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I love love love your blog! Almost as much as Saeran ;) Could we get #5 for the 'I Love You' prompt? <3

5. Over a beer bottle

A/N: Quickie because I’m sneaking out a small break from studying :3 (save me pls I’m drowning under all these readings)

He peers over the rim of his near empty beer bottle, and it dangles loosely from his grasp. He’s seated across you, weight leaning on his elbows that are rested on the table. His eyes are half-closed, consciousness clouded by the alcohol, and his cheeks flushed a deep pink that can almost compare with his red hair.

You sigh, taking a swig from your own bottle. You seriously contemplate smacking Zen upside the head the next time you see him for introducing Saeran to beer in the first place. Now it’s all Saeran does when he’s upset, when he gets into an argument with his brother, or even when he’s simply bored and has nothing to do. Today is one of those days when he just doesn’t want to stay home for some reason, and so he called you earlier to invite you out for a drink.

Knowing how Saeran isn’t exactly the best drunk, you dropped everything to go to him, despite how busy you were. Admittedly, it was also because you like spending time with him. But as far as feelings go, you’re just attracted to him. That’s all there is to it… you think. 

And Saeran is always just… Saeran. Blank. Stoic. Never showing you more than a couple glimpses into his thoughts or emotions. He just seemed to tolerate your presence at the start. Even now, you suppose the only reason he asks you out occasionally is because he’s gotten quite used to being around you. You’re not sure that he actually likes you being around him though, so you never initiate things too much, and neither does he because Saeran isn’t exactly the poster boy for taking initiative in social situations.

“I want more…” he mutters then, causing you to raise a brow and snap out of your own thoughts. He leans back on the sofa, movements sluggish as he slams his now empty bottle onto the table with a loud clunk.

And that makes it the sixth bottle he’s had for the night.

“We’re done here,” you say, standing up a little too fast. You’re just slightly unsteady on your feet, a little more tipsy than you intended to be. But you easily regain your balance, and step over to tug on his sleeve. “Let’s go.”

“Nooooo, not done, I want moreeee,” he slurs, unfocused eyes taking a couple seconds to narrow into a glare at your figure. It’s a little comical how his pupils start drifting away, as if the room is spinning around him and you’re not standing in one spot.

Your observation proves true when he clutches his head with a grimace, face scrunching up. “Stop moving,” he groans, pointing a middle finger that’s directed at apparently, nothing. “Stop spinning like that, you fucker!” 

You lower your head slightly under the gazes from patrons nearby. Yep, you made the right decision coming here. 

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Of Coffees in Summer ( COLE X READER)

REQUEST: @desicookie - Hey Can you write an imagine where the reader works at a coffee shop, near the riverdale shooting destination and cole comes their frequently. Because he loves seeing the reader, also something where the reader loves talking to cole whenever he comes?

A/N: Basically what @desicookie requested, with a little more add-ons. I’ve also mentioned about the recent clash between Cole and the street musician in the story because I’m a daredevil ;) jk.. Just felt like it.  ALSO a Harry Styles’ concert to spice things up a bit ! :)Hope you like it x Requests are still open.


 Working at the coffee shop for 4 hours every weekday wasn’t quite how you planned your summer. Ever since Sumer break commenced, you’ve been working here at the coffee shop. Your summer goal was to earn enough money to buy tickets for the upcoming Harry Styles concert. The tickets go on sale in just two weeks and you’re busting your ass to buy the tickets. Your dad already agreed to pay half of it but since it’s VIP seats you’re seeking, you’re still in need of a lot of money.

“(Y/n), there he comes again,” your co-worker/friend Cara whispers into your ear.

Triing, in walks Cole Sprouse. Yeap, ½ of the famous Sprouse twins. He has been coming here for quite a while now ever since his show Riverdale got the permit to shoot some few episodes just few blocks away from the coffee shop.

Since it’s a really small secluded neighbourhood, no one has ever noticed him or approached him so far in the coffee shop. Maybe that’s why he likes coming here.

Sure, when he first came to the coffee shop, which was 3 days back, you and Cara couldn’t stop fangirling like 12 year olds but Greg, your boss, told you that if you couldn’t keep it together he would have to fire both you and Cara. Ever since then, you and Cara have been keeping your cool. 

