today is his special day


You sat on your shared bed, looking at him.

A smile so big that it hurt your cheeks was plastered across your face, staring down at your boyfriend who was snoring into the pillows. Today was a very special day; his special day. Throughout the years of spending his birthday with him, you couldn’t help but become so excited just for the fact that you had an excuse to spoil him. Despite the constant arguments on how he insists that you should do anything ( “Nothing special about my birthday, love. No need to waste your energy on it,” he’d say, every year), but of course you never listened, and you always find ways to shower him with unconditional love and care. 

This year, you thought, would blow all the other birthday gifts out of the water. 

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Could I see Kagami and Akashi being a bit posesive of their female S/O ? (Love the log BTW :) )

Hmm, I just want to quickly point out that not all possessive traits should be viewed as good in a relationship, mmkay? Hope you don’t mind I went a little along that route.


Watching her from his seat on the bed, Kagami tried to catch his girlfriend’s eyes through the mirror. She was too focused on fixing her hair, tying it up in intricate ways that seemed to fancy for just a normal day with friends.

“You sure you don’t want me to tag along?”

The question hadn’t really been meant to come out, but now that it was up in the air Kagami held on to that hope that she would change her mind.

With a small laugh, one that held the tones of a sigh, she replied. “That’s the third time you’ve asked, Taiga. I’ll be fine, I promise.”

A disappointed frown made its way onto his lips and he got off the bed to stand behind her, finally catching her eyes with his.

“Just make sure to come back to me,” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

When she moved to kiss him fully on the lips, Kagami decided it wouldn’t harm her or her friends if he kept her home for just a little bit longer. Deepening the kiss, he allowed the hours to slowly tick by.


“What are you doing?”

Staring at her boyfriend, ____ tried to comprehend why he would be fixing a tie onto his neck at a time like this. Wasn’t it his day off today? He had nowhere special to really go to that would call for formal attire.

“We’re going out to lunch, right?” Akashi gave her a smile, pressing the palms of his hands onto his button up shirt, making sure it was wrinkle free.

She laughed. “No silly, I’m going to lunch with some old grade school buddies. You don’t need to go.”

Walking passed her, leaving a small peck on the cheek on his way, Akashi reached for the house keys he always left near the hallway table. They jingled as he picked them up before they were pocketed away.

“Nonsense,” he grinned as he took her hand in his, placing another charming kiss on her digits. “I’m sure your friends wouldn’t mind me joining you.”

His dazzling smile was just enough to make her forget she had promised that this would finally be the girl’s day out she’d deserved for so long.

You Deserve It (G- Dragon x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. Girl I had to write a whole song for this, so please enjoy!


Being a stylist in South Korea was a dream come true, you loved to dress other people and make them look good, especially in a country that fascinated you since you were a teenager. Learning the language and moving so far away was hard and sometimes you hated it, but it was all worth it at the end, you made it on your own and now you were the most favourite stylist of the top idols.

That’s how you met Jiyong. You had the opportunity to style him and Taeyang for the m/v bad boy, which was a big responsibility and a blessing. You were not really into Jiyong you were more of a Daesung kinda gal, but of course you were friendly with everyone. Jiyong took a liking towards you, he liked your fierce personality and your stubborness, if you wanted something you would get it done no matter what, he still remembers how mad you were when someone messed up the sizes from Daesung, you runned around the building like a maniac to get it right. After that the guys wnated to keep in touch with you, so you became friends and occasionally styled them.

He didn’t really realise that he liked you, that was until you mentioned you had a date. He saw you all dressed up and with a nervous smile on your face, he felt jealous and wanted to be the guy that you were going out with. When you saw them again he tried to hide his smile, as you told them that it did not go well and that he was weird. He didn’t want to waste any time, he pulled you to the side and awkwardly asked you out, at first you thought he was joking around, but the serious look on his face proved you wrong. You had a crush on him that you tried to hide, but now you could finally let it out and enjoy the moment.

Jiyong was a very loyal man. Before you even got in a relationship with him you knew how much he wanted a wife and kids, it was cute when you saw him around kids and complaining that he wants to have kids. When you got with him he was very commited, he took care of you, he protected you, he treated you like royalty, the guys even made fun of him that he was ‘whipped’, he would always just smile and hug you.

Of course they were also a lot of stuff that bothered you. You decide to not go public with your relationship, so the rumours about him dating girls were still going, nobody supsected a thing about you, but they had several women for Jiyong, it hurt you and upset you to another level. You knew he was loyal and that he would never do this, but just in the idea you wanted to cry. Also the tours did not help, you have gone with them sometimes as stylist but you never made it until the end of the tour, you had other clients that you needed to be taken care of, being away from him felt weird, you were so used to being around him that the long tours killed you.

Now you were going strong for almost two years. He was currently on tour and you had the oportunity to go with them as a stylist, but also be around him for your birthday that was coming up. You spended a lot of time with him, I mean being their stylist meant you have to be with them all the time, so you were not complaining.

You woke up feeling his lips all over your face. You giggled and opened your eyes


“happy birthday”

He said to you and pecked your lips. You smiled and hugged him tightly, he remembered!

“Thank you baby”

“I would love to sit with you all day but we got a concert”

He whined. You kissed his cheek and runned your fingers through his soft hair. He smiled at you as he hunced over you, supporting his weight on his elbow

“I know baby. Now come on we have a long day”


You loved seeing your man perform. He was so energetic and he owned the stage, it was like he was meant to be in the stage, you could feel his presence, it was fantastic. At some point the music stopped and you saw the members leave the stage, you thought it was time for his solo songs. It was not that

“Today is a very special day. Some of you might know that today is our stylists (Y/N)’s birthday. But for me she is not just my stylist, she is my support system, my best friend, my girlfriend of almost two years”

You were shocked. You couldn’t believe he was doing this right now, it was like a dream. You heard the crowd cheer and you saw him walking to you with a bright smile, he stretched his arm to you, calling you out on stage. You were so frozen you couldn’t move, so he just took your hand and pulled you on stage, you saw someone seeting a chair on the middle of the stage and then run back. He made you stand infront of the stage and wrapped a hand around your waist.

