today is his special day

he deserves all the kisses and hugs bc today is his special day 💙


Desmond Miles (Assassin’s Creed): You know I- I keep thinking about something Orson Wells once said; something like, ‘If you- if you want a happy ending, it all depends on where you stop telling your story.’ So maybe- maybe that’s the answer, maybe that’s how people keep marching forward. If something goes wrong in there dad, something happens to me- when you tell my story years from now, please tell them the one about how I lost my way, and I found it again, just in time to save the world. And- and, just end it there. That will keep everyone smiling.

Birthday ; Sebastian Stan

WARNINGS: nsfw!!, overuse of the name ‘doll’, unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), birthday sex, 2k words of just sweet, passionate filth tbh (and some cute stuff at the end)

summary: after seb’s long day of filming, you planned on surprising him with the casual gift of birthday sex!

A/N: was supposed to be uploaded on Seb’s birthday but i was so busy, hope you’ll still enjoy this!

The mirror overlooked a reflection of yourself which exhibited a matching pair of sexy black lingerie –the pair that always had drove Sebastian crazy whenever the both of you became frisky in bed. And since today was a special day, his birthday, you planned on spending his night full of heat, sweat, and skin-to-skin interactions. You wore one of Sebastian’s shirts, that always was over sized for your body, atop of your lingerie along with a pair of shorts that hugged your ass. All you needed to do was wait for Sebastian’s arrival.

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You sat on your shared bed, looking at him.

A smile so big that it hurt your cheeks was plastered across your face, staring down at your boyfriend who was snoring into the pillows. Today was a very special day; his special day. Throughout the years of spending his birthday with him, you couldn’t help but become so excited just for the fact that you had an excuse to spoil him. Despite the constant arguments on how he insists that you should do anything ( “Nothing special about my birthday, love. No need to waste your energy on it,” he’d say, every year), but of course you never listened, and you always find ways to shower him with unconditional love and care. 

This year, you thought, would blow all the other birthday gifts out of the water. 

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171022, up10tion’s yeongdeungpo fansign: like nothing happened performance (cr. sunyoul story)

sunyoul almost forgot to sing his line and then when he finished it he was so happy! and gyujin just smiled at him asdfhljkl

You Deserve It (G- Dragon x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. Girl I had to write a whole song for this, so please enjoy!


Being a stylist in South Korea was a dream come true, you loved to dress other people and make them look good, especially in a country that fascinated you since you were a teenager. Learning the language and moving so far away was hard and sometimes you hated it, but it was all worth it at the end, you made it on your own and now you were the most favourite stylist of the top idols.

That’s how you met Jiyong. You had the opportunity to style him and Taeyang for the m/v bad boy, which was a big responsibility and a blessing. You were not really into Jiyong you were more of a Daesung kinda gal, but of course you were friendly with everyone. Jiyong took a liking towards you, he liked your fierce personality and your stubborness, if you wanted something you would get it done no matter what, he still remembers how mad you were when someone messed up the sizes from Daesung, you runned around the building like a maniac to get it right. After that the guys wnated to keep in touch with you, so you became friends and occasionally styled them.

He didn’t really realise that he liked you, that was until you mentioned you had a date. He saw you all dressed up and with a nervous smile on your face, he felt jealous and wanted to be the guy that you were going out with. When you saw them again he tried to hide his smile, as you told them that it did not go well and that he was weird. He didn’t want to waste any time, he pulled you to the side and awkwardly asked you out, at first you thought he was joking around, but the serious look on his face proved you wrong. You had a crush on him that you tried to hide, but now you could finally let it out and enjoy the moment.

Jiyong was a very loyal man. Before you even got in a relationship with him you knew how much he wanted a wife and kids, it was cute when you saw him around kids and complaining that he wants to have kids. When you got with him he was very commited, he took care of you, he protected you, he treated you like royalty, the guys even made fun of him that he was ‘whipped’, he would always just smile and hug you.

