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I bet you all forgot about this guy, Stan S81-J jumping through portals as he does

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Katsuki shouto and Momo screwing up something important but instead of getting angry at them the s/o pretends to be fine about it

Bakugou shoots up in his bed, sitting straight up. His head whips over to the clock on his nightstand. He glares are the numbers staring back at him. Ah, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck him in the motherfucking asshole. He fucking overslept. Bakugou grabs his phone only to see multiple texts from his partner.

Babe, are you coming?

You promised Katsuhiko you would.

Please hurry. He’ll be on soon.

He did great. We’re headed home.

Bakugou rubs his face with his hand. Shit. He was only supposed to sleep for an hour. That was the plan. Shower. Sleep. Wake up. Go to Katsuhiko’s recital. He had a solo. His first solo. Bakugou was supposed to be there. It didn’t matter if his muscles were so sore that he could barely move. It didn’t matter that he felt like he hadn’t slept in days. It didn’t matter if he’s stressed to hell over this new villain. He promised Katsuhiko that he would be there. What kind of hero … what kind of father is he?

Bakugou finishes pulling a shirt over his body when he hears the front door open. You walk in, followed by your son and daughter. He walks into the living room to find the rest of his family staring back at him. Katsumi takes her brother’s hand and pulls him past their father with an up-turnt nose.

“Mom says we’re not supposed to talk to you,” Katsumi says, sitting on the couch with her younger brother at her side.

You place Katsuhiko’s cello down by the coat rack and stare at your husband with a furrowed brow. You kick off your shoes, pushing passed Bakugou and entering the kitchen. He follows close behind you. Bakugou wraps an arms around your waist, pulling you back against his chest.  

“On a scale of pissed to furious, how fucked am I?”

“I’m … I’m not mad,” you sigh, “I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but you promised him. And you know how much this meant to him.”

Bakugou breathes, “I know. I fucked up.”

“Yeah, you did, and I’m glad you know you did. But you still have to make it up to Hiko.”

“I fucking know, dammit.”

“Good,” you smile as you slip from his grasp, “Hiko wants hamburger steak for dinner. You can get started on making up to him that way.”

You teasingly pat Bakugou on the cheek. He snaps at your hand with his teeth as you laugh, walking out of the kitchen to join your children in the living room. Bakugou huffs. Turning to the sink, he washes his hands. He’s got a lot of making up to do.

Todoroki sits on the edge of his daughters’ bed after he finishes tucking them in.

“Did you have fun at your birthday party?” Todoroki asks, tucking the blankets in around his daughters.

Yuki yawns and nods her head. Her eyelids are already heavy, worn out from an evening of fun with their friends. She smiles when Todoroki bends down and pecks her forehead. He turns to Yoko who is still staring at him rather expectantly. He peppers little kisses over her cheeks as she giggles quietly. Todoroki smiles, hearing his little girl’s bubbly laugh.

“What about you, Yoko? Did you have fun?”

“I had lots of fun, Daddy. I’m so happy because Uncle Deku came too,” Yoko says, “And I’m gonna go to sleep now so I have even more energy to have more fun tomorrow!”

“What a good idea, sunshine.”

Todoroki gives each of his girls another kiss before he leaves the room, making sure he turns on the night light and leaves a crack in the door. He walks into the living room to find you curled on the couch with a glass of wine in your hands. Today had went off without a hitch. Todoroki had booked the venue weeks in advances, made sure the cake would be made on time, and he even got no. 1 hero Deku to stop by. So why … why does he feel like he’s forgetting something as he sits next to you.

“The girls asleep?”


You breathe and raise your wine glass, “Well, it’s late, but happy anniversary, Shouto.”

He watches as you knock back the rest of the red liquid. No … no, that’s not today. Because today is Yoko and Yuki’s birthday. (Month) (day). And your anniversary is on … (Month) (day) … Todoroki’s eyes widen.

“I’m not mad. I’m just happy Yoko and Yuki’s birthday party went well, and thanks for getting Deku to come.”

“(Name), I’m so sorry. I—”

“Shouto, it’s really okay.”

