today is a good day

OK, so. I work in an academic department of a major Canadian university, and this department is pretty notorious for being a bit forgetful and preoccupied. So it was no big surprise that I discovered a small hoard of plastic water pitchers that obviously belonged to the school’s catering service. I contacted them and they asked me to return them to the cafeteria in my building.

So I go up to the counter to hand these things back to the 20something guy working there, and I just see his face transform–like he is fighting the battle of his life with the most obvious pun, knowing that he shouldn’t say it, but it’s too late. It comes out:

“Nice jugs!”

Reader, I may be a feminist killjoy, but it was so goddamn cheeky and cute that I had to counter with: “Take a pitcher, it’ll last longer!” 

Many guts were busted on this day.

I’d just like to say Congratulations to not only Zoe and Alfie, but to the Zalfie Fandom as well. We went through it all, from their first ever collab, to the Valentines day video, to all the FBI investigations that took place, them being finally outed, and now this. It’s a good life, ;)