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I Found You.

Prompt: (Soulmate AU) Pain demands to be felt. Sometimes by more than one.

“Wow, look at you, Mr. Cranky. What’s up?” Blaise greets Draco too cheerfully in a gloomy London Monday morning.

“Shut it, Zabini. It’s too early to deal with your shits.” Draco snaps.

“Whoa, okay, something is clearly wrong. Wanna share?” Draco almost snaps for the second time in the morning, but the concern in Blaise’s eyes softens his cranky side.

“It’s nothing, just woke up this morning and sore all over the place.”

“Soulmate things?” Draco only nods. “I hate this thing you know, I mean one day we live for 21 years and the next second we’re being tied to this one particular person which is a pain in the ass because we have to share their pain.”

“Well, you have exactly 21 years to fool around. It’s your fault to waste it. And by the way, you don’t have to search for your soulmate, you know.”

“Yeah, well, I would give my life to stop worrying while waking up with cuts all over my body. Thank you very much.”

“Good luck finding that klutz of your life. I’ll wait for the invitation.” Draco finally can grin for the first time in that morning before taking his ordered coffee, and leave the small coffee shop.


Draco Malfoy always wonders about his soulmate. On the day he turned 21, there was suddenly bruises on his ribs. He couldn’t sleep that day, worrying whether the person he is being tied to will survive the day or not, as more bruises and cuts kept coming. He relaxed once he can feel the repeated stinging pain of needle on the corner of his eyebrow. That day never stops, and Draco never stops worrying, even after one year of that dreadful night.

Now that he’s 22, he already can control his emotions. Some days he’s worried sick inside his office as the pain just keeps resonating over and over, but some other days, like today, he only feels irritated as he woke up with tenderness all over his body. He sometimes feels grateful that his job won’t cause the person on his other end any more pain than they needs to endure, but most days he feels so irritated that he cuts himself on purpose to upset the other person. Being a healer is very safe when you know what you’re doing.

Sometimes he wonders what kind of job that his soulmate has, but nowadays he’s certain that it must be resonating with the word “Auror” or anything similar to that. Nothing can cause more pain than being in that bloody department of the ministry. Unfortunately not once he found the injured Auror that belongs to him. Not yet.


“Ow, fuck! Seriously, woman, blow your hot drinks before you drink it. You can at least have self preservation if not to save your soulmate tongue!” Pansy snaps to no one while drinking her ice Americano. Blaise laughs openly at that.

“It seems like I’m not the only one who has a klutz as my soulmate.”

“Yeah, she’s a klutz sometimes, not as bad as yours though.” Both Draco and Blaise stare at her in shock.

“Wh- What? She? Have you met her?” Draco asks incredulously.

“Well, no, but yesterday I felt a strong pain on my lower region, so I believe my soulmate is a she.”

“Are you sure? I mean they could get kicked in that area, or bump into something.” Pansy rolls her eyes.

“Draco, darling, I know what cramp pain feels like, so I strongly believe that she’s a girl.”

“Well, congratulation! You’re one step ahead to stop losing your mind out of worry.” Blaise says while hugging Pansy.

“Good on you, love—” Draco’s sentence is being cut by a painful blow on his stomach. Fuck. The next blow is so strong; it knocks him to his knees. His hand is tightly gripping the desk beside him while the other clutching his side stomach. The next wave of pain comes barreling through his body before his mind can catch up on how to breathe properly. He can feel the blood rushing out of his face, this pain is different. He doesn’t feel anything but pain before when this attack comes, but now he feels something else, something worse. Despair.

“Draco! Draco, can you hear me?!” Pansy’s panic voice break through his pain filled mind, but Draco can’t bring himself to answer her. He can clearly feel the despair on his soulmate bond. He can feel how the other person starts losing his will to live. No. Don’t. Please, I haven’t found you. You have to survive this one. He can hear his heavy breathing when the pain finally stops, or at least reduces to dull throbbing in his body. When he is finally aware of his surrounding, someone bursts through his office door. Pansy and Blaise, who are both kneeling beside Draco with concern eyes, suddenly glare to the nurse on the door.

“What do you want?” Pansy snaps.

“Healer Draco, there’s an emergency patient in an immediate need of surgery.” She speaks in rapid pace. Draco is still trying to catch his breathing.

“Where are the other healers? He can’t perform a surgery, right now.” Blaise asks politely.

“There are no other healers, please, he’ll die if you don’t operate him.”

“Pans, Blaise, it’s alright. I’m okay. I’ll be in the room in two minutes.” With that Draco stands up and goes to the operation room. The nurse is already there. “Just us two?”

“Just us two, the others are not available due to the recent attack on the ministry.” Draco steps into the light and freezes when he sees his patient’s face. Freckles with ginger hair. Ronald Weasley.

“Well, it really has been awhile, Weasley.” Draco performs the quite long surgery in just 4 hours, effectively removing the long painful metal from Ron’s shoulder and picking up all the scraps after he successfully undo the curse Ron has been shot with. The dull throbs never stop while he’s conducting the surgery, but nothing that he can ease with a small hiss or sharp intake of breath. Draco was just cleaning the blood on the Ron’s stitches when the surgery room’s door slams open with a force. Draco snaps at the nurse on the door, who turns out to be his apprentice/assistant. “Can’t you see that this surgery is not finished yet?! There are rules to follow, Rachel!”

“I’m sorry, Draco, I can do whatever you’re doing to that patient right now. This one is more important.” Rachel says in panic, and without permission she pulls a patient inside the surgery room. Draco’s heart drops to the floor when he sees the patient. Harry Potter is literally dripping blood to the floor. Bruises all over the place, but what concerns Draco is his split up chest that is oozing a scary amount of blood.

“Fuck, what happened to him?!”

“I don’t know, bloody Auror mission had gone wrong, probably? And this is not the worst of it.” With that Rachel show him the chunk of metal ripping through Potter’s thigh, deep enough to rip a tendon, deep enough to forbid him from running for the rest of his life. Draco sighs tiredly, why did Harry bloody Potter love to do something that will accelerate his own death? Merlin, help him.

“Uh- you, nurse over there, just bring Weasley to his room and clean him there. Rachel helps me with this one.” Draco says frantically. He cleans all the blood from Harry’s body while Rachel is already supplying the lifeless body with blood transfusion. Draco recognizes the curse from when he was forced to witness the Death Eater tortured their prisoner. It was a special signature curse from one of the Death Eater he hates the most, Dolohov. So, Harry has been dueling with Dolohov and what? Lose? A shudder rips through Draco’s spine. “How’s the other one?” Draco asks Rachel.

“The other one?”

“Yes, the other one he’s been fighting.” Draco snaps.

“Oh, yes, the other one is dead.” Oh, so he won. Thank Merlin, he won. Not in a very good shape though, he could die in a few minutes if Draco doesn’t act. Thank Merlin, Draco knows the counter curse. Draco points his wand on the open wound while muttering the incantation. His wand is rigid in his hand, his wand is not supposed to move or the incantation will fail. Apparently it’s an impossible task, because right when the spell works his chest fills with pain. Draco cries out while his knees buckle. Fuck. He tries once again with the same result. Fuck.

“Draco, what’s wrong?”

“I think you need to help me. Make sure that I don’t move, especially my wand, or else the spell won’t work.”

“Why are you in pain?”

“Apparently the counter curse hurts as much as the curse, so unless you’re doing the counter curse, I need you to help me stay still.”

“But –you’re not –but that means –your pain? –you and him?” Poor Rachel can’t even conjure a sentence.

“Yes, apparently fate has a weird way of playing with my life.” With that, Draco stands up with Rachel pointing her wand at Draco’s hand, casting spell so that his hand won’t move anywhere. After a few minutes with excruciating pain, Draco manages to close the wound on Harry’s chest.

“Alright, you have to bear the pain, Draco. I’m going to pull this metal out of his thigh.”

“Do it in one swift clean motion, or else you’ll rip whatever chance he has to run again.” Rachel points her wand at the large piece of metal. “On three. One. Two. Three.” Draco screams as the metal is being pulled out of Harry’s thigh. After that, they both finish their work on Harry Potter, releasing him to his room after his condition stabilizes in two hours.


Draco stays with Potter in his room after the bloody tiring surgery, catching up with the sleep he has lost over worrying for his bloody soulmate –Merlin, his soulmate is sodding Harry fucking Potter, how is that even possible? Now it’s clear why he never stops getting bruises and cut, but that can wait until later, right now a nap sounds really good.


Harry wakes up in a very familiar white room. Of course he’s in St. Mungo, he was barely alive when he managed to save Ron from Dolohov curse. He was very certain that he will not see another day, but here he is, lying soundlessly in a hospital bed. He feels another presence beside him, but he turns only to find a very familiar shade of blond. Malfoy. Malfoy looks so peaceful while sleeping, his head being supported by his hands on the bed, back rising slowly with each breath he takes. Somehow Malfoy looks breathtakingly innocent while sleeping, and that lures Harry in because the next thing he knows is he’s stroking the blond strands gently while willing for Malfoy to sleep a little longer.

That jinxes it though because now Malfoy is awake. Very much awake and very much confuse with Harry’s hand on his hair. Harry retracts his hand quickly, beyond embarrassed.

“How are you, Potter?” Draco asks professionally, so Harry sucks a deep breath to muster all his courage and apathy to answer him.

“Sore.” That makes Draco chuckles.

“Yeah, no wonder. The counter curse was suck, but the ripping a chunk of metal from your thigh part was a bitch.” Harry can only stares at Draco, he’s speaking in a very weird way. “Congratulation on killing Dolohov, though. Weasley is safe and sound, sleeping like a baby in the next room. Just friendly reminders though, the next time you’re getting beaten up, don’t start losing hope on living. The pain I can handle, the despair just simply makes me insane.” Draco smiles at him softly with concern in his grey orbs. “Your chest is fine, your thigh –not so much–”

“Malfoy.” Harry tries to cut his unnecessary professionalism.

“I’m afraid you have ripped your tendon, a physical therapy could–”


“Help you to heal it faster, but—”

“Draco!” Harry finally snaps, Draco looks at Harry with annoyance.

“Stop interrupting me! You cannot run, Potter! You ripped your tendon. It will heal, but you cannot run until then. There I said my piece, stop interrupting me, Merlin. What do you want?”

“Are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“I’m not saying anything, what do you mean?”

“I’m saying about you can handle the pain. Are you saying that you’re my soulmate?” Harry asks exasperatedly. Draco’s face goes with recognition.

