today was a very good today! (:

Spring Cleaning Read-a-thon | Day 2

Books Read Today:
- East of Eden by John Steinbeck (31 pages)
- A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (32 pages)
- The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan (154 pages)
- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (22 pages)

Total Pages Read: 433

Books Finished:
- East of Eden by John Steinbeck

So, today I jumped around a bit between books, but overall I got some solid reading done. I finished East of Eden, which had such a great ending, and finally started The Tropic of Serpents. I’m still finding acowar not very interesting, while today’s Les Mis reread involved me suppressing the urge to punch Tholomyes in his fucking face. Good times.

Just A BTS appreciation post

Jungkook, sleep well and eat well. ARMYs thank you for being such an adorable and hardworking person. We know you were very quiet today, but we know how thankful and grateful you are to us but we’re also so proud of you! You worked hard, now sleep well, Jungkook. You deserve it. 💜💜💜

J-hope, thank you for providing the BBMAs with your positivity and brightness. You worked hard, good job. Sleep and rest because you’ve been working so hard while being our hope and sunshine. You deserve a good sleep and the happiness you have! 💜💜💜

Jimin, you are so adorable and spoil ARMYs constantly with your smiles and cuteness. You were so handsome and adorable and great today! We love you, Jimin! Sleep well, Jiminie. You did well! 💜💜💜

Jin, thank you for being such a humorous, adorable and hardworking member of BTS. We all appreciate your hard work, your dancing skills and obviously your face. We love you. You worked hard, good job. Now rest well, Jin. 💜💜💜

Taehyung!!! Omg! You looked like you had so much fun!!! Were the BBMAs fun? They probably were! ARMYs are so proud of you and your hyungs and we just want to thank you for being such an adorable, beautiful and hard-working member of BTS! We love you! You worked hard, Taehyung. Now rest well! 💜💜💜

Suga, was today fun? You probably had alot of fun today- I’ve caught you smiling so many times!! Well, I’m thanking you for being such an invaluable member to BTS and I just want to let you know how proud we are of you!!! Thank you for everything Suga!! Now, sleep well, Min Yoongi- you deserve it, okay?

Rapmonster!!! My one and only bias, do you know how proud I am of you??? You worked so hard today!! You spoke in English the entire time, made a speech for BTS and was always keeping the other members in the loop of what was going on… I’m so proud of you and of how hard you guys have been working. Remember that ARMYs love you and that we’re all so proud of you. Seriously, RM… Good job!! 💜💜💜

Miyawaki Sakura Google + May 21, 2017

Good evening!

Today, I went to a walk on the morning〜!
When you start moving at so early at the morning, the day seems like it is so long😱

Only, I did my best from the morning, the time I came home, my legs were really tired, and I couldn’t move from my bed… 笑(lol) Everything is done moderately…笑(lol)

Now, as expected, I am restored! 

Today, for the whole day, I was worried about Shige-chan. It’s very difficult to run 49km, after all…
But, she was able to run until the end, and was very cool. I receive courage from her.

Seeing HKT members thinking about videos and projects, makes me very happy, and I receive a lot of motivation! I will do my best too〜😊

Good night。
Sakura sake!

The first time I met my boyfriend’s grandparents, I was terrified. First, I really wanted them to like me, and second, he told me they were pretty religious. They’re Roman Catholic, but I’m Jewish, and I didn’t get the impression from the rest of his family that that would upset them, but I wasn’t sure they’d be chill with us dating, and I’m always afraid of those unconscious, anti-semitic micro-aggressions. 

Sure enough, within an hour of meeting me they asked if I was religious, in a way that was obviously asking if I had a religion, and which one it was. I calmly told them I was Jewish, and my boyfriend’s grandmother lit up. Her mother was a Syrian who moved to Brooklyn in the early 1900′s and she grew up in a Syrian and Jewish community in Brooklyn and boy wasn’t it nice to have someone around who could help her with her Jewish pastry. It was really pleasant. His grandfather was mostly quiet. 

After lunch, he and I shared a cup of coffee and some cookies and I told him about my brothers. He asked if my mom was ok with me dating a gentile. And then he looked around, saw we were alone for a sec, and asked me to follow him out to the garage. In the garage he asked me to take an old picnic basket down from off a cabinet. And then he told me to open it. The moment the lid came off I knew. I knew that shade of red. He told me to take it out and lay it across the floor. It was a Nazi flag. Not just a Nazi flag, but one that was big enough to fly outside a government office, like a massive one. I laid it out, ice in my veins, trying to figure out what was about to happen next. And then he told me to take my shoes off and stand on it. 

He told me his vision wasn’t good enough to get into the army, so he snuck on a ship and figured that they’d have to deal with him when he was in Europe, and that’s what happened. He told me he went because they all knew it was bad, and he wanted to help. He told me he took the flag off of some dead Nazis. He told me to go home and tell my mother that I was safe with these goyim she’d never met, that I was loved and welcome and that they’d fight for me. He told me “Never Again”.

He passed away a few years ago, and only after his death, cleaning out his closets did we find his old patches and look up his division. This quiet man who said very little but always shared a cup of coffee with me after lunch was in an anti-tank division, and he and his division liberated camps in Poland. He saw the horrors, first hand. 

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today is a day to reaffirm our promise of “Never Again”. Today is a day to remember that the only way for things to get better is to fight. Today is a good day to punch a Nazi. Do it for me. Do it for Grandpa Rocco. Do it for the world. 

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life

anonymous asked:

How can I become a bird?

Option 1: Several million years of highly selective breeding

Pros: Low demand, high return.

Cons: …Eventually. 

Conclusion: Very worth it, for your (great)800  grandchild. The real deal. Possibility of ending up with mammalian scansoriopterygids along the way. 10/10 would recommend. 

Option 2: Several thousand dollars worth of gear and training

Pros: Immediate returns. 

Cons: Possibility of death. Even worse, people take you for some kind of winged mammal instead. Horrible

Conclusion: Totally worth being poor as heck and dead. Won’t survive long enough to further your species, so who cares what your offspring might think. 10/10 would definitely.

Option 3: 

Pros: Well

Cons: Yikes

Conclusion: Maybe………………………………. don’t.


In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak

Hello!! Wow, this is the first time I have ever posted a picture of myself to my studyblr. I hope this is ok. I feel so happy to be in the world and I just wanted to share it ✨

This is an entire universe, Skyfire, waiting for us! And we will experience all of it together!

A quick little thing for Valentine’s Day! (or Friend day or whatever type of day you would like to celebrate today!) I had wanted to make something cleaner and bigger, but today was work day so I didn’t get a lot of time for anything more than a colored scribble. Maybe later this week.

But!! I’d still like to take the opportunity and wish you all a very good day/evening/night, I appreciate all the kind words and support I’ve received from you lovely people over the three years that this blog has existed and just, thank you all! The Transformers experience has been a fantastic one for me thanks to you and I wish you all the Best!