narrow thoughtfully or his fingers would tighten around yours slightly, as though he were suddenly getting anxious about something, but then he would relax and settle into the drive again.

Finally, he pulled into a familiar parking lot. It was the place you both frequented together when needing to get out of Vegas. You would bring Gracie and your dog out, go for a hike, and simply let nature wash away the tension that would build up. It was also special for the both of you as it was the place where Zak worked up the courage to tell you he loved you. It was also where he kissed you for the first time.

You smiled wider when he got out and opened the passenger door before you got the seat belt off. “M’lady?” he asked in a faux royalty accent, extending his hand to you.

“Thank you, kind sir,” you replied in a good impression of a Southern belle. Looking out to the moonlight desert, you grinned as you stood up. “I do declare, this is a beautiful sight!”

Zak’s laugh trailed off as you straightened up and gazed into his blue eyes. “Yeah it is,” he whispered. You blushed and giggled at the cliche moment. Zak seemed to have noticed the cliche as well as he laughed nervously and led you to the hood of the car.

Sitting on the hood, you barely noticed Zak dimming the headlights slightly as you gazed out into the desert. It really was beautiful. The half moon and stars were bright enough and expansive enough to cast the desert in an ethereal glow. It was nothing like some of the places you and the crew were locked down in where the glow seemed spooky. Instead, it was almost cliche at how romantically perfect it was. You turned to Zak to comment about it, but stopped when you caught him watching you with a mixture of tenderness, awe, and nervousness. He averted his eyes quickly and a small blush creeped up his neck.

“You okay?” you asked.

“Y-yeah, why?” he replied. He cleared his throat of the slightly waver you heard. You didn’t have to look down to know that he was softly tapping his fingers nervously. This was getting ridiculous; you needed to get to the bottom of this now.

“Zak, you’ve been nervous and jumpy since you got back from California. Not to mention the whole team and some of the production crew have been acting weird! What is going on?” Instead of answering you, you were surprised when he stared at you stunned one moment, then cracking up the next. “Zak, it’s not funny!”

“It really is, Y/N,” he answered finally. “I’ve been busy thinking and planning and hoping that you wouldn’t catch on, but you did.”

“What are you talking about? Thinking about what?”

“The future, mostly. And what it holds for us.” Your eyes widened as your mind started spinning. Was he actually talking about…?

“Y/N, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I realized how much you mean to me. Whenever I’m around you, I’m happier, freer, less…less haunted than before. That’s not something I want to loose. I mean, I know we haven’t talked about any of this and we probably should have at some point and I’m probably springing this on you and scaring the living daylights out of you-” he rambled on, his nerves suddenly getting the best of him.

“Yes.” Both of you froze as the word was breathed out.


“Oh God!” you exclaimed, clapping your hands over your mouth. “I mean - are you - if you are - oh my - crap, Zak!” you rambled, laughing and crying at the same time. Zak released the breath he was holding and started laughing. “Zak, are you-?”

“Yeah I am,” he admitted. “I’ve been trying to find the right time for weeks.” Once he finally composed himself enough, he took a deep breath and slipped his hand into his pocket. “Let me see if I can do proper now.”

You choked back a sob as he pulled out a small box and knelt down on one knee. “Since you’ve come into my life, you have brought me out of the darkness that constantly surrounded me. I love you with my entire being and I want you with me forever. Y/N Y/L/N,” he opened the box to reveal a beautiful, yet simple engagement ring. “Will you marry me?” You were so overwhelmed with emotion, all you could do was nod.

With a shaking hand, Zak gently slid the ring onto your finger and swept you up into his arms. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you giggled as he spun you around with a loud cheer. Setting you down, he cupped your face in his hands tenderly. “I love you, Y/N,” he whispered, a few tears running down his face.

“I love you too, Zak,” you replied, sealing the proposal with a tender, yet passionate kiss.

Credit goes to @imaginezak


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 (you are here), part 7, part 8, part 9, based on @skygemspeaks​‘s prompt

Lev has been practically vibrating with excitement all day, and he knows the rest of the team has picked up on it. Yaku-san has been yelling at him for his terrible receives for a while now, and even the captain has said something about how Lev seems less present than usual. He can’t help it; worlds just finished, and his whole family is flying back in tonight. If he’s lucky, they’ll be home before he goes to sleep.

