today is just not that day twt

I know today is a Pocky Day But I draw Hidashi in Halloween Costume again TwT/.

Yesterday , someone send me the link of Hidashi Halloween fiction.

This ficion is super cute and I screaming more than 10 time while I read it.

So , I just want to share the cuteness Hidashi fiction for everyoneXD/.

you can read it in this link :3

I love Tadashi in Jack the skellington costume so much ehehehehehehehehe////7////

chan-copypaste  asked:

SKYE! THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE! BTS JUST HIT 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON VLIVE! I CAN'T HANDLE! AND WE'RE GOING TO SEE THEM IRL IN JUST A FEW SHORT DAYS AHHHHHHHH! (P.s. sorry for all the screaming, i love you and your blog always, thank you for tolerating my random asks)

ALREADY?? they were talking abt how they were nearly at 5mil during their post-bbmas vlive a few hours ago,,, djdhfghasDGH KINGS!!! i really shouldn’t even be surprised considering their twt account literally gained nearly 1mil followers just from today alone!

ahh honestly theres been so much hype over the bbmas i havent even had time to think much about their sydney concert in 4!! fucking!!! days!!! the gravity of the situation hasn’t set in yet, and probably wont until im on the plane on wednesday HHHHHHHH this week is abt to be the single most surreal week of my life tbh

talgordin  asked:

I just realized yesterday was Thursday... And there's no AFWHI chapter! T-T

It still feels like I’m forgetting something every Thursday but … well …. it’s just finished ‘xD 
BUT … Today is a special day! It’s Tsuki’s birthday OwO Exactly one year ago I drew the first doodle of her so … yaaay my baby is one year old now TwT <3 


i’m tired today, i’m going to sleep

night everyone 💖