You gasp as your husband presses kisses to your neck. He grabs the wine glass, placing it on the coffee table as he lays you back against the couch. Todoroki pecks your lips.

“Well, it’s not to late if we still want to celebra—”

“Nah. I’m tired.”

You roll out from under Todoroki and head to your bedroom. He blinks as he watches your form disappear down the hallway. He sighs, laying on his stomach and pressing his face into the pillows of the couch. He’s definetely going to the jewelry store first thing in the morning. 

“Mother,” Momoe sits on the counter top swinging her feet as she watches her mother run around the kitchen and living room, “Mother.”

Yaoyorozu pops into the kitchen, checking on her soup before returning to the kitchen to finish creating more decorations for the table. Her daughter’s eyes are focused on her mother’s slightly frazzled form. Yaoyorozu takes a small breath. She knows she has people to help her, but she really wants to make a nice dinner for her family and her in-laws. By herself. And she can do it.

“Mother,” Momoe speaks up again.

Yaoyorozu stops and looks at her daughter who is staring at her with eyes so very reminiscent of yours. She smiles at Momoe, tucking a free strand of hair behind her daughter’s ear.

“Yes, Momoe, dear?”

“Mother, I think something is burning.”

Burning? Yaoyorozu sniffs the air, panic rising in her eyes. She opens the oven and a black plume of smoke billows out. She coughs and fans the the air around her.

“Momoe, open up some windows, honey,” Yaoyorozu says, creating a fire extinguisher from her thigh.

Momoe nods, cautiously sliding down from the counter and running over to the window. Yaoyorozu sprays the burning mess with the extinguisher. She bites her lip, feeling tears start to sting in her eyes. Yaoyorozu had it all planned out, but now it’s ruined and you are going to be home any minute and …

“Babe, Momoe!” you sing as you throw open the door, “I’m ho— What the heck is going on?”

You are greeting with the sight of your daughter fanning the smoke alarm as smoke curls out of the window. You recoil when the smell of burnt food hits your nostrils. Fanning the space in front of your face, you make your way into kitchen. Your wife stands, clutching the red fire extinguisher close to her chest.

“Ah, (Name)! Y-You’re early! You’re parents aren’t here are they?”

“No, I’m going to pick them up in an hour. What’s going on though? Was that dinner?”

She doesn’t respond, but you know the answer. You take the fire extinguisher from your wife’s hands and use your thumb to wipe away her beading tears. Yaoyorozu looks down at her hands. She can’t even make dinner for her family. How useless is she? How could she mess up something so important. You cup her face, bring her gaze back to yours.

“Hey, hey, hey, no tears, babe,” you say with a smile on your face.

“B-But I promised that I—”

“I’m not mad or anything. We’ll just go out for dinner,” you peck Yaoyorozu’s lips, “What do you think, Momoe?”

Your daughter bounds up to the two of you and wraps her arms around Yaoyorozu’s leg. You stroke Momoe’s dark hair as she grins up at you.

“See. Everything is gonna be fine, babe.”

Yaoyorozu nods, wiping the last of her tears. You kiss her again, and she smiles against your lips feeling Momoe squeeze her leg in a tight hug. Everything would be okay, but she is definitely going to make that dinner for you and Momoe. Just not tonight.

Sleep - pt 6

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Jimin slammed the front door closed and walked straight into his room, without noticing that you were siting down in the kitchen enjoying some watermelon.

He obviously wasn’t in a good mood so you continued reading your book. A few moments later he came out of the room, towel in hand, and locking eyes with you.

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Torn - Part 5

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A/N: I’m curious, let me know if you’re rooting for either of the boys :)

Summary: After your breakup with Seokwoo, you get the help of Taeyang to forget about him. The feelings are still there though, making you torn between a sweet ex and a passionate boyfriend.

Word count: 1,7k

(cr. kingrowoon)

New and Remaining Feelings

Tuesday afternoon and 16 hours of studying later, you felt completely exhausted. The weeks before spring break were always the worst – the professors wanted you to have been through the majority of the curriculum pre the examination period. Suddenly, you remembered that you had plans with Taeyang. Your heart dropped to your stomach as you felt even more tired than initially. You thought about cancelling and just going to sleep early, maybe taking a bath after all the work.

