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where the lines overlap (m)

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jimin x reader red strings of fate soulmates! au

8.8k words

rated m for dirty talk, creampie kink, idk i just wanted to write a jimin soulmate au but whoops my finger slipped?? :/

recommended music: where the lines overlap by paramore! it’s my favourite paramore song EVER :)

Summary: there’s an ancient Chinese folklore of the red strings of fate that connect one person to another. These two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, and the magical, invisible thread may tangle or stretch, but it will never sever. You’ve never believed in these mystical threads of fate like everyone else, but one day you suddenly gain the ability to see the threads connecting the people around you.

The door slams shut, jolting you out of your peaceful reverie. If it had been anyone else, you’d be beyond annoyed to be interrupted while doing your weekly readings, but not when it’s him. The person in question knocks gently on your door before peeking his head in, strands of his bleached dove gray hair spilling over into his eyes, and you can’t help but smile at the sight of him.

“Hey, I got dinner on the way back,” Jimin’s cheeks round out into a smile that reaches all the way to the crinkles at the corners of his eyes. Every time he comes home he’s constantly sweaty and worn out, but it’s part and parcel of the life he chose as a dance major.

Tossing aside your notes, you follow him out into the small dining area of your shared apartment, still in your sweats. When he makes a move to sit at the table, you give him a playful swat on his chest.

“Shouldn’t you wash up first? If I’d known you were this gross, I wouldn’t have agreed to room with you two years ago,” you pretend to wrinkle your nose at his sweaty form, all while ignoring the way his shirt is moulded to his chest.

“Says the one still in her sweatpants. Looks like someone isn’t that hungry tonight,” Jimin smirks back, reaching across the table to grab the box of takeout that you were in the midst of opening. “I could totally do with those extra calories after Hoseok hyung cracked down on us today…”

“I’m just kidding Chim,” you hastily snatch back the takeout box just as he opens the lid of it, the delicious smell of hot noodles and fried pork slices wafting into the air. “Oh my god this smells so good, I’ve been starving all day!”

“Wait, Jinwoo didn’t come by? It’s your free day right? I thought he usually comes by to hang out in the afternoons,” Jimin pauses in his chewing to study your expression carefully, but you’re too busy inhaling mouthfuls of stir fried noodles.

“Jinwoo oppa said he was busy today,” you say around a mouthful of vegetables and noodles. “He has that huge midterm coming up next week, so I told him he should stay home and study.”

Jimin looks like he’s about to say something snide about your boyfriend of nearly 6 months, so you stuff a large piece of meat into his mouth instead.

“Yes I know, he was busy last week and the week before that too, but we’ve been dating for a while so we don’t need to see each other so often. We’re over that honeymoon stage already.” You say in a dismissive tone, focusing on chasing the remaining few strands of noodles around with your chopsticks and avoiding his gaze.

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Summary: Harry searches for his missing hoodie that was taken by [Y/N]. When confronted, [Y/N] playfully denies ever having it, but Harry’s got paparazzi photo proof. **FLUFF**

~ Requested ~ | Requests are open

“The Missing Hoodie”

You were woken up by the weight of a heavy arm rested over your stomach and loud snoring. You turned over and saw Harry peaceful and in deep sleep. Your eyes shifted over to your clock. 7:00 AM, it read. “Shit,” you whispered to yourself. You slowly moved Harry’s arm off of you, careful not to wake him, and placed a kiss on his temple. It was Harry’s day off after seven continuous days of working. You wanted Harry to sleep in and replenish his strength and energy. You had a laundry lists of things to do before you headed to work. You had your morning run, then grocery shopping to restock the refrigerator and pantry for Harry, as well as cook breakfast. You needed to move quickly if you wanted to get everything done before he woke.

Your footsteps were light and quiet as you scrambled around the house to get ready. You were careful not to make too much noise. You grabbed the nearest items of clothing you could find— black leggings you found in a hamper, a hoodie that laid on the sofa, a cap hung up by the door. You tip-toed back into the bedroom and kiss Harry softly on his forehead. “Good morning baby, I’ll be back,” you whispered, “I love you.”

You threw on your Nikes, grabbed your sunglasses and keys that were on the table by the door, and were on your way.

It was a peaceful run around the neighborhood. You and Harry bought a home just on the outskirts of the city away from the madness but still within reach of everything necessary. There weren’t too many paparazzi in your area but occasionally some would show up. A few fans knew where you and Harry resided but respectfully kept their distance and honored your privacy.

After your run, you headed straight to the grocery store. You went through your grocery list on your phone and bought everything  you thought Harry might need. Harry had mentioned how, as much as possible, he wanted to stay home on his day off. As grateful as he was, he needed a break from the chaos that surrounded him and wanted to remain within the calm, safe, private perimeters of his home.

You returned home with just enough time to whip up Harry’s favorite breakfast. Once everything was cooked, you hopped into the shower, and got ready for work. You were applying your everyday makeup in your bathroom when Harry sleepily walked in, wrapping his arms around your waist and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck.

“Good mornin’, baby,” he said groggily.

“Hey, sleepy head,” you giggled, “What are you doing up? It’s still early.”

“I didn’t feel you next to me. Come back to bed,” he whined, tugging slightly on your arm.

“I’ve got work, babe,” you told him. A pout formed on his lips. You turned to face Harry and draped an arm around his neck while your other hand wiped the sleep from his eyes. You got on your toes and placed a kiss on his lips. “Guess what?”

“What?” he asked.

“I made you your breakfast,” you smiled.

“You did?” he asked excitedly, a grin forming on his lips.

“Mhmm,” you nodded, “It’s downstairs waiting for you.”

“I love you,” he whispered before kissing you once more, pulling you towards him, closing all gaps, and savoring every second of this sweet, innocent intimacy.

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” you told him.

Harry nodded and made his way downstairs into the kitchen. Once you finished getting ready, you followed. Harry was sat at the dining table with his breakfast nearly finished as he scrolled through his phone. “You woke up hungry,” you teased, eyeing his almost empty plate.

Harry smiled back sheepishly. “It’s delicious,” he told you, “I’ve been craving a decent breakfast. The muffin’s Jeff’s been buyin’s shit.” For the past seven days, Jeff had been buying the same bland muffins every for the team. He claimed it to be “a quick, healthy meal”. Everyone hated it.