Of course they were also a lot of stuff that bothered you. You decide to not go public with your relationship, so the rumours about him dating girls were still going, nobody supsected a thing about you, but they had several women for Jiyong, it hurt you and upset you to another level. You knew he was loyal and that he would never do this, but just in the idea you wanted to cry. Also the tours did not help, you have gone with them sometimes as stylist but you never made it until the end of the tour, you had other clients that you needed to be taken care of, being away from him felt weird, you were so used to being around him that the long tours killed you.

Now you were going strong for almost two years. He was currently on tour and you had the oportunity to go with them as a stylist, but also be around him for your birthday that was coming up. You spended a lot of time with him, I mean being their stylist meant you have to be with them all the time, so you were not complaining.

You woke up feeling his lips all over your face. You giggled and opened your eyes


“happy birthday”

He said to you and pecked your lips. You smiled and hugged him tightly, he remembered!

“Thank you baby”

“I would love to sit with you all day but we got a concert”

He whined. You kissed his cheek and runned your fingers through his soft hair. He smiled at you as he hunced over you, supporting his weight on his elbow

“I know baby. Now come on we have a long day”


You loved seeing your man perform. He was so energetic and he owned the stage, it was like he was meant to be in the stage, you could feel his presence, it was fantastic. At some point the music stopped and you saw the members leave the stage, you thought it was time for his solo songs. It was not that

“Today is a very special day. Some of you might know that today is our stylists (Y/N)’s birthday. But for me she is not just my stylist, she is my support system, my best friend, my girlfriend of almost two years”

You were shocked. You couldn’t believe he was doing this right now, it was like a dream. You heard the crowd cheer and you saw him walking to you with a bright smile, he stretched his arm to you, calling you out on stage. You were so frozen you couldn’t move, so he just took your hand and pulled you on stage, you saw someone seeting a chair on the middle of the stage and then run back. He made you stand infront of the stage and wrapped a hand around your waist.

“So me and this beautiful lady have been together for a while, so it’s time to show her to the world. As I said it’s her birthday today, so can we all sing her happy birthday?”

The crowd started singing happy birthday with Jiyong. From the corner of your eye you saw the guys coming on stage while T.O.P had a cake in his hands. They stood infront of you and waited until you blew your candles and everyone cheered. You hugged the guys and then Jiyong, pecking his lips and the crowd cheer louder. He sat you down on the chair and kissed your hand before he let it go.

“Jagiya you know I love you, I know that you love me. I know that it’s very hard for you to be in this, but you are by my side all the time, so here is my gift to you”

He smiled and then you heard music playing. It was a melody you have heard around the house the last month, you never questioned him about it, but now you realised he was working on a gift for you.

“How soon can you change the way I felt?
I’m dealing with emotions that i’ve never felt
We’re playing with fire, can we survive in this game?
Maybe i’m a sinner cause your my sin, I can’t keep pretending what I ain’t
I promise i’ll never let you go through all this pain

Break up, make up, total waste of time,
I want to stop running for a while,
I don’t want to be this reckless child,
Cause you’re the best mistake i’ve ever made,
Baby please hold on, hold on,
I’ve got no power over you, I need you here,
Baby please hold on, hold on,

I don’t waste our time in this, tick tocking, lip locking,
I want to keep it fresh, I tried to zip lock it,
Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve cause they are pick pockets,
I guess to drive for distance, you might need to just stop it,
I know this can be a bitch, for sure,
I will count to ten, you lost your temper, we went back to four,
I know you feel like i’m the man that you need
My only dream is to start our own family tree
Don’t ask why I love your mom so much, cause she is the older you
I want you to be happy, that’s why I love providing
I know you thing that we’re the oddest
but you are my goddess
I never lied to you, I want us to be honest
You’re not number two, you are my number one
Cause you are the the best mistake I ever had

Baby I am saving my love for you, for you”

By the time the song ended you were crying tears of Joy. When he was done you shot up and hugged him tightly, letting the tears run down your cheeks and some on his shirt. He kissed the top of your head and wipped away your tears.

