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Imagine Chris helping you take care of your little sister.

A/N: I know it’s been a while, I’ve been suffering from good old writer’s block. Anyway, here’s a piece. I think there may be a part 2 to this, but don’t quote me. We’ll see how the response for this one is. X

Your little sister, Olive, watched cartoons in your living room with your boyfriend, Chris, while you stood in your kitchen on the phone with your mom. The two of you were in the argument of your life thanks to the actions of the youngest member in your family. Your eight year old sister had managed to ditch school after her nanny dropped her off, and somehow found her way to your apartment which was two hours away. As upset as the two of you were at her, you couldn’t help but be amazed by her; she’d only ever been to your apartment with the company of another adult, how she remembered the directions and the address was beyond you.

“Do you think you can watch Olive for a few hours?” Your mom asked and you sighed. “I know you’ve got a big meeting later, but I’ve got a client coming in in about fifteen minutes and your dad’s still operating. I’d send Zoe, but she’s clearly fired after today.” You tried to get a word in but she interrupted, “it’s just a few hours, Y/N.”

“Mom, I can’t risk missing today’s meeting,” you argued. “It’s down to me and-”

“I know, sweetheart,” she said then sighed, “look. I promise I’ll be there before you have to go, I just have to take this client and I’ll cancel the rest of my day. Just give me a few hours,” she told you and you sighed again. “It’s too bad Chris is in Houston, otherwise he could help babysit Olive. He lives for that stuff,” she chuckled softly and you did the same; that was true, he loved her.

“Actually-” you began then winced when you remembered both of you had wanted to keep his return a secret. He had come back a week early to surprise you and he had told no one so he could spend the week with you with no interruptions, but desperate times. “Chris got back early to surprise me, his plane landed at like four in the morning.”

“Great, do you-”

“Mom,” you frowned, “did you not hear what I just said? His plane landed at like four in the morning, he’s exhausted and he needs some sleep. Just-” you ran a hand through your hair; your stress levels were starting to build up. “Finish-” Chris snatched your phone out of your hand before you could say anymore.

“Hi Mom,” Chris greeted your mom, smiling at you even though you were frowning at him. “Thank you, it’s really good to be home. Can’t say I miss your daughter’s angry face though,” he poked your side and your lips quirked slightly. “Don’t worry, I’m more than happy to watch Olive. No, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to take a nap with me,” he joked then chuckled at something your mom said. “Sure, we’ll talk to you later.” With a smile, he hung up.

“You didn’t have to do that,” you told him as he put the phone down on the kitchen counter. “I know you’re exhausted.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “She’s not your responsibility, Chris. She’s my sister and-” He cut you off with a quick peck on your lips.

“She’s going to be my sister when I marry you,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours; you smiled at the thought of him proposing after being together for four years. “Relax, okay? I know I said I was going to sleep while you were at your meeting, but I can sleep when I’m dead.” You chuckled at that. “C'mon,” he took your hand and led you out of the kitchen and into the living room. “She thinks you’re mad at her and I know you’re not, so go tell her that.”

Olive was still sitting on the couch with her eyes glue to the television, but you could tell from the guilty look on her face that she hadn’t been watching Tom&Jerry. You and Chris stood in the archway and watched her; you were yet to decide if you were upset with her. It didn’t take you long to decide because this was your baby sister, no matter what she did or said- there wouldn’t be a day where you wouldn’t have a soft spot for her.

“Are you mad at me?” Olive sheepishly asked, looking over at you. You sighed with a small smile as you made your way over to her. “I’m really sorry, Sissy. I know you had a big meeting today, I just didn’t-” You knelt down in front of her as her pretty brown eyes welled with tears. “I’m so sorry,” she started to cry.

“Don’t be, sweet pea.” You took her small hands in yours. “It’s only a meeting, okay?” You lied to her, “I can always reschedule.” You pulled one hand away and lifted her chin with your index finger. “Don’t cry, sweetheart. It’s not important, it’s just a meeting. You’re okay,” you brushed her tears away with your hand.

“But Mom and Dad both said that it’s important,” she sniffled. “They said it’s about big movie deal and that if you miss it, you’re going to lose the job and get into big trouble with your agent. I knew that and I still came, I’m so sorry. I’m going to ruin your career,” she wept and your heart ached.

“She’s not going to miss her meeting, bug.” Chris walked over and sat down next to Olive, wrapping a comforting arm around her small frame. “Don’t worry, she’s going to go to her meeting and you’re going to hang out with me. It’s okay,” he gently rubbed her arm. “Hey,” he said and she looked up at him, sniffling. “Your sister’s career is not that easy to ruin, she’s dating a dumb dork and she’s still one of the highest ranking actresses in Hollywood.” He joked, drawing soft giggles from Olive, and a chuckle from you. “There’s that smile,” he poked her cheek and her giggles became louder.

“Why don’t you tell us why you ditched school?” You asked and saw her facials contorted with angst. “We can’t help you if you don’t tell us, Olive.” You told her when she looked hesitant to tell you and Chris; she glanced between the both of you, chewing on the inside of her cheek.

“You’re friends with Captain America for a reason, bug.” Chris whispered in her ear and she managed a small smile. “Whatever it is, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to protect you. Just tell us what happened,” he gently urged.

Her head dropped and she whispered softly, “everybody thinks I’m weird.” She looked up and continued, “they all think it’s impossible that I’m your sister. Nobody believes me when I tell them, they say that we are nothing alike and that I’m lying when I say I know you and Chris. But I’m not lying, Sissy.” She lowered her gaze and mumbled to herself, “I’m not lying.”

