today is the most important day of our lives

The problem with capitalism – especially with its today’s prevailing form: neoliberalism – is that it appropriates progressive ideas such as cultural diversity, feminism, environmentalism etc and converts them into yet another commodity, thus making them saleable. This gives capitalism and the negative characteristics it implicates – eg huge wealth inequality, wage slavery, ecological destruction, racial prejudice etc – a positive and progressive appearance. Whereas capitalism in the former days was symbolized by cruel and insensible fat men with top hats, today many people identify capitalism with hip CEOs donating millions to charity. The problem is that essentially nothing has improved. On the contrary: there have never been more people living in unbearable conditions while some others possess unimaginable wealth than today. To show that to the people should be one of our most important priorities in our struggle against capitalism.


For: Anon

Imagine: Your son transfers from Dauntless on Choosing Day and Eric is extremely angry about it.

Note: Y/D/N = your daughter’s name, and Y/S/N = your son’s name.

Today is the most important day in a 16-year-old’s life, the day they choose their fate, the day they might leave everything they know to join a new faction, today is Choosing Day. Your twin son and daughter would be picking the faction in which they want to spend the rest of their lives, and their father, Eric, was stressed out.

“Relax Eric, everything’s gonna be fine, it doesn’t matter what our kids choose, as long as their happy,” you say rubbing your husband’s shoulders.

“I know, I know, I just want them to stay,” You smile sadly, hoping that maybe both your babies would stay, but you know that they aren’t babies anymore.

“Mom! Dad! Let’s go, we’re going to be late!” Your daughter, Y/D/N, calls from the living room.

“We’re coming,” You tell Eric to relax one last time before walking out of the room.

“Alright Y/D/N, Y/S/N, I just want you to know that no matter what your decision may be today, we’ll always love you,” You kiss both of their cheeks, and for once, they don’t recoil away from it.

“Choose wisely, kids,” Eric says finally, kissing Y/D/N’s forehead, and ruffles Y/S/N’s hair.

The both smile at you, and you pull your children and husband in for a hug, holding back your tears.

“Okay come on! Let’s go!” Y/D/N says excitedly.

The four of you leave the compound and jump onto the train. Y/S/N’s  has been strangely silent, and you are starting to feel a little worried, your son has always been one to constantly keep talking, he’s always been sassy and blunt, so his silence was very unusual. You finally decide to pull him aside for a minute, “Are you feeling alright Y/S/N?”

“Huh, yeah mom, I’m fine. I just-” He pauses for a moment, Y/S/N has never been a good liar, “I just couldn’t sleep very well last night.”

“Are you s-” You get cut off by Y/D/N telling you that it was almost time to jump, so you don’t push Y/S/N further, you just gently squeeze his arm and get ready.

“Y/D/N,” The announcer on the stage calls out, you smile at your daughter and Eric gently squeezes her hand.

She runs up to the stage and she instantly slices her hand, pouring the blood into the coals, Eric lets out a breath as the announcer says, “Dauntless!”

Your faction bursts in to cheers and starts chanting her name, as a leader’s daughter, everyone knows her pretty well.

She runs back to her seat and you and Eric both hug her, then the announcer calls, “Y/S/N.”

You smile at him and he gives you a small smile back, he jogs up to the stage and takes the knife. He cuts his palm and reddens the glass, “Candor!”

The crowd of black and white cheer, Y/D/N gasps trying to hold back tears, and Eric clenches his jaw, tightening his grip on the armrests of the chair. Your heart breaks, you are happy that he followed his heart, but you miss him already. He looks back at you giving you a sad glance, you smile reassuringly and Eric looks away from him, he then leaves the stage to join his new faction.

The ceremony finally ends and Eric storms out of the building, you and your daughter rush after him, he finally stops to wait of the train. Your daughter parts ways to join the rest of the initiates and you are left with an angry Eric.

“Eric j-” You begin.

“Stop Y/N, just stop, don’t even try to tell me to calm down!” You decide to let him cool off and not bring up the subject until you get back home.

