today is gonna be spam day sorry

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how you can say respect my wishes but spam a sub par book and tell everyone to rate it. You're not personable in the slightest. TBH I feel as though you think you're better than your followers. Your only response ever is "Thanks!" That made me wanna stop interacting with you. It hurts when you write nice things to a writer but then just get more begging and pleading. You were better a year ago. Now you act like an egotistical author. I looked up to you. Guess I was wrong to...

(Part 2) It wasn’t posted for you to respond. It was supposed to be a self reflection. What are you actually telling your audience rather than what are you trying. Again, you come off narcissistic. Other authors have books but they don’t spam them every single fucking day or even a week. But you’re gonna do what you want. So we can both be assholes together! 💁🏼❤️❤️❤️

So, the first message was sent as I was posting that I wasn’t going to respond any more messages today, and I didn’t see it until after. Then came the second. Sorry, but I need to respond to this one. I’ll put it under a cut, and then I’m logging off Tumblr for the day so y’all don’t have to see any more of this. I’m sorry for today, guys. My blog will be back to normal tomorrow.

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okay so apparently people hadn’t seen that performance vid so I’m gonna start posting a few “lesser known” A.C.E vids. Maybe 2 a day so I don’t spam you guys. Here’s another one for today, it’s uh… it’s something. 


@ anon,

I’m not gonna fucking respond to you anymore cause I don’t wanna spam my followers with your negativity.

But thanks for the five messages you sent shitting on my confidence as a writer. I really needed that today of all days. :)

And as much as I love to just stop wriitng for the ship like you want me to,

I totes can’t cause Thomas and Virgil are totes my otp!!!!! sorry. UwU

So unfollowing me is your best option.

By the way you misspelled “mediocre”

i can’t catch up with Bangtan these days, they’re releasing so much new content but i’m so busy 😩 uni has been hell for the past few days, i had so much stuff to do, i barely had any time to come here 😔 but i’m free today, so i’m gonna see what i missed and reblog some stuff. sorry for spam in advance 😁

Hello, new followers!

I’m sorry for all the drama of today. I know that’s not what you followed for. I had a very stressful day, and my Tumblr buddies are like my refuge, so here’s where I come for comfort some of the times. I’m sorry if I annoyed you.  (; ω ; )

Gonna be back on normal reblogs and what not, just in a few hours so not to spam your dashboards. Thank you for following me! 

Merry Christmas my lovely followers! I hopeyou have a lovely day filled with loads of yummy foods and presents!

I’m not sure how/when you guys celebrate Christmas where you live, but in Sweden we celebrate it today so I’m definitely gonna spam you with christmas foods (sorry not sorry). I’m going to be back to taking requests tomorrow or so, merry christmas!