today is the 14th of february

Old news about WKM, but… !!!

“In addition to being stabbed 37 times, he was also poisoned, beaten, strangled, drowned, and shot– in that order.”

I know Mark canonically confirmed that Asshole Mark did those things to himself, but today I remembered something I’ve been wanting to do since I first heard that line.

I did some digging into the past.

“In addition to being stabbed 37 times…”

(Upload Date: September 13, 2015)

“… he was also poisoned…”

(Upload Date: November 17th, 2015)

“… beaten…”

(Upload Date: February 25th, 2016)

“… strangled, drowned…”

(Upload Date: August 13th, 2016)

“… and shot.”

(Upload Date: February 14th, 2017)

Guys… they’re in order.

“It’s February 14th, Neil!”

Nicky was exasperated. It was obvious by the way he looked out of breath even though he was just standing there being rather noisey.

Neil scrunched up his nose. As much as he loved Nicky, he wouldn’t mind hearing him less right now. 

“What’s your point, Nicky?” 

The thing with Nicky, however, was that when you requested a straight answer, you instead got a show. 

Act one of this show was apparently looking around at the rest of the foxes and proclaiming, “Can you believe this kid?!” 

Andrew was coming from his appointment with Bee so wasn’t at the locker rooms yet for practice. Neil found himself silently hoping he would get there faster to shut Nicky up.

Usually everybody would just let Nicky go on his rant, half ignoring him and half egging him on. But when Neil looked past him, he realized that all the Foxes were actually paying attention. Their eyes were focused on Neil with a combination of pity, confusion, and general annoyance. 

Nicky was making a huge fuss now, not actually getting to the point but rather going around it. “Of all the days to not know-”

But Matt cut him off. Which was odd, because Matt usually didn’t cut Nicky off. 

“Neil….do you really not know what today is?”

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ARTNOIR + Black Lives Matter: Black Futures Month || ANSWER TIME on February 14th, 10am (PST) || 1pm (EST)

Submit Your Questions Here

ARTNOIR is excited to be collaborating with Black Lives Matter on their Black Futures Month project during Black History Month. This project is designed to inspire people during this challenging social & political climate through art and the written word to dream about tomorrow today. 

Each day in February, Black Lives Matter will release an original piece of art and an accompanying written piece to reclaim Black History Month and demonstrate the importance of using art as both an inspiration and an organizing tool. Artists from around the world have been commissioned to use their genius to promulgate the conversation about systemic racism and violence against Black people.

Today we are thrilled to co-host an interactive Q&A with visual artist Delano Dunn, digital all-rounder Babusi Nyoni and organizer/writer Miski Noor for a candid and spirited conversation via Tumblr’s Answer Time series. 

Our conversation explores how visual art and writing can serve as a platform to discuss pressing issues that impact Black communities throughout the diaspora from education to immigration.

Send us your questions and join the conversation live on  February 14th, 10am (PST) || 1pm (EST) on our Tumblr site.

It’s February 14th 2017 :Today is the day:

Today when Dan releases the new NSP jam I will be at work. But you should go listen to it anyway. And buy it. Support him. Support Brian. Support TWRP. We’ll do a week-of, later, but for now…

Here’s a good Dan song\remix to listen to today: Heat of the Moment ft. Game Grumps by IAGO

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Strider: What’s Over Here? -Part 5

For your Dan fact today: Dan has said that loving yourself is so very important. And he gets frustrated with the way media portrays love, as “finding your other half”, and wanted to impart that it’s not about two halves coming together- it’s about two whole people coming together, and loving each other. Love yourself. Dan loves you. You should love you, too.

Love everyone.
Forgive everyone.
Especially yourself.

all to myself: vlog 2

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: implied smut

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | on-going

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anonymous asked:

What's this thing about jikook and special days in Korea? I've seen it mentioned but I've never seen it explained. If you've posted it before I'm sorry, I didn't see it. I'd be super grateful if you would link it. Thank you for all the answers!

Hey there! I think I’ve never done any in-depth explanation on this, nor have i seen anyone explain.Honestly speaking, I think I’m in no position to talk, as I’m not familiar w Korean culture, so I’ll try to link all the interactions between them on these days instead of explaining in details what these days are all about. Prob just a brief one. ^^

/cracks knuckles/ Here we go.

From what I read, apart from public holidays in Korea, there’s also a special day on the 14th of every month for couples/singles to celebrate. E.g there’s Pepero Day, Valentine’s Day, Diary Day etc.For some inexplicable reason, Jimin and Jungkook were together on these days, and I’m not saying this without a concrete basis, because it’s mostly proven by Jimin n Jungkook’s Twitter uploads,as though they wanted to scream to the world “look at us”

Let’s start from January.

