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You’re shining, shimmering, splendid today and every day. Happy International Women’s Day to Princesses and Queens everywhere! [x]

July 21, 2014 - Setting the Tone for the Investigation, eh?

Sanaya NAILED IT today, man. The last scene was profoundly moving in execution - and she stole the show with her portrayal of Paro. Namely. her FEAR of her & Rudra’s stalker. What a actress she is - my baby girl has a combo of talent and beauty in Tellywood! 

Paro’s feelings of desperation clashed with her need to be everyone’s calming river. And why? Because she’s terrified. She’s a young woman who bore much for her true love fairytale, is strong in dealing with the people who need to be put in their place [Masala Kaaki got SHUT DOWN by ALL the bahus today…Shatabdi, Maithili, and Paro. Mausam Mohini is going to fall soon. Her power over the household has shattered miserably.] BUT she fears - she fears for the future, she fears under this calm bridge … her nerves are shaking. Shantanu, you toad, you truly succeeded…Paro is not getting a moment’s peace. Neither is Rudra, for that matter. And I haven’t got my babies’ consumation yet, but that’s fine. Fine. I’ll just be grumbling in the corner for most of the day.

And the PaRud hug? BABIES. His warm, strong arms wrapped around my princess :’). His promise is a truly great one - and after all these two have gone through, it’s true. Shantanu can disturb and disrupt and destroy, but Paro and Rudra? No. Bholenath has guided their love story since the beginning, and Shantanu, despite his efforts [and how malevolent they can be…this guy is bone-chilling with his revenge thirst & anger], PaRud are together, and always will be … at the very end [which makes me wonder, are Paro & Rudra going to be separated because of Shantanu soon? Not too soon, hopefuily or yours truly will be distraught]. 

PaRud and their hugs and support & words of warmth to each other … they really do define a perfect couple … divinely inspired of course. The trust, the passion, the concern, the inability to live without each other, the inherent understanding of what the other needs, I am daily awed at how much this couple is just O T P in every sense of the word. Best TV OTP I ever came across, and I’m not kidding. :’) 

Shantanu is BURNING in rage. And you can tell. He’s seething at how Rudra and Paro are so much in love when all he can remember is that Paro ‘betrayed’ his brother for Rudra, his brother’s killer. He wants to destroy their happiness just as his life has been shattered, in his own words. And thus he woos Sunheri. But she isn’t stupid. No, Sunheri is a young girl yes. But that’s all she is. Not cowardly & not spineless. She simply wants love and unfortunately and naively fell for the sinfully attractive Dimple King Shantanu. Do I blame her? No. I have a hunch that she’s used to being overlooked, and has insecurities, and Shantanu makes her feel like a girl in love. She’s seen Paro’s happiness, and wants to experience it herself. Do I blame her? No. Shantanu is v attractive, charming, and a BSD man. If he wasn’t a revenge driven madman, of course. And she has failed to see his true self due to her yearn to be loved. And Shanty, our dear Shanty, has taken advantage of this and LOATHFULLY uses her to get to Paro and Rudra. Wooing her today. But she isn’t a fool. She wants her family’s permission to elope - and that has foiled his plans for now. No way is he gonna face Rudra’s protectiveness of his younger sister - he knows that no matter how much Rudra may [or may not, we don’t know what game Major Saab is playing now] trust him, he will be immediately suspicious if he says he wants to marry Sunheri. And thus, he crushes the flowers, and the gun - OMG. He’s really psycho and desperate now. 

And his bullet was found. Whoop-de-do Shantanu. Paro isn’t as naive as you may think, Shanty.  She trusts easily, but once you break it, you’d better watch out because she’s not going to let you win.

She’s slowly wondering what EXACTLY you’re doing, and if it’s true that Major Saab trusts you [I’m hoping that’s not the case] then mark my words, Paro will be the one to investigate, see who you really are & expose you. Watch yourself, Shanty! Sunheri already broke your bubble of the first plan, now watch Paro get suspicious. 

And Shatabdi. Oh, Shatabdi. She’s a v funny woman. No, she isn’t a grey character at all - She simply treats others the way they treat her. Mohini and Sumer are fighting for now. I envision Sumer [who is in reality a scared mama’s boy] will leave his mother’s dupattas with Shtatabdi’s help and yes, I’m predicting he will change his ways and fall in love with her. Maithili is gaining her voice, Paro has gained it, Shatabdi’s a riot … Mohini’s mausam is very bad right now. Her power has gone. And her younger son will soon leave her as well. The comedy and light-heartedness of this track is pretty much put in for TRPs - contrasting with the PaRud-Shantanu track filled with fear and danger. And I like it … Shatabdi is making me like kitchen politics!! 