“So me and this beautiful lady have been together for a while, so it’s time to show her to the world. As I said it’s her birthday today, so can we all sing her happy birthday?”

The crowd started singing happy birthday with Jiyong. From the corner of your eye you saw the guys coming on stage while T.O.P had a cake in his hands. They stood infront of you and waited until you blew your candles and everyone cheered. You hugged the guys and then Jiyong, pecking his lips and the crowd cheer louder. He sat you down on the chair and kissed your hand before he let it go.

“Jagiya you know I love you, I know that you love me. I know that it’s very hard for you to be in this, but you are by my side all the time, so here is my gift to you”

He smiled and then you heard music playing. It was a melody you have heard around the house the last month, you never questioned him about it, but now you realised he was working on a gift for you.

“How soon can you change the way I felt?
I’m dealing with emotions that i’ve never felt
We’re playing with fire, can we survive in this game?
Maybe i’m a sinner cause your my sin, I can’t keep pretending what I ain’t
I promise i’ll never let you go through all this pain

Break up, make up, total waste of time,
I want to stop running for a while,
I don’t want to be this reckless child,
Cause you’re the best mistake i’ve ever made,
Baby please hold on, hold on,
I’ve got no power over you, I need you here,
Baby please hold on, hold on,

I don’t waste our time in this, tick tocking, lip locking,
I want to keep it fresh, I tried to zip lock it,
Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve cause they are pick pockets,
I guess to drive for distance, you might need to just stop it,
I know this can be a bitch, for sure,
I will count to ten, you lost your temper, we went back to four,
I know you feel like i’m the man that you need
My only dream is to start our own family tree
Don’t ask why I love your mom so much, cause she is the older you
I want you to be happy, that’s why I love providing
I know you thing that we’re the oddest
but you are my goddess
I never lied to you, I want us to be honest
You’re not number two, you are my number one
Cause you are the the best mistake I ever had

Baby I am saving my love for you, for you”

By the time the song ended you were crying tears of Joy. When he was done you shot up and hugged him tightly, letting the tears run down your cheeks and some on his shirt. He kissed the top of your head and wipped away your tears.

“Give a round of applause to my lovely girlfriend”

The crowd clapped and you smiled at him. You couldn’t believe he did all this just for you. He let you go backstage again to wipe your tears, fix your make-up and he continued with the concert. When he got backstage you waited for them to come to the dressing, the second he entered the room you jumped on him, thank god he catched you. The other guys clapped and cheered for you, you kissed him but didn’t get down

“You can get down now”


You replied hiding your face in his neck. He laughed and sat down on the couch with you still on him

“You liked the suprise”

“of course. It was beautiful”

“Now can we eat the cake?”

Youngbae said, ruining the moment for you. You all laughed and you all got off from your boyfriends lap. The guys left the room to get the cake and you stayed with Jiyong

“What you did was beautiful”

“You deserve it”

You smiled and kissed him. It was a sweet, loving slow kiss. From sweet it turned passionate and you ended up back on his lap

“Babe. Let’s go to the hotel for that. I also want to eat the cake”

“Whatever queen wants, queen gets”

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Jason’s Worst Fear - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon - one where the joker tortures you and Jason goes to the rescue

Jason’s worst fear had just been realized. He was standing in your shared ransacked apartment, staring at the words spray-painted on the wall.

Ha Ha Ha. Joke’s on you, Hoodie. 

You were taken by the Joker. He knew it the moment he laid eyes on the first ‘Ha’. Rage burned in his chest as fear clenched at his heart. Jason knew he had to find you and fast. Taking a deep breath to calm his emotions, Jason picked up his phone and dialed the one number he knew he could trust. 

Awakening to cruel, bone-chilling laughter, you opened your eyes to find yourself chained to a chair inside some kind of room lined with trick mirrors. You stared at yourself as you realized you were only in your underwear. Pulling at the chains, you tried to break free only to stop when your eyes fell on your kidnapper, who was approaching you from the shadows.

“Well, it looks like Hoodie’s lover is finally awake,” Joker teased, circling you. You did your best to keep him in your line of sight. “I was worried you were going to miss the party.”

“Why are you doing this?” you asked, not knowing what else to say. You knew you had to keep him talking if you were going to buy enough time for Jason to come and save you. Even though you didn’t know how much time had passed, you knew he should be on his way by now.

“Today is a special day for Hoodie and me,” Joker ranted, spinning around gleefully. “It’s our anniversary.” 

“If you’re talking about the day you murdered him, you about a month off,” you answered sharply. You always remembered that date, the day was always hard on Jason.

Joker just laughed in response. “I’m talking about the day we first met. It was such a lovely time when it was just Batman, me, and Hoodie.” He sighed in remembrance before putting an arm around your shoulders, pointing at the far corner of the room. Your eyes widened when you saw a video camera. “So, I decided you and I should plan a surprise for our Hoodie Boy. After all, we haven’t spend too much time together yet. We should get to know each other if you’re going to be my Hoodie’s one and only.” You flinched away from him, making him laugh harder.

“You’re not going to get away with this, Joker,” you said menacingly. “Red Hood is probably on his way right now.” Joker just smiled at you, shaking his head as he chuckled.

“No wonder he likes you,” he taunted, grabbing your chin in his hand to make you look at him. “You got spunk, I like spunk. Hoodie always had a lot of spunk even when I killed him.” Tapping your nose, he turned away from you. He walked into the shadows only to come back with a rusted metal cart with several evil looking tools on it. The sound of the cart’s rickety wheels filled the room for several moments until it stopped next to you. Silence filled the room as you watched the cart with wide eyes.

“Wha…What are you doing?” you questioned, stuttering when he picked up a long sharp knife and began to heat it with a cigarette lighter. You hoped Jason would get here soon.

Joker gives you a wink that sends a shiver of dread up your spine. “Why, we’re getting you ready for the party. After all, you need to look your best for Hoodie.” He stops heating the knife when the metal glowed red. Grabbing your chin, he turned your head towards the camera. “Smile big for the camera,” he ordered as he dug the scalding knife into your bare shoulder. You screamed in pain as his laughter filled the room. 

