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Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

some hobbies

• casual dissociation
• extreme dissociation
• rum & cola
• avoiding
• not feeling anything
• feeling everything
• feeling nothing and everything at the same time (intensely)
• melting
• sitting in a cauldron of my own bubbling disorders and illnesses
• TV static
• headaches
• Astral projection and general witchery


Jon Bernthal in The Accountant [requested by: @thevagabondboy]

Batfamily React to Kids Dressed As Their Superhero Personas Headcanon

Request from: Anonymous
Request: “Headcanons for Batfam’s reactions to kids wearing their superhero personas as costumes?”
Warnings: Some swearing.
A/N: I’m sorry to say that this still isn’t everyone who falls under the category of the Batfamily, because I still don’t know how to exactly go about their character.


  • The first time it happened, he was a little surprised. Mainly because the first time it happened, he was sure he still wasn’t very well known or liked at that point in time.
  • He was flattered, if not a bit concerned.
  • After it kept happening, it got to the point where he wasn’t entirely sure what he was feeling. Touched? Honored? Pride?
  • One thing he was sure of, it definitely helped him when he was feeling particularly upset or discouraged as Batman– it was obvious that if little kids looked up to him then he needed to solve every and any problem no matter how hard or long it took.
  • If he manages to see a kid dressed as him while he’s out as Batman, He’ll purposefully glide over them or use his grapple or something to grab their attention so that he can wave at them with a very rare smile.


  • He gets really excited when he sees some kid running around with a Nightwing costume. It’s as though the child’s energy is contagious, and he finds himself nearly bouncing on the walls with how happy he gets.
    • “Look! Look! Look! Look! Look at that Trick-or-Treater!”
    • “We see him, Dick.”
    • “He’s dressed like me! Nightwing me!”
    • “We see that, Dick.”
    • “He’s a tiny, adorable me!”
    • “We know, Dick.”
  • You best believe Nightwing himself pays them a visit to give them high-fives, hugs, and definitely take selfies with them.


  • The first time he sees some kid dressed as Red Hood, he does a double-take– and then a quadruple-take.
  • He’s having this pure moment of What the fuck?
  • It completely just boggles his mind and he feels an overwhelming sense of emotions.
  • So of course, the first thing he does is shove it in Bruce’s face.
    • “You’re not the only hero in Gotham anymore, old man!”
    • “Jason what are you talking ab–”
    • “I’m that kid’s hero!”
  • It’s then that he finally acknowledges that yes this kid looks up to him to the point the kid wants to be him.
    • “Holy fuck, I’m that kid’s hero. Fuck, now I need to have set standards!”
  • If a mini-Red Hood meets the real Red Hood, he’ll stay and chat with them for awhile. The kids never expect the Red Hood to be so soft spoken, but they still think he’s cool nonetheless.


  • She’s very confused at first, and asks why a child is attempting to impersonate her.
  • When she’s explained about dressing up for Halloween, it’s a very heartwarming feeling for her.
  • She’s humbled to know that she’s an inspiration to people out there.
  • If she’s on patrol and she sees a miniature version of herself, she will be happy to give them a hug or high five.


  • She gets fairly excited, kind of like Dick.
  • Just knowing that with all of the effort and hard work she put in made so much of an impact that even little Trick-or-Treaters looked up to her makes her really happy.
  • She’ll also attempt to give anyone dressed up as Spoiler all of the candy they have; in other words, she’s the one to go to if you want tons of candy.
  • If she’s out and about in her gear, she’ll approach them and talk with them while simultaneously taking pictures with them and such.
  • She’ll also argue with everyone else that her little Spoilers are cuter than any other mini-superhero.


  • The first time he saw a little Red Robin walking around, he was pretty sure he was either sleeping or hallucinating from lack of sleep.
  • Jason teased him that it was a good thing the kid didn’t know that his hero was a college student who lived off of coffee and poptarts.
  • Even after time, when there were more kids dressing up as Red Robin, he was still really confused as to why they wanted to dress up as him.
  • If he met one while he’s was scouting the area, he’d feel free to talk with them for a little while and maybe take a picture or give them a high five. He also would hope they couldn’t tell he was at a loss of how to handle the situation.