You finally get off the train and go to your apartment. Once you are home, Eric instantly makes his way to the bedroom and slams the door shut. You take a deep breath and go after him.

“Eric, seriously just listen,” You try to calm him down.

“Listen to what Y/N?! I wouldn’t have cared if Y/S/N had gone to any other faction, Erudite, Amity, hell even Abnegation. At least I would have known that he was contributing something to our society, but he chose Candor?! The most worthless faction, the faction that has absolutely no purpose!”

“Yeah well at least he’s happy now, Eric you know our son would have never been happy if he had stayed here, or had gone anywhere else, he belongs in Candor, and you know it!”

“I just-” He suddenly looks utterly exhausted, “I want to be alone for a while Y/N. Please?”

You nod sadly, and walk out of the room.

The next few weeks are full of more arguing, but by the end of it, Eric had become more accepting of your son’s decision. Tomorrow was finally  Visiting Day, not only would you getting to see your beautiful daughter, but you were hoping that Eric had opened his mind enough to go to Candor and see your son.

The next morning, you and Eric walk to the pit to finally see Y/D/N after almost a month, you look around and you finally hear, “Mom! Dad!”

She runs up to you and clings to the two of you. You pull away and hold her at arm’s length, looking her up and down, she’s gotten a few piercings and tattoos, and she looks even more toned and muscular than before. You and Eric converse with her for a while until Eric finally says, “Alright, let’s go.”

“Where are you going dad?” Y/D/N asks, you’re just as confused as she is.    

I’m not going anywhere, we all are,” He says, “Stop asking and just come.”

The three of you get into the car and Eric speeds off, when you see the black and white buildings it finally hits you, you’re going to see Y/S/N.

You and Y/D/N excitedly get out of the car and Eric follows after you.

You make your way to the 6th floor, and see a crowd of black and white, with a few other colours here and there.

You search the crowd for a while until you here a confused voice, “Dad? Mom?”

“Y/S/N!” Y/D/N squeals, earning a few glares from the people around you, she runs up to him and hugs him, you soon follow her, but Eric just stands there, feeling very out-of-place.

You walk back to him and whisper, “Come on Eric, he’s waiting for you!”

Eric finally walks to your son and stiffly shakes his hand, but he eventually breaks and pulls Y/S/N into a hug. You and Y/D/N exchange a smile and join their hug.

The four of you talk about initiation, and his new life for a while, until it’s finally time to go, “Goodbye baby, take care of yourself okay?”

“I will mom,” Once again, you hold back your tears, Y/D/N also says her teary goodbyes.

Finally Eric grabs Y/S/N’s shoulders, “Good luck son, it was really good to see you again, and I’m glad you chose what makes you happy. Remember, I will always love you. Make me proud.”

Y/S/N hugs Eric happily, “Thanks dad, and I will! I love you too!”

The three of you leave the compound, once you get to Dauntless, Eric finally whispers to you, “You were right Y/N, I’m happy that he’s happy.”

A/N: I’m sorry if there’s any errors, I’m like falling sleep right now, so good night loves!

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Rajigaze Leader’s Birthday

Reita: Good evening everybody, it’s Reita from the GazettE…and today is the day we have all been waiting for…the most important day in the world…the day where all of human kind come together and join hands – (starts laughing) Allow me to introduce to you…our special guest.

(fucking trumpets)

Reita: The leader of the GazettE…Kai-san.

Kai: (laughing) Hello

Reita: The day has come.

Kai: The day has come.

Reita: Today, we will be doing a one-hour special for you.

Kai: Oh, really!?

Reita: Yes.

Kai: How long is it usually?

Reita: One hour.

(both laughing)

Kai: Ah, I see. I see. Hmm….

Reita: Okay, then. First of all, the Halloween live has just finished.

Kai: Oh, it’ll have finished? (*when this is airing)

Reita: Yes, so how was it?

Kai: ….Wait what? (laughs) What? Uh…How was it?

Reita: Yes.

(the trumpets only stopped now btw) 

Kai: But we haven’t even done it yet.

(both laugh)

Reita: So, when did we bring out the cake?