“Give a round of applause to my lovely girlfriend”

The crowd clapped and you smiled at him. You couldn’t believe he did all this just for you. He let you go backstage again to wipe your tears, fix your make-up and he continued with the concert. When he got backstage you waited for them to come to the dressing, the second he entered the room you jumped on him, thank god he catched you. The other guys clapped and cheered for you, you kissed him but didn’t get down

“You can get down now”


You replied hiding your face in his neck. He laughed and sat down on the couch with you still on him

“You liked the suprise”

“of course. It was beautiful”

“Now can we eat the cake?”

Youngbae said, ruining the moment for you. You all laughed and you all got off from your boyfriends lap. The guys left the room to get the cake and you stayed with Jiyong

“What you did was beautiful”

“You deserve it”

You smiled and kissed him. It was a sweet, loving slow kiss. From sweet it turned passionate and you ended up back on his lap

“Babe. Let’s go to the hotel for that. I also want to eat the cake”

“Whatever queen wants, queen gets”

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HEll on Earth

(no that is not a typo)

Pairings: none, though there’s a bit of platonic analogical at the end

Summary: Logan doesn’t feel… right.

Warnings: gender dysphoria, anxiety mentions, implied panic attacks, transphobic/anti-nonbinary phrases, minor self hatred


A/N: this is yet another fic inspired by me and my life. If you didn’t know, I am a demigirl. today I wore a really feminine outfit and felt like absolute dysphoric garbage, so this is my way to vent it all out. I still kinda feel like shit and I have a party tonight so pray for me. thanks for bearing with me.

Tag List (let me know if you want to be added/removed): @holdnarrytight @whatin–tarnation @love-sanders-sides @demonickittykat @milk-withtwosugars @lizziepopanime @fandomsandanythingelse @tobiasthetransboy

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BTS Reaction: Waking up to their soulmate countdown being 0:00 and finding out their S/O has died

 Backstory for Prompt: It was the beginning of the day. The sun was shining, the day seemed to gleam of love. He woke up with joy in his eyes since today is going to be a special day. He looked down at his wrist, seeing the soulmate countdown at 5 minutes. Hurrying to get dressed, he decided to head to his favorite coffee shop down the street. Noticing the time getting shorter and shorter made his heart race. 1 minute left. He stopped at a street light, waiting for the cars to pass. His eyes wandered across the street, immediately feeling a pulling sensation as he laid his eyes on a girl, you. As soon as both of your eyes met, it was as if you two were in a trance. The post to walk finally blinked on. You quickly stepped into the street, not wanting to wait any longer to finally meet your soulmate. Except, there was a honking sound and you barely had time to react before your whole world turned black.

Rap monster/Namjoon: He wouldn’t believe what had just happened. He woke up thinking his life would be complete with you in it, and the next, he’s crouching down your lifeless body, tears rolling down his face. He knew nothing about you, but even as the paramedics took you, he thought you were the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He would go to the hospital where you were at, just to see if a miracle were to happen and you’d wake up. After this experience, he wouldn’t try looking for a relationship and just solely focus on his music. His thoughts wandering to you sometimes, wondering what would have happened if you were still here.

“I’ll work hard for you. Until then, just wait for me.”

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Jin: He’d immediately scream and run towards you. He’d be screaming for someone to call the ambulance, that his soulmate was dying. He hoped that you would just open your eyes and laugh everything off. He didn’t even get to have a life with you. Jin would be so saddened, it would take him awhile to get over the fact that he’d never be able to get to know you nor call you his.

“I don’t even know you, but I know that I’ll love you forever.”

Suga/Yoongi: He wouldn’t react at first. It would take him a couple of seconds before he could even wrap the situation around his head. He slowly walked over to the crowd circling you. He managed to get to the front and kneel down in front of you. He stared at you face for a few seconds before reaching a hand out and slowly swept back your hair in order to see your face clearly. His heart jumped in his throat looking at you. You were the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. Yoongi slowly went back to the dorms when they took you in the ambulance. He didn’t tell anyone what happened, but they could tell something was wrong. He waited until the night to finally cry, finally wallow in sadness that the love of his life was gone.

