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“He is just what a young man ought to be,” said [Jane], “sensible, good-humored, lively; and I never saw such happy manners!–so much ease, with such perfect good breeding!”

“He is also handsome,” replied Elizabeth, “which a young man ought likewise to be, if he possibly can.  His character is thereby complete.” 

- Pride & Prejudice, volume 1, chapter 4

He Should Be Here

Characters: Y/N, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sammy Winchester (no I am not stuttering!), Lisa Braeden (mentioned), Ben Braeden (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned) Lucifer (mentioned), Michael (mentioned)    

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Warnings: Character death (only as in canon), nothing much else I think.     

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: Hey guys welcome to SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - I hope y’all are ready to cry. As one of your hosts I thought it was my duty to do my best to make sure you go to bed with puffy eyes tonight so I am posting 3 brand new one shots in honor of this day. This is number 1

I have been wanting to write this fic for the longest of times - I hope you guys will enjoy it. It is heavily inspired by You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell

Thanks to @blacktithe7 for being a sweetie and betaing this for me

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

It was Tuesday, and just like any other Tuesday, you had gone to the park. You sat on the bench watching the kids play as you gently rocked the stroller with your sleeping baby boy inside it.

You didn’t come here for your son though. You came for you. You had been ever since the moment you had found out you were pregnant. It had been a Tuesday too, and a beautiful day just like today. You had called the only person you could think to call, even if you had vowed to each other only 3 weeks ago to go your separate ways and start over. Given your condition, that promise hadn’t lasted long, and this park had not only become your place to dream, it had become your meeting ground. It had become your only connection to the father of your child.

“Hey, how’s little Sammy doing?” his voice sounded behind you, and you looked up to see the tall, broad ex-hunter standing above your stroller, smiling softly at your sleeping son .

“Growing like weed,” you answered, making Dean chuckle as you raised from your seat to let him hug you.

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The signs as actual lines said in Supernatural
  • Aries - "I learned that from the pizza man."<p/><b></b> Taurus - "Yesterday was Tuesday, right? But today is Tuesday too!<p/><b></b> Gemini - "I lost my shoe."<p/><b></b> Cancer - "If you fudging touch me again I'll fudging kill you!"<p/><b></b> Leo - Do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?<p/><b></b> Virgo - "Last time you zapped me someplace I didn't poop for a week."<p/><b></b> Libra - "This isn't funny, Dean. The voice says I'm running out of minutes!"<p/><b></b> Scorpio - "Pudding!"<p/><b></b> Sagittarius - "Four score and seven years ago, I wore a funny hat."<p/><b></b> Capricorn - "Dude you fugly."<p/><b></b> Aquarius - "What are you going to do, poke her with a stick? Dude! You are not going to poke her with a stick!"<p/><b></b> Pisces - "Dean, this is a very serious situation, we don't have any time for any of your blah blah blah blah blah."<p/></p>

request; can u do 4/4 text for ur birthday like what they send u or something like that? plzz ☺ sorry im not posting them all together, too many pictures. 🙄

today-is-tuesday-too  asked:

Hey, can you tell us how you got into theatre and directing and something about some of your favorite plays?

Oh man. I’m gonna get emotional. My mom claims I came out of the womb a born performer and director. She remembers me on the playground as young as two, getting other kids to join in with whatever story I was weaving. I played with my brother plenty, but I played on my own as well and all of my self-guided play was essentially directing. And then I started doing theatre in my Jewish pre-school as young as three. My parents could tell how much I loved it and I just…never stopped. I was a dancer as well and I played the flute and sang in my middle school choir, but I was single minded about a life and career in the theatre from the time I was about five years old. I did think I was going to be an actor at first and, from the time I was about ten/eleven, my dad began insisting that directing was my future. And I was lucky enough that a few (mostly female) teachers noticed the way I constantly asked big picture questions and fought about interpretation, the way I watched staging like a hawk. They noticed and they gently suggested I could dream beyond acting. They let me talk at them and dream with them and they made me feel smart and powerful. Once I hit high school, I directed a few short plays and I was in love. I got into my undergraduate theatre program for both directing and acting, but my work took off in the directing department and my fate was sealed.  My dad loves taking credit almost as much as he loves being right.  

As for my favorite plays? I love every damn thing Shakespeare wrote. Even the garbage. I love theatre that is personal, political, and courageous. I love plays that weave complete worlds with their own idiosyncratic language. I don’t like irony or cynicism. I like plays that present challenges, but also offer hope. So, for a list: Indecent, Water by the Spoonful, The Dybbuk, Fences, Angels in America, Slavs!, A Doll’s House, Intimate Apparel, Ruined, A Raisin in the Sun, Exit the King, The Trojan Women, Seamus Heaney’s Philoktetes, The Language Archive, Blood Knot, My Children! My Africa!, Woza Albert!, The Road to Mecca, All My Sons, The Death of a Salesman. Tom Stoppard. Paula Vogel. Athol Fugard. Julia Cho. Arthur Miller. Sophocles. Shakespeare. Fuck me I love theatre.

Everyday problems for people in a fandom:
  • <p> <b>Person:</b> "Hey what day is it?"<p/><b>Supernatural fan:</b> "Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (trying to get into elevator) "HEY CAN YOU HOLD THE DOOR"<p/><b>Thrones fan:</b> (inconsolable crying)<p/><b>Sister:</b> "Can you hold on to this sock for a sec-"<p/><b>Harry Potter fan:</b> "Master has given me a sock!!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (is loudly listening to "Staying Alive")<p/><b>Sherlock fan:</b> "HOW DARE YOU"<p/><b>Mom:</b> "Okay....Let's cook!"<p/><b>Breaking Bad fan:</b> 🎵"Crystal blue persuasionnnnnn...."🎵<p/><b>Person:</b> "Hey check out that cool angel statue-"<p/><b>Doctor Who fan:</b> "DON'T BLINK!! DON'T BLINK!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (is eating pudding)<p/><b>Walking Dead fan:</b> "CARLLLLLLLLL!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> (brings in a miniature horse)<p/><b>Parks and Rec fan:</b> 🎵 "Bye.....bye Little Sebastian" 🎵<p/><b>Person:</b> "Hey how much do these plums cost?"<p/><b>Marvel fan:</b> (aggressive crying)<p/><b>Person:</b> "So I have two sisters-"<p/><b>Orphan Black fan:</b> "Seestras!!!!"<p/><b>Person:</b> 🎵 "Do you believe in magic..." 🎵<p/><b>Once Upon A Time fan:</b> "Well...if we're gonna go there-" (rolls up sleeves)<p/><b>X-Files fan:</b> "Do you believe..."<p/></p>
The Winchesters' reaction at each other death...
  • Dean: 2x22 - All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2

  • Sam: 9x23 - Do You Believe In Miracles

and 3x22 - No Rest For The Wicked

and 3x11 - Mystery Spot (not to mention the 100 Tuesdays Sam went through…)




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