today on gws


Genestealer cults have officially returned!

Found out the other day from a friend with very reliable sources that ‘Stealer cults were being brought back and today GW made the announcement.

I’ve already got a pre-order in for the codex and a box each of the Acolytes and Neophytes (shown above, all pics from GW’s web store).  My brother knows a good online store that has weekly discounts and they have a pre-order discount going for the new kits right now.  Got the codex and kits, which together would run about $130, for $100 even from the discount sale.

Can’t wait to see what the Cult’s rules and fluff are like and I’ll definitely be talking about it some when I get my order.

  • Hari ini meeting melanjutkan project bersama dengan tamu yang sepertinya sih antara orang Eropa atau Amerika, cuma office nya di Singapura. Namanya Paul.
  • Paul : thankyou for coming here (gw yang nyamperin dia di kantor kolega dia). Today was a hard day.
  • Gw : actually it's a hard week for you. You do the trial for 4 days. 2 days here, and 2 days in my office.
  • Paul : yeah..kinda boring
  • Gw : why you not going to factory below? It will be fun
  • Paul : yeah i will go there..*agak malas
  • Gw : why? You still have cold?
  • Paul : it's getting better but i can't sleep well. In hotel, there is prayer shout oudloud at 03.00 in the morning
  • Gw : hahaha...ya that is Indonesia..
  • Paul : seriously, do you pray at 3 in the morning?
  • Gw : yaaa...we pray at 3 in the morning, at 5, at 8, at 12, at 3, at....(kebanyakan)
  • Paul : waa..and don't you have problem with your sleeping time? *shock.
  • Gw : no i don't. It's daily for us. Actually it's really hard when i starting. But when it become a daily, i kinda feel something lost when i'm not do it
  • Paul : think that something bad gonna be happen when you not do it?
  • Gw : yaaa..kind of like that. *Nampaknya dia gak mengerti maksud gw.
  • Mungkin dia menganggap gw percaya tahayul. Tapi benar juga kata dia, sesuatu yang buruk akan terjadi ketika kita meninggalkan sholat : Allah akan meninggalkan kita. Bukankah ini keadaan yang paling buruk? Not just bad thing, but a really worst thing. Thank's Paul, for remind me of that.
  • Umar ibn. Khattab berkata, "jaga sholatmu. Karena jika kamu kehilangan sholat, maka kamu kehilangan segalanya."