(*he’s referring to last week bc Kai was making fun of him for asking Kai when he wanted the cake bc it takes away the surprise)

Kai: When did the cake come out, huh? …Well, I think I know. I knew it even before it happened. (giggles)

(Rei says something about Kai having a second PSX idek what that is tbh)

Reita: No, but really…happy birthday Kai-san

Kai: Thank u thank u (clapping)

Reita: I supposed u’ve lived a good life

Kai: (laughing) A good life…? Well, I’m thirty-something… 

Reita: Mhmm.

Kai: Do I even need to hide my age?

Reita: Well not really

Kai: Yeah eh.

Reita: Everyone pretty much already knows so

Kai: They do, huh.

Reita: Ye

Kai: Yeahhh, well anyway….before I turn forty, –

Reita: Leader.

Kai: Hm?

Reita: Look behind you.

Kai: Ahh–!

(Reita and staff start singing happy birthday while Kai claps and giggles and oohs and aahs)

Kai: Thank u!!!!

Reita: Happy birthday!!!

(everyone claps)

Reita: We brought u a cake

Kai: Ooh a cake. Thank you. I’m gonna take picture.

Reita: You look like you’re dead inside tho

(Kai giggles)

Reita: Seriously, are you okay? Where did your emotion go?

(both laugh)

Some girl’s voice: Kai-kun, happy birthday.

Kai: Oh –what is this!? (laughing) What is this??

Girl: Your voice, your smile, and your cool drum performances all help me make it through.

Kai: What is this? Who is this?

Girl: Thank you! I’m so grateful that on the 28th I’ll be able to be there for both the GazettE’s first Halloween live, and Kai-kun’s birthday. Really, thank you so much.

Kai: Huh–? Who is this?

Girl: I’ll keep supporting you forever and ever and ever. the GazettE is the best!

Kai: Thank you!

Reita: Ye

Kai: What is this?

Girl: Oh…also, Kai-kun –

(both laughing)

Girl: I love you. I want to eat your pasta sauce again! KAKATTE KOOOOOOOIII!!!!!!!!

(both die laughing)

Girl: Thank you so much! Happy birthday! 

Kai: What is this, what is this?

Reita: Well when Ruki and I were doing the radio, we thought of playing voice messages from the fans.

Kai: Ahh~

Reita: Cause we were like, if we don’t make a big deal out of Kai’s birthday he’s gonna get pissy and dip halfway through the show

Kai: (dying) Like, I’m going home! I can’t last an hour!

Reita: So we thought of this as a way to butter you up.

Kai: Thank you, thank you.

Reita: So, people have sent in some messages.

Kai: Ahh, I see, I see.

Reita: That part about the pasta sauce was kinda sketchy tho

Kai: (laughs) This is fun!

Reita: Right? We actually got a lot.

Kai: Ooooh.

Reita: We thought people would be too shy to send them, but surprisingly we got so many that we’re actually not gonna be able to play them all. If we played them all we’d have to not talk for the whole show. So we just picked out a few to play. But you can listen to them all after.

Kai: Do I have to?

Reita: EXCUUUSE ME?!!?!

(Kai bursts out laughing)


Kai: (can’t breathe) But I’m sure they’ll be interesting.

Reita: Stfu you’re such an asshole…

Kai: Anyway can I blow out the candles now?

Reita: Ok

Kai: Okay here I go!!! *blows* …YEEEEEYYYYYYYY


Reita: Hbd hbd

Kai: Thank you!

Reita: So anyway what were you saying before?

Kai: Uhh, what was it…oh yeah, well I’m thirty-something now, but before I turn forty…uh…uhhh….oh yeah! Until I’m forty…the most important thing for me will be to keep going hard on the drums.

Reita: Okay.

Kai: …I guess that’s it! To be able to keep giving it my all on the drums behind the four of you without hurting myself…that’s what enriches my life the most.

Reita: ….u can hurt urself tho it’s cool

(both laugh)

Kai: Shut up

Reita: Anyway, happy birthday!

Kai: Thank yoooou!

