today was st. patricks day and i did not know that

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Yo! Happy st. pattys day! I know this sounds weird, but can you reenact a scene from Beauty and the beast? This movie was released today and I'm in the spirit for some beast and belle action!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day, baby!! 


A whole bunch of swimmers at today’s practice meant all different mix up in the lane assignments.  I was actually put back in my original lane since so many fast swimmers showed up and needed to be spread out today. 

That meant I was the lead.  One other in the lane is close to keeping up with me and our third is much slower.

So that meant longer rest breaks in my lane overall - but I still tracked all of my times to make sure I was keeping up with the time requirements of the lane I have been moved upto on regular days.  So I did not go easier on myself even though I could have in this lane.  That made me feel proud of myself.  And the coach told me she noticed  was keeping pace with them even though there was not enough room in the lane for me today.  So I like that she knows I was putting in the effort as well.

Happy Friday and Happy St Patrick’s Day to all.  Have fun and be safe out there!

50 swim/kick/pull

Stroke work - swimming 

  • 4x150 - 25 stroke/25 free  3:00 
  • 3x125 - 25 free/75 stroke/25 free  on 2:30
  • 2x100 - 25 free/25 stroke  on 2:00
  • 1x75 - stroke, build up to fast

Stroke work - kicking 

  • 4x100 - 50 kick/50 pull  rest :15 
  • 3x75 - 25 swim/25 fast kick/25 swim rest :15
  • 2x50 - kick, go fast in deep end rest :15
  • 1x25 - blast kick  rest :15


I finished the audiobook of The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater today and… wow. Never before have I been so tempted to immediately jump from the virtual library edition to having a physical copy I can host in my rapidly diminishing living space. Not only was the book beautiful, but the production was really good, too! I’m in love with the way both actors tried on American accents to do George Holly’s voice. (They sounded a bit more Texan than Californian, but I’ll forgive them because they did such a good job juggling all the other voices and accents in the book.)  Listening to a Celtic story while hauling a crap-ton of not-snow on St. Patrick’s Day prevented me from loudly teaching the neighbor children a rather colorful amount of swears, so I’m grateful. Plus, Maggie and her sister did all the music in the audiobook and how cool is that? 


My great great grandfather on my mothers side was an Irish immigrant so I feel like sitting back watching the Quiet Man and drinking whiskey is my duty today. I’m also full of Corned Beef and cabbage with a pound of potatoes. Damn i wish I was off tonight. Oh well!

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: The eve of St Patrick's Day in Cambodia

Cambodia is so sold out I had to go and inspect a room that didn’t get inspected at 10:30 to let in someone who did an Expedia reservation and for some reason our system didn’t tell their system no. We’re technically 100% sold out. Nothing off line. The last room was listed as a pickup but I didn’t find anything wrong with it or any notes as to why it wasn’t listed as inspected.

I had to remake a bed for someone in the ghost room because house keeping didn’t change the sheets. No one staying in the ghost room had long dark hair and there were long dark hairs in the bed. Kinda weird since I know what our ghost looks like. However it’s more likely even than house keeping fucking up that one of the ladies making up rooms today lost some hair doing the job. This was a total bitch too because being at full capacity you can imagine we don’t have a lot of spares.

I reprogrammed a door for some angry old people (I’d be angry too if my door lock failed,) and it took forever because the box we use wouldn’t take the programming and I had to call someone to get some help with the box. Finally got them in their room and the husband was like “You’d better damn well tell your managers about this.” At least I didn’t try all the stupid things my manager suggested first because they would have been in the hall for an hour again like the first time I had to do this. Seriously, hitting the door lock isn’t going to convince it to unfail.

While I was doing this I also had to make change a billion and a half times for the latest group of high school students in house. Like didn’t these kids eat dinner?

Oh and I found one of our luggage carts just sitting in the middle of the parking lot when I went to close the pool. Like it wasn’t even by a car. Someone could have hit it if I didn’t see it when I went outside 30 minutes late to close the pool because I couldn’t get away from the phone and the constant stream of people coming up to the desk to do it.

I finally told my checklist to fuck off about 30 minutes before I left. If we’re so busy I can’t even count the cash drawer, the NA can do it.

This is one tired Queen. And I get to do the same shift tomorrow. Yay St Patrick’s Day! If I get out of there without seeing any green puke, I’ll be lucky.

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Interesting nicknames...