“(Y/N)’s tracker is at the old amusement park on the east side,” Tim Drake reported through Jason’s earpiece. Jason was on his motorcycle. He quickly did a u-turn, and headed towards the park. 

“Great. Did you get that, Roy?” Jason asked as he swerved through traffic. 

“Yep, Kori and I will meet you there,” Roy replied through the com before clicking off. Jason had thought Tim had also sighed off, but a shaking breath confirmed he was still on.

“Are you sure you don’t need me there, Jason?” Tim questioned carefully, mindful of Jason’s temper. 

Jason took a deep breath to take the edge out of his voice before he answered. “No, I got Roy and Kori, but your offer is appreciated.”

“I was just concerned that if (Y/N) should need medical attention…” Tim explained, the tone of his voice contained the fear that froze Jason’s heart.

“I’ll call you if it comes to that,” Jason reassured, picking up speed as he neared the amusement park. There was a pause on Tim’s end before Tim cleared his throat.

“Batman appears to be heading towards the amusement park as well,” Tim informed. Jason swore as he turned into the park. He parked his motorcycle.

“How long before he arrives?” Jason ordered, taking out his grapple gun. He fired it, flying up to a high point of the park to scan for your heat signature.

“I estimate about five minutes,” Tim responded blankly. Jason perched himself on top of a light post, and slowly scanned the park. He hoped he could save you before Batman got here, but that was unlikely.

“Perhaps you better get down here, Tim,” Jason suggested. “I don’t want a fight between me and B when (Y/N)’s life is at risk.”

Jason heard Tim’s quick intake of breath. “I’ll be there in five.” Tim clicked off the com as Jason finished the scan. He had come up with nothing. Tapping the side of his helmet, he called Roy. 

“We got pointy-eared company arriving in five minutes, and I can’t find a trace of (Y/N),” Jason shouted, the angry in his voice made Roy shriek in fear.

“Calm down, Friend-Jason,” Kori soothed through the com. “We have found something…”

“…In the fun house by the Ferris Wheel,” Roy finished as Jason jumped off his perch to swing towards the Ferris Wheel. “Two heat signatures are in the main room. There is no easy way in, except through the front entrance.”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” Jason growled menacingly as he approached the fun house. Jason hoped he would make it in time to save you. 

You didn’t know how much time had past as Joker found new ways to inflict pain onto your body. Deep cuts and bruises covered you, leaving you slumped listlessly in your chair. It was getting harder to stay awake. You hoped Jason would get there soon, but part of you didn’t want him to find you like this. 

“Don’t go to sleep yet,” Joker laughed, slapping your face to keep you awake. “We haven’t finished.” He reached for his tray, picking up a electrified cattle prod. Pressing it to your stomach, you screamed as the electricity ripped through your broken body. Joker chuckled at your pain before raising the prod to strike your thigh. 

However, just as Joker lowered the weapon, a gunshot rang out. It hit Joker’s hand, allowing the prod to fly into the air and crash to the ground far away from you. You sighed with relief as you knew help had finally arrived. 

“Step away from her, Joker,” Jason ordered, the rage in his voice sent shivers down your spine. He walked into the room, stopping when he was only a few feet from you.

“Oh, Hoodie, you had to go and ruin your surprise party,” Joker teased, spinning you around in your chair to face Jason. You kept your head down, feeling Jason’s eyes taking in your tortured body. “(Y/N) and I were working so hard on it.”

“Son of a…,” Jason swore, shooting Joker in one kneecap. He fell to the ground. Jason ran forward, kicking Joker away from you while shooting out his other kneecap. You flinched at the sound of the gunshots, even though you were happy to hear Joker’s cry of pain. Since you were focused on Jason, you failed to notice Roy and Kori running to your side as Jason kicked Joker farther away from you. 

Kori melted the chains as Roy tried to capture your attention. You were having a hard time focusing on anything besides Jason and Joker. “(Y/N), can you hear me?” Roy asked carefully, gently taking your chin to bring your gaze to meet his. You swallowed before nodding, finding yourself unable to form words. The chains gave way as you fall forward into Roy’s arms limply. You wished you were falling into Jason’s arms instead. 

Jason seemed to have sensed that Roy and Kori had entered the room as he tossed them his jacket. Kori caught it, wrapping you in it. “Get (Y/N) out of here,” Jason ordered. “I’ll take care of things here.” Roy nodded as he scooped you up in his arms. You peeked over his shoulder, staring at Jason as he bore down on Joker. Tears filled your eyes when you couldn’t see him anymore.

“It’s okay, (Y/N),” Kori soothed, seeing your distress. “Friend-Jason will be fine.” You nodded at her as tears fell down your cheeks anyway. Roy squeezed you gently in his arms. 

You don’t remember much after that except for the rain hitting your bare legs and a vague memory of seeing Batman running passed you when Roy carried you outside. Everything was a blur as you were cold, then warm. The only thing you focused on was the feeling of Jason’s leather jacket around you. 

It was some time before you finally came back to yourself. You found yourself lying on a bed in a bedroom you didn’t recognize. Panic filled your mind that this was some kind of trick of Joker’s until your gaze came to rest on Jason. He was asleep in a chair next to your bed with his neck in a uncomfortable position. Calming at the sight of him, you looked down at yourself to see bandages covering all the gruesome cuts and bruises made by the Joker. You smiled when you saw Jason’s leather jacket was still around you.

Pulling the jacket tightly around you, you reached out a hand to gently wake Jason. “Jason,” you said, shaking him. He jumped awake suddenly, grabbing for his gun only to stop when he saw it was you. 

“(Y/N),” he murmured, moving to take you into his arms. You returned his embrace so tightly that you felt the air rush out of him. He didn’t say anything about it, choosing to tighten his own arms around you instead. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” you whispered into his ear. You pressed a finger to his lips when he tried to protest. “Don’t argue with me.” 