Ultimately, today was a nice balance b/w Paro, her feelings, PaRud, Shantanu’s desperation and villainy, and humor w/ the Ranawat family and the bahus. It was a well-balance … and I am not going to complain. I hope the track continues to be executed this way! And we get to see such brilliant insights into Paro’s feelings, like today! :“)

And the precap … oh, now Paro’s getting a whiff of Shantanu alright. Something’s up!


Yes, you heard it here first folks! As of today, we now have this splendid new writing challenge made just for the wonderful femslash ships of the supernatural fandom!

Oh, I wanna know more!

Of course you do! So here’s how this will go:

- An Author will create a 10,000 word story (at minimum, no maximum for this challenge)

- An artist will then claim a story, and make beautiful art based on it!

- Once both are done, it is posted for all of the readers to enjoy!

How do I signup?

- Author signups will be from February 14th- February 28th

Artist sign-ups will be from May 17th- May 31st

But I cant write or draw!

- That’s fine, sign up as a beta! All good authors need a beta, like Batman needs Robin! 

- We also needs lots of promotion! We are a new challenge, and the more people we get the better, so you can do small things like reblog this post and spread the word!

- Also read the stories once they are up, and comment on the art and fics! Make the authors/artist feel good <3

Ok, but there’s gotta be some rules?

Yep and you’ll find them all here!

Well, when does the balloon go up on this?

- You’ll find all that and more at our lovely schedule! 

Any other questions or concerns, feel free to send a message to the mod, comment on one of the posts, or email them at


Today was absolutely pure perfection! It’s nearly 1am, and I have a horse riding lesson at 10am, and I’m at my parent’s house right now - so no laptop (typing this on my iPhone) so really, I shouldn’t be on Tumblr…. but!

I just wanted to say today was absolutely splendid. I went to work in the morning (boooo), but then emailed some critical docs. and decks to my boss and felt freedom hit me around 2pm. And thus? I went shopping and walking and met a dude for beers and burgers on a patio. And then did some more walking, and as I was strolling along in my neighborhood it occurred to me that I’ve been back in Toronto for a FULL YEAR now, whoa. That’s crazy.

This past year has been nutty. A year of change. A year of huge highs & lows. A year of some major life lessons. A year of settling into the real world. And, perhaps most importantly, a year of finding my place. Finding my place I get to call home… permanently. I’ll probably explode way more words than this onto my screen - later this week when I find a hot second, or three - but when I think back to how hard the past year was, and how hard it was readjusting to Toronto life after nearly two years of traveling (and let’s not forget my 7 months of looking for a job - which was hell), I am so thankful I’m so content & happy tonight, and find it shocking I’ve been back here for one, full, year. Oh boy, oh boy, the difference 365 days makes!

Ps. The fabric of my new dress is so fitting for me, right!? 😃

In shops today is a splendid new special edition of Doctor Who Magazine, devoted to the music of Doctor Who.

It boasts comprehensive features on the various theme tunes, the composers of the incidental music, songs and library recordings used in the show, and the music the show has inspired. There are lots of photographs of synthesisers.

I’ve written a short piece talking to three fans inspired by Doctor Who to compose their own music, and here are the four videos listed in my article.

1. Allegra Rosenberg performs “Say Hello (A Doctor/TARDIS Trock song)”

2. Amanda Palmer marks Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary by performing “Say Hello” with help from her husband Neil Gaiman (who wrote the episode that inspired the song) and Arthur Darvill (who played Rory in that episode)

3. Scott Ampleford’s latest score (and narration) for the doctorpuppet series

4. Stephen Willis’s latest production with the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra

Today was such a splendid day filled with my favorite things. I went on a nice hike in the mountains, got to play fetch with a sweet pup, found boots that fit my calves & a blazer that fits my shoulders & lats, had a great delt workout, and did I mention temps were in the 80s? Yea. Basically today was perfect☺️ #LifeIsGood (at Armbrust PRO Gym)

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  People, people!! What sensitive are y'all! A long shower is a great option nowadays. Or go to the market and try getting the darkest chocolate, or your favorite candy. Close your eyes, enjoy its taste. Sleep a couple minutes more, or go cleaning your home, it needs it, it’ll smell nice and you’ll feel more comfortable.

  May a bad minute doesn’t ruin the other 23 hours & 59 minutes. Be good, alright? You’ll do splendid today.