“Well, I stocked our fridge and pantry,” you said, “If you need anything else, just let me know and I’ll get it on my way home.”

“You di’n’t have to do that,” he said appreciatively.

You shrugged, “I wanted to. You work really hard— for the both of us. It’s the least I could do. I want you to have a nice day off.”

Harry opened his arms, an invitation to sit on his lap. You accepted and kissed his pink lips. “What are your plans today?” you asked him.

“Dunno,” he answered shrugging, “Maybe have a run. Stay home, mostly. Wait for you to come home.”

“I’ll be back before you know it,” you assured him. “Get some rest today.”

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I got a few requests for this fanfic! I’ll give it a go!

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, Maybe Southside High was where he was meant to be. These people, they were like him, damaged, dangerous , the very definition of wrong side of the tracks. They liked him, they thought he was funny and when they laughed they were laughing with him not at him. So what was the problem?

Thoughts of shiny green eyes and long honey blonde hair pulled into a tight ponytail ran through his mind. The image of his beautiful girlfriend made his palms sweat and his heart ache. Betty had cried for him, fought for him, she never gave up, not even when he gave up on himself. And then there was Archie, no matter what happened he would always be his best friend. Pulling his attention back to the conversation in front of him, Jughead couldn’t help but laugh at the groups crude humor.


The beanie wearing boy whipped around,
Archie, Veronica, Kevin and Cheryl were all standing behind him, sticking out against the beat down high school and grungy students.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asked, standing from his seat as the people at his table watched cautiously, silently.

Archie stuttered, speechless. Cheryl shoved past him and stood before Jughead.

“Maybe you haven’t noticed Jones, but your girlfriend hasn’t answered her phone in two days and she didn’t show up for school today. I had one of my vixens stop by her house this morning and ask that lunatic mother of hers to speak to her and the blonde stepford wife claimed Betty was at school. Newsflash? She’s not.” Cheryl angrily stabbed Jugheads chest as fear flashed in his eyes.

“What do you mean she’s not in school? And she’s not at home?! I don’t have my phone. It’s at home. I thought she was just busy, I was going to go over tonight.” His eyes were frantic as Veronica pulled out her phone.

“Oh my god.” She whispered.

Kevin ran over to the raven haired cheerleaders side, reading the message on her phone.

“Oh god” he gasped.

“What?!” Archie asked.

Veronica held up her phone and showed the group the text with shaky fingers
“It’s betty”

“Thankyou for being an amazing friend, you’ll do fine V, just stay true to who you are. I love you”

Jughead ripped the phone from her hand,
“Where is she?! Where could she be?! We have to go. NOW.” He shouted, speeding through the halls and heading for Archie’s beat up truck.

Everyone was scrambling as they got into the car, ideas bouncing off the walls of where Betty could be, suddenly Cheryl spoke evenly.

“Sweet water. She’s at sweetwater.”

They all turned to her, Archie not giving it a second thought as he sped through the streets of Riverdale, making his way to the river.

“Why would she be there?!” Kevin was texting Betty profusely to no avail.

Cheryl pulled her own phone out and began texting Betty

“It’s the easiest way to go, with the ice.”

Veronica gasped, shivers racking her body.

Jughead stared blankly out the window, his body tense. No. no, not like this. Not Betty. How could he have not seen? How could he have been so neglectful to not notice his own girlfriend was drowning. She had so much going on, it was too much on her and he did nothing to alleviate that stress. He didn’t deserve her, he never deserved her.

Archie parked haphazardly, his truck skidding to a stop as all the teens hopped out.

“Split up!” Archie called, sprinting through the snow, slipping and sliding as he searched desperately. Jughead pounded through, the cold seeping through his boots.


Veronica’s distinctly feminine voice called from his right as she pointed to a shadowed figure a few feet away. Jughead tripped up falling to his knees as he ran towards her.

“The ice!” Cheryl screeched “its cracking! Separate.”

Jughead couldn’t hear her he was running towards Betty, she was looking at him now, big, terrified eyes.

“You don’t have to do this! Bets please! Come here. I’m right here! I’m here for you! I’m so sorry.” He cried desperately, his arms extended as he reached for her.

She looked at him with such blank eyes he stopped dead in his tracks
“I’m sorry.” She mouthed.

She was gone, fallen through the ice, engulfed in the current as Jughead watched horrified.

“NO!” He screamed desperately, dropping to his knees as he dug through the snow, his fingers red and raw.

Veronica and Archie were beside him, kicking and clawing at the snow searching the ice. Kevin was holding a weeping Cheryl.

“I CANT SEE HER! I CANT FIND HER” Veronica cried as Archie pushed the heavy snow aside

“Right here! She’s right here.”

Jughead shoved Archie aside, his fists flying as he he punched at the ice, blood flying before he stood and kicked the ice sending it shattering, he reached into the water gripping an unconscious Betty by her shoulders and laying her on the snow.

“Come on, come on!” He brought his lips to hers, breathing air into her lungs as his tears dripped onto her face. “COME ON” suddenly her eyes flew open as she spit out water, gasping for air. Jughead dropped his forehead to hers and gasped.

“Oh my god” Veronica breathed and Archie wrapped Veronica in his arms.

“We have to go!“ Kevin said “she’ll freeze if we don’t get her someplace warm.”

Lifting the frozen blonde up bridal style, the group raced through the snow, depositing Betty into the truck, Jugheads denim wrapped snugly around her shoulders as she drifted off

“Stay with me Betty. Stay with me.” Jughead mumbled into her damp hair as he held her to his chest. Everything going black.

When Betty woke up she was sitting up beside a fire, her back resting against a strong familiar chest, slender hands wrapped around her, steady breathing in her ear.

Glancing up Betty looked around, Veronica and Archie were sleeping on the couch, sharing a blanket. Cheryl was on the floor beside Kevin both sleeping as well. Jughead had her wrapped up in his arms, his eyes fluttered open and got wide.

“You’re awake.” He breathed a sigh of relief, his arms squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry.” Betty whispered tearfully. Jughead lifted the beautiful blonde up and onto his lap

“Don’t you dare apologize, this is not your fault. It’s mine. I didn’t see you crying out for Help, you saved my life and I couldn’t even be there when you needed saving.” He cupped her cheek, his eyes desperately guilty.