“Oh, that, yeah. I thought we already established that by what I’m saying. What you need prove?” Draco doesn’t wait for an answer; he just casually cuts his finger on the paper that he brought.

“Ow! Yeah, no, stop hurting yourself, I didn’t say I need any proof, you git!”

“What? It’s just a paper cut, you usually gives me new bruises for every week.” Draco says innocently which draws Harry more and more.

“Just come here, please.” Draco stands beside his bed, but Harry needs him closer, so he pulls Draco’s white coat collar down, effectively crushing their mouths together. Their kisses are gentle, and somehow fiercely sweet. “God, I never thought I’d live to see this day. I finally find you.” Harry says between kisses.

Thank Merlin, you survived. Thank you. I found you now.

P.S. Sorry this is not a very good one. I’ll probably rewrite this in the near future.

A Day So Special (Viktuuri Oneshot) [Bakery AU]

Since Yuri!!! On Ice has been stuck on my mind for the past few months days, I decided to write a fic for it :)

This lovely AU fic is for @barechu for an art trade! I hope you like it! I tried my best with the lovely prompt you sent me (I fell in love with it the moment you sent it).

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to shake off Viktuuri anytime soon. 

None of the characters are mine. All copyright to the creators of Yuri on Ice.


Snow pelted the large bakery windows softly at 1 PM, sliding down the clear glass before mingling with the rest in a pile at the bottom. Yuuri Katsuki watched in wonder at the snow outside, his hands absentmindedly pouring another layer of cake batter into the metal cake pan in front of him. It didn’t matter if he had lived in Hasetsu, Japan all his life; snow would always be something otherworldly to him. Especially since it was Christmas today.

“Yuuri, what are you doing in the kitchen at this time? We have customers.” his sister, Mari Katsuki, called from the front.

Yuuri snapped out of his trance, abruptly pulling away the bowl he was holding so the cake batter would stop its descend to the cake pan. He was making a Napoleon Cake, and it took a pain stakingly long time to pour every individual layer and baking it. But he didn’t mind. It was Christmas after all. Glancing behind him, Yuuri raised an eyebrow at his sister where she stood at the open doorway between the kitchen and the front counter.

“I’m making the special for today. I saw a recipe online for Napoleon Cake when I was searching for things to make last night,” he paused, moving to set the cake pan into the oven once more, “It’ll be done in 30 minutes, you can handle the front for now, right?”

Mari rolled her eyes with a nod, the most acknowledgement she’d give her brother for his obsession with baking. It was, after all, what made him open this cafe: Hasetsu Cafe - one of the most well known in the small town. At the age of 20, Yuuri had decided to fulfil his dreams with the money he had earned from his previous jobs. Four years later, at 24, it had become one of the biggest successes in his life.

As the oven dinged, signalling that the next layer was ready, Yuuri bent down to bring it back up onto the counter.

Just three more layers, he thought as he slowly poured the cake batter once more with precision.

Like he expected, it took him 30 minutes to finish the cake, moved it onto a ceramic cake platter that was adorned with a green and red ribbon for Christmas, and set it into the freezer display in the front counter. With a proud smile, Yuuri went over to the black chalkboard settled beside the counter and added Napoleon Cake to the top of the specials list for the day with his blue chalk:


- Napoleon Cake

- Hazelnut Latte Cake

- Gingerbread Cake

With a smile still intact on his face, Yuuri went back to clean up the mess he had made and to change his flour covered shirt to his specially nice button up he brought over for Christmas. Albeit he was still going to wear the bakery apron over it. Slicking back his hair and wiping his glasses clean one last time, Yuuri joined his sister in the front counter who was beginning to struggle with the number of customers walking in through the front door.

“Counter’s open!” he announced loudly as customers began to line up on his row. He couldn’t imagine a better way to spend his Christmas.


Viktor Nikiforov never knew how to feel during his birthday. Of course, it was Christmas day too so there was some form of happiness he felt. But for some reasons, his birthday always reminded him of loneliness - even with many of his friends being in Japan at the moment ready to celebrate in a few hours at the hotel he was staying at.

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Hunter, Never the Hunted: Ch. 1

Eventually Jackson/OC
Summary: A hard working waitress spends her days working at a diner just to makes ends meet. Until one night on her shift, a sketchy character strolled in and slowly her life gets flipped upside down with the unexpected. 

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first fic ever written. I had this idea and thought I’d give it a try. It could potentially be a dumpster fire, who knows. Please be gentle and bear with me. Let me know what you think. The boys will have a longer appearance in the next part. Promise!

Your back was aching and your feet were throbbing. This had to be the hardest 10-hour shift that you had in a very long time. It must be the hot weather that is making people get a little wound or something — you had had to deal with people yelling and barking orders at you all day. It didn’t help that you were short staffed either. That is why you were so relieved that your shift was ending soon.

You take a quick glance around and saw that there was only a single patron still lingering around in the diner. This is typically the normal situation considering the time it was now. You didn’t get many customers around this late. Normally the only ones here at this time is a lonely straggler or two, blowing through town, or a handful of the older teenagers with nothing better to do.

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All Yours

“You could’ve had feelings for anyone else, but nope. You heart was stuck on the sleeping boy in your lap.


↠fluffy angst (if you will ;–;)↞

word count: 4.2k


The cool surface of the granite countertop rested against your elbow. You watched the hands of your wristwatch tick slower and slower as each second passed. You blew a breath of air upward, moving strands of hair out of your eyes. This felt like the longest shift of your life.

There was something about Thursdays at your university coffee shop that made it seem like barren land; except for maybe a couple of students and other adults who sat quietly, tapping away at their laptop keyboards. Maybe it was because other students were out in the town buying snacks and drinks to prepare for their usual Friday nights in the dormitories.

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His favorite things are the summers, because that’s when you return from boarding school, and his life becomes a lot more bright and a lot less dull.


“Friendship can be an excuse. A cover for when there’s something there you don’t want to admit or you’re too scared to explore.” - Gossip Girl

  Oneshot, Brother’s Bestfriend, Skinny Love, Mild Angst, Mature Themes

Word Count: 8,653

Before: Alright, so please keep in mind that this is the first oneshot I have ever written, therefore please don’t be too harsh on me. I hope I get better in time. I received two Jimin requests and decided to combine them both into one. Any who, I hope this is somewhat tolerable! I apologize in advance.

Jimin’s not sure when it began.

As he watches you dance with a very inebriated yet still somehow skillful Hoseok, who insists on being a little too touchy with you (at least in Jimin’s opinion) it’s all that seems to cross his mind.

That, and the thought of how badly he wants to remove Hoseok from the current situation and instead replace the older with himself.

You both are dancing to the slower version of one of your favorite songs, one that’s permanently etched in Jimin’s mind because of your refusal to listen to anything else but the damn song the entire summer break of last year.

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I’ve been procrastinating on this for days, but I finally got it done last night!
I didn’t reread anything so there might be some mistakes, tell me if you see some!
This takes place as if you don’t have just 11 days in game, there’s more time to know the RFA because I think that all happened quite fast personally. everything in each route still happens, but you just return to the apartment afterwards.
// VERY LONG POST, Mini fics under the cut!

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I Hope He Likes Surprises PT2

Requested by: some very sweet anons and @itsfaithmurphy @latteshawn @lovethatmendeskid 

AN: Thank you to those who requested! Part 3?! 

Part 1

Originally posted by maynardmendes

Shawn’s POV

I hated knowing I hurt Y/N. I could picture her in her dorm room, crying into Zoe’s shoulder all because of me. I know distancing myself isn’t the answer, but I’m scared. Someone can only go so long holding themselves together with tattered ropes and cheap tape.

My heart was breaking, but telling her the truth would only make it worse. Going to Portland would give me the time I needed to figure out how to deal with this.

“Are you ready?” Andrew holds the handle in his grip, ready to step out. I nod and he opens the door of the black SUV. Screams from fans crowd my ears, and I tattoo a smile across my mouth.

We’re ushered in, quickly. My flight leaves in twenty minutes and I don’t have enough time to greet all the fans. It was unlike me, but this entire situation was unmarked territory. Avoiding my girlfriend, going to her favorite city alone and trying to further erase the memories from Europe. The mistakes I made. I wish I could flick a switch and take it all back.

The rain on the window used to cause butterflies in my stomach. Every time they reminded me of her. The early mornings, looking out at the fresh dew. The aroma of coffee and flannel blankets. Blueberry pancakes always filling her plate. Careful not to drip any syrup onto the hotels duvet.

Y/N would curse under her breath if I made a mess, swearing she was tired of cleaning up after me. I never listened. All I could see was the way my t shirt drew up on her hips and the small scripture tattooed across her creamy skin. She swatted my hand away whenever I tried to pull her closer, interrupting the incessant unpacking. She’d laugh as I picked her up, pressing kisses along her hair line.