“I know you’re not,” you chuckled softly, lifting her chin so you could meet her gaze. “How can it be a lie when we’re right in front of you?” She smiled when you booped her nose. “Baby, people are going to say what they’re going to say. You can’t stop that, but you can stop letting it affect you. It doesn’t matter what they think because you are my sister and you do know us.”

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “You’re the one that gets to come to our premieres, you’re the one that gets to hang out on our sets, you’re the one I carry on my shoulders at football games and have tickle fights with.” He reminded her, playfully tickling her sides and making her laugh. “Not your school mates,” he told her, smiling. “So who cares what they think? They’re just jealous they don’t have the same opportunities you do. Just keep your head up, play it cool, and it’ll blow over soon.”

“Yeah,” you agreed. “And if it doesn’t, I think Captain America and I can drop by and pick you up after school one day.” You suggested and she looked between the two of you with a wide grin. “Can’t we, Cap?” You winked at him and he winked back, nodding. “That’ll show them, won’t it?” You asked Olive and she nodded excitedly. “But you have to promise me something if you want that to happen.”

“Anything,” she nodded.

“Don’t ever do something like this again,” you told her with slightly narrowed eyes and she lowered her gaze sheepishly. “What if something happened to you on your way here, Olive? You’re eight years old, someone could’ve just grabbed you off the street.” You scolded. “This was a very stupid thing to do, you know that right?”

“I know, but-” she looked up, trying to argue but was cut off by your glare; Chris pressed his lips together, suppressing his smile because it seemed like that glare of yours worked on anyone. “I know,” she mumbled, lowering her gaze once more. “I won’t do it again, Sissy.”

“Good,” you softened your facials. “To be honest, I’m more impressed than upset. How on earth did you find your way here by yourself?” You asked as you rose to your feet; your eyes narrowed when you saw your boyfriend and your sister share a knowing smile. “Is that why your bagel run took so long, because you drove two hours to pick her up?”

“No, it took so long because the line was ridiculously long,” he stuck with his story and you shot him a weary look. “And I had to wait for Scott to drop her off,” he added then pressed his lips together. “What?” He chuckled when you scoffed. “She texted me and told me she didn’t want to go to school, I mean- have you ever seen me say no to you Y/L/N ladies? Scott was in that area so I asked if he could pick her up and drop her off.”

“How did you know Chris was coming back?” You asked Olive.

“Because he told me he was coming home early to surprise you,” she giggled. “He’s also-”

“Uh uh,” Chris cut her off, laughing, his hand over her mouth. “You’ve said too much already.”

“What are you talking about?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” Chris smiled. “You should go get ready for your meeting, don’t you also have some emails and whatnots to attend to?” He quizzed and you nodded, narrowing your eyes at his odd behavior. “Go on,” he beckoned his head towards your home office. “We’ll be fine, we’re just going to watch some Tom&Jerry. Right, Olive?” He asked her and she nodded, noising agreement into his hand.

“Whatever,” you chuckled softly and made your way into the home office.

In the living room, Chris and Olive discussed out of your earshot. “She has no clue you’re going to propose, does she?” Olive asked her soon-to-be brother-in-law, giggling. “I am so excited!” She squealed, hopping off the couch. “When are you going to do it? Can I see the ring? Please, Chris? Can I see it?” She jumped up and down; Chris laughed and rose to his feet, picking her up with one arm and spinning her.

“How about you quiet down before you ruin the surprise?”

Here’s Part 2 and Part 3

NOTHING NATURAL by Diana Hurlburt

They call him Prosper, a measure of mockery for each measure of awe.


You know the road to the laboratory blind, could walk it in your sleep—have, because sleepwalking is telltale of the godborn, so your mother says and touches your ankle in rare affection where it rests on the porch rail, one foot on the earth and one in the realm of spirits.

“Spirits,” she repeats, gesturing to the road below, the spindly pine woods and the yellow haze of heat and pollution that makes up your horizon. “He controls the spirits.”

There are no spirits, only neighbors: Men and women and half-made machines given to rust, the detritus of civilization. A plot of bloodless jackdaws, midway between flophouse and refugee camp. You know that part of her statement, at least, is true. The weak and weak-willed, the dying, the once-dead, the discarded and useless, the flagrant all require direction. Seek strength. Are used by those stronger.

Sicaria laughs and makes her crooked cross, murmurs her oblique prayer.

“Get out,” she tells you in sudden rage, “go to your master. Get out of my sight, you unworthy and unclean thing, you who have forsaken the ways of God, you who cleave to the machines. Your eyes see only falsehood.”


It is fifteen years since your mother was cast out. It is your lifetime that has been spent in wasteland, the between-place, the unplace beyond the pale. It is a pine island that shelters you, a fanatic who raises you, a scientist who uses your hands and your back and his daughter who considers your mind.

Your mind. You know you have one. All creatures do, born or made. It is the First Law of Being.

Your name. If Sicaria gave you one it has been lost. It was only after Prosper’s carelessness that anyone else tried—his accident in the lab, though he would never call it that, surely you were at fault, your clumsy hands too broad for fine work and your elbows always in the way. Acid scattered from a flask, droplets caught in sun. You did not scream; it wasn’t the worst pain you had felt. In the washroom Miranda’s hands were gentle, washing, salving. They slowed after the initial motions and your pulse followed. You examine your two faces in the mirror. If you had ever displayed beauty it was gone now, Miranda’s heightened by your face now scarred. Her luminosity beyond the human and your coarseness, a sun and its shadow.

Her hand stayed on your cheek after its necessity had lapsed. She traced the remnants of acid, specks and splotches, long fingers black and velvet like the touch of night. You believe her grasp could shift moons from their orbit.

