today in comic book history

In 1959 Sheldon Moldoff got into the habit of placing an astonished Robin, the Boy Wonder in the corner of Detective Comics looking on at the events taking place center cover.

Okay, if he wasn’t taking part I guess he had to be somewhere, these however have a remarkable sameness to them and after a bit start to look as if Moldoff had saved himself some drawing time by having a Robin rubber stamp made and after doing the cover just took it out, inked it up and `thump’ there’s Robin looking like he’s stoned again.

Then after awhile he changes things up, keeping the same look and pose, but changing him from the lower right hand corner to the left corner.

It started in issue 274, and went on in issues 277, 285, 298,312, 313, 316, and ending in issue 322. But not before Curt Swan got in on the act and popped three in on the covers of World’s Finest in issues 89, 95, and 99, no doubt however there are some I missed.

And that’s your pointless bit of comic book history for today.