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Deal (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in forever but I’ve had writers block for awhile and I haven’t really had time to write but it’s the weekend (woop whoop) so I can write a lot and hopefully I can open my requests soon!
Warnings: season 12 storyline (DONT READ IF YOUR NOT CAUGHT UP)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader bails Spencer out of jail and he is eager to meet her in person and thank her
Request: ❌
Upcoming Imagine: Reader and Spencer have to share bed and he sleep cuddles
“Spencer Reid.”
“Spencer Reid? His bail was denied.” The judge said.
“I am the daughter of the Chief L/N I think some exceptions could be arranged.”
“I’m sorry there’s no way…”
“This man is innocent. I have a theory to prove it and if that is not enough then I will contact my father myself. Put him on trial for bail. I’ll even pay the whole fee. No state backup.” You argued with the judge.
She looked you in the eye and nodded.
“The theory? I’m going to need to talk to your father as well.”
You explained your theory and reasoning behind why Dr. Spencer Reid is innocent and she seemed to understand and agreed to talk to your father.
People might ask why are you so eager to get Spencer Reid out of that prison, and you would give them the answer.
He doesn’t belong there.
He is innocent.
And you have been studying him since 2007.
You’ve always been interested in the man with the IQ of a genius and eidetic memory.
Not only was his intelligence impressive, it was the level of intelligence at his age that was impressive as well.
He was your age and that always sprung more interest in him to you.
You’ve watched every press conference and attended to any of his speeches he very rarely gave.
Once you heard he was in prison, you knew there was a missing puzzle piece from the picture.
You spent sleepless nights dedicated to some way to get him out because you knew he wouldn’t last more than 6 months there.
You’ve actually met him after one of his speeches and found out how socially awkward he is.
Ok your leaving some trait out.
He’s attractive.
Sooo attractive.
Anyways, you knew he had to be bailed out and your willing to spend $5000 dollars on it.
You’ve already sacrificed so much for him.
And he doesn’t even know it.
Today was the trial.
When Spencer was dragged out of his cell and told there was a trail for bail, he was so happy yet so confused.
The bail was denied.
He almost thought it was a joke.
But when they took him to court he knew this was no joke.
He could be getting out of there.
He entered the court room and saw a y/h/c haired woman standing on the defendant side of the room.
She never turned around, leaving herself anonymous to him.
“Mr. Spencer Reid was imprisoned for the murder of Rosa Medina. You, Miss. L/N, promise to hold account of all bail fees for you plead him innocent.”
“Yes your honor.” You said looking back at Spencer.
He looked at you with disbelief.
You smiled shallowly at him before turning around again.
“Any objections?” The judge asked the half empty courtroom.
There were other men and woman in there, which you recognized as the rest of the BAU.
Everyone was silent.
“Without any objections, Spencer Reid will be bailed from prison. Tomorrow, April 6th, Mr. Reid will be removed from prison and in house arrest for 30 days. Case closed.” The judge said smacking the gavel on the table before everyone filed out.
You made sure you were first, trying to avoid any contact with anyone.
They will all ask the same question: why and how.
“Miss. L/N!” You heard behind you.
You stopped and turned around to see a young, tan man with black hair approach you.
“I don’t want to hold you here long but I just want to say thank you. On our teams and Reid’s behalf. He will be very thankful you did this. I don’t even know how you did it but… you did!” He said with a smile.
“Yeah I have connections and no problem. I think we all know he didn’t belong there.” You said with a smile.
“Well I’ll let you get going. Thanks again!” He said turning around.
You sped walked out of the court room and right when you met the doors, officers were escorting Spencer out.
He turned around and mouthed thank you to you.
You nodded and smiled.
You took notice of his restless eyes that were full of hope.
You instantly felt empathy for him, thinking of the sleepless nights he must of had in such a dark place.
You followed them out and headed separate ways.
You couldn’t help but feel his eyes on you as you walked back to your car.
You thought about visiting him.
You thought about calling the BAU and getting his address and leaving a card or something, but that would probably be too much.
As soon as the month went buy and you knew he would be out of house arrest made you happy.
He could get the help and rest he needs.
Just as you were thinking about him there was a knock on your apartment door.
You thought it was the pizza you ordered but when you opened the door, there definitely wasn’t a pizza man.
It was Spencer Reid.
His hair clean and face smooth and free of facial hair.
“Hi.” He said lost for words.
“Hey umm allow me to introduce myself. I’m Y/N L/N.” You said, keeping your hand at your side, remembering he isn’t fond of handshaking.
“I-I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I mean… I don’t even know you. I don’t know how you bailed me out and I don’t know why but… I would like to know. I would like to get to know you because to be honest… you saved my life and I owe you.” He said nervously.
You smiled and then saw the pizza guy awkwardly approach your door.
“Oh yeah uh hold on.” You said grabbing your wallet.
You approached the door with 20 dollars and paid the pizza man telling him to keep the change as you traded the food for cash.
He left and you and Spencer were back at square one.
“Do you want to come inside? I have this pizza that I could use some help eating.” You said presenting your neat and clean apartment, glad you tidied up earlier.
“Yeah I would love that.” He said coming in.
You shut the door and set the pizza down on your counter.
“I hope you like pepperoni.” You said with a small laugh.
“Who doesn’t?” He said standing on the other side of the counter.
You gave him a slice of pizza and sat down next to him on a stool.
There was a silence between the two of you, but not an awkward one.
You watched him eat, until his attention was drawn to you, making you stop and blush.
“Are you okay?” You asked softly.
“Yeah… are you?” He asked confused.
“Yeah but… I mean mentally. Physically too.” You asked again.
“I-I think so. Aside from nightmares I’m okay.” He said his brown eyes seeping into your soul.
“Physically?” You asked again.
You’ve noticed how he walked in and he’s in pain.
He looked forward and swallowed furrowing his brows.
“Headaches and minor bruising but I’m okay.” He said assuringly. “How did you bail me out?” He asked changing the subject.
“I have resources and connections. My father is the Chief of the state police.” You said taking a bite of pizza.
“How did you know I was arrested?” He asked, curiosity lacing his words.
This could be embarrassing.
“I um… I’ve always been interested in you I guess. Ever since 2007, I’ve been studying you. God that sounds creepy…”
“No no it doesn’t. It really doesn’t.” He said with a smile.
“So yeah. Your intelligence at this age just really drew me in and I was eager to know more about you so I made sure to attend or watch any press conferences and I even went to one of your seminars about criminal behavior.” You said heat rising to your cheeks.
“Yeah! I remember meeting you! I knew you looked familiar.” He said, his voice raising a few octaves in remembrance. “You were like my only normal fan.” He added making you giggle to yourself.
“So I take it you already know me pretty well but I still like have no clue who you are.” He said laughing, setting butterflies free in your stomach.
“Well I actually was interested in criminal behavior and am planning to study it in college soon.” You said taking another bite of pizza.
“Really? That five thousand dollars could have paid for text books and about half of tuition.” He said.
“Yeah but you have so much going for you and you didn’t deserve to be in there.” You said drawing your attention to your toes.
“Again, I can’t thank you enough for that.” He said.
You watched as his hand inched a little closer to yours.
He was hesitant so you made the move yourself.
You grabbed his hand and stroked the top with your thumb.
“You don’t need to thank me.” You said looking into his eyes.
“I do but I don’t know how.” He said as his eyes wandered back and forth.
“Spencer, you really don’t. I did this because it was my choice. I wanted you out of there. I needed you out of there.” You said bringing his attention back to you.
“Why?” He asked, his voice breaking.
“Because… I knew you wouldn’t survive in there.” You said.
He looked at you, asking for more of an answer. “There’s more to it than that.” He whispered.
“I-I don’t know. I knew you were innocent and I knew that the only person who could really do something was me so I acted upon it and… now we are here.” You explained quickly.
He smiled and stood up to take his plate to the sink but you quickly stood up and took it from him, doing it for him.
You carefully watched as he sat down, slightly wincing.
“What hurts?” You asked.
“Everything.” He said rubbing his eyes.
“Why don’t we sit on the couch.” You said putting an arm around his back.
You helped him walk to the couch, seeing how much pain he has been holding back.
“What did they do to you?” You asked sitting next to him.
“Nothing. I’m just sore.” He said pushing away the subject.
“No they hurt you.” You said sounding a little more concerned than what you intended.
There was a brief silence before it was interrupted by his soft voice.
“They uh… they beat me. A group of them.” He said quietly.
“How many times?” You asked just taking notice of the bruised bump underneath his bangs.
“8 times out of my whole visit.” He said as you carefully pushed his hair back.
You watched as goosebumps rose on his skin.
“My stomach is the worst.” He said, instantly regretting what he just said.
“Here let me get you a heating pad.” You said standing up but being interrupted by his hand on your wrist.
“I’m okay I don’t need it.” He said with an uneasy smile.
“Let me take care of you.” You whispered faintly.
His face softened and was full of happiness.
He slowly let go of your wrist and you retrieved your heating pad.
“What’s your favorite tea?” You asked plugging it in.
“I’m okay I don’t need…” he stopped when you looked at him with a hand on your hip.
“I-I like chamomile.” He said with a smile.
You walked into the kitchen and started to boil some water.
While you waited you sat next to Spencer.
You saw his lips part and then close again.
You knew he was going to thank you again but he already knew your answer.
“Did you get enough to eat?” You asked quietly.
“Yeah. Yeah thank you for dinner. I haven’t had pizza in awhile.” He said slightly sitting up.
Again you noticed his stiffness and the slight furrow of his brow as he shifted in pain.
“You poor thing.” You said brushing hair out of his eyes.
You didn’t think his eyes could get any softer but they somehow did.
He was comfortable and relieved.
You leaned a little closer and he didn’t stop you so you took that as an okay.
Your lips barely brushed against each other before you heard the screech of your tea kettle, making you jump in your seat.
Spencer smiled as you blushed and got up to finish making his tea.
You brought it out to the living room and set it on the table.
“It’s going to be a little hot.” You said sitting next to him again.
He took the heating pad off of his stomach and sat up holding the cup in his hand.
“Careful.” You said setting your hands over his as he was about to take a sip.
“I said it’s going to be hot.” You said again.
“I was just seeing how hot it was.” He said as you awkwardly took your hands away.
He took a little sip and set the cup down.
“You can stay here if you want. It’s getting a little late and I know how hard it is to get a cab.” You said with a smile.
“Okay thank you.” He said.
He looked at you, hesitantly but then he wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug.
You were surprised at first but then you happily hugged back.
“Thank you so much.” He said into your shoulder.
“Yeah. It gets lonely here sometimes. It’s nice to have you.” You said pulling away slowly.
Before you pulled away, he kept you inches away from his face.
You held your hands on each side of his face and slowly took his lips in yours.
He pulled your body closer to his as he deepened the kiss.
Then out of the blue he pulled away quickly.
“I’m so sorry that was inappropriate…”
He started to say but you interrupted him.
“Don’t be sorry. For one I kissed you and for two I wanted you to kiss me back.” You said shyly as your faces remained inches apart.
“Okay… glad to know I wasn’t the only one.” He said with a small giggle.
“I’ll let you sleep in my bed. I’ll take the couch.” You said pulling away from his grasp.
“No no I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s very comfortable I won’t mind.” He said with a smile.
“Spencer please sleep in my bed.” You said crossing your arms.
“Instead of arguing, let’s come to an agreement that we sleep in the same bed. Deal?” He asked standing up and taking your hand.

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“Where Have You Been?!” - Requested Oneshot

“Where Have You Been?!” - Requested Oneshot 

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Jerome Valeska x Reader

Word Count: 1,500-ish

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing, Talk of Violence, kind of NSFW at the end(?)

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Author’s Note: This is my first Jerome x Reader piece! Exciting and nerve-wracking! I wrote it kind of late at night, so I apologize for problems

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Ever since Barbara Kean introduced you to Jerome Valeska while you were in Arkham, he fell head over heels for you and you couldn’t help your desire to be with him. You two were soon known as a couple and known not to be dealt with. Which is why you were included in their escape from Arkham thanks to Theo Galavant.