“Alright, whatever you want, Sweetheart,” Jason replied, not having the heart to fight his case. He buried his face into your hair as you gathered enough nerve to ask your next question.

“Did you kill him?” you asked slowly. Jason pulled back from your hug to look you straight in the eye. He studied your eyes for a long moment before clearing his throat. 

“No,” Jason answered with shame in his eyes. “I should have for what he did to you, but I couldn’t.”

You nodded, kissing his lips softly. “It’s okay,” you soothed, once you saw the tears forming in his eyes. “I didn’t want you to.”

“He will be getting two knee replacements though,” Jason commented as he pulled you back into his arms. 

“Good,” you replied, rubbing your face into his shoulder as a wetness struck your cheeks. You both stayed like that for a long while until you both had released your pent-up emotions. Pulling out of his embrace, you glanced around the bedroom again. “Where are we?”

“We’re in one of my safe houses in the city. I couldn’t bear to let you in the apartment until Roy gets the new security up,” Jason explained, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. 

You gave him a gentle smile of reassurance. “I’m glad,” you said before you bit your lip. Dread and fear ate away at your heart as you thought about returning to the place where Joker had kidnapped you. Jason sensed your feelings.

“Actually,” Jason suggested as his own fear of sending back to where you were kidnapped shook his bones. “We could just move into here?”

Your eyes brightened with relief as you kissed him on the lips. “Let’s do that,” you agreed as Jason chuckled in his own solace. He pushed you back to lie down on the bed. 

“We’ll do that, but you should rest now,” Jason recommended. 

You yawned when Jason pulled the covers back over you. He made sure to close his leather jacket snugly around you. “You’ll stay with me?” you questioned as your eyes became too heavy to open. 

“Forever if you want me to,” Jason reassured, smiling at the sight of your breathing falling even and deep. He tucked his jacket around you once more before sitting back in his chair to watch you. Every once and a while, he would touch your hand if only to reassure himself that you were really safe and alive. 

Author-nim’s 1k Celebration || BTS Imagine

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The light’s in the room were turned off while her face was lit up by the faint glow of the laptop. Her eyes travelled across the screen quickly and her fingers flew over the keys, all the ideas leaving her brain and transforming into words on the screen.

She barely thought about anything as she continued to type. There was no plan, she had no idea how she had gotten here. The only thing she knew was she had to get these things done as quickly as possible. So many people were waiting for the next update and the pressure was getting to her.

The sound of the door opening didn’t even process through her brain. It wasn’t until he spoke that she realized somebody else had been in the room with her.

“What are you still doing up?” She jumped as his voice washed over her in small waves. Immediately she turned in her chair and came face to face with the person behind her.

“Yoongi, I didn’t expect you to still be awake.” She answered, avoiding the question completely. She didn’t want to explain to him about what was happening. How she could barely think as she tried to get things complete. How she only wanted to make sure that everyone was happy with her writing.

“Of course I’m still awake, who do you think I am?” He asked jokingly. She didn’t bother to respond as she turned back in her chair and continued working. She had to get this finished, that was all that mattered at this point. There was nothing else on her mind. “You’ve been in here for hours, don’t you think it’s time you come out?”

“After this.”

“Is she still going on about that?” Namjoon’s voice flooded through the room and she turned her head, gazing at the man who’s back was lit in the doorway.

“I haven’t been able to get her off the laptop for hours. She’s dead set on getting these done.” Yoongi explained. Namjoon sighed loudly before flicking on the bedroom lights. A hissing noise was heard from beside the both of them and they watched as the girl swatted at the air, covering her eyes.

They both laughed at her reaction but didn’t say anything else. Yoongi rolled his eyes before walking over to where she was sat and closing her laptop. She protested loudly, whining as the two of them turned her chair to look at them. Namjoon was kneeling in front of her and Yoongi stood behind with his arms crossed over his chest.

“You need to take a break Author-nim. You can’t keep working on these, you’re going to tire yourself out and run out of inspiration.” Namjoon started. The girl looked down sadly, knowing that he was right. She didn’t want to admit it but the stress of everything had been getting to her recently. There was school, and home issues, and work, and then she had to deal with all of the requests.

She wanted to get all of them done. The only thing she wanted to do was finish them so everyone would be happy. She knew people were still waiting and she knew that they were getting impatient. But there was so much else going on and it always stole her focus away.

“Besides, today’s a day to celebrate. Something very special happened.” Yoongi said from behind Namjoon. Author-nim’s eyes travelled from the floor to look at him in confusion. She didn’t know what had happened or why they would be celebrating.

Namjoon gave her a smile before standing up straight and reaching his hand out to her. She took it carefully and made sure she had a proper grip before standing up.

“This is going to seem odd, but we’re going to put a blind fold on you. You trust us, right Author-nim?” Namjoon asked, looking into her eyes so she would know she was okay.

“As long as you aren’t going to go fifty shades of grey on me everything’s good.” She replied. Both of the boys let out a chuckle before Namjoon grabbed the piece of fabric from his back pocket. He moved behind her and carefully placed the object over her eyes.

Yoongi’s fingers were cold against her red cheeks as he fixed the blindfold, ensuring that she wouldn’t be able to see anything. They didn’t want to spoil anything. Today was her special day.

Namjoon took one of her hands into his while Yoongi took the other and they both led her out of the room and into the living room of the dorm. It was much quieter than usual and Author-nim felt the nerves run through her. She wanted to stop them, in fear that they were actually going to go fifty shades of grey on her.

She was stopped suddenly and before she knew it the blindfold was being taken off and she was greeted by the sight of the seven boys standing in front of her. Jungkook stood in the centre of all of them, holding a cake and on top of the item it wrote “Congratulations on 1k Followers Author-nim”.

“We know it’s not a huge thing to most people but you finally hit a thousand followers and we thought we should do something nice for you.” Jungkook explained.

Laughter bubbled up inside of her and she couldn’t help but let it loose. All of them smiled at her reaction and laughed with her. Jimin looked at her before lining them all up and taking a photo, captioning it and posting it to their social media. She couldn’t believe they had done something like this and it made her so incredibly happy.