Today Cole looked even more frustrated than usual. He had a very angry look on his face when he walked in. He took the seat near the counter, he seems to have a lot on his mind. Neither you  nor Cara want to approach him since he does look quite aggravated.

“It’s your turn today,” she pushes you.

You roll back, “No, no, I can’t take his order, look at his face!”

“(Y/N), you just have to-“ she pushes you really far and really close to Cole Sprouse. Ugh, she is so dead.

“Um, everything okay?” you try to ease the tension,

He looks up at you with a stone-cold face.

Scared, you immediately utter, ”Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. I’ll come to take your order later-“

He sighs,”Uh, I’m sorry,” He rubs his eyes,”I just have a lot on my mind,”

Okay.. you don’t know what to respond since this is your first actual conversation with Cole, other than him ordering an Americano every other day.

“Do you know the musician singing outside?” he point towards a certain lady with a guitar on the street.

You’ve seen her before but you don’t really know her.

You shake your head in response for a ‘no’.

“Nevermind. So anyway, she won’t stop playing her music and now we can’t shoot even a single scene because she won’t budge. We’ve already got the permit to shoot here but she-“

Cole trails off as he notices the blank look on your face since you have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

He snickers,”My goodness, you have no idea what I’m  talking about”

You’re embarrassed,”I’m sorry. Just here to take your order,”

Cole smiles,”Oh about that, I’ll an Irish coffee today,”

Hmmm, interesting choice.

“Is there something wrong?” he questions

“No, why?”

“I saw your face change when I said Irish coffee”

You snicker, ”Ah, sorry. It’s just that you’ve only ordered Americano so far. I thought you-“

“Wait, you’ve taken my orders before?”

You nod,”Yeap,”

He looks really surprised,”Since when?”

“Since three days back, I’ve taken two orders so far, excluding this one…not that I’ve been counting,” you trail off.

He chuckles,”Interesing. Why have’t I noticed you before?”

You quietly bring yourself closer to his ears and whisper,”I forgot to wear my invisbilty cloak today”

Cole laughs in response, “Good one,”

“One Irish Coffee coming right up,” you smile and take your leave.

“Wait,….” He must’ve realized only now that he hasn’t asked your name yet.

“(Y/n). My name is (Y/n),”

“So tell me, Miss (Y/n), is the Irish coffee any good?”

“Um, I’ve never tried it actually,”

“Ah! Good because you’re trying one now with me,”

“I possibly c-can’t..” you stutter, I mean, C’mon Cole Sprouse just asked you to have coffee with him.

“Of course she can!” Cara peeks in from behind taking off your apron,”I’ll cover. You’re welcome,” She smiles sweetly at Cole and leaves.

Cara, I swear.

Cole chuckles,”You can sit,”

You take the sit across him nervously.

“So, you like working here?” Cole attempts to start a conversation.

You sigh and roll your eyes, ”Don’t even get me started! I’m only doing this because I really want to go to this Harry Styles concert which is due in only few weeks. You know Harry Styles, right? The gorgeous curly haired lad from One Direction. Oh my gosh, I’ve never been to any One direction concert, ever. So when I heard that Harry  was going to do a concert in this little town I was like ‘Oh my gosh, if I don’t-“

Cara intervenes with two cups of Irish coffee.

“Thanks,Cara” you take a huge sip of the coffee,”Anyway,as I was saying…”

You pause yourself because you’re not sure if Cole is even listening anymore. You wish you had some control over that mouth of yours but c’mon, when it’s Harry Styles, your mouth runs as fast as a bullet train.

“Why’d you stop?”

“I-I-I’m sorry, I thought I was boring you,” you take another sip,”Gosh, I do talk so much, don’t I?”

Cole laughs. He then rests his head on his hand as he smiles brightly and says, “Go on, I like listening to you,”

“Yay,” you clap your hands, before excitedly taking Cole Sprouse on your fangirl journey .

Two irish coffee and few hours later, Cole had to leave. He was more humble than you thought he would be. You spent the entire evening talking to him about Harry Styles while he filled you in about the commotion with the musician earlier.

You walked him out of the coffee shop.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you around then,” Cole grins before leaving.

“Guess so,”


Ever since that blissful evening where you and Cole bonded over Harry Styles, he started coming more often. Sometimes, even twice a day!