Did I hear somewhere, that St. Patrick’s day isn’t really celebrated that big in Ireland? Anyway, it’s one of the many holidays we don’t have in my part of the world (we only have “serious holidays” during the cold months, which is just sad), and since Ireland is one of my favourite places on Earth, I’ve always wished we could have a green day, too. 

I don’t know why all this green food in today’s GMM made me think of old horror comedies like Bad Taste or Braindead. And also moldy food - these things were not that appetizing, but watching Rhett and Link’s reactions was very entertaining. 

I know this isn’t the smell-a-vision era yet, but I think I tasted the green, too. I’m usually very fond of green stuff in my food, but I prefer a more natural approach than food dye. When Link sprayed that green dye in his mouth, it made me lol so much. And the Twinkie test was so cute and silly. The Siobhan dish with the poor drowning grass-hopper in the middle was hilariously brilliant. For a second I thought they could sink it with the lime covering the other flavours, but nope, not this time. I would like to know who chef Emerald was, they did an amazing job. I hope they show us on tomorrow’s GMC episode.

I love how Rhett always adopts these silly nicknames for himself, he has quite a few already, but none of them were quite as inappropriate as “Turtle meat” McLaughlin. He just said it, and realized immediately afterwards what came out of his mouth, but he just kept on going. Link was not quite as amused, lol.

GMMore was so nice and relaxed today. It made me crave for a milkshake so bad, and I don’t even usually drink them. I was dissapointed that the green in the first shake was mint and not pistachio (which is the best flavour for ice cream there is). I don’t really like mint in ice cream, it’s good in tea, though…I wonder if Rhett realized just how compromising his method of drinking the combo shake looked like? Another lol for that :D.

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Their reaction if they woke up to find that someone dyed their hair dark green. (Al and Zao are BAE and you are awesome)


2P!China: ahHAHAHAhaha does this mean all the ‘scene’ chicks will like me now

2P!England: *confused head tilt at self in mirror* … my eyes deceive me or did i just go from wanda to cosmo

2P!France: how the fuck did i not wake up during this

2P!Russia: *siGHHH* please tell me this stuff will wash out,

2P!Italy: wHO tHE fUCK DID THIS *grabs nearest person by the collar* IF YOU LAUGH ONE MORE TIME I WILL MAKE YOU PAY

2P!Germany: ….shitSHITSHIT I DIDN’T KNOW TODAY WAS ST. PATRICK’S DAY – by the way who did this hahaaha that was a good one

2P!Japan: first. i need black hair dye. second, i’m going to get back whoever did this to me. before any of that, do you know any green-haired anime characters

2P!Canada: i look like trash now thanks *dark ‘n scary aura: activated*

2P!Romano: *SCREAMS* …. *10 minutes later* … *STILL SCREAMING*

2P!Austria: oh no, what happened to my beautiful raven locks… ah well, this brings me back to my punk phase *nostalgic laughter*

2P!Prussia: *nervous chuckling* okay so… this was a funny prank… um, but who did this……….,,


Hmmm, can you see see something of a pattern here?

Four times in three different decades where Peter gives an interviewer way more unvarnished truth than they were probably expecting.

I’m not sure what I like more: when younger Peter says exactly what he’s thinking (as in the unfinished student film interview from 1989 or even better the What Rats Won’t Do interview from 1997 which does the impossible and makes me happy that film exists) or is it when older Peter is trying to be diplomatic, but by the time his brain catches up to what his mouth just said OUT LOUD, the cat has well and truly escaped the bag.

Of course, other times I’m pretty sure he knows precisely what he’s doing

as I think he did exactly three years ago today on 17 March 2013 when Peter and the very beginnings of The Greatest Mustache in the World had to endure what must have felt like an eternity of Sunday Brunch with The Saturdays on St. Patrick’s Day.

Highlights of Work Today
  • a german guy at the carry-out counter asked me if I was Irish and I spluttered “well, like, ancestry, yeah, but how did you know?” and in this intense voice he went “your eyes” and then wished me a happy St Patrick’s Day. I went into cardiac arrest
  • a beautiful woman in a turtleneck and trenchcoat combo with red lipstick walked in and I was so dumbstruck that I dropped a bunch of boxes all over the floor like a halfwit lesbian. She did not notice.
  • a driver jokingly asked me why I was “slackin’” by sitting down in the office and I laughed hysterically for a good 5 minutes instead of responding (stressed)
  • I took a phone call from some bro dudes and I could hear the guy on the phone angrily go “yeah, well, I couldn’t hear the specials because you wouldn’t stop talking about double penetration!”