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has anyone ever told you how stunning you are

so great there was another typhoon today aka no science tutor for me (although i enjoy the lessons but still), i slept in until around 11pm then just worked and watched iZombie (which is surprisingly good)

i didnt want to take a photo of my shitty art so you got a corner of it beep boop and i also finished all my geography homework yeyey

i rolled over my foot with a chair im in pain

EXO react to being in love with their student

Your English is fine dear! Glad you enjoy my scenarios! <3

Disclaimer: Of course this is written in a university/college setting. Anything else would go against this blog’s guidelines. Also, to the anon that sent this: for the sake of professionalism, I don’t see any of the members actually pursuing a relationship with their student, so this will be going more in depth on their thoughts with her around them. 

*As always, gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He’d be most modest with his feelings. Minseok wouldn’t enforce them upon his student, rather keeping his feelings to himself, resorting to distant admiration. Each time he watches over her carefully following the recipe for the instructed coffee, everything surrounding he and his student would become obscured as if it’s just the two of them. On days off, he may talk with Luhan about her, with a longing gaze most profound in his eyes. 

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Luhan: He takes time out of his history lectures to pause the class and ask for her input, while listening attentively, a slight twinkle of intrigue flickers over his gaze while listening to her voice. Though Luhan would also approach this in a modest manner, similar to Xiumin, he would put a slight bit of insistence into his advances, such as offering after school tutoring, hoping she attends. When she does, Luhan’s eyes would hardly deviate from her face, sheer infatuation consuming wholly. 

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Kris: He’s going to try so hard to come across as suave and smooth, only to come across as awkward and maladroit. Yifan would attempt to position himself against his desk in a comely manner only to slip up the moment she walks within his classroom. It would be obvious to the attentive/discerning bystander that Yifan’s feelings for his student are apparent. While she recites phrases in Mandarin, he would get caught off into reveres while intaking her appearance. He wouldn’t catch onto her finishing only for the other students to call out to him, as he shakes off his stupor stiffly. 

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Suho: He loves all his students in his humanity classes and typically he expresses this by waiting by the front door, respectfully bowing to each student as they walk in. However, with his crush, he’s especially cordial towards her. During attendance, he asks about her day causally or how she’s doing. “___, you look pretty nice today. I take it you’re having a good day?” Suho would be surprisingly smooth towards her. After class, he’d call her over, inquiring her for after school tutoring. “Your grades have been great lately. Would you be willing to take some advanced, private classes after school? It never hurts to be ahead of the class!” 

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Lay: He’d be best at being discrete in his affections towards his students. Hardly anyone would be able to pick up on his infatuation. Yixing always shows his students his most utmost respect, yet from a distance, his eyes are always on her keenly as indecipherable as he may come across. Always bidding her soft smiles after his lessons on botany conclude. When graduation comes around, Yixing will be sure to specially buy her a bouquet of crimson roses congratulating with immense affection.   

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Baekhyun: Baek would be pretty upfront and straightforward with his student after weeks of his law class passes by. “I thought ___ had one of the best essays in this class. I think she should share a passage with us since her essay earned the highest grade in the class.” Never taking his gaze off her while she recites her essay, he’d try his best to conceal his smile, lucidly smitten with his student. Due to the “taboo” nature of the situation, he’d wait until she graduated from his class before approaching her, if he feels compelled to. 

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Chen: He’d be pretty open in complimenting her or starting a conversation with her when she comes to his after school tutoring. “Your grades are improving lately. I can’t help but think it might be partially because of my teachings?” he’d chuckle slyly, while lightly patting her back going back to praising her for her efforts on the excelled literature he teaches. Jongdae is the type to go to the other members after school hours and go on about her and what a lovely student she is. He does take his hyung’s words meticulously when he’s advised to maintain a student/teacher relationship for the sake of his job. 

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Chanyeol: Similar to Chen, Chanyeol would be insistent on going to Sehun after school hours, amorously describing his student, simultaneously lamenting on how upsetting it is that his place is by default set to eulogize behind closed doors. Though the other members merely joke with him, in truth it is somewhat upsetting for Chanyeol. There would be plenty of days in which he would take time to produce soft melodies at home with her on his mind, contemplating if he should present it during class sometime. 

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D.O: This wouldn’t go past a mere attraction, since I see Kyungsoo prioritizing his job above all else. This may conflict with him internally as to whether he should attempt to discard of his affections completely or just keep them concealed until his student’s graduation. The only indication Kyungsoo may display that he has amorous feelings for his student is during her graduation where he would take the time to praise her for her efforts while holding her in a tight embrace. 

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Tao: He would brag to the other members about how his student’s grades in class are exceptionally high and after a certain amount of times Tao goes on about her to the others, someone would eventually inquire him as to why he keeps bringing her up. Awkward and completely thrown off, Tao would hesitate in answering, coming up with a lackluster response, growing increasingly warm. “What? No! It’s not what you think! It’s just that…she’s incredibly smart…and beautiful…and..hey! What’s with that look gege?!” 

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Kai: Jongin would easily be the most attentive and observant of his student. Generally, he is the reserved type of professor, who allows a student’s characteristics and work to define them, rather than basing this off of his personal interactions with them. Keeping this in mind, Jongin would be most enraptured with his student, each time she speaks or even makes eye contact with him. With a deep set enthrallment in his eyes, Kai would nearly get lost in her in words as she’s presenting her project on basic psychology. Silent reverence is how Kai would express his affections. 

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Sehun: Something tells me Sehun would take this the most dejected of all the members: just the fact that due to his occupation, he must uphold a certain image that forbids him from engaging in certain relations with his students. The members would playfully tease him about his affections towards his students, but once alone, Sehun would silently lament over a bottle of alcohol. In class, surprisingly, he would be slightly reticent around her, yet when his students dismiss themselves, as she’s exiting he’ll softly thank her for coming to class personally. 

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A Trip to the Doctor’s

(This is my first shot at writing, so we’ll see how this goes. Anyway, got the idea for this based on this.) 