“Calvaluna,” she said, a cantrip reshaping your vision of yourself. “I read it somewhere—where? I have never read a book. I don’t need to, Father put his knowledge into my head before he activated me. But I hear it.” She tapped her forehead, then yours. “I hear it. It means you. It suits you. Calvaluna.”

It was prettier than you, you knew that, a beautiful name. Prettier than most things. Not prettier than her.


When Prosper leaves the laboratory it is less a retirement for the evening and more retreat. He would never call it that but you believe him fearful, after all. The powerful always are. He swings himself like a cudgel upon exit, he shouts for Miranda to attend him and cuffs you, a passing blow, thoughtless. Brutality is his lever, rarely compassion.

You know his laboratory better than he does, you think, wiping down counters. You know his daughter, made in his own image but ultimately fathomless. There’s a phrase in Sicaria’s Bible that makes you quiver when you apply it to Miranda.

It is full dark when Miranda comes for you. Your laboratory is Prosper’s in miniature, piecemeal and theft-built, squirreled away in a shed in the woods south of the pine island on which the best of the unplace’s hovels are built.

“It was a citrus packing house,” Miranda says as she always does. Touches the frame of the door right and then left, stretches to her full height to brush its top. It’s a ritual the way your mother’s prayers are, her prostrations, her rages. “Before the Laws took effect there was an industry here. Fruit. Citrus fruit.” She looks at you, a delight on her face that would fire the darkness. “Can you imagine it, Calvaluna? Whole stands of trees with fruit on them. Wild fruit, just growing. Imagine taking fruit off a tree and eating it.”

Your imagination is not that good.

She goes to the single table in the laboratory and stands before it in a manner you’ve thought must be like that of the Israelites in the Holy of Holies. You are not supposed to know what that means. You are not supposed to have holiness in your life. She looks at you briefly, with mischief, and draws down the shroud you have used to protect the R.E.L.’s shell from rain.

“I think we’re close,” she says. Her eyes are fascinated, distracted; her hand reaches for you. “Come here, Calvaluna, tell me if this is calibrated properly.”

“You have your father’s knowledge,” you say. But you go and look at the R.E.L. with her. You’re proud of the effort, the work of your joined hands. You are not supposed to have pride, either. There is no pride in being raised beyond the pale. In being the offspring of a hanged woman, a witch they would have called her in days past, a lawbreaker too iconoclastic to be allowed in the city and too ineffectual to be executed, spared for her belly to the tune of mockery. Certainly there is no pride in your form or your face.

“I think he’s almost ready to revive,” Miranda says. Her joy is the only light in these woods. The sun exists, you know, in theory. Miranda’s face is your only evidence thus far, fifteen years alive and far from those spaces left which thrive in natural sunlight. She links her fingers in yours, her thumb rubs the calluses on your palm; she points with your hands to the R.E.L.’s blank and staring eyes, his half-human head, his chest with its missing heart and its new core of wires. “Oh, Calvaluna! I’m nervous. Are you nervous?”

Nervous is not the right word for what you are.


“Calvaluna,” Sicaria repeated the day you told her of Miranda’s gift. She scraped the tip of her ritual knife between her teeth, grinning. “An appropriate name for you, my aborted dream. I should have exposed you as a sacrifice to God.”

There is no god but human will. This is the Second Law of Being.


Your fellow-spirits are all will-bound to Prosper’s caprice. He makes the cogs of the community turn, greases the paths of food and potable water and herbs plucked at the witching hour that make life slightly less… life-like. Thus he is obeyed.

“Daughter,” Sicaria echoes. She spits at the trash heap beside the back gate. “Blasphemy. Blasphemy. Such words I hear from your lips, my burden. Who was it gave you speech, that you fling curses in my face? I think maybe you’re the worse for your time spent in that man’s house. I see you confuse craft for birth.” She broods, her fingers twitching at the strand of beads beneath her wrapper. “But there’s no more to be done. How else are we to live?”

Once, and only once, you suggested that perhaps her god might see to living arrangements, if she did not like how you were turning out under Prosper’s tutelage.

“Go.” She waves to the wood path. “I heard tell there was meat today.”

If there was meat to be had, you suspect it’s long gone now. Your fellow-spirits are avaricious. What have they but base pleasures?

“He’s in a gloom,” Miranda says, her face round and open as a poinciana pod. “He’s made me clean the laboratory twice over, and asked me to cook… something. I didn’t recognize it, Calvaluna. Lentil soup? What is a lentil, do you know?”

You know of lentils.

“You can’t make lentil soup,” you tell her. “He shouldn’t ask you to do things he knows are impossible.”

“He believes anything is possible,” she says. You love and hate to see her countenance. You remember a time when she would have spoken the same words in hope and affection. You know it is your fault, the way she is changing, her will a canker on the face of beauty. You wonder what Prosper will do when he realizes it. You ponder in the night, sometimes, this scholar whose eyes perceive all but the truth.

Perhaps you will be gone before he awakens.

“Race me,” Miranda says, but she takes your hand.

“How am I to race if you keep me beside you?”

“A race doesn’t have to have a winner,” she says, and begins to run.

She times these things impeccably. She runs so that you can almost believe the light follows her footsteps, that she leaves no mark on the earth. Dusk springs up behind you. You prefer night, its honesty; you prefer the real dark that would cover most of your world if not for artificial day. The unplace is a hive of night creatures. Your fellow-spirits are easiest perceived in dimness, their proclivities hidden and their countenances smoothed.