“So what do you have to say?” Jimin asked, training the camera onto her. She looked at what he was doing and she had realized he was live-streaming.

You sit in front of your screen, watching and waiting for the words to leave her mouth. The notification from V-Live went straight to your phone and now you were watching. Your eyes trained on her, taking in the big smile on her face and you couldn’t help but smile as well.

Thank you, to everyone who has taken the time out of the lives to click the follow button. It honestly doesn’t seem like a lot to most people but it means the entire world to me. To know that you appreciate my imagines enough to actually read them and like them and reblog them.

I feel so happy when people end up liking myself and I get reactions from people. I love knowing what I can do better and I love that you guys are so welcoming and happy about everything.

I never thought at all in my life that I would ever be celebrating a thousand followers and to finally have something like this it means the entire world to me.

BTS has become a big part of my life, and their music is always on. I get so much inspiration from them, and I’m glad I can share it with people who also care a lot about them. So thank you again, to everyone, to YOU, for following my account and liking my things. This account means everything to me, and I promise there will hopefully be more updates coming in the future.

You smile at your screen as the live stream continues on. You watch as finally she looks happy. She’s celebrating something so big in her life, and it’s all because of you. 

AN: This is my proper thank you note, in the form of an imagine. I just thought this would be a cute little thing. Thank you guys for supporting the account for this long and hopefully you’ll continue. I LOVE ALL OF YOU! <3

micro storm

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This was inspired by @lordzuuko‘s lovely family AU in which Shiro and Keith adopt Pidge, Hunk and Lance [x] [x]

They get Hunk and Lance because, during the interviews, Hunk had talked about his best friend Lance and Lance had talked about his best friend Hunk. Shiro and Keith had looked at each other and, without any words spoken, they had known that they wanted to adopt both.

They get Pidge because, around that same time, Shiro’s best friend Matt and his wife are killed in a hit and run.

So instead of the much anticipated bliss, their first few months of living together as a family are overshadowed by Pidge being unresponsive and nearly catatonic, only reacting to Shiro who is now no longer just her godfather. Hunk and Lance, in turn, are circumspect of how to behave in front of the adults, instead sticking closer together than ever before. They know the pain of losing your family, but they do not understand Pidge’s occasional manic tantrums nor why Shiro sometimes cries right along with her.

Between all that, Keith desperately tries to navigate through what feels like a mine field.

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This is it, today is the day, and James could not be more excited..

James.. 26, a Virgo, a natural blonde who had been dying his hair dark brown since he was 18. His 6′4 frame smooth and solid, wide and dense pecs pop out of his shirt and his sleeves strain as he raises his hands to rub his dark blue eyes..

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Happy Father's Day (Jake X MC)

Title - Happy Father’s Day (Jake X MC)
Prompt - From anonymous : A Father’s Day fic surrounding Jake, MC, and their son Mike?
Word Count - 735
Pairing - Jake X MC

The sun rays barely made it through the curtains, the sunrise not quite fully developed upon the horizon. But that was all you needed to be awoken and all you needed to remind you of how important today was.

Your bare feet touched the carpet beneath you and you quietly made your way to the door, Jake remaining impeccably still as you did.

Upon closing the door you raced to Mike’s room and lifted him slowly into your arms, making sure he would not cry. Once the rather curious child had been properly changed and clothed, you carried him effortlessly down the stairs and sat him in his chair.

“Today’s a very special day, my little man,” you whispered, kissing his forehead and moving to begin preparing breakfast.

As you finished, almost on cue, you heard rustling upstairs. You wished you could be there when he woke up, to hold and be held, to sit in a comfortable silence and kiss as though you’ve never before..

You snapped yourself out of your dream and remembered that if you had it wouldce been Mike’s wails to awaken you both and an uncooked meal to prepare on top of such.

You heard a groggy Jake mutter your name questioningly as his feet came into view on the stair case.

Upon reaching the bottom and seeing you his face lit up, “Oh, MC.” He chuckled gently, still waking up, and kissed you softly.

“Happy Father’s Day,” you whispered against his chest, pulling him in for a close hug.

“Thanks for this, princess/boy scout,” he melted into the hug and placed a quick peck on the top of your head.

Reluctantly pulling away you acknowledge that the food will inevitably get cold should you not eat it and you both take your seats, feeding Mike as you do.

It was peaceful and relaxing.

“What’s on the agenda then?” He cleared his throat and swallowed his food.

“I was thinking I could drop Mikey off at my parents’ house and we could have the day to ourselves,” you offered.

“Sounds magical,” he agreed, touching the hand that rested in your lap, “I really do love you.”

“I love you too, Jake,” your eyes closed peacefully and as you opened them Jake had finished eating and was standing.

As he took the plates to clean them you protested, “Hey that’s my job, you’re not supposed to do anything today!”

He shrugged off your protests and as he finished cleaning the plates, splashed you with water.

You chuckled and wiped it off as he stepped closer and kissed you, your lips gently grazing each other’s teasingly, before crashing together. Jake’s hands wrapped around your lower torso and pulled you closer as you tangled yours in his hair.

He seemed more desperate than usual and quickly moved to your cheek and down your neck to suck softly on your skin.

Though you never wanted it to end, you moaned out a small protest, “Jake… Let me drop off Mike first…”

He could hear the reluctance in your voice so he backed away before he could continue something you weren’t interested in at the time.

“I’ll be back in no time,” you assured, quickly picking up your son, strapping him in the car seat and pulling out of the garage.

The entire ride there all you could think about is what would happen when you returned.

Your parents were ecstatic to take him for the day and expressed that you would pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

Upon arriving back at your home you found Jake sprawled out on the couch with a movie beginning on the television.

“Just in time, honey. Hurry up, it’s starting,” he motioned for you to come lay next to him and so you did. The couch was a tight fit but you didn’t mind being pressed against him.

His breath was warm against your neck and his arms held you firmly. It took only a moment for him to kiss your neck and shoulder soothingly.

You turned over to kiss him deeply and passionately, his hands exploring your sides and skin.

Between kisses you could feel him smile and you muttered, “Happy Father’s Day.”