Cara was kind enough to cover for you whenever he came over so that you could have some alone time with Cole.

Some days, he would tell you stories about the set while you tell him about your best friends. Other days, you would just sit in a comfortable silence while he goes through his scripts and you work on the accounts.

Soon, awkward goodnight waves turned into goodnight hugs.  Cole was such an easy person to get along with, he was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside.

Cole’s schedule kept getting more hectic as days went by but he always made sure to stop by at the coffee shop. Sometimes he’d come in as late as 8pm! But since you lived quite nearby and you knew he would come, you always stayed open for him.

Tonight was just as ordinary as any other night. Cole dropped in tonight as well. You talked about your high school  while Cole shared his love for animals!

It’s always a sad song when he has to leave. You’re not sure since when you developed such a liking for Cole and his coffee but anyway-

“Goodnight, (y/n)” Cole smiled, pulling you in for a hug . Before breaking the hug, he placed a small peck on your cheek.

A small peck. An infintesmally small peck but a peck nevertheless.

He chuckled at how red you turned at his sudden gesture. 

“Haha, see you tomorrow,  shy girl” he teased.

You roll your eyes,”Don’t call me that! Goodnight,”

You get inside the coffee shop to get ready to close down.

“I see things are escalating,”

“Oh my gosh, Cara, you scared me! Thought you left,” you gasp.

“Uf, don’t try to change the subject,”

You blush,” It’s nothing. He’s out of my league, he’ll never like a commoner like me. Besides, I’ve been reading a lot about his relationship with Lili Reinhart. So yeah,” you sigh as you face the harsh truth.

Cara scoffs,”I don’t know what you’re talking about but I know what I see. Anyways, the concert is tomorrow right?”

You sigh even more,”I didn’t even come close to the ticket price! I’ll never get to see Harry Styles. Forget about Cole liking me, I’m never going to see Harry!”

Cara places a comforting hand over your shoulder, ”Aww c’mon babygirl! Let me make you my special milkshake for you to take home,”


You decide to call in sick at work because today is Harry Styles’ concert, almost ALL of  your friends are going to see him while you’re not. You had been dreaming about this day all summer and now it’s finally here but you can’t even go; IT’S SOUL-CRUSHING. You just wanna stay in bed all day and not talk to anybody. You don’t even wanna use your phone because all you see are pictures of your friends with their concert tickets and merch! Annoying.

BUZZ, You feel your phone vibrate from underneath your pillow.

You groan as you check the caller id: Cole

Shocked at the sight of his name, you quickly answer,”Hello?”

“Where are you and why haven’t you answered any of my texts?” he asks, sounding a little frustrated.

“Your texts..?” you check your inbox to find four messages from Cole


Where are you? Already got my morning coffee. See you later!


Why haven’t you come yet?





“Oh my gosh,” you quickly apologize,”I’m so sorry, my phone was on silent, I-“

“Nevermind, get dressed. I’m picking you up in 10,”

“Wait, where are we going?”

“You’ll see . Don’t worry, Cara’s joining us too,”


“OHMYGOSHYOUDIDNT,” you yelp in excitement as you quickly run over to Cole and give him the biggest, tightest hug ever.

He just parked outside the stadium and handed you VIP tickets for Harry Styles’ concert. He got one for Cara too since ‘she was always kind enough to cover your shift so that you and him could have a cup of coffee together,’

“Oh my gosh, Cole, I can’t believe… I don’t know how to..” you wipe your accidental happy tears.

“Ah, thank Cara. She was the one who reminded me of the concert! I’m sorry, I completely forgot about it,”

“Well, we’re here now, let’s go!” Cara excitedly exclaims.

“Let’s go,” Cole smiles brightly as he offers his hand.

You haven’t felt this happy in a very long time. When Cole first walked into the Coffee Shop with a bunch of scripts in his hand, you had no idea that you would be holding that same hand as you run over to see your favourite singer perform. Sure, you had seen him on TV but you never  really felt anything.

He was just the guy from Riverdale. But now he has his arms around you while you watch in awe as Harry sings ‘Only Angel” .

The concert, so far, is going so well. Some fans recognized Cole but he kindly requested them to give you guys some space, promising them that he would take pictures with them after the concert.

