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My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
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The eyes, the eyes!

Not a fan of the flipped-cap look but just ignore that and look from the eyebrows down. Santiago really is the closest FC to Zig because of the eyes. And the overall vibe. Very hot. Nice work, Anon, hope you’re reading this.

Zig: “What can I get for you today?”

Me: “Uh… fluh… bluh…. duh…”


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VIXX: dating N would include

▪ you being best friends before anything else

 ▪ before confessing your feelings to each other, you both promised to remain friends if you ever had to break up

 ▪ mostly bc you know he’s an important idol and his job is of top priority to him 

▪ at least for now

 ▪ the other guys basically loving you as if you were one of them 

 ▪ also they’re hella glad you came along, since most of Hakyeon’s affections are now directed towards you and not them 

 ▪ you and Hyuk goofing off and Hakyeon having to scold you both, sometimes forgetting you’re not a part of the group 

 ▪ will get butterflies in his stomach and have the most gleaming smile when you bring them food during practice 

 ▪ he’ll smack the boys and insist they thank you 100 times and tell you how amazing you are

 ▪ before pulling you in and giving you the sweetest kiss

 ▪ booty bumps

 ▪ him slapping your butt when walking by 

▪ you doing the same, except you’ll actually grab it until he starts squirming 

 ▪ you guys love each others butts ok 

 ▪ (I mean have you seen his omg) 

▪ never forgets to tell you how much he loves and appreciates you, will spoil you with affection and love 

 ▪ you being jealous of his flawless skin and asking him what his beauty and skin care routine is 

▪ I mean wtf does he do to keep it so smooth and nice and perfect 

 ▪ both of you having insecurities, but looking past them and loving each other more and more everyday until you forget about the flaws

 ▪ you taking his clothes sometimes, and him pretending to get mad but he loves it so much when you strut around the place in his shirt or sweater 

 ▪ esp I’m front of the others 

 ▪ “jagiaya, why do you look so good today? Oh duh, you’re wearing my clothes. Doesn’t she look good, guys?“ 

▪ encourages you to get your work done, and brings you snacks and promises you cuddles if you finish everything 

 ▪ sometimes letting him pick your outfits or clothes while shopping, and he’ll nod his head in appreciation bc dang he can’t believe you’re his 

▪ back rubs when you’re not feeling well

 ▪ also one to fret over you when you get sick, and you doing the same for him 

▪ bc he can’t afford to get sick and you being the best when it comes to reminding him to take his medicines and eat warm food 

▪ when he’s away, he’s always thinking of you and getting you stuff that reminds him of you 

▪ the guys loving and appreciating you so much bc you love their amazing leader, and push him to be the best that he can when it comes to the group 

 ▪ he is an absolute angel and I’d die for him tbh 💗

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“You know, from all these suitors that Josie helped me to avoid recently, no one even considered to give me a castle as a present. And you just… did it”. — “You flatter me, lady Trevelyan”.

I'm really surprised that...

No katsudeku fan has exploited the HUMONGOUS potential after chapter 120. I mean, imagine the possibilities:

Case 1:
“-Oi, Deku, come with me after school is over- K
-O-oh, was it today?- D
-‘What was it today?’- class 1-A
-Duh, from now is going to be everyday, asshole- K
-E-eh?!- class 1-A+D”

Case 2:
“*After class, class 1-A watch awed as Bakugou and Midoriya walk up together to the dorms, talking civilly*
-No, no, no! That’s not how you react in a situation like that, Kacchan!-D
-But just saving their asses should be enough, right?!-K
-You have to give emotional support too!-D
*class 1-A.EXE stopped working*


And things can even develop into weird physical contact, excesive violation of personal space, the 2 of them spending entire afternoons(?) in one of the two boys just TALKING about how they can improve together. The both of them training until late in the night. Katsuki having to carry Izuku because “fuck you, loser, how is it that you have no stamina at all?” “s-sorry, kacchan…”. Or or or Izuku being the voice of reason everytime Katsuki’s pouty mouth starts to run “Kacchan, remember that All might was also very diplomatic in public” “…tch” and Katsuki actually listening! While everybody is just “wtf am I watching? Is this a weird dream??”

I mean, come on! Slowbuilds are SCREAMING TO BE WRITED! D:

Causing Problems Pt. 1

Plot: You and Wonwoo are the two top students in the school, when you are asked to start a tutoring program at the school. Not being able to stand each other, you soon discover that the other isn’t as bad as you thought to be.

Pairing: WonWoo x OC

Genre: IDK even know TBH, Angst I guess???

Author: @the-song-was-fire-so-save-me

Notes: This wasn’t requested but, since I always do EXO or BTS, I really wanted to do this SEVENTEEN fanfic because Wonwoo gives me major feelings even though this has nothing to do with them. I hope you guys like this because I had a ton of fun writing it even if it took me a good 3 days to finish it!

