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Mr. Matchmaker


Request: Well my PalForLife™ ( @princeofsassgard ) asked for ca:cw Peter Parker one shot and who am I to turn down Allison? I love her so much and everyone should go follow her. She’s the sweetest.

Summary: You’re best friends with Peter Parker, Tony meets you both, sees you’re into each other and decides to play matchmaker.

Warnings: Holy fucking shit I don’t think there’s any swearing in this one (well I just swore then but that doesn’t count….right?)

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You stood beside Peter in the small elevator going up to his apartment. The stressful school day was over and your backpack was full to the brim with the homework. It was nearly everyday that you two hung out after classes and today was no exception. You were friends, good friends, best friends and being Peter’s best friend meant seeing him through everything, even his dumpster diving which was a regular after school occurrence.

“Can’t believe that perfectly good DVD player was just sitting there” He smiled over at you.

You grinned back “Me too. I’ll help you set it up and stuff but then I gotta’ get home for dinner”

Peter’s smile faded partially and his eyes fell to his shoes which made you furrow your brows at him. Without lifting his eyes to meet yours he began nervously twiddling the zipper of his hoodie “I was thinking…”

“That’s never good” You joked and smiled once again when you saw his eyes reconnect with yours and a grin return to his face however his nervous twiddling still carried on.

“As I was saying…” He began “I was thinking maybe, um, you could stay a little longer. We could watch a DVD on this thing. I have Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back on DVD, we could watch that” He lifted the old player to show what he was talking about.

You chuckled and blushed slightly at his offer then opened your mouth to reply but the elevator doors dinged open cutting you off.

“This is our floor” Peter rushed before you could finish what you’d planned to say and quickly stepped out with you following closely behind.


Aunt May gave you a kind greeting the moment you walked in, as always “How was school today?” She asked as you and Peter wandered into the kitchen, Peter turned to Aunt May while you bent down to look in the fridge for a bottle of water. You couldn’t see what was going on behind you but you heard Peter respond to his Aunt.

“It was okay, there’s this crazy car parked outside….” He trailed off sounding a little dumbfounded “Hey Y/N, would you mind, uh, waiting in my room. Set up the DVD player or something”

That both caught your attention and confused you, so you stood up straight, closed the fridge and turned to see a shocked looking Peter staring at the man sat beside Aunt May on the couch. Mr freaking Stark.

Your eyes widened “Mr…Mr…”

“Mr. Stark” Tony said.

“Yeah, I know, kind of a big fan”

Peter nudged your shoulder with his “You can geek out later, go set up the DVD player”

“Yeah, sure” You said, still in shock as to why the Tony Stark was in Peter Parker’s crappy Queens apartment.


You weren’t sat twiddling your thumbs on Peters bed for long before Tony Stark and Peter walked in. Tony walked straight over to where Peter’s Computer sat while Peter stood awkwardly in the middle of the room.

“What do we have here? Retro tech, huh?” Tony looked down at you “Salvation army?”

You shook your head and responded “The garbage actually”

Tony looked back over at Peter “Who’s this?” He tilted his head in your direction “Spiderman’s trusty sidekick”

You didn’t let Peter reply to him however and stood up from the bed “I’m no one’s sidekick, Mr. Stark”

“So you’re his girlfriend then?” He asked, lifting his eyebrows.

Peter took a sharp intake of breath “No, uh, no it’s not like that”

“Yeah, we’re just friends” You were quick to back your ‘just friend’ up.

Tony scoffed knowingly and shot a smug look toward both you and Peter “Young love. So blind”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked. Tony looked even more smug at this point and walked closer to where Peter stood, speaking to him rather than you.

“When are you gonna ask the girl out, Parker?” He asked. You could hear what he was saying and Tony clearly wasn’t bothered by that.

Peter awkwardly shrugged his shoulders and gave you a look that said ‘help me out here’ before looking back at Tony “I-I-I don’t…um”

“So you don’t like her?”

“What! No! I do, I really like her” He rushed out quickly.

Tony shifted his body to the side so that Peter had a clear view of you, Tony placed one hand on his shoulder and said “Don’t tell that to me. Tell that to the girl”

Peter visibly took a deep breath in, he seemed to be arguing with himself in his head. But his decision was made, he shot Tony one last nervous look but Tony just returned it with a reassuring one. Then Peter spoke, this time to you “I like you Y/N. A lot. And I know you see me as a friend but there’s no other girl I’d want to go rifling through dumpsters and watch Star Wars with. You’re the prettiest girl I know and you’re amazing”

Tony seemed pleased with himself “Call me Mr. Matchmaker from now on” then he whispered to Peter “Now ask her out”

Peter nodded quickly to Stark to show he understood then looked back at your grinning face “Do you wanna’ go out some time?”

