today i will be happier than ever

the left is 2013, at my high school graduation. a month before I cut my hair, a month before I moved out to start my transition, a month before my stepdad told me I was making my mom cry herself to sleep because of my decisions, a month before my last suicide attempt. the right is 2016, a bit over two years on hormones and happier than ever. If you asked 2013 me where I saw myself in the future, I would have told you dead. today is a different story. today I’m living.

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I just finished my sketchbook, and every page is now full. I’m a little sad, I really liked that sketchbook.
But I had a few drawings of @thatsthat24 in there (which I already posted) and then I had these, one inspired by his song Birds and one inspired by Anything, both from Ultimate Storytime. Yes I know one of those 3 is not Thomas’s song, it’s from All Time Low by Jon Bellion. There’s a reason it’s included.
The 2nd and 3rd drawings are my first and last drawings in my sketchbook. The first sketch was a vent from a few months ago when I started in the sketchbook. I was feeling crappy and like nothing would get better and was extremely suicidal. The last one is from today, and I’ve been watching Thomas all the time and I’ve become much happier and confident and self-loving than ever before really.

I’m going to try to keep this post about Thomas relatively short (all of my posts about him are so long eek! He just means so much to me!!) but thank you to @thatsthat24 for just being great, I love you!


hi tumblr, it’s been a while since i last talked about this. just over 5 years. I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long, woah. I wrote a blog post in 2011 about being transgender but wasn’t in that great of a place. My world was still really dark. I ended up deleting the post shortly after publishing it. Compared to the unbelievable amount of acceptance and support there is today, many people weren’t accepting and I couldn’t deal with even more people telling me I’m not who I say I am on top of the very little support in my immediate life. As of right now though, I can confidently say I’m waaay way way happier than I ever was back then and have made a full FTM coming out video and discussed a couple things regarding my journey to transitioning with Hormone Replacement Therapy in the near future. I’m also working on a project I hope will help other trans people like myself which I will share with you in the coming months :) I just want to make a difference. I felt so alone growing up and with how much the internet has grown since I was a fetus baby Jey Wale, I hope to reach other beautiful humans and give them the love and support they deserve for being exactly who they are, just the way they are. Thanks for always being here for me, it means the absolute world. Stay positive, stay strong, stay beautiful, stay you.

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Today is World Mental Health Day. I’ve only just started to really understand my own mental health and what it means to be living with anxiety & depression. I’m happier and healthier now than I have ever been. Finally deciding to get help is the best and most important thing I’ve ever done for myself, finally being able to own my illnesses and not be ashamed of them is my greatest achievement to date.

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 Today, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Not because I lost weight, but because loosing it made me realize I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I love myself even without a perfect body. I’m happy, healthy and surrounded by people who support me and encourage me to be better.


HW: 167 pounds
SW: 156 pounds
CW: 118 pounds

Hard work, hard work and hard work. Don’t stop till you are the person you wanna be.

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours.

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For Ash’s 2k Writing Challenge. My prompt was Negan’s birthday. Never really done anything like this before (talking about prompts and Negan fics, I’ve written smut before), so be nice, ‘kay?? :):)



Summary: As much as she thought today would be like any other day, Brandi was wrong. Completely wrong. Today her job was taking her places she’d never been before. Today she was going to find herself face to face with the one and only, Negan. Today was Negan’s birthday. Today he was in a giving mood.

Warnings: Smut and language.


Life was good. Considering the world was falling apart and people were dying but not staying dead, life was good. It had been about two, maybe three years since the dead began to walk and the living began to run. Two years since I’d found myself happier than ever before.

I hadn’t had the best life before. Abuse, depression. Violence, anxiety. I’d worked as a waitress for a sleazy, greasy boss. I’d lived with my alcoholic mother and her pervy boyfriend. I was a student at college, where I had no friends and was a constant target for bullying.

To say the end of the world was a blessing for me, would be an understatement. I thrived in this world. I’d finally found my place. I belonged somewhere. I was… Happy.

Pulling myself out of bed, I moved over to my dresser and grabbed my brush before running it through my hair as I looked at myself in the mirror before me.

There was nothing special about me. I was simple. Plain Jane. Thick, wavy, strawberry blonde hair. Thin pink lips. Large hazel eyes framed by round glasses. Fair skin littered with freckles. A small, pointed nose.

I was thin, too- so much so, you could see some of my bones. But seeing as I was a hard worker and didn’t eat much- a problem caused by my past- that was to be expected. Yet despite my frail body, I was strong, and had some curves- nothing too fancy though.

None of that mattered to me. I liked myself, which was important. I didn’t love myself, but I was working on it. That’s all I cared about. How I saw myself was more important than how others saw me.

Well, actually… I cared about what Negan thought of me.

Negan. He’s the boss around here. Keeps the place running. Makes the rules. Protects everyone. He leads us through the chaos of the world today, while trying to keep some order from the world before. He was smart, and brave, and strong. Cruel, yet kind. Gentle, yet tough. He was the most complex person I’d ever met and I was in love with him.

I was hopelessly and completely in love with the man, and he didn’t even know my name…

Shaking my head- now finished brushing my hair- I put my brush down on the dresser before pulling my hair into a quick bun. Grabbing some clothes from my drawers, I got dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a grey top. Moving over to my bed again, I sat and pulled on my tattered pair of dirty white sneakers.

