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im rlly enjoying Hlex a whoooole lot ! thank u for that precious lil bean 💕

Some MHA manga redraws, because I’ve been binge reading it and I really really love the style!! It’s really good. With obvious Todoroki bias coz I see those parallels my boy good job on the friend thing I’m so proud

Also Aizawa’s trolling smiles crack me up every time help

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Headcanons for Subaru's, Shu's, Yuma's, Laito's, Kou's, & Reiji's response to having a s/o who had a sort of inferiority complex and had a hard time taking the boys compliments for face value and compared themselves to other people a lot please?

I’m not good at compliments so bare with me nvn

Shu -

Loves to tease you
If showering you in compliments is what it takes then he will absolutely start smooth talking
Does not see why you compare yourself to others when you are his S/O
He should be the one you want to impress and you’ve already did that.
His compliments are very lewd so be prepared
”You’re always fishing for compliments aren’t you, those panties you’re wearing today look nice. Wonder how they’d look on the floor.”

Reiji -

His compliments are off handed so you will need to read between the lines
Once you do you’re a blushing mess and his smirk gets wider
Can definitely see why you compare yourself to others, it’s a good way to gauge yourself, but does not approve of how you pick yourself apart, that’s his job.
You are his S/O after all so obviously you are the epitome of beauty in his eyes.
So many off handed compliments.
”Relax, sweetie…you were perfectly adequate.“ ←- ripped that from urban dictionary

Laito -

Compliments are a must, can’t go a day without complimenting you
They can be perverted or innocent, whichever makes you blush more
Does not care that you compare yourself to others, may even do that for you
In the end they don’t matter because he’s loyal to only you right?
As far as you know yes~
”Well isn’t Little Bitch looking pretty today, dressing up all for me right?”

Subaru -

Not good at giving compliments and not very often
When he does though they are very sweet and heartfelt
Does the same thing himself and does not want you to do the same
Doesn’t want you doing it however but does not know how to go about explaining it
Likes to see you blush sometimes and it’s torture when he decides to tease you
”Ugh, hey you look nice to day… Those stockings really make your thighs pop, want me…” Stoves up last minute.

Kou -

Your blushing is so cute to him!
Compliments from him are straightforward and sweet but he demands compliments back
Understands where you are coming from but would rather do that for you since he is the only person you should worry about
Compliments you left and right to make sure you feel better, may be innocent may not be
Loves to tease you and will not let up
”Aww Masokitty’s wearing that new skirt I bought her today! It really makes your silky skin pop.”

Yuma -

Doesn’t give compliments at all really, not very good at giving them either
If he does give you a compliment it’s either during sexy time or just something simple
Doesn’t see why you would care about what others think about you, or why you keep comparing yourself to them
Him and the garden pretty much take up your life now so shouldn’t you be focusing on that?
More likely to grope you before even thinking of a compliment
”You look nice Sow, but those shoes won’t work in the garden… just go barefoot now come on!”

Under The Weather

Fandom- The Outsiders. (Two-Bit X Reader)

Warnings- Nope. It’s cute.

Note- Requested by anon! Thank you! :) (I used pronouns in this one. :\ )


  You smiled, tossing your head back in laughter. Soda and Steve were trying their damnedest to beat Dallas in an arm wrestling competition. Dallas was feeling extremely playful today, and was even nice to you. You’d arrived at the Curtis house and he held the door open for you. Granted, he probably watched your ass as you passed him, but you’d take what you could get.

  Soda clasped Dallas’ hand in his own and they placed their elbows firmly against the table. Soda licked his top lip and Dally merely blinked. It was tense for a second. You called ‘go’ and they began pressing against each other’s force. It seemed like milliseconds before Soda’s arm was against the table. Dallas grinned and leaned back in his chair victoriously.

  “How are you doing that?!” Soda demanded. At least with Steve he lasted a minute. Steve and Soda seemed weak in comparison to Dally. They looked pissed about it. Dallas grinned mischievously. You’d caught on to what he was doing earlier on. You laughed harder. Soda and Steve seemed to notice and shot you weird looks.

  “What’s goin’ on, Y/n?” Steve asked. You laughed harder then winced. Your stomach had been cringing up at random. It could have been your period, but it was a strange cramp. It felt like sharp pins being pushed through your skin. It was hurting on your lower-right side. You were sure it was nothing. The last time you were actually sick was when you were seven and had the flu. Nothing, not even a cold, had appeared since then. You were going to get through this, just like everything else.

  You looked up at Steve and Soda with a smile on your face. They were both right handed. It was easy for them to arm-wrestle each other. Dallas, however, would be difficult to arm-wrestle fairly. He’s left handed. You laughed softly. You glanced at Dally and he gave you a small nod. You were allowed to tell them.

  “Dallas is left handed. You two are arm-wrestling with your left hands. Your left arms wouldn’t be as strong as your right ones. Dallas’ left arm is dominant, so he’s stronger in that arm. It’s a completely unfair game.” You stated. Soda’s eyebrows knit in confusion and Steve sighed loudly. What idiots.

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Met 3 talented friends ( @adziedoodle, @prettyprettypretties, @billacookie), saw 2 lovely dorks ( @danisnotonfire @amazingphil ), got 1 amazing book and 0 regret :’D

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I know you're not part of Creative, so you probably don't really have any details on this, but there was a stealth edit in today's MTG story and it'd be nice to hear from an official source why this happened (not necessarily from you, any official explanation would be welcome). Thank you.