Both Peter and Mr. Stark looked at you expectantly, waiting for what you had to say and just like Peter you took a deep breath inwards before replying “Yes, a thousand times yes”

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SIA  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I saw you cry today.”
  • “We were meant for one another.”
  • “I’m feeling good, let me savor it.”
  • “Throw ‘em back, till I lose count.”
  • “And I don’t care if I don’t look pretty.”
  • “Yeah, let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one.”
  • “You took it all, but I’m still breathing.”
  • “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier!”
  • “Some days I’m sure I’ve lost the faith.”
  • “I found solace in the strangest place…”
  • “I’ll strip you bare 'till the truth comes out.”
  • “I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.”
  • “Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.”
  • “I knew what I wanted and I went out and got it.”
  • “I’ll smile, I know what it takes to fool this town.”
  • “But there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide.”
  • “I was born in a thunderstorm. I grew up overnight.”
  • “And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame.”
  • “I know, you have never felt so low. But hold on, head up, be strong.”
  • “I wanted everything I never had, like the love that comes with light.”
  • “I have made every single mistake that you could ever possibly make.”
  • “Your body’s poetry, speak to me. Won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?”
RFA (+V and Saeran) and their first kiss with MC <3

I know that so many people did this already but I wanted to soooo badly >_< also in this HC let´s pretend they didn´t kiss okay?


° he invited you over for a round of LOLOL

° you were together for over a month now and it pissed you off that all you ever did was playing games 。゜(`Д´)゜。

° sure, you loved playing together with him but….

° all in all it felt more like a good friendship than a romantic relationship

° and you didn´t like that (;¬_¬)

° so you made up a plan and today would be the day

° the day of your first kiss with your boyfreind Yoosung

° that meant you had to be extra pretty tonight o(^▽^)o

° when he opened the door for you he was shocked

° but of course in a good way XD

° “Woah, MC you look so pretty. Is something important Happening today?”

° oh you sweet, clueless boy……

° here MC´s masterplan began

° “Does that mean I´m usual not pretty?”

° yeah, it was this exact strategy

° “No you always look pretty MC!”

° “So you want to say I look as always? Yoosung you treat me as a friend and not a girlfriend. I sometimes think you don´t even love me!”

° you took acting lessons from Zen so you even managed to cry a little

° “But MC of course I love you !!! I just don´t want  to rush things.”

° now he cried too…

° “No, you don´t. You didn´t even kissed me yet.”\|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

° so that was the reaseon you were so unhappy …..

° no Yooosung u serious??? what a brain..

° he never knew that you felt this way and he was ashamed

° so he did as asked, kinda….

° it was mostly crushing his nose against yours

° soooo embarassing (*゚ー゚)ゞ

° but hey, you had reached your Goal (he kissing you first) and now you kissed him

° but the right way, as often as you could <3</p>


° we don´t have to pretend much here…only that they´re together

° you were frustrated

° why woulden´t she kiss you ??

° you always brushed your teeth, didn´t look that bad and never ate garlic when you met with her..

° so why?

° you then did the last thing you could think of…..

° asking the one person who knew everything……….Seven (ノ^∇^)ノ゚

° you spoke with him over the phone and agreed to meet up

° his house was messy as always and there were Ph. Pepper cans all over the floor ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

° “Hey Seven, thanks for helping me out.”

° “No Problem MC, you helped the RFA so much why shoulden´t I help you?”

° something was fishy with how he spoke but he was alwys a bit weird

° “So MC, you told me there was something you can´t tell her directly regarding your relationship.”

° you didn´t told him everything, in case Jaehee came back or was eavesdropping

° what she would never do

° “That´s right. You know I really appreciate waht she does for me and she´s alws nice and stuff but-”

° you heard something, or someone fall over and hit the floor

° your first thought was that Saeran tripped beacuse who else should be at Seven´s house?? (・_・ヾ

° but nooo, it was Jaehee ????「(°ヘ°)

° “Jaehee, what are you doing here??!”

° “Seven tolde me you wanted to talk with him about me. And I thought you were going to break up!”

° now you were confused, why would she think that?

° you loved her with all your heart so why would want to break up?

° “ Jaehee why would I want to break up?”

° “You know MC, it really sounded a bit like that..”

° thank you very much Seven

° then she kissed you, out of the blue

° “MC don´t break up with me I love you!!”

° “Jaehee, I won´t break up with you. I just wanted to ask Seven why you woulden´t kiss me. I thought you wanted to break up.”

° and then there was a super cute confessing-scene which almost landed online thanks to Seven

° but Saeran nicely convinced him otherwise… ( ° ʖ °)


° this one will be quick XD

° we all know he will get to the thing as soon as he can ( ° ʖ °)

° but you were a little shy regarding this matter

° since Zen´s praying that all men are beasts he understands and protects you from the beast

° but every patience comes to an end, even Zen´s

° so he worked out a masterplan, as he called it

° doing stuff a couple would do in the publich was off-limit for you

° you didn´t want for Zen to be in a scandal or hurt his carreer

° and Jaehee would probably kill you

° so it had to be at home, where no one saw what you did and you had all the privacy you wanted (ノ^∇^)

° he only could hold back so long because you agreed to move in with him

° moving in without even kissing MC??? SRLY???