It’s been months since he’s seen his parents and sister in person. And as proud as he is of Alisa for working so hard and actually getting her first gold, he misses them.

He’s jolted out of his thoughts by a smack to the head. That’s the third ball he hasn’t dodged today, and it’s beginning to hurt a little. He grins sheepishly when Yaku-san scolds him for not paying attention.

Lev very vocally hates receiving drills, much to Yaku-san’s irritation. He can’t help it; he’s not used to being so close to the floor, and diving for the ball like this is mildly terrifying. It’s a massive relief when Coach Nekomata blows the whistle, calling it quits for the day.

Before they change though, Lev takes a chance. Their setter has been in a fairly good mood today, so…


Half the team groans, since they know what’s coming, but Lev continues anyway because he’s excited.

“Toss for me?” Lev knows better than to expect anything in particular, but generally Kenma-san will deny his request. Occasionally he’ll say yes, but more often than not (especially at the end of practice) he’s denied.

To his infinite surprise, and apparently everyone else’s too, Kenma-san shrugs. “Sure. I’m not too tired today.”

He can’t help his loud whoop, which makes Kenma-san scowl and the captain laugh. Still, Kenma-san doesn’t go back on his offer and tosses to Lev for a while. One by one, the team leaves to go home until it’s just Lev, Yaku-san (who’s still seething about Lev’s complaints but secretly cares and Lev knows it), Kenma-san, and by default the captain, since there’s rarely one without the other.

Lev hasn’t been allowed to do much spiking practice for weeks, since the captain let Yaku-san take over his receiving training. It’s great to finally let loose and do what he’s good at for a while, at least until Uncle Yuri gets here to pick him up.

The captain will occasionally call out advice for the two of them.

“Kenma, that was too high even for Lev, tone it down a bit,” he says once.

Another time it’s “Lev, you’re jumping too early for Kenma to get the ball to you. It’s throwing off your timing as a team.”

There are a few mostly-playful jabs at his form as well, but that’s to be expected considering that he hasn’t done much practicing in weeks.

His aim is improving by leaps and bounds even without constant practice though, Lev is noticing. He’s making more and more powerful spikes and actually keeping them within the boundaries of the court, which is leaps and bounds better than he was a few weeks ago, when the semester began.

It seems like Kenma-san is tiring a bit; his set-ups are getting a little sloppier than usual. It took longer than Lev thought it would. Most of the time, Kenma-san tires of setting for Lev fairly quickly, since he has to send the ball up higher. Still, he keeps giving Lev tosses, so he’s not going to question it.

One particularly good set up lets Lev spike the ball hard, directly at the back of the court. Lev looks at the still-bouncing ball as it rolls under the bleachers, then down at his hand in wonder.

Someone claps once, a cheery sound. Then, “Wow! Amazing!”

Lev whirls around so fast he nearly falls over. Everyone else’s head whips around too, but Lev is stunned into stillness. “Dad?”

His dad– cousin, technically, but Victor Nikiforov is his dad no matter what his DNA says –waves at him with his signature heart-shaped grin. “Hi~!”

“Whoa, Lev, that’s your dad?” the captain sounds surprised, even as Kenma-san trots up to him holding the ball with both hands. “You two look exactly the same, what the he– heck?”

Lev ignores him and turns to Dad. “I thought you weren’t going to be home until later! Where are Papa and Alisa?”

He notices his father tense just barely at the mention of Papa, the way he always does when he doesn’t know how people will react. He relaxes almost instantly and Lev wonders if he’s just now noticing the captain and Kenma-san.   

“They’re fine, completely fine. They’re at home! I just wanted to surprise you!” Dad turns to the captain, Kenma-san, and Yaku-san. “I’’m Victor! Are you all on the team?”

Lev notices Kenma-san nudge the captain discreetly to get him to close his mouth. The captain clears his throat. “I– yeah. Yes. My name is Kuroo Tetsurou, I’m the captain. This is Ken– Kozume Kenma, our setter, and Yaku Morisuke, our libero. How long were you standing there, sir?”

Dad hums, tapping his finger against his chin thoughtfully. “Mmm… Since practice ended, I think. Everyone was leaving and staring at my car, then Lev, you didn’t come out so I came to find you.” He turns to Lev and grins. “You looked so focused, I wasn’t going to stop you.”