That was a month or so ago. Now you lived with the rest of the Maniax and Theo Galavant. He knew how close you are Jerome were, so he gave you two a bigger room so the two of you could have some shared space. Being in such living conditions, you knew almost everything that went on. You knew everyone’s plans and ideas. That is, until Jerome disappeared.

Jerome hadn’t acted out of the ordinary or said anything that raised any more red flags than usual the night before. So you didn’t understand why you woke up to an empty bed and no Jerome in sight. You got up and checked everywhere you could think of, and he was nowhere  to be found.

You asked everyone if they knew where he went, but no one had an answer. Then you decided to go to the big man himself. Knocking on his office door, you waited until Theo called for you to come in.

You were probably the most polite out of everyone. You weren’t as insane as the rest of the Maniax. Respect, common sense, and knowing where you fit on the food chain were major life lessons you had learned growing up. So you knew not to push any of Theo’s buttons, no matter what.He saw your respect and gave you the same in return. He was much nicer to you and ended up being more lenient with you, making sure you were okay.

You walked into his office and saw him sitting at his desk, going over some papers while Tabitha sat in a big comfy chair cleaning a gun. You waited sort of by the door for him to acknowledge you and allow you closer.

“Ah, (Y/N). I figured I would be hearing from you at some point today. Come in, take a seat. How are you?” You walked over to one of the chairs that was sort of in front of his desk and couldn’t help but keep playing with your fingers.

“I’m actually not that great. I woke up and Jerome was gone. No one knows where he is or when he will be back. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of possibilities, but then I thought I would ask you.” You honestly were scared. You didn’t like not knowing.

Theo stood up and walked around to the other side of his desk. He sighed and looked at you before speaking.

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stay || luke hemmings

I don’t love you anymore.” It rings in Luke’s ears, and it has been for days.

It didn’t matter where he was or who he was with, he’d hear it and zone out. But no one brought it up, they just let him be.

He didn’t talk about it, but everyone knew. Everyone knew she left him, and she did it with the harshest words he had ever heard.

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sweet tooth | park jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: tooth rotting fluff (get it? cause the title’s sweet tooth and sweets can ruin your- no? ok imma stop now) ; college!au

Word count: 1,914 words

Prompt: Jimin exceeds the amount of his sugar intake just because of you.

A/N: requested by @brittnelson24 (thank you for requesting ^-^)

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I Can Fix That - Owen Grady One Shot

Reader falls into cage and is pretty shaken up so Owen distracts her with sex

Warnings: Smut (hence the description)

Requested by anon!

Being around dinosaurs everyday always had something new to bring.  Some days the girls would listen exceptionally well and follows their commands the first time around, weren’t so great. And on those days you could cut the tension with a knife. Thankfully, today was not one of those days.

Coming out of your thoughts, you turned to look at Owen as he began calling out commands to the girls.

“Blue! Hey, Don’t give me that shit.” Owen shouted in  alpha voice.

“And we’re moving. Good. That’s damn good. Hold!”

Taking that as your que to bring over the bucket of rats, you smiled at Owen from afar.

“Hello Y/N,” Hearing Hoskins say your name made you cringe on the inside. “Did you consider my offer?” He said referring to the date you declined a few days ago.

“I already said no.” You said letting the annoyance slip. Thankfully Owen say Hoskins harassing you and stepped in.

“Ah, Owen! You and I both know what I’m here to talk about, as I’ve been talking about it for the past month or so. The raptors responded wonderfully today.”

Both you and Owen rolled your eyes as you ignored Hoskins and walked back towards the girls with Hoskins still following you.

Handing Owen the bucket, you complimented him on the good work the girls have been doing. Hearing him mumble a thanks, probably still pissed at Hoskins even having the audacity to continue asking about using the raptors for army purposes.

Tossing each of the girls one rat each, Owen dismissed them.

“Pig Loose!” The newbie yelled from the other side of the catwalk. Hearing that, Hoskins pushed past you as you reached down for an animal grabber.

It all happened so quickly, one second you were standing beside to Owen on the catwalk, the next you were lying on your back gasping for air.

“Y/N! Don’t move I’m coming!” Owen yelled as you felt the pounding of feet on the ground.

Maybe this was it, this is how you were going to die. Accepting this fate, you braced for the first bite. Instead you heard the opening of the safety cage and Owen yelling commands telling the girls to stand down. You sat up clutching your probably broken rib as Owen came to stand in front of you.

“Blue, stand down! Hey! Delta I see you.” Owen said as Blue kept creeping forward as you backed towards the safety cage.

“Barry come grab her. I said stand down Blue!”

Barry wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you on to your feet as you scrambled to get into the cage.

“Close the gate.”

“No!” Barry and you said simultaneously.

“You guys have to trust me on this. Close the gate.”

Looking towards Barry, he shook his head as he regretfully hit the button to shut the gate.

Forgetting to breathe you watched as Owen backed up and skillfully threw himself under the gate as the girls ran after him, sticking their muzzle into the slots between the bars.

Standing up and dusting off his pants, Owen looked up at you.

"Y/N, are you okay?”

He said putting his fingers under your chin moving your head around so he could see if you had any scratches or marks on your face

“I think I broke a rib or two but other than that I think I am okay,” You said pulling him into a hug. “But thank you. For saving my life.”

Finishing off your sentence you smiled at the way he slightly nuzzled into the crook of your neck. But not wanting to get too comfortable you pulled away, trailing your hand down his arm.

“Well, I’ll take you to the doctors and you can come back to my place and I’ll keep an eye on you-”

Owen said, possibly embarrassed at the last part. “Unless you aren’t comfortable with that?”

Nodding at him with a slight smirk you said “Sure, I’d like that.” Gesturing for him to lead you to his motorcycle.

Once the doctor had finally finished the x-rays and gotten them printed out, she informed you that you hadn’t broken any ribs, but you were going to need someone to keep an eye on you for a week or so.

Pulling up to Owen’s bungalow, you couldn’t help but gape at the view he had. Feeling the bike shift, you snapped you head to look at Owen who was holding a hand out to you. Taking it you blushed slightly at tingling sensation you got from the contact, but grimacing slightly at shooting pain you got from your abdomen.

“You okay Y/N?”
“Just shaken up a bit. And my back is sore. But other than that I’m swell.”
“Alright, lets get you inside.”

“Mi casa es su casa.” Owen said holding the door open for you, stepping into the bungalow you noticed that it was fairly clean; for a guy. Planting your butt on his couch, you thought about how close you were to death. Tears welled up in your eyes as you shifted your weight sending pain shooting up your back which made you wince.

“Woah, be careful, Y/N. Don’t need you injuring yourself any further.” He said helping you move on to your back. Patting the space behind your head Owen sat down and moved the hair out of your face.

“You know, I’m so grateful I had you there to be my knight in shining armour.” You said giggling slightly.
“I think it’ll be awhile before I go back to the raptors.”

You didn’t even need to think about the girls before you got goosebumps.

“I’m glad you think that,” He said smirking at you. ”Do you want anything to drink or eat?”
“No thanks. I just need something to take my mind off the pain and stuff.”
“I might have something in mind.”

When you said you needed something to take your mind off of the pain, it wasn’t in a sexual way. Sitting up to face him, you were about to say that but he had already pulled you on to his lap.

There was no denying that you thought Owen was attractive, you just thought that this would never happen. Especially like this. Looking into his eyes for like what felt like forever you couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss him. Letting yourself get carried away, you ran your arms up his and laced them in his hair, grabbing on to it as he lightly bite you bottom lip. Owen placed his hands on your waist, being careful to not hurt you. Smiling slightly into the kiss you pulled away desperate for air.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”
“Owen I’m fine.”

Locking lips once again he ran his hands over your butt giving it a slight squeeze, causing you to moan into the kiss. Taking the chance Owen slipped his tongue into your mouth. Owen, who was most definitely anxious to get his clothes off with any girl surprisingly took his time in moving both of you to the bedroom.

He gently laid you on the bed you couldn’t help but stare at his toned body as he pulled off his shirt. Just the thought of him naked was enough to make you ignore the pain in your back and nearly tear your shirt off, aching for Owen’s touch. Pulling him down into a fierce kiss you moved your hands down towards his belt buckle fumbling to get it undone. Finally getting it undone, you ripped it off as Owen pulled your hands away from him and placing them by your side.

“If you feel any pain or are hurting you have to tell me, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Nodding, you pulled him back down to you. He peppered kisses down your neck and in between your breasts, stopping to lift you up to unhook your bra in one swift motion. Owen began attacking your neck, running his tongue over spots on your neck he had viciously been sucking on. Your breathing was erratic and you couldn’t handle the fact that you and Owen still had barriers, blocking your skin-to-skin contact.

“Up.” Owen said letting you lift your hips so you could discard of your shorts.

Pushing him off of you on to the bed next to you; you straddled him, leaning down to suck on his tan skin, starting at his neck and making your way down to his highly toned abs. Slowly backing off his hips, you looked up at him and flirtatiously bit your lip as you toyed with the hem of boxers after you hastily removed his pants. Hearing him groan as he threw his head back only made your heat pool even more in your panties. You slipped off his boxers to reveal his wonderfully sized dick, erect with a bit of precum coating the head. You couldn’t stop yourself from putting up your hair and starting strong. You licked up and down his shaft before licking the head and taking in his entirety.

“Holy fuck, Y/n.” He said, a hint of shock laced in his voice.

Bobbing your head up and down, you looked ahead to take in Owen’s expression. Seeing Owen like that provided a whole new perspective for you, his eyes were screwed shut, and his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Occasionally in between moans he would try to complete sentences which mainly consisted of your name and “fuck, shit”, etc. His voice filled the room when you continued at a faster pace. Pushing yourself to the limit deep throating him every time you moved down, you could feel him throbbing in your mouth. Taking him out of your mouth you wrapped your hand around his shaft, stroking him at various speeds to finish him off.

“Just like that, baby.” Owen managed to get out while watching you lick up all of his cum.

Once you finished swallowing you moved over him and kissed him lightly. Owen pulled you close and flipped you so you were on your back. As he hovered over you a smirk played upon his lips before planting soft kisses over your breasts, taking some time to suck on the skin around your nipple, then sucking on it; appreciative of the head he just received.

Moving on from your breasts, he gingerly kissed down your stomach and stopped at your hip bones before kissing on the inside of your thighs. Taking his first lick your breath hitched in your throat surprised by the sudden pleasant sensation.  