January 14th- Diary Day where couples give diaries as gifts

Note that in this video, there’s only the two of them, or maybe another member, who didn’t want to be included, which is pretty unlikely since Jimin always includes others, even if its for 0.00001 sec. So my bet is, they’re the only ones in the car (apart from the manager/driver). Date? 14th January, at approximately 11:51 pm KST. Coincidence? Maybe, but that’s not all.

(Important: Today was when Seoul Music Awards took place. Let me give you a hint… Orange hair + blue suits + backhug + whisper in the ear…got it? Yep! Jungkook gave Jimin a back hug on stage in front of hundreds of ppl on this day. Amazing, right?)

February 14th- Valentine’s Day

The video was uploaded today at 9:06 pm, but they had gone out two days ago, on the 12th. My question is, why on the 14th? Notice that Jimin was filming Jungkook initially, before he panned out and included Jin? (his caption was bout Jin tho) If you were here, you would’ve prob seen some posts on Jin being the chaperone in Jikook’s dates.Some time later after this “date” Namjoon revealed that he once went to Han River with Jikook. Putting two and two together, doesn’t it make more sense?

March 14th-White Day where guys give gifts to their girls

This time around, Jeon Jungkook was the one who uploaded the video, 2 MINUTES before White Day ended (11;58 pm) Please, please look at the caption “Jiminie hyung is sleepy, somebody please tuck him in” and please appreciate the precious time he took just to edit this video. He’s obviously in love with his hyung  

Later, Jimin left two comments saying “It’s really shocking Jungkook-ah I told you not to upload it right #JIMIN“ and “This hyung will go back home real quick. Be aware #JIMIN “

Either he took it himself and sent it to jungkook or Jungkook recorded it and they’re together, both of which are completely fine with me.

May 5th-Children’s Day

On this day, Jimin posted not one but three videos, in which jungkook was included in TWO of them. I can’t link any more vid so here’s the tweets

JiminxJungkook 1

JiminxJungkook 2

May 14th–Yellow Day/Rose Day

No video from both of them, but they still had quite a no of moments today.They were all over each other, from Music Core (where Jungkook became the MC) to their fanmeeting. Jimin did tweet something about Jungkook mc-ing and ofc he had to include the two hashtags #jimin and #kkuk. No twitter update but still, what a wonderful day for both of them.


September 14th- A Day before Chuseok and Photo Day

I really truly find this mindblowing. Jimin posted a funny video and again, like many other times, Kook was in it. The caption was basically “Happy Korean Thanksgiving everyone” but wow…Photo day landed on the very same day. Now…coincidence again? I’m gonna be trash and say no, this thing has occurred too many times for it to be claimed a coincidental event.

Here’s the Chuseok Video

//Jimin’s birthday October 13th//

Not related to anything but it’s still considered special, right? Especially for Jikook. Today, Jimin posted a video of him and Kook. Like always, no one else besides Kook. Also, we got to witness this

a very very special day for jimin AND Jungkook indeed.

That’s all i think. Id like to apologize if I make any mistake in this post. Oh and before I forget there’s also April’s Fools Day where Jikook dedicated the whole twitter to themselves (and Yoon/seok too). What do you say about Jikook and special days? Suspicious? Fishy?intentional? Coincidence? I’ll leave it for you to conclude bc I believe you’d have known my respond to this by now ^^

I would like to wish you a Happy Happy New Year in advance! May 2017 be filled with positivity, happiness, success, and more Jikook!!!! <3<3<3
My friend Andrew has less than 12 hours before he know longer qualifies for the drug that could save his life.
For most of us, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t just a Hallmark holiday. Tomorrow is a really big deal for my friend Andrew, who was recently d...

edit: i’ve just heard now (at 10:30EST) through mutual friends that he WILL be receiving the necessary coverage to participate in the clinical trial! thanks to everyone who sent an email or reblogged this!!!

i went to university with andrew kantor, a graduate student at vanderbilt who has recently been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of AML (leukemia). i don’t know him well, but we have a lot of mutual friends, and he’s supposed to be in my best friend’s wedding this december.

andrew has the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial that could potentially save his life. the pharmaceutical company funding the trial will be paying for the drug, which is called midostaurin. however, andrew’s student health insurance, which he receives through vanderbilt, is refusing to cover the standard care associated with the trial, including his stay in the hospital. from andrew:

To be clear, the clinical trial is funded by a pharmaceutical company and does not need to be covered by the insurance company. The insurance company solely has to pay for the ROUTINE STANDARD care that goes along with the clinical trial. I am a Vanderbilt student/employee being cared for in a Vanderbilt hospital with Vanderbilt insurance that needs to enter a clinical trial that is administered by a Vanderbilt principal investigator. To be clear, the medical care that I have received throughout the past week has been exceptional, but I MUST continue to receive this medical care in order to survive.