I Object (Pt 2) - Finn Bálor

A/N: You wanted part two? Well, here you go! ;)

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Finn looked over at you, seeing how your eyes glistened. As the wedding planner escorted herself away from the doorframe, Finn couldn’t help but stare. Every crashing thought, every memory, it was all piling up on his shoulders, creating this new weight. That weight would only be lifted if he got everything off his chest and allowed you to make your final decision.

This would go one or two ways. Either you would see and understand that you were in love with your best friend, but hardly noticed it…

Or Finn would end up making himself seem like a fool and the day would result in total heartbreak while he drank his memories away. “Are you ready?” Your sweet voice rang through his ears like a melody. Clenching his fists out of sight, he seemingly nodded, composing himself.

“Ready when you are, love.” He whispered the last part. Your heart would race anytime he could call you that, but you found no truth behind it. You had no clue Finn was into you as much as he was. Hiding his feelings had been hard for the last few years, always confining them inside his heart.

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NCT U + NCT 127 Reaction

When they really want something and you buy it for them as a birthday present


You asked him to escort you to the jeweller’s shop, because you wanted to buy a new necklace. When you entered in the store, he spotted a very beautiful and stunning Michael Kors watch. You bought your necklace and left the store. “Honey, did you see that black watch on the self?” he said while you were walking on the street. “Yeah! It was really nice!” You could see in his eyes how much he wanted that watch, so you decided to buy it for him for his birthday. Today is the special day, his birthday. You woke up earlier than him just to prepare everything fro his birthday. You put out the cake and the watch on the table and now the only thing you need to do is to wait for him to wake up. A few minutes later your sleepy boyfriend entered in the room. Suddenly his expression changed from very sleepy to very surprised. He saw the watch and started to giggle.Then he saw you. He quickly hugged and kissed you on the cheek

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You were walking in the mall, wheb he suddenly let go of your hand and dissapeared. You looked around and saw that your boyfriend was standing in front of a game store. You went to him and asked: “What are you looking at?” and then you giggled when you saw that he was looking at an Xbox game, called “Just Dance 2017″. You told him, that you have enough games at home to play with so now he can’t get it. He was a little bit sad, but then he walked away from the store. A few weeks later you went to the store and bought it just to surprise him on his birthday. The next day was the day, when you and the other members held his birthday party. You put your present next to the other’s and waited till he started to open his presents. When he saw your box, his eyes immediately shone up. He quickly opened it and started doing aegyo for you.

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He was always complaining about how tired he is after the dance practices, so you planned a romantic holiday for him. When he came home from the studio after another tiring day, you told him that you planned a holiday tomorrow for his birthday. He was completly shocked about how caring you are. He couldn’t stop saying “Thank You! I love you!” to you

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You sent him to the mall to buy some groceries. When he came back, you saw that a huge smile was plastered on his face. You could tell he wants to talk about it so you asked him: “Why are you so excited honey?” “I just saw a really cool pair of sneakers!!! Jordan sneakers! They were just black and white but they looked soo cool! Wait! I’ll show you a picture of them!” He quickly started to type something in his laptop and then showed you a picture of the shoes that he wanted so much. “But Yuta, you have a bunch of shoes! You don’t need these” “But…” then he stopped, he started thinking then closed his laptop. “I think you’re right darling, I have too much shoes.” then he walked away. You opened his laptop, just to make sure you’re going to buy the right one for him for his birthday. That was your plan, telling him that he has too much shoes, and when the day comes you’ll surprise him. You bought the shoes and hid the box in your closet. On his birthday you invited his group members and made him a birtday party. You quickly brought the box out of the bedroom and put it on the table next to other people’s presents. When it was time to open his presents, he immediately spotted the shoe box and without any hesitation he opened it. He already knew who gave him this present, so he turned around and kissed you.

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Yo knew that he always wanted a couple item for you two, but he never found one that he actually liked. But on Monday, while you were walking alone in the mall, you spotted two black and white One Piece T-shirt (one for you and one for him). You ordered one of each in the right size and left the shop. A few days later your mail has arrived. You were so excited when you opened the box, they looked perfect! When the doorbell rang you knew that he just arrived home from the studio. You quickly grabbed everything and hid them under the bed. You opened the door for him and started to make dinner. The next day you prepared an amazing breakfast for him. While he was eating you sneaked in the bedroom and put on your shirt. You grabbed the other one and brought it out to him. When he saw you in that T.shirt he was amazed, but when he saw that you were holding a similar T-shirt in your hand he almost teared up. “It’s a couple shirt that you always wanted. Here you are!” then he hugged you and kissed your forehead

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You were walking in the park together when you saw a couple. They were walking their little puppy. When he saw the little puppy he turned to you: “Can we have a puppy like this too?” “I’m sorry honey, but I’m afraid we can’t” “But why not?” he pouted. “I don’t think we would be able to take care if him. We are a little bit too young to keep a puppy.” You both got sad about it, but deep inside your brain you had an idea. You’ll surprise him on his birthday with a puppy! His birthday was on the weekend, but he went to the studio for a dance practice and didn’t stayed at home. This was the perfect opportunity to go out and find the seller of the puppy.  You already contacted with her a few days ago and she told you to visit her and pick the perfect puppy for you and your boyfriend. When you arrived to the seller she greeted you and leaded you to the puppies. You fell in love with one of them, so you picked him and brought him to your house. You were playing with your little puppy when the door opened and your boyfriend entered in your apartment. He heard a bark from the puppy, so he hurried to the living room just to find you and the new member of the family having fun with eachother. “OMG! Is this my present? B..But…Why or who brought him here?” “This is your birthday present honey! I bought him just for you! Now we have a new member in our family!” you smiled and hugged each other while he pressed a soft kiss on your forehead

