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Happy birthday Byun Baekhyun ♥

I love you with all my heart and i couldn’t feel happier to have  such a funny, sincere and dedicated person as my idol.  I’m glad you made your dream come true and I look forward to see you onstage soon again because it’s truly inspiring how you sing with such a passion. I hope that you will still love being an idol even after years and years passed but no matter what happens, i will always support you. You make me forget everything around me and i want to thank you for that. The idea of you being happy makes my heart beat faster and it’s all i wish for because you truly deserve to be happy. I’m glad that i had the chance to see you in real life and even in 20 years i will remember you as the boy who made me the person i am now, the boy who made me happy when i was not and i hope that you found the one who makes you happy by then. Stay healthy and happy.

I love you.


내동생 콩아! 생일축하해!! 가족과 행복한 시간 보내길 바라고.. 오늘은 함께 없지만.. 형마음 알지?! 널 만나고 벌써 여섯번째 맞이하는 네 생일을 누구보다 진심으로 축하해. 나라세~ ☻ @RedBeans93

My dongsaeng Kong-ah! Happy birthday!! I hope you will have a happy time with your family.. I’m not with you today but.. you know my heart right?! It’s already the your 6th birthday since we met. I wish you a happy birthday more than anyone. Narase~ ☻ @RedBeans93

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

on your 29th year of existence

Summary: A note from Dan to Phil on his 29th birthday.
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: My very first fic and it’s for Phil’s birthday! A quick mention to two of my favourite authors @glitteringdan and @galaxyphan whose work inspired me to write a little something of my own

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Birthday at Wayne Manor

A/N Happy Birthday again to @imaginethebatboys, this is for you!

Your alarm clock bleeped and you groaned as you rolled over to punch the alarm clock.

Light poured into the room and you sat up and rubbed your eyes as you yawned.

“I didn’t realise how messy your hair got.” A voice calmly stated and you opened your eyes quickly, pulling the alarm clock to use as a projectile.

You relaxed as you saw it was only Damian.

“Jesus Damian, what the hell are you doing here?”

“It’s your birthday. I am surprising you.” Then ten year old said matter of factly.

You looked at him with a small smile, it was still his first year in Gotham and he was still adjusting to being a part of a normal family. You didn’t think you two got along well but here he was making an effort, on your birthday.

“It is today right or is this one of Drake’s pranks?” He looked unsure and angry at the possibility of being duped.

“Thank you Damian, it is today.” You grinned “ Does this mean I can get a birthday hug?”

He glared in response “I’ve acknowledged the day of your birth, don’t ask for more.”

You chuckled as you set the alarm clock back down and heard Stephanie rush into the room.

“We’ve talked about this Damian!”  

“But Y/N’s fine with me here. Plus they’re in clothes and I waited until they woke up.” He argued

“Boun-da-ries!” Stephanie clapped at him

“Which you clearly are in no place of teaching Brown.” He snapped back.

Stephanie went red in the face with either anger or embarrassment from being caught by Damian in a situation earlier, and attempted picked him up to carry him out.

“Sorry Y/N! Happy Birthday!” She yelled as she chased the small boy out of the room.

You chuckled as you watched them and slipped out of bed. Being a part of the Batfamily came with its perks. For instance if you needed help with anything, you had everyone with advice or the ability to tutor you. Full use of the Batcave, vehicles (only within reason), oh and a room in Wayne manor.

Climbing out of bed you looked in the mirror, your hair wasn’t too bad and you checked yourself out in your batman pyjamas.

“You’re aging well Y/N.” You winked at yourself before leaving the room and jogging down the hallway towards the kitchen, where you could smell pancakes and hear tension.

“You told me to surprise them!” Damian argued

“Not while they were sleeping!” Tim rebutted

“Grayson told me he did it to Jason and it was hilarious!”

“That’s different Damian.” Stephanie interjected


“Because-” Tim started

“Why are we complaining about tiny demon trying to do something nice for someone?” Jason asked genuinely

“Because it’s creepy.” Stephanie said

“I’m sure it was a one off, like his ability to do something nice.” Jason said.

You stood in the doorway and smiled at the scene before you, it was a rare opportunity to see everyone at the table.

Barbara smiled at your presence.

“We will deal with it if it happens again.” Bruce said sternly ending it there. “Happy Birthday Y/N.” he said and set off a chain of “Happy Birthdays” around the table.

