today i'm watching the movie

me, with a face mask on: i’m doing this for lance……..

Headcanon time: Damian is not allowed to watch Deadpool, because he is 10. But the rest of the Batboys talk Bruce into watching it wth them.

Lines they love so far:
“House blowing up builds character.” (They all immediately repeat the line in Bruce’s Batman voice while he glares at them.)

“10. Shit. 9. Fuck. 8. Shit fuck. *watches the guy drive away* Bad Deadpool.” (Actually the others keep casting sideways glances at Jason for the WHOLE fight, but at this part they LOSE IT and Dick and Tim both shout “JASON” at the same time.)


also, i wanna mention that on the birth of our show, hong kong was hit with the hottest temperature in 132 years. this was followed by the biggest typhoon since 2012, raising a t10 storm warning, the highest storm signal. so that’s symbollic of something, but idk what and i just thought y’all should know that. 

(allura voice) lonce

Moana is seriously so fucking good.


I had to do it. I had no choice. (I’m so sorry.)

;; I honestly love the fact that Wednesday ‘I’m going to set this camp on fire and torture my brothers’ Addams will willing sit in her father’s lap and sleep during a long car ride home. That she will curl into her mother for a bedtime story.

She still sleeps with her doll and demands that said doll gets a kiss goodnight when she’s getting tucked in. 

like honestly ‘looks like she could kill you, probably can kill you BUT still a soft cinnamon roll..’