“I’ll miss you. I’ll never forget you. I’ll be strong for you.”

J Hope/Hoseok: Like Jin, he would scream and immediately crouch over your lifeless body. He’d be a crying mess and may ever hyperventilate. He wouldn’t want to let go of you even when the paramedics came. He’d ride along the ambulance with you, wanting to know if there was even a chance of you surviving. Once it you were pronounced dead, Hoseok cried even more. He wouldn’t be able to function and someone would have to call one of his hyung to pick him up and take care of him.

“Please don’t leave me. You can’t leave.”

Jimin: He would be really scared at first. He wouldn’t know what to think. You were his soulmate, you were supposed to be with him for the rest of his life. He would call Taehyung, his voice cracking as realization crept up on him. He’d slowly go closer to you, but would stand a little far away. He’d wait for Taehyung to come before his body just stopped running. He fell to the ground and started crying. He wouldn’t be able to stop even after Taehyung eventually brought him back home.

“Why is she gone? I saw her Tae, I saw her! And now she’s gone! She was mine…”

V/Taehyung: His first feeling was anger. He quickly went over to the person behind the car and started yelling at him. He just couldn’t believe that this person took the love of his life away. You didn’t deserve to die over this bastard’s actions. His next reaction would be to cry and breakdown. He’d kneel next to you, holding onto your hand, and muttering sweet nothings to you, hoping that you would hear it.

“My sweet angel. Why did you have to leave so soon?”

Jungkook: Jungkook would be shocked. He’d lose feeling in his legs as h e just dropped to the ground. Tears would just be streaming down his face as he saw people crowd around you. He saw the paramedics come and take you inside the ambulance. He saw your face once more. You looked so calm and peaceful. Jungkook stayed where he was at for a long while, many people giving him strange looks as to why a random boy was just on the ground. It’d be a couple hours before his legs finally decided to walk back to the dorms. His hyungs would immediately ask what happened once they saw his tear-stricken face.This would induce more sobbing as he held up his wrist to them.

“I lost her. She was there, and now she’s gone.”

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Official Prompt:  BTS reaction to them waking up to their soulmate countdown being 00:00:00 only to find out that they soulmate has died.

For Anon, Hope you like it, and everyone else! At first I really didn’t know how to start this, but I think the backstory really helps! Don’t be afraid to request a reaction, scenario, or text! Just be sure to check out the FAQ first to read the rules and see if requests are open!

releasethellamas  asked:

Could I see Kagami and Akashi being a bit posesive of their female S/O ? (Love the log BTW :) )

Hmm, I just want to quickly point out that not all possessive traits should be viewed as good in a relationship, mmkay? Hope you don’t mind I went a little along that route.


Watching her from his seat on the bed, Kagami tried to catch his girlfriend’s eyes through the mirror. She was too focused on fixing her hair, tying it up in intricate ways that seemed to fancy for just a normal day with friends.

“You sure you don’t want me to tag along?”

The question hadn’t really been meant to come out, but now that it was up in the air Kagami held on to that hope that she would change her mind.

With a small laugh, one that held the tones of a sigh, she replied. “That’s the third time you’ve asked, Taiga. I’ll be fine, I promise.”

A disappointed frown made its way onto his lips and he got off the bed to stand behind her, finally catching her eyes with his.

“Just make sure to come back to me,” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

When she moved to kiss him fully on the lips, Kagami decided it wouldn’t harm her or her friends if he kept her home for just a little bit longer. Deepening the kiss, he allowed the hours to slowly tick by.


“What are you doing?”

Staring at her boyfriend, ____ tried to comprehend why he would be fixing a tie onto his neck at a time like this. Wasn’t it his day off today? He had nowhere special to really go to that would call for formal attire.

“We’re going out to lunch, right?” Akashi gave her a smile, pressing the palms of his hands onto his button up shirt, making sure it was wrinkle free.

She laughed. “No silly, I’m going to lunch with some old grade school buddies. You don’t need to go.”