“Thank you.” You smiled at him and sat down next to Jason.

“I apologise for my actions this morning.” Damian said to you from opposite you.

“It’s fine Damian, it was sweet.” You smiled at him and he turned to Bruce’s wife.

“Does this mean I will be punished?”

She chuckled in response and shook her head “Damian it’s how you learn boundaries in the first place. Everyone has a different line where they draw.”

“Like how Brown and Drake were-” Damian got caught off by Dick’s hand clamping over his mouth, to which he responded by biting.

“OW!” Dick cried as Tim choked on his coffee “That’s my hand I eat my cereal with!”

“Boundaries Grayson!”

You snickered with Jason. You could’ve sworn you heard Bruce give a small chuckle too but his coffee cup was in the way.

“We have got you presents.” Barbara started and Cass nodded next to her. “You’ll have to get them after your patrol today though.”

You nodded and smiled, this was enough of a gift, just everyone being in the same room.

“You’ll get to choose your partner though.” Bruce added

You grinned and as you sat there trying to make your decision, Bruce’s wife walked up next to Alfred.

“This is so exciting!” She gushed quietly

“Yes Ma'am. I presume the presents will be safe guarded.”

“Of course, Oracle’s going to have surveillance and everyone else will be a step ahead.” She nodded

“I never thought I would see the day where Master Bruce would allow a patrol become a scavenger hunt.” Alfred smiled “Dare I ask how you persuaded him?”

“I’m on clean up duty and taking his meetings for the next six months.” She groaned.

It was worth it though she thought, there was nothing she enjoyed more than seeing the family have fun. It was such a rare thing, especially after such a hectic year. Even if it did come at a cost of her newly adopted son trying to strangle Jason across the table for the honor of being Y/N’s partner today.

  • HQ!! Web Radio #34 Snippets

HQ!! Web Radio #34 Snippets. Guest: Ishi Mark (Haiba Lev)

Kaito (Kageyama): [reading fan letter] “[…] December 14th is Ayu’s birthday, right?”
Ayu (Hinata): Indeed.
Kaito: Indeed, it’s 2 months after MY birthday. 
Kaito: “Congratulations!”
Ayu: Hey!
Kaito: “Your low and high voice, your versatile voice, your intelligence, humor, high-spec and also the way your game answers are always off — I love all those things about you, Ayu ♡“
Ayu: W-what?
Kaito: “I hope you’ll have a greaaat year!”
Kaito: Our next letter is from Misaki-san, thank you very much.
Ayu/Mark: Thank you.
Kaito: “Ayu, it’s your birthday today, right?”
Ayu: Yes.
Kaito: “I sent a letter last year saying I hope we can celebrate your birthday again this year. I’m really happy we can celebrate your birthday a second time!”
Ayu: Huh? Bokuto-san?


So… Your birthday today, right?

Well, I don’t know how to start, but I wanted you to know something you already know, but it’s cool to remind you: I LOVE YOU!

Choi Siwon, the man with the brightess smile, the most beautiful dimples, a christian man, the hottest in Korea… You mean too much for me and for all the Siwonests and I wanted to tell you something: Everytime you feel lonely, remember you have us, remember that we’ll love you, no matter what you do, we won’t judge you because of your choices, we really really love you.

I don’t really know what to say… 

Well, good luck today, hope your dreams come trough!

From all your Siwonests…


@siwon407 #happyshisusday #happysiwonday ♥

god bless you ^^ love you always ^^


Here’s a little post to wish a HUGE Happy Birthday to my dear friend @the-woman-in-12b ! I think this gifset is quite perfect for the occasion :) You’re one of my favourite people here ;) So here, that’s for you! Have a very nice day! <3


“and when you’re fifteen feeling like there’s nothing to figure out but count to ten, take it in this is life before you know who you’re gonna be”

hey taylor!! as you may know it was my fifteenth (!!!!) birthday today (february 8th) and your song fifteen means more than anything right now. going into high school was honestly one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me and fifteen really helped me get through it. it was a new school with a lot of new people and I though I’d never get through it, all the homework, the drama with friends but I’m still alive and I’m a little stressed but hey I’m still here spending my life on tumblr and netflix. you mean the world to me and i want you to know that without you i probably wouldn’t be where i am today at the age of fifteen.

love, love, love,

Brenna ❤️

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Translation: Happy birthday video messages from the celebrity friends of Kris Wu
Translated by: shuaijerks

Fan Bingbing: FanFan, today is your birthday. How old are you now? 15 right?!

