today's artings

*slumps onto the floor and allows bones to melt into sludge along with the rest of my meat body*

I got some practice sketches and a refined drawing finished yay

hey, guys, I’ve recently found myself unemployed (i.e. I got fed up with a minimum wage stint with poor management all the way up the ranks and called it quits after 2 years of shit everyone agrees I shoulda walked out on ages ago). I’m not in a financially dangerous situation right now, I’ve still got my last check coming in a week and between what I’ve got saved now and my parents’ assurance that they’d still cover my bus fare to/from class (my only non-food financial responsibility right now), I’m probably going to be “ok” for at least a couple months.

HOWEVER obviously I’m going to need money and I’d rather get what I can when I can. I’m not going to ask for donations, since there’s plenty of causes that need them right now. But I’m probably going to open commissions up in the next week or two, which means I need to get through some art block. which brings me to the main point of my post, which is that if anyone’s got art suggestions, feel free to throw them my way! I’ve been pretty out of practice but it’d be good to warm up and make some stuff to test out with my new scanner, so I can get that all sorted out too. Depending on how many suggestions I get, I might not do them all, but we’ll see. ALSO if you’re an artist who is/has done commissions and you have any wisdom to embark, or any tips/tricks you wish you knew when you started out, feel free to send them this way since I could use all the help I can get. :’v thank u all for reading this far and have a great day!!!!