today is...your birthday right

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Today's your birthday, right? Happy birthday!!!



That’s right, it’s yours. 

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Rochi, (rochizilla)

There are a million things Vicky and I love and appreciate about you, like the way you are genuinely the sweetest and most understanding person we’ve ever known, or how you always just take all the crazy we (especially me tho) throw at you and you just take it and go with it. Or how you always know the right thing to say or do when one of needs some advice and how patient and lovely you always are even when you’re stressed. 

I could go on and on about how special you are to us, but words could never express how thankful we are that you where brought into our lives. And since today is the day you where born 20 years ago, there is all the more reason to celebrate. 

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20. I’d say that’s pretty much the first milestone in someones life. You’re officially out of your teens, done growing up. Good luck adulting and constantly feeling old from now on, we’ll be here to witness all of it. 

What more is there to say about your birthday? We hope you have a great one. I mean, you have blessed the earth with your existence for 2 decades now, that’s pretty bomb. Vicky and I have only been your friend for a very small amount of those 20 years, but it feels like we’ve known you forever and you’ve certainly made a huge impact on our lives in the time we have known each other. We honestly never want to live in a time where you aren’t our friend. We love you like family and without you our world would be a lot less bright. I hope you know how much you mean to us and that when life gives you lemons, we’ll always be there to help you make lemonade. 

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We wish you all the luck and happiness that there is for this new chapter of your life and we promise to be your friend for as long as you can stand to have us around. Which is hopefully forever. 

Love, hugs, kisses and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE 

Your silly cupcakes, Charlie and Vicky (cheeky-vicky)

(aka noodle squad)

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Hey! (It's your birthday today, right? It's the 3rd September in England but I don't know the time where you are.. I marked this on my calendar so this is embarrassing if I'm wrong but..) Happy (16th?) Birthday!! 🎂 I hope you have a lovely day! 💖

Awwww LJ thank u!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 😭😭😭 thank u for remembering!!!

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If I'm not mistaken today is your birthday right? Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! (If I messed up and it actually isn't then just pretend this didn't happen :D)

Well you’re on the nose! :D Yup, it is my birthday, and thank you SO MUCH you’re the sweetest person ever! *hug*

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Ok so in a post you reblog where you had to put your birthday in the tags (I hope that makes sense) im pretty sure you said today was your birthday... If I'm right then happy birthday!! 🎉🎉 I hope you have an amazing day 😄. If it's not your birthday then happy early birthday!

omg yes it is! THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVEEEE 😘😊 means a lot that you remembered! Xxxx

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Hey, if I'm not mistaken today is your birthday, right? If that's it then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you have the best day (and life) ever, my friend |∧ ∧ |・ω・`) |o♥o |―u’  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | ∧ ∧ |(´・ω・`) |' _つ つ |―u’♥  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | | | ♥  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODD! Thank you so much!!!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thank you!!!! *Hugs you* Have a great day and life!!

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happy birthday bluu! hope you have an awesome day :D

Why thank you! Today is your birthday too, right (or it might be over already ; A; I live forever away) anyway! Happy Birthday! hope it’s (or was) awesome!
^ u^

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Hello Ed!! (It's me Eli from Portugal) Today is your birthday right? (27/08) Well... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!*~✧』

HI ELI! Yes, today it’s my birthday, thank you so much

unsent letters || last may

To my best girl,

I stopped by, but you were sleeping. Figured I’d write you a quick message so that you know I didn’t forget today – your birthday, right? I’ve missed so many of them that I was glad I could make this one. I brought you some flowers, and I can almost see how bright your face always lights up when you see those edelweiss. Same ones from Germany, and while I can’t exactly say I miss it over there, I do miss that.

I know I just meant to jot down a note, but here I am, staring at the paper like I’ve got more to say.

And I do have more to say. A lifetime of words and memories and pain and laughter that we’ll never experience. I’m glad you found your little slice of happiness, but I wish we hadn’t missed our dance, Peggy. God, I wish we hadn’t missed it.

