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Imagine harry taking each kid out on the road for their first driving lesson

He’d be SO nervous about the whole thing, with each of the kids, because it’s their first time being behind the wheel of a car, having passed their theory test only a week or so before. I don’t think he’d be incredibly nervous with Persephone or Rose because they’re a lot more sensible in terms of being responsible and being focused, so, he’d slide into the car with ease with them because he knows they’re ready to learn and move on step closer to passing their tests. But, with Alfie and Darcy? I imagine him to be a little skeptical and worried about climbing into the front seat and trying to pass the duty towards the missus with an “I teach two kids, you teach two kids” kind of thing. But she’d always turn it away because she’s not that confident on driving, as it is, and knows that he is full of knowledge with a lot more patience than her.

With Alfie, in a tiny car that’s fitting to him, he’s gripping onto the seat beneath him, eyes completely focused on the road as they made turns and carefully dodged the parked cars that took up the space along the pavements. Yelping when a wing-mirror also got knocked off, yelling out when he went too close to a stationery car, and grunting profanities when Alfie stepped on the brake a little too hard and his hands colliding with the dashboard to steady himself. But his son has a lot of patience.

Which is something that Darcy doesn’t have. So when Harry yells out for her to watch out for a tree or when she gets a little too close to his car that’s parked in the driveway, she yells back. Which results in a screaming match between them as she smacks the steering wheel and folds her arms across her chest.

“You’re impossible to learn from!”

“You’re bloody impossible to teach with this attitude, Darcy,” Harry grunts, wrapping his hand around the handle of the door, pulling it and opening it up, “let’s take a break for today, okay? We’ll go back out before dark so we can get one last practice in.”

“I need to practice now, dad! I have my first driving test in three days! You want me to be the only child not to pass first time round, huh? You just hate watching me succeed!”

“Let’s just go inside, have a cup of tea and calm down, Darcy. Me and you, we clash too much after so long,” he sighs, climbing out the car, “come on. Maybe your mum can go out with you.”

“No! I want you to help me,” she cries out, her eyes wide as he ducks under the roof of the car, “please, dad? This is just, really scary and I’ve never done this before and I want to do well. I wan’a make you proud, dad.”

“You’ll make me proud, regardless of how many times you have to take your test,” he sighs, falling back into the seat and kicking his legs into the footwell, “but, you have to let me help and not fight back. I’ve been driving more than you. I know what I’m doing,” he reaches for her hand and squeezes it, “you’re doing really well. You are. I promise. You’ll pass your test with no faults, I can guarantee that.” xx

Of Kissing and Things.. (Remadora)

(( I sent this as a series of asks to TT today but then I liked how it came out so I decided to share. @asktheboywholived))

The first time he kissed her, she was in the middle of a rant. Fired up and building momentum on the stupidity of the ministry and the hypocrisy of the anti-werewolf laws. Glorious with hair fire red and eyes sparking dark and angry and then his lips had touched hers and she’d.. fizzled, melted. She’d come back dazed with eyes shining blue and hair a soft blush pink. Remus had flushed and Tonks had laughed, delighted and happy and distracted before she remembered her rant and picked it up again.

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