While considering the situation, a message appeared on your phone.

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Into You

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“Different people awaken different beast in you.”

Summary: Jackson the guy who’s known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.


Previous Parts:

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Part 10 is here~

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Remember how we were talking about you not have your first kiss?” Jackson asks causing you to slowly nod getting scared about where this was going.

“Yes what about it?” you questioned him nervously and he smiles.

“I know you think Jaebum will be the perfect first kiss. But I know someone else in mind.” Jackson says and you continued to stare at him.

“Who?” you asked and he takes a moment of silence and finally speaks up.

“Me,” Jackson blurts out and your eyes widen. Are you hearing correctly?

“What?” you asked totally taken back.

“Look, friends do this all the time. Look at it this way. I am helping you practice before you really kiss that one special person.” Jackson says and you couldn’t help but to laugh. Where you really going to buy this bullshit?

“You make it seem like something could go wrong,” you said rolling your eyes and you took one glance at him and watched him nod his head causing you to freeze.

“Yes, what if you can’t kiss properly?” Jackson asks and your eyes widen. He’s right! You never kissed anyone in your life, how were you suppose to know whether you were kissing the correct way or not.

“Fine. But this better be our little secret,” you said giving in and he lifts both of his hands up and nods.

You took a deep breath and felt Jackson softly place his hand on your cheek. You both began to slowly lean in feeling your heart race faster and faster as you two leaned closer.

His lips was inches away from yours..

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"'I really must be sleeping now,'

the Host starts, yawning lightly. I had such a busy night yesterday that I was unable to get as much sleep as I wanted, so now I am very tired. Ah, well, I wish I had more time today. I have things to do tomorrow and for the rest of the week, and even though I’ll more time than last week, it’s still a lot less time than I would prefer. Anyway, I suppose I’ll talk to you all tomorrow. Goodnight, dear Readers. Goodnight.’“

Dr. Jongin and Mr. Kai (Part 18)

part 1, part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 ,Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17 , Part 19

Mark stayed with you, talking to you, until your eyelids became heavy, and you could no longer control your body. You leaned your head on his shoulder as he told you a story about one of the seminars he had attended this week, and before he knew it, you had fallen into Morpheus arms.

Mark stared at you with a saddened yet loving expression, as he watched how your lips parted slightly, and your breathing became deeper, and softer, and all he wanted was to caress your face, and kiss your lips ever so softly, but he knew that was wrong. You had a boyfriend, even if he was an asshole, and until you had officially broken up, he couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything. He was scared of becoming a regret.

He looked around the room, and figured he couldn’t stay the night over, that would only cause you more trouble with Jongin if he found out, and the man looked troubled enough as it was. So he gently slipped from under you, and positioned you on the bed, so you were lying horizontally on the mattress, with your pillow temporarily replacing Mark’s shoulder. He sighed, as he wrapped the blankets around you tightly, tucking you in perfectly so you wouldn’t get cold.

He grabbed his things, and made his way to the door, turning one last time to look at your peaceful sleeping state, and then walked out of your apartment, making sure no one saw him. He didn’t want to get you into any trouble or uncomfortable situations, but all he could think about was how warm you felt in his arms, and how wonderful those few seconds of bliss had been.

The next day you woke up feeling a little dehydrated, with a pounding headache, you groaned, as you rolled around in bed, remembering the argument with Kai. You checked your phone, and saw no messages yet, it saddened you, but you knew that it was most likely because Jongin had taken over. This honestly felt like something out of the most bizarre drama.

As you crushed your face against the pillow, your nose caught a scent you had smelled before, but didn’t belong in your house. Mark. It was Mark’s cologne. It should have alarmed you, but for some reason, it comforted you. You felt safe.

You got up, and went about your day as usual, you made yourself breakfast, and grabbed some painkillers. You made sure to re-hydrate yourself again, so the headache would go away faster, and then you plopped down onto your couch, with your laptop on your thighs, and began working on an assignment. You were interested in the topic, so the words came to you easily. You typed quickly, editing, and re-editing each paragraph, to use the most adequate words you could find to convey the right feelings.

