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A (Semi) Regrettable Incident

The Loopy Logan fic I’ve been promising! I hope you all enjoy.

Pairings: I mean, it’s me. Did you seriously expect it to not be Logicality???

Warnings: Well, Logan’s feeling some anesthesia affects, so he’s acting a little like he’s drunk. If that bothers you, perhaps you’d best steer clear of this one. 

With Thomas getting his wisdom teeth removed, Virgil had been working overtime, and frankly he was exhausted. After the procedure was completed and Thomas was home safely, he sank back into the mindscape, ready for a long nap.

Virgil could honestly say he wasn’t really expecting anything when he sank into the commons, but if he HAD been expecting something…this would not have been it. Logan was clinging to a very flustered Patton, and Roman had his hands on his knees and was clearly gasping for air in between hysterical laughter.

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darker-bridges  asked:

“Oh god what have we done” for the prompt thing. Tony Natasha and Pepper please. :)

The expression of naked horror on Natasha’s face should have been comical. Was actually. Pepper simply would have appreciated it a lot more if she hadn’t been in the exact same boat.

Had the circumstances been different–meaning had their unsuspecting victim been anyone but Tony–they might have gotten away with blaming this mess on Clint. Unfortunately JARVIS for all his sarcasm and odd sense of humour could be an annoying tattle-tale when it came to Tony. He’d never let them get away with this.

“We have to tell him,” Pepper muttered with growing resolve at the same time as Natasha said, “I’ve got a hideaway in Cambodia.”

A moment of heavy silence followed.

Then Pepper nodded resolutely.

“I can be packed and ready in twenty minutes.”

“Make it five.”

“Ten and I cancel all of Tony’s meeting today. That should give us a head start of five hours at least.”


Maybe he won’t even notice, Pepper thought hysterically eleven minutes later whilst running barefoot towards the helicopter landing pat. Maybe if he doesn’t look into a mirror ever again and nobody comments on it, he’ll never know.

The bleach-blond hair made international headlines less than seven hours later.

When We Get Home

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x reader
Word Count: 2,146ish
T/W: Smut!
A/N: For Anon’s request: “Herc and the reader are dating and they go out for dinner with the guys (Laf, John and Alex) but Herc wanted to cancel because he wanted to get busy*wink wonk* with the reader but the reader is like ‘After Dinner.’ but during dinner Herc keeps touching, groping and squeezing the reader till she had enough and said they had to go and when get home they get BUSY!”
This Anon is adorable, I can’t get over *wink wonk.*  I shall call you squishy and you shall be my squishy! Ignore my Finding Nemo reference. Anyways here we go! Side note: I picture Herc as a sports guy, just me?

“Guess who’s home!!” Herc called into the apartment, shutting the door behind him. 

“You are,” you sang back at him walking over to give him a hug, “which is perfect, because I thought I was gonna have to pick you up from work on the way-“ 

“On the way?” Herc questioned. 

“Yeah, babe, it’s Monday, you told the boys we’d meet them at the bar to watch the game,” you explained, “come on we can talk while we get ready!“ 

You waved at him to follow you, and he did. He watched you slip your robe off, revealing your underwear clad body to him. You causally asked how his day was while you buttoned up a form fitted jersey for the team you were all going to be cheering for. It hugged every curve of your chest and torso perfectly. Herc answered in short sentences while he watched you get ready, all he had to do was change his shirt to a jersey and he was ready. 

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Tall and smol

Request: Chanyeol 13

13) You are sick with the flu, your bias stays home to take care of you.

Original prompt list can be found here! New prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo Chanyeol x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I squeezed tighter to the Rilakkuma plush Chanyeol had given me on my birthday and groaned, trying to push out any discomfort through my voice and hopefully out of my body. There was only one gangly boy I trusted to take care of me and his limbs were draped across me, properly asleep.

I grumbled again, trying even louder this time to wake him up without directly waking him up. I had broken into a heavy sweat, stemming from what I could only guess was a fever running through my body, not at all aided by the human space heater beside me.

“Chanyeol.” I finally moaned, trying to wipe the sweat from my face. “Chanyeol I think I’m sick.”

“Did you get medicine from the cabinet?” he grumbled, his voice deep with sleep.

“I can’t reach it…you put it up too high,” I complained, smacking the arm he had placed around my stomach.

I heard him chuckle lightly before he leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Oh jagi,” he sighed. “You’re burning up.”

“Ugh,” I grumbled, flopping around on the bed.