Suddenly, everybody yelp in surprise and in awe as Harry sings ‘Summer Love’ alone. It’s one of the songs from One Direction’s second album. Hearing him sing it alone was sad and beautiful at the same time.

The screaming and the screeching stopped as everybody put their hands up in rhythm with the song.

“I was hoping that he would sing this one,” Cole exclaims.

You snicker, ”And why is that?”. You never took him for a Directioner.

“So that I could do this,” he immediately pulls you in for a deep kiss. 

His hand linger at the back of your head as he kisses you smoothly while Harry sings the chorus.

The guy you’ve been crushing on the entire summer is kissing you while your favourite singer sings one of your favourite songs in the background, LIVE. 

Did you just die and go to heaven? Because you swear, you felt like your soul had left your body.

There are thousands of people surrounding the two of you. Many must’ve been taking pictures but you didn’t care. You didn’t care because Cole didn’t. 

Cole had the biggest grin on his face after he broke the kiss. You were still very amazed at the stunt he just pulled, ” Whoa, Cole, since when did you-“ 

Since the day I heard you talk about Harry Styles. I instantly knew I wanted someone to talk about me like that with that same light and love in your eyes,

You gush. He pushes your hair at the back of your ear, “I see it, (Y/n). I see the same light every time you tell me about your friends, about your favourite poet and I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of all the things that keep you happy,”

“You have no idea,” and with that, you pull him for another kiss while Harry still continues to sing Summer Love.

The famous 25 year old heartthrob  with the greasiest hair and the stinkiest crown beanie but the most beautiful pair of bluish-green eyes and the best smile was your Summer Love.

With summer coming to an end, you have your classes to attend and Cole has his hectic schedule to take care of, but right now, none of it matters. Because as you kissed, you knew in your heart, that no matter what Autumn may bring, you and Cole were going to be okay.


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A Glitching Nightmare (Antisepticeye x Reader)

TW: Light swearing
Word Count: 504
Fandom: Antisepticeye
Author’s Note: Anon request:  “Could you do an antisepticeye x reader where the reader is a writer and one day leaves a poem abt him for him to read??” This was super fun to write. I tried really hard with the poetry, can you tell? Probably not, because I suck at poetry, but I hope you all enjoy it.

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Better Than Cheesecake

For @vanessa-0188, some new Sonny based on the prompt:  “Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry”. 

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

You wanted the part so bad it was all you could think about for the last three months.

Since the moment you heard about the open audition, you spent every second you weren’t at your day job (and sometimes, even stole a few moments there) delving into the play.

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I Hate My Soulmate - Michael Clifford [FLUFF]

Not Requested

Summary~ Everyone grows up with a countdown embedded in them, a countdown ‘til they meet their soulmate but how is it possible that everyone can be happy about their soulmates.

A/N: I know the soulmates thing is used a lot but I like this idea

Word Count - 1162

Timers are everywhere. Little digital boxes that plague your life, counting down seconds, minutes, hours, days and years until the biggest day of someones life - the day they meet their soulmate. With this day comes presents, cards, parties; people make an event out of it and from that day on you have the exact time and date embedded in your skin where the timer once was. However, everyone’s timers are in slightly different places; if you’re lucky you’ll be like 75% of the population and have it somewhere on your arms, or you might be like 24% of the population and have it littered somewhere down your legs but if you’re in that unlucky 1% you’ll have it placed somewhere ridiculous like your neck or your stomach or god forbid your forehead. But as it happens your forehead isn’t the worst place to have a timer as - the miracle of the soulmate timer is - only you can see it, so although looking at it in mirrors backwards may be annoying it’s something that can be dealt with.

You yourself have drawn the short straw, because your timer is located at the very bottom of your back meaning you have never before seen it. You were quick to learn after a few tries that even attempting to photograph the timer doesn’t help, it either appears blank or scrambled so you’ve gone a full 20 years without knowing when an alarm would sound and you’d be faced with the guy you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with.

A normal life.

So naturally it’s all to disheartening when you fall for someone, your child hood best friend in fact, due to meet his soulmate exactly 15 years, 3 months and 8 days after he met you, the worst part being that he falls for you too. So the two of you start a doomed relationship that so far has lasted for 2 years, both secretly hoping that if you spend long enough together then the timers with change.

