today was still a good day


Henlo and Happy Birby Day owo It’s also NOEL’S BDAAAY <3 It coincidentally landed on Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday for obvious reasons :D 

Noel’s birth year is 1997, so he’d be 20 today! In comic tho, he’s still 17 (going n 18 that same year >:3) He was so excited about cooking all day he fuckin forgot his other fav day lol. 

Happy Birthday my lil blond scrub ;w; <3 A baby I’ve come to love more and more every year. I’m… suddenly very sentimental towards him. He’s such a special character to me, I’m so happy he exists! Thank goodness v/</v !! 

Wow. 58° the day after Thanksgiving is unusual. It was 17° the other day and there is still ice on smaller lakes. At the park Ella wanted to swim. She jumped on the pond and seemed confused when she landed on something solid. The ice was perfectly clear. After I did some yard and house work I got my motorcycle out of storage and rode around Lake Minnetonka. There was still ice in the smaller bays on that big lake. I saw two fishing boats out there.

There were a fair number of motorcycles out. Usually sport bike riders wave at other sport bike riders, cruiser riders wave at other cruisers, and few people wave at scooters. I don’t think Gold Wing riders wave at anyone. Today EVERY motorcycle rider waved at me. I waved back at all of them and one scooter.

All this goodness and still two more days after today in the long weekend!


The week’s runs in pictures.

5 miles Monday, gorgeous sunset at the start of the run. Hilly af. My legs were still tired from Saturday’s mud run. Then an arms workout.

Tuesday I didn’t have time to run before I met my workout friend for legs. Woof.

Wednesday I didn’t workout - hopped in the car after work to go to my boyfriend’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

Turkey day - 4 miles in the am. Hilly again… legs still mad from everything up to that point.

Today I thought… humm let’s do a spin class after 2+ years when your legs are sore.. 22 miles! Cross-training is important but jumping in like that probably wasn’t the best… haha.

Good week exercise-wise. Diet-wise? Ehhhhh. But that’s life!

Izuocha Week 2017 ~ Day 6 : Loss/Nightmare

“Don’t worry… It’s just a dream…”

(( I’m still not over Chapter 161, y'all. Also, how today’s prompt of Izuocha week AND the event in new Chapter are alike gives me goosebumps. ))

I was tagged by @didsomeonesayprince to say 5 things that make me happy right now uhhh. Let’s get started I guess?

1) the fact that im talking to friend of mine that i havent talked to in like… forever. She cool

2) I got two betas for some of the stuff I’m writing and they’re amazing, both as betas and as people!!

3) I got to eat hella food today which was nice

4) I had pie okay. Really good pie that I don’t usually get to eat. It gets its own category

5) uhhhh. I guess the fact that I’m still here? Like, there have been days where I wish I wasn’t but right now? Yeah, right now it feels okay to be alive

Anywho, tagging the last 10 peeps in my notifications. @stay–young–forever–young @twentyoneparades-to-panic-at @hikarilunacat @homebound-acer @screwupanx @deadprinxietywalking @wolfwalker100 @ndhoney @the-void-is-lonely @icequeennora

Also @eunoiaschaos cuz I love you 😘

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Looks like Anto won't be at the golden shoe ceremony... Since be at the Sarkany boutique because of the Black friday. I wanted to see her there but it's good that her (and Sofi's) project works well

Idk Sofia wrote that they will be there ‘esta noche’ so i guess their event will be tonight not that they will spend whole day in the store and Golden Shoe is at 1 pm so I still hope she can attend both events today. We will see 👀

Scam Job Offer Warning

If anyone is searching for Design, Art, Illustration, Etc. work online through job sites beware. I was recently scammed by people pretending to belong to a real, existing design company. I didn’t notice the red flags because I was so desperate to get a job in my field. Its silly now that I didn’t notice them.

They contact you with your information that they gather through job host sites like Indeed and e-mail you asking you to send them your resume/portfolio and a cover letter. Real enough right? Then its gets weird. They then notify you you’ve been ‘accepted to the next stage of the interview process.’ They want to have an interview through Google Chat.

This was the biggest red flag I missed. No interview is done without speaking. There are phone interviews, skype interviews, but no chat interviews. 

Of course I ‘aced the interview’ (cause its a scam) and they said they would e-mail me my contract of hire (a pages doc with no letter head. Fishy.) and a pdf copy of a check to deposit for equipment purchase through their vendor.

Funnily enough their check didn’t cash. (duh duh duh) and when I chatted with them on the chat about it they asked if I could ‘front the money until the check cleared on the 12th.’ I said no, I can’t afford that. Then they asked if I could front half. That’s when I smelled a rat, and so did my dad. How does a multi billion dollar company owned by Microsoft not have the dough to cover new employee equipment costs?

I stalled the guy in the chat and my dad and I searched the company for listed complaints. We found out they had attempted to scam dozens of designers like me. They ‘hire you’ then immediately try to extract your bank info from you after cutting you an equipment coverage check.

I blocked the guy on Gchat. Unsurprisingly the check dissolved. I reported the scam to my bank and made sure my account was secure. Luckily they didn’t get my bank info or SS Number. Still they got too much info on me for my liking, including my name, birthday and parents address (current home address).

Today (two days later) after the sting of embarrassment of being duped passed, I got an e-mail from Creative Circle (a company I also seek employment through) who has had lots of report of similar people being scammed into fake jobs to extract their info.

PLEASE be careful. I know phones and interviews are stressful and chat interviews sound all good but they are FAKE.
Please stay safe. And remember if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 
Research your companies, check employee statements on Glassdoor or even Google. If you’re still unsure contact the company’s HR department. Talk to a live human. 
Don’t be like me, don’t be blinded by your need or desire to find a job in your field that you miss the obvious signs. Looking back I still feel like a total idiot but this idiot is hoping to save fellow idiots the trouble.
Watch for scammers. Be smart. Be safe.
Love, Skidar.

Not Star Wars.
Orphan kitten update: the two calico kittens rescued from the road last week have been adopted by River, a young female cat who came to my house for fosterage this past spring.

River’s own kittens did not survive an attack that left her seriously injured back in April, so it makes me glad to see her loving these babies.

yo I feel like including loki in thor: ragnarok as neither a hero nor a villain was marvel’s way of saying “we know you still love this psycho after all that he’s done, so let’s ease your conscience a bit with this movie” and I really appreciated that

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