Chase has iatrophobia, the fear of visiting the doctor’s. When the kids are around, he’ll hike up his skirt and pull on his brave face. He doesn’t want his kids to be afraid of the doctor like he is. After all, what if they need serious medical attention, but they’re too afraid to go? What would that mean for their health? There’s no way he’d allow that. 

However, Chase no longer has to worry about going to the doctor’s. Stacy took the kids away from him; he’s not even allowed to see them on weekends. He has been completely left alone. That was, until the other egos found him. They’re all nice enough, albeit a bit strange. You have Marvin the magician, Jackieboy Man the superhero, and Doctor Shneeplestein. They encouraged each others’ strengthens and supported each other in their weaknesses, and Chase quickly became friends with them all. 

When they found out about Chase’s fear of the doctor, it was in their natures to help him overcome his fear. It began with simple encouragements, saying that he “can do it!” and, “its just another person; you like people!” These words proved ineffective. They began to offer to go to the doctor with him. However when one of them would arrive at his house to take him, they found that he had locked himself in his room. 

Eventually, Shneeplestein decided to step in himself when Chase reports that he has not felt well in a couple days. He arrives at Chases house with the others, unbeknownst to Chase. He stations Marvin at the back and Jackieboy Man in the front, just in case Chase tries to make an escape. Sheeplestein makes his way into the house and is immediately hit in the face with an apple. “Chase, vhat is ze meaning of zis? I just stopped by to say hello!” Shneeple yells as he catches a glimpse of Chase ducking into the hallway.

“I saw the others! I know why you all are here, and I’m- I’m not ready! I’m fine!” Chase yells from his now barricaded bedroom.

Approaching the door, Shneeple tries to comfort the clearly scared man. “Ve ah not going to take you anyvere. I vas hoping to get to look at you myzelf. Vould dat make you more comfortable?”

After a moment, Shneeplestein believes he might not get a response. However, a rough voice pipes up from the other side of the door, “Look, Shneep. I-I like you dude, and I know you helped me before- and I’m still grateful, but I didn’t have much choice in the matter.” Shneeplestein begins to open his mouth, but Chase quickly picks back up. “Please don’t take offence to this, but I’m just not a fan of what you, or any other doctor, do. I’m sorry.”

Although he hates to admit it, Shneeple felt a tang of sadness and betrayal in his heart. Shneeplestein allows Chase’s words hang in the air for a moment as he chooses what he will say next. With careful consideration, he decides to take the loss on this one, although, he does have some new ideas for the next time they are needed. “Okay, okay. You ‘vin’ this time,” he hopes that Chase can pick up on his air quotes. “But eef you begin to feel vorse, please, call me or Marvin or Jackieboy. Ve ah all villing to help you.” As Shneeple walks away, he hears a soft “thank you” and smiles to himself. 

Shneeple rounds up the other two egos and explains to them what happened. At first, they are upset, but their attitude changes as Shneeplestein grows a wicked grin. Marvin and Jackieboy share a questioning look between themselves, then direct it at Schneeple. Schneeplestein grins for a second more then begins to relay his plan to the other two. “Remembah! Zis is only if he really needs to go to ze doctah.” Both Marvin and Jackieboy nod. “And shall only be used as a plan B!”

A couple months later Jack is invited to LA for an exciting opportunity. The egos have never been and, with Jack’s consent, decide to tag along. When they arrive, they spend a surprisingly small amount of time with Jack. They spend the couple of days wandering around and entertaining themselves. Today, they agreed to let Chase have the reigns. To no one’s surprise, he wanted to go to a skate park. They all enjoy themselves to varying degrees: Marvin opted out and sat watching the others, Jackieboy Man did surprisingly well for it being his first time on a skateboard, yet he quickly grew bored and went to sit with the others. Shneeplestein got on the board once and promptly fell on his butt; he decided he was finished.  

They all watched Chase as he enjoyed himself. To be honest, Chase wasn’t that great on a skateboard. He wasn’t even to the point of trying tricks. In fact, if he made it down an incline without tumbling over, he considered it a victory and would celebrate with whooping and hollering. He was enjoying himself though, and the others loved watching him have fun. 

Chase got cocky and decided that he’d try to do a trick. “It should be simple enough,” he thought to himself. So he gives it a try. He stumbles a bit, but ultimately catches himself. He tries again. Only this time, he finds himself moving in slow-motion as he flies towards the ground. He reaches his arms out to try and break his fall. His arm reaches the ground and his body lands awkwardly on top of it. As he comes to a stop he can’t feel any alarming pain. He rolls onto his back in order to reorient himself. After a quick breather, Chase puts his arm out to push himself up. 

The others hadn’t quite noticed that Chase might have actually hurt himself. He’s been falling and tripping ever since they got there. It wasn’t until they heard the scream that they began stumbling over themselves to get to him. Jackieboy Man reached him first and helped him to his feet. Chase was cradling his left arm when the other two made it. 

Shneeplestein immediately went to work on examining Chases arm. “You ‘ave probably broken your arm! I do not ‘ave vhat I need to properly take care of you. Ve must see anozer doctah!”

Chase was rather calm for having just broken his arm, but that calm was quickly washed away with Shneeplestein’s words. His eyes widened in panic as he was ushered out of the park by Marvin, the others close in tow. Panic and apprehension filled his voice, “G-Guys I’m fine, really. If I don’t use it it will heal on its own, right?”

“Nonsense! Keep zat arm close to your chest as ve get you help.” Chase was beginning to resist now. All three of them were having to pull or push on Chase to get him moving. He was digging his heels into the ground.

“Chase!” Marvin suddenly yelled. “Stop it now or you’re going to hurt yourself more!”

“Dudes, please! I’ll be fine! Don’t make me go! I can take care of it on my own!” Chase is now screaming and flailing with his good arm. The others have got death grips on him and are struggling to pull him forward. 

“Zat is enough!” Shneeplestein looks at Marvin and Jackieboy and they nod. “Ve ah taking you to ze doctah and zat iz final!” They all move quickly. Marvin releases his grip on Chase and moves to stand right in front of him. Shneeplestein grabs a hold of Chase’s waist and Jackieboy Man grabs his torso. Chase is almost rendered immobile.

