today was very much needed

She was so much closer than he’d realized, their faces inches apart, her expression wide and hesitant and vulnerable.

“My Lady,” he whispered. He was helpless in the ocean of blue that was her eyes; whatever had seemed so awful also seemed very far away. Nothing was dark or brutal or hopeless when they were this close, and he wasn’t the only one moving closer.

My vacations are oveerr so now It will take me more time to be able to post any finished pics, sadly D:. I have to paint a lot of new pieces for a college project ´v` BUT I will still have tons of doodles.

While my actual piece for State of Grace (by the awesome @dragonsinparis) is on the making (it won’t show up until at least next month thanks to all this stuff I gotta paint), get this quickie for one of the moments that broke me.

To: you…i mean…if you want…you don’t have to…it’s up to you…i’ll just go…

From: An insecure ghost…definitely not napstablook…never…

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

[Drawing of a stick-figure girl napping on a couch, drooling and holding a turkey leg. Above her is the word, “THANKSGIVING,” and below her, “The one day of the year spoonies can blame their need for a nap on turkey.”]

Happy Thanksgiving, my (American) POTSie peeps! I hope the holiday hasn’t been too rough on you, and I wish you many spoons for the upcoming season! 🦃

Heathers AU where Veronica just punches JD in his stupid fucking face and unstraps him from the bomb vest because no one else needs to fucking die today thank you very much and she’s able to get him to a hospital where he can get 1. someone to take care of that gunshot wound and 2. some actual fucking psychiatric help so that he can learn communication skills that don’t involve explosions and death.

anonymous asked:

If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go on anon and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get back even better.♡

Aww this made me very happy today! Much needed and appreciated anon, though I may have a feeling who this is! 😉 😘 Thank you! ❤

All of my followers make me happy. If you’re reading this, consider my love sent your way. And if you’re not reading this, my love is still sent. 💞

Eyy, I’m off to bed, my dudes. Take care, love you all! <3


{August 13, 2016} 


Today my SimplyGilded order of washi tape came in! They’re beautiful.

I spent yesterday deep cleaning my entire apartment, and treated myself to some flowers for my fancy new table. Today is being spent having a rest day, as it was very much needed after spending the last few days with my closest friends and tbh its exactly what I’ve been needing, even though I love my friends.

I’m gonna try to get started on a new book and spend the evening relaxing before tomorrow starts.

Here is my monthly spread and my daily spread in my Hobonichi!!!

anonymous asked:

thank you for making this blog. if we are to be messengers of God, and spread His word to those who have not yet heard it, then i think you're doing a great job. i know that you're not perfect, but this blog has served me, and i'm sure many, many others well. thank you for your kindness, and willingness to listen to those who both admire and dislike you. thank you for taking time out of your daily life to run this blog.

This means an awful lot to me :’) I really needed this today, thank you so very much for your encouraging words! I never expect kind messages like this, but they are every bit a God-sent when they come ^^ Have a wonderful day, my sweet anon!!

JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?

Keep the faith,” you say to me so gently.
If you could I know that you would take my small hands in your large ones and press your lips to the back of them and implore my eyes with yours to dig deep and find strength.
“Stay calm,” you whisper. Your voice is so soft, so fleeting, like the wind. Did I dream you up? I must have. Perhaps the world heard my lonely pleas and created you in a beautiful day dream.
“Fight the good fight,” you urge me; your voice the constant flow of the waves as they beat down on the shore. You will not let me drown. You will not let me sink.
“Keep the faith,” you say to me strongly, as if pouring your life into mine through those words alone.
You send your strength across oceans and power lines and in the wind and in the rain, in any form you know will reach me. You send it in every way that you can, mindless of the fact that I will take it all from you so that I can stand and look at you and say;
“Hooyah, solider. I will keep my faith in you.
—  you drain your strength so that I can stand up every day. (via brizzlewritesthings)