Miranda keeps your hand in hers and runs, runs, fearless and laughing. She runs like a dart flung toward the center of the south woods, the pine cloven by lightning looming over your laboratory. The pine grows despite the wound at its heart. It is where you found the R.E.L.—one of Prosper’s cast-offs, what he termed a failed experiment—half-dead and crumbling piecemeal to rust in dank rainfall.

She drops to the base of the pine and pulls you down and points up.

“I know of stars,” she says, her eyes searching as though Heaven might reveal itself. “The Southern Cross, the Swan. The Pleiades. Many more names my father gave me.” She touches her forehead, as she does when she speaks of Prosper’s knowledge, planted in her like seed corn. She is godborn more surely than you can ever be, gleaming divinity. She touches your forehead, your cheeks, the tip of your nose. “I think they must look like you. The stars beyond our sky.”

She traces the scars and specks and splotches. She draws new constellations and names them, her fingers a warm trail on your skin, her breath a promise.


Just once you asked your mother if you would ever leave the unplace. You did not then understand that no one came to the salt-strewn plots of land on the city’s outskirts by choice—no one laid eyes on the pine island and thought, I am home. It is far more difficult to leave a place you have not happened upon by choice.

“He’ll be a protector,” you say, pliers in one hand and cording in the other. “His new code will require defense. Otherwise…”

You look at Miranda and think of what might happen to her if the R.E.L.’s defensive code does not run as planned. You picture yourself and remember Sicaria’s dark jibes, her reminiscences of city life. You rub your upper arm where the contraceptive block had been implanted. It only prevents some things, can halt neither the heady mix of desire and aspiration nor flat violence.

“Defense,” Miranda says, her face solemn in its thinking pose, unaware of your thoughts. “Defense, financials, new birth records and identification…”

Her voice skips along, almost merry, a fertile stream in which to seed possibility.


The Third Law of Being is the inviolability of life. No one has ever explained to you whether the Law covers all life.


Light explodes behind your eyes when Prosper’s hand meets your skull. Or, you realize a little belatedly, it is the fault of the lab table, the edge of it kissing your temple. Air rushes from your lungs. You stare at the vault above the shed in the woods, its ceiling gaping in sections to reveal leaves, the white sky of noon.

Miranda flies at him, her face dressed in horror. You have never kissed her, you think. You would prefer not to die unkissed; you’d prefer not to die at all.

“Ungrateful wretch,” Prosper says. “Twisted ape-child, spawn of—how thought you?” He smashes his hand across the table. “How thought you to betray my kindness? To turn my own blood against me?” He lifts one of the R.E.L.’s arms, almost delicately. “Whore and daughter of whores. Thief.”

Small comfort to think his rage stems from fear, but it’s enough. Prosper would not be angry if he didn’t believe the R.E.L. was sound.

“You.” He points to Sicaria in the doorway. One of your fellow-spirits has fetched her at his command and she is in a state, white-eyed and gagging on anger. “Take your mooncalf in hand, I never want to see her again. Corruptor.”

He catches Miranda and snares her arms, wrenches her close, covers her head with his hands as though she is innocent. As though healing and reviving the R.E.L. were not her idea. As though a child can be born of only one parent. The R.E.L. is your inheritance, legacy of unnatural issue, a being greater than the sum of its creators.

“This abomination will be destroyed,” Prosper says. Sicaria prays in the doorway, her eyes not on you nor on the R.E.L. but searching, seeking. She hates the sight of machines. Had the city not cast her out for improper worship she would have repudiated them anyway.

“He is an R.E.L.,” Miranda says. You stare despite the throb in your head, the blood in your eyes. Her voice remains soft, wondering, a caress on the cyborg’s clinical name. Aerial, a creature of movement and possibility. “Robotically Enhanced Lifeform. Give him his name, Father, lend some pity, even if you thought nothing of flinging him into the trash when he failed to serve you.”

“Abomination,” he repeats. “Homunculus, deformity—daughter. Listen. Calvaluna has done wrong in her ignorance but you… you are not ignorant, Miranda.”

You marvel at the blindness of the learned man, the man cast out for his learned ways, the man who has made the wilderness blossom in decay. Lord of chaos, king of the misruled.

“God be with me in this hour,” Sicaria prays, her hands on either side of the doorframe. “God be with me in my pain, God give me strength for the task before me, God grant me…”

Me, you mouth. God be with Sicaria, and science with Prosper, and neither passionate belief nor dispassionate prowess sustain them. Miranda looks at you from beneath her father’s hands. Her smile is your signpost, her trust your life raft. Your fellow-spirits are like unto you only in substance: Crude matter, blunt usefulness. Miranda is your true equal, beloved of your soul. Her eyes remain open.

Your eyes must remain open. You must get up. There are but two steps between you and the table, one step in the scientific process, a bare nudge of your fingers at the master switch. Miranda’s being is in your hands.

On the table, the R.E.L. casts off slumber and rattles to life.

Imagine skipping class with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B! Oh God, I was going to wait till tomorrow but I’m just too excited! I’m really happy with how this one turned out. You can read the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A) Enjoooooy! X

Burbank; that was where Chris took you after breakfast in the cute little corner bistro you loved so much. He took you all the way there to give you a tour of Marvel Studios as well as introduce you to some of the people from the industry you were dying to be apart of. He even managed to get you a quick meeting with the very busy Kevin Fiege, who- thanks to Chris- promised he’d give you a meeting when you graduated from UCLA; an offer to which you squealed at the second you thought Kevin was out of earshot. He wasn’t, and it explained why Chris Evans would go through so much trouble for a girl people said was, “just a fan he met an airport.” You were sweet and humble and passionate, and Kevin wouldn’t be surprised if months later he’d heard Chris ended up dating you. The two of you clearly had a lot of chemistry, and he wasn’t blind to the way Chris looked at you; it may have been subtle, but it was definitely a look of love.