Walking passed her, leaving a small peck on the cheek on his way, Akashi reached for the house keys he always left near the hallway table. They jingled as he picked them up before they were pocketed away.

“Nonsense,” he grinned as he took her hand in his, placing another charming kiss on her digits. “I’m sure your friends wouldn’t mind me joining you.”

His dazzling smile was just enough to make her forget she had promised that this would finally be the girl’s day out she’d deserved for so long.

Jason’s Worst Fear - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon - one where the joker tortures you and Jason goes to the rescue

Jason’s worst fear had just been realized. He was standing in your shared ransacked apartment, staring at the words spray-painted on the wall.

Ha Ha Ha. Joke’s on you, Hoodie. 

You were taken by the Joker. He knew it the moment he laid eyes on the first ‘Ha’. Rage burned in his chest as fear clenched at his heart. Jason knew he had to find you and fast. Taking a deep breath to calm his emotions, Jason picked up his phone and dialed the one number he knew he could trust. 

Awakening to cruel, bone-chilling laughter, you opened your eyes to find yourself chained to a chair inside some kind of room lined with trick mirrors. You stared at yourself as you realized you were only in your underwear. Pulling at the chains, you tried to break free only to stop when your eyes fell on your kidnapper, who was approaching you from the shadows.

“Well, it looks like Hoodie’s lover is finally awake,” Joker teased, circling you. You did your best to keep him in your line of sight. “I was worried you were going to miss the party.”

“Why are you doing this?” you asked, not knowing what else to say. You knew you had to keep him talking if you were going to buy enough time for Jason to come and save you. Even though you didn’t know how much time had passed, you knew he should be on his way by now.

“Today is a special day for Hoodie and me,” Joker ranted, spinning around gleefully. “It’s our anniversary.” 

“If you’re talking about the day you murdered him, you about a month off,” you answered sharply. You always remembered that date, the day was always hard on Jason.

Joker just laughed in response. “I’m talking about the day we first met. It was such a lovely time when it was just Batman, me, and Hoodie.” He sighed in remembrance before putting an arm around your shoulders, pointing at the far corner of the room. Your eyes widened when you saw a video camera. “So, I decided you and I should plan a surprise for our Hoodie Boy. After all, we haven’t spend too much time together yet. We should get to know each other if you’re going to be my Hoodie’s one and only.” You flinched away from him, making him laugh harder.

“You’re not going to get away with this, Joker,” you said menacingly. “Red Hood is probably on his way right now.” Joker just smiled at you, shaking his head as he chuckled.

“No wonder he likes you,” he taunted, grabbing your chin in his hand to make you look at him. “You got spunk, I like spunk. Hoodie always had a lot of spunk even when I killed him.” Tapping your nose, he turned away from you. He walked into the shadows only to come back with a rusted metal cart with several evil looking tools on it. The sound of the cart’s rickety wheels filled the room for several moments until it stopped next to you. Silence filled the room as you watched the cart with wide eyes.

“Wha…What are you doing?” you questioned, stuttering when he picked up a long sharp knife and began to heat it with a cigarette lighter. You hoped Jason would get here soon.

Joker gives you a wink that sends a shiver of dread up your spine. “Why, we’re getting you ready for the party. After all, you need to look your best for Hoodie.” He stops heating the knife when the metal glowed red. Grabbing your chin, he turned your head towards the camera. “Smile big for the camera,” he ordered as he dug the scalding knife into your bare shoulder. You screamed in pain as his laughter filled the room. 

“(Y/N)’s tracker is at the old amusement park on the east side,” Tim Drake reported through Jason’s earpiece. Jason was on his motorcycle. He quickly did a u-turn, and headed towards the park. 

“Great. Did you get that, Roy?” Jason asked as he swerved through traffic. 

“Yep, Kori and I will meet you there,” Roy replied through the com before clicking off. Jason had thought Tim had also sighed off, but a shaking breath confirmed he was still on.

“Are you sure you don’t need me there, Jason?” Tim questioned carefully, mindful of Jason’s temper. 