Li Yifeng: Here I’m wishing Kris Wu happy birthday

Feng Xiaogang: Here I’m wishing you happy birthday

Guan Hu: Happy birthday, health and success

Tsui Hark: Wishing you happy birthday

Fan Bingbing: Happy birthday

Liu Yifei: Happy birthday, be happy every day

Li Bingbing: Happy birthday, you must be healthy~ You need to be more and more handsome and brighter and brighter

Deng Chao: Wishing the handsomest and coolest Mr. Kris Wu of the galaxy and the world, FanFan happy birthday! I hope you will be happier and happier. Being handsome.. just.. let’s just leave it as is, ok?

William Chan: Hello Kris, happy birthday to you.

Li Yifeng: I hope that young boy Kris will have more and more good productions that he could present to the fans who love him.

Fan Bingbing: I also hope that FanFan’s career will become better and better. I hope everything will be smooth whether it’s his career or in love. I hope that in his next birthday we will be able to be together.

Li Chen: I am sending you birthday wishes. I hope you will be better and better. I hope you receive even more applause, receive more rewards. I also hope that those who like him and support him will give him lots of encouragement.

Liu Yifei: I hope that in the next year, you will grow more and make everyone who loves you, love you even more.

Dapeng: I often record videos for weddings. But strangely, I’ve never recorded birthday videos. I’m giving my virgin video to FanFan because I really love him. I always say Kris Wu has received way too much from the heavens. Handsome, tall, dances well, sings well. Plus he has talent. Basically what I don’t have, he has.

Xie Na: Wishing our FanFan. I wish you always be handsome, happy birthday, may all your wishes come true,ilm lots of good films, record lots of good songs, and for your hair to quickly grow long!

William Chan: I hope you can be healthy and get taller and taller.. like (gestures with his arm up).

Yao Chen: Wishing Kris Wu happy birthday. Get taller and taller. Quickly become an artist

Feng Xiaogang: Young brother Yifan, I really like you. (he described him with several things I couldn’t hear or read clearly) You’re serious about your work, immersed and have a passion for movies. Filming a movie with you was very happy.

Guan Hu: Time flies by so fast. When I wished you happy birthday last year the movie hasn’t started filming yet. Now it’s already finished. Last year we were just like family. Today it’s your birthday and indeed there’s a feeling of “family.”

Tsui Hark: Working with you, I know you are a very hard working child. Plus, you are able to endure a lot. So, I know if you have any wishes you will definitely achieve it.

Dapeng: FanFan, you are worth all the things the heavens have given you because you are just worth it.

William Chan: At the party today, all the fans need to express all your love to Kris. Make the party exciting and fun.

Li Yifeng: I hope that tonight it will be really fun and happy for you guys. Do your best to hold his hand. Don’t be afraid, run up to the stage and rip his clothes off! Happy birthday, Yifan. Jiayou!

Li Chen: I know right now it must be the concert venue. The atmosphere must be super exciting! So I hope everyone at the venue can say these two words together. I’m sure you all know it. Then.. let’s all do it together. One.. two.. three.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Stephen Chow: Today I want to wish you happy birthday. You know, they are your fans. What do you guys have to say.. (guys behind him: I LOVE YOUUU)

EXO’s Reaction to You Forgetting Their Birthday

Sorry for the late post! Thank you once again for all your support! :)~ Inspired by Kris hehe


Y/N: Xiumin, can you go to the grocery store and buy ingredients?

Xiumin: *gets suspicious* What are you baakiinng…

Y/N: Cake, of course! Have you forgotten today?

Xiumin: Why would I?! It’s my own birthday!

Y/N: …it is…?

Xiumin: *gif*

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He would eagerly be waiting for your greeting the whole day. He’d give subtle hints here and there, but you’d never get it. “It’s my birthday, jagi-ya!” He’d scream out of frustration, leaving you blank. “How could you forget…;_;”

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Kris: Jagi-ya, where’s my birthday kiss?

Y/N: *stumbles* It’s not your birthday today…right?

Kris: *gif* I feel so betrayed…

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You wouldn’t need to tell him that you forgot because he’d be jumping up and down like a cool mom and continuously yelling, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!”