A strange concept; love. It could either be the simplest of things, or the most complicated. Unfortunately for the two of you, it was the latter. Neither of you wanted to admit anything, due to fear of getting hurt. That was the thing about love, despite how wonderful it could make a person feel- there was also the chance of ruining an entire being. A wrong move, a poorly chosen word, bad timing- all of these were factors capable of tearing a soul in pieces.

Chris couldn’t do that to you, he couldn’t take away that light you carried despite how dark you thought you were. You were the kind of girl who still believed she could meet the love of her life in a coffee shop; who believed in love at first sight; who wanted to marry as soon as possible; who didn’t want to date casually; who was a hopeless romantic; who thought love was just like the movies. You had an incredibly innocent heart that he both wanted to force his way into, but also protect. He wanted you to have a lifetime of happiness, and he wasn’t yet sure if he could provide that for you. But God, he was starting to realize you were a girl he wasn’t going to get over easily. If he found out tomorrow you were going on a date with another man, he’d both be ecstatic and heartbroken.

Chris took his eyes off the road for a brief second to throw a glance your way. It’d been fifteen minutes since you got into the car, but you were still smiling at the pass hanging around your neck. He’d made it himself, and it had both your name and the phrase “VIP - Chris Evans’ Very Important Person” on it. You looked over at him as he turned back to the road, smiling when you saw him smile. You still couldn’t believe your luck; it’d been exactly forty-three days since you met Chris and you still couldn’t believe your luck. You woke with a smile on your face each morning- not just because of the ‘good morning’ texts he’d sent you, but because you woke knowing you had him in your life. It was a pretty freaking amazing feeling, one you hoped you’d never have to give up.

“Thank you for today, Chris.” You told him, smiling; he glanced at you and smiled back, nodding. “You’re right about it being worth my time, I couldn’t imagine spending today any other way. This has just been an absolute dream come true, honestly-” you cut yourself off, chuckling, “you’re the best, the absolute best.”

“It’s not over yet,” he threw another smile your way. “We’ve still got one more stop before we call it a day, and um-” he pulled his car to a stop; you looked out and saw the Dolby Theatre. “You might want to do a quick costume change.” He told you then got out of the car before you could question him further. “C'mon,” he called as he knocked on the back windshield.

You got out of the car and chuckled when you saw him hold up two dress bags. One held a navy blue tux, and the other held your old prom dress. “Where the hell did you get that from?” You laughed, taking the bag from him. “You didn’t break into my room while I was sleeping, did you?”

“God, no,” he laughed. “Ava did.” He told you and you chuckled. Of course Ava did, your best friend would do anything Chris asked her to because she too was a huge fan of his. You’d met her on Tumblr a few years ago, connecting through your love for Chris Evans and writing, and only recently met her in real life. She was yet another wonderful thing you needed to thank Chris for, because without him to write about- you would’ve never met Ava. “I told her about today and she offered her services.”

“Isn’t she a doll,” you bit sarcastically, then laughed when he did. “Are you serious about changing?” You quizzed and he nodded, walking towards the entrance as he draped the dress bag over his shoulder. “Oh come on,” you ran after him, “I don’t want to put on a gown!”

“You’re going to be very under dressed.” He pushed the door open and beckoned you in with his head. You stared at him, not saying anything or walking into anywhere. You huffed when he chuckled, “it’ll be fun, Y/N. Trust me,” he said with a smile that you’d never- in your forty-three days of knowing him- been able to say no to.

“Fine,” you sighed and stomped into the building. “Is there a bath-” You cut yourself off when he pointed you in the direction of the bathroom. “Just so you know, I might not even fit that dress.” You told him as you stomped towards the female bathroom like a pouty child; he followed behind you, chuckling softly. “I’m not as slim now as I was at my prom.”

“You still look great to me,” he told you and you felt heat rise to your cheeks. You bit back your smile as you glanced back at him. “Get dressed,” he instructed and you nodded, “then meet me at the stage.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris waited on the stage patiently for you, fiddling with his cuffs and sleeves. “I look ridiculous,” he heard your voice and looked up as you walked down the aisle towards the stage. His lips parted in awe, then formed into a smile as he appreciated how breathtaking you looked in your simple, but beautifully elegant, chiffon gown. “I mean-” you lifted your gown to display the sneakers you were wearing. “You could’ve at least got Ava to steal me some heels too,” you joked.

“You look beautiful.” He complimented as he walked down the steps to meet you; his heart beating as fast against his chest at the sight of you, as your heart was against your chest at the sight of him. “Now come on,” he held out his arm for you to take, “I want to show you something.”

“Like what?” You asked, letting him lead you on stage. “We’re already inside this amazing theatre, I mean- this is where they host the Oscars every year.” You pulled away from him to stroll the stage. “This place has held the talents of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington and Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino and-” You stopped when you realized Chris was smiling at you. “Of course,” you walked back over to him and poked his chest, “Chris Evans. A man who should have won Oscars upon Oscars by now.”

“As biased as you are, my number one fan,” he teased and you giggled, “I appreciate it. And yes,” he agreed as he looked around the place, smiling. “The theatre is amazing and I did bring you here to show you the interior. But-” he said and you turned to him, “I also brought you here to prepare you for your future.”

“And how are you preparing me for my future?”

“Come here,” he used his head to beckon you towards him. You walked over hesitantly then tensed when he moved behind you, gently grabbing your arms. “This is where you’re going to be one day,” he whispered into your ear, smiling. He was having trouble remembering what he’d planned to say to you because your perfume was incredibly intoxicating and all he could think of was kissing your neck. “You’re going to be standing up here, looking down at everyone you’d thought you’d only see on your screen, thanking them and your loved ones for taking a chance on you and supporting you to your first Oscar win.”