Lick after lick, you began to squirm as he sucked on your clit earning a moan from you. You were extremely sensitive when it came to being eaten out and with every touch you swore you could feel Owen gazing at your small frame squirm after the slightest touch at your clit.

“Fuck! Owen! Fuck, yes!” You half moan, half yelled.

He kept his head buried between your legs as your euphoria took complete control of your body while you fought to keep your moans in.

“Fuck-” Similar to Owen you could barely make out sentences. “I’m- Oh fuck! I’m going to cum, Owen!”

Feeling him smile against your heat you nearly fell apart as he slipped a finger in, and then another, moving them slowly as he discovered (quite quickly you would say) where your g-spot was.

“Are you this wet for me,Y/n?”
“Yes-Oh, fuck! Owen, oh!” You said, as he picked up the pace hitting your g-spot each time, making you arch your back.

A tense feeling in your lower stomach began building up and soon after you felt your juices leak over Owen’s fingers. You took a few deep breaths before finding the courage to look at Owen as he licked his fingers clean of your cum. Seeing that made you feel like you could cum all over again. Both of you sat up to face each other breathing heavily before leaning in once again.

“Are you sure you’re okay, you haven’t said anything the whole time. Except when you said I was going to make you cum.”
“Yes, I’m fine. But just take it slow at first please.”

You kissed Owen once more before latching your lips on to his neck, leaving a few marks that were already forming bruises.
Owen grabbed you by the waist and laid you down as he slid inside of you, letting you adjust to his size.

Even though his thrusts were slow and causious, he continued to make you feel amazing. With every stroke he hit your g-spot and with that you could feel yourself coming undone as he complimented that with the way he massaged your breasts and left you hickeys wherever he wanted them.

“Owen, faster. Oh! fuck me harder please!”

You could feel him hesitate above you but you gave him a reassuring kiss. You were thankful that Owen didn’t go too much faster, but fast enough to make your vision cloudy with each thrust.

“Shit, Y/N! Fuck! You’re so beautiful.” Owen said in short and choppy breathes.

Wanting more you moved your hips up to meet his. Racking your nails down his back as his hips met yours at a faster pace. Looking up at Owen you embraced the sight of his body, sweat glistened on his arms and face. Your face also had a coat of sweat but nobody looks nearly as good as Owen did in that moment.

“Owen, just- Oh! just fuck me, please!”

Eventually you heard Owen mutter something along the lines of “screw it”, and the outcomes of that were oustanding.

At first it cause your back some pain but it faded into a new kind of euphoria. He thrusted at a rate that made your eyes roll to the back of your head and made you ball your fists in the sheets so much your knuckles looked like snow. Owen and you were really going at and after awhile you could feel your legs go numb. Curse words and moans were the only things that left both of your mouths until you moaned to Owen once again that you were going to cum.

“Fuck! Owen- Oh god!” You yelled as you pushed yourself up to meet his thrusts.

Feeling the familiar release of tension in your stomach and the dripping of your juices between your legs, you closed your eyes and slowed your breathing. Owen placed a kiss on your forehead as he collapsed on the bed.

“That was really fucking good.” Owen said before pulling you into him and wrapped an arm around you.

“I could say the same Mr.Grady. But I never pegged you as a cuddler.” Snickers came from the both of you as you quickly passed out in Owen’s arms.

Lucky I lived in America for 4 years (1)

Its here !! our long awaited Jeff fic :) Also this will be chaptered and i know the title doesn’t make sense for this chapter but i assure you it should will for the next one!! enjoy xx

Member: Jaehyun

Genre: Fluff i guess?? nothing really happens in this chapter tbh but the next one should be fluff??

Word Count: 1,154

Summary: ‘Your life suddenly goes from being carefree to being on edge every second of the day because what if it happens? But… nothings a problem for the almighty Jeff’

Next ( 2 )

“Jaehyun I’ve discovered something.” You say as said boy hands you your medication and a glass of water. “Oh yeah? What’s that babe?” He asks sitting down on the edge of your bed rubbing your back as you take small sips of your water. “I can’t understand Korean when I get these headaches.” You state bluntly, a smile threatening its way onto your face when you look at your boyfriend who’s looking you dead in the eyes whispering ‘what the hell y/n’.

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Imagine Seth meeting his imprint. (Part 2)


It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. Jacob and his romantic bullshit. Your balls were testament to the fact that it’s completely different. Y/N brought you to your knees literally and figuratively. It’s more like being caught up in a hurricane. It’s majestic. She is majestic. You feel the awe and the respect when you face her and then you see the beautiful chaos she leaves behind, all the more reason to respect her. 

“Would you stop that? It wasn’t on purpose man” Jacob was right across the room glaring at Y/N and it was making you twitchy. 

“All this could have been avoided if someone hadn’t stolen my bike especially when that someone doesn’t know how to treat my baby” Collective groans could be heard across the room. All the pack members were present. The news of you finding your imprint had spread like wildfire from the first call you made. And everyone flinched the first time they saw who it was.

“Jacob I borrowed your bike. I asked you and you said yes Y/N of course you can take it” 

“What?! I don’t remember-”

“That would have been the conversation we would have had if I had asked you, either way you were going to give me the deathtrap. Stop your bitching” 

“Deathtrap? Did I hear you correctly?” You were already in front of Jacob before he had even decided to take a step. 

“She is right Jacob” You lean in so that only he could hear you “And back the fuck off. It’s not even been a day that I found her. Control is not my forte right now” 

Jacob had his hands up moving away from the scene. Sometimes your pack had a tendency to forget you were still young. Being all powerful and perfect had their disadvantages. 

You sigh and lean against the sofa where Y/N was resting. Dr. Cullen would be here any minute. Which better doctor than someone who has practiced for years and years on stretch. Only the best for my Y/N. 


The crowd was making you angsty. Every now and then you would catch someone gawking staring at you. As if in disbelief and then some would even pat Seth on his back. There was something going on here which everyone except you were aware about. And Seth was a distraction. You were hyperaware when he was nearby and when he wasn’t you felt a sense of loss. You were trying your hardest not to stare at him. It wasn’t just in appreciation of his perfect features and his beautiful six pack abs. No it was like finding something finally after such a long search that you were afraid to take your eyes off in fear of losing it. 

“Give her some space guys. Your stares aren’t even subtle and none of you were invited here in the first place” Seth was almost reading your mind. It was scarier than the crash. 

Just then there was a knock on the door and the crowd parted to let the doctor through. His kind and also handsome face wasn’t enough to distract you from imagining all the pain you were going to be in. Some called your fear of doctors and hospitals irrational. Well you weren’t a rational being in the first place.

You sat there stiffly trying to prepare yourself. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Carlisle Cullen. You were somewhat aware of the Cullen family. They may not stay on the reservation but they were well talked about. 

“You know what doc? I think I’m feeling fine.” You suck in a breath and shift a little to get the fuck away only to have his cold touch stop you. 

“This won’t take much time Y/N. You will just make it worse and be stuck with me for a little longer” Ugh, you hated when people were right. You scrunch your face and lay back accepting defeat. 

Fortunately when Dr. Cullen was fixing you up there was only Seth in the room and Embry was called in after awhile cause you accidentally smacked the good doctor in the face. Cleaning wounds were no joke. It’s not like you purposely wanted to hit the doctor with your functioning leg for torturing you. Seth refused to leave your hand through everything. When the pain got too much for you, he would distract you with his touch or his wit. 

After an eternity, the doctor was done. You had a cast for broken ankle and you were freaking exhausted. Seth was seeing the doctor out, this was your chance to get out of his hair. 

“Emily” You try to call her. “EMILLLY” You nearly screamed. That should do the work. 

“What..what? Are you hurting? Dr. Cullen said you can’t take another painkiller for a few hours Y/N”

“Shh.. no listen. You have to take me back. I mean we have practically spent all day at this house. Here help me get up” You snatch her hand dragging her closer and use her as your clutch. Albeit a reluctant one. You had to get out of here before your feelings for Seth developed anymore than they were now it would be one sticky situation. 

“Y/N I don’t think you should be moving” Emily’s voice was strained. Honestly you were a little insulted, you were light as a damn feather. 

“What are you guys doing?!” Seth’s voice startled us. And because it’s you and not anyone else, the fates weren’t done fucking with you today. You lost your balance and Em couldn’t help you despite your light as a feather weight. Thankfully Seth had spidey senses because he was there right against your side holding your dead weight. 

“You are going to be the death of me Y/N I swear” His hands were shaking and his heart was beating so fast you could feel it against your palm. 

“I’m sorry, Seth. I will be out of your hair in a few minutes. Just help me till Em’s car”

“You are not leaving. I mean you can stay here and rest. It’s going to be hectic at Em’s place.” His arms were around you gently lifting you up. 

“I’m not going to be your burden anymore” You said as you tried not to melt in his arms. 

“Y/N, stay here for a few days. You will not stay still if you are at my place.” Emily chirped in. Clearly she did not read the best friend memo.

“Just following doctors order” You could feel Seth genuinely wanted you to not leave. This was all so confusing but you had reached your limit for today. 

“Fiiiine I will stay for awhile” You let Seth carry you to the guest room where he laid you down on the bed. He stayed for awhile touching your face like he was mesmerised by you. In that drowsy state of your mind you realised a few things. First, Seth had spidey senses. Second, there was a part of him and you didn’t know how potent that part might be that had feelings for you. And third, you were going to unconditionally and irrevocably screw up this whole thing. [Part 1]

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Can’t Strip It Away

A fun little One Shot inspired by a prompt from @bleebug

Modern CS au where Emma works at a beauty salon, Killian comes in to get his chest waxed for the first time at the urging of some friends who want to set him up with another woman  

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you like, please reblog and tag your friends ;o)


“So, are we taking bets on whether or not he actually shows this time?”

Her colleague’s inquiry roused Emma from her sleep deprived trance, causing her to take another sip of the coffee that was so far failing her this morning.

Peaking over the rim of her mug Emma attempted to engage with Ruby and Elsa, her fellow stylists and estheticians at the Enchanted Salon and Spa, and asked, “bets on whether or not who shows?”

“K. Jones.” Elsa informed her. “He’s scheduled and cancelled a body waxing twice. If he shows today it’ll be third time’s the charm.” Her cool demeanor was all Emma needed to know that Elsa had been the one he’d cancelled on. She’d be surprised if Elsa agreed to take his appointment again.