“Should I cancel our plans with Baekhyun today?” he asked, pulling himself up and shuffling towards the bathroom.

“What do you think?” I sighed. I heard him chuckle again as he continued down the hallway. He reappeared after a few moments with a pill bottle in one hand and a thermometer in the other.

“You know what I think?" a smile filling his face.

"Hmm?” I hummed, sitting up and swallowing the medicine he was giving me.

“I think because you’re so small, you’re more susceptible to getting sick. I think I heard that’s what happens when you’re small, but I wouldn’t really know for sure,” he said with another smirk.

“Quit picking on me and take care of me!” I moaned, flopping around again on the bed.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” he cooed, sitting next to me on the bed and shoving the thermometer into my mouth. He began to sing quietly, petting my hair as we both waited for the thermometer to beep.

I was infected by some kind of virus, but normally I had to deal with my happy virus, otherwise known as Chanyeol. He was a simple man, very sweet. He didn’t say “I love you” much, but never hesitated to show it in various, small ways. He had written me over a dozen songs since we had started dating and all of them had been privately performed for me with the accompaniment of his guitar. Granted some of the songs were ad libbed and pretty terrible, but they were still meant for me.

“101.7!” Chanyeol gasped, ripping the beeping thermometer from my mouth. “Jagi!” he flipped over in the bed and pulled me into his arms as tightly as he could, snuggling his face into my neck.

“Too much cuddling,” I gasped, smacking at his hands.

“That is blasphemous and very much not a thing!” he protested, pulling me in even tighter. “Cuddling is the best medicine and-”

“Chanyeol,” I griped. “Let go!”

“Accept the love!” he yelled.

“I’m going to vomit!” I gasped. The word “vomit” immediately made Chanyeol recoil and let go of me with lightning speed. I sprung up from the bed, sprinting to the bathroom and heaved up the contents of my stomach.

“Ja-jagi?” he questioned nervously, standing in the doorway.

“Ugh,” I moaned, holding tightly to the toilet in front of me.

He slowly walked into the room, grabbing a hair tie from the sink and began to gently pull my hair back from my face. He grabbed a small wash cloth and let it get damp with cold water before he placed it on the back of my neck. He took a seat on the edge of the tub and sighed. “What can I do to help?” he whispered.

“Leave,” I cried, looking up at him with a damp face. “I don’t want to get you sick.”

“I can’t possibly get sick,” he said with a quick smirk. “I’m too tall, I breath a completely different level of air than you.”

“Chanyeol!” I yelled, grasping onto the toilet. “As soon as I feel better, you are sooo in for it.”

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#229: Morning Cuddles


“Being in love with you is what it makes life worth waking up to. After the cuddles of course.” 

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”I’d definitely like mornings better if they always started with you.” His eyes were closed and curls sticking to his pillow, his voice raspy from the sleep. “Should I call in and cancel recording sessions today?” He questioned and squeezed one eye open to look down at you nuzzling your face against his warm chest. “No, you’re almost done and it’s only for a few hours.” You yawned silently and smiled up at him, feeling how the sun was warm against your bare shoulders. “But I’m so comfortable.” He whined and dragged out the last vowels, pulling you closer if it was even possible. Legs were tangled, your cheek was pressed against his chest and his fingers were lightly caressing around your shoulder blades. “Just a few more minutes. I need it to make the day better.” He whispered into your neck and gave you a lingering morning kiss.


“For how long have you been up?” You hummed against his neck and fluttered your eyes open to look at him. You were sure he had been aware for a while because the TV had been on and playing out mornings shows. He looked down at you with the remote still in his hand, a hint of blush on his cheeks. “Did I wake you up? I tried to turn the volume down.” “No, it’s fine.” You mumbled and wrapped your arms around you, shutting your eyes once again. It was a little bit too early after all. “I just didn’t want to watch TV in the living room, couldn’t miss out the best cuddles of the day.” He leaned down to grab you by the hips when seeing you smile in affection and pulled you on top of his chest to continue watching TV and having you close as possible.  


“You smell.” A huge grin came to his face by your comment, arms tightening around you and he moved his leg so it was resting between yours. “Always nice waking up to a lovely compliment from you.” Turning around by his words your eyes met his sleepy ones, noses bumping together and smiles embracing your faces. “But it’s true.” You giggled, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was so warm and the sheets were so soft you would have gagged by his smell. “And you know what?” He grinned mysteriously and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I don’t plan on taking a shower because this cuddle is too good to leave without enjoying it.” He removed a piece of hair away from your forehead and gave you another kiss to the forehead. Everything else could wait because this was right where he wanted to be right now.