Word Count: 1.9K



“Y/N, Wonwoo, stay after class.” Your teacher called out to you two, while the rest of the class started packing up. What you had to do with Wonwoo, you had no idea. You honestly didn’t even associate with him or his group of populars.

After you finished packing your things up, you went up to the front of the classroom, right in front of the teacher’s desk. It can’t be about grades. You thought. I’m a straight A student. Maybe he needs tutoring? No, I’ve heard that he’s super smart. What could it be? Suddenly you were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt a presence at your shoulder. Looking over, you were met with a shoulder, slowly, your eyes trailed up until you met Wonwoo’s face; a good 5 inches above yours.

“So, basically, you two are the top students in not only my class, but the school.” Your teacher started off, snapping your attention back to the teacher’s desk. “And with about a quarter of our school below the standards, we are putting you two in charge of the new tutoring program.” He finished, looking between us both. And all Wonwoo did was scoff.

“You’re going to make me work with this nerd?” He pointed a finger at you, not even giving you a glance. Well, too bad, I’m not playing this game today. You thought, you may not associate with them, but that doesn’t mean that you were going to let him walk all over you.

“And what does that make you, exactly?” You shot back. As far as you heard, he was top of the school too.

“There are no buts’ or ifs’ to this situation. Plus, it looks outstanding on both your college applications.” The teacher cut in, stopping Wonwoo from glaring at you, and you doing the same. He does have a point. You grudgingly admitted, and it looked like Wonwoo was doing the same thing. “Besides that, here are packets containing about the subjects you will specialize in for tutoring, plus what meeting times are. You are both now excused from your Physical Education periods for this class. And now you are dismissed. On to your next class the two of you.” He handed you both fairly thin packages and ushered you to the door. Once the door was shut behind you, he turned to look at you.

“This is the only time you talk to me, just because we are being forced to do this doesn’t give you a free pass to talk to me, okay?” He said, giving you a once over.

“Wasn’t necessarily planning on it in the first place.” You smirked back at him, and started to walk past him, that was until he grabbed ahold of your hand, yanking you backwards.

“You really don’t show respect for your upperclassmen, do you?” He tilted his head to the side.

“Oh sure I do. But only to the ones that give me the same respect.” You smiled and yanked your wrist out of his grip, successfully walking past him this time.

~Time Skip to 3 days later~

“Yea! Apparently the entire faculty is behind us working together! I can’t even stand his fashion sense, much less his personality!” You were complaining to your friend, who was just like every other girl in the school, head over heels for the ‘man’.

“Well, he isn’t THAT bad, I’m sure. I mean, he has a ton of friends, so he at least has to be kind.” She defended him.

“Or has to have a lot of money.” You shot back.

Suddenly, someone was walking beside the two of you. “I do have a lot. That IS something you’ve guessed correctly about me, but horrible fashion sense? Are you blind, or from the mountains?” Wonwoo was his usual self, self-righteous and full of himself.

“Why exactly are you here, Wonwoo?” You asked, not even glancing in his direction.

“If you already forgot, how do you remember anything you learn in class? We start the program today?” He said in a duh-tone, as if you were a child.

“And why are you coming to find me? I know where the lecture hall is.”

“Because, we have to talk about something first.” He answered simply.

“…Fine…” You gave in, knowing that after yesterday, he would probably just grab your arm and drag you to the hall. It seemed easier to go placently with him. You quickly said goodbye to your friend, who was still in shock of standing so close to him.

“Talk.” You said as you started walking to the lecture hall, not waiting for him to follow you.

“What are you specializing in for the classes?” He asked.

“English and Korean Studies, along with World and Country Histories, and anything I need to help out with.” You gave a blunt answer.

“Good. I’m specializing in Maths and Sciences, along with Social Sciences if necessary. It’s a good thing our strong points are different.” He gave a smile.

“That’s why we were put together in this, team? I guess, team. We both have certain strong points, and together we make a coherent scholar.” If he was going to talk to you like a child so were you. But you had to admit, his smile was exceptionally bright for someone never did.

By this time you both had reached the hall and he opened the door for you, surprising. Walking in, you were utterly stunned. Just over 40 kids were spread out across the room, but it brought a smile to your face. This class was optional, and this showed that students actually wanted to improve their grades. Wait, over half of these are girls, you can’t be kidding me? So the fanclub just goes everywhere he does? Let’s hope we can both actually get work done in this environment and not get him distracted.

“Seats, class.” You said as you walked to the front of the room. Surprisingly, everyone listened to you, and Wonwoo walked to your side. “So, we’re both happy that you students decided that it was worth your time to bring up your grades, thank you for attending, and we are both here to be at your disposal for any questions or guidance, so feel free to ask!” With that you stepped back at let Wonwoo walk forward.

“We decided that we will each have specialities in the subjects we help with, but don’t be afraid to ask the other one if one is busy, as we have both proven ourselves successful in all subjects. Now, let’s get to work!” He didn’t smile once. Maybe that’s why people figure him an enigma. You thought, soon though, you were stolen from your castles in the sky when a student called you over because he didn’t understand the Korean Revolution. Even then, though, your mind wandered.