With a quick look at the clock, you sighed, saving your work, and closing the lid of your laptop, leaving it on the armrest of your couch, before jumping in the shower. You didn’t want to wash off Mark’s scent, it had kept you comforted throughout the day, but then again, you didn’t want to be filthy either.

You rubbed at your skin with the soap, ridding it of any traces of the night before. You didn’t want to remember the frustration you felt, the words that hurt you, and the way it felt like you were being torn at the heart.

You got dressed, grabbed food, and headed out for your shift at the store. The streets were so much more crowded during the day, and that brought you security, however, due to past experiences, your eyes still darted from one side of the street to the other, and your ears perked up whenever you heard footsteps coming your way.

You entered the store, to find a very flustered Mark looking at you with a heavy box in his hands. The memories of the previous night rushing back to your mind, you blushed. You noticed Mark begin to struggle under the weight of the box, so your ran forward, to hold it with him.

“What are you doing here today?” You asked him curiously, he looked at your eyes with a shy smile and looked away.

“Haewon couldn’t come today, so she asked me to trade shifts with her this week. She takes mine tomorrow morning.” Mark told you, his pearly whites poking through.

“Ah… I see. Well I’m glad you’re here, you’re more fun to talk to!” You told him animatedly, poking his shoulder lightly. He smiled and blushed, but he knew you didn’t mean it in a romantic way, and so he felt his  heart shrivel with pain.

You had fun at the store with Mark, even though today was a particularly slow day. He entertained you by acting silly, and telling you even more anecdotes with his friend Jackson. And honestly, you had almost forgotten about Kai.

“Ah, Y/N… by the way, the people from the store and I are going out tonight. I know you are probably not in the mood,  but I wanted to ask if you would come too? I think it would be good for you, to have fun, and relax a little.” Mark asked you shyly, bracing himself for the imminent negative response, but you smiled at him, and after a couple seconds of considering you nodded.

“yeah, I think I need a few drinks and good music.” You told him, nodding your head, as you began to picture the night in your mind. Mark’s entire face lit up, but you couldn’t see it. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, and you knew exactly who it was, but right now you weren’t in the mood to talk to him, either of him. You let the phone ring until he hung up, and continued to ask Mark details about the night.

Honestly, a part of you wanted Kai to be there, to apologize like in shoujo mangas, and rescue you, but the other part wanted nothing to do with him for the time being. Who could have imagined all the events that would unfold, from a simple night out?


day 2 at anime boston! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/

today was even more crowded than yesterday! so that meant so many more awesome cosplays! got up bright and early again today and checked out some of the new panels. later we walked around and just started taking mad photos of everyone, because they were all so good! (click pics for more captions)

other than the panels, we went to a screening of the dub premiere of rock lee and friends and omg it was so funny and cute! after, we went out to eat and headed back for the masquerade, which was pretty fun! i didn’t know what it was so it was a nice surprise. before we left, we went back to the artists alley to pick up a few more things. i got this reaaaaaally cute hinata cell phone strap that was really well made c: 

today was my last day since i have to head back to campus tomorrow morning, but all in all, it was a really fun experience and i’m glad i was able to go! i’ll definitely wanna go back again some time and cosplay cuz i was a butt and didn’t this time around. maybe i’ll even try selling art? anyways, i hope you guys all had a good time for those who went!!

Happy Birthday Princess.

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Paring: Derek x Reader

Request: It’s my birthday tomorrow, could I get a derek hale birthday imagine where he buys the reader sexy lingerie and she opens it up as a usual gift in front of the pack and blushes and knows it’s from derek but he smirks and whispers to her and everyone’s hollering and liam hides his face bc he’s the baby of the pack haha please x

Requested by: Anonymous


Word count: 1365

Your name: submit What is this?