Marvin holds up a finger to grab Chase’s attention. “And… Sleep!” Marvin snaps his fingers and Chase crumples. 

Jackieboy Man picks up a now limp Chase. “Isn’t that Dr. Iplier guy somewhere nearby? I don’t think that he’ll be happy to wake up in some stranger’s office.” He shifts Chase to a more comfortable position in his hands as Shneeplestein places Chase’s hurt arm to a safer position across his chest. 

“He von’t be ‘appy to vake up there either… But a familiar face iz bettah zan one you do not know.” 

Marvin raises a finger in concern. “Uh… Isn’t he known as the ‘Worst News Doctor’? And isn’t he rather blunt? Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Ve shall see.”

They walk the longer that expected distance to Dr. Iplier’s office. 

“Thank you for bringing him to me. I’ll make sure to take care of him,” Dr. Iplier’s calming voice pipes out as he takes the unconscious form of Chase Brody.

“Yes. Ve vill be out before you know it,” Shneeple states as he goes to follow Doc to the back of the clinic. 

Doc puts his foot in the way of Shneeplestein’s path, blocking the door. “Not so fast. You get to wait out here with Marvin and Jackieboy. I’m the only doctor allowed back here.”

“But-” Dr. Iplier shoots him a pointed look. “Fine.” Shneeple goes to sit down with the other two, his ego obviously hurt.

Dr. Iplier set Chase on the table, chair, thing and looks him over. Once he deems there is nothing else that needs to be done, he makes sure Chase’s bone is set. This jolts the green haired man awake as he yelps in pain. Immediately, Doc placed a hand on Chase’s chest and begins to comfort him. “Shh, shh. You’re okay. It’s Dr. Iplier.”

Chase realizes where he is and begins to panic once again. Tears begin to form and he closes his eyes. Chase tries to sink into the table, away from Dr. Iplier and his touch and the surrounding environment. He doesn’t want to be here. It feels as if someone has placed a ten ton bag of bricks on Chase’s chest.

Dr. Iplier speaks again, he voice as deep and calming as a cat’s purr, “Chase. You’re going to be alright.” He watches as Chase tries to sink further into the table. “Hey. Look at me.” Reluctantly, Chase opens his eyes and looks at Doc. The tears are now freely flowing down his face. “Here, we’re going to play a game okay? I want you to look around and tell me five things you can see.”

Chase’s eyes wander the room. “Ahh… I-I see you.” Dr. Iplier nods. “I see the pain chart on the cabinets, that blood pressure thing…” Another nod from Iplier, this time accompanied by a small smile. “Tha-that chair in the corner, and…” his eyes continue to scan the room. “Those tongue presser things in the jar.”

“Good job.” Dr. Iplier gives a reassuring smile. “Now tell me four things you can hear.”

Chase looks at the ground and listens. “I can hear… I can hear cars outside. And the AC.” He glances at Iplier who is looking back, intent on his answers. Chase looks back at the ground and closes his eyes. “There’s the people outside the office and…” He pauses to concentrate. 

“Keep going. One more thing.”

“Yer voice,” Chase says as he brings his head back up awaiting more instruction.

Dr. Iplier can see Chase has stopped crying. He smiles to himself, then at Chase. “Now three things you can feel.”

Chase looks down again and begins to rub his right hand on the paper beneath him. “This paper.” He reaches his hand out to the wall beside him and runs his fingers over the bumpy surface. “This wall.” He looks around for something else to feel and begins to rub his hand on his thigh. “My pants.”

“Okay. Now what are two things you can smell?” Doc notices Chase’s breathing become more steady as he inhales. 

“Um… Disinfectant?” A nod from Dr. Iplier. “And… your cologne?” Chase’s voice dipped lower for his second answer, embarrassed.

Dr. Iplier lets out a small laugh and smiles. “One thing you can taste.”

Chase is quiet for a moment. What is he suppost to be able to taste? All he could taste was his own spit. Seeing no other answer he simply says, “My spit?” Chase lets out a small laugh, his eyes still on the floor in front of him.

Dr. Iplier is silent for a moment, then he begins to laugh. Chase can’t help but join in, even though he is still extremely nervous. When Chase looks up at him, Doc smiles; this is a small victory for the both of them. “Okay,” Dr. Iplier returns his attention to Chase’s arm. He continues in his soothing voice, “You broke your arm. The others brought you to me so I could help you. I already set your arm. I’m going to need to put a cast on it, though.” He watches Chase for a response. Chase is still visibly stiff and anxious, but he is no longer panicking. Chase gives a small nod and surrenders his arm. Doc wraps Chase’s arm in soft cotton. “What color do you want the cast to be?”

Chase thinks for a moment before deciding. “You have orange?”

“Of course.” Doc continues wrapping Chase’s arm with the plaster. After everything is set, he puts Chase’s arm in a sling.

When the door to the lobby opens, the other egos are expecting a still unconscious Chase. They’re surprised when he walks out and is not in a panic. Though he is still highly uncomfortable. Dr. Iplier walks out directly behind him, looking proud of himself. Doc gives them the rundown of how to take care of Chase and make sure he doesn’t further injure himself. After they all say their thank yous and goodbyes, they walk out of Iplier’s office. 

Marvin is the first to speak up.  “So. How’re ya doing?”

Now that they are a respectable distance from the clinic, Chase has relaxed a bit. He allows himself a small smile. “First of all, fuck you guys.”

(Well this took me too damn long to write, but I’m proud of it. Thank you @chase-brody-protection-squad for the inspiration for this story. And thank you @reverseblackholeofwords for inspiring me to write.)

Leo Valdez(HoO)imagine-I'm not that girl

A/N: I got a sudden outburst of feels while I was casually jamming to(more like religiously looping but anyways) the Wicked cast recording so enjoy this short song fic overflowing with emotions that might be a bit too much

Also, if you haven’t listened to the song before, here’s the link so you can experience the feels as well.

Description: An unnoticed camper in Camp Half Blood fell in love, but the person’s heart belongs to someone else.