“We're… Kenma-san and I are finding our rhythm,” Lev manages to stay on topic for a moment before tackling his dad in a hug. “You’re home early,” he mutters in wonder.

Dad nearly topples over (Lev is half a head taller than him now, he forgot) but keeps his balance and hugs him back. “Yep! We wanted to surprise you.”

The captain coos quietly to Kenma-san and Lev remembers the others.

“I uh, I should go home,” he tells them, disattaching himself from the hug. “It’s past six anyway.”

He gets a nod and a grin from the captain, who still has his arm around Kenma-san. “We should get going too, I have to make dinner since my parents are out.”

“Me too.” Yaku-san nods in agreement and Lev remembers that he lives alone. He looks thoughtful for a moment, muttering something about stopping at the grocery store on his way home.

Apparently, Dad isn’t done surprising Lev (which, now that he thinks about it, makes sense; that’s just how Dad is), because he grins at the other three. “Really? Then why don’t you all just come have dinner with us? We’d love to get to know Lev’s new friends!”

Lev beams when the upperclassmen awkwardly agree (and is even happier when none of them deny being friends with him; he worries sometimes, especially with Kenma-san and Yaku-san).

The glint in his father’s eye when the four of them pile into his bright pink convertible tells him that this was the plan all along.

Dehydration (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

Prompt: Omg , “you’re my emergency contact and i’ve been in an accident so you drop everything to come to the hospital” with reader x Bucky please! I need that in my life.

A/N: My thing with post break-up AUs is literally that I always want the couples to get back together. Like goddamn why can’t people be HAPPY? Thanks to the anon who requested this! 

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(Requested by Anon)

Something odd had happened, that much was certain, you’d been burning alive, you were sure of it and then suddenly, the burning stopped. You no longer needed to breathe and yet your throat still burnt. 

On the third day a man came across you, your ripped out his throat, drank his blood, the thick red liquid soothing the burn. Apparently that was what you needed now. 

You could run faster, you were stronger, immensely so. The only thing you had yet to do was travel in daylight. Why should that not be today?

You stepped into the sun, fearing what new change you would find here. Your skin glittered like diamonds. “Really?” You questioned. “How inconvenient.” 

Stepping back into the shadows you observed the two men you’d been watching lately. Vladimir, the blond, Stefan the brunette. It was about time you had some companions for this new you. 

Your first trials at making new… whatever it was you were,,, hadn’t gone well, to say the least. These two though, they would be different. You could tell. 

“Night will fall soon.” You whispered, although they could not hear you, did not even know of your existence yet. “I will come for you, when it does.” 


Soooo… looks like making my Pride post private worked against spammers: haven’t had any more notifications from porn bots on that particular post today, though for now I’m still keeping it private just in case ò___ò needless to say, staff completely ignored my requests for help: sent them a message through the help center, still waiting for an answer. My EC post is *still* flagged as NSFW, too. Been 5 days, now. 


Aaaaaanyway… have some Fixer Upper Challenge spam! :D Juniper’s twins, Luke and Leia (sue me…), are not toddlers anymore and are also making new friends ^___^

…And yep, their grown up versions don’t have pointy ears because I apparently never downloaded the kids version of the accessory ò___ò 

Confused yet Attached; Moriarty x Reader

Requested by Anon: *shy wave* Hi. I’m just curious as to whether, someday, if you have time and are interested, whether you could write a little thing; a MoriartyxReader where his intention is to kill or use the reader as bait/leverage, but something or other happens and he finds himself becoming confused and attached to them instead. Nothing explicitly sexual, just a fluffy sort of thing. I’ve not been able to search your whole masterlist yet, so apologies if this has already been done. Thanks for considering. :)

Hope you enjoy it! I’m heading back to school today so requests are probably going to slow down a bit and especially so when the fall musical picks up so be aware of that when sending in requests!

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Positive Reinforcement - A Citrus Fanfic

This one’s a little more…self-indulgent?  But I hope everyone likes it!

The sun had already sunk well below the horizon by the time she walked away from the school grounds - another day of grueling Student Council work having succeeded in keeping her there long after hours.

The last few days had been more taxing than usual, but today…today had been just plain frustrating.