Now ready for the day ahead, I started for my door, ready to get to work.

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Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. I want to say thank you to everyone for sending me love and great vibes on my birthday today. This is 34, I am healthier, stronger and happier than I have ever been. This body has birthed and nursed two healthy children, it has sustained me, and held me up. It continues to amaze me. I have grown so much over the last couple of years. Thank you for being a part of my journey, watching my videos, listening to my random musings, liking my pics. You guys inspire me everyday to be better than I was the day before. I love you for that! Here’s to another trip around the sun, I am 34 years strong! Sleep well, stay #light and #awesome.

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Everyone says how bad 2016 has been for them and i feel bad because im sitting here after having the best year of my life.
The first photo is me on this day last year when i was trying to live 2 lives and be happy. But it was also the day that i decided that i wasnt going to try to hide anymore. That even though i didnt know how my family was going to react, i didnt know how my workplace would react. That even if i ended up with no home and no job i couldnt put myself through this anymore. Going through day to day life being made sad for people perceiving me in a way i knew was not true.
I decided that i had to take a chance and do the only thing that was going to make me happy.
And it wasnt always easy but ultimately im happier than i ever have been.
The second photo is me today. With no makeup on after an 11 hour shift at work and still really happy.
So i say thank you for the best year in my life and heres to many more with just as much happiness.
Happy new years.

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Can I share something? At the age of 14 I was raped. I just want to share that 3 years later I'm healthier than ever and happier than ever. Thanks to Red Velvet (I don't know,you may not stan them) I found my hope. So if you lose your hope, do everything to find it. Tomorrow it will always be better than today. ❤

I’m glad Red Velvet helped you get through that rough time in your life, love ❤. I can understand how you feel. BTS helped me get past my alcoholism/depression, and it just felt good listening to “Never Mind” when I was at my lowest and gaining strength to keep going. I love how music can help so many people overcome struggles. Anon thank you so much for sharing. And if you ever wanna fangirl about Red Velvet don’t hesistate! Gilfairy and I are Red Velvet hoes :) - Admin Jaefairy


Today I weighed in at 223 Pounds!!!!! That’s a 71 pound weight loss so far!!! Still have a ways to go but I’ve come so far!!! The mindset I have now and lifestyle I live is so much better and I’m so much happier…happier than I thought I could ever be!! I decided a long time ago I was going to do this naturally and give myself time and true effort and look where I am now!! I want to start 2016 weighing 220 so I’m 3 pounds and 3 weeks away from that goal!! Just enjoy the process and the results will come!!!

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  • Hello internet. As today is Phil's thirtieth birthday *insert cheering sounds here* I'd just like to make a video thanking him for everything he's done for me. If it weren't for Phil I would have never made videos and I would probably be a lawyer that was completely hating life. He has supported me ever since I started watching his videos and by some miracle had the courage to talk to him. Today we are traveling the world together and I'm happier than I ever could have hoped to be. So thank you Phil.

1 year 8 months and happier than ever. I never thought this day would happen. I have wanted his my whole life and it’s finally here. I am finally starting to feel like my self. I kept my femininity and denied it my whole life. Today I am a strong , confident, humble , passionate and driven woman. @girleuphoria @transisbeautiful @transtipsfortranspeople @trans-positivity @transgenderadvice

There’s a lot of new things happening, I don’t even know where to begin. For one, I’m a year older today. Two, my worst nightmare is coming to life, we’re doing a musical episode, so, I’ll thank you in advance for the prayers and thoughts. On a much happier note, I’ve never been in such a good place or more in love than what I am right now. My wife has given me the best birthday gift I could ever receive, most priceless of them all. After much work, stress, and tears, I’m so thrilled to be able to share with you all that Jennifer and I are expecting the arrival of a little one this spring.

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Hey guys! I’m so glad it’s finally the three-day weekend.. I’ve really been needing this. So. A little bit of an update? Stan called me all flustered last night asking to come over? But… he never showed up.

 He did give me a call a few hours ago and said he’d come over today instead? He sounded happier than ever. Maybe he has a surprise for me? He should be here any minute now. So go ahead and send in asks for him, too! Maybe we can do them together.


It’s miss Betsy’s birthday today!!!!! Here are a few pics I took of you during the absolute happiest I’ve ever seen you…meeting your CAMMMM. I wish you weren’t so far away so we could all have a big party today and try to make you happier than this!! You are the sweetest lady and you deserve the world, so I hope you have a spectacular birthday!!! I love you @shedoesthewoods!!!!!! 💜💜💜

a year ago i was in one of my darkest places, i was ready to end all the pain i had built up inside me. i was in an extremely unhealthy and toxic relationship, i had no job, no friends, nothing going for me anymore. but today, a year later, i am laying in bed, next to an amazing girl who i am lucky enough to call my girlfriend, who gives me the world, i have a wonderful job, i have the best friends anybody could ask for and i’m happier and healthier than ever. don’t get me wrong i still have my off days, but i’m so much better than i was a year ago, i’m so proud of myself for what i’ve accomplished this past year. just remember, it gets better.

Feeling happier today ❤️ mainly because I FaceTimed my dad for half an hour and he listed things he likes about me. It honestly made me feel better. I don’t care what boys think bc my dad likes me more than anyone ever will anyway 🙃🙃❤️