Betty covered his hand and leaned into his palm

“Technically you did save me.” She smiled softly.

Jughead rolled his eyes,before they softened

“Please don’t ever do that again, please just.. I’m so sorry Betty.” A single tear slipped from his eyes as he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m okay Juggie. We’re okay.”
She whispered, dropping a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I love you Betty Cooper” he whispered

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”

An epidemic of complacency

I’m going to share a little secret with you about humanity. Well, it’s not so much a secret considering it’s an extremely obvious and loud truth, but humanity and myself included in this statement, has become so complacent when it comes to Jesus.

Like seriously, I often get to the end of the day and remember Jesus and am like ‘oh yeah… hey God, sorry i forgot about you today’ when i may have legitimately been busy but i would have spent ages that day browsing on social media instead of even considering about spending some time with my saviour who literally died for me. It’s awful and shameful how complacent I have become about the love God has for me and how swept up in unimportant things I can get. My priorities are naturally not right and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Humans have been showing signs of complacency and apathy since way back. You can take one look at the story of Moses and the Israelites wandering through the desert and see that this is an epidemic that started way back. The Israelites had a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night that went ahead of them and showed them the way to the promised land. They had a tangible and visual expression that Jesus was with them and they still became complacent and melted all their gold to make themselves a golden calf to worship rather than pay attention to the one leading them through a potentially deadly desert.

We may mock the Israelites for this moment of extreme weakness but we are often no better. I find that in seasons of hardship and pain that I rely on God way more than I do when everything is relatively good. But should this be the case? Should I neglect my God and try handle things on my own even when the season is relatively peaceful? My answer to this is no. God deserves our constant love and more than a one sided relationship.

This is an epidemic and I honestly am going to bite back my pride here and say that social media and technology has a big part to play in this in today’s world. Yes, that’s right, a blogger just criticised all social media, but as a Christian who is trying to get healing over this epidemic that has me in its grasp I feel that I needed to share this as I’m sure some of you will recognise this in your lives too.

I’m not saying quit social media, I’m simply encouraging that we all take a look at our habits and see how much time we are spending on mundane things rather than turning our attention to the author and creator of our very being.

The internet and social media are great, as are other interests and distractions but nothing will ever compete with the completeness and fullness we find in spending time with our Jesus.

He adores His children, but I can feel His heart is slightly broken at our complacency that has been an epidemic in the making since the Israelites and their golden calf. He just wants us to come spend time with Him, even when it’s busy, even when you’re smooth sailing. He is always important, He is always waiting for our prayers.

-31women (Gabi)

Anniversary (1/1)

“Because Storybrooke was the size of a New York Deli, everyone knew everyone’s damned business so if Ashley thought it was her anniversary, the whole damn town thought the same. Including, perhaps, the man himself.” In which Emma panics, Killian’s a soccer pro, and David manages to traumatize his grandson.

Rated: T

It started with Ashley.

She was shuffling her feet, waiting to pick up their coffee orders to-go when the young mother approached her at Granny’s.

“Hey Emma,” She greeted her with a wide-toothed smile, toddler propped against her hip and decked out in pink. Ashley is one of the few people in town Emma is truly fond of, regardless of her saviour/sheriff status. Young mom. Fought for her kid. Decent with a gun. The smile Emma returned was genuine.

“Hello. Hey, Alexandria! How are you?”

Alexandria shifted against her mother’s grip mutinously as Ashley continued. “Great, Congrats on the big day, by the way! Any plans?”

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accordion-sandals  asked:

If its not too much to ask, could you please do more frank/percy ice cream parlour AU? i loved the one you did earlier!

I definitely can, and I hope this is what you meant by that

• Frank always gave Percy a discount on any ice cream he bought before Percy started working there, and Percy had no idea. But everyone else did, and they always gave Frank a sly look whenever it happened
• Percy realised it after he started working there and couldn’t look Frank in the eye for two days straight (ha) because it was just such a cute and sweet gesture
• They both had handle how cute the other looks in their outfits. They can’t stop blushing and leaning over to whichever co-worker is nearest and being like ‘oh my gods did you see how cutes he looks today?’
• Everyone ships it. From their friends/co-workers, to regulars, to people there for the first time. They’re just too cute
• Imagine them hanging out there, just after the parlour has been closed for the day, sitting on a table outside, sharing an ice cream sundae as the sun goes down, laughing and talking about anything and everything
• Omg, the pining is unbearable. They just gaze longingly after each other whenever the other is busy working, and always forget what they’re doing
• Frank is the more jealous out of the two because Percy is the one always being flirted with because he does work the counter, until Frank who just flutters all over the place doing whatever he feels he needs to do
• They’re the ones usually working together to create new flavours (along with the help of Sally now and then) and create some of the weirdest combinations ever that somehow always seem to work (they create a new Sundae for the both of them called Blue Bear and everyone jokes that it’s the Ice Cream Ship of Dreams)
• Sally always gets a discount on her ice cream, no matter who’s serving her. It’s an unspoken rule in the restaurant from Frank
• She always has the last say on new flavours since if anyone knows what flavours work, it’s Sally Jackson
• Their first kiss is so cliché so frekaing cute. So they’re sharing their ‘end of week sundae’ after the parlour has closed down for the day, and Frank gets some ice cream on his cheek. So Percy leans in to wipe it off, they lock eyes, and then they kiss. Frank tastes of blueberries, Percy tastes of chocolate, and it’s literally the cutest thing ever
• And imagine them when they finally get together, subtly holding hands under the counter, feeding each other ice cream and giggling like kids
• Percy would always do that jokey thing of ‘I’ve got this flavour you’ve got that flavour, wanna make this flavour?’
• It always works. Always. Frank is weak for the silly grin Percy wears while saying that
• Leo helps Frank get back at Percy by telling him every ice cream-related pick up line he knows (they probably exist, there’s a pick-up line for any theme these days). Jokes on him though, Percy loves them. The cringer, the better
• I’m not saying that one of them proposes by hiding a ring at the bottom of the ice cream sundae glass, but also I am. I totally am.
• And I’m also not not saying that the gang get together to make an ice cream sundae to celebrate their marriage (it becomes their favourite one, and the gang bust it out after the ceremony)
• IMAGINE THEM BRINGING THEIR ADOPTED DAUGHTER (OR SON/CHILD/CHILDREN/WHATEVER YOU WANT TO IMAGINE) TO THE PARLOUR! Having her sit on the counter, looking adorable as her dads work away, omg. Imagine Percy balancing her on his hip as he works, letting her take the customer’s order and teaching her what to do while Frank watches from the corner clutching his heart because it’s too precious

A Gorillas Perspective at the Zoo

How many times will they parade me around
it’s hot today, too hot for monkey business
I don’t have a hoot or holler in me
no strength to pound my chest

Today is a cave kind a day
shade, cool water
quiet and hidden

“Hey, Kiki…that kids here again”

“Oh no, not the one with the marshmallows”

“The one and only”

“God, what ever happened to throwing bananas?”