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anonymous asked:

Where their gf punches someone for them or saying something rude about them

I figured we all needed this one, with what’s been happening to Jungkook~ Hope you all enjoy it!

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin couldn’t believe that you’d hit someone. It wasn’t like you, and he didn’t know where you’d ever gotten the idea that it would be something he’d approve of; of course, he was all for you defending yourself, but there were much better ways to handle rude comments from people that didn’t matter. Hurting someone was never the answer.

Yoongi almost looked disgusted as he heard what you’d done; his face pinched up as he leaned away from you, and it took him a moment to recover and ask why you let someone else’s opinion matter to you so much. Why would you let one person’s words drive you to violence? He could certainly understand getting angry, but lashing out would only cause more trouble.

Hoseok was beyond worried about your safety. The first thing he asked was if you were okay; had they hit you back? If you were injured, his panic would only grow, but if you were healthy and uninjured, he’d immediately ask what you would have done if they had hit you back. You getting hurt because of him would hurt him more than anything anyone said about him.

Namjoon was honestly a bit confused by your behavior; did you honestly think that hitting someone because of what they’d said about him would solve anything? Because really, the only thing that was going to happen was people were going to start talking about his hot-headed s/o, and that certainly wasn’t going to convince anyone to like either of you.

You weren’t hot-headed, and Jimin knew it would take a lot for you to hit someone, even if they were saying something about him, so he stayed quiet when he found out what you’d done. If someone was saying something that made you mad enough to hit them, he probably would have done the exact same thing if he were put in the same situation.

Taehyung, after making sure that you weren’t seriously injured in any way, would begin to ask you a multitude of questions that didn’t seem to have a right answer; what if the person you punched came back to hurt you, with more people this time? Or what if they started harassing you online? Why would you put yourself in danger like this, especially for something so trivial?

Jungkook couldn’t say anything. He knew that he should be scolding you for hitting someone, and he really did want to scold you, but he was also… touched by what you’d done. He didn’t like that you’d resorted to violence, but apparently you were very passionate about your feelings for him, and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t make him a bit more confident in your relationship.

Yoga Lessons

Request:  I loved your imagines! Can I request one? ReaderXSam where he’s a yoga instructor undercover for a case and the reader goes as a student¿? And like he gets turned on with her and she with him.. ans smut? Yeah sorry if it’s confusing -anon

Warnings: SMUT SMUT AND SMUT! Let’s see, we’ve got a little dom!Sam, but nothing major, and yeah, SMUT!

A/N: This is my first real smut, so sorry if it’s bad. It took me forever to write, sorry about that. I didn’t know if the anon who requested this wanted the reader to also be undercover, but that seemed to work better, so the reader is also a hunter. Hope you like it!

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Originally posted by queerkierenwalker

Requested by: anon

Trigger Warnings: Sirius picks on you…?

Omg, YES!!! My personal favorite movie is HP and prisoner of azkaban!! Also on that note can you write a fic where you are a hufflepuff and you go to school with Sirius and you have to stand up to him because you are tired of him picking on you. BUT WHEN YOU FINALY DO, he just changes from picking on you to flirting with you

a/n: i hope you like this <3 feedback and requests are always welcome. ohmygod school started and i’m dying. send help. apparently the gif is young sirius.

     “Hey, weakling! Are you off to help with Madam Pomfrey again today?” Sirius Black sneered at you, his friends following behind him, laughing along with him. “Haven’t you got something useful to do?”

    You sighed quietly to yourself. Not sure why you didn’t see this coming today. He has been picking on you since the day you were sorted into your individual houses. You didn’t know why, since you were everything but rude to him. Sometimes, you would offer to help to him in a class he was having trouble in or you would even smile at him when passing by. But he would never accept you. 

      You didn’t know why you even let him tease you for so long, given it was now your sixth year in Hogwarts. Maybe it was because it was never so bad that he needed to be stopped, you thought. Or maybe you knew you didn’t have the courage to confront him; you were a hufflepuff after all. 

     “Don’t you have anything to say, Puffy? That’s not new.” He continued to pick on you.