It was the day before Y/N’s 21st birthday. She was as excited as any other girl, now turning woman. Y/N woke up to her phone ringing. “Yo, I just woke up. This better be important.” She said groggily. “You sound cute like that.” The manly voice said through the phone. “Derek.” Y/N groaned. “Yes princess?” Y/N got a chill up her spine when she heard that pet name. It was her favorite. It made her feel spoilt. “We’re going shopping.” Derek said, his smile evident through the phone. “So get ready, I’ll be there in 30,” Derek said. “I hope that’s enough time.” Y/N mumbled in the phone. Y/N got dressed and she met Derek outside of her apartment. “Hey Princess.” Derek smiled and hugged her waist. “Hey babe.” Y/N giggled. “Come on let’s go.” Derek insisted. Y/N laughed and got in the car.

The couple got to the mall safely and they walked inside. Y/N gripped onto Derek’s arm. He really did make her feel safe. “Get anything you want.” Derek smiled down at Y/N. “Really?” Y/N looked up at him. “Yeah of course. Tomorrow is your birthday and I want to make sure that my princess is taken care of.” He laughed. “You spoil me too much.” Y/N covered her face. “Because it’s nice to see you happy. Now come on get what you want.” He basically pushed you into H&M. After a few hours of shopping and a whole lot of bags, the couple decided to got to one more place, PINK. Y/N absolutely loved this store. With it being connected to VS, Derek decided to be sneaky while Y/N was in the dressing rooms and pick something out. It was a white lacy lingerie set. She quickly rung it up before Y/N came out of the dressing rooms. “Do you have like a blank bag that I could use? It’s a surprise for my girlfriend.” Derek smiled at the cashier and she nodded, went to the back and came back with a blank brown bag. “Thank you.” Derek said and walked to find Y/N. “Sorry, my arms got tired.” He lied. “Let me hold some bags.” Y/N laughed and tried to grab it but Derek snatched them away quickly. “No, did you find anything you like?” Y/N nodded and showed him the black windbreaker. Derek paid for it and they both went to the car. “The night is not over princess.” Derek smiled, pulling up to a movie theater. It was just six PM. “What are we watching?” Y/N asked and got out of the car. “Didn’t you want to watch Creed?” Derek said, walking into the movie theater. “Yes oh my gosh. Michael B. Jordan is so good looking.” Y/N exclaimed and Derek just looked at her. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”

After they watched the movie, they went to a restaurant. “You’re spoiling me too much.” Y/N giggle as she reached over the booth to give him a kiss. “You’re worth it. I like seeing you happy.” Derek smiled. “Remember how we met?” Y/N blushed, looking down at the table. “Ugh, don’t remind me.” Derek groaned. “I saw you one time while jogging and I thought that you were really pretty and I wasn’t looking were I was going and I tripped over and you came running over to help me.” Derek laughed, looking at Y/N Was having a laughing fit. This moment, Derek realized that he really loved her. The two have been dating for almost a year but they never really told each other. “I love you.” Derek said with a slight smile on his face. Y/N stopped laughing immediately. “What?” She smiled. “I said I love you.” “I love you too.” Y/N said a bit shyly.

After their dinner, Derek dropped Y/N off at the apartment complex and walked her to the door. “Today was fun.” Y/N blushed, looking up at Derek. “It was, and we’ll have even more fun tomorrow.” Derek smiled. “All of us.” He said, referring to the pack. “What are we doing?” Y/N asked. “Now, that’s a surprise.” Derek laughed at Y/N’s face, which turned up in frustration. “Good night Princess.” Derek whispered after kissing her goodnight.

Y/N woke up to a bunch of notifications on her phone, I was her birthday but she had work. Y/N works at an office. She got an internship there but everyone treats her like she is a worker. They all even threw a party for her. She went to her desk to see pink balloons pinned on the little wall. She smiled at the sight and started her work. About 30 minutes before she was allowed to leave, she got a text from Derek saying that she should go home, change and come to the loft at 3. Y/N’s days were shorter than the regular workers because she was only an intern. She said bye to all of her friends and started walking to her car to go home. Y/N changed into her everyday clothes and drove to the loft.