we’re really hoping that nick zeppos, the chancellor of vanderbilt, can help. andrew needs insurance coverage by noon EST today, february 14th–as i write this, he has a little less than 4 hours to receive coverage. if you have a minute, can you please reblog this and send an email to

sample email~

To: Chancellor Nick Zeppos at

Subject: Urgent: Andrew Kantor Clinical trial coverage denial

Body: Dear Chancellor Zeppos,

I’m writing to you to advocate on the behalf of graduate student Andrew Kantor. He is being denied coverage for costs associated with the clinical trial that may be his only chance at surviving his recent diagnosis with AML. The student health insurance made available to him has denied his claim for care that supports the clinical trial, which in itself is fully funded. I hope Vanderbilt realizes that students such as Andrew are an asset to the community and that you are willing to advocate for his continued care at Vanderbilt’s hospital system.

Juice Ortiz Journals

A/N: Request from @wiild-nirvanaaa
Juice drops Abel off to preschool for a week, finding himself attracted to Abel’s teacher. Shenanigans ensue. I had so much fun writing this, I hope you like it, lovely! No warnings :)

Monday, 12th February, 10:00am, convenience store parking lot

Dear diary,

Just met my future wife. She is made of sunshine and I’m already in love with her.

I got asked to take Abel to school this morning because everyone was busy. I thought I could just drop him off and head back to TM but I’m now lovesick, humiliated and eating a box of shame donuts in the carpark of the convenience store.
Why did I think it was a good idea to tell his teacher, Miss Jones, that I was available? She only asked me where Jax and Tara were, and I told her they were busy with work this week and needed a hand getting Abel to school. That would have been enough, but then she asked me for my name. I said, and I quote, “Mr Single & Ready to Mingle”.
I should have told her I was “Mr Idiot and Desperate.” That would have been more accurate.
Thankfully she laughed and I had a moment to recover when she said I could call her Max. I told her she could call me Juice, and managed not to say she could “call me anytime”.

Oh God, I’ve eaten five donuts and now I have “Me & Mrs Jones” stuck in my head.
I’m going to have to move towns now. Excommunicate myself from SAMCRO. They’d never let me transfer as a Nomad once they hear about this, they’ll all be dead from laughter. 

Monday, 10:00pm, still thinking about my secret shame

Maybe I can get Happy to mercy kill me, as a favour.

Tuesday, 13th February, 1:00pm, TM Garage, hiding under a car pretending to work

Dear diary,

Had to take Abel again today. Jax asked if it would be alright if I took Abel to school all week, and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I said yes.
Max didn’t say anything about my misfortune of tongue yesterday, so I assumed she must be some sort of angel. She sure looks like one.
Brown, wavy hair, pretty pale skin, and she smiles a lot. Not like, mentally deranged, unblinking smiling. Genuine smiling, blinking the right amount. It turns me in to an idiot.

Not an idiot like that time I fed that dog meth and it bit Tig’s behind, just an idiot where my brain doesn’t brain anymore and my mouth doesn’t mouth anymore.
I told her I would be dropping off Abel all week. As I was leaving she asked me to remind Jax and Tara to send a paint shirt in with Abel tomorrow as they were painting Valentine’s Day cards.
I said I would let them know, and if they needed someone to come play Cupid, I looked great in a diaper. She laughed and I’m pretty sure it was because she thought it was funny, and not because she was scared of me and was trying to keep me pacified.
I mean, I did look fetching in a diaper, but it’s not something you say to any sane person you were trying to impress.
Then again, I’m not sane, but I only ate 3 shame donuts today, so that’s a win.

Wednesday, 14th February, 11:15am, clubhouse

Dear diary,

I’ve never felt more ashamed in my life. 

I felt like the universe was sending me a sign that since Max hadn’t called the authorities on me for my performance the last few days, it meant that she liked me. I figured that since it was Valentine’s Day, I would make a small, sweet gesture. If she liked it, then it would confirm my suspicions and I would ask her out the next morning.
It pains me to recount this, diary, but you have to take the good with the bad. You don’t have triumphs without trials. When you go through hell, just keep going. If ‘plan A’ doesn’t work, there’s 25 other letters in the alphabet.

When did you become a writer for Hallmark, Juicy Boy? - Chibs

Still Wednesday, 11:35am, locked in the clubhouse bathroom, Chibs swearing at me through the door

Just beat Chibs over the head with my journal and now I’m hiding out so I have some privacy to write about my pain without being killed.