Exo's Reaction when you forgot that today is your anniversary as a couple.

Suho: “Don’t tell me you really forgot about our anniversary?”

Baekhyun: *You arrived in the house and you’re surprised that there are a lot of foods on the table with candle light.
You: Wow, this is so fancy. But wait it’s not my birthday today.
Baekhyun: I’m praising myself right now ‘coz I’ve prepared all of that since it’s our anniversary.

You: Oh my God, I’m really sorry I forgot all about it! I’m so busy at work, mianhae!”
Chanyeol: “But why? We’ve been waiting for this day to come, right?”

D.O: “I knew it..”

Kai: “I’m so excited for this day to the point that I even bought you a lot of gifts and you’re saying you forgot about it?”

Sehun: “Wait, what? You gotta be kidding me.”

Kris: *He gave you a ring as a gift
You: “Oppa, it’s so beautiful, but why did you bought this?”
Kris: “Crap, she forgot all about it.”

Xiumin: *He tried to calm himself
“That girl is just teasing me, there’s no way that she forgot about our anniversary.”

Luhan: “Cut it out, so what’s your surprise to me?”

You: “Oppa I’m sorry, I’m very tired right now. I think I can’t join you for dinner.”
Lay: “But it’s our–”
*You went straight ahead to your room.

Chen: “We’re just talking about it yesterday and you’re saying it slipped in your mind? What kind of creature are you?”

Tao: “I guess that things has changed now huh?”

anonymous asked:

I went to go pick up my bf from the airport after going on a business trip today. When we got home he made me give him a kiss for each day he was gone and "Accidentally" lost track and made me start over again. In a way it reminds me of something Harry would do to his gf when you visit him or he comes home "oops which one are we on? I guess we're gonna have to start all over again love"

This is far too pure for me oh my GOD

Shifter / Part V

Summary: Reader, as a child, was one of HYDRA’s experiments, which resulted in her being able to shapeshift into other people. Living and working with the Avengers after being rescued by them, the Reader becomes ill as the ‘Civil War’ starts, and Steve trusts Tony to take care of her. So how does she react when Tony recruits a new member the same age as her? And what happens when she gets sent away?

Author’s note: Sorry this part is a bit short and a bit rushed, but I have a plan going for the next 5 parts (i’ll end at part 10) so yeah! enjoy! (also, I wrote Michelle basically from my own brain, as we don’t know her character very well yet - Michelle is the character played by Zendaya)

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

When you wake up, the sun is just starting to peek through the white blinds on Peter’s window. Your eyes flutter open slowly, and you realize that you and Peter are wrapped around each other once more, fitting perfectly together. He groans slightly, pulling you closer to him as he shifts, and you smile as your eyes scan over his room. Old bits of circuitry, a few posters, his bookbag in the corner, and your duffel bag next to his. Slowly but surely, you reluctantly untangle yourself from his body and pad over to the corner of the room, grabbing a set of clothes and your toiletries and heading to the office to get changed. As you close the door, the only sound in the small apartment are Peter’s quiet snores that travel down the hall.

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anonymous asked:

Heyy this is so random not Sherlock related at all... but I dont have a lot of Indian friends I can talk to abt this... SOO there is this show. ROMIL AND JUGAL. !! A love story about .... 2 INDIAN guys!! I started it fully prepared to sigh/cringe/complain... but BOY AM I fuckin overjoyed with the way they dealt with it!! An Indian show!! A SENSIBLE INDIAN GAY LOVE STORY SANS CRINGE-WORTHY STEREOTYPES!!!1! i could literally go on all day abt it (also im dyin from the cuteness i need help)

Oh god Romil and Jugal is on my to watch list and I actually was waiting for the weekend to watch it. I was rather busy the whole week. 

So if I suddenly start to scream today after watching it , you can come back and join me. :’D

I’m Sorry (Chanyeol) here’s your scenario! Thanks for requesting. :D


2 hours…It’s been 2 whole flipping hours and I’m still standing in front of this restaurant waiting for Park Chanyeol to pick me up.

You know want to know what happened? Today’s our 5 year anniversary. We planned to meet at this restaurant at 7. I waited in there starving and I could tell the waiters were getting irritated because I wasn’t ordering anything. After an hour of waiting, they kicked me out because they had other customers to tend to.

Now, I’m standing in front of the restaurant at 10 p.m, waiting for him to pick me up because I had text him. That was two hours ago. Oh, did I mention it was pouring? The bottom of my dress was soaked because the covering of the roof was too small.

I was beyond livid. Not only did he forget his girlfriend at a restaurant for 3 hours, he didn’t even say, ‘Happy Anniversary’ once today. A text would’ve been nice.

“Excuse me ma'am. We’re about to close right now. I don’t mean to sound rude, but please leave.” the manager of the restaurant tapped my shoulder. I gave an embarrassed grin.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go now.” I replied before starting to walk out into the rain. My phone vibrated in my hand. I took one look at the ID before deciding not to answer. It rang 3 more times before he gave up and sent texts.

Babe, where are you? -Chan
Jagi! I’ve been calling you, pick up the phone. -Chan
Seriously, where are you?-Chan
Answer me, Jagi! -Chan

If I could wait 3 hours for him, he could wait a few minutes for me. My perfectly hairdo was now dripping with water. My dress was sticking to me like a second skin. It’s starting to get uncomfortable walking in these wet heels.

When I arrived home, I told myself that I’d just ignore him. So, the moment I walked through the door, he leaped off the couch.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! I’VE BEEN CALLING AND TEXTING and why are you soaking wet?” he panicked.