Took a walk today. Found this little pond and sat by it for awhile. I’ve adjusted, as you told me I would, but that’s not as comforting a thought as I once believed. What do I do now that I’ve adjusted? I think a part of me expected I wouldn’t come back from the war. Does a soldier ever really come home? I think a part of me also expected I’d have you and Bucky to figure things out with if I did. Don’t think for a second I regret taking the dive or that I’m turning into a bitter old man. These are just things I gotta say. You know how it is.

You think we would have been happy?

I’ll come back to visit soon. Something big’s stirring at SHIELD, but you know what they say – if you haven’t heard about it, it means we’ve done our job.


A scene of the thingy I keep saying I’m going to write

“Eve, it’s your birthday today, right?”

Evette looked up from her screen, jolted out of her concentration.  It had been so quiet in their little wing a moment ago; she tended to be an early riser and got to her station rather early.  Shae’s stilettos were unusually quiet today, it seemed.  Maybe this pair had felt on the heels.  

She set down her stylus and sat up properly to address her commanding officer.  "I beg your pardon?“

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It’s okay! And thank you! :D If I’ve heard right your birthday was yesterday/today, right? Happy birthday if that’s the case!

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I've been away from tumblr these last few days, but I believe it's your birthday today, right? Well, for you there are technically still 20 minutes left. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and that you get the best news you could hope for

Thank you very much, Juniper~! ^^

Tokimemo GS2: 2nd Year

6/4 - Groom

6/5 - It’s almost Amachi’s birthday, and my memory is so bad I had to go google to remind myself it was out kouhai. Sorry Amachi! I’ll go buy him a present even if I apparently can’t remember you <3

  1. Special Sweets Book
  2. Cross Strap
  3. Original Book of Horror Movies

I know very little about this kid. A part of me wants to go with the Sweets Book because he reminds me of candy. But maybe he hates the fact that he looks like fluff and is into horror movies to compensate! I guess it doesn’t matter, since we’re not wooing him so a friendly average cross strap is probably the best choice for us.

6/6 - Time to deliver the birthday gift.

Amachi: Ko-sempai. Do you need something from me?
Emi: It’s your birthday today, right Amachi-kun? Here, it’s a present!
Amachi: For me!? Thank you very much!
Amachi: I wonder what it is exactly…? Is it okay for me to open it?
Emi: Yeah, of course!
Amachi: This is an amazing present. I gratefully accept this.
Emi: (Yeah, it looks like he’s relatively happy.)

Yeaaah! GiftAVERAGER!

5/9 - Time for the annual sports festival..! Last year was the borrowing race, this year I’ll introduce you to the three-legged race.

Unlike the other activities, you can’t do a three-legged race alone, and Chris coincidentally happens to show up to be my victim.

Chris: Emi-chan. What’s up?
Emi: I’m looking for a person to run with…
Chris: Then I announce my candidacy! I’m also looking for a partner, the perfect partner.

I’ll be your life partner bb

Emi: Really? Then maybe I’ll ask you.

Emi plays it cool, tho.

Chris: Okay. Even if you fall over, I won’t leave you <3

We’ll be tired together so you couldn’t even if you wanted to pyohoho.

Basically just click the left and right buttons as they pop up. I find by the end, it’s going so fast that it works best if I preemptively click the spot where the bubble’s going to be before it even pops up >_> I like this game the most since it seems to work fine even on a PC without a stylus.

The start of the race!

Falling down :< 

But in the end, we catch up and steal the victory for ourselves..!

Chris: We were in perfect sync. It was only natural that we’d come first <3
Emi: (Yay! It was because I did my best!)

We end with the folk dance again~ Chris seems much more into dancing we me this time. 

Chris: Being able to dance with you is like a dream <3 Ah, I don’t wanna let go of you or your hand…

No “…Kidding.” this time around >o>
Next up is Saeki!

Saeki: It’s you. Try not to step on my feet, okay?
Emi: (I’ll be sure to step there!)

I love you Emi.
We get a third dance partner this year, and it’s… SENSEI!?

Wakaouji: The folk dance is the highlight of today for Sensei. Please cooperate.

“Please cooperate.“ Never has a polite request sounded quite so intimidating..!

Thus ends our second year sports festival.