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Once he’d figure out that you forgot his birthday, he would accept it calmly and scold you with all the cuteness he could muster. “How dare you forget my birthday, Y/N!”

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“I’m so mad that I could eat you right now.”

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“It’s fine, Y/N! I’ll just forget your birthday too…hehe…”

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“I’m ready to beat you up with my bat.”

HAHA that gif was taken completely out of context

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He’d desperately try to get your attention and even drop really obvious hints, but he’d give up after seeing how clueless you were.

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He wouldn’t blame you for forgetting because he also forgot his birthday was that day.

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Y/N: Your birthday is today?!


Y/N: I’m so sorry, jagi-ya!

Kai: …I know you’re just kidding, Y/N! Now where’s my present?

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To be honest, his sensitive side would show and he would feel a little hurt, but of course, he wouldn’t let that get in the way of his dignity. He would cover up by being an adorable brat. “You forgot my birthday? The maknae’s birthday?!”

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Note: I’m considering writing BTS reactions!!! :))) I still haven’t decided whether to join it with this blog or to make another blog.


I feel a bit bad earlier for saying those were my most favorite blogs because I like all the blogs I follow! Otherwise I wouldn’t follow.

dimorets (I didn’t know who to draw so I drew the Xatu…)

je-suis-cocopuff (Man why do you people have so many characters x_x)

cecespeon (I think it’s your birthday today, right? Happy birthday!)

floons (Dunno why, but I drew a Sailor Floon. Alternate version with more accessories here.)

castlevan1a (Super cool dragon! Dragons are cool.)

Request – Derek Hale “Birthday present”

You woke up in the morning, terribly excited. And with right, it was your birthday today. It didn’t matter how old you had become, at your birthday you always felt like that little girl of eight years old, loving the balloons, the cake, the presents, and just being the centre of attention on her special day. It wasn’t different today. When you came down, you found a few presents waiting at the breakfast table. You picked them up, eager to know what was in it and who bought it for you, who had taken the time and the effort to get you something. You recognized almost all the handwritings on the cards. Your father, your mother, your little brother and your big sister, your aunt who always sent something over… and then there was that little box with just a slip of paper with your name printed on it.
“Mom? Do you know from who this is?” Your mother didn’t know.
“It was just lying before the door when your father picked up the mail this morning. Why? Don’t you like it?” You shrugged and opened it. Before that, you couldn’t say if you liked it or not. A very delicate golden chain came out of the box, and with it a pendant. A circle, with very vaguely a beautiful wolf engraved in it. You held your breath…
“Don’t like it? Look at it mom, it’s gorgeous!” You immediately put it on. You wanted to discover who gave it to you, and what better way to find out then to show it to everyone today. Besides that, it was just too beautiful to stay hidden.. You got into your car to go to work, when you found a note under your windscreen wiper.
“Wait for me, 5pm…” You had the feeling it had something to do with the necklace you were wearing, and it had to be someone who knew you. Why else would he… the handwriting was definitely a he… set a time when you always finished work. Despite the card your colleagues got you, despite the cake at your work you couldn’t wait till the day was over, and when it finally was, you didn’t know how fast you had to get outside, to your car. No one… you couldn’t help being a bit disappointed. You had so hoped you’d find out who was behind all this.
“Waiting for someone?” You turned around.
“Derek! Actually… yes…” You were surprised to see him here. You had had a crush on him for ages, he just usually didn’t pay much more attention to you then greeting now and then, and that was logical. You two still knew each other from school.
“I thought as much…” and with one movement he presented a bunch of roses to you.
“You? You are behind all this?” He smiled, a smile you rarely saw, but that suited him immensely.
“Did you like it?” You were practically bouncing before him.
“Like it? I loved it! But it’s too much Derek… the necklace… but it’s so gorgeous!” He picked up the pendant to take a look at it, accidentally brushing your neckline with his fingers. You couldn’t say you didn’t like that…
“I picked it out for you… It has a special meaning for me, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I did when I saw it.”
“I’m sure I will… but…”
“Not buts… It was my way of trying to tell you that… that I love you…” 

anonymous asked:

Hey, today's your birthday right my friend??

mhmm, it’s today. thank you very much for asking, it’s very sweet of you. i hope today is wonderful for you like you are to me, and in general