“For how long have you been like this?” He questioned confused but didn’t remove the curtain to the bunk, deciding to stand outside of it. Ashton sighed softly and rolled his eyes by his words, removing the curtain slightly to show the two of you almost hidden below your sheets. “It’s almost 1 P.M?” Luke probably assumed that it would have some sort of affection but it didn’t. Ashton only rolled his eyes again and closed to curtain to pull you even closer if it was possible. “He doesn’t understand the importance of this, he will once he gets an actual girlfriend.” “I heard that.” Luke faintly yelled back and you giggled softly into Ashton’s chest by the stupidity of teasing each other. There was no doubt that you would be leaving this bed now, morning cuddles had turned into noon, evening and sooner than later also night.

Teacher/Student sentence starters:
  • “Oi, teach, you stink!”
  • “No cell phones in class!”
  • “Uh, could you repeat that, sir/miss?”
  • “Hello, my name is Miss/Mr ____ and I’ll be teaching you ____.”
  • “You don’t understand, I’ll do anything to pass this class! Anything~”
  • "Are you trying to bribe me into giving you good grades?!”
  • “I need some help studying.”
  • “I didn’t understand today’s assignment at all!”
  • “Can I be in a different group?”
  • “Are you allowed to teach that?!”
  • “Oh! Oh! Oh! Over here! Pick me!”
  • “Class is cancelled today.”
  • “You look stressed, teach. You should take a day off.”
  • “Alright, who threw that?!”
  • “No sleeping in class!”
  • “No ____ in class!”
  • “I will ____ for an A+.”
  • “Your work is really improving! Well done! A sticker for you!”
  • “Maybe I can teach YOU something.”
  • “That’s it! Detention!”
  • “I’m really stressed about this work. Could you explain it to me?”
  • “I’m sooooo sorry, I completely forgot my homework!”
  • “My dog ate my homework.”
  • “Sir/miss, can I talk to you in private?”
  • “You’re my favourite teacher!”
  • “You’re the worst teacher ever!”
  • “I have never met a student as rude as you!”
  • “Learning can be fun!”
  • “Lighten up, teach, it was only a joke.”

I stepped through the hallow doorway of my History class room and took my eloted seat in the back. To say I had a good seat would be an understatement. Not only did I sit in the very back, but I sat behind the tall class clown which allowed me to daydream without getting caught. Not mention the guy I had been crushing on for about 3 months, Rian, sat next to me.

I’ve always been nervous around Rian. I know I shouldn’t be. I’m popular and Rian isn’t but I can’t help it, he’s so cute. When I say I’m popular, I don’t mean I’m a rich, mean, stuck up bitch, I’m actually pretty nice. And when I say Rian isn’t popular, I don’t mean he’s a loser. He has friends, he just isn’t super well know, he’s just… Average.

“Hey baby,” The guy in front of me turned around.

“Not your baby, Jack,” I sighed.

“You want to be!”

“Not even in your sad, wet dreams, Mr. Barakat,” I remarked. Next to me, I heard Rian laugh a little.

“Oh shut up, Rian!” Jack teased his best friend.

“Alright class, settle down, settle down!” Mr. Myers said, after the bell rang. “Today we have something very exciting happening, we will be starting a group project on the French Revolution!” The class chattered with the excitement of a group project, “You will work in partners to create a slideshow on a historical figure from the French Revolution of your choice… I have to approve it of course. You’ll have today and tomorrow in class to work on it, everyone will present on Friday. I am passing out the grading rubric now. Any questions? Besides who you’re working with?” Mr. Myers asked.

“Um yeah, I’ve got one!” Jack exclaimed, raising his hand.

“Yes, Jack?” Mr. Myers asked with an exasperated sigh.

“Who are we working with?” The glass giggled. Mr. Myers rolled his eyes.

“You’ll be working with the person next to you.”

I saw Rian stiffen up next to me. He looked to Jack who smirked and gave him the universal sign for sex. I could only assume Jack was doing it because he was sitting next to one of the sluttier girls at our school. However I could be wrong, I could’ve sworn I saw Rian blush slightly.

“Okay class, have at it!” Mr. Myers said.

“So…” I turned towards Rian, “Do you have anyone you want to do the project on?” I asked sweetly.

“Uh, n-no,” Rian said quietly.

“Oh… Can we do Marie Antoinette then?”

Rian gave me a suprised look. “You actually know what you’re talking about and aren’t going to force me to do all the work?”