Reita: So, the theme for October is “Your Manifesto.”

Kai: Yaayyyyyyy.

Reita: Yes. Something you think should change, like “We should have this,” or “Things should be like this”…or like, “Kai-san’s birthday should come twice a year”…

Kai: Ooooooh nice one!!!

Reita: We’re taking all kinds of messages. We also have a Dark Side Segment – you know we should really focus on this one instead.

Both at the exact same time: The Dark Side Segment.

Reita: Yes

Kai: Muhuhu

The 9 Most Important Things to be Free of

I hit the jackpot of resolutions today while I was on my couch reading a wonderful little book titled “The Motivation Manifesto”.  At the end of the day, we’re all searching for personal freedom.  Here are 6 of them.  I wanted to share them with you with my comments, hoping this list acts as a road map for the new year or a reminder if you’ve already started the process of sawing the heavy shackles that have held you down for so long.  

- Living freely by crafting a life on our own terms.

I think so many live their lives on other people’s terms and it creates dark tunnels and dead ends.  I’ve been there.  Craving a life based on your own terms is the new American Dream.  Kick down the picket fence.  Toss the time card.  Forget the idea of standards or what you believe your life should look like because parents, friends, society, or an older more afraid version of you drew a blueprint that “made sense” a long time ago.  Passion, drive, and truth is what creates magic and there is no room for it if you are not living life on your own terms.  What if you were to burn those prints and redesign your life?  What would that look like?  How would that change you?

- Being free in the moment from oppressions, of past hurts and present anxieties. 

This is a big one.  I don’t know if it’s possible to be completely free of this. But I don’t think that’s the way to approach it.  I think it’s about acquiring tools to manage oppressions, past hurts, and present anxieties. Processing, awareness, release / calm, breathing and balance.  You need someone to process.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a therapist or life coach.  It can be a friend or your partner.  Just make sure they have some capacity and emotional intelligence.  Release and balance can be done through various activities.  Not just yoga and meditation.  Weightlifting and motorcycle rides can bring them.  The key is to be aware and thread daily rituals into your life to feel, let go, and express yourself, through words, art, fitness, whatever works for you.      

- Being lighthearted and spontaneous as free spirits.

I used to take life very seriously.  That’s why my furrows are so deep and ingrained.  I call them Marky Marks.  Today, I take life more seriously.  Because I feel like I’ve found my purpose, something I never felt like I had before.  But I’m much more light hearted and free than before.  The difference between then and now isn’t how serious I am.  It’s making a conscious choice to let go of things I don’t have control over.  Like other people’s opinions.  Reactions to me.  Random turn of events.  The ability to know what to put weight on and when to let go and allow God, the universe, destiny take the wheel and just ride shotgun.  To observe and learn instead of trying to smash things where they don’t fit.  This creates distance and allows me to pull from my heart instead of my ego.  It allows me to trust my story and be less afraid.  Your spirit must be free for you to have a voice.  Without a voice, you will never be free.  

- Courageously speaking out thoughts, feelings, and ambitions with those around us, without concern about acceptance.

We all want to be accepted.  We all want approval.  But the question is at what cost?  Your potency will always live in your truth.  If you do not create a space to express it, you are not only losing your voice, you are losing your potential.  And we will be losing your gifts.  Where in your life do you allow yourself to be muted?

- Enjoying our free will to pursue abundant happiness, wealth, health, achievement, and contributions.

It’s okay to want things.  Many feel they don’t deserve the things what they want.  Or they feel guilty after getting them.  It’s okay to pursue in abundance.  This is America.  Your world will be brighter and you will be left with more fuel, assuming you know that the nectar is found in the chase, not the gold.  So go after whatever you want, run toward it with out limits.  And when you get there, celebrate your accomplishments.  Free yourself from the limitations you put on what you feel you deserve.  You deserve the world.  Go after it.

- Freely loving who we choose to with passionate abandon.