So I decided to compose a poem for Max to tell her how much I liked her without actually telling her to her face. Because if I’ve learnt anything, someone can’t reject you if you’re not there to hear it. You just avoid any area of town they happen to frequent and pretend like nothing happened.
I taught the poem to Abel, rehearsing it in the car all evening while he was eating dinner and on the way to school in the car. Jax and Tara had invited me over to thank me for helping with Abel.
Jax thought it was weird that I was getting his kid to be my wingman, but Tara thought it was cute, and we all know who the real genius in that relationship is.
(Hint, it’s not that blond ferret.)

It was game time, Abel had repeated the poem perfectly to me and I had given him a copy of it written down in case he got stage fright. I was just gonna get him to give her the note, but I thought it was more romantic coming from the kid.
On the note I had put “Wanna get dinner this Friday night? Yes/No”. Abel just had to give it over to her and bring it back with her answer.
Instead of walking him right up to the room, I hung back a little. I would go unnoticed, but I stood close enough to the door that I could hear. He must have gotten stage fright, because he just grabbed the note and gave it straight to her. I waited, watching as Max opened the note, ready to pat myself on the back.
Instead, she scrunched up her face, signature smile completely gone. Max looked up, searching for me, and came over.
“Juice, I’m sorry, but this is frankly immature. And having Abel deliver this for you is grossly inappropriate. If anything like this happens again, I’ll be reporting it.”
Before I had the chance to say anything, she turned and walked in to the classroom.

I walked out of the school and got in the car, so confused as to what went wrong. I hadn’t gone with the dirty limerick Chibs had taught me, so when I opened the note, I was shocked to see that it was something all together different than the one I had intended to pass on.
It was a crude stick figure drawing, of both myself and Max in a very R-rated position. I had to congratulate the artist, for their accuracy of my mohawk and tattoos on a stick figure, but deduct points for the over-exaggeration of Miss Jones’ breasts.

After my shock had worn off, I realised who had done it. Jax. He was the only Son who knew of my plan.
The betrayal cut deep, and I sped away from the school to the store, buying a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, dipping my shame donuts in to my shame ice cream. 
If it wasn’t going to cause my untimely death, I would have gone to the clubhouse and murdered our prez right then and there.
Instead, I stuck his hand in a bowl of warm water while he napped on the couch in the clubhouse. Take that, Pisspants Teller.

Wednesday, 11:42am, still locked in the clubhouse toilet, Chibs and now Jax swearing at me through the door.

This is my home now. I’m never getting out of here alive. Worth it.

Thursday, 15th February, 5:15pm, my room, clubhouse

Dear diary,

There is literally no greater romantic genius than myself.

I managed to get out of the bathroom, relatively unscathed. I’m on bathroom cleaning duties for a week, but I’ll get a prospect to do it.

I went to the hospital to visit Tara to get some romantic advice. I told her about what happened, and after Tara called and scolded Jax for 15 minutes, she told me that she would be happy to call the school and speak to Max to explain.
I told her how kind it was, but I wouldn’t want poor Abel to have to leave the school because his father is a sadist.
Tara said that I could go tomorrow with Abel to explain myself, and she was certain that flowers and the temptation of a romantic, quiet dinner at a small restaurant was sure to work.

Today, diary, I would make my final grand gesture before giving up on love.
I woke up and drove over to Clay and Gemma’s house early in the morning to swipe a few bunches of flowers from Gemma’s garden. I wanted fresh flowers but the store didn’t open until 8:30.
I went before the sun came up so I wouldn’t be busted. Gemma would have killed me, but that was a risk I was willing to take in the name of love.

I picked up Abel and we drove to the school. I made sure to congratulate Abel on his successful mission yesterday, because even though his father is a treacherous hot mess crapbag, the kid did good. I wasn’t going to be the one responsible for his potential future self esteem issues just because his dad is a-

Come on, Juice, the picture was hilarious. Also, don’t cuss me out in your little diary, I am your prez and I can put you on bathroom duties for two weeks if I want. - Jax

As I was saying, I drove my hilarious, majestic, king-like friend’s heir to his place o’ learnin’. We got to the classroom, and Max’s face was one of slight disappointment, but she seemed to be a lot calmer than the previous morning.
This is how it went down.

Juice: Max, before you say anything, let me apologise for yesterday. I don’t want to name names, but the person behind the note you received thought that by giving you theirs instead of the one I had prepared, they would display wit and humour. Please forgive him, as I have. His mother didn’t hug him enough. If you w-

Ortiz, you’re full of shit. Abel told me you begged her to forgive you and you asked her out to McDonalds, you tight arse. You’ve been hanging out with Happy too often. Oh, and you’re on toilet duty for a month. I told the prospects to tell me if you try get them to do it. - Jax

Oh my God, Jax, get out of my room!! I didn’t ask her to McDonalds, you redneck! I asked her to the burger joint on Main Street. I wanted to keep it simple, so there was no pressure and we had a comfortable place to get to know each other.