“Have you been walking in the rain?!” he asked, walking up to me. I rolled my eyes and walked past him to grab a towel because I’m shivering my ass off like a chihuahua. He grabbed my wrist before I could make it any further.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.” he said. I ignored him.
“What’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me?” he asked, turning me around.
“Let me ask you, what’s today’s date?” my arms were crossed, trying to calm down my shivers.

“Thursday, the 29th, why?” he asked, confusion clearly written on his face. I continued to stare at him. The confusion slowly dispersed and complete horror replaced it.

“Oh my god.” he whispered.
“Baby, I’m so sorry. I forgot.”
“Really?! I didn’t notice.” was my sarcastic reply.
“Babe, I’m really sorry. It’s just we had a busy schedule today. I had to appear on Sukira, then a performance on Music Bank and Manager Hyung kept us late for practice.” he excused.

“Chanyeol, that’s not the point. The point is that you forgot our anniversary.” I told him.

“I know you’re forever busy. But it doesn’t hurt to call me sometimes, ask me how my day was or what I did.”

“So it’s my fault? I know I forgot today was our anniversary and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I forgot to go to our dinner. I’m sorry I forgot to pick you up. Isn’t that enough?” he snapped.

“The term 'sorry’ doesn’t magically fix things, Park Chanyeol. 'Sorry’ does not change the fact that you still forgot. 'Sorry’ does not mean that I didn’t just walk home in the rain after 3 hours because you failed to remember our anniversary. You use 'sorry’ all the damn time. Yeah, surprise, this isn’t the first time you forgot an important date.” I pointed a finger at his chest.

“So now I’m the bad guy? What part of me being an idol did you not understand? You knew I’d be busy 24/7. You knew you’d be lonely because I get home late. You told me you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into, and that you’re fine with it. Why are you complaining now?” he retorted. My eyes were getting blurry.

“Do not try to pin this on me. I know you’re busy, but sometimes it seems like you forget that you have a girlfriend.” I glared at him.

“What do you want me to do?!” his voice raised.
“A call or text would be nice! 'Hey, babe! How are you? I hope your day went great! I have to go now but I’ll try to call you later.’ That doesn’t sound difficult, Chanyeol.” I told him, trying to keep my patience and not rip his head off.

“You know, sometimes, I wish I didn’t have a girlfriend.” he admitted. A small gasp emitted from my lips before I backed up a bit. My heart cracked 3 quarters and completely broke when he held his gaze, daring me to say something. I didn’t. I walked past him with a sniffle before making my way upstairs.

Grabbing my clothes, I changed out of my wet dress and into comfortable sweatpants and a tank top before drying my hair. The tears were flowing down like they’re trying to see who hits the floor first. I wiped my eyes and climbed into bed and went to sleep.


My head was spinning when I woke up. The sunlight making it worse and I froze to calm myself down. The first thing that went through my mind was the argument yesterday.

You know, sometimes, I wish I didn’t have a girlfriend.

I didn’t realize it, but I couldn’t move. Chanyeol’s pole-like arms were caging me as if they were determined to not let me go. My small hands grabbed his wrists to pull them away but he only pulled me closer.

I sighed and looked around. My body feels not and my throat was scratchy. My nose was ticklish and I prepared myself for a sneeze. That caused Chanyeol to move.

“You’re sick.” his morning voice stated.
“No, I’m not. Just because I sneezed does not mean I’m sick.” I argued, still pissed off from yesterday. If it was even possible, he pulled me closer and nuzzled himself in my hair.

“I’m really sorry about everything I said yesterday. I know I deserve 'Worst Boyfriend of the Year’ award. I was a total ass yesterday and I’m sorry. I know sorry doesn’t take back what I said. But I just wanted you to know that I treasure you to pieces. Honest to god, my heart stopped after that sentence came out of my mouth. I wasn’t thinking. You do not know how much regret I’m still holding for making you cry. Jagiya, please forgive me. I’ll take you out today, where ever you want. I’ll buy what ever you want.” he confessed. My heart thudded against my ribs.

“Don’t you have a schedule today?” I asked, playing with his fingers.
“No, we have the whole week off.” he chuckled. I smiled a little.
“Can we get a puppy then?” I asked again, struggling to turn to face him.
“Yes! Please? A Chow-Chow and German Shepherd mix! Actually, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s cuter than Kai’s dogs.” his eyes lit up. I let out a laugh.

Feel free to send in requests! EXO only. Send as many as you want.


Hello, honeybees!! 
How are you today? I hope everything is okay :D 
My day has been extremely busy - but I helped my parents and spend some time with my sister and niece AND had some nice time walking in the woods :D 

Let me tell you - finding edible mushrooms in the woods?? EASY.
Bringing home baskets that feel like two tons of lead??? E A S Y. 
Cleaning the mushrooms and cutting them so they can be dried??? TERRIBLE. 
I am not joking. 
It’s almost midnight and I have literally finished maybe ten minutes ago. My muscles hurts so much I almost CAN’T FEEL THEM. 
It’s a good kind of tired, though :D and I’ve found lots of cep mushrooms!! Lots of them! With many bigger than both of my hands held together :D 

and this is why it was so quiet here lately ;__; 

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Oh god the animation in the Izuku vs Todoroki match (;_;)I cry


I got friends visiting today but this evening im gonna watch that ep (and the previous week’s ep–I’ve been busy for like 7 days and havent watched it yet) BECAUSE BINGO BANGO THERE’S A GYM IN MY APARTMENT BUILDING YALL. I ONLY GOTTA TAKE THE ELEVATOR DOWN 6 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS.

what im getting at is im ready to die myself to death tonight because THESE FIGHTS YALL

winteriron - I wanted to stay with you

[inspired by this] (Then it takes off on its own)


Two weeks ago, Bucky finally mustered enough courage to to talk to Tony Stark. A week ago, Bucky finally got Tony’s phone number. Yesterday, Bucky finally asked Tony to have lunch with him (as friends, mostly, because Tony didn’t seem to get Bucky was asking for a date, and also invited Bruce and Rhodey. Bucky cried inside, but it was still progress. Progress is good, whatever it is.)

So, today, because Bucky was trying to be a gentleman (And maybe also trying to steal moments with Tony) even though it wasn’t a date, he picked Tony up. From his place. 

But, when a frazzled Tony opened the door, Bucky wondered if  today wouldn’t be much of a progress after all.