Jason took a deep breath to take the edge out of his voice before he answered. “No, I got Roy and Kori, but your offer is appreciated.”

“I was just concerned that if (Y/N) should need medical attention…” Tim explained, the tone of his voice contained the fear that froze Jason’s heart.

“I’ll call you if it comes to that,” Jason reassured, picking up speed as he neared the amusement park. There was a pause on Tim’s end before Tim cleared his throat.

“Batman appears to be heading towards the amusement park as well,” Tim informed. Jason swore as he turned into the park. He parked his motorcycle.

“How long before he arrives?” Jason ordered, taking out his grapple gun. He fired it, flying up to a high point of the park to scan for your heat signature.

“I estimate about five minutes,” Tim responded blankly. Jason perched himself on top of a light post, and slowly scanned the park. He hoped he could save you before Batman got here, but that was unlikely.

“Perhaps you better get down here, Tim,” Jason suggested. “I don’t want a fight between me and B when (Y/N)’s life is at risk.”

Jason heard Tim’s quick intake of breath. “I’ll be there in five.” Tim clicked off the com as Jason finished the scan. He had come up with nothing. Tapping the side of his helmet, he called Roy. 

“We got pointy-eared company arriving in five minutes, and I can’t find a trace of (Y/N),” Jason shouted, the angry in his voice made Roy shriek in fear.

“Calm down, Friend-Jason,” Kori soothed through the com. “We have found something…”

“…In the fun house by the Ferris Wheel,” Roy finished as Jason jumped off his perch to swing towards the Ferris Wheel. “Two heat signatures are in the main room. There is no easy way in, except through the front entrance.”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” Jason growled menacingly as he approached the fun house. Jason hoped he would make it in time to save you. 

You didn’t know how much time had past as Joker found new ways to inflict pain onto your body. Deep cuts and bruises covered you, leaving you slumped listlessly in your chair. It was getting harder to stay awake. You hoped Jason would get there soon, but part of you didn’t want him to find you like this. 

“Don’t go to sleep yet,” Joker laughed, slapping your face to keep you awake. “We haven’t finished.” He reached for his tray, picking up a electrified cattle prod. Pressing it to your stomach, you screamed as the electricity ripped through your broken body. Joker chuckled at your pain before raising the prod to strike your thigh. 

However, just as Joker lowered the weapon, a gunshot rang out. It hit Joker’s hand, allowing the prod to fly into the air and crash to the ground far away from you. You sighed with relief as you knew help had finally arrived. 

“Step away from her, Joker,” Jason ordered, the rage in his voice sent shivers down your spine. He walked into the room, stopping when he was only a few feet from you.

“Oh, Hoodie, you had to go and ruin your surprise party,” Joker teased, spinning you around in your chair to face Jason. You kept your head down, feeling Jason’s eyes taking in your tortured body. “(Y/N) and I were working so hard on it.”

“Son of a…,” Jason swore, shooting Joker in one kneecap. He fell to the ground. Jason ran forward, kicking Joker away from you while shooting out his other kneecap. You flinched at the sound of the gunshots, even though you were happy to hear Joker’s cry of pain. Since you were focused on Jason, you failed to notice Roy and Kori running to your side as Jason kicked Joker farther away from you. 

Kori melted the chains as Roy tried to capture your attention. You were having a hard time focusing on anything besides Jason and Joker. “(Y/N), can you hear me?” Roy asked carefully, gently taking your chin to bring your gaze to meet his. You swallowed before nodding, finding yourself unable to form words. The chains gave way as you fall forward into Roy’s arms limply. You wished you were falling into Jason’s arms instead. 

Jason seemed to have sensed that Roy and Kori had entered the room as he tossed them his jacket. Kori caught it, wrapping you in it. “Get (Y/N) out of here,” Jason ordered. “I’ll take care of things here.” Roy nodded as he scooped you up in his arms. You peeked over his shoulder, staring at Jason as he bore down on Joker. Tears filled your eyes when you couldn’t see him anymore.