But she already knows you’re a twat. What else could she possibly need to know? - Chibs

Well you can both go screw yourselves, she said yes, that I was sweet and we’re going out tomorrow night. Success!


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Papyrus Pairings Drabbles

I couldn’t decide on what ship to write for Valentine’s Day, so instead I offer these 100-word drabbles, containing Papyrus x Many (but not at the same time :P). All are in the Undertale-verse, unless otherwise marked. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody ❤️️

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Oh, Sweetheart

This is my fic for @deancas-sweetheart, enjoy!

Summary: Castiel is upset, and Dean has to figure out why.

warnings: Destiel fluff

word count: ~1000

Dean was in the library, flipping through a new lore book that they had gotten from the British Men of Letters, feet thrown up on the table in front of him.  While he would never admit it, there were some obvious perks to being on the same side as those funny-speaking d-bags, including tons of new information.

Sam had gone to help Mary with a case out in Montana, and Dean and Cas had been flitting around the bunker ever since Sam left.  In fact, Dean wasn’t exactly sure where Castiel had gotten to, but he was content to sit and read.  Maybe he’d find Cas later to hang out.

Things were nice and quiet, until –

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Gruvia Week 2017

That’s right, our 5th annual Gruvia Week planning is underway in 2017! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


How does it work?

As the name says, the Gruvia Week is a whole week dedicated to Gruvia. Each day will be given a prompt­—a theme with which you can create fanarts, fanfics, fanvids, graphics or pretty much whatever you want, as long as it’s related to Gruvia.

When will it be?

It starts on April 1st and ends on April 7th every year.

How do I submit my work?

Just tag your post as #gruvia week, and all works will be reblogged by this blog. You can also use the submit box if you don’t have a Tumblr account.

What are the prompts?

You help us decide! Gruvia Week includes everyone, therefore you may submit ideas for the prompts here. Last year, we used a poll system via survey monkey to accept suggestions, but this year it’s a lot similar. Simply send a message to our ask box. We will be accepting suggestions starting today for the next 10 days (February 14th - February 23rd). Once we have the prompts ready, a post will be made announcing them.

Am I obligated to follow the prompts?

No. They are just ideas that you can choose to follow or not. You can create your own prompts if you wish. The point of the week is to spread the Gruvia love!

I couldn’t finish my work on time; can I still post it for Gruvia Week?

Of course! It doesn’t matter if you post it one month after the week ended; it will still be appreciated. The only thing you can’t do is posting the work you’ve done with a prompt before that prompt’s day.

Why hasn’t my work been reblogged by the Gruvia Week blog?

You should check if your tags are correct. We track the tag #gruvia week, so anything tagged differently might pass unnoticed. Don’t forget that a tag should be among the first five ones in a post to appear on the tracked tags, and be sure you are complying with the rules if you want to be featured on this blog.

If everything is as it should be, and yet we haven’t reblogged your work, just message us with a link (with spaces, or your ask won’t be delivered). For some bizarre reason, Tumblr doesn’t show some posts to us and that’s why we end up missing them. Just keep in mind that this blog runs on a queue and posts aren’t reblogged immediately after they are posted.

Spread the word! Submit your prompt suggestions, but please check the previous editions to avoid repeats. And most importantly, look forward to what’s next! The official Gruvia Week 2017 prompts will be posted shortly after the suggestion period has ended.

I Won’t Forget (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“Honey, do you know what day it is?”

“Ah, Tuesday?” Newt replied as he flicked though his novel. He was sitting on the couch reading, while you cooked chocolate chip pancakes.

“No, I mean the date.”

“14th of February?” He cocked his head to the side, similar to that of a confused canine.

“Do you know what that means?” You urged him, hoping he would remember. You flipped the pancake cooking the other side.

“It’s about half way through the month?” His nose scrunched up as he thought. Shaking your head, your hope deflated. Placing the now golden pancake onto a plate you poured more batter into the pan.

With a sigh you told him not to worry. You weren’t surprised he had forgotten that today was Valentine’s day.

“Did I forget something?” Newt had walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind with his head on your shoulder.

“No, it’s nothing,” even you could hear the sadness in your voice. Sliding the last pancake onto a plate, you turned it his arms. A huge smile on your lips, although a fake one.

“Breakfast is ready,” you gave him a quick peck on the lips before grabbing the plates and walking to the dining table.

You both ate breakfast, making small talk about unimportant matters. Then you went your separate ways, each of you going through your mundane routines.

Night fell, and you are headed home after meeting Jacob at his bakery. He needed some help dealing with the customers because it got so busy. So you volunteered to help him out for a few hours…although it ended up being a lot longer.

Tired and spent you wandered through the front door, ready to head straight to bed. Your mouth hung open in shock when you reached the dining room.