“I am so sorry, Buck! Rhodey said he won’t make it, his nephew got sick and his sister needed to come into the office today, atleast for half-day, so he had to babysit. Bruce said his lab just got a breakthrough, and my R&D made a mistake and I need to fix it before afternoon! I was about to call you but you’re already here and oh god I am such a bad host I am so sorry! Can we re-schedule? We can have dinner, if you want. I make a mean spaghetti.

Bucky was disappointed, but it was more because he wouldn’t be able to spend time. But then, Tony asked him in and he knew he probably shouldn’t, Tony’s going to be busy, but -

“Off course, yeah! I love spaghetti! Yum!”

Bucky didn’t really like spaghetti all that much, but Tony could make mudballs and he’d probably eat it all the same.

He never did refute every time Steve told him how pathetic his crush for Tony Stark is.

But really, who the hell can refuse that smile. Bucky will say yes to anything, really, if that smile is what he gets.

“O - oh, great! I - uh, you’re already here, and my lab is just downstairs. Do you - want to wait? Of course, if you -”

“Sure, that’s great! I don’t mind waiting. I mean, I’m already here, right?” Bucky said brightly. This is a much better progress! Time alone with Tony (well, probably just sitting and waiting around, but much better doing it in Tony’s place than in his room with Steve’s nagging and teasing), and also a chance to see Tony’s place up close! Can today be any better?

As it turns out, it can.

“This is your lab?”

Bucky stared at the marvel that is Tony’s lab, full of floating holograms and iron man armors on display on the far side of the lab, rowed in curved arrangement that centred to the circular podium circular podium right in front of the display. There was also a couch on another side, where a mechanical arm is trying to plump the pillows, but instead its claws got caught on a loose threads and making the ratty couch lose a bit more of its stuffing an it pulled on the stitching.

“Yea - Dummy! No, you useless mongrel! I told you not to -” the arm moved left and right, trying to lose the thread that got stuck on its claw, but the movement only tore the stritching even more “- no - stop - ugh, wait!”  Tony quickly stopped the arm’s movement and quickly untangle the thread from its claw. Bucky tamped down a laugh, but he probably failed on hiding the smile, because Tony blushed when he glance back at him. The arm, however, was less remorseful, as the claw was nudging and bumping on Tony’s sides with the occasional peeking from behind Tony’s back.

Bucky never would’ve thought that a mechanical god-damn arm could be adorable.

“Uh, so. This is - DUM-E, but feel free to call him Dummy, because - oh god, knock that off! I’ll donate you to a goddamn public school, see if I don’t!”

The arm seems so dejected that Bucky just had to do something. And damn if the arm (it was an arm, with a claw, no eyes or face to make expression but of course Tony managed to make it so expressive even with just an arm) didn’t tickle all his protective instinct.

Like its owner, really.

Before Bucky managed to say anything, Tony was already on another tirade, absently patted the arm, which seemed to put the arm on good mood again before Tony moved to another side of the lab, Dummy trailing behind.

“So, I’ll be over there. Do you mind loud music? I usually put them on when I’m working. Friday will always hear you though, so you can ask her for whatever you need. There’s a mini fridge over there if you want some drinks, I think Rhodey have some soda in there. Just sit tight and make yourself at home, you can even ask Fridey to put on TV.”

Bucky nodded and smiled and thanked the man. Bucky took a seat at the ratty couch, finding it surprisingly comfortoble and lumpy enough. Bucky thought sleeping there would probably still be comfortable, maybe even more than his own bed. Bucky sneaked a glance towards Tony, who already had a few hologram screens around him and - something - on the workatable in front of him. Tony looks so focused and - okay, how is he adorable and cute and cool and hot, pick a side, brain!

Bucky turned away, feeling himself blushing and thanking his mother and father they didn’t have any irish blood in him so his blush probably didn’t show as blatantly as Steve’s usually was. Bucky fiddled with a loose stand of the couch, wondering how long the couch has been there, He then looked towards a hologram screen, still blank, probably the screen that used to watch TV.

“The remote is on your right, Sergeant Barnes,” Friday’s irish tilt remarked politely. Bucky was surprised he could hear her as clearly even through the music Tony put on. Bucky glanced to his right, finding a black, smooth block covered in blue hologram, like a tv remote. Bucky grinned.

“Thanks Friday,” Bucky didn’t know if Friday heard it, but Tony did say Friday will always hear him. He them picked up the holographic remote and turned on the screen. He went for a bit of channel surfing, before settling on a foreign daytime soaps with subtitles on, then moving on to ther channels when he got bored. He doubted that his changing channels had anything to do with the remote. Friday was probably seeing his finger movement and changed the display accordingly. But, having a remote is more familiar to Bucky than needing to speak the command.

Once or twice, Bucky glanced at Tony again, still immersed in his work. After 10 minutes of just changing channels, Bucky turned off the screen, waited for three seconds while staring at the ceiling, and walked towards Tony. He wondered if it was okay to tap the man’s shoulder, so he decided to knock on the nearest surface, which was a metal table. Bucky wasn’t sure if Tony heard, but he glanced towards Bucky, which was enough.

“Do you need any help?” Bucky asked, wondering himself what the hell he could’ve helped with, or if Tony could even hear him. But, Tony smiled and the music’s volume turned down a bit, enough ofr Tony’s voice to carry without neeeding to yell.

“Nope, I can handle it. You can just sit and relax, Bucky. I promise I’ll be done soon.” Tony then went back to his work, but the music’s volume didn’t get turned up again. Bucky didn’t move from his place, instead he contented himself with watching Tony work. It was a marvel, really. Bucky can stand all day and watch Tony work (or maybe eat. Or sleep. Or maybe just sitting next to him. Or talking, that one was tested and Steve was the exasperated and embarassed witness) and he won’t get bored. Eventually, Tony noticed him again.

“Why aren’t you sitting?” Tony asked curiously. Bucky just shrugged. 

“I wanted to stay with you.”

It was the god honest truth and Bucky wondered what the hell posessed him to say something so embarassing. Is it possible to be overdosed by Tony stark? Side effect, loose lips and honesty and embarassing words of heart.

The blush on Tony’s cheeks were totally worth the embarassment. And also the smile. Especially the smile.

“…Then, can you hold this part for me? This one is pretty heavy.”