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The last few weeks he was always talking about a certain book that he wanted, but he hadn’t got time to go to the store and buy it himself. So one day you went out to the book store and bought it. A week after that his birthday was finally here. You decorated your living room, put on some romantic music, selected some films to watch and cooked the best dinner you’ve ever cooked in you life. You set the table and brought some blankets to the couch, so you could cuddle while watching the movies.You wrapped his book nicely and put it on the table too. When he entered in your apartment you greeted hmi with the world’s biggest hug and a kiss. You went to the dining room and he found your present immediately. He was so happy about the book that he jumped up from the table and went to the kithen where you were looking for the drinks and backhugged you, then gave a little kiss on your cheek

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You two was just walking around in the mall, after you ate your lunch together. “Y/N look at that! That giant Rilakuma bear! That looks so amazing!” He was so fascinated about that bear. He looked at that toy for like 5 whole minutes before you two could go home. The next day you went bach to the store and bought that teddy beard for him. And then, on his birthday you brought that giant Rilakkuma bear to the studio and asked one of the co-workers to open the dance room’s door for you. You placed the bear in the middle of the room and you hide behind the couch. When the boys entered in the room you jumped out and run to your boyfriend. He hugged you and then he took a look at the bear. He kept hugging the bear and then you, the bear again and then you, while saying “Thank You!” for a billion times 

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He was always worried about his phone. He was afraid of dropping his phone, or just accidentally scratch his phone’s screen. He always say things like: “Tomorrow I will buy a phone case!” or “I should buy a phonecase just to protect my phone” But he never bought one. So you decided to buy a special phone case for him. You went to the shop and asked the seller if she could print your picture,that you took togehter on a phone case. The next day you went back to the shop to get his present. Then you asked the lady if she could wrap the phonecase into a pretty box. You left the store and headed back to home. Your boyfriend was waiting for you in the living room. You hid the present behind your back and kissed his cheek. You told him to close his eyes for a minute. “Hey! Now you can open your eyes!” you said and put the box into his hand. “ A phone case? OMG! This is the best present I’ve ever got!” then he flipped it over “Us? How did you think of that? Thanks honey! This is the best birthday ever!”

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Hi, my friends, it’s okay. Today is a very special day, now we are 500 in the Lily Sims family. Thank you very much from everyone. And to celebrate I brought a tutorial + batch in the same video. Today’s tutorial is how to download and install the Grossery Store Mod, and as a complement I have specially created for you an instrustrial style market for you to do the shopping. So let’s check together? 


The Four Elements | Chapter 1

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Genre: Angst, Fluff, Humor (Avatar: The Last Airbender! au)

Members: Jeon Jungkook, Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung

Words: 6.1k+

Synopsis:  You lived in a world where people were divided in two groups: the ‘common’ people and the so-called element benders, the last group divided in four clans: The water clan, earth clan, fire clan and air clan. Growing up in a family that was part of the common people, you never thought of yourself as an element bender. And you were actually glad that you weren’t, because the element benders were always in a conflict with eachother, which you’d rather avoid. However, as you turned twenty years old, your life was turned upside down immediately after you heard that you have been a firebender for your whole life, and the people that you have always considered as your family, suddenly became strangers in one second. Unknown to what the firebender-life would bring you, you made an effort to blend into the element bending life, only to come across other obstacles which you did not expect at all.

A/N: An early update, since I have been doing all-nighters these past days which is not quite good but okay. Comments and feedback are always appreciated! :) Enjoy the reading ;3 

Prologue | Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3

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Christmas Carols

Prompt: Can you write one where the reader and Chris have a rough patch in their relationship, they break up, she ends up going out with another celebrity (like maybe Ryan Reynolds) and Chris has to fight to get her back?

A/N: The truth is that I can’t imagine Ryan with someone that is not Blake haha, so I’m gonna write with the one and only Henry Cavill. I love Chris and Henry. I freaked out in those awards. Also, this was inspired by a “Love Actually” scene. I hope you like it. As always, THANK YOU for reading.

Warnings: ReaderxChrisxHenry Cavill. Fluff?


“You’ve been very distracted today, baby” I hear the voice of my boyfriend Henry; it was like an echo but since he’s walking towards me It wasn’t that far. I’m sitting in our kitchen worktop. He’s staying between my legs, he kisses my neck as I cross my arms around his. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, I was just thinking some recipes I’d like to make” I force myself to smile, but I know he’s not convinced. I sighed and looked down.

“You sure?” He uses his thumb to lift my chin. I nodded. I leaned to kiss him. He takes his space and caressed my cheek slowly. I placed my head feeling his warm touch.

“I love you” I murmured. And I do. I love Henry. He’s amazing. But this day, this date is killing me. I hate having the idea on my head that those are not the deep blue eyes I want to get lost into. At least not today.

“I love you too, baby. I’ll order pizza, so you don’t have to wonder into those crazy recipes” I smile, I leaned again to approach my lips to his soft and pinky lips.

“Ok” I whispered against his lips. He gives me a short kiss before leaving me there, with my mental war. I take a grape and throw it to the calendar. December 22th. That number is the reminder of an anniversary that’s never going to happen again. I hate myself right now.


“I think that’s the pizza, I’ll open” I kiss Henry, but he grabs my arms to sits me in his lap and kiss me a little bit more. I take a step back from him laughing. I keep laughing until I open the door. It disappeared. Chris was standing in front of me. The first thing he did was putting his finger in his lips in sign of me to not talk. But even if I could, I couldn’t be able to articulate a word. He grabbed his cardboards. I looked at the one that was in the front.

“Is it the pizza, baby?” I heard Henry yelling.

“Tell him that they’re Christmas Carols” That was written in the first one.

“They’re Christmas Carols, love” I made emphasis in that last adjective. I just heard an “ok” and Chris sighed. And some Christmas carols started to sound from his coat.

“Today is a special day”. He took it away to let me read the rest.

“And it’s not because I realized I was a jerk for letting you go” I look down trying to hold my smile. When I look up, there’s a new one.

“It’d be our anniversary. And I know you thought about it, at least once.” He watched me expecting me to respond at his affirmation. I slowly nodded.

“I made a lot of mistakes, but the biggest one was not fighting for you and letting you go” I felt tears running through my cheeks. Chris sighed again and changed the cardboard.

“You’re the love of my life” my hand went to my chest and I tried to keep calmed.