‘Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy’

You could never forget the summer day when you first met the son of Haphaestus. You were reading alone in the forest, like always. Some might pitied you for constantly being all by yourself, but you enjoyed the silence. That was until the silence was broken by high-pitched shouting from afar. Curioused, you put down your book to see what was going on.

“Get back here, Leo Valdez!”
A boy who somehow looked like an elf was running towards your direction as a few girls from the Aphrodite cabin chased him. What was going on? You instinct told you that this means even more noises before you can go back to reading in peace and you decided to help a little bit. You hid behind a tree and pulled the boy behind the tree when he reached where you were. Didn’t see you, the girls rushed pass and the two of you came out from your where you were hiding.

“Well, that was close,” the boy laughed and you couldn’t help but smile a bit. “Thanks for helping me out. I got caught trying to switch their shampoo into dye,” He reached out his hand, “I’m Leo.”
You shaked his hand, “(y/n).”
There was a moment of silence as you slowly let go of his hand, you could feel your cheeks burning. “So… I guess I’ll see you around then.” Leo said with a grin while he slowly turned towards the direction of the cabins and waved his hands.
“Yeah, sure.” You said as you gently waved back, until Leo was no where to be seen. You then took a deep breath and hold on tight to your book, trying to calm your quick heartbeat.

‘But I’m not that girl.’

It had been a while since you last saw Leo. You two had short conversations now and then ever since the first encounter. Secretly, you wanted to talk to him about everything and know more about him, maybe actually become friends but that kind of made you avoid him a little bit, scared to lose all of your rationaily around him. Deeper inside, you were certain that you wanted to be more than that and you suppressed that silly dream of your even more every time you saw Leo with this girl Calypso, a literal goddess.

You were not a part of Camp Half Blood when it happened but you had definitely heard about them. How Leo went far enough to fake his death to get to her, to fulfill a promise. As much as you found that utterly beautiful and moving, your heart ached whenever you thought of how much he was willing to do for her. You sometimes laughed at the fact that you felt bitter when you probably didn’t have the right to even be jealous.

‘Every so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn’t soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in’

Sometimes, when you were all on your own, you would imagine what might have been if you met Leo first. Would he like you back or would it be just the same. His laugh was way too warm and welcoming to ignore and you felt pathetic that you fantisized about being the reason behind his bright smile, when it was clearly someone else he was smiling for. These silly daydreams made you feel alive, and hurts even more when reality stabbed a knife into your heart by showing you just how happy Leo was with another girl.

‘Blithe smile, lithe limb
She who’s winsome, she wins him
Gold hair with a gentle curl
That’s the girl he chose
And Heaven knows
I’m not that girl’

The worst part was that you couldn’t bring yourself to hate Calypso. It would have been much easier if she had been a straight up bitch, at least then you have a legit reason to dislike her. Instead, she did nothing wrong to you and that made your felt terrible for wondering what it would be like if it was you her boyfriend fell in love with.

You didn’t even dare trying to compare yourself to Calypso. Sometimes you were just carrying on with your life and then you saw your own reflection and wondered if it would made a difference if you were more beautiful and attractive, more like her. One time, You tried to copy her hairstyle but once you saw yourself in the mirror, it hit you that it was never about the appearance. You had never wear a side braid since.

‘Don’t wish, don’t start
Wishing only wounds the heart
I wasn’t born for the rose and the pearl
There’s a girl I know
He loves her so’

So basically this sums up your sad crush on Leo Valdez. All those thoughts ran through your mind as you stare at the Campfire with all the people around you singing and laughing. They were happy, and you almost envy that. How sad is it? Envying other people’s happiness. You closed your eyes, trying to shut all the voices in your brain out.

You opened your eyes as you heard the soft , gentle voice.
Out of all moments, he had to see you in this state, when you were almost going to break down from the thoughts of him. Great. “Hey Leo.”
He looked at you with concern in his eyes and you felt like you were about to melt, “I’m just stopping by because I haven’t seen you in days and you were surprisingly quiet today. You okay?”
So he did notice you. “Well, I’m alright.Thanks for asking.”
“You’re not annoyed by me, aren’t you?”
Your eyes widened. If only he knew how much you want to be annoyed. “No! Of course not! I mean… You’re not annoying abd I really like talking to you…”
Hearing that, Leo smiled. He really was making it hard for you to get over him, wasn’t he? “Good to know! Because I asked Cal what I should do if you were avoiding me and, you know…”
Crack. You could literally feel your heart being smashed into pieces. “Yeah, it’s not you, really. But I am feeling a bit, well, tired, I guess. I’ll… Go back to my cabin. See you around.” You even managed to fake a few laughs before walking away, and started running when you were away from everyone else’s sight.

You slammed the door of your cabin and leaned on it, slowly crouching down until you were basically sitting on the floor. Why did you even bother going through all the pain for something you will never get? Why him out of all the people out there? Why did life had to pull this cruel joke on you? You started laughing at your own stupidity, at this pathetic excuse of a crush that got you grinning like an idiot on some days and ripping your heart out on most others. You laughed, almost a bit hysterically until you went out of breath and it turned into sobs, a drop of tear running down your cheek. You still remembered how you thought he could be that boy in your life when you first met him.

“I’m not that girl…”

Unexpected Turn - Bellamy Blake Imagine

A/N: hopefully I did the request justice but it’s kind of a prolonged version I think.

Originally posted by rebelkingfreckles

Reader x Bellamy Blake

Words: 1,994

Warnings: like 2 swear words i think, a little bit of smut but like only a tinsey bit I’m talking not much after a make out tbh

“At least I’m trying to do everything I can to keep everyone safe! What have you done? Ey? Sat on your ass all day complaining!” He spat as his face turned red and his eyes bulging. His hair is ruffled more than expected due to the constant running through with his fingers. He didn’t want to argue, but ever since you two met you’d clashed in every way possible.

The tension in the bunker was thick and could be cut with a knife. He blamed you, for getting you both stuck in the bunker during the thunderstorm. It was in no way shape or form safe, for either of you to return back to camp. Every tree looking the same, every path being smudged and vision blurred by the rainfall. 