Newt had fallen asleep at the table, red rose petals scattered across a white table cloth. Candles were lit around the room, glowing a warm yellow. Dinner had also been made and sat on the plates.

Tears threatened to spill out of your eyes. He hadn’t forgotten. You had gotten back so late he had fallen asleep. You had ruined it.

Giving yourself a few moments to pull yourself together, you walked over to Newt and shook his shoulder lightly. His eyes shot open, and his head darted up as he glanced around the room in shock.

His eyes landed on you and a small smile graced his lips, his eyes still hazy with sleep.

“Welcome home, I made dinner.” He glanced at the table and his smile slipped. “I guess it’s gone cold now.”

“I’m so sorry, work just ran late at the bakery. How can I make it up to you?” You wrapped your arms around Newt, his head resting on your stomach.

“It’s okay love, just you being home, safe, is enough for me. Now how about we head to the bedroom, we can clean this up tomorrow.” Giving him a slight nod, you both headed to your bedroom, hands entwined.

Removing your jacket you felt the small package in your pocket.

“Wait Newt, I have something for you!” You spun around to find him removing his shirt. A blush graced your cheeks but you still pulled out the package. Placing it in his hands, he started to unwrap it carefully.

Inside was a small leather journal. Flipping through the pages he saw pictures of you two together, his animals. All memorable moments you two have shared since you started dating.

His smile grew wider with each page he turned.

“I love it,” he whispered as he reached the last page, “But I love you more.”

He reached for your waist, pulling you into him. His lips crashed into yours as he kissed your passionately. He broke away first, resting his forehead against yours.

“I actually got you something too,” he pulled out a tiny box wrapped with a white ribbon. Opening the box you found a small heart pendant necklace. Inside the heart was filled in with a shiny stone.

“It’s Occamy eggshell. Now turn around and let me put it on you.” You complied and he clasped the necklace around your neck.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, you thought I’d forgotten didn’t you,” he winked at you after you turned around.

“I might have.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget anything relating to you.”



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Fic wars: Jopper during their first valentines day as a couple

This will be my last fic wars entry! I’m working on the prompts for other pieces, but it will be slow going because of school and other fic challenges I’m doing. 

Set in Contact-verse

“What are you doing for the wife tonight, Cal?” Phil Callahan inquired lazily as he frowned over a crossword puzzle. “Six-letter word for constant state of bad luck…” he muttered, gnawing on the eraser-end of his pencil.

“Oh, reservations at the Swan Club, a little bit of dancing; her mom is in town for the night so we’re going to treat ourselves to a night in the Presidential Suite at the Washington House Inn,” Calvin Powell answered with a smug grin. “How about you, Phil? Big plans with your right hand?”

Phil responded by throwing up the middle finger of the hand in question before chuckling, good-naturedly. They both turned to Jim Hopper, who was leaning against the wall, reading the newspaper and sipping his coffee.

“How about Friar Chief? How’s that vow of chastity going for you, pal?” Phil jeered.

Hopper snapped his newspaper down and shot an icy-yet-confused glare at his coworker. “What’s that now?”

“Valentine’s Day, Chief,” Cal offered, pointing upwards at the various paper hearts dangling from the ceiling, courtesy of Flo. “Phil here is trying to gather material for his spank bank, so he was asking what our plans were.”

Jim glanced across the room and squinted at the calendar hanging from the wall. “That’s today?” he inquired, a queasy feeling twisting his guts.

“Something you’re not telling us, Chief? You look a little green around the gills,” Phil observed, a smirk quirking up one corner of his mouth. “Must be serious.” His sly expression didn’t leave his face even when Hopper shot him a look that clearly bespoke of how easy it would be for the big man to punch the moustache clear off of Phil’s face.

“Mind your goddamn business, and worry about buying your right hand something pretty. It’s a special day,” Jim retorted as he desperately tried to think of places other than Melvald’s he could stop at for a last minute gift. Maybe she wasn’t working that day…

She was. Joyce Byers stood behind the register when Jim walked in; earthy and neutral in a sea of garish red and nausea-inducing pastels. She gave him a shy little wave when their eyes met, a soft, ghost of a pleased smile on her lips.

“Valentine’s Day,” Jim muttered by way of greeting, pointing upwards towards the paper hearts and streamers that hung overhead. Joyce’s eyes widened for a millisecond, then she pursed her lips and nodded slowly.

“Can I help you, Hop?” she asked carefully.

Jim’s gaze fell to his boots as he awkwardly shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “Uh- well- is there anyone else working today?”

“Anyone… else? Why?”

“T-tammy is here, right?” He raised his eyes to shoot her a rather sheepish expression. The color in her cheeks deepened as she frowned in his direction.

“No, Hop, it’s just me.”