° you were away Shopping and he had one of his rare free days

° meaning it was the perfect chance for him to fullfil said plan

°  when you came back home you didn´t expect to see Zen in the livingroom

° a livingroom full of roses and chocolate

° “Zen, what happend to the living room ?”

° don´t get me wrong, you loved what you saw and were really happy but you didn´t quite undertstand why he did that..

° and then you sneezed, loud and then again and again

° allergies suck, right?

° “Zen I-achoo!, really appreciate what you did but plea-achoo, please put them out I have allergies.” 

° okay, maybe his plan didn´t go that well

° he hurried and put all of the flowers away, so his last hope was the chocolate

° “I´m sorry MC, I didn´t knew that. But I also have some chocolate for you.”      (。♥‿♥。)

° felt bad for Zen so you took a bite

° buuuuut it had nuts in there…..

° did I mention how allergies suck?

° it ended with Zen calling the ambulance because of your allergies

° guess the masterplan wasn´t that much of a succes?

° “I´m so sorry princess. I guess you wanna break up now?”

° “No. why should I? It´s been a long time since someone did sucha nice thing for me. But why did you do that in the first place?”

° “Just forget it MC. Nothing important in the end.” sigh

° poor Zenny

° “Well, whatever, I still think your the sweetest boyfriend walking on earth.” <3

° and because the best boyfriend only deserved the best, you kissed him

° RIP Zen ( ≧Д≦)

° no, srly you almost had to call the doctor because of the bloodloss through his nose XD

° maybe the plan failed but in the end he got what he wanted now hide yourself from the beast MC


° I don´t count the kiss infront of Sarah as a real couple-kiss

° so after you moved in with him permanently he still was a bit hesistant

° he already forced himself on you and didn´t want to do it again

° after all he was raised to be a gentelman XD

° you could kind of sense that but in return you didn´t want to push him and express his Feelings

° you knew it was all new and a bit difficult for him

°  but the result was that you both were Holding back for each others sake

° that means both of you were frustrated

° and when Jumin Han was frustrated he got pissed…. like really pissed

° and that means more work for poor Jaehee (⌣_⌣”)

° so she called you to ask if everything is alright betwee you two

° “MC, Mr. Han is very…. tense for a while now. Do you have any idea why that is so?”

° you did, kind of..

° “I think I have an idea why, I will talk to him today, I´m sorry if he caused you trouble.”

° you knew you had to do the second-first-step

° it shouldn´t be that hard right?

° hahaha

° this evening he came home even later than usual

° you made dinner for yuo two and played some nice music in the background

° “Hi Jumin,, Jaehee said you´re stressed lately. Is something wrong?”

° “No, what should be wrong?”

° whenever he was bound short he was stressed or annoyed

° “But you´re bringing home more work than usual these days.”

° “MC, please. I am just busier than normally. It has nothing to do with anything.”

° so he was stressed

° “Hey Juimin, I know what to do when you´re stressed and worn out.”

° he looked up, probably to hear what you had to say or say something himself

° but you were a lot quicker

° you gave him a kiss

° “MC, I think you Need to take responsibility for what you have done.”

° he got up and walked towards you, till you hit the door leading to the bedroom

° I think you can guees what happend next ( ° ʖ °)


° after you became a couple he mostly spend his time at the Hospital with Saeran

° so no time for you :(

° but you understood, if it was your brother you´d likely do the same

° but nevertheless it hurt that he left you alone like that

° he started to build his walls again and left you out

° nooo, don´t go back there  (;へ:)

° you treid you best to help and do all the cleaning Vanderwood once did

° but it didn´t help much

° you decided it was the best to go back to your house for now

° so when Seven came back home he expected you to be on the Couch or wherever in the house

° and you were somewhere, but not somewhere in the house

° so he checked the security cameras, maybe you went Shopping?

° you did leave, but together with all of your belongings

° he panicked

° why did you leave?

° was it because he was busy with ihs brother? Because you had to clean all the time?

° but the most important question: were you planning to come back?

° who knows?

° he wanted you to come back

° being in panik-mode he did the first thing that came to his mind

° hacking into your landlord´s computer andthrowing you out of your flat

° nice ting to do Seven….

° and then, he waited

° the phone rang

° “Hi MC, whats up?”

° “Hey Saeyoung, my landlord threw me out. I don´t know why and I don´t know what to do.” 

° you were crying

° “Keep calm. First you catch your stuff and come back here. I´ll make something to eat and then we can discuss what to do next.”