“It’s okay, (Y/N),” Kori soothed, seeing your distress. “Friend-Jason will be fine.” You nodded at her as tears fell down your cheeks anyway. Roy squeezed you gently in his arms. 

You don’t remember much after that except for the rain hitting your bare legs and a vague memory of seeing Batman running passed you when Roy carried you outside. Everything was a blur as you were cold, then warm. The only thing you focused on was the feeling of Jason’s leather jacket around you. 

It was some time before you finally came back to yourself. You found yourself lying on a bed in a bedroom you didn’t recognize. Panic filled your mind that this was some kind of trick of Joker’s until your gaze came to rest on Jason. He was asleep in a chair next to your bed with his neck in a uncomfortable position. Calming at the sight of him, you looked down at yourself to see bandages covering all the gruesome cuts and bruises made by the Joker. You smiled when you saw Jason’s leather jacket was still around you.

Pulling the jacket tightly around you, you reached out a hand to gently wake Jason. “Jason,” you said, shaking him. He jumped awake suddenly, grabbing for his gun only to stop when he saw it was you. 

“(Y/N),” he murmured, moving to take you into his arms. You returned his embrace so tightly that you felt the air rush out of him. He didn’t say anything about it, choosing to tighten his own arms around you instead. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” you whispered into his ear. You pressed a finger to his lips when he tried to protest. “Don’t argue with me.” 

“Alright, whatever you want, Sweetheart,” Jason replied, not having the heart to fight his case. He buried his face into your hair as you gathered enough nerve to ask your next question.

“Did you kill him?” you asked slowly. Jason pulled back from your hug to look you straight in the eye. He studied your eyes for a long moment before clearing his throat. 

“No,” Jason answered with shame in his eyes. “I should have for what he did to you, but I couldn’t.”

You nodded, kissing his lips softly. “It’s okay,” you soothed, once you saw the tears forming in his eyes. “I didn’t want you to.”

“He will be getting two knee replacements though,” Jason commented as he pulled you back into his arms. 

“Good,” you replied, rubbing your face into his shoulder as a wetness struck your cheeks. You both stayed like that for a long while until you both had released your pent-up emotions. Pulling out of his embrace, you glanced around the bedroom again. “Where are we?”

“We’re in one of my safe houses in the city. I couldn’t bear to let you in the apartment until Roy gets the new security up,” Jason explained, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. 

You gave him a gentle smile of reassurance. “I’m glad,” you said before you bit your lip. Dread and fear ate away at your heart as you thought about returning to the place where Joker had kidnapped you. Jason sensed your feelings.

“Actually,” Jason suggested as his own fear of sending back to where you were kidnapped shook his bones. “We could just move into here?”

Your eyes brightened with relief as you kissed him on the lips. “Let’s do that,” you agreed as Jason chuckled in his own solace. He pushed you back to lie down on the bed. 

“We’ll do that, but you should rest now,” Jason recommended. 

You yawned when Jason pulled the covers back over you. He made sure to close his leather jacket snugly around you. “You’ll stay with me?” you questioned as your eyes became too heavy to open. 

“Forever if you want me to,” Jason reassured, smiling at the sight of your breathing falling even and deep. He tucked his jacket around you once more before sitting back in his chair to watch you. Every once and a while, he would touch your hand if only to reassure himself that you were really safe and alive. 

micro storm

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This was inspired by @lordzuuko‘s lovely family AU in which Shiro and Keith adopt Pidge, Hunk and Lance [x] [x]

They get Hunk and Lance because, during the interviews, Hunk had talked about his best friend Lance and Lance had talked about his best friend Hunk. Shiro and Keith had looked at each other and, without any words spoken, they had known that they wanted to adopt both.

They get Pidge because, around that same time, Shiro’s best friend Matt and his wife are killed in a hit and run.

So instead of the much anticipated bliss, their first few months of living together as a family are overshadowed by Pidge being unresponsive and nearly catatonic, only reacting to Shiro who is now no longer just her godfather. Hunk and Lance, in turn, are circumspect of how to behave in front of the adults, instead sticking closer together than ever before. They know the pain of losing your family, but they do not understand Pidge’s occasional manic tantrums nor why Shiro sometimes cries right along with her.