You smiled as you imagined what Chris was saying. It was almost like you could feel the Golden Statue in your hand; the weight and the sturdiness of it. You closed your eyes and looked up; it was like the heat of a thousand lights were kissing your skin. Your ears could hear the thundering applause and the cheers as the entire audience rose to their feet to give you the standing ovation you deserved. You’d look out into the crowd and smile; smile at the people you’d worked with, those who’d helped you get you the award. That was the dream, it’d always been the dream. Just like Chris was part of it, he was part of everything. Even as you closed your eyes to picture a scene where you just won an award of the highest honor, you saw him. You saw him in the crowd and you smiled because knowing him, having him believe in you the way he did, having him in your life- that all meant so much more to you than winning an award.

“I can’t wait to see you up here,” he told you as he released you from his grip. His hand forgot you were just a friend and not his girlfriend, and took it upon itself to brush your cascading hair over your shoulder. “You are going to go to amazing places, Y/N. I promise you that,” he said with so much sincerity that you felt your eyes well with tears.

“Oh God,” your voice quivered as you sniffled, trying your best not to start crying. Chris’ eyes narrowed as he gently wrapped his arm around your elbow to turn you towards him. “These are happy tears,” you quickly told him when you saw concern in his eyes. “I’m um-” you reached up to brush your tears away, but he beat you to it. “I’m just really touched that you believe in me.”

“Of course I do,” he smiled and lowered his hand to take your in his; he squeezed it gently. “You are incredibly talented, Y/N. I am so glad you decided to pursue screen writing because- God, it’d be a waste if you didn’t. You have a way with words that not many do, and I have no doubt that it’s going to take you up here one day.”

“Because of you,” you said and he shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Because of you. With or without me, you were going to find your way here and I’m…” He trailed off, smiling at how beautiful you looked despite your teary eyes and runny nose. “I’m going to be standing in that audience applauding your incredible talent, and wishing that I’d one day be lucky enough to be able to direct or even act in one of your flawless pieces.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” you chuckled because it was your only way to stop yourself from crying. He smiled and brushed the tears that had escaped off your cheeks. “Thank you, Chris,” you told him as you forced your way into his arms, hugging him tightly; he’d hugged you back without hesitation. “You have no idea how much all of this means to me.”

“You’re welcome.”

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Part 4A

Monthly Troubles

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 1 963
warning : slight smut
summary : Reader is on her period and Kai is trying to be cute which only ends up annoying her but she is too shy to tell him whats happening , but he figures it out on his own.
* gif by christopherwooddaily