“And I know I’m yours”

“I also know he’s great, he makes you happy. I understand. You deserve it” the song was almost over and there was a couple cardboards.

“Because it’s you. And I will love you until my last breath”

“I will always, always love you” that was the last one. I nodded, I didn’t know what to say. He imitated my action and grabbed the cardboards again. He turned back and started to walk away. Then, I realized…

Through the Dark Comes the Light IV

Part I Part II Part III

Dwalin pulled out the silver-headed axe, running his fingers over the khuzdul runes carves unto the hilt just above the dark leather wrapped tightly around it. Like his own, the curve of the blade was a perfect arc and forged with utmost care so that even without whetting, it remained sharp. He held it in one hand, testing the balance of the weapon he had so painstakingly crafted himself. On odd days, he had spent extra hours at his anvil, pouring his sweat and even blood into it. Now he was eager to see the response he would get when he presented it to its intended wielder.

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On the Anniversary of IRTABFY:

An Open Letter to the Inception Fandom

Hi everyone! Today is a very special day for me - a day where I want to thank all of you. Today, the 24th of January, marks the one year anniversary since the first posting of I’d Rather Take A Bullet for You (Than See You Hurt Again), better known as IRTABFY!

IRTABFY was not my first venture into the Inception fandom, however it’s been the plunge that has submersed me feet first. Since then, I’ve enjoyed where the waves have taken me - and have met a lot of amazing people in the process!

My first-ever fic was actually posted last year on the 22nd of January. It was titled Cat Memes and WonderWall - A.K.A The Phone Mix-up (very high-class, I know). It was a simple texting short that began with this summary:

Eames: My mother wants to meet you, Darling.

She keeps referring to you as, “That nice man who talked to me on your phone, dear.”

I expected no one to read it. Then, overnight, I was overwhelmed by the response. 32 comments, 9 bookmarks? I was stunned. Looking back, I don’t think I would’ve believed you if you told me what I was in for. But we’re getting there.

I’ve read Inception fics ever since the inception (ha, I couldn’t resist) of the fandom. I actually began with Ariadne/Arthur (shh, shh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry) and branched out when I saw the much more popular tag, Arthur/Eames. Needless to say, I fell in love. “You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling” has been a quote I’ve touted since 2010, and I’m gratified it’s something I get to share with all of you. I can’t begin to describe how you all have changed me.

It’s not only the AUs, although they are good - Arthur celebrates Hanukkah, runs a coffee shop, does lapdances on the side. Eames is a waiter, then a musician, then a policeman. (Was there artistic cheese and shirtlessness at one point??)

Their relationship morphs through a blur of wonderful reincarnations and twisting red-hot dynamics - always leading toward the breathless singularity that is Arthur+Eames.

It’s not just the headcanons, although they are amazing - Arthur hogs the blankets, Eames has a secret (or not so secret) fascination with dogs, Arthur may or may not keep the apartment ten degrees warmer for a certain lover of Mombasa.

It’s not just the fanart, although all of your postings continually dumbfound me.

It’s the community.

I wrote the first chapter of IRTABFY after I got comments on Cat Memes and WonderWall (sidenote: I have a problem with long titles. I need therapy.) saying how much they liked the portrayal of Eames’ mother. After that, I posted the first chapter of IRTABFY, wrote the ending right after, and wondered what the heck was going to come in between.

And now, after 23 published chapters, 78748 words, 288 comments, 305 kudos, 67 bookmarks, and 6355 hits, I don’t even know what to say. Surprised would be a gross understatement. Nonplussed, perhaps. Flabbergasted. Mystified.

This has already become a dissertation of my love for all of you and this fandom, so I’ll stop here. I am not sure how to convey how much each and every one of you have affected me. You have spurred me to keep writing when I wondered whether I was good enough. You have inspired me with your works. You have provided insight and cute GIFs that reminded me why the Inception fandom is still alive and thriving seven (!!!) years after the release. You have irrevocably altered my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.

-randombitsofstars <3

A special thanks to a few of the many who have inspired me: @orangebug13 @a-forger-and-a-point-man @briaranise-star @fiamac @corinnetags @pinkys-creature-feature @la-belle-laide @earlgreytea68 @deadbeforeithappens @thingsbeginningwitha @iamanonniemouse @involuntaryorange @inceptionkitties @tweed-and-paisley @youcantsaymylastname @malfunctioningtotem @redtotems @geekasaurus-me @trynx @silverukiss @dreamin-reader @inceptiversary @fuckyeaharthurandeames @dread-pirate-westley @dailyjosephgordonlevitt @freudhood @weltenesche @inceptiversarysocial @nerdherderette

A very special thanks to @domlerrys for her continual support, encouragement, and fanart represented above.


The air was cool early morning Sigal standing Next to his father. Today was a special day At least it was always treated like it was even though it was a common Day that happened every few months. Sigal was getting used to the motions and bustle of these days, Often at the base whenever he wasn’t at combat school. The reason for the commotion was it was another time for a visit from the Schnee family. The Schnee Family was a huge contributor to the military, and often would visit to make sure their money was being used properly, That and a Schnee currently was at the base. 

Often Sigal Dreaded being brought to the base since he had no interest in being a part of it, But he actually liked these days. It was one of the few times he got to see Weiss, She was about the same age as Sigal and as they visited he had started to crush on her. Though he never really had the courage to talk to her and mainly because she was always with her father who Sigal didn’t want to cause trouble as it would cause trouble with his own father, that’s just what he told himself, he was just afraid of him. Though That would change today.

Soon his father would Greet Jacques Schnee. “Good afternoon Mr. Schnee.” He saluted to Schnee. “Today we have That project to show you.” He lowered his arm. “But I must apologise since it’s top secret Your daughter will not be able to come with us this time. But don’t worry Sigal here can keep her company and show her around.” 

Sigal wasn’t expecting to be put on the spot like that and it was clear he was flustered as he hesitated before bowing ever so slightly as an acknowledgement, His father always scolded him if he saluted since he wasn’t in the military it was considered disrespectful.