° “Thanks Seven you´re the best. See you in 10.”

° did he overdo it? probably…

° you arrived at his house and when you stepped inside you could already smellsomething burnt

° “Seven, is your house in fire??”

° “Nah, it´s just the pancake.”

° he looked like he was in a dough-explosion ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ

° you laughed, he looked a bit hurt

° “You always know how to cheer me up. I love you Saeyoung!” (。♥‿♥。)

° you kissed him and he decided to spin you around after picking you up

° so cuuuuteeeeee

° it was the best time of your life……until he told you about what he did XD


° it clearly didn´t lack any intention from his side…

° the first time he “wanted to see which eye colour you have”

° but instead of letting him get Close to your face you told him

° MC, please read the mood, would you?

° the second time he accedantly bumped his forhead against yours

° but you told him it was okay and went into the kitchen

° the third time he became desperate he grabbed you by your shoulders and stared at you (he wanted your ok at least)

° but you started to feel embarássed and excused youself to the bathroom

° it wasn´t like you don´t want him to kiss you

° it was more like you being to shy and afraid you were not good enough

°  you saw that he was sad whenever you rejected him like that

° so you made up your mind and decided to not back away next time

° unfortunately that time didn´t come (︶︹︺)

° he was sad, yes, but he respected you and your privacy, so he stopped tryind to push you

° that meant that you had to take the step, next time there was a chance

° that time came around on your next date

° you went to the aquarium and then fetched some dinner in an italian restaurant

° why? because why not!?

°  when he had a piece of pizza left on the corner of his mouth, you saw your chance

° “You have something on your face, mind if I wipe it away?”

° “Yes, that would be very nice of you.”

° imagine the shocked look on his face when you wiped it awya with your tounge XD

° but before he could say anything you shut him up with your lips on his <3

° what a lovely date (♥ω♥*)


° he wasn´t that good with emotions

° still you showerd him with affection

° it took him almost a month to get used to hugging, so kissing was a far away dream to you

° it made you sad but hey, you still had the rest of your life right?

° Saeran often wondered how he deserved you…

° he was afraid of loosing you

° especially after his idiot brother told him that you would if he didn´t kiss you

° shock of his life ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

° “MC, do you want to leave me?”

° “No, why should I?”

° you were confused, did Seven tell him some bullshit again?

° he did that nonstop so it wouldn´t suprise you

° “Saeyoung said you would if I don´t kiss you.”

° you spitted out your drink  (`〇Д〇)

° “He said what!!?”

° yes, you could take this chance and force him to kiss you

° but where was the point in that ?

° “Don´t listen to him. I won´t leave because of that and we can kiss if you fel you can manage it, okay?”

° you were just to nice to him

° he knew you only meant it good but he also saw the sadness in your eyes

° so he went to his last backup-plan

° “Saeyoung, I need your help. I want to kiss MC but I don´t know how to do it.” 

° “If you want I can practise with you.”

° “Ok, bye.”(҂⌣̀_⌣́)

° “NOOOO!! Wait!”

° then things happend that I don´t want to explain

° “Hey Saeran do you know wher I left my-”

° you walked in as Seven kissed his brother, Saeran tried to punch him but failed

° “Ooookay… I´m comming back later then.”¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° “No, MC WAIT!!”

° he punched his brother so satisfying and ran after you

° of course you weren´t mad at him if you were then at Seven

° “MC, please don´t be angry at me, it was his fault.”

° he sounded like a kid who´s ice cream got eaten by his brother XD

° I think if someone would do that he would be dead in 3 seconds

° “Saeran, I´m not mad at you that you kissed your brother before me.”

° yes, you were playing with him feeling guilty

° he was afraid

° “No, MC don´t leave me, I´ll do anything …”

° by anything he was referring to kissing and that he did

° result: he felt good kissing you so he didn´t stop you know what follows XD

° but still you punched Seven for kissing your boyfriend

Why did this turn out so long? I have no idea….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry for taking so long though, exams kept me busy so I had not too much time on my Hand

Anyway, I hope you liked it and if you did, leave a like, comment or a repost, which would make me very happy (*^▽^*)

Also if you have any requests or questions just send them nad I´ll do my best    ( ゚▽゚)/

Daddy Lexa Smut

as requested by @starkmerlotte

Clarke’s least favorite thing about dating Lexa was how rarely they got the chance to spend time together. Not that Lexa didn’t utterly dote upon her on every available opportunity, of course, but Lexa being the CEO of a large company meant that a lot of her time was dedicated to staying CEO of that large company, particularly because of the antsy board who disapproved of Lexa’s dedication to the workforce because giving the workers good wages apparently meant less profit for them, despite the fact that all of them still made more money than they could possibly spend in a year.

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Valentine’s Day Prompts

Put a number and a pairing/character in my ask box and I’ll write you a short ficlet!