Y/N woke up with cramps in her stomach. Instinctively she curled into a ball on her bed pulling the sheets and covers with her, her hands holding onto her stomach. Those days of the month were the worst , not all times but most of them. Usually she’d stay home curled up the same way on her bed or the couch , wait it out  until the pain went away. This time however was different because her boyfriend Kai Parker was in the next room. She could hear the clattering of dishes and pans from the kitchen as he was making breakfast. Kai was the best , always loving and caring towards her… Today tho she didn’t want him around. Those days of the month also included crankiness and last thing she wanted was to get him upset with her but Y/N didn’t know how to tell him she was on her period. She was too shy to do so.
Another cramp followed and Y/N curled into a tighter ball , closing her eyes wincing at the pain. Being human is awesome , but on days like that she wanted to just stop being one for a few days.
A few moments later Kai walked into her bedroom with a food tray with pancakes , bacon , orange juice , coffee and a small vase with a flower in it.  He left the tray on the far end of the bed and leaned in towards her from behind , kissing her neck gently while wrapping his arm around her.
“Morning princess.” he said smiling , making her roll to her other side until she faced him. Kai pressed his lips against hers kissing her briefly. “How did you sleep ? Hope I didn’t wake you earlier…”
Kai was looking at her with his smoky blue eyes which always made her heart flutter , her knees weak and sent butterflies in her stomach. He was waiting for her to smile back at him like always and attack him with a long good morning kiss as usual. He always kissed her briefly , enough to start a fire in her and make her want more. Instead Y/N just stared at him without saying a word, closing her eyes for a few seconds trying hard not to let the pain show on her face as another cramp followed. Kai tucked in a strand of hair behind her ear , tapping her nose.
“Where is the smile?” he teased. “Smile or I will tickle  you until you do.”
Y/N kept starring at him , wishing he’d just stop being so cute all the time. On any other morning by this point she would’ve smiled widely , snuggled closer to him as he fed her as he always demanded. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she pulled the covers over her head to hide her face from him.  It wasn’t his fault she was in pain and not in a mood at all. Y/N felt his hands trying tickle her through the sheets , hoping to get her to smile.
“I woke you up , didn’t I ?” he said with a hint of a smile in his voice. “Sorry about that. I’ll make it up to you , promise.”
“It’s not that.” she mumbled.
“She speaks.” said Kai poking her in the stomach. “What is it sweetheart ? Tell me. You know there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for my girl. I would cross the oceans , walk through fire … Tho the last one would be painful and would probably kill me but I’d still do it for you.” he said, poking her stomach again.
Suddenly Y/N pulled over the covers from her head , her hair a complete mess from it. Kai was being annoyingly cute with his smile not leaving his face , poking her every few minutes in an attempt to get her to smile.
“You look so cute with your hair all messed up.” he teased. “Though I like it better when I am the one to mess it up like that.”
Y/N shot him a warning glare. Kai couldn’t understand what was happening , what he had done to get her this upset with him. He thought back but couldn’t come up with anything that could make her act like this. Everything had been fine the night before. They had cuddled and she had fallen asleep in his arms while he had been  stroking her hair gently. Y/N seemed on edge , she placed her hand on her forehead starring at the ceiling. Just as he was about to ask again she curled up into a ball again , a low pain filled groan leaving her lips.
“Are you okay ?” he asked concerned. “Whats wrong ?”
“I’m f-fine just … stuff.” she mumbled , wincing in pain again. Her entire body felt tense , every muscle hurt and she felt as if someone was trying to yank her stomach out of her body. Kai tried to touch her but she pulled away.
“Come on princess , you know you can tell me anything.”
Clearly something was wrong and he didn’t understand why Y/N wouldn’t just tell him like she usually would. Then he thought back to the last time she had been acting that weird around him … a month ago , and then the previous month too. How hadn’t he figured it out earlier ?
“Oh.” he whispered. “I’ll be right back.”
Kai got off the bed , moving the food tray to her desk a few meters away and walked out of the room. Y/N stared after him , slowly sitting on the bed and sighed. She wished she wasn’t that shy and would just tell him. Seeing him like this - thinking he is the one who had done something… thought she already suspected he knew. Kai went back to the kitchen , boiling water for tea. While he waited , Kai searched through the kitchen cabinets looking for her favourite dark chocolate with whole nuts. It always seemed to cheer her up and make her feel better whenever something was wrong. A few moments later the water was ready and he made her camomile tea to help with the pains and headed back towards the bedroom only to find her hiding under the covers again. He sighed , leaving the cup with tea and the chocolate on her nightstand before gently pulling the covers away and sneaking them with her.
“Come here.” said Kai as she snuggled closer to him. “Why didn’t you tell me ?”
“Cuz its embarrassing…” she whispered. “Wait … did you sme-”
“No. I just made the connection between today and the last couple of times you were upset with me without apparent reason.” said Kai softly kissing her forehead and placing his hand on her stomach rubbing it gently. “It’s not embarrassing , its… girl stuff.” he laughed awkwardly. “I am going to take care of you until its over.”
“Thank you.”
“Always sweetheart.” he said reaching for the chocolate. “Hey do you want some ? I know you love this one …it has whole hazelnuts in it.” he teased , breaking a piece of the chocolate bar. “And almonds too..”
Y/N opened her mouth waiting for him to feed her as usual and Kai smiled.
“I made you tea too to help with the cramps.” he said softly. “Though I think this will help you a lot more.” Kai rubbed her stomach  gently clockwise and then counter clockwise over and over , kissing her forehead from time to time.
“Can we stay all day together like this ?” she asked softly , with a hint of smile in her voice.
“Anything you want princess.”
Kai had been right - him rubbing her stomach had helped a lot more than the tea and a part of her wondered if he had used magic or something to dull the pain. By the end of the day her mood had improved a lot. Kai was so nice to her , carrying her around the house just in case it causes any more cramps. They spent most of the afternoon on the couch watching Tom and Jerry as a distraction. The few times her stomach started to hurt again , Kai would pull her closer to him and rub her stomach again while talking and talking about everything just to distract her.
Later on they sat in the kitchen having dinner together , Kai holding her hand on the table his thumb rubbing circles on her hand when suddenly Y/N stood up from her chair.
“Where are you going ?” he asked starting to get up only to have her push him back on the chair , sitting on his lap and his hands instantly found their way on her waist. She hooked her hands around his neck looking into his eyes for a long moment. Kai tried to say something but she shushed him with a kiss. “You must feel better.” he smiled pulling her closer to him.
Y/N swung her hand over her head , pulling her hair to the side.
“I do actually. Thanks to my blue eyed handsome hero in shining armour.” she said smiling a second before kissing him again. Kai’s hands slid up her back towards her head pushing her lips closer to him. She tug on his lower lip at the end of the kiss , smiling widely at him afterwards. He couldn’t tear his eyes off her - her smile , her eyes , the way she slightly tilted her head when she wanted something. Kai could see Y/N’s eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. A split second later Kai’s lips crashed against hers , drowning her in a demanding kiss. Her hips swayed on his crotch as she moved closer to him. He could feel his pants getting tighter around him with her every move. Kai’s lips left kisses all the way her jaw line towards her neck , kissing every inch. Y/N arched her back towards the table a little as Kai’s hands slid under her shirt cupping her breasts. Her eyes were gazing into his , seeing how they had turned a darker shade of blue.
“It’s a little hot in here isn’t it?” she asked with a mischievous spark in her eyes , pulling her shirt over her head.
“Y/N… we shouldn’t … not when you ar-”
“Shhh..” her lips pressed against his at the same time her hands gripped on his shirt pulling it over his head. For a second they gazed longingly into each other’s eyes before they lips crashed against each other. Y/N tilted her head giving Kai full access to her neck to bite , kiss , do whatever he wanted. He kissed her neck leaving wet sloppy kisses all over.
“You are driving me crazy …” he whispered in her ear , biting on her earlobe.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , feeling Kai’s lips leaving soft kisses on their way to her chest. He looked up with his brilliantly blue eyes that always made her weak as he pressed the flat of his tongue onto her left breasts , swirling his tongue around her nipple. Meanwhile his hand massaged the other , listening to the soft moans tumbling off her lips.
“MMmmm that feels so good.” she whispered.
Kai trailed his way back to her neck leaving kisses all over , his hands holding her steady as he sucked on a spot and then another and another marking her as his. Y/N’s head was spinning , feeling his lips on her body , his tongue drawing circles across the sore spots. Only he could make her feel this way - like her body was on fire , just with one touch. He brushed his fingers against her cheek rubbing his nose lightly against hers.
“I love you.” he said, lovingly gazing into her eyes.
“I love you more.” replied Y/N , kissing him briefly.
“I love you most.“ 

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

My Birthday…

*Notice! This imagine includes mommy kink, if you’re not comfortable with it, you may leave.*

October 13th, the day your baby boy was born, but it seems like you’ve forgotten. That morning, Jimin woke up with a huge smile, excited for what you’ve planned for him today. Once he turned around, he discovered you weren’t in bed with him anymore. He immediately sat up and looked around the room for you. 

