today was a special day

tmw waifu carries u 

Today(or tomorrow, timezones lol) is a special day, HBD Sakura !! She’s come so far and I’m so proud of the person she’s become ///   Thank-you for being an inspiration throughout the years! 😭✨💖

Please do not repost my art 

3 years !!!

So today is a special day, my Tumblr blog is 3 years old !! I still remember creating it randomly, wanting to share my DSi animations but not that much, knowing people would not be that much interested.

But your prove me I was wrong, so many adventures and fun we got there on Tumblr, Thanks to you I developed my style even more and created characters that follow me all of the time now, I finally found myself thanks to you all !! 

I’m happy that I could make you laugh that much with my silly animations, thanks to you all for helping me improving my English!!

Well Time goes by fast but it’s only the beginning ! I can’t wait to make even more animations and share all with you ! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THESE YEARS !! Can’t wait to continue this journey with you all !!

You make me proud of what I do, Animation !!

Merci tout le monde pour votre soutien éternel, vraiment je suis encore plus fier de faire ce que je fais !! c’est incroyable la force que vous me donnez !!

Je vous aime tous !!! Happy Birthday my blog, you are tall now x) 


Did somebody ask for a SVTFOE Dating Sim? No? Well here’s one anyway!

Hi @atomicmangos, it’s me VGMdude! I was your Secret Santa for the event that @star-vs-secrets created! I really hope you like this little svtfoe dating sim mockup I made. I also want to thank you for always making my day even better with your amazing art and wonderful streams and I love the entire mango fam that has emerged from all the streaming that you’ve done. Here’s to a New Year and I hope you have a great day today! (also special thanks to @star-vs-secrets for making this wonderful event! you are awesome for making this!)


When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


Today has been a special day. The highlight has been spending time with my little man. Soon he will be going to school, then graduating and won’t have time for dates with his mom. So I cherish what I have now.


I told her today…..
Let’s Play Truth or Dare.
Truth, tell me how you really feel.
Dare, prove it.
And here she goes……today was a special day for both of us….had planned some celebrations and see what she does at the breakfast table at a Five Star Hotel in the capital …..she went without panties under her body hugging dress and gave everyone around us a show……tried to get some pics from under the table.
My excitement is clearly visible from the quality of the pics 😂was actually unable to keep my hands under control and stable.❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

What if...

…there was a ‘Markiplier App’. Essentially it didn’t do much. When you downloaded it you had the option to ‘hide’ it on your screen so others didnt know it was there. Every morning, at a time you chose when you download the app, your phone pings. The next time you unlock your phone, there is a pink moustache on your screen. You click it, and its Mark. A tiny little Mark in your phone, he blows condensation on the screen and writes you a little message - ‘Keep going!’ ‘I believe in you’ ‘I stepped in Chinas poop today’, and on a special day (your birthday, an anniversary, a date special in your heart) Mark would write a personalised message just for you.

1D Hiatus: Day 403

* Liam changes his profile and cover pictures on Facebook and Twitter

* Louis and Steve do radio promo for ‘Just Hold On’

* Louis finally reveals what his ass tattoo is during one of the interviews (it’s a penguin wearing headphones)

* Louis gets papped out in LA

* Louis appears on Steve’s Snapchat and Instagram stories

* An article by Dan Wootton about Louis and Danielle’s relationship being over is released by The Sun

* #LounielleIsOverParty trends on Twitter

* Liam does a small Facebook livestream

* Niall wins a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Breakout Star, thanks everybody who’s voted via Twitter

It’s Jan 19th, 2017.

mary2526op  asked:

hey Ink, Error! Today is Valentine's Day! You are planning something special? And here are the chocolates for you * gives chocolates *I love you guys ♡

*Hey there, the creators here! Aww, thanks for the chocolates! We haven’t planned anything big, just enjoyed the day as it is. Hope you had a good day as well!

I hope you don’t mind we take the chocolate and thank you in the name of those two. Also sorry for the lack of updates recently. Happy belated Valentine’s Day! 

How many seconds in a day do we waste? Ask yourself that. How many days do you move around without much of a sincere interaction? How many times do you see loved ones and just enjoy it casually? It’s that thought. You know which one. The “oh, they’ll always be there” and the “i see you every day, what makes today so special?” That’s the thing… they won’t always be there. So when it’ll be ironic that I’m telling you to open up, to feel… because I’m the kind of guy that likes to listen to music while a group of people are enjoying conversation. I’m the kind of guy that says fuck the pleasantries, I’m sick of them. People don’t really care, they don’t… but that’s the thing… isn’t it? I’ve stopped caring. I’m used to the treatment, I am. I’m so numb to it, but… and this is a big but. We must always try. Like on days when I’ve been upset with my mother, I can on like this forever, I can. Weeks, you can stay mad for weeks… but it’ll take just one moment. One shared memory between you and them, it almost always starts with the awkward silence… weren’t you just mad at me? Maybe we were mad at each other… it doesn’t matter. I don’t say much, you don’t say much, we’re kinda just floating around the idea of a simple conversation. A little laugh to get us through today. What I love about being angry… it gives me a reason to try to forgive you. There’s something about learning how to lighten up, it gives me peace. It helps me believe, maybe we’re all destined to be wrong at some point. Maybe the birds were right to chirp today and maybe the ocean is really as big as it looks. I guess… what I’m really trying to say is… even the ocean needs a break, even birds need to rest before a long flight. That heart of yours? The thing you’ve closed off. You’ve sworn it off, an oath with yourself, you’ll never let anyone else back in. It’s flawed. That’s the thing, isn’t it? How many seconds in a day do we waste? It should be close to none. I recently read in a book that Leonardo da Vinci reflected sadly that the average human “looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odor or fragrance, and talks without thinking.” It makes me really sad, ya know? How many days will go by until we make up to our loved ones? How many years will slam itself shut until you realized that you’re too far gone? An apology wouldn’t even make up for anything. That’s the thing about family. That’s the thing about opening back up. We need to learn to trust… and maybe it’s not for others. Maybe we need to learn how to trust ourselves first. Sweetheart, you need to let your feelings out, because if you don’t. The only person you’ll end up damaging is yourself. Everything isn’t your fault. The ocean will look blue tomorrow. The sky will have the same dance between day and night, the wolves will howl and the writers will write. I’ll ask you again, how many seconds in a day do we waste? Now… How many days will you stay closed off until you come to the realization that people aren’t eternal? Darling, they die. Life’s too short to be a hermit. I’m not perfect, you’re not, my mom isn’t, your mom isn’t, my drug addict for a father isn’t, your father isn’t. Life is full of surprises. It is. Sometimes you befriend a poet, and sometimes he’ll write you a poem. Occasionally though, he gives you a lesson about opening up. You’re an introvert, it’s a little different for us. We can’t just run up to people and express ourselves on the spot, we need a time, a place, some kind of silly date. We need purpose. We need a story. We need some form of art. We need the silence, almost as much as we need the conversation. That’s the thing about loving people, romantically or unconditionally… it requires for us to never bend, or sometimes it demands for us to break altogether… I know it’s going to be hard. Telling people about your sudden sadness while doing a really shitty job trying to explain your depression… it gets weird. And to top things off, people expect you to be happy… shit, it never ends. And maybe, that’s all there is to it. Being sad or trying to find happiness… it’s an uphill battle, we’ll fight our whole lives until we find that sole purpose. Your soul will thank you one day. So. It’s never easy, it’s not. There’s always something to it, but we must always try. My favorite poet once said, there is try and there is value in trying. So, darling. Try.
—  Always try