“I complain because all you and your ‘boys’ do is make a mess of the place and help ruin any chance we have of survival. Just because you act so high and mighty doesn’t make you entitled to advocating what is best for these kids.” His face was hard and his mouth in a flat line. Both of your chests were heaving and eyes never tearing from the others line of sight.

“You decided the moment you saw me you weren’t even going give it a chance. You really want one of these kids in charge? They’re teenagers.” He rebutted and although you knew what you said next would hurt, in the meat of the moment, you blurted it out.

“Don’t act as though you care about any of them. All you came down here for was Octavia and look where that got you.” It was silent and you knew you hit a nerve. You were shocked, and more so disappointed in yourself for mentioning family, being fully aware that you were in no position to go that far.

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I forgot how bitter-sweet I made the ending to this chapter. I really like where it’s going, and I hope you do too. I’m trying to do as much writing as possible today and tomorrow because I’m on holiday for a week or two soon so I want to queue things up. In the meantime, enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Hey. I love your Loki x Reader fanfic The Tower.

The Tower part 7 was amazing!! I loved it! Great job! Your writing is So amazing. And it always seems to keep me on my toes. 😊😊👍👍👏👏

I like their dynamic, it’s actually great to read. 😊 She does have some real sass talent in her and if she’s going to come back, I assume.. ;)

‘The Tower’ (Part 8)

Part 7

Every day that you removed the bricks from the tower wall, it seemed to get a little easier. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that your hands were slowly beginning to get accustomed to the cold.

“You’re… back again,” was your greeting. It was oddly reassuring to see that nothing had changed.
“Relax, I shan’t burden you with my company. I made surprisingly good time today. The sooner I leave, the better.”

You heard a familiar pattering of feet far above your head. Knowing that you now had his attention, you placed the basket on the floor and peeled back the cloth.
“It’s not as much as yesterday, and my father had no more wine for me to pilfer, but there’s still plenty of tasty offerings. The loaves are fresh from the baker this morning, and there’s some jams in there from my neighbour. There’s also a few vegetables – though I grew those myself so perhaps… perhaps leave the vegetables.”

When you received no response, you sighed curtly. Your inner monologue scolded you; what had you expected? Gratitude? The only gratitude betwixt the two of you had been offered the day prior. That should’ve been the end of it – but the mystery surrounding the tower had enticed you for a second time. You wrestled with your thoughts for only a moment before dropping the basket to the floor.

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Jimin Scenario: Shy Boy.

Request: Hey thare! Can I request a Jimin scenario where you’re a guest host at ASC and bts is there as the guests and the fans started shipping you together and saying that you two look good together >w<

Genre: Fluff

You felt so honored when you received the invitation, you had let your company know that you wanted to participate in the show, but when you found out that the chosen star for this episode was no other than BTS you felt like screaming. You have been an ARMY since the very beginning, even though being a part of the entertainment industry made you keep it on secret or at least not show it that much.

So when the actual day came, you were feeling slightly nervous, while the makeup team was working on you, you were wondering how this interview would be and how they would be like in person. Because one would think that being idols you would see each other in every show, but in reality that wasn’t the case, this was your first time seeing them.
When your makeup was done you got all dolled up and took a glance at your reflection on the mirror. Great, today was a perfect hair day, a perfect day to meet BTS.

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Redemptive Symbolism in Sofia the First

Okay, so as you all know, I have a great love for any and all redemptive story arcs for sympathetic villains. One of these villains, who I don’t talk about nearly enough, is Cedric the Sorcerer from the children’s show Sofia the First. While I realize it’s designed for young children, I have come to love the show for its sweet protagonist, fun songs, good messages, and most of all, it’s surprisingly complex villain, Cedric.

*SPOILERS for “Day of the Sorcerers”

So I just finished watching “Day of the Sorcerers” for the second time today, and I noticed something that I didn’t see the first time around. At the very end of the episode, after Cedric has apologized for his misdeeds and been reinstated as Royal Sorcerer, we get a brief shot of him and Sofia standing in front of the royal family portrait stained glass window in the throne room. Maybe I’m reading WAY too much into this, but I don’t think this was accidental.

The last time we saw any real emphasis put on that window with Cedric around was back in the fifth episode of Season One, “A Royal Mess”–the episode immediately following what is perhaps the very first inklings of true friendship between Cedric and Sofia in “Cedric’s Apprentice.” Now, of course, at this point, Cedric still cared much more for the amulet and the potential power it could give him than for Sofia herself, and we see this in “A Royal Mess” when he decides to help the children “fix” the window after James has accidentally made a hole in it by playing around in the castle. While Cedric’s mishaps are often the result of a botched spell, in this episode, he manages to get himself sucked into the window portrait not because his spell failed but because he was never trying to fix the window in the first place. Cedric never cared about the window; rather, his spell was intended to bring Sofia’s amulet (a small object) to him and when she ducks out of the way, it instead draws him into the family portrait (a large object), symbolically mimicking how his attempts to steal the amulet have have already begun to draw him (unwillingly) into a friendship with a member of the royal family–Sofia. However, after James and Sofia manage to extricate their friend from the portrait, the window shatters almost immediately. Before, James’s mistakes had cracked the window, but it is not until Cedric’s selfishness and thirst for power create a problem that the window finally falls to pieces, making an already bad situation worse. When the king and queen arrive shortly afterwards, Cedric quickly makes his escape and blames the children for what is at least partially his fault.

Now, flash forward to “Day of the Sorcerers.” It is in this episode that Cedric’s evil intentions are finally made known to the royal family, shattering their trust in him and shattering his relationship with Sofia. BUT by now he has begun to genuinely care more about Sofia than power, and after realizing that he can’t quite bring himself to freeze her, he (more or less) willingly goes with the guards who escort him to the dungeon. Later, after apologizing to Sofia, he has the opportunity once again to “shatter” the royal family–to use his selfishness to make an already bad situation worse by siding with the power-hungry Grimtrix and striking the final blow that will bring the family’s rule to an end. But this time he doesn’t. This time, he knows better and chooses his friendship with Sofia, unfreezing everyone and restoring the damage that Grimtrix has done. He also apologizes profusely to the royal family, clearly recognizing that he did wrong and taking responsibility for his actions. It is shortly after this that we see Cedric and Sofia standing together in front of the stained glass portrait, now whole. Now, his relationship with the royal family (and especially Sofia) is one based on honesty and forgiveness rather than selfishness and deceit.