Bucky’s answering smile is probably too wide, too dopey, but Bucky doesn’t think he cares about it, not when Tony is smiling like that, and he gets a chance to be close with Tony.


Today is looking better and better.

A/n: I usually write angst. So many angst. This is probably my first fluff that doesn’t have angst in it. Is it fluff enough? Too fluffy? Need more fluff? xD

BTS Reaction When They’re on tour for a while and you are ignoring them (Happy ending)

Damn, Long title, anyways,

He would call you, “How come you haven’t been answering my text or calls? I have called you like 5 times today! I’m really worried.. Please call me back!”
You look at your phone at finally decide to answer him back so your phone would stop vibrating.
“Oh my god Y/n! Finally! I have been waiting all day for you to call me! Why weren’t you answering?”
“Jin, let me explain please, you have been so busy on tour that I kinda forgot about everything. I still love you, so please don’t worry. I was just really busy and caught up in everything that I could never get back to you, sorry if it felt like I was ignoring you.”
“I’m sorry Jin, But please don’t worry anymore”

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He was coming back home in less than a week. You have been busy with studies and work that you weren’t able to talk to him for the past few days. On the other hand, Namjoon would call you at whatever break he had, only to get sadder each time you didn’t reply. Soon, he gave up calling you and waited for you to call him.
Your texts consisted of “Hey” and “Hi” but that was it for the day. You finally come home after a busy day at work and notice all these notifications on your phone. Hoping that he wasn’t mad at you, you quickly called him, not even realizing the time zone changes.
He lazily looked up to the buzzing of his phone. Once realizing it was you, he shot right out of bed into the hallway of the dorm. “Y/n?? Is it really you?”
You realized the time when you heard his sleepy voice, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! did I wake you up?”
“No it’s fine! Why didn’t you pick up earlier?”
“I was just really busy.. Sorry. I just got home so..”
“No no that’s okay! But you just got home now?? Isn’t it like, midnight over there?! well, nevermind that doesn’t matter. I’ll be home in a few days! I’ll finally be able to sleep with you again! The boys are really starting to get on my nerves. Please wait for me! I love you!”
“Y/n..? Are you sleeping..?” He laughed to himself, “I wish I could see your cute sleeping face. Anyways, I love you, goodnight~”

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He would be over the top worried and panicked. All the members would have to calm him down and tell him you were probably just busy. There were times he went crazy and would stay locked up in the dorm all day hugging a pillow pretending it was you. “Tae! What.. What if she doesn’t love me anymore?!”
“That’s crazy jimin.. She loves you as much as you love her. Please stop overreacting.” Just then, His phone rang, He leaped out of the bed, onto the floor, and grabbed it, “OH MY GOD ITS HER!! TAE!! ITS HER!!!!”
“Well then Pick up the damn phone before the call ends!”
He fumbles with the phone, “HELLooO?1??!?/! *Clears throat* Hello..?”
He could hear her laughing on the other end and he smiled while melting into the phone, “hi Jiminie~ It’s been a while hasn’t it?”
“You have NO Idea. But you know, I was handling it perfectly”
“NO HE DIDN’T! HE WAS CRYING AND HOLDING A PILLOW PRETENDING IT WAS YOU Y/N” You heard Taehyung scream from behind. there was a moment of silence before you heard someone pick up the phone, “Sorry, I had to lock Taehyung out. Anyways, how are you? are you feeling well? Have you been eating well?”
“These are all the questions I should be asking you Jimin” You laughed
“aha, sorry. You didn’t answer me back all those other days, I was afraid you didn’t love me anymore..”
“Jimin that’s ridiculous. Of course I love you. You’re my one and only”
You heard sniffles, “jimin? don’t tell me.. you’re crying?”
“Of course!”

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I’m pretty sure if you just text him once, he’ll be fine. But on the inside, he’ll be dying. He’ll text you almost every minute with repeated “Hi’s”
He’ll be the most calm out of the other members but he’ll just think you’re giving him the cold treatment he has been giving you since he was on tour and he understood that so he was letting you be and waited for you to text him or call him back.

Originally posted by vminv

Sorry that I didn’t really elaborate on Suga’s ;-; I’m really tired from classes but I will do the other members tomorrow I’m sorry ;-;
~Admin Luna

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Today, ALL of my friends were busy! So I took myself out. I went to the zoo, a mom & pop diner, an art museum, and the coolest local cinema ever to catch a goofy French movie. Throughout the day, I journaled and doodled all the thoughts I would've shared with someone if they were with me. It turned into a really beautiful, albeit random, thought collection. I almost forgot how much I love spending time with myself! I had so much fun with just me 💖

oh my god this is so good!!! honestly sounds like a dream im glad you had fun!!


prompt: amelia sees maggie kissing owen

She was walking to the attending’s lounge when she saw it. She was walking to the attending’s room when she saw her best friend, sister even, kiss her husband. 

Amelia finished her post-ops and headed out to grab her coat and purse. It was a long day, and she was looking forward to getting into her and Owen’s cozy bed. As she traveled down the long hallway, she realized that she hadn’t seen Owen today. They drove to the hospital together, and she saw him then of course, but nothing after that. Amelia wondered if he went home sick, or if he was just extremely busy today. She brushed it off, figuring it was nothing, and walked into the attending’s room.

“Oh my god,” Maggie yelled as she pulled herself away from Owen. The two were on the couch. Owen was on top of her. “What the hell?” Amelia asked, in disbelief. “It’s not what it looks like, Mia. We were just talking,” Owen said. “The only time people say ‘it’s not what it looks like’ is when it’s exactly what it looks like,” Amelia said. She was livid. How did this even happen? “Amelia,” Maggie began. “Shut up,” Amelia interrupted. “Just shut up.”

Amelia grabbed her purse and coat, then stormed out of the room. She was furious. She ran past Meredith and Bailey who just happened to be in the way. “Amelia?” Meredith asked. She could see the fury on her face. Bailey looked at Meredith, concerned, then nodded for her to go after Amelia. Meredith followed Amelia into the bathroom. Amelia’s hands were gripped onto the edge of the sink and her face was red. “What the hell, Amelia? What’s going on?” Meredith asked, trying to get in front of her. Amelia felt like she should be crying, but for some reason there were no tears coming out of her eyes. All she felt was anger. “Amelia?” Meredith put her hand on Amelia’s back, trying to be comforting in some way. “Meredith, please. Please just get out,” she said. Meredith nodded and slowly walked out of the bathroom. She was worried. She didn’t know what was going on. She’d never seen Amelia look that mad.