K. Jones. The name didn’t seem to familiar to Emma, but she was still pretty new. She had gotten to know most of the regulars and had built herself a respectable clientele in the short time she had been at Enchanted, but she was still low man on the totem pole. Which is why Ruby’s next statement didn’t come as much of a surprise.

“He’s all yours, Em. I’ve put him down as your four-thirty, that way if he does cancel you’ll at least get to leave early.”

She supposed that was a bit of a consulation. Best case scenario, the guy showed and she’d get a little extra cash in her pocket and a potential new client. Worst case, she’d get to clock out early and catch up on some sleep. She’d been burning the candle at both ends with her night job bartending at the local watering hole on top of her job at the salon. It was only temporary, though. Once she built up a strong base of repeat and steady salon customers, she wouldn’t need the bartending gig any longer.

Besides, hard work and long hours were nothing new to Emma Swan. It was simply the life of a single parent. Besides, her son was worth a little sleep deprivation.

Ruby finished going over the day’s schedule with Emma and Elsa before they all went off to their own stations to prepare for the day’s clients. Emma was pleased that she had a full line-up, with K. Jones being the only wild card. She’d even had the opportunity to take on two new clients. She was just cleaning up from her second to last customer of the day when she heard Ruby and Elsa speculating by the front windows.

“That has to be him.” Elsa stated, as she stood with her arms crossed over her chest. Poor K. Jones was already on her bad side. Elsa didn’t take kindly to cancellations, especially twice over.

“If it is him, then I’m bummed I didn’t schedule him for myself.” Ruby mused, tossing her hair back over her shoulder and adjusting her barely there dress to perfectly highlight all her assets. Not one to ever miss out on a flirting opportunity, Ruby turned to check her makeup in the nearby mirror as she called out for Emma.

“Ems, get out here a check out your potential four-thirty!”

Emma approached the front windows with a smirk on her lips directed at the two women who had zero chill, only to find herself gaping out the window at the gentleman in question.

He was pacing along the sidewalk across the narrow street out front. Stopping every once in awhile, he gave a tentative glance over to the salon as he scratched nervously behind his ear. He was clearly warring with himself. He was also clearly gorgeous.

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Kwon Jiyong x Reader
Fluffy, funny, smutty.

A/N - This is my first time posting a story anywhere in a long time. The beginning is drawn out because…that’s how I write. Hopefully it doesn’t put anyone off too much and maybe someone will enjoy it! 

Three weeks, four days, ten hours, twenty-eight minutes. That’s how long it had been since I’d seen my Jiyong. There was one day and three hours until I got to see him again. That was why I had to scurry around on my day off work to clean our apartment. Jiyong was a bit of a neat freak, everything has a place and everything in its place, as they say.

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Hogwarts!5SOS 1/4: Ashton

A/N: So I’ve kinda neglected this account and I’m sorry! I’m back! I thought with the anniversary of the first Harry Potter being yesterday, now would be a good time to put this up now. It started off with being a simple 1000 word imagine and turned into 2,762 words. Feel free to send me requests! They’re always open! 

If there was one person I could say I despised, it would be Ashton Irwin. It’s not because he’s a terrible person, well to the majority of the population at Hogwarts at least. It was his cocky Gryffindor attitude that I couldn’t handle. Along with being the Head boy of his house, he was also the Gryffindor quidditch team captain. He thinks he’s a gift sent to us to show us how to live. He gets everything and everyone he wants and it’s annoying as hell. Although, I swear he tries to put a love potion in every girl’s drink, so they all love him. Except me. I’d probably hit him square in the face if he touched my drink. When we first met, he left me alone for the majority of the time. He probably assumed I’d turn out like the rest of them, obsessed with Hogwarts’ best boy. My best friend, Y/F/N, even finds him irresistible. Yet, I seem to have no problem resisting at any point possible. He now follows me around just to annoy me; hoping that it’ll make me fall in love with him and he’ll have the entire school wired in his favor.
As I was walking out of the Slytherin Commons on my way to breakfast, I hear an all too familiar voice approaching. “Y/N! Why are you walking by yourself?” “I’m wondering the same thing, Ashton.” He tilted his head. “Because?” “Maybe you’d leave me alone if I was walking with someone else.” I rolled my eyes and began to walk faster, but Ashton was six foot tall and his strides could beat mine any day. “C’mon! You really think you’d be able to get away that easy?” He stupidly smirked. “How did you know where the Slytherin entrance was anyway?” I asked. “A few snoops around the castle and I can find anything. Let’s get to breakfast!” He tried to link our arms, but  I kept my arm as close to my body as possible. We walked into the Great Hall and I walked over to the Slytherin table. I found a spot that could only fit one person and sat down as fast as possible. Suddenly, the person sitting next to me slid farther away from me and another body occupied their old seat. “You didn’t want to sit together?” Ashton asked, pretending to be hurt. “You’re a Gryffindor; go sit with your friends.” I said, clearly annoyed. “Lucky for you, I am sitting next to one of my BEST friends. And don’t flatter yourself, it’s not you.” I looked over to the boy sitting next to him. “Really, Michael? You had no other options?” Michael laughed. “Trust me, he’s a great guy to be friends with.… When he isn’t cheating at quidditch.” Ashton turned to argue with him and I finally had a moment that was almost to myself. I ate my food quietly and grabbed my things, ready to head to Potions.
I made my way to Potions only to see Ashton already there. “What are you doing here?” I questioned. “It turns out Gryffindor has Potions with Slytherin this year.” “That’s a terrible idea. Everyone will be at each other’s throats.” Ashton smirked.“Is that a promise, Y/n?” I rolled my eyes. “You’re disgusting.” I walked to the opposite side of the room and sat down. “So, you want to start passing notes now or later?” He asked. I ignored him as other people began to filter into the class. Snape strolled in with a few papers that looked to be his notes. “It looks as though I’ll be the potions teacher this year as the wonderful Gilderoy Lockhart has returned for another year to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.” Snape stayed monotone, but I knew he was cringing. This school did not need another egotistical airhead running around. “Today, we will be learning about Amortentia. This is an advanced spell and I expect you sixth years will be able to handle it. It is the worlds strongest love potion and should be treated with care. So do not try to spike each other’s drinks with it, we don’t need an incident like that here and it will result in detentions and removal of house points.” Everyone remains silent after almost being on the edge of their seats. Snape showed us how to make the potion and continues talking. “This potion smells different to everyone. I smell fear, death, and a hint of students receiving detention. All jokes aside, who would be willing to come up here and share what they smell?” Ashton raises his hand. “Of course..” Both Snape and I seem to have mumbled at the same time. “Okay Irwin, give it a good whiff and let us know what you smell.” He inhales deeply and turns to the class. “I smell the quidditch pitch,” Typical. “almost a musty smell like a lake or something, is possible to smell laughter? and I smell vanilla like really strong.” Of course he has to smell vanilla. I wear vanilla perfume. “Thank you, Mr. Irwin. That should conclude class today. Off to lunch with all of you.” I bolt out of the door and found the busiest hallway to get myself lost in on the way to lunch. I throw my hair into a bun and try to hide within the Slytherin group at the table. I almost made it through lunch without Ashton seeing me. “Y/n, we need to talk.” He was standing right behind me. “I gotta go, sorry. Snape asked if I could clean up the commons during my free hour.” I ran towards the commons faster than I’ve ever tried. I reached it before he could catch up and was safely in my dorm before I knew it. I didn’t leave for my other classes and fell asleep until the next morning.
I woke up and walked to the Great Hall by myself for the first time in awhile. I walked in and found an overwhelming aroma of vanilla filling the room. I sat down and asked, “Did we start an underground vanilla bean factory?” Everyone seemed to chuckle. Y/F/N rolled her eyes. “Although you may find him repulsive, I’m pretty sure every girl is trying to attract Ashton, especially after he revealed he likes vanilla.” “He also said he liked the smell of the quidditch pitch, but I haven’t seen anyone rolling around the pitch to smell like that.” I responded. We both giggled and began to eat. I had a nice Ashton-free meal and actually went through a meal smiling. “I’ll see you later, Hufflepuff. I have to go to potions.” I waved goodbye to Y/F/N and made my way to the potions classroom. There were quite a few girls already in the classroom and the scent of vanilla had already begun wafting the air. Snape came in and I saw him roll his eyes. Silence fell into the room and I already knew who had just entered. All eyes followed the figure that seemed to sit right behind me. “So, you skipped your classes yesterday?” I heard from behind. “Yes, I did.” I responded sharply. “I also heard how much of a mess your commons is. Care to explain?” “I don’t care to. Thanks for asking.” I opened my textbook and began starting my notes. Class began and felt Ashton staring and also poking me. “Can you quit it?” I said louder than intended. I felt all eyes on me this time instead of Ashton. “Anything you’d like to share with the class, Y/N?” Snape questioned. “There’s nothing really to share, sir. Ashton has been bothering me all class period while I was trying to pay attention. I’m sorry I disrupted anything.” I was blushing and tried to focus on literally anything else. “Why were you bothering her, Mr. Irwin? That’s very unlike you or it should be considering your status.” The attention wasn’t leaving me and I just wanted to run out of the classroom. “I’ve been trying to talk to her for the past two days. She keeps running away and this is the first time I’ve seen her since she’s ran away last.” “Seems like you can’t handle rejection. Stop bothering her and pay attention.” Snape continued on with his lesson.
Lunch didn’t seem to come quick enough. “Alright, move along students. I don’t want to see you until tomorrow.” Michael came over to my seat. “Way to make Ash seem like he’s obsessed with you.” I crossed my arms. “Are we really playing this game, Michael? I didn’t leave the commons because I didn’t want to talk. And I’ll move to my room if you let him in.” “Sounds like a plan.” Michael smirked. “Goodbye.” I walked out of the room and continued down the hallways. “Hey!” I heard Calum Hood’s voice and saw him walking towards me. “I really don’t have time to talk to you about how much of a jerk I am for not wanting to talk to your best friend, so if you don’t mind…” I began to try and pass him. “Sorry. Sent on a mission.” I was suddenly turned upside down. “Let me down!” I screamed. Calum started running as fast as he could towards the one place I should’ve guessed. The quidditch pitch was inches away as I was dropped down. “Bye!” I heard Calum yell as he ran towards the castle. I saw Ashton approaching and I had to think on my feet. It was my turn to run. I ran towards the forbidden forest. There was no way he’d follow unless he was seriously insane. I ran farther and farther into the forest. I stopped to take a deep breath under a tree. I’d just have to wait out for a little while and I’d return in time for Defense Against the Dark Arts. I took a second to look at the nature around me. During the day, the forest is quite beautiful. That is until I took a moment to look up.
The Whomping Willow had just seemed to notice my presence at the same moment I noticed it. I attempted to make no sudden movement in hopes it would think I was a new plant. I heard the loud sound of a giant branch smacking behind me. I was lifted up in the air. “Help!” I screamed as loud as I could. I grabbed onto the branches and tried to wiggle my way out of the willow’s grip, but I couldn’t. I screamed for help again. I reached for my wand, but saw it waiting on the ground. I kept screaming because there was nothing else I could do. “Expelliarmus!” I heard someone yell. I was falling quickly to the ground. “Help me!” I yelled. I heard footsteps and then I crashed onto the ground.
“How are you doing this morning?” Madam Pomfrey asked. My eyes fluttered open. “My back hurts..” I groaned. “You took quite a fall. It’s a good thing that boy was there to save you.” I tilted my head and furrowed my brows. “Boy?” I questioned. “Sweetheart, I thought you knew. He seemed so extremely concerned.” I wanted to scream. Who would’ve saved me? Ashton must’ve left by then. “Wait, who was the boy?” “That Ashton Irwin boy! It’s no wonder he’s a head boy! He’s been coming to visit you every chance I’ve allowed since he carried you in here. I swear that boy would’ve slept right in that chair next to you if I let him. You’ve got a great boyfriend in that one.” I sighed. “We’re not.. We aren’t even friends really.” “Could’ve fooled me. I’ll go get you something to relieve your pain.” Madam Pomfrey walked away. I can’t believe he’d followed me all that way. He was crazier than I was…
“Hi, Madam Pomfrey! Is it alright if I go see her?” Madam Pomfrey laughed. “I don’t think I could stop you if I tried at this point, could I? Y/N woke up a little while ago. She might be asleep again and don’t wake her.” I could hear him smile. “I brought along some books to study with if she is.” His footsteps began making their way over to my curtain and I shut my eyes. “Hello, Y/N!” I heard him whisper. “You’re looking pretty as always. I’m sorry that I couldn’t catch your fall in time. It shouldn’t have even gotten to the point. I was stupid, but you’re so freaking stubborn. I didn’t know how to tell you I’m pretty sure I like you a lot and maybe even love. It sounds stupid I know; I mean you try to ignore me everyday, but I like do you know how nice it is to not feel pressure from someone to be perfect? With you, I don’t even have to worry if I mess up because you don’t care anyways. I should go. I don’t think I’ll be able to study here.” He got up from the chair and started to walk away. “Ashton, wait!” I called. He spun around. “How much did you hear?” He asked. “Kinda all of it, including you asking to see me.” He blushed. “Woah! Ashton Irwin blushing! I wish I had some way to capture this moment.” I smirked and tried to sit up, but Ashton came running to my side. “Hey! You don’t need to get up. You need to get better!” “I can sit up, Ash.” He smiled. “Ash?” He questioned the new nickname. “I mean if we’re going to be friends.. I generally give my friends nicknames.” “Just friends? I basically told you I loved you and we’re just friends?” I chuckled. “You gotta work your way to boyfriend. It can be a long and painful road.” “I can think of a short cut…” He smirked. “What would that be, Irwin?” Ashton’s face became extremely close to mine. He smirked again and then pressed his lips against mine. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He smiled and started pecking my lips. I backed away. “So like boyfriend now?” He asked looking me in the eyes. “I mean I see why every girl wants to date you… But just friends.” I smirked. He rolled his eyes. “You’re a tease.” “I’m not!” I sat up. “Whatever you say, tease.” “You’re in love with a tease then, idiot!” “I think I take it back. I don’t think I like you anymore!” It was my turn to roll my eyes. “And you call me the tease? You got a lot of nerve, Irwin.” “Shut up.” Ashton leaned down and started kissing me again.
A day has passed and I was well enough to go back into the school part of the castle, thanks to Madam Pomfrey’s healing potions. The halls still reeked of vanilla. I walked into the Great Hall in what seemed like ages. I hadn’t told Ashton how quick my recovery was going to be and I wanted to surprise him. I spotted his group of friends at the Gryffindor table. I ran over and put my hands in front of his eyes. “Guess who!” I said. I could feel him smile. “Let’s see.. Uh… That really hot Hufflepuff in my Defense Against the Dark Arts class..” “No.” I replied. “What about that Ravenclaw I’ve had my eye on?” His smile kept getting bigger. “No!” I responded. I felt his hands creep up my waist and towards my chest. “Not a chance, Ash!” I moved his hands away from my body. He looked up at me. “Why hello! You didn’t hear any of that did you?” He joked. All of the boys were extremely confused. They kept looking between us. “Luke, move over. My girlfriend needs a seat.” Luke moved, but they all kept staring. “Can you guys look away for second? It’s creeping me out.” Ashton said. “Why would they need to look away, Ash?” I asked. Ashton started kissing me and didn’t seem like he was stopping any time soon. I grabbed his neck and deepened the kiss. The boys began to hoot and holler. Ashton pulled away. “That.” “What did you do? Give her that love potion, Irwin?” Michael smirked. “Nah, She fell into my arms all on her own.”  He winked at me and I rolled my eyes at his terrible joke. “You love me.” Ashton smiled. “Whatever puts you to sleep at night, Irwin.”

Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader- Popping Buttons

Warning: Swearing, fighting, etc

“Hey, Birdie!” you shouted as you jumped through the oculus of the building, landing next to Robin with your gloved fists raised.  “Sorry I’m late, you wouldn’t believe how bad the traffic was to get here.”

“Tt.  This is a monastery, (Y/H/N), there was no traffic,” Robin stated, obviously annoyed.

“Sarcasm, Little D,” you smirked, grabbing your modified bo staff from your hip.  “I thought you would learn that it’s my first language.”

“English is your first language,” Damian rolled his eyes, focusing on the assailants surrounding the two of you.  “Batman will be here shortly.”

“Which means we’ll have defeated all of these ninjas by the time he gets here,” you said, rotating you staff in your hands.  “Don’t you agree?”

He smirked, “For once I do agree with you.”

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Yuta: Hollow Lines (M)

I’ve never written a fallen angel au but I’ve always wanted too! Thank you so much for requesting! Enjoy!

Characters: Yuta, You
Genre: Supernatural, Fallen Angel au, M 

You and a handful of friends sat in a booth, laughing and joking as you drank and the club’s music boomed in your ears.

Except your attention wasn’t on your friends.

Finally you spotted the man sitting in the same seat at the bar counter, twirling his shot glass in his hand.

“Y/N?” a voice pulled you back into focus.

“Hm?” you turned to smile at your best friend. “Could you excuse me for a moment?”

“Sure. Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just need to chat with a particular person at the bar.”

You maneuvered towards him, squeezing in between the dancers (might’ve aggressively pushed a couple guys who got a little too close for your liking), and sat down beside the one moping with his head down, electric blue eyes visible behind his bangs. “How’ve you been, Yuta?” you asked the young man.

Yuta perked his head up, electric blue eyes turning to hold your gaze. “Same as usual.”

“Nothing changes, huh?” You’re voice filled with sympathy, but you knew he hated that. “Will it ever go away? The pain?”

He shook his head. “No, that’s the punishment, it never goes away, and it never will, nothing can change that.”

Sending a quick text to your friend, you looked back up at the fallen angel staring blankly at his shot glass again. “Yuta, yah,” you got his attention by caressing his forearm. “Come on, let’s take a walk. It’s too suffocating in here.”

He followed you out of the club, hand in yours, allowing you to lead him anywhere.

“Why did you fall in love with me?” you asked him as you walked side by side, hands brushing, looking up at the stars that dappled the clear night sky. “I’m sure you’ve watched over many women, so why me?”

You see, Yuta was your guardian angel before you even knew such things existed. He had watched over you your entire life since birth, but one day, he had fallen in love with a girl on earth, you. Resulting in him being banned from heaven, and the worst part, his wings torn from his body.

Yuta glanced at the ground, slightly amused. “I don’t know. I guess you were just too lovely not to fall in love with.”

You chuckled, turning your feet in the direction of the park. His words perked an interest in you, and as you both took a stroll through the park, you halted with your back against a tree trunk, Yuta stood before you, hands in his jean pockets, just watching you with curiosity in his eyes. “How was I too lovely for you?”

Now you were teasing him, and he knew it, taking a step closer so you could see every fleck of blue in his glowing eyes. “Just the little things, like when you quietly sing when you’re bored, or you stick your tongue out when concentrating on work. You easily get philosophical, and when you laugh you throw your head back because everything is just too funny when you’re having a good time.”

By now he had you caged against the trunk, leaning closer, his nose brushing yours. You felt breathless, not only from the physical closeness but his words. “I didn’t know you paid attention that well.”

He hummed before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I’m always paying attention.” 

You smirked. “As you should be.”

Yuta chortled, pulling away from you but took your hand in his. You proceeded to walk along the side of the road, letting comfortable silence fill in the peaceful moment. 

You walked all the way home from the club. It wasn’t a long walk, just twenty minutes. You both entered the small apartment, the moon and street lamps your only source of lighy. it wasn’t much, just a bedroom, a bathroom, and small a kitchen. But it was enough.

As you entered the bedroom, Yuta turned around and gently pressed you against the closed door, his eyes fixed on yours, loving but sad. 

“Bad day? It’s been awhile since you last drank,” you murmured, fingers playfully unbuttoning the buttons on his white button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up, revealing his forearms.

“Yeah,” he replied softly, trailing his lips along your hairline. “Our editor was out today, so Hansol and I had to makeup the work for him.”

You hummed a reply, untucking his shirt and he threw it somewhere in the room. “Anything else?” you whispered, feeling his lips slide down your nose and you let him press a kiss against your mouth before trailing kisses along his jaw, feeling the heat from his body coming off in waves. Gently, your hands traced the lines down his body and trickled them around his waist, tracing up the two identical hollow lines where his wings used to be.

He slightly shivered and pressed against you, one hand coming around your neck, the other in your hair. “That feels nice,” he murmured, his breath tickling your face.

“This?” you traced the hollow lines again and felt him nod, his nose nuzzling your cheek. 

“The pain lessons.”

You looked up at him again, keeping your expression tender. “How can you live so long with this pain? It must be excruciating.” Your hands rest at the small of his back.

