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Arranged marriage AU starter sentences
  • “So you’re my future bride/groom? You’re not what I expected at all.”
  • “I know it doesn’t seem so, but I will take care of you.”
  • “Let’s get this straight, I’m only agreeing with this arrangement so my parents would shut up.”
  • “I…think I’m in love?”
  • “You don’t have to worry, I’m never going to touch you.”
  • “I look forward to getting to know you better.”
  • “Are you scared? Don’t be. ‘ll protect you from today onwards.”
  • “You are the reason why I can’t be happy.”
  • “I don’t want to marry you at all, the person I love is someone else.”
  • “We’ll make this work out.”
  • “Don’t run away from this, from me!”
  • “I can’t believe they’re making us get together.”
  • “It’s crazy, isn’t it? Two complete strangers who know nothing about each other being brought together like this.”
  • “The moment I saw you, I knew we were meant to be.”
  • “I know it’s already been arranged, but let me do this properly…Will you marry me?”
  • “All right, all right! If you’re so against it, then we can work together to sabotage our own wedding!”
  • “If I don’t win your heart in a month we can call off the wedding.”
  • “You are mine now. Don’t look at anyone else.”
  • “Don’t cry. I promise I will love you and protect you to the best of my ability, til death do we part.”
  • “I have loved the idea of you since before you were even born.”
  • “ have been eagerly awaiting the day I could finally meet you…and I am not disappointed. You are beautiful.”
  • “I don’t think this is going to work out. It’s a mistake to go through with this.”
  • Me: *starts Akagami no Shirayuki-hime*
  • Mitsuhide: Hello, I'm gonna be your favorite from today onwards.
  • Me: Okay. :D
  • Obi: Lol. Bitch, you thought.
  • Mihaya: I'ma also steal your heart.
  • Kazuki: I hear you have a thing for pretty boys.
  • Me: Damn it.
  • Prince Raj: You're not done yet! I have REDEEMED MYSELF.
  • Me: Shit.
벌써 (already)
벌써 (already)

벌써 (already)
lyrics by: jonghyun
translated by: sullaem
by translator’s request, please do not translate into another language.

well, i don’t know, how are you doing
after leaving me, since the day you left me.
all that i received from you,
was a lie, it’s all become a lie.

you came to me like a dream,
with me, warm just like a breathe.
there was no reason for it,
that’s just the way it was back then.

how are you doing these days?
i’m doing fine, just like before.
i’m already, already …
are you doing well without me?
are you, just like you were before you know me?
already, already …

from today onward i’ve got more things to prepare;
i’ll have to prepare myself to be ready,
to run into you whenrever, and whenever.
even if by chance someone else remembers us,
and asks me if we’re well (i’ll have to say)
you’re just a friend now, oh, oh, oh.

how are you doing these days?
i’m doing fine, just like before.
i’m already, already …
are you doing well without me?
are you, just like you were before you know me?
already, already …

the day i became alone,
the words i spat at your back.
don’t forget about us.
so, you’ll be able to look back on us whenever.
that’s what i said, i, that’s what i said.
sending you away already feels easier for me.
already, for me.

how are you doing these days?
i’m doing fine, just like before.
i’m already, already …
are you doing well without me?
are you, just like you were before you know me?
already, already …

Both of their vows together. The audio is from the Chinese voice actors of Jinghua and Xi - Li Laning, Liu Mingyue

Jinghua: I, YangJinghua, voluntarily wants to become the 63rd Yangmingsi, Duanmu Xi’s spirit shadow. With the spirit binding rings as the contract, living with shared spirit, accompanying each other, until death. Or else, never to be separated.

Duanmu Xi: Let’s make our vows, Jinghua. From today onwards, your misery, happiness, everything. I accept all of it.

Kashuu x Saniwa


Translated by neir-2-you <3

Finally found this after such a long time. Not letting it slip past me again. My dear friend has kindly provided translation so I could cry a puddle.

Prepare your feels.

K: Woow, the sakura are awesome
K: Heey Master, doesn’t looking at these sakura remind you of the time we first met?
K: How nostalgic…?
M: Kashuu Kiyomitsu-san…!

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170309 vav_official [Baron] Good evening everyone! Today we all took a lot of photos together (at the fanmeet)! Although it was cold, did you have fun today? Seems like there’s no sign of the weather improving TT But, seeing all of our Vampz sturdy strength makes me feel that I have the conviction to tackle tomorrow and every day! I promise that you’ll get to see pretty Ace, Ayno, Lou, and myself to give you strength for the days ahead! Even if there are troubles today, tomorrow onwards fighting!

Write, write, write, motherfucking write. Write better today than you did yesterday and better tomorrow than you did today. Onward, fair penmonkey, onward. If you’re not a writer, something will stop you — your own doubts, hate from haters, a bad review, poor time management, a hungry raccoon that nibbles off your fingers, whatever. If you’re a writer, you’ll write. And you’ll never stop to look back.
—  Chuck Wendig: Freelance Penmonkey

160721 Kris Wu Studio weibo update:


Since Kris Wu’s return to China, there has been much attention focused onto his relationship and obligations with his former company SM Entertainment. Our current statement is as follows:

As of today, Kris Wu and SM Entertainment’s contract dispute has officially concluded. From today onwards, Kris Wu will have global independence (excluding Korea and Japan) to have the full rights of freedom to carry out acting jobs, and self-entrustment of such activities to third-party management.

Kris Wu Studio will hereby represent Kris Wu in thanking the media and all persons for their support and for keeping up with the related news. He is especially thankful to fans for their many years of strong support and love. In the time to come, Kris Wu will be repaying everyone’s anticipation with even more, even better works.

With respect and gratitude

Kris Wu Studio


translation: @wu_yi_fan