“Oh. Okay, well, see you around Joyce.”

“See you around, Hop. The boys are out visiting tonight, if you wanted to come by. I’ll just be watching movies by myself.”

Hope sparked in Jim’s chest at the news, his eyes lit up.

“You want me to come over?”

“Only if you want to.”

“Tonight. February 14th.”

Another slow nod from Joyce. “Sure.”

“Because El is with her Aunt for a few days. Some bonding thing Becky is calling Galentine’s Day.”

Joyce giggled. “That’s brilliant. Yes, then definitely come by.”


He stood by the register, wringing his hat in his hands for a few long beats before Joyce spoke again, “Are you sure you don’t need anything from here?”

“No. I was really hoping to talk to Tammy about something.” Joyce’s eyes narrowed suspiciously, her mouth pressed into a thin line. “Not anything you need to be worried about!” he added as the heat of her gaze scorched him.

“Okay, Hop.”

“Well,” he looked around and shrugged. “Bye Joyce.”



Joyce stood nervously in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, fretting over the short, midnight blue nightie she had purchased on a whim after her shift. She really had planned on donning her stained sweatpants and oversized Blondie t-shirt, as per her usual nights, but Jim had seemed so nervous about coming over on that evening in particular, and something inside her gut told her that he was placing significance on the day. She would’ve forgotten all about Valentine’s Day if it hadn’t been for Donald vomiting holiday cheer all over the store.

She sighed as she pinned her mass of auburn hair on top of her head in a messy, but alluring (she hoped) style. Jesus, what if he was really just coming over to watch movies and drink Schlitz, like they were wont to do on occasion? Just crack open a cold one and eat chips and maybe…

“Coming!” she shouted nervously at the knock on the front door. Not wanting to risk the person on the porch NOT being Jim, she grabbed her terrycloth bathrobe from the hook and hurried towards the front. A quick, cursory glance through the window told her it was indeed, Jim, so she shucked off the robe and threw it in the direction of the recliner before opening the door and instantly regretting her clothing choices. The frigid February air hit her like a shot, causing her to shiver immediately. She backed away and let Jim enter, noting that he carried a bouquet of red roses and wildflowers in one hand, and a shopping back in the other.

“Damn it got cold,” Jim muttered, shoving the flowers and the bag towards her rather unceremoniously. She took them, and he divested himself of his coat and hat, placing them on a nearby hook. His lips were cold as they brushed against her cheek, but he smelled pleasant, like fine leather and sandalwood. “Here, let me take those again.” She handed them off and he stepped back, grinning as he slowly drank her in.

“H-hi,” she stammered nervously, moving to shut and lock the door behind him.


“Are those for me?” Joyce asked, rubbing her upper arms to generate heat in her limbs.

Jim blinked in surprise and then nodded, eagerly. “Yes. Sorry I’m late, I had to go to the next town over. I forgot how much you work at that place.” He handed her the bouquet, and she took it with delicate hands and an admiring expression. She held them to her nose and inhaled.

“They’re beautiful, Hop. What’s in the bag?”

“Well, chocolates and um- something else. God, you look amazing. Is it new?”

Joyce nodded, and led him to the sofa so they could both sit. “I didn’t get you anything, I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I did order chicken dinners from Peggy’s, though.”

Jim smiled and handed her the bag. Sure enough, there was a box of dark chocolates that appeared to be European. “Fancy,” she teased. The other item was a slender black velvet box. Not a ring, but definitely jewelry. “Hop, really.” she reached in and took the box, shooting him an incredulous look before snapping it open. “Oh!”

“Your birthday is in October, and I know you like opals, so…” his voice was small and unsure as she admired lifted a delicate bracelet from the box. The chain was silver, linked in an anchor style, with little round opals set where the gaps in the chain would normally be. “Is it too much? I can take it back.” Joyce jerked away from his reaching hands.

“Don’t you dare! I love it- of course it’s too much.” She held out her left wrist and handed him the bracelet, smiling expectantly. He picked up on her cue and gently placed the bracelet on her waiting wrist before taking her hand and brushing his lips against her pulse point.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Let Sleeping Cats Lie Part 1 (a Zico scenario)

Originally posted by bwipsul

Author’s Note: So erm I’m not very good at editing and I’m pretty New but I thought it’ll be nice to put it out since it’s V day and I’m probably come back and clean it up when I have time. Thanks for liking my previous scenario, all 12 of you. Thank you you don’t know how much it means to me.

February 14th. It’s Valentine’s Day and all you had to look forward to (not really.) was receiving all the flowers that we sent to the other girls in your department. You were seated near the door and hence the default signer for deliveries. You didn’t mind it much, but just for today, it was a painful reminder that you were alone once again.

You picked at the latest delivery for the girl in accounts and your mind wandered.