  1. Flowers
  2. Candy
  3. Ice Cream
  4. Those packs of 32 novelty valentines meant for whole classes
  5. “I refuse to take part in this.”
  6. Candlelight
  7. Teddy Bears
  8. Rose Petals
  9. Wine
  10. “That’s today?”
  11. First Valentine’s Day after a break-up
  12. Long-Distance
  13. Rom-Coms
  14. “Valentine’s day was yesterday and all the candy is super cheap! We need to get to the store NOW!”
  15. Cupid
  16. “I know we had a date tonight but I got called in for work.”
  17. Low-budget Date
  18. “I’m throwing a me-party.”
  19. Corny poems
  20. “This is an unholy amount of cheesy romance novels.”
  21. “Wait–you write cheesy romance novels?”
  22. “I cooked something for you!”
  23. Asking Someone out for a first date
  24. Coffee date
  25. “You’re not very good at this ‘romance’ thing, are you?”
  26. Date gone completely awry
  27. “I can’t believe you remembered that.”
  28. Confession
  29. Secret Admirer
  30. Cheesy pick-up lines
  31. Serenade
  32. Dancing
You’re Mine and I’m Yours

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Rough sex, minor punishment, swearing

Description: Phil get’s possessive over Dan. Fluffy ending. Based off of this tweet: 


Dan laughed awkwardly, glancing around the room where he was sat to eat lunch. The room was filled with Youtubers, as they were at YouTube School.

Phil and him purposefully sat across and to the side from one another, rather than beside, as many people were already suspicious about their relationship. A lot of people here didn’t know they were dating, and they had to work extra hard to keep it a secret, and that meant they had to get rid of all temptations to touch each other.

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Fox the Fox (Part 1)

Prompt: Reader starts her job at the BAU, but her young associate and her have a chemistry they can’t deny; but will the fates let them be together?

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Warnings: language

Word Count: 2665

Note: First whack at a dedicated Criminal Minds fic. A huge thanks to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes I couldn’t have done this without her. Thank you all for reading!!

Song: Lost on you - LP


Today is your first day. First day of a very intimidating job. But it was your dream job. Working to keep the worst of the worst off the street. Not the random muggers, idiot robbers, sad cases of vengeful murders. Those were all terrible, but you were now a profiler for the F.B.I in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Nerves were electrifying every atom of your body but you tried to steady them, remembering that Quantico wasn’t a cakewalk - but that was good, it meant you were ready for this career. It meant that you could do this.

Taking a deep breath you walked into the office after going through clearance and found a familiar face.

“Mr. Gideon! Hi!” you said strutting forward and holding out your hand.

“Ms. Y/L/N, so nice to see you again. Please, just Gideon will do. Let me show you to your desk.”

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  • Interviewer: You took back the World Cup lead. You only gave it away for a brief period of time. That has to be good news for you today.
  • Domen Prevc: Yeah, but I'm not that happy on one hand. The fact that another jumper was unlucky in such a way left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. And then when you see him dissatisfied and really sad, when you see how much [the 4-hills tournament] meant to him, you feel really bad yourself. We'll probably fight [for the 1st place in the World Cup] more naturally in the future. But I'm sure Tande can do it one day, this was just one unfortunate moment in his life. I think he still has a lot of good things to show us in the future.

Today let’s give all our love and support to Don Malarkey, who is still here, who is the one who has to suffer through this day the most. It’s been 72 years since he lost Skip Muck, the person who meant everything to him. Now matter how sad we all feel about it, it fails to compare to how Don must actually feel on this day. Good luck getting through today Don. 

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Sleepless nights.

April sighed tiredly and shifted in her sleep to get into a better and finally more comfortable position in the huge bed. Jackson had adjusted and then readjusted the numerous bed pillows before they went to bed but it had taken her awhile to find a good sleeping position.

Today had been the first day that she was at home with Harriet all alone. They had spent the whole day together, well at least when Harriet was awake. Their daughter was a fan of napping. Which meant that she would probably wake up sometime soon.

And just as the thought crossed her mind a small wailing noise broke out over the peaceful silence.

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pizza-is-my-buziness  asked:

I mean I think if you wanted to do a Skimmons story for those kisses prompts like that would be good like maybe, you know... "cheek kisses that leave red lipstick stains." Because Skimmons is good and your Skimmons is everything.

send me a pairing + a kiss from this list for a ficlet

They usually woke up at the same time and stumbled around the room bleary eyed until one of them made it to the switch but that morning Jemma woke to see that Daisy was standing by the dresser, ready for the day. Which today meant she was heading to congress to argue her plea for Inhumans.

“You were going to wake me up to say goodbye, correct?” Jemma asked, yawning right after and it was still too early for her to even be awake. The bed was warm but would have been nicer with Daisy there.