    You opened your mouth to say something, but unfortunately for you, not a single word could be uttered from your lips. This only added to Sirius’s ego, making smirk at you before slapping the books out of your hold to the ground. He laughed loudly once more walking away, his group following behind him. Lily was the last to go, but before she did, she smiled at you sympathetically. You shook your head at her, silently telling her you were fine. 

     But you weren’t all that fine.

    Hurriedly picking up your books, you rushed to your next class. You ran down the corridor, your robe swishing behind you, making it to Potions just on the nick of time. Looking around, you saw the seat next Severus was the only one empty. You didn’t mind Severus, he was a nice boy, relatable even. He was picked on by Sirius and his gang too. Worst than you by all means. At least you weren’t seated next to Black himself, but with your luck, he would still be somewhere near you.

    You were right. He sat behind you.

  During the entire class, Sirius would find some way to annoy you. Of course you being you, nothing was said for him to stop. He would either kick your chair, pull your hair back. You tried asking him nicely to stop bothering you and focus on his work but to no avail. He would constantly bug you, while his best friend, James, harassed Severus. 

    Time was on your side. Soon enough the bell chimed, signalling the end of the final class of the day. You quickly packed everything up and ran back to the hospital wing before anything else could happen to either embarrass you or hurt you. 

   As you walked, you wondered why the hell you even put up with the things Sirius does. You wondered why anyone does. He was just an arrogant prick who thinks any house besides Gryffindor was useless. You swore you were done with just letting him be rude to you. The next time you saw him you had to confront him. Enough is enough.

    You weren’t expecting the next time to be anytime soon.

    It was time for dinner in the main hall, but you weren’t feeling up for it. Working with Madam Pomfrey was a lot more tedious than one would expect. Sure it wasn’t like quidditch practice or anything, but it was fun for you. Staying with the matron for quite a few hours after class, you had completely forgotten about the homework. So instead of dinner, you did homework.

   Sirius Black and his friends were probably going to tease you anyway. 

  Before you knew it, curfew had come but you still weren’t finished with the parchment about Defense Against the Fantastic Beasts yet. Rummaging in your bag, you noticed you had forgotten some of your books in the hospital wing. You really needed those books for the essay due tomorrow. You thought you could ask someone for theirs, but everyone was sleeping so peacefully, you just couldn’t bring yourself to wake them. 

   There was only one thing to do. You had to sneak out to grab your books. This was incredibly unlike you. Never ever would you break the rules of the school. But you really really need those darn books to finish your assignment. You debated whether what was better: detention (if you were caught) or a bad grade?

   The chances of getting caught wasn’t as high so you went for it. Besides, you help out all the time, detention is just like helping. You slip on your fluffy slippers, quietly tiptoeing out of the common room. You woke one of the portraits on your way out, thinking you were caught before you could get the job done. However, the tired painting payed no mind to your perusing, and simply went back to her slumber.

    You let out a small breath, before reassuring yourself that you can do this. It was a simple task. Nodding to yourself, you continued your familiar path to the infirmary. Sneakily of course.

  You sighed to yourself once you reached your destination without getting caught. Half your journey is through, the other half awaits. You walked into the large room, being extra quite for there were some students sleeping in there. 

     “Lumos.” You whispered, holding up your wand, lighting the way. 

 You spot your books in the far corner, and made you way to it before you spell wore away. Now all you had to do was quietly make your way back to your room and finish the parchment before daybreak. Simple.


  As you backed out of the room, closing the door gently, you slammed right into a soft wall that you don’t remember being there before.

  Except it wasn’t a wall.

  Your clumsy ass backed into a person.

  Sirius Black to be exact.

  The sudden feeling made you jump, but you were smart enough not to scream and draw even more unwanted people there. Turning around, you avoided eye contact and squeaked out a small “sorry” before going back down the hall once more. You didn’t get very far. Two steps at most. 

    “Where do you think you’re going at this time of night, Weakling?” You heard from behind you. You turn again to meet with a smirk, his hand latched on your wrist.

    Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath. You swore the next time you meet him, you would end it. The next time was now. Were you ready? You could always do it next time, right? But you really wanted to get rid of that stupid smirk on his face.

      “I could ask you the same thing, Sirius.” You said, trying to keep your voice steady. 

    His eyes widened for a split second, taken aback by your words. It was only for a moment, but you caught it. 

      “So you do speak.” His smirk growing by the second now.