When Meredith stepped out of the bathroom, she saw Bailey and Maggie waiting outside. “What happened?” Bailey asked. “I don’t know. She told me to get out,” Meredith replied, hopeless. “Do you know what’s going on, Maggie?”

Maggie shook her head and plastered a concerned look onto her face. “I’ll go talk to her,” she said. Meredith nodded and watched as Maggie opened the door. 

Seconds later, she heard Amelia yell, followed by Maggie rushing out. “What happened?” Bailey asked again. “She doesn’t want to talk to me either,” Maggie replied. “Seriously? She’s just being childish now,” Meredith said. She decided to try one more time, and if Amelia didn’t want to open up then she’d just drop it and stop trying.

Meredith opened the door a second time and barged in. “Amelia, I don’t know what’s going on with you but if you-,” Meredith began. “Maggie made out with Owen,” Amelia cut her off. The way she said it made Meredith’s heart hurt. “What?” Meredith asked. “Maggie,” Amelia said again, “Maggie and Owen were on the couch in the attending’s room. Making out. He was on top of her, Mer.”

“Are you sure?” Meredith whispered, making sure Maggie and Bailey couldn’t hear them from outside the door. “Am I sure?” Amelia laughed. That’s when she felt the tears fall down her face “Yeah. I’m sure.”

The Sister Day

Every once in a while, you’ll find all the staff in Arendelle’s castle mysteriously gone. They’ll have walked out the previous day, usually with small parcels or baskets of items. They go home to their loved ones and generally enjoy themselves.

Every once in a while, the castle shuts down. The gates are shut, the guards leave their posts, and local or foreign dignitaries do not arrive to talk business.

Because every once in a while, the royals make a day of their own.

It just so happened that today was one of those days. Anna was always asleep until late in the day, and Elsa enjoyed these days for the simple pleasure of not getting up early. So she nearly jumped out her skin when Anna barged into her bedroom before noon and leaped across the space between the door and her bed to land with an almighty crash right on top of her.

“Oh my good god Anna! What is wrong with you?” Elsa squirmed out from underneath her lump of a sister, only to try too hard at escape and end up on her back on the floor. Anna swung her torso over the edge of the bed and looked smugly down at her sister. Elsa blew a lock of hair out of her face and stared resolutely back.

“Good morning,” Anna said.

“Good morning,” Elsa replied.

After several seconds of silence, Anna’s face broke into a wide grin.

“Do you know what today is?”

“Tuesday.” Elsa was as smooth as ever. Anna was undeterred.

“It’s our off day! Don’t you want to do something fun, instead of sleeping all day?” Elsa raised an eyebrow at the question.

“Ever heard of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’?”

“Now why would the pot be talking?”

Elsa caved first and began to giggle. Anna, realizing she’d won, jumped off the bed and hauled Elsa to her feet.

“That means I get to pick the game today! I think we should have this crazy hide and go seek fest where you hide all these little ice sculptures for me, and then-”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Anna stopped her planning for a moment and thought. Even though she knew what it was, she shook her head.

“I simply have no idea what you’re talking about my dearest Elsa!”

Elsa huffed. “I thought as much. Anna, before we play any games, we have to learn at least one chore around the castle. That was the only way the staff would leave us alone.”

Anna snorted her annoyance and Elsa smiled.

“Do you still want to pick?”


Elsa had always thought that sweeping was relaxing. The steady swish swish of the broom back and forth was almost entrancing. She continued to sweep up the long hallway in carefree strokes, making neat little piles of debris, which she then froze and dumped into a large trash bin.

Anna on the other end of the hallway, was unbelievably bored. She swore every time she thought she was done with a section of floor she’d turn around and see more dirt. She’d done the same section at least four times. Frustrated, the red-head found a balled up piece of parchment and was hitting it back and forth with the end of her broom. She sighed and looked up for her sister. Elsa was about twenty feet away, lost in her own little world of cleaning.

Without any kind of warning, Anna lined up and hit the paper ball with a hard, two handed swing. The projectile arced gracefully before bouncing off it’s target with all the force of a gnat hitting a mountain. Elsa whirled around and shot Anna the best, “What the hell do you think you’re doing,” looks in the history of Arendelle. Anna just shrugged.

Suddenly, Elsa got a weird look in her eye. She pulled back her broom and neatly clipped the paper back to Anna.

“Oh it is SO on,” Anna crowed. Elsa quickly froze the floor in a thin layer of ice and raised ice pillars on either side of the makeshift court.

“Hey! That’s not fair! I can’t skate.”

“Then you’d better learn fast!”

Anna smacked the paper ball towards Elsa’s goal, but it was deftly blocked with a sweep of the blonde’s broom. Using small hits, Elsa raced down the court, hoping that a closer shot would score her some easy points. That or just infuriate Anna, which was adorable. Anna, sensing that Elsa was serious slapped a game face on and charged after her.


They played for hours. Elsa ended up creaming Anna 31 to 6, but Anna had never seen Elsa smile quite like that before. They relaxed by the fire that night, nursing hot chocolates to their chests and enjoying each other’s company. Anna begged Elsa to read to her and Elsa obliged. When sleep finally overtook Anna, Elsa quietly closed the book and set it on the table next to her. While Anna wasn’t heavy, Elsa was loathe to wake her sister only to have to move to their rooms. Instead, she curled up next to her on the couch, letting herself love the soft sound of Anna’s breathing.

Tomorrow, she had to be a queen.

But tonight she could be a sister.

That's my girl! - part 3 (A Jongin series)
I don’t feel bad.

Sure, he thinks he’s lost his mind but that will fade because you know what?!

It worked.

That dense nutty buddy finally, FINALLY saw what was in front of him all along and you know what?

That kiss?

That wasn’t me. I watched, sure cause that’s my job but that wasn’t me.

That kiss was all Kim Jongin.

So is my job here done? Not quite. The deal should be sealed and we haven’t quite gotten there yet. Hopefully I won’t have to possess anymore smelly, itchy animals to get there.

One thing is certain. Those two people are connected in a way that goes beyond the mere physical.

Keep reading