“What? No! Why would I do that? It’s a group project. As long as we can do it on Marie Antoinette, I will do all the work if you want me to,” I smiled.

“I just kind of figured you’d make me do everything because you’re… You,” Rian said sheepishly. Should I be angry at that? It’s a bit insulting but I’m sure lot’s of people got that impression from me.

“I’m not that type of person, Rian.”

“You know my name?”

“Of course I do! Geez, you make it sound like I’m a stuck up idiot,” I rolled my eyes but flashed him a smile.

“I’m glad you’re not… I kind of thought you might be,” Rian said quietly, “I’m sorry, that was mean,”

“Don’t worry about it, I guess it makes sense for you to think that way. But you didn’t know me in middle school! I was a major loser so I know what it’s like to get picked on. When I move here I decided to try to be different and nice to everyone,” I admitted.

“You? A loser? Right…”

“No it’s true! I wore dark ass eyeliner plus glasses. My hair was frizzy, I was really smart. All I wanted to do was sit in the corner and listen to punk rock. That’s still all I want to do but now I know how to be a functioning member of society, too!” I laughed at my old self.

“Punk rock? You? Wow… Who do you listen to?”

“A little of everything, but Blink and Green Day are my favorites!” I smiled.

“Holy crap! Me too!” Rian said, a bit louder with new found confidence.

“No way! That’s awesome! I’m always looking for someone to talk about music with,” I smiled.

“I might be the right person for that!” He smiled. I checked the clock and realized we only had ten minutes left.

“We got nothing done today… So do you want to come over to my house after school? We can work on it. I can drive you if you need a ride!” I smiled.

“Um yeah that sounds good… Let me just tell Jack I don’t need a ride home,” Rian said. “Oi, Dickhead!” Rian yelled, throwing a piece of paper at his friend.

“You rang?” Jack turned.

“I don’t need a ride home anymore. I’m going to (Y/N)’s to work on the project. I think we should cancel band practice today too unless you and Alex want to go over guitar because Zack and I won’t be there,”

“You guys are such assholes!” Jack teased, “Sounds good though, man!” Rian smiled and turned back to me.

“A band, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he blushed and I swear my heart melted right there. The bell rang. We packed up and began walking towards the parking lot.

“Well elaborate! I had no idea you were in a band! What’s the name? What do you play?”

“We’re called All Time Low. I play drums,” Rian said proudly.

“All Time Low? Did you guys get that from A New Found Glory song?” i asked.

“Yeah… You know, if you like shitty punk rock, you might like us.”

“Oh really? Maybe I can come to one of your guys’ practices,” I flirted.

“That would be awesome! Just don’t sleep with Jack or Alex,” Rian teased.

“Me? Sleep with Jack? Gross! As for Alex, I have to respect the dibs rule, Lisa has been crushing on him for months!” I smiled.

“We totally have to set them up!” Rian said.

“Yes! They will be perfect for each other,” I smiled. We ended up at my Truck and Rian smiled.

“Nice ride,” he said.

“Thanks, it was my mom’s.” I started up the truck and we drove back to my house.

An hour and a half later we were sitting in my room working on our project. We spent the majority of the time laughing and what I’ve from my point of view flirting, but recently he had gotten quiet.

“Okay Rian, what’s up? You’ve gotten quiet in the last few minutes. Why? What’s wrong?”

Rian looked up from his paper. “Hmm? Oh nothing, I’m fine,” He said.

“Oh cut the crap,” I got up from my seat and sat down next to him on the foot of my bed, “I’m not stupid, something is wrong. If you don’t want to talk about it, fine, but don’t push me away like I’m going to laugh at you.”

“You are going to laugh at me, (Y/N). That’s the problem!” Rian sighed.

“I promise you I won’t! Please just tell me what’s up,” I begged.

“Fuck it,” Rian whispered, “I like you. I think I have since I first met you freshman year,” Rian admitted.

“You’re kidding,” I said.

“I’m not, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Why are you sorry? Rian I like you too!” Exclaimed.

“Now you’re kidding!” Rian said. I rolled my eyes at him. I took a deep breath then leaned into him. My lips touched his lightly at first but he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. His tongue lapped over my lip so I granted him entrance. We kissed until our lips were chapped.

When we finally pulled apart I smiled and whispered, “Does it seem like I’m kidding?”


Sorry these are taking so long guys!! Lot of stuff going on right now. If you send in a request, I promise I WILL get to it even if it takes me a while!! Hope you like it!

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