   “Yes, I do. And I am finished with your picking on me, Sirius Black. What have I ever done to have you constantly embarrassing me? All I’ve wanted was to help you. And everyone else too. But you never let me. I absolutely hate going out of the common room sometimes simply because I know you’d be there to tease me.”

    You took another deep breath, not knowing where all this courage came from. If only his friends were there to see it. 

   “You aren’t going to pick on me anymore, Sirius. I am not letting you hurt me anymore.”

       You looked at him, like, really looked at him for the first time that night. Nothing was spoken for a few minutes. You just stood there staring at each other. His eyes held no emotion, or at least you couldn’t see anything. It was like staring into a brown abyss until he finally said something.

    “Fine. If that’s what you want.” 

  You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. Deep down, there was a fear that he would laugh at you and torment you even further. But that wasn’t what happened. This was unexpected, but you weren’t complaining.


   And it was.


     “Hey, Weakling. Where are you off to now?” You heard behind you. You knew the voice, it was Sirius. Of course it was. Except his usual smirk wasn’t there. No, there was something else. Almost as if he genuinely wanted to know.

    “I thought we talked about this.” You turned to him. This time you were faced with a cheeky smile instead of the devil smirk he always wore. You raised your eyebrow at him, urging him to finish up before the next class.

    “We did. And did I tell you that you’re kind of… cute when you’re confident?”

  “What?” You could feel the heat rush to your cheeks as everyone around him gasped. This was completely unlike Sirius Black.

    “In fact, you look kind of cute now,” he stepped close enough to touch you. “Adorable, really”

    He tapped your nose with his finger before winking at you. Then he turned to leave. You and everyone else stood there, chins to the ground in shock. You touched your nose before shrugging and making your way to class. This was completely weird. But you kind of liked it.

   It was.


Seventeen’s Junghan scenario /request/

You were camping with your whole class. It’s been two days since you all are here.

Today was a sport day. All of the students were doing different types of sport including you.


You were really tired from all the sport you did. You were half asleep and walked to your tent. Which apparently wasn’t yours. You didn’t notice and laid down next to the person with long hair. You thought it was your best friend and hugged ‘her’ from behind as you fell asleep. The person turned around and pulled you closer.


The next morning.

It was 6AM and your alarm started to ring. The person who pulled you really close started to yawn and slowly opened ‘her’ eyes. The person was now fully awake and saw you.



You were still half asleep and didn’t even notice that it was your crush Junghan.

‘‘Y/n! Wake up!’’

‘‘What do you want y/bff/n!’’

You were also fully awake now and saw it was Junghan. Your crush.

‘‘Y/n…what are you doing in MY tent?’’

‘‘This is YOUR tent?’’



You got out of the tent and ran to yours. You found your best friend still sleeping. You sighed and facepalmed yourself.

‘‘Why am I so dumb?!’’


This was your last night here and you all were sitting at the campfire. All of the classmates were talking about the expierences here.

You were just sitting there eating marshmallows.

After a while someone tapped you on the shoulders and you turned around. It was Junghan.

‘‘Can we talk?’’

You just nodded with your head and followed him into the woods. After all the walking he stopped and you stopped too.

‘‘I wanted to tell you something before we go back to Seoul.’’


‘‘I like you.’’

‘‘Is tha- WHAT?’’

‘‘I like you.’’

You almost choked and you tried to control yourself.

‘‘Are you seri-’’

He cut you off by kissing you.

Your eyes widened and you couldn’t believe what just happened.

He broke the kiss and looked down.

‘‘When your eyes are not closed during the kiss it means that you didn’t enjoy it. So I guess you don’t like me back.’’

‘‘No! That’s not it! I like you back! I was just really suprised.’’

He smiled and kissed you again. This time you closed your eyes and enjoyed the kiss.


I hope you like it!

~Admin Ji

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5sos Preference: Cuddle Me


Can you do like something really cute with like luke (or you can just do a preference for all) and includes lots of cuddling and cutesy things like that. (I’m sorry I’m horrible at requests. But I guess it leaves a lot of it up to you!!!)

yes of course! I’ve gotten a few requests for fluffy cuddling stuff so I’m just gonna put it all here :-) and it’s gonna be for all of the boys bc the others have been for 4/4! 

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