It took him three seasons, but he finally did it. He finally (metaphorically) fixed the window.

anonymous asked:

What would UF papyrus and US sans reaction be to them saying something really mean or hurtful to their S/O out of anger and their S/O shuts them self in their room crying.

Underfell Papyrus

You stir the jasmine tea in the mug absent-mindedly while reading your book, absorbed within the author’s melodious words. Taking a sip, you make sure the tea is the right flavor, then decide to add in a scoop of sugar. Satisfied, you pick up your mug, your eyes still trained on your novel and make your way toward the couch, but suddenly, you slam into a large force, spilling your hot tea on yourself and the tall skeleton. You yelp and flinch back from the tea scorching your skin while Fell angrily screeched in shock, his sharp teeth clenching in fury. 

“MY BATTLE BODY! I JUST WASHED THIS!” Fell’s voice booms in anger. 

“Papy, I’m so sorry!” you grab a towel and before you could help him wipe off the accident, he snatches it away from you. 

“COULD YOU BE EVEN MORE USELESS?!” the words fly out of this mouth before he could even stop them. 

Your blood runs cold and your body freezes, your mind unable to accept his harsh words, “W-What?”


Shit. That was harsh, even for him. Fell knows that. He knows that it was an accident. But why did he say that? Why can’t he apologize? Why does he keep going? 

“I-I’m sorry,” is all that you could say before you turn away and rush to your room, closing the door behind you. 

Grabbing the nearest pillow, you scream, your heart shattering in two. 

Meanwhile, Fell stands outside your door, his fist raised, prepared to knock as he hears your cries from inside. Sighing, the monster lowers his hand and crosses his arms. It’s better to just leave you alone for now. But guilt consumes him as the image of you heartbroken expression burns in his mind. Unable to stand around and do nothing, Fell goes into town.  

An hour later, you calm yourself down, reducing to only a few sniffles here and there, but your chest still aches. Looking at the time, you notice that it’s only 7 pm, but you decide to just go to bed anyway, just to get this day over with. Crawling out of bed, you change into your pajamas and hear a sudden knock on the door. 

Not wanting to see the skeleton, you yell, “Go away, asshole,”

You expect some kind of response from your boyfriend, especially if you just insulted him like that, but none came, peaking your curiosity. Waiting a few moments, you make sure that he’s actually gone before you open your door. When you do, you find a gift basket stuffed with two bottles of fancy wine, a small white teddy bear, and two heart shaped chocolate boxes, all wrapped together with a cute bow. You pick it up and bring it inside, placing it on your desk, expecting some kind of note of apology. You find none. You scoff at the gift, but can’t bring yourself to toss it in the trash. Does he really expect that he can win your forgiveness with this? Yeah fucking right. Setting out what you originally intended to do, you take a shower and brush your teeth, falling asleep on your cold bed half an hour later. 

You wake up groggily the next day, rubbing your temples with your fingers as you remember what happened the day before. Great. Maybe you should take a page out of Red’s book and just stay in all day. You do not want to see your boyfriend today. After going through your morning routine, you make your way downstairs, following the surprisingly delicious smell of pancakes and syrup. 

Fell silently flips the pancakes in the kitchen, noticing your arrival. You take a seat, confused, but wary. The skeleton sighs and swallows his pride, bringing a large stack of pancakes to you. 

“I MADE THESE FOR YOU,” Fell sets them down, kisses your head, and massages your shoulders. 

He doesn’t even bring up what happened yesterday. You look at the set up around you, the warm breakfast, with a glass of milk and a single rose in a vase, you realize that this is his way of apologizing. You heart repairs itself, glowing in forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to take advantage of this. You wonder what it’s like to have the Great and Terrible Papyrus as your servant for the day.  

UnderSwap Sans

“YOU’RE NOT GOING TO COME TRAIN WITH ME AGAIN?!” Blueberry cries, his face turning bright blue as he clenches his fist. 

“I’m sorry, Blue, but I’m not up for it today. I’m not like you were I can do rigorous exercise everyday,” you stretch your sore arms. 


You frown in guilt. Last night you promised you would train with him today, only because he kept insisting and bugging you until you gave in. It might be childish to not keep up your promise, but you don’t know if your body can handle it. 

“I’m sorry,” 

Blue rarely gets mad, but seeing how you rather spend your being lazy than spend time with him, he lost control of himself, “I HATE YOU!” 

You flinch back away from him, never seeing him this angry before, especially directed toward you. His words hits you with full force and before you know it, your tears stream down your face and you’re slamming your bedroom door behind you. 

Realizing what he just did, Blue runs after you, calling your name over and over, knocking on your door. 


Crying into your pillow, you shake your head, refusing to let him in. Eventually, your emotions drain you, and you fall asleep with Blue calling your name over and over again. You wake up two hours later in your dark and quiet room, your cheeks dry from your tears. Sighing, you heave yourself out of bed. You’re still exhausted, but anymore sleep would just ruin your sleep schedule. Thinking about what Blue said to you, you know that you overreacted, but the words still stung. He was upset and wasn’t thinking, which isn’t like him, but you realize that his training sessions weren’t just about making him stronger, but a way to spend time with you. feel like the scum of the earth. 

With your stomach rumbling, you remember the leftover tacos from the day before are still in the fridge. You open your door and find Blueberry still waiting for you outside, but in a nice suit and holding a bouquet of flowers, his eyes lighting up when he sees you. 


“That’s a little…creepy isn’t it?” you can’t help but giggle, even if you are mad at him. 

“AHH I’M SORRY! I WON’T DO IT AGAIN!” the skeleton apologizes profusely, but then his expression darkens, “But I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean what I said.” 

Blue doesn’t meet your eyes, but his usual, cheery self remains hidden in the darkness. You can’t stand to see your boyfriend like this. Leaping into his arms, you instantly forgive him, while he cries about how sorry he is. 