He does seem happy, but he rarely smiles. Then again, it could just be the machismo in him. Plus, a button up shirt does su-. NO! Not doing this! Not with this asshole. Not with someone who thinks they’re better than everyone. You quickly shook the thoughts from your head and peered down at the student’s textbook, only to have the words swimming in front of your eyes. No, not fatigue. Can’t be fatigue, just shake it off Y/N, just shake it off. The past week or so, you had been working non-stop to help pay for future college tuition and been up late at night or early in the morning to keep up your top grades. Your knuckles turned white as you gripped the desk, only to excuse yourself from helping the student and the class. Walking outside, you slid to the ground against a wall. Just then, he walked out of the room and crouched down in front of you.

“You look pale, and your hands are shaking. What’s the matter? When’s the last time you got a good 9 hours of sleep?” He tilted his head.

“I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. Go to the nurse’s office and sleep, I can take care of the class for today. Plus, I don’t I want to have this continue to be a habit. I don’t want to have to do all the work in this by myself. Also, go home and actually sleep instead of binge watching or something.”

“I can’t, I have this thing called a job thank you very much.” Wow, even when you’re tired as fuck Y/N you have to be an ass to him. “Not that you ever had to work a day in your life, right?”

“Just stand up and go to the nurse’s office.” He said, standing up as well.

“Can you at least give a lady a hand?” And he threw out his arm for you to grab. Pulling yourself up, you started to slightly dizzy, but didn’t say anything. As you started walking the dizziness got worse. But, you kept your head high and continued to walk. Next thing you knew, you were leaning on his side for support.

“I’m not carrying you there so you can stop this.” He started to push you off of him.

“Spinning…. It won’t stop spinning. Help me.” You clutched on to him.

“Spinning? What? No, you-. Okay, just hold onto me and continue walking.”

“I don’t think I can, I can’t breathe. Wonwoo, help me.” You pleaded, closing your eyes to make the spinning stop, but it only worsened.

You felt yourself being lifted up, not to mention the incoherent curses coming from his mouth. “Chincha, I can’t beli-” Soon you collapsed in his arms. He started running now to the nurse’s office. Once he reached there, he barged in the door, and upon the nurse seeing you in his arms, barely awake, she ushered him over to a cot.

“Oh my! Dear, what happened? Did she hit her head? Any throwing up or anything?” She asked him as he set you down on the cot in the corner of the room.

“No… She… is completely exhausted… doesn’t… get enough…. sleep.” He let out as he gasped for air. Running with a human in his arms was a lot more tiring than he thought.

“Any other symptoms hun?” She asked, concerned, glancing down at you.

“She said she started to feel dizzy and that the world was spinning in front of her, then she said it was becoming hard to breathe, like she was hyperventilating.” He said, also stealing a quick glance down at you.

“Well, don’t worry about your girlfriend, dear. She just needs to get enough sleep and rest up for the next couple of days. As for the dizziness and hyperventilating, it seems like her exhaustion sent her into a slight panic attack. Other than that, she should be okay to leave in a couple of hours.” She politely said, while putting a heartbeat detector on your finger, jotting down the numbers.

“She isn’t my girlfriend ma’am, I really don’t even know her. I just teach with in the tutoring program with her. And speaking of that, I need to get back to that.” He said, getting ready to turn around and leave, bowing before doing so.

“But, you were the one there with her when she collapsed, correct?” He nodded his head. “Then I need you to fill out this information and give me anything you know about her history okay?”


(HS Spoilers (Duh.))

Today it ended just the way it started….with a boy. But he is no longer in his room, alone on his 13th birthday. Waiting for a package. He is here, with his friends. He has aspired to greatness and we have watched him and his dear friends grow. Today is 4/13…the beginning and end of homestuck. I thought i wasnt ready, and im still not sure I can process, I already miss it so much. But, John, is smiling. He has hope. Many people say its just a comic book, but to me it was something different. It was special. As it was to many, nearly all fans. We laughed, cried, hated, and loved. But everyone had their turn to be a hero. Everyone made a difference. So I thank you, Andrew Hussie. For this experience. For these people that changed my life. I am glad to have played. I’m glad, John’s smiling. 7 acts, for 7 years. I am glad to have read it all.
==> Thanks for playing.

I was thinking about Pamdé today (duh) and she really is a great character, especially for women.  Because she did love Anakin with her heart and soul, but she never compromised her values.

She reached out to him.  She tried to bring him back with her.  But we all know that - had Anakin not attacked her - she would’ve left Mustafar alone to raise her children, far away from their father, safe.  

She could’ve easily gone with Anakin.  She could’ve easily said “I want to stay with you”.  But she didn’t

“You’re going down a path I cannot follow”

So she didn’t