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[예능연구소 직캠] 방탄소년단 낫 투데이 @쇼!음악중심_20170225 Not Today BTS in 4K


[Comeback Stage] BTS - Not Today, 방탄소년단 - 낫 투데이 Show Music core 20170225



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how many shows has bts been on so far and how many have they won?

They have been on M!Countdown (they won), Music Bank (they won), Music Core (they don’t give trophies anymore) and today they will appear on Inkigayo. Also they won in Show Champion but they didn’t appear

Me Watching New Trailer: Oh my gosh this looks amazing!!! The animation is so much better and everything looks so clean and wonderful! They really went above and beyond to produce an amazing Sports Festival Arc, which is honestly great because it’s such an important arc to manga, especially for Todoroki and Izuku!

During Trailer: 



Oh my god NO

*can’t contain breathing anymore*

In all seriousness, if I’m excited for anything during this anime season, it’s not only to see Todoroki grow into the dorky kid that he is today in the present day manga, but also to see Ochako and the motivations for her to be where she is today. The Sports Festival is really the time where she truly shows us for the first time how capable she is and how fantastic she is as a fighter. Her fight with Katsuki (which is where the bottom still is from) is one that showed just how clever and amazing she is and she really broke the word fragile with every move she made towards him. Even though she didn’t win, she still showed Katsuki and the audience truly the extent of her skill.

What I’m also loving is how beautiful they made her past sequence as well. In the manga, it was only a few panels that were a bit emotional but did lose that effect it was supposed to have just due to the fact that they were panels. However, here in the anime, it looks like they’re going full out with it. They’re brining out the halo effects and I can only imagine the emotional voices that are going to come out of Ochako’s VA, especially since this is a moment where we do see a shift in Ochako’s normally bubbly demeanor as she explains her motivation for being a hero. 

Overall, I’m not only excited to see my princess in action and kicking major butt but I’m honestly so pumped for the arc just to be animated in general. Everything looks so much better and I’m also super excited to see Todoroki and how they animate his past as well. All of it is just going to make me cry and I feel like they’re really going to be bringing this to life! 


너무 예뻤던 세트❤️😈 동화 같았어요🌈🌈
오늘 응원하러 와주신 원스분들 그리고 멀리서도 방송보면서 응원해준 원스분들 모두 겁..네 고마워요😘 이따 오시는 분들도 춥지않게 따숩게 입고 밥먹고 만나요 #낰낰#세시는처음이야#원스ㄱㄴㄱㅁㅇ

The set that was very pretty❤️😈 It was like a fairytale🌈🌈 To all the ONCEs who came to support today and the ONCEs far away who supported by watching the show…yes, thank you😘 For the ones coming later, wear warm clothing and eat and see you later #KnockKnock #FirstTimeAt3am #ONCE




Ayachan’s regular weekly schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: “Keyaki Hill’s NEWS” (Abema TV)
  • Tuesday: “The Hit Studio”( MBS Radio)
  • Thursday: “AbemaPrime” (Abema TV)
  • Friday: “Shibata Aya’s Friday TheNIGHT” (Abema TV)
  • Saturday: “Winning Keiba” (TV Tokyo)
  • Sunday: “Masters e Tsureteitte” (Radio NEO)

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Is today's stage (inkigayo) the last music show for spring day or they have another week

The next week (on Inkigayo) will be the last music show. However we will still can vote for them

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So today was their goodbye stage but I saw a fan account of an army who was at the prerecording of inkigayo today that tae said 'see you at show champion' LMAO doesn't our boy know his own schedule? :')) <33

please link me the fanaccount because jhope just said on Inkigayo that it’s their last day of promotion for Spring Day

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Today's cam show

Hi friends, thanks for making our show successful frm the past 6 months. Today shows is special first time she gonna try anal sex yes you heard it right today m gonna break her anal virginity hehehe.. m excited too and she is also… So we r inviting if any1 interested to see this today, this will be paid show as usual.. 700rs paytm cash and show will be in skype and it will be group show if someone wants it to see it alone then the rates will be higher. Minimum 5 ppl for group show. So message us inbox us if ur interested.

First Day of Filming- Cole Fluff

Request:  Hi! Can i ask for a Cole imagine,please? Where YN and Cole have been dating since college and shes a guest star on riverdale and it’s all types of cuteness

Warnings: Mild language, fluff

Notes: sorry it’s so short!! Also, sorry for the shitty title 😕


“Cole, where are my black converse?”, I ask my boyfriend, Cole. 

“At the door, where you put them last night”, he calls back and laughs.

“Fuck off”, I giggle and sit down to put my shoes on. Today, I was guest-staring on Cole’s new project tv show, called ‘Riverdale’. Him and I have been dating since collage and he knew that acting was something that I’ve always wanted to do. Cole, being the best boyfriend ever, convinced the writers to write a part for me. it was small and I was only in it for about two episodes, but it’s better than nothing. I was staying in his trailer with him, while we were filming. 

“You excited for your first ever day of filming?”, Cole asked, extending a hand out for me to grab. He pulled me up and I nodded.

Originally posted by softly-evak

“Beyond exited. Nervous, but very excited”, I beamed. 

“I can see that”, Cole laughed. He leaned in for a kiss and before our lips could attach, a knock was placed on the door, disturbing us. Cole opened it and Macy, from the wardrobe department stood outside.

“We’re ready for you, darling”, she said to me. I said goodbye to Cole, before leaving with Macy. 

I got dresses and the makeup artists did my hair and makeup. Lili, Camila and I had a really funny conversation, that had us all in tears of laughter. 

— After filming —

“You did amazing, baby. I knew you could do it!”, Cole smiled at me, picking me up and spinning me around.

“Let’s celebrate over dinner”, he announced.