Daisy looked back in the mirror and smiled, “Actually I was going to let you sleep and just give you a nicer hello later tonight.” She winked at Jemma without turning around.

“Oh.” Jemma said and hummed, “I suppose that’s nice too.” She sat up, letting loose another jaw cracking yawn.

“Go back to sleep.” Daisy told her, turning to walk over to Jemma and pressing a hand down on her shoulder to push Jemma down.

“I’ll be rooting for you.” Jemma said, closing her eyes and feeling sleep about to take her again.

“Then I’ll be sure to win.” Daisy sounded as cocky as ever but Jemma knew how worried she was so cracked one eye open and smiled at Daisy.

“I expect it now.” Jemma leaned up just a little to press a kiss to Daisy’s cheek in a goodbye. She got one in return, certain that it left a mark with the lipstick Daisy had chosen that day.

If they were lucky later that night Daisy might mark her with it again, a kiss on her neck that continued downward in a promise of events but for now Jemma didn’t wipe the lipstick off, merely let herself fall back to sleep and thought it would be a nice memory to wake to.

Knock Knock Time for Dirty Talk

So with my dear friend @indigotitty realizing she can make a DAMN GOOD SANS VOICE… I decided to stretch the ol’ writing muscles a little more and get back into scripting! Err, as much as you can when focusing on one character and minimal environment~ (Esp so Indi can practice!)

The whole of this is meant for Indi up there, but honestly, if you want to use this script to work with your own Sans voice, have at it!! I only asked to be tagged in the post/credited as the script writer. c:

(Still gotta get more practice keeping things neutral; Listener is defined as DFAB.)

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I wrote a little nonsense thing, inspired by a concert I attended yesterday.

(Taagnus, RealLifeAU, Magnus is overwhelmed by a performance and doesn’t know how to deal with stuff. Avi helps a little bit. Brad is worried about dental work. Might write more of this?)


Would this ever become easier? Would there be a time when it would just pass him by, a fleeting moment of clouds covering the sun before returning to the good old feeling of summer. Maybe. He didn’t know. Some things had changed of course. This was a different city, a different life, there were people around him, having his back, knowing what it meant when his eyes looked dark in the morning and the shadows on his face seemed to hold on a little tighter than usually.

So, he wasn’t alone today. On this day. Avi’s elbow pressed against his own as the man moved to welcome another bottle of beer from the waiter, opening it up with his teeth like an absolute idiot. “You ought to stop doing that, you won’t have any teeth left when you hit your fifties.”, commented Brad from the other side, his brows knit together in the typically sincere worry right above his thickly rimmed glasses. Avi only laughed and gently shoved at Brad’s arm while taking a swig from the bottle.

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Wonder how many women and girls reach peak trans today?

Feeling so energized by a massive global showing of female strength, humor, love, and solidarity and then hearing or seeing something meant to remind them to keep snipping themselves small, even today.

Can’t let a day pass. Nope.

Even today shouldn’t be about you. Especially today. How can you be so insensitive? You know how it hurts them when they’re left out…

Always think of others. Don’t be selfish. Don’t you want to be good?

Move aside when others want to move in. Be quiet about what you, then, face.

Don’t talk about the things that hurt and threaten you, bodily.

(Unless it’s sexy… then it’s OK.)

Nothing’s just yours, except for the suffering. That, you get to keep.

And keep quiet about it. You know what they experience is so much worse–at least more important. All the time. Never forget that.

Time to focus back on them again, sweetie.

Be good. Stop thinking of yourself.

21.03.2017 / Day 16 of the #gradblrchallenge

Today was sort of crappy; on top of five classes, a teacher approached me and told me to take it easy with my students. I totally get what she meant, but it was infuriating because she managed to be patronizing to me and them. It’s like she believes that I can’t do my job right and that they are not worth the energy because they can’t learn much. I was so upset when I got home that I had to just watch some tv and not think about anything. Anyways, the good part of my day was this outfit, so enjoy.

03.14.17 // @gradblrchallenge day 9 ft. me doing a reading on my bed in sweatpants

I really like the idea of always sitting at a desk to do work and getting into ~work mode~, but that is not who I am and I’ve accepted it.

Today I didn’t get nearly as much done as I meant to, but so it goes. I got my reading journal in at least, and read some more of In Another Place, Not Here. My plan is to finish reading a short story, a ten page article, and another section of Brand before bed tonight. Tomorrow I’ll have to really focus on getting readings done since I slacked off a little today. Hopefully I’ll have a good focus day!!

BIG BANG Reacting to the BIG BOOTY. ;)

How the boys of BIG BANG react when they discover their S/O is a bit more curvy than they already knew; their S/O had a rather large rear end compared to the type of Korean girls they were used to seeing. You had always worn longer shirts and no so tight of pants, wearing skirts and such. It wasn’t that you were ashamed of how you looked you just didn’t show off all your assets all the time, especially when you didn’t know who was conservative and who wasn’t. Today, however, was laundry day. Which meant most of those concealing clothes were in the wash, not that you minded. It just meant you went to visit your boyfriend in a crop top and a rather tight pair of skinny jeans. 