“I’d love that,” you smile, and wrap him up in a kiss.

You are definitely looking forward to tomorrow. 



Today has been great ☺️ Me and my boyfriend had these awesome milkshakes, I took the dog for a long walk on the beach and I’m managing to get all of my work finished off surprisingly enough.


a simple yoonmin valentines day date kinda thing + mega fluff ♥ + happy valentines day! + also this is me being a pink-haired jimin supremacist.

“good morning, sleepy head.” 

it’s a cold day, but the sun is out and as long as it’s out, nothing is gonna stop jimin from his plans today. he litters tiny kisses all over yoongi’s face, slowly bringing said man to life. yoongi groans and turns on his side facing jimin.

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Hello friends!!!

Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post! My trip to Mexico was SUPER fun! I throughly enjoyed myself and spending time with my friends :)

My enjoyment though, lacked any running (although I did do water aerobics!) haha and unfortunately while I was there I got a cold, so even if I had wanted to run, I wouldn’t have been up to it. The cold wasn’t that bad though, it didn’t spoil the trip or anything. And I’d rather have a cold and lay on the beach then have a cold and be at work. So it really wasn’t so bad!

So, once I got back, I made my return to running! I was still feeling a bit congested and this lovely cold incorporated a cough too, so I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to breathe while running. Given the crazy weather we’ve been having, I decided to test the run with a short treadmill jaunt yesterday. To my pleasure i felt good!

Today I headed out for one a bit longer, and I actually felt great! My cold is essentially gone, so that helped, but I just felt really good in general! My body missed running apparently :)

I’m going to semi-resume normal training now, making sure I ease back into things. I’m surprisingly not upset about my missed days. I finally realized that I run to enhance my life, not to add more pressure to it. I’m the only one who pressures myself to run, so I need to make sure to give myself a break! Running is supposed to be fun after all, not a stressor! And everyone needs a break from time to time.

Tell me what I missed!! I missed catching up with you all :)

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 61

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Sixty-One: It’s a trap!

Lucy woke up in a confused daze. She blinked at the living room ceiling, wondering why she was downstairs instead of in her room. It took a moment -and the sound of Levy lightly snoring- for her to remember the sleepover.

Slowly sitting up, Lucy looked around. Erza and Juvia were passed out on their respective couches. Thanks to the room darkening curtains, the only light in the house came from the kitchen.

After yawning and stretching, Lucy climbed off her mattress and made her way to the kitchen, finding Virgo cleaning the already-clean counter. Lucy raised a brow, wondering the reasons behind Virgo’s actions. “Good morning.”

Virgo jolted at her voice, clearly in a daze while she was cleaning. “Good morning, Princess. Do you want me to make you something for breakfast?”

Lucy shook her head, rubbing at one of her eyes. “No thanks. I’m not hungry yet.” As the maid nodded and turned back to the counter, Lucy asked, “What are you doing?”


Lucy resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “I meant why are you cleaning? It looks good to me.”

Virgo’s shoulders tensed as she glanced at Lucy. “Master Jude is coming back soon. I want to get the house spotless before his arrival.”

Usually Lucy wouldn’t care either way if her father was around or not, but now she had a reason she wanted him home. “Really? When?”

Virgo’s eyes darted around the room as if she thought someone might overhear. When she saw there was no one listening, she whispered, “May seventh, but don’t tell anyone. He’s coming for a surprise inspection for the Magnolia branch.”

Lucy furrowed her brows. Who did Virgo think she would tell? Sighing, Lucy mumbled, “So, two more weeks?”

Virgo nodded. “He will be flying in that morning and leaving that night. He has a lot of other locations he needs to inspect.”

“He can’t afford to spend more time here?” Lucy asked, watching as Virgo shook her head.

“No. You know your father is a very busy man. Now, aren’t you supposed to be spending time with your friends?”

Lucy huffed, refusing to change the subject. “So, he’s only going to be here one day?”

“Less than a day,” Virgo corrected.

That didn’t seem like a lot of time to meet Natsu. “Can you ask him if I can talk to him that day?”

“I can ask. How long were you thinking?” Virgo started cleaning the sink, even though her father wouldn’t be arriving for two more weeks.

“I think an hour would be fine.” That was enough time for them to talk, right? She hated that it would be a while until they could meet, but at least now she could tell Natsu a date so he could start preparing himself. Her father could be… difficult.

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Hush (Part Four)

Rafael Barba x Reader
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

You couldn’t recall if you had ever been this excited to use a key. You hold the silver trinket up to your face one more time to look at it closely, admiring the gleam it still retained from not being used. You insert it into the lock and smile when it turned all the way.

After switching on the living room lights you find yourself in an empty apartment. You set your bag on the table before throwing yourself onto the couch. You lean your head back and close your eyes, feeling the events of the day weigh heavily on your eyelids.

“Welcome home.”

Your eyes open wide and you gasp at the unexpected voice from behind you.

“Rafael! Don’t do that!”

You reach to nudge his arm but he manages to dodge it before joining you on the couch. The mischievous smile on his face made you suspicious, but before you could think further on it he catches you by the waist and pulls you atop his lap.

You shook your head at his playfulness, but could only mirror his grin. You place your fingers on his temples and begin massaging lightly. A soft hum escapes him and you beam proudly.

“Home,” You said softly, and running your fingers through his hair. “I like the sound of that.”

“So do I… How was your day?”

His hands on your waist start to explore, and the further they went in any direction, the more you felt your composure falter.

“It- it was fine.” You tried to keep your voice to a singular octave, but having his touch dangerously close to your unclothed skin was certainly testing your efforts.

“More than fine, actually. But even so, I still couldn’t wait to get… home.”

He very much noticed your emphasis on the last word, and responded to it by slipping his hand beneath your blouse. You arch your back when you feel him trace your bare spine with his fingers.

“Are you happy?”

You remind yourself to ask him in the future, why he insisted on asking questions he knew the answer to.

Nevertheless, you willingly indulge him.


You positioned your face impossibly close to his, making it so that your lips would touch if either of you weren’t completely still.

“How happy?” He whispered.