Between all that, Keith desperately tries to navigate through what feels like a mine field.

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Fiddauthor with 18, please :)

18. “I wish I could stop loving you”

Here, have a gay scene that takes place after the gremloblin attack.  

Send me a number and some characters and I’ll write a ficlet!

               “Is the aspirin helping?” Ford asked.  Fiddleford shrugged, but then winced.  “I’ll take that as a no, then.”  Ford began to unpack the first aid kit quickly, looking for something that might deaden his assistant’s pain.  

               “Got ibuprofen in the car,” Fiddleford mumbled.

               “I might have ibuprofen here,” Ford said.  He picked up a bottle that rattled and frowned at the label.  “No, this is…stool softener.  Why do I have this in my first aid kit?”  He tossed the pill bottle to the side.  It rolled underneath the couch that Fiddleford was currently laying on.  

               “Just go to the car.  Ya know where m’ keys are.”

               “I’m not leaving you alone.  You were just attacked by a gremloblin.”

               “‘S a stupid name.”

               “No, it’s clever.  Anyways, who knows how you’ll react to its venom, or whatever it did with its eyes.” Fiddleford was silent.  “F, what happened, with the eyes?”

               “Not important.”

               “Oh, come now.  Everything is important in science.  Every bit of data,” Ford wheedled.  He opened a bottle of iodine and began to swab it on Fiddleford’s puncture wounds. Fiddleford let out a hiss of pain. “I apologize for the stinging. But I need to disinfect this.”

               “Well, duh.”  

               “So?  What did you see?” Ford asked.  

               “Don’t matter.”

               “You’re determined to stay quiet about it, hmm?”

               “Yep.”  A few minutes passed in silence.  Ford finished disinfecting Fiddleford’s wounds and began to wrap them.  

               “Going to need to restock the first aid kit after this,” Ford muttered. “And put the stool softener in the medicine cabinet where it belongs.”

               “Some days, I wish I weren’t here,” Fiddleford said suddenly.  Ford stopped, mid-wrap, to stare at his assistant. “Days like today, ‘specially.  I could be home in Palo Alto, with Tate ‘n my wife.  Wouldn’t be bein’ bandaged by a physics major, after gettin’ attacked by some supernatural critter.”

               “Where is this coming from?” Ford asked, resuming bandaging Fiddleford.

               “That there gremloblin just reminded me of all I can lose, if’n I stay here,” Fiddleford whispered.  “That’s all.” Ford finished bandaging Fiddleford’s wounds.

               “Do you really wish you weren’t here?” he asked quietly.

               “Can ya blame me?”

               “On days like today…perhaps not.  I do apologize for this.”

               “Heh.  Weren’t expectin’ an apology.  Yer not the apologizin’ type.  The forgivin’ type, neither.”


               “I got lotsa wishes,” Fiddleford said with a sigh.  “I wish I was spendin’ more time with Tate.  I wish I could get ya to stop messin’ with my puzzle cube. I wish I talked to my folks more often.” There was a beat of silence.  “I wish I could stop lovin’ you,” Fiddleford whispered.  Ford sighed.

               “It would make things easier, wouldn’t it?  If we didn’t have…mutual feelings of a romantic nature towards each other.”  Fiddleford let out a small snort of laughter.

               “Lord, yer an odd one, Stanford Pines.  ‘Mutual feelin’s of a romantic nature’.  Tell me, which secret society do ya belong to, what makes ya use ten words when one ‘ll do?”

               “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret,” Ford replied.  Fiddleford rolled his eyes.  “Try to get some rest.  I’ll go fetch the ibuprofen.”  Ford paused for a moment, then hesitantly kissed Fiddleford’s forehead.  Fiddleford smiled.

               “‘Bout dang time.”

               “The kiss?  Or the ibuprofen?”


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Who cares if Beka is tall or short, he's a precious bear and we'll love him anyway ヽ(´♡`)ノ