G-Dragon would be very happy to see you showing off how you looked. He already knew exactly how good you could look but the fact that you weren’t overly comfortable with showing it all off made him rather sad. He wanted his S/O to have as much confidence in day to day life as they did in his presence. He’d encourage you to wear this type of thing a lot more often. He’d beckon you over and just like that, his hands would be all over you; at this point his words would go from encouraging to dirty in less than a second. “Damn, jagiya, how’d you get all that in those jeans? Better yet, why don’t you show me how you get out of them.~”

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Out of all the guys in BIG BANG, I feel as though T.O.P has the most appreciation for the human body.

He wouldn’t hide his appreciation for your revealed form, his eyes would be roaming all over your body and he wouldn’t hesitate to shower you in compliments. Like GD, he’d want you to wear this sort of stuff everyday, stating that something so beautiful shouldn’t be masked in the slightest bit, especially not by the opinions of others. Once you stated that you agreed, you most likely would start wearing this sort of thing day to day, he’d be smirking and saying how this means he’d have to show all the men who’d look at you exactly who you were with. “

You know I don’t like sharing, love, and you’re mine, sexiness and all.” 

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He was rather proud that you were showing off your body, even after you telling him the real reason behind you wearing those clothes; he’d still be content with you feeling comfortable enough to show him your body in such a manner. Seeing how confident he is in his body, he would want you to feel like it was alright to be just as confident. “You do realize how sexy you are, right?”

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His double take was anything but stealthy. It was beyond obvious. He really didn’t know how to react, should she compliment you or silently praise? He’d be a mumbling mess when you asked him what he was thinking about. You’d eventually be able to make out something about how amazing you looked. It surely would put a smile on his face when you blushed and thanked him. He’d be so happy that you’re comfortable. “Ah, you look so good, jagi.”

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Those eyes of his would wonder all over your body, not stopping once until you mentioned it. Even when you did mention it, he’d give a smug answer. He would poke a bit of fun at you but it was always backed with a phrase about how good you looked. “I hope you know exactly what you do to me, baby.”

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I found another short dialogue prompt post. I’ve decided that I’m going to choose one for every one of my ships: drarry, snowbaz, wolfstar, ginny/luna, and deamus. 

I present to you, the first installment: Drarry + “You can’t just keep pretending everything’s fine!”


Harry’s whole body felt like it weighed thousands of pounds. He looked up at the ceiling of his bedroom, refusing to get out of bed. He hoped that the day would stay frozen in place, as if his life would transform itself into a watercolor painting. 

He groaned. He was going to talk to Draco today. He hadn’t meant to say anything at all; the story was familiar: a night at the pub and a few blurred drinks. Well, he wasn’t that drunk. But he desperately needed some sort of excuse to avoid the obvious. 

Trying not to think too much about it, Harry rose up from the creaky bed, his back cracking. Surely a shower would do him good. Draco couldn’t see how disheveled it all made him. How frustrated he made him. Malfoy would have a field day with that. 

He threw on an outfit blindly, eager for his morning tea. He was going to do everything under the sun to distract him from what was to come. Though he’d have to make sure he’d have enough energy to argue. He wouldn’t make it through a single interaction with a Malfoy without it. He decided to clean his flat. He washed dishes and clothes, swept the floors, dusted the furniture. All without magic, which showed how desperate he was for work. He even mopped, which was something he hated. Amidst all this, he couldn’t deny that a part of him looked forward to this.

 Because maybe, after all of this, it would be over. It would could be the end of things or the start.

 Harry’s stomach filled with nerves at the thought. He spent the remainder of the time breathing. He focused on the pattern, he watched his lungs expand, he felt the air as it moved rhythmically in and out of his nose. His eyes were closed until the doorbell buzzed.He exhaled quickly and lifted himself from his dining room chair. He pressed the button.

“Potter, it’s me,” Draco spoke, using his usual bored drawl. Harry didn’t say a thing, just letting him in. 

And then, Draco was in front of him. His grey eyes crackled with curiosity, making a judgmental sweep around the flat. Everything was impeccable. 

“Well,” Draco cleared his throat. “I don’t know what the blazes I’m doing here, so you might as well tell me.”

Harry swallowed. He had thought this through so many times in his head, turned it over, flipped it around, turned it inside out. He’d never expected Draco to agree to anything he said; he never had. 

“I want to talk.”

Draco laughed, a stray blond hair swooping over his forehead. “Talk? Now? I think it’s a bit late for that.”

Harry ignored Draco’s last statement. “Yes. Sit down. Would you like some tea?” he gestured to the kettle. 