Yuta’s own fingers began fumbling with the buttons on your own business shirt. “After a few years, you learn to ignore it, but at times it can be harder to drown in the background of your day.”

Instead of replying with words, you nodded slightly, letting the information sink in before he caught your lips with his, gently caressing your mouth with long, soft pulls. You sighed into the kiss, feeling your limbs begin to warm from the cold air you left outside. The fallen angel’s hands carefully pulled the shirt of your shoulders, lips moving to suck on your neck, wanting to taste the revealed skin. His hands moved down your sides, gripping onto your waist and his touch made you arch into his warm body. You felt your breath hitch, feeling his still moving lips latch to a particular sensitive spot along your neck and whimpered, feeling tingles shoot from your shoulder and down your leg, causing your thigh to brush against his center.

He grunted in response, pressing the spot a little harder, evoking more whimpers and small moans from your throat. “Bed,” you whispered.

Soon you felt the sheets hit your back, at first they were cold, but quickly warmed up. Yuta crawled over you, his knee gently nudging your legs apart, dragging his lips down your neck and chest. You felt his hands wind around your back, and the feeling of your bra being unhooked.

With only the moon and a lamp post streaming light in through your window, both your underwear strewn across the floor, Yuta rocked into you. Every thrust paced out, as if needing to control his actions, needing to make sure he didn’t make a mistake; the last time a mistake was made, it costed him his wings. Your hands trailed over his back, hoping to ease the pain, ease the frustration. His breath came in heavy puffs, kissing your bare shoulder, and after long moments of pacing everything out, he tugged your wrists away from his back and held them down so you could only grip his arms. He delved in a little deeper, slightly rougher, controlling your pleasure magnificently. It’s how he made love; controlled, always controlled, calling the shots but in such a tender way you couldn’t escape his grip.

The feeling was familiar, but you were never actually ever prepared for the way your limbs tingled with excitement as a wave of climax gradually picked up the sea of pleasure around itself, climbing higher and higher, just threatening to spill over. 

For a moment, it felt as if you were just hanging on by a thread, and with one final thrust you dropped, spilling over, crashing onto the shore, the wave climbing the sand before being pulled back into the sea. Your felt your body tremble as small aftershocks sparked up your stomach. 

Yuta was resting against you, head in the crook of your neck, his breath fanning across your skin. You smiled gently and he rolled off to the side, kissing your forehead in affection before cleaning up any mess on the sheets and yourselves. 

As you both lay there, you on your side while he on his stomach, you once again gently trickled your fingers over the scars on his back, feeling his muscles flex once in a while if you touched a sensitive spot. “How’s your back feel now?” you whispered, head laying beside his as you watched his eyes close in content.

“Better,” he mumbled. You took your hand away and his glowing blue eyes were staring at you again. “Can you just keep trailing your hands around my back for awhile?”

You nodded, lazily following his command. 

Half an hour later you remember the moonlight glinting off your wedding rings before sleep swept over your mind.


I’m so sorry to the anon who requested this. It’s really late, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed imagining it 💗  At first I wasn’t sure what I was gonna write but I ended up with this simple yet sweet and slightly smutty oneshot. Here’s to it’s release, finally!!

Star-Crossed Lovers//Stiles Stilinski Feat. Isaac Lahey

Characters: Isaac Lahey, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Reader.


“We shouldn’t be doing this.” You giggle as he kisses up your neck.

“Shh…we’ll think about that later.” He mumbles against you.

But you did do it. You did it a lot actually, whenever the two of you were free. It became painstakingly obvious what you were doing, but you couldn’t stop.

“We have to stop…I’m married.”

“And I have a girlfriend. Y/N, it’s all in good spirit.”

“Cheating is all in good spirit? Really? I’m so ashamed of myself but I can’t stop seeing you.” You sigh.

“We’ll stop then…”

“What if I don’t want to, Isaac?”

“You should probably make up your mind.” He sighs.

“Isaac, I’m married! You know it, I know it, everyone knows it! How am I supposed to keep this up with you when I have a husband at home who loves me…a ton. How am I supposed to stop when I have a husband who’s constantly up to his head in cases he can’t solve because he knows they’re supernatural. I love him, but he’s absent.” You stand up, pacing back and forth.

“Y/N.” He stands and looks at you. “Y/N…hey hey, stop.” He grabbed you to stop you from pacing, holding you in his arms.

“Isaac…” You look up into his eyes, the blue in them making you weak.

“Calm down. Please.” He tucks a piece of hair behind your ear.

“I want to tell him…I do..I just-…it’ll ruin us. I can’t be the one to ruin us.”

“Is he home now?” Isaac examines your face.

“Yeah..” You nod.

“Go home. See him. Think about it.” He kisses your forehead.

“Okay…yeah, I can do that.” You finish putting your clothes on and you grab your purse. “Thanks, Isaac.”

You drive home, the guilt consuming you. You walk inside and you’re greeted by your husband, who’s standing in the kitchen with a beer.

“Hey, babe. Where were you?”

You fake a smile, “Running some errands. I had to stop by the post office.” You sit at the kitchen counter across from him.

He walks over and pecks your lips, “You look hot today.”

You laugh, “I had the day off. I didn’t even try.”

He shrugs, “You still look good. Hey, I have to get back to work…but come see me when you think I need a break.” He smiles and looks at you over his shoulder as he walks away.

You brought your shirt to your nose and smelled it. You smelled like Isaac. It was times like these you were grateful that Stiles wasn’t a werewolf. Whenever you would see Isaac after a night of you and Stiles he’d know, and he’d let you know that he knew. He always pouted.

You decided to shower, the smell of his cologne made you sick when you were with Stiles.

After you cleaned up you went back to your room to change. You heard laughing downstairs so you quickly threw on one of Stiles’ shirts and some shorts before sneaking down.

You almost fell over dead when you saw Isaac and Stiles talking. You knew they were friends, duh. You never knew they were ‘come over during my work day and hang out’ friends. Scott usually did that.

“Baby! Come on down.” Stiles yells up at you.

“Hey, Y/N.” You heard Scott say. You didn’t know he was here either.

“Hey.” You smile as Stiles wraps an arm around your shoulder.

“Hey, Mrs. Stilinski. It’s been awhile.” Isaac smiles at you. Seriously?

“Hey, Isaac.”

Stiles kisses the top of your head. “Can they stay for dinner?”

You laugh. “I’m not your mom, if you want them to stay they can stay.” You look up into his eyes, the guilt swallowing you whole.

“Well then you guys can stay.” Stiles nods.

You somehow ended up alone with Isaac. Scott and Stiles ran to the store to grab some ice and of course with your luck, here you were.

“Did you tell him?” Isaac approaches you in the kitchen.

“Obviously not.” You turned to look at him.

“You look so pretty when you’re fresh out of the shower.” He smiles at you.

“Not here. Please.” You look up at him and bite your lip.

“Got it.” He nods. “Maybe…I should tell him?”

“And let him beat your ass? No thanks.”

“I’m a werewolf.”

“He killed Donovan.”

“Wasn’t here for that, but true enough.”

“This was a mistake.”

“I don’t think it was…” He smiles at you.

“Isaac, don’t do that. Don’t give me that smile.”

Stiles and Scott walk in, the two of them laughing.

“That smells amazing, baby girl.” Stiles grins at you.

Your heart swells at the sight of his goofy grin, the nickname doesn’t help.

“Thanks, babe.” He sits the ice on the counter and walks over to you.

“I’m going to take the day off tomorrow, okay? I’ll take you out…it’ll just be me and you.”

You smile up at him, “Really? You won’t even respond to texts?”

“I’ll leave my phone at home.” He kisses your nose and you smile.

He walks off to put the ice away and you’re left standing beside the stove, adoration all over your face.

“I’m uh…going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.” Isaac looks at you and Stiles before leaving.

The rest of the night was…awkward. It consisted of trying not to pay too much attention to Isaac, and Isaac getting upset when you paid too much attention to Stiles. You have to tell him.

You woke up the next morning with Stiles’ arms around you.


“Yeah?” He had already been awake.

“Can we talk?”

“About what?”

You sit up and turn to face him. “I…don’t really know how to say this…”

“Babe, what’s going on?”

“I..I’m cheating on you?” You look up at him, a shocked look on his face.

“No you’re not.” He sits up.

You feel a tear fall down your face. “I am…and I feel terrible about it…I hate seeing you so happy with me because I know how you’d feel when you found out.”

“Then why did you do it in the first place?” Stiles got out of bed.

“You were drowning in work..I was bored…”

“I could’ve worked less!”

“Hah. Yeah.”

“Don’t make this my fault! You made the decision all by yourself!” He’s crying now.

“Stiles, I-”

“Who is he?”

“Stiles, don’t make me tell you. Please.”

“Tell me.”

“It’s Isaac.” You bury your head in your hands.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He turns and you hear him running downstairs. He grabs the keys out of the bowl.

“Stiles, stop!” You run after him, grabbing his arm before he can get in his car.

“How long?”


“How long has this been happening?” He wipes his eyes.

You look down at your feet. “Six…six months.”

“Oh my God…” He opens the door and gets inside.

“Stiles, please…please don’t.”

“Do you love him?”


“Do you love him? Answer me, Y/N!”

“No. I felt terrible about it.”

“Then why’d you….” He sighs and shuts the door.

You run inside and grab your keys, following him as he tears down the road. You both pull in to Isaac’s driveway at the same time.

“Go home.” Stiles yells at you as he gets out.

“Stiles, please don’t. Please?”

“Get in the car at least, Jesus, Y/N.”

You stop where you are as he walks up to the door. He knocks and the second Isaac opens the door Stiles lays into him.

“Stiles stop! Stop!” You scream as you run up to the door.

“My wife? Are you serious?” Stiles shouts at him.

“At least I gave her attention! The attention you couldn’t provide!” Isaac punches him, the bruise already darkening.

“Isaac!” He stops and he looks at you, the look on your face making you step away from Stiles.

“Please…stop…the both of you.” You look at the both of them. Stiles looks like he wants to hold you. And he does, but he’s just so pissed at you.

“I’m sorry…” Isaac looks at you and you nod.

“Let’s go home, Y/N. We clearly have things to discuss.”

Stiles leads you out of the house. “Leave your car here. I’m sure you’ll be back.”

“Stiles…” You sigh as you climb in the car.

“Isaac? Really?”

“I’m sorry…we can…we can fix things.”

“I want a divorce.”