To me, this means to love without being afraid.  Love without thinking about the future or what the relationship is going to look like.  Love without a plan.  Love in the moment.  Without fear.  Without residue.  This is one of our greatest freedoms, yet one of the most difficult things to do.  We don’t allow ourselves to be free with love.  We hold, trap, define, judge, control, and become our own prisoners.  To tell yourself you are willing to be abandoned and yet choose to love as hard and honest as you can, is complete freedom.

- Angry

We will make Paris happen.

…If Kieren Walker, the loveliest Undead who ever “lived”, want’s to go to Paris, than the least thing we can do to “redeem” ourselves for the lovely show, is to make that happen.

(pun game is going strong today, isn’t it.)

And we can make Paris happen only with mantaining our efforts to make a season three happen!

As a dear anon so rightly pointed out, in the last few days the ITf fandom has not shown so much Amazon and Netflix directed activity on twitter.

Twitter is one of our most important contact possibilities to those in charge, so:

Thursday, January 29th, 8pm Uk time, mass tweet on twitter.

tweet @amazonvideouk, @netflixuk and the cast and crew of ITF to let them know we’re still there.

Also use the hashtags #renewintheflesh, #saveintheflesh and #intheflesh!

Don’t forget to sign these two petitions either.

Let’s hope our “twitter game” will go as strong as our “pun game”.


2010 FIFA World Cup Final, 11 July 2010, Soccer City Johannesburg, MOTM Andres Iniesta

“I remember (Italy captain Fabio) Cannavaro told me that being world champion doesn’t happen every day. This really is quite a cup. The European Championship was the most important moment of our lives, but today is much bigger than anything else.” -Spain goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas


This jar here has helped me more than I could ever imagine.
A simple inanimate object.
It symbolizes something important.
It’s a constant reminder that I have yet to reach all my goals.
It sits next to my bedside, thirsty and craving attention.

Most of us drone on in our day to day lives we don’t stop to think.
But every week, every shot, is my cue to put more money in this jar.
By the end of the year, if my math is right, I’ll have roughly $1,400 saved.
Granted that’s only a fraction of the cost of surgery, I’ve learned that patience goes so much further when you’ve got a goal to maintain.
Small steps forward are still moving you in the right direction.
So even if you’re in despair that you feel like you’re going nowhere, remember that time is a very relevant thing, but your attitude is even more relevant.

Day 3 Without Season 4

Today is Hannibal Day, and it is the most important Hannibal Day of the season.

With the cancellation bringing us all down, it is incredibly important that we all watch tonight and live tweet the episode. We need to show our support for the cast, the crew, and the series in general by tweeting #Hannibal before the show and #SaveHannibal during. We need it to trend for as long as possible again so we can get the ratings that will determine the interest of another distributor. 

That being said, I want to take this chance to write a letter of sorts to all of those involved with this incredible series.

Dear Cast & Crew of Hannibal,

This show has had it rough over the last three years. It’s been a fight to keep it going on all fronts - from what I am told - but up until now it has been a successful fight. I think I speak for all of the Fannibals when I say Hannibal is such an incredible series that deserves a decent send off. 

To the staff writers: Once I got into this show, I never wanted to leave. A lot of that goes to all of you. I went to school for film with the long-term goal of becoming a staff writer on a show I believed in, and Hannibal became the one show I was working so hard to reach. Every little moment, every meaningful exchange of dialogue and the movement of the words is beautiful. I have so much respect for all of you and the parts you played to bring this adaptation of my favourite series into a whole new world. I only wish I had been able to join you and I look forward to your future endeavors in the film industry.

To the crew: What’s a series without the crew that puts it on camera? To the directors, the camera team, the gaffers, the grips, the recordists, the boom ops, the ADR team, the editors, the PAs, the everyone behind the camera, your long days and longer nights are what made this show what it is. From the score to the cinematography, everything looks breathtakingly stunning every second. It has become something of a joke that Hannibal doesn’t have gaffers due to how dark the show is, but we mean that in a lighthearted way as no matter how dark the scene is lit, it could never be any other way. Your hard work will be remembered no matter what happens, and the final products are never disliked. As mentioned to the staff writers, I look forward to any other projects any of you have the joy of working on.

