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This is how I prepare fresh food for my boys. They have other combinations currently in the freezer (like sweet potato with red pepper, peas, carrots, etc) so that I can mix it up and give them something different each day. It’s a really good way of getting your birds to try veggies (I think we all know that struggle), so I thought I’d share!

Today I had half a butternut squash left over from yesterday’s dinner, so I decided to cook it up for the boys. I diced it small and boiled it until it was juuuust tender. Just before the squash was done, I threw in some frozen garden peas and a small handful of curly kale.

Drain them well!

Mash em all up!

Let it cool slightly and divide the mix into ice cube trays. Once it’s cooled down enough, you can pop them in the freezer. I normally take them out once frozen and bag them up, just to prevent them from getting freezer burn when stored in there.

Each day, I pop a meal out into a microwaveable bowl and heat it until it’s fully defrosted. You can also leave it out to thaw, but I’ve found that Pixel and Widget enjoy this better when it isn’t cold. If you do microwave it, make sure you check the temperature before giving it to your birds! Check the bowl isn’t too warm and mash the mix about with a clean finger to ensure there are no areas that are too warm! Microwaves don’t always heat evenly! I don’t serve the food until it has cooled down slightly - until it’s barely warmer than my hand.

Then serve it up and see what they think! 


(DISCLAIMER: I would of made this a playlist on Apple but most of these songs are mixtape tracks from datpiff)

Just some BLUNT lyricism and smooth beats. (my puns be lit)

Hyyer // Kid Cudi

Super High // Rick Ross

Today Was A Good Day // Ice Cube

Dapper // Domo Genesis

How High // Method Man & Redman

Mary // Curren$y

Grooveline Pt. 1 // Schoolboy Q

1st of Tha Month // Bone Thugs N Harmony

Purple Flowers // Rick Ross

Outside // Mac Miller

Higher // Jhene Aiko

Waken Baken // Wiz Khalifa

Go (Gas) // Domo Genesis

Get Lit // A$AP Rocky

Because I Got High // Afroman

Keep Floatin // Mac Miller

So High // Doja Cat

Gas and Mud // Gucci Mane

Kush Coma // Danny Brown

Smoke Some Weed // Burna Boy

The High Life // Mac Miller

In the Cut // Wiz Khalifa

Kush Cloud // Freddie Gibbs

Purple Haze // Curren$y

Blue Dream // Jhene Aiko

Peace Prevail // Raury

Crumblin Erb // Outkast

High // Big Sean

Rotation // Wale

Flowers // Wiz Khalifa

Overhigh // Smoke DZA

The Next Episode // Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg

Today has been a really interesting day at work. People have been extra nice to me and I think a lot of it is due to the fact I got my haircut and I’m looking extra clean. A good chunk of the people complimented and a few ladies said that I look like a young Carlton from The Fresh Prince and Ice Cube. Work in general has been pretty cake although it was hectic at times.

A few incidents in particular stick out to me.

One of my regulars has a major crush on me and I know this because her older sister teases her everytime they come to my counter. I can usually see her turn bright red whenever she’s around me and she’s usually hiding behind her sister and her mom. Today she came in by herself and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how flustered she was. It was really cute because she was stumbling over her words, trying to look away but I’d catch her glance at me whenever I turned away. It was really cute.

Second this Latinx woman came in and she and her mother really couldn’t speak English. Her mother had taken a fall earlier in the day and was taken into the ER. The ER however didn’t send over her prescriptions so I had to kinda walk her through what to do and whatnot. I think I spent a good 20 minutes explaining all the things she could do to make this easier and at the end you can tell she was extremely thankful. It made me really happy too knowing I helped her out. I even took down her sister’s number so I could call them in the morning when I come in. They didn’t have a phone or nothing so I’m trying everything I can to help. Because forreal I hate it when people aren’t helpful to people who can’t really speak English. Yes I understand that it might be a little bit difficult but they still deserve to be treated with respect and not pushed off to the side. Look, I hope I don’t sound problematic or nothing. I’m jus saying that’s my thoughts.

Third and this is the funniest. This 30 year old white woman tried to give me tips on how to avoid getting shot by the police. It was quite possibly the funniest things I’ve encountered all week. I was almost in tears because of how funny it was. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t taken any offense to it. I jus laughed it off but still, it’s amusing to me.  


Daily dose of pack love!!! Steve shared two pictures on his Instagram with us!!! 

Romantic getaway. @greystonh #lovahs

“Today I didn’t even have to use my AK, I gotta say, today was a good day.” - Ice Cube #surfsup #hangten #shred #gnarlybro #fasttimes thanks @jotabey @dannaheitner

Source: Steve Lund - Instagram