Stories go through editing resulting in multiple versions existing. The wrong version got posted and got changed to the proper edit when they caught it. There was no desire to change the content of the scene.


Idol: Park Jisung

Requested?: Thank you anon for requesting!

Warning(s): None :)

This is a continuation from Idol Swap so I recommend you read the first part of this story first! Enjoy~

Jisung nervously fumbled around on his phone. He had just arrived back at the dorm he shared with his older brothers. When they had arrived home, Jisung had immediately ran up to his room and locked the door. He could hear the laughter of the older boys from downstairs.

Jisung blushed while staring at his now signed album, more specifically, the few numbers you had scribbled onto it with your cute, bubbly handwriting. He grinned a little and turned on his phone and entered your number.

“Hey. This is Jisung from the signing earlier.”

No…that was too simple, Jisung shook his head and deleted the text.

“Wanna meet up?”

Pfft, I sound desperate, Jisung sighed and deleted the text once again.

Jisung fell backward onto his bed and groaned. Who knew sending a text was this hard? He closed his eyes and massaged his temples lightly. Jisung laid on his bed, thinking of ways he could start up a conversation with you. He giggled to himself at the little scenarios he had made up in his head. He sat up again, determined to finally actually text you something.

“Hey! This is Jisung. You gave me your number earlier. :)”

Jisung quickly pressed the “send” button before he regretted anything. He waited for your text, staring intensely at his phone. He set his phone down and closed his eyes. After about five minutes later, a small ding came from his phone. He leapt up and tackled his phone. It was your text.

“Hey! It was nice meeting you today~ :D”

Jisung blushed and grinned. You had even added the little smiley face at the end. He giggled and thought of something to text back. His fingers moved swiftly across the keyboard.

“Yup! I was so excitted to finally meet you!”

Jisung happily sent the text, but immediately panicked when he realized his typo.

“Lol, I was excited too!”

“Yeah! I hope we can meet again. ^^”

Jisung sighed in relief. Seems like you didn’t notice the typo…or you chose to ignore it. Jisung convinced himself it was the first.

“Why don’t we meet up today again?”

“Sure, do you have time though? I don’t want to be a bother…”

“I’ve got time. I don’t have anything on my schedule for today after that fan sign earlier.”

“Oh, great! Where should we meet?”

“Maybe in a less crowded area. I don’t want to drag you into any drama.”

“That’s fine. Thanks for thinking ahead.”

“Hey, I know this small cafe just down by the SM building. Do you know where?”

“Yup! I surprising live quite near the SM building. Just realized that lol!”

“Lol you’re funny~ Let’s meet in 20!”

Jisung shut off his phone and jumped up and down excitedly. You wanted to meet up with him and you called him funny. Jisung could say he was a really lucky fan.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he pat his face a few times and smoothed out his clothes. Satisfied with himself, Jisung grabbed his phone and ran downstairs. As he ran for the door, he quickly snatched the mint Jaemin was just about to eat and popped it into his mouth.

“Hey! That was mine~” Jaemin whined.

“Oops,” Jisung simply shrugged, while tying his shoes.

“Where are you going?” Mark asked, hearing the sound of Jisung tapping his shoes a few times.

“Um…out?” Jisung checked the clock. It took him about fifteen minutes to power walk to the cafe. If they kept asking questions, Jisung was sure he wouldn’t make it on time.

Mark quirked his brows and made a face, “Jisungie, that’s not an answer.”

“Um…I’m going to meet someone?” Jisung bounced up and down, nervously.

“Do you want one of the hyungs to take you?”

“No thanks,” Jisung said hastily, “I’ll see you later, hyung!”

With that, Jisung bolted out the door, barely hearing Mark yell to be back by dinner. Adrenaline pumped through him as Jisung ran towards the cafe. It was farther than he thought it would be and his hyungs had held him back a few minutes.

Jisung took a deep breath and gripped the handle of the cafe door. He was surprised when he only saw around four people in the whole cafe, excluding the staff.

He timidly opened the door, causing the small bell to sound. He noticed brightly colored hair and knew it was you. He awkwardly and quietly approached you. You were wearing a cute mask that covered your face from nose to chin.

You had changed your dress into a cute, oversized sweater and flowery leggings. Your hair was let down, the ends softly curled. You were wearing ankle height heeled boots with a little bow. at the ankles.

Jisung blushed. You were just too cute. He didn’t know how to get your attention so he awkwardly stood behind you for a few minutes before clearing his throat a little. You snapped your head towards him, your hair whipped back. The scent had drifted to Jisung’s nose and Jisung blushed a little. Her hair smells like strawberries…how cute

“Jisung!” you whisper-yelled.

Jisung sat down in front of you. He was surprised you even remembered his name. The two of you sat, staring at each other. Jisung felt like his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

You were the first one to break your little “reunion”. The two of you talked for hours and let’s just say Jisung was an hour late to dinner.

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my friends and I were making 0161 jokes all day today. here are a few of my favourites:

me: *falls over*
friend: 01trip1
other friend: 01slip1

friend: *eats lunch*
me: 01twix1

us: *sees cute couple*
both: 01ship1