To the cast: Mads, Hugh, Caroline, Lawrence, Aaron, Scott, Katie… there are too many of you to list and too many of you to thank. Your performances are always so strong, always making me laugh or cry or a strange combination of the two. One would never guess you aren’t fluent in English, Mads, as you go about in the role of Hannibal Lecter - so different from a lot of your previous work both in and out of Denmark. Hugh, you always break my heart in the only way I would ever want it broken. Scott and Aaron, you goofballs are the best duo in the show in roles I never would have guessed you to do and I love that so much about your buddy-buddy dynamic as Brian and Jimmy. To the ladies of the show: you are all queens of what you do. You bring strength to female characters and inspire so many of us to always push forward no matter what happens. Your work and your characters mean the world to me.

To DeLaurentiis Co. & NBC ( thefannibalfeed | nbchannibal ) : You gave us Red Dragon, Hannibal, and Hannibal Rising. You brought new life to Francis Dolarhyde and showed us the twisted mind of Mason Verger, and now you do it all over again in another updated adaptation of the previous film Manhunter and the timeless novels from Thomas Harris. Without the cast and crew, there would be no series, that goes without saying. But there would be no cast or crew without you. Even more so there would not be a show at all without NBC in the first place. The fandom may be hurt and angry from the cancellation. In a way we feel betrayed. But none of it would have even been an idea without you. And no matter what happens, we want and need you to know how grateful everyone is for everything. And I mean everything.

To the fandom ( especially tattle-crime | thetuxedos | idontfindyouthatinteresting | artsortof ) : Never in my life has a series meant so much to me and never in my life have I felt so close to everyone in the fandom. We’ve been brought together by something indescribably great and formed a legitimate family from the bond we share over this series. The fanart, the fanfiction, the blogs, the giveaways, the interviews, the sharing of information/photos/promos comes to us all on an international scale in such an open and friendly way that I have no words how happy it makes me. The effort everyone puts into this fandom to express our love for it was unbelievable even before the cancellation news. And now we’ve grown even closer with our hashtags and petitions to try and save the thing that brought us all together.

Finally: To Bryan Fuller: Your work has been seemingly cursed by cancellation. It is an unfair series of events you’ve been through, but at the same time, your work gets better and better with each new series. You must hear it all the time, but I desperately feel the need to reiterate how incredible your series are. I know you are set to be busy as hell on American Gods, a fact that shakes my faith in a Hannibal renewal, but I desperately hope that you share the need to make a fourth season of Hannibal. Even if that marks the end, it would be okay. Even if you, yourself, feel the need to walk away now, we will all understand. I just hope you support us as a fandom as we fight as hard as we can for a planned finale.

Thank you everyone for all that you do and continue to do.

It means more than I can say.

-Rachel Oliver Richardson

We must never forget that in many areas of the world today that it costs people everything to be a Christian. These are martyrs for the faith that most of us take for granted every day. When we make a decision for Jesus Christ it’s important that we count the cost. He shed His blood to cover our sins and make us righteous and holy before God. We need to live our lives glorifying Him.    

On this most hallowed day of July, it is important to remember that America is a place of diversity and progress. In order to become a more perfect union, the people must fight to protect one another.

Our founding fathers were imperfect white men, but they set in motion the potential for a truly great nation. That power is in our hands. So today, let’s be proud of what we really stand for, and promise to do right by everyone living among us, no matter how long they’ve been here.

Also, go register to vote.


Today is 68 years since the creation of the State of Israel. Probably the most important event for Jewish people in 2000 years. In 1948, we finally had our original homeland back. Our prayers and tears of 2000 years had been answered and we were granted independence.

We are living in one of the most amazing times in Jewish history. Only 100 years ago, this was something that people dreamed of. But we can’t forget that the war of independence isn’t yet over. That war is still being fought and has been fought every single day since 1948. We will win. Eretz Yisrael is alive and well and it is going nowhere, and Jerusalem will remain the undivided and eternal capital of the Jewish people forever and ever.

Chag Ha’atzmaut Sameach from Eretz Yisrael.