today's arrival!

BJD Sephiroth Pics Update

After waiting many months, the rest of my order finally arrived today. OwO At last, Sephiroth got his gloves and new pants. 

He just got his mako injections, so excuse the surgical mask. :B

Sephiroth’s secondary clothes also arrived with the package. So happy with it! It’s got nice details. ^__^

Here’s a close-up shot of the boots I didn’t get to show in my past pics. OOOH SKULLS! OwO

His costume also came with a hooded cape!


Harry: Isn’t there a spell to do this?
Ginny: Yes, but magic shouldn’t replace the hands of a father. My mum always said so.
Harry: Really?
Ginny: No. I just like to see you try, it’s funny.

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since it’s asexual awareness week I wanna rec some books with great ace characters from all over the ace spectrum 
(some have more than one!!!!!!! actually i think all of my recs have more than one tbh)


Collection of short stories:


I really love this pic so much , he looks like an innocent little kid and it’s so cute omg this is a masterpiece okay I’m just saying

AnY Chapter 146 Spoilers ➸

Below the cut you will find my personal (and very sloppy) summary of chapter 146 with some pictures. There’s uhh… spoilers and stuff (duh) so be careful XD

Was this chapter worth the secretary at my school finding Hana Yume in my bag, going “Oh my, look it’s Hana to Yume!”, pulling it out in front of the staff and saying, “I used to read this so long ago!” while everyone burst out laughing at us? You bet!

As I will no doubt say until the end of time, please take this summary with a grain of salt. First off, it’s not a word for word translation, it’s a summary, so expect my own personal flair and interpretation to be throughout. Second, and more importantly, I am not fluent in Japanese. I will try to make it clear when I am struggling and unsure, but take everything lightly, as a single kana can throw me off a true meaning and I will not catch more difficult phrases and wordplay. I’m still learning, so keep that in mind.

This aside, enjoy the chapter! I know I sure did ^ ^

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anon share please!

An am-ace-ing shirt arrived today. Not sure if i’ll ever feel brave enough to wear it out but it’s a great pajama top in the meantime.