  • There have already been kids dressing up as the Boy Wonder since Dick was Robin– but Damian did not know that.
  • The first time he sees some kid dressed up as Robin, he only looks at him for a second or two before marching to Bruce and yelling at him because Father I have been following all of your demands– I have not maimed anyone in months, you can’t do this–
    • He gets a little embarrassed when he’s told that the kid wasn’t the new Robin, but just someone who had dressed up as Robin for Halloween.
  • He’s not entirely sure how to feel about people dressing up as him, so he opts to just kind of ignore them.
  • The only times he doesn’t ignore them is when he’s out on patrol and they just so happen to cross paths– he “begrudgingly” talks to them, but refuses to take pictures or high five.

Today marks 1001 days since March 18th so its 1000 days today without OT5 and Ziam.


Oh and FYI - maybe just a coincidence but on October 13th this year - Caroline posted the ziam throwback pic

On November 13th Liam followed the other 4 including Zayn and of course others.

And then today marks the 3rd anniversary of the Ziam kiss at the NRJs which also happens to be the 1000th day without them. 

Just putting that out there. 

  • Hanamaki: Happy Iwaoi Day!
  • Oikawa: What?
  • Matsukawa: Iwaoi Day. It's today.
  • Iwaizumi: Today is April Fool's Day.
  • Hanamaki: Isn't it fitting since your relationship is a joke?
  • Iwaizumi *rolling up sleeves*: Do you wanna punch them or should I?
  • Oikawa: You go first, babe.
1837: Crowning of Queen Victoria
  • England: alright then, preparations are done, guests and journalists are where they should be, and- Victoria, you're shaking!
  • Alexandrina Victoria, 18 years: I-I don't think I want to be Queen anymore... I mean, I can't even talk properly to people! I-I-It's impossible and I will never be as great of a ruler to you, and I'm afraid that I'll be the one to fail your empire, and everyone will hate me, and-
  • England: Victoria, breathe, love, breathe! It will be alright, I'm sure, poppet. No one is expecting you to do impossible things. I don't expect you to do impossible things. You can be your own Queen, love, you don't have to look at the past to be great, you know.
  • Alexandrina Victoria: t-then... I'll try my best to help you, England. Because I've known you and only you as a child... I will try to make you the happiest country in the world! You should be able to gloat at everyone all you like... y-yeah... that's my aim!
  • England: haha, I would love that~ Now, let's walk to the ceremony. The people are waiting for their new Queen.

anonymous asked:

Why are ppl so exited? rusty is with him, so it means he's with his shitty team, and nothing good ever came out from rusty/jessy. they likely will do a ''happy hetero father louis'' photoshoot then something really good and groundbreaking.

i’m in the middle on this particular topic lol. i totally understand why people are super excited for a photoshoot because new louis pics sound AMAZING and he’s the prettiest human and he deserves to have cameras capturing him serving looks - it’s wayyyy overdue - but yeah, as far as it being a really genuine shoot that truly showcases who louis is, well, i’d say my expectations for photos fitting that description at this point (when he still has a fake girlfriend, fake baby, and fake super hetero laddy image) are quite low. but we’ll see!!!

none of us know anything at this point, so i don’t think it’s wrong that people are excited. i’d recommend just being patient and waiting to see what happens instead of automatically assuming the absolute worst.

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just a doodle of something that’s been in my head for the past few days, ‘cause as much as DL-6 sucks noodles, it’s also the anniversary of the day that Gregory Edgeworth wrecked Manfred von Karma’s shit and then fifteen years later Phoenix went and like, double wrecked his shit.

Day 3, Confessions

Okay first off, I am the actual worst at getting prompts done on time. Work has been crazy. So today, I’m going to try and get some of the stuff done that I’ve been putting off. ( @softkent)

“Chow, you don’t understand, everyone saw it!” Dex flopped backwards onto Chowder’s bed and draped his arm over his eyes. “I can never set foot in that class again, and I need it to graduate!”

Chowder awkwardly patted his arm. “It can’t be that bad Dex, everyone has a bad presentation at some point. They’ll forget about it.”

“No, the presentation was going great, but I forgot I had been playing around with the program and-” his face went scarlet. “They saw something I had been messing around with.”

“Still, it can’t be that bad,” Chowder said.

“My life is over,” Dex dramatically flopped onto his stomach and pulled one of Chowder’s stuffed sharks over his head. “Just pull out my laptop, you’ll see it. The program’s still open.” His voice was muffled under the shark but Chowder could still hear how defeated he sounded.

Chowder patted his shoulder and snagged Dex’s laptop from his bag. Opening it, he saw exactly what Dex was talking about. “Oh.”

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