“Okay, sorry I can’t stick around long I’ve got work,” he says one morning after having breakfast at your place.

Your heart drops as you look at him getting ready, “I thought you were taking today off?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t get my boss to agree, what’s the big deal anyway?” he questions.

“Well… today is… your day,” you tap your wrist.

He rolls up his sleeve and looks at his blank wrist, “Oh, I forgot, damn,” he leans down and pecks your lips, “With you I guess I lose track of the days, but I guess I’m just going to have to go and make sure I get back here before time runs out”

“Can’t you just call in sick?” you ask.

“That’s a great way to lose a job,” he chuckles.

“That’s what I did,” you mumble.

“I’m sorry, but hey, I love you,” he kisses you.

“Love you too”

He goes to walk out giving you a wave as he goes.

You call after him, “What time do you have to be back by?” 

He’s gone before he can reply.

You wait for him, all day, sitting around in your apartment, expecting him back any moment, but eventually you fall asleep only to wake up when you hear him practically falling in the front door.

You look at him expectantly with glee on your face until he rolls up his sleeve to see a perfectly printed tattoo; one hour, and 42 minutes ago. Tears brim in your eyes.

“Who is she?” you wipe your eyes.

“Ria Matthews, I ran into her in the street,” he stutters.

You nod sadly.

“I’m sorry, I should have got home sooner but if it counts for anything I won’t call her, I won’t ever see her,” he says gripping your arms.

“I can’t make you do that, it’s fate, you clearly need to see her,” he doesn’t seem persuaded. “Honestly, I’ll be fine, I’ll find mine at some point”

That’s how you broke up.

It takes a while for you to pluck up the courage to leave the house again but none the less you need to go to work and restock your kitchen.

Walking home from work one afternoon you’re cautious as the streets are busy and you have a heavy bag of work on your back. Maneuvering your way through the crowd until you feel something at your coat pocket. You turn sharply to see a pick pocket with your purse in his hand. As you lock eyes you feel a searing pain in your back and watch as he drops your purse gripping his wrist - a sharp ringing flowing through your ears before stopping as you look to the oy who is now breathing heavily.

You pick up the purse which is now on the floor and look up once more to see him walking away, but - knowing exactly what just happened - you chase after him

“Wait,” you call after him.

He simply turns slightly before pulling his dark hood further onto his head to cover the red hair underneath. You continue to follow him even down a shady alley way that you otherwise would avoid.

“Can you stop following me?” he sharply turns to you.

“No, do you not understand what happened back there?” you furrow your brow.

“Of course I do, I’m not an idiot,” he scowls.

“Well excuse me for trying to get the chance to meet my so called ‘soulmate’,” you use airquotes.

“Well you’ve met me now you can go”

“No, I’ve had to deal with too much shitty soulmate related still to let my actual one get away”

He relaxes slightly still clearly agitated, “Do you want to come in”

“Thank you,” is all you say.

He leads you up a crumbling stairwell and to a chipping red painted door with the number ‘14′ in cheap stick on letters. The inside reflects the outside as you see a painfully basic apartment, from the doorway you can see every room n the place. It’s kept tidy despite the falling plaster walls and lopsided shelves but the whole atmosphere of the place shows how little money this boy has,- probably why he pick pockets.

“Tea? Coffee?” he audibly sighs.

“Tea,” you reply.

Moments later he emerges with two cups and you sit toether on his cracked leather sofa.

“I don’t see what you want to talk abot?” he say.

“Well I figured we should actually make a little effort,” you say sipping your drink

He rolls up his sleeves with a huff to show a bandaged arm.

“Is that where your timer is?” you ask.

He nods.

“Why do you cover it up?”

“Because I god damn despise the soulmate theory,” he speaks into his cup.

You hate his attitude, it gets under your skin. You hate the way he speaks, no respect. You hate the way he carries himself, like he’s better than everyone.

You hate your soulmate.


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taylorswift TAY your performance of Blank Space at the BRITS is my favorite performance of that song so far IT WAS SO AMAZING and you looked FLAWLESS as usual! I have watched it on repeat so many times now that I have lost count. ☺️ I hope you have a good day today, I LOVE YOU BUDDY💜
-Juli 💕