“Might as well,” Draco responded lazily, removing a green and silver scarf from his neck and setting it on a chair, along with his jacket. They said nothing as Harry prepared the tea, Malfoy rolling his eyes at the way Harry was making things “the long way.” He got up from his place, unable to stand the stifling energy in the kitchen. His eyes focused on some framed photographs. 

Familiar Weasley ginger hair and uncontrollable Granger hair greeted him. All three figures laughed hysterically in the frame. In the next one, Harry was smiling, holding a small boy who was reaching towards Draco. His hair kept changing color. Above that one was a picture of Ginny, and- was that Luna Lovegood kissing her cheek? Ginny’s complexion blushed. 

“Tea’s finished.” Harry said.

 “Took so long I felt myself aging,” Draco replied almost automatically. Making jives at Harry Potter was second nature.

 Harry’s green eyes brightened and he laughed. “Oh shut up, Malfoy.”

Draco raised an eyebrow. “Is that any way to treat a guest? I might just leave.”

Harry scoffed, but remained playful. “Just sit here and listen to me.”

Demanding, Draco thought. He wiped the small smile from his face and sat down, Harry following suit. 

“I’m done,” Harry began.

Draco furrowed his eyebrows, fingers wrapped around a warm mug. “Done with what?”

Harry gesticulated towards himself and Draco. “This-this, rivalry, or whatever this is.”

Draco noticed Harry’s emphasis of the word this. “You’re saying this as if we have something,” he sipped the tea, which was actually delicious. Not that he would admit that, of course. 

“‘Because we do. I’m done pretending to be blind to it.” Harry wouldn’t take his eyes off Draco’s face. They burned him, causing him to blush. 

Draco wanted to slam his fist against the wooden table and shout that he had no idea what he was on about. But he did. They had kissed. They slept together. Not fully conscious; they always found themselves inebriated when these things happened. Draco wished the alcohol would do its bloody job and make him forget. Even if the memories were fuzzy, his skin was alive with the sensation of Harry’s touch. This is what happened when Draco allowed himself to open up. When he opened up, it led him to Harry Potter’s flat, which spoke volumes, but Draco didn’t listen. 

Despite this, Draco took his eyes away from Harry’s centerpiece and dragged his hand through his hair, meeting his eyes. “I have no idea what you’re on about,”

Harry sighed exasperatedly. “Do you like using all of your energy to hate me? Because I sure don’t. I’m taking a bloody break.” 

I hate you because I’m afraid of what loving you could mean,  Draco shouted internally.  I hate you because hating you is all I’ve ever known, and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself otherwise. 

That was a lie. He knew exactly what he would do with himself, starting with Harry’s unruly hair and ending at his lips.

He knew exactly what to do with himself, he just didn’t trust himself to stop there. 

Harry decided to just keep going. Draco wasn’t responding, his eyes clouded with thought; Draco wasn’t leaving until he heard everything Harry had to say. 

“You can’t just keep pretending things are fine!” Harry yelled, voice echoing. The glasses drying next to the sink tinkled. “That things are fine the way they are!” 

“Harry,” Draco interrupted calmly, startling him. “I can’t. My father-”

Harry’s eyes were ablaze. “Who the fuck cares what your father thinks? We’re not at school anymore. You’re an adult. You do what you want,” He set his strong arms on the table, leaning over to Draco. His breathing was heavy. Everything in Draco’s body pounded. His heart was trying to catapult itself into Harry’s hands.  Here, have it if you want it so bad…God knows I don’t. 

“So what do you want?” 

The question weighed tons on Draco’s shoulders. Harry’s breath was warm and his skin smelled of his body soap. 

Draco licked his lips nervously. “Look, I’m flattered, Potter-” his chair nearly tipped over and he nearly choked on his own saliva. Harry was done talking. They had talked and bickered all eight bloody years at school. 

He kissed Draco. Softly, quietly, as if this was the most normal thing in the world. The mid afternoon sun peaked through the clouds, snaking through the blinds above the sink. Draco heard the birds twittering. 

“I don’t want to be drunk every time I see you,” Harry whispered. 

Draco gave up. He was exhausted of playing this act. He was tired of repressing this part of himself. He felt lighter, somehow. “I don’t want to regret you the next morning, because I don’t…” he replied against Harry’s lips, which twitched ever so slightly. 

“I want to feel you,” Harry was smiling now, dimple and all. “Sober. Draco full force.”

“Mmm,” Draco couldn’t help but smile in return. “Are you sure you’ll survive that?”

“To be honest, I’m not so sure,” Harry chuckled, a light blush coming over his cheeks. Not so intimidating now, was he?

“So what do you say? You and me, completely sober, on a date.”

Draco sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes. “Well, I suppose I could clear my calendar.”

Harry laughed, pecking Draco again. Suddenly, his face fell. 

“My tea’s gone cold.”