today i've a test

Then can I choose a birthday for you?
Yours can be the same as mine,
April first!
Is that so?
So your birthday is the same as mine,
April first!
Happy Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Sakura-hime, Syaoran, Tsubasa-hime and Tsubasa.

meep morp.

Test Day
  • Me: Ok, today is test day. I've been studying for weeks and I'm confident that I know the material. I'm not even that nervous about it!

Tuesday again? No Problem 🐶👌

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiii i love your writing and i was just wondering if u can link me to ur sad imagines bc those r my favourites

Hullo, my dear! I most certainly can - truth to be told, those are some of my favourites too and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing you all in pain after reading some of these - I do hope you like them! Do be mindful that the ones with an asterisk have a trigger warning. Happy reading, darling!

  • Luke - Walking Out of an Argument (here)
  • Luke - Trying to Fix a Divorce (one) (two) (three)
  • Luke - You Overdose (here) *
  • Luke - You Break Up Before He Proposes (here)
  • Luke - Panic Over Your Pregnancy (here)
  • Luke - “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra songpref (here)
  • Luke - “If You Say So” by Lea Michele songpref (here)
  • Luke - “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran songpref (here)
  • Luke - “Dreaming Alone” by ATC songpref (here)
  • Michael - You Have a Miscarriage (here) *
  • Michael - He Has a Girlfriend (here)
  • Michael - “If I Stay” AU (here)
  • Michael - Soulmates AU: Last Words Tattoo (here)
  • Calum - Previous Abusive Relationship (here) *
  • Calum - Walking Dead AU (here) *
  • Calum - Our Story (here)
  • Calum - “These Four Words” by The Maine songpref (here)
  • Ashton - Hunger Games AU (one) (two) (three)
  • Ashton - He Cheats On You (here)
  • Ashton - He Finds Out You’ve Overdosed (here)
  • Ashton - Battle of Hogwarts AU (here)
  • Ashton - He Forgets You On Tour (here)
Finland and Russia, from the early 1800 to this day
  • Russia and France: Sweden you need to hate England with us
  • Sweden: No
  • Russia: War *goes to Finland*
  • Sweden and Finland: Fuck
  • Finland: *fights Russia while Sweden watches*
  • Russia: Finland is mine now, fuck you Sweden
  • Finland: Fuck
  • Russia: I saved you from Sweden, I will take good care of you
  • Finland: Okay
  • Russia: Wow this Swedish way works really well, you can keep going like this
  • Finland: Okay yay!
  • Poland: Fuck you Russia I hate you *rebel*
  • Russia: WHAT DID YOU SAY *fight*
  • Finland: Let me help Russia *fight over Poland loses*
  • Russia: You're my favourite, never change bb
  • Finland: OK I'll remember that
  • Russia: Here have all this freedom and education and nice things
  • Finland: Oh cool thanks!
  • Finland: *journey of self discovery*
  • Finland: Wow I'm actually pretty cool
  • Russia: Fuck I've got problems
  • Russia: Finland I need you to be more Russian
  • Finland: But you told me to never change!
  • Finland: NO
  • Russia: FINLAND
  • Finland: NO
  • WWI: hi
  • Russia: FUCKING HELL
  • Finland: Hey Russia we didn't finish
  • Russia: NOT NOW
  • Finland: But there's all this stuff
  • Finland: Dammit
  • Finland: Could I be independent
  • Finland: HEY, I could be independent
  • Finland: Hey Russia, I'm independent now
  • Russia: WHAT
  • Finland: Yeah
  • Russia: Fucking shit, fine, I'm busy
  • Finland: YAY
  • Finland: *civil war*
  • Finland: Damn, I need to pull my shit together
  • Russia: If you need me remember, I'm always ready to take you back
  • Finland: NO
  • Finland: *gets shit done but is still conflicted*
  • WWII: hi
  • Russia: I want these things from you Finland
  • Finland: WHAT NO
  • Russia: fuck you Finland
  • Russia: heehee imma take over Finland in two weeks
  • Finland: FUCKING ASSHOLE *winter war badass*
  • Russia: Oh
  • Russia: This didn't work like it should've
  • Russia: Fuck you Finland I'm still taking these things
  • Finland: Fuck you Russia
  • Finland: Well atleast I am still independent and now united
  • Germany: Hey Finland
  • Finland: What do you want
  • Germany: You're kinda hot and I like you, I can help you get your things back if you help me
  • Finland: *suspicious* Okay but I'm not really interested in you okay
  • Finland: *goes to Russia* GIMME MY THINGS BACK
  • Russia: NO *continuation war*
  • Russia: I won I'll keep these things and take some more
  • Finland: Fine, atleast I'm independent
  • Russia: Also get rid of Germany, I've seen the way he looks at you
  • Finland: FINE
  • Russia: I'm watching you
  • Cold war: hi
  • Russia: Fuck you world atleast I have my communist friends
  • Russia: And Finland is my friend
  • Russia: Right Finland
  • Finland: Yeah, sure, whatever, you don't mind if I play with western world, right?
  • Russia: Okay, as long as you're my friend
  • Finland: Great, okay, see ya later "friend"
  • World: Finland aren't you a commie
  • Finland: No
  • World: But you're friends with Russia
  • Finland: Wellllll
  • Russia: WELL?
  • Finland: Yeah, whatever, we're friends
  • Finland: Fuck
  • Russia: *identity crisis*
  • Finland: Shit
  • Finland: I better join EU
  • Russia: Okay communism was not a good idea
  • Russia: Finland you're still my friend right
  • Finland: Well, about that, that one deal about our friendship and stuff
  • Russia: Yea
  • Finland: You changed and it's not working anymore
  • Russia: Oh
  • Russia: We're still friends right
  • Finland: Um
  • Russia: FRIENDS
  • Finland: fuck
  • Finland: Fine
  • Finland: Please remember that this time