Did Jiho sent flowers to a girl today? Jiho, whom with you’ve been in love with since you met six months ago and became fast friends with. Ever since you started talking at a party, you’ve been inseparable, with your similar love for gaming and fast food, it was like you found a soul mate.

Except that Jiho knew nothing about your feelings. You’ve never been very good at expressing your feelings because you’ve never really expected them to be returned. None of your crushes have worked out since you were a teen and you didn’t expect anything to chance now. Furthermore, you’ve seen the girls Jiho used to date. They were glamourous, had great figures and looked like they knew what to do around guys.

So you kept your silence, not wanting to spoil the friendship. If being best friends was the only way to keep Jiho in your life, you will be happy with that. You will try.

Though…recently you’ve began to question if your feelings were as one-sided as you think. There were, well, signs. Like when you dressed up as Jiho’s date to his cousin’s wedding and he looked at you like you fascinated him. It was so quick that you couldn’t be sure.

And there was also last week, when you were caught in the rain on your way to his apartment for yet another Halo rematch. He offered you an oversized tee and some shorts to change into. The way he looked at you when you changed into his clothes felt…different.

Shaking your head to dispel yourself of ridiculous notions, you tried your best to concentrate on work. That was when the first text came.

Jiho🐝: Halo tonight? My place.

Inwardly, you cheered as it meant Jiho wasn’t with anyone now.

The day passed by a lot faster now that you knew you had something to look forward to.

After changing into your comfiest shorts and hoodie, you headed over to Jiho’s apartment, which was just two blocks away.

Opening the door, you took a quiet breath at the Jiho you see, looking unbearably adorable in his jumper. You always prepared yourself before you see Jiho, but it was never enough.

Yeah, you are pretty hopeless, aren’t you.

“You’re here, (your name)! Come in quickly, you look hungry!” Jiho grinned as he tugged at your arm, herding you into his studio apartment.

Halo was fun, especially with the fried chicken dinner you both agreed on. After dinner, Jiho suggested a movie, and you sat back with him to watch it, lazy and sleep from the full meal. Comfortable and warm, you spread yourself out on the sofa and got ready to watch the film.

“Ya! Don’t fall asleep, this is really funny, watch it with me.” Jiho pestered as you ignored him, slouching further into the cushions.

You couldn’t remember when exactly you dozed off, but when you awoke, all you could see were the credits scrolling on the screen and well, you were leaning against Jiho. Your head was nestled in his chest as his arm kept you secure.

By this time, your heart was pounding.

Omg Jiho’s chest omg what am I doing I am touching him omg what should I do what should I do I am doing to die omg omg omg omg ok let’s pretend to be asleep

Before talking yourself into a panic attack, Jiho broke the silence, his voice, rough with sleep, whispered wistfully, as if afraid to be heard.

“What am I going to do with you?”

With your eyes closed, you could only feel his fingers grazing against your cheek as he brushed your hair aside, baring your face to his gaze. You felt, in your feigned sleep, his arms tightening around you.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. I wish you were awake to hear this.”

Sighing deeply, he continued. Your heart was soaring.

omg he likes me he likes me he likes me

“How can you fall asleep here, of all places. Do you not realise that I’m also a man?”

You had to hide your grin as you felt his grumble.

Perhaps now it’s time to pretend to wake up.



ads for shinee’s five (which will be released physically on february 22nd) will be placed on the bodies of trains on the jr yamanote line and the interiors of four major tokyo metro lines starting from today (february 14th). the yamanote is the most popular train line in tokyo. the metro lines that the ads will be featured on will be: ginza, marunouchi, namboku and tozai. there will also be posters and videos for the album posted / playing in shibuya. (source)

crappy poem/rap i wrote in a discord server and of course why not post it?? :’”) (send to your fellow klancers if you want to enjoy something crappy and written for shits and giggles)

voltron season 5: a poem

rolled up to my laptop it’s February 14th
season 5’s out today you know what that means?
been rounding up my theories, collecting all the posts,
you know the ones that people like with with over 14,000 notes?
the evidence is climbing higher than my achievements,
don’t have time for your disagreements
but you don’t want to hear it, nah?
you’d just rather ship keith with the princess or his brotha (ooh)
but don’t let me get ahead myself you know i could be wrong,
but Montgomery hasn’t denied yet so i won’t make this long,
so let me get on nexflix don’t wanna hear your counter-theory,
because there’s only only one thing here that really gets me
why didn’t they show us earlier, were they just spiting?
it’s the development of relationships AKA good writing,
but never mind all that snuggly with my coffee
not letting this moment pass,
you know that this was happening
pidger’s got the gifs ready for this from Christmas past,
gonna shout it out gonna sing,
because you know what’s happening folks,
klance is canon king