You closed the space between you, and when you did it was as though a switch had flipped. If he wanted to know how happy you were, you made it a mission to show him.

The very notion of second thoughts might as well be a myth as you tugged on his hair and captured his lips over and over again. There was no hold too tight, and no kiss deep enough for the both of you.

More. You wanted more. You needed more.

There was no reason sensible enough to tear yourself away, but you had to tell him. You refused to let even another second go by without him knowing.

“Rafael, I love you.”

I love you. I love you. I love-

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Transcript: (Hey there, everyone! I mentioned a few days ago that on my next leg day workout, I would like to challenge myself to leg press the amount of weight I’ve lost, which is 170 lbs. The reason I wanted to do this is because, with every step in my day to day life, I used to carry 170 lbs on my body. You can imagine how difficult and taxing that would be over the course of a day. And, I’m here to report to you that it was actually surprisingly easy. Not in a smug, “Meh, that was so simple!” But, I was genuinely surprised that I was able to lift more than I thought I could. I’m not repping at that much; I’ve been repping at 130. What I really do think is this means I can do more on my leg days from now on, and maybe it won’t be too taxing. At least not as taxing on my body now as it was back then. Anyway, that’s what I came to tell you here today. Have a great day, have a great weekend. Just have fun, guys! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great. I promise you. Bye!)

My voice gets so high and squeaky when I’m nervous. Ahh! 

I had a video of the leg press, but the piece of crap video editor I was using online wanted $30 for me just to paste another 4 seconds onto my video length. By this point I just kind of needed to get on with my day! Sorry!

Also, just so it’s clear. I’m a novice at weight lifting. I know that leg pressing like crazy is totally doable, but a few months ago this probably would have been murder for me!

Anyway, these are more or less my thoughts.

  • I can lift more than I thought, even though I’ve yet to do sets this high.
  • It was empowering to learn that what used to cause me daily aggravating pain and turmoil is almost no challenge at all for the body I’ve been creating all these years.
  • Rather, it filled me with strength and energy.
  • I will only become stronger than this.


Homecoming (Sprace)

Mod Ind here oh would you look at that, a oneshot! Please enjoy!

You can also read it on AO3 here

“Look at them.” Race nudged Spot on the shoulder in the direction of their friends Jack and Davey, who were talking very close.

“I bet they’ll get together before homecoming.” Race declared. It was September, with homecoming only a month away, everyone was either getting asked or wished they were.

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Remember Me (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Hey everyone!! So this is part three of the Bite Me, Miss me installation, I was thinking maybe I might make this the last chapter, y’know. I tried to write angst, because I don’t write that a lot and I really wanted to try writing it haha, it’s not super angsty but there still is a bit. Anyways, guys if you enjoy this please send requests!! I do oneshots for supernatural and avengers, I also wouldn’t mind writing for other marvel characters😊 For now…enjoy!!

Warnings: character death

Bite Me//Miss Me//Remember Me//Kiss Me

You struggled against the restrains, feeling the rope burning your already raw skin. Panting, you looked around for something sharp.

“My knife,” you muttered, remembering that you had slipped a small switchblade into your boot. The only problem was that the ropes were pretty tight, and your hands were nowhere near your shoes.

Thinking about it for a while, you rocked your chair slightly, creaky sounds emanating from it, signifying that it was a pretty old chair. You suddenly had another idea but you seriously dreaded this plan. Looking side to side, you made sure the shifter wasn’t coming back before taking a deep breath.

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Limited Edition (Jungkook, You) Scenario

A special birthday scenario for mykookiechimchim :) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE~ Your sister told me that it was your birthday today and had especially requested if I could write a scenario for you. So here it is! Sorry if It’s not as long but I’m busy with school work and I literally squeezed this story into my schedule. XD Consider it my birthday gift~ :3

Hope you had a great day and I hope you’ll like this little scenario I came up with for you! <3 

-Kaye Allen



You were happy today. There was no reason for you not to be; simply because today was your birthday and this day was your day and nobody can say otherwise.

Your family and friends have prepared a party for you; complete with all the birthday necessities like decorations, music, gifts, and cake. 

You even had more than one cake! And several gifts from your friends who surprisingly nailed every single thing you could ever want. 

Well, kind of… You sighed as you thought about the one thing you wanted the most. 

Your boyfriend of nine months, Jungkook, was currently on top of your wish list. It’s been two months since you’ve seen each other, physically, considering that he lives out of the country and works as a member of a famous Kpop group. 

Jungkook had texted you good morning today, the text being your wake up call. He told you that he had a full schedule for the day and that he was going to be quite busy so you shouldn’t be worried or mad if he wouldn’t be able to answer your calls. 

That was the part that saddened you the most. It was your birthday and you weren’t even allowed to talk to him throughout the day? That was just—

Sighing, you agreed as usual. And Jungkook gave you a kiss through the line before hanging up.

Without a single birthday greeting. 

He has a lot of things to worry about, you said to yourself but you still couldn’t help feeling a little down.


11:30 PM

It was half past eleven when your sister called you down all of a sudden. You groaned, hating to be disturbed when you were in the middle of reading a book. The party had drained you and you were currently wearing a simple white shirt and sweat pants; your PJ’s for the night, with your hair tied up in a messy bun, ready to hit the hay.

Damn it! She was just about to tell her that he–

“Y/N! Get down here!” Madine called and you huffed and closed the book in vain calling out, “I’m coming!”, wondering what on earth your sister was calling you out for this late. 

She’s probably going to ask me to clean up with her, you thought bitterly as she made her way downstairs. 

The moment you arrived, you almost choked on your own spit at what you saw. 

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Update on me :)

The dogs we were puppy sitting finally went home after 10 days. 4 dogs for 10 days is exhausting. Mine are young and not super well behaved yet.

Got to get back to yoga yesterday and today so that felt super good! Yoga was near impossible with dogs running around everywhere. (I also have 1 cat)

Surprisingly ate super well the whole time. Feeling SO good about myself! I feel like I will finally be ready to weigh in this week.

I’m on a roll lately and it’s starting to feel easier if I just keep going! Woo!!