Y/N walked into the loft. She went all out for her birthday. She had a pink tiara and a pink sash that wrote ‘Happy 21st birthday.’ The pack was told to meet at the loft for a little party for Y/N. “Birthday princess.” Derek said walking towards Y/N. He had a smirk on his lips. “What?” Y/N asked looking at down her clothes. “Do I look bad?” Y/N dusted off her pants absentmindedly. “No, no you look fine.” Derek said and started setting up the present table. Derek had kept all the clothes and wrapped them. There were other items as well. “You just sit down, the rest of the pack will be here any minute.” Derek smiled. The loft was set up with snacks everywhere. It was so nice that Derek did all of this for Y/N.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Y/N, Happy birthday to you.” A collective group of people started singing as they came through the door. It was the pack and Scott was holding a cake. “Make a wish.” Lydia said and Y/N closed her eyes and blew out the candle. Everyone clapped and Y/N was overwhelmed with feelings. She started crying. Liam Immediately took notice and ran to hug her. “I’m alright, I’m alright.” She laughed, whipping her eyes. “I’m just really grateful for you all.” She smiled at the pack and they smiled back at her. Liam was still around her waist so she ruffled his hair and smiled down at him.

As the party was getting to a close it was time to open presents. “Stiles, you go first.” Derek said. “Alright. Y/N, I got you something that you have always wanted.” Stiles exclaimed, Bringing out the small rectangle. He handed it to Y/N and she opened it excitedly and it turned out to be a homemade coupon card. “Oh my gosh I love it.” Y/N said. “Really?” Stiles smiled and jumped up and down. Y/N got up and went to hug him. “Thank you Stiles.” This went on until all the presents were opened. Kira got Y/N nun-chucks. Lydia got Y/N an eye shadow pallet. Scott got Y/N a motorbike helmet. Liam got Y/N a bunch of plushies. Last was Derek. Y/N was surprised that he got one more thing even after what went on yesterday. “Another present?” Y/N looked at Derek in disbelief but he just walked over to her and gestured her to open the box. Y/N giggled and opened the box. She felt her cheeks begin to warm up as she brought out the complete lingerie set. “Happy birthday Princess, do you want to try it on, or what?” Derek whispered in Y/N’s ear, making a shiver go down her back. The pack started hollering but Liam covered his face in embarrassment. Scott took it upon himself to do fatherly duties and cover his ears as well. “Alright, party is over. I have to discuss something with Y/N. Bye~” Derek basically pushed the pack out. “Alright Princess, Go and change, I’ll be up shortly.” Derek’s eyes darkened and Y/N ran up the stairs eagerly.

Add Me In (j.g. & s.w.) (pt. ||)

“She’s mine.” Sam said as he walked away. “We’ll see about that.” (x)


(Sam’s POV)

So, here I was. Standing outside the main building of UCLA, waiting for Malia to come out.

To be real, I had no fucking idea where I was. There were so many buildings and I had no clue of where she had class or where she lived. She did tell me she lived on campus, so that’s… good for her I guess?

It was the next day after I found out that Gilinsky and I had been eyeing the same girl for a while. There was no way in hell he was going to steal her away from me. I met her first anyways.

There were girls whispering to each other while looking at me. I noticed a couple of them and smirked, making them giggle and turn red as hell. Oh the affect I have on girls.

I was waiting for Malia, still. But after an hour I realized it was fucking dumb what I was doing. I was standing outside one of the hunderd buildings in this university and I was suppose to expect Malia here somewhere. Good thinking, Wilkinson.

“Hey, Sam!” I heard a lovely voice say as I called her up.

“Hey, are you in class right now?” I asked her.

“No, I’m in my dorm actually.” She answered.

“Oh, where’s your dorm?”

“Uh, what do you mean?”

I rolled my eyes. “Babe, what do you think it means?” I chuckled.

“Well, I’m supposing you’re on campus now?”

“Ding, ding. ding! We’ve got a winner!”

I heard her giggle on the other line. Cutie. “Where are you? I’ll come here and we’ll walk to my dorm. Explaining where I live here is pretty confusing.” I agreed with her and ten minutes later the cutie was in front of my face.

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