“Mommy?” He called for you, but no one answered. He slowly got out of bed while holding onto the Rilakkuma bear you got for him. “Mommy?” He called for you again. 

“Mommy’s in the kitchen.” You answered. He smiled widely before running into the kitchen. 

“Mommy!” He shouted cutely, before hugging you tightly from behind. You immediately stopped what you were doing and turned around with a smile. “Good morning, mommy.” He said before pecking your lips. 

“Morning, little prince, did you sleep well?” You asked before returning the kiss.  

“Only one kiss?” Jimin asked while pouting. He expected more kisses, one for every year since he was born. 

“What do you mean? Every day, I give you a kiss, is today a special event?” You asked extremely confused. 

Jimin immediately felt sad. Mommy forgot my birthday? Jimin asked himself while pouting slightly. “Nevermind.” He said quietly before leaving you to go to his own room. Mommy can’t forget my birthday, I’m her baby boy, she’ll never forget something so important. Jimin thought to himself while rolling around in his bed. 

“Baby, is something wrong?” You asked while making your way into his room. 

“Nothing, mommy, I’m fine.” Jimin responded. You could tell that he was lying but you didn’t want to upset him more. 

“Okay, then,” You mumbled to yourself before taking a seat next to him. “Go get ready.” You said. 

“Why?” Jimin question. 

“Didn’t you say that you were going out with Jungkook and Taehyung?” You asked. 

“Oh, yeah.” Jimin said quietly to himself before getting off of his bed. “What time are they coming over?” Jimin asked while picking out his clothes. 

“They said that they’re coming in ten minutes, so hurry up, okay?” You asked. Jimin nodded his head while humming. He quickly ran into the bathroom with his clothes. After changing into his outfit, he sat down in front of the television, watching a random cartoon. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, causing Jimin to immediately change the channel. You opened the door with a smile and was greeted with a smiling Jungkook and Taehyung. “Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung are here!” You shouted. 

“Coming!” Jimin shouted before running over to them. “Bye, (y/n)!” He shouted in a rush before leaving with the boys. What’s up with him? Why was he in such a rush? You asked yourself. You shrugged off the feeling and went back to doing whatever you were doing before Jimin woke up. 

A couple hours passed and Jimin finally got back home from hanging out with his friends. “Mommy, I’m home.” He mumbled before walking into his room. 

“Baby, are you okay?” You asked while walking into his room. Once you got into his room, you immediately saw him curled up into a ball in the corner. You quickly made your way over to him with concern. “Did something happen while you were out? Tell mommy.” You said while patting his back. 

“Mommy,” He called for you in a broken voice before turning around to look at you. Once he turned around, you noticed he was crying the whole time. Seeing the state Jimin was in caused you to pull him close to you. “You forgot my birthday.” He mumbled against your chest. 

“No, I didn’t.” You said while stroking his head. Jimin nodded his head before looking up at you.

“Yes, you did.” Jimin said while looking at you with his red and puffy eyes. 

“No, mommy didn’t forget. I’ll never forget something so important.” You said before kissing his temple. “Come out, and you’ll see.” You said with a soft smile. Jimin dried his eyes before nodding his head. The both of you slowly made your way into the living room. 

The living room was all decorated with balloons and streamers. There was also a little chocolate homemade cake, that you’ve been working on since this morning. Jimin’s face slowly started to scrunch up cutely. *shown in the gif* “Mommy, you tricked me!” Jimin shouted cutely. 

“Your birthday is way too important to forget.” You said while looking at him with a smile. “Here, baby, mommy got you a present.” You said while taking out a box hidden under one of the pillows. 

“Can I open it?” Jimin asked quietly. You nodded your head while smiling widely. Jimin immediately tore up the wrapper. He smiled widely while hugging the Hulk action figure you got him. “Thank you, mommy!” He shouted before giving you a big wet kiss. 

“Happy birthday, little prince.” You said with a smile. 

Chim Chim Masterlist

“I didn’t tell you, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want it. I wanted to call, but I couldn’t. I was mad and hurt. I hated you for a while. It just wasn’t right, for either of us.” You sit back, looking across the table at Sam’s face. He’s eyes are laser focused on the table, stirring a slow circle with his coffee spoon.

Keep reading

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 29

Summary: Negan offers you a job.

Note: Sort of a filler to set up for bigger things to happen.


“A monster that refused, sometimes, to behave like a monster. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?” - Kristin Cash ore


“I’m gonna go back to the infirmary.” You said walking ahead of him.

“What the hell for?” Negan said with a shrug.

“To talk with Arat. Why?” You asked curiously.

Negan blinked, “Suit yourself, darlin’. You’ve got your fuckin’ gun.”

You patted it on your waistband, “I do. Where are you headed?”

“Gonna get Dwight, gotta get that fuckin’ messed cleaned up.” He said in an annoyed tone.

You nodded back and you both headed off in separate directs.
You looked back as you walked off, watching him go.
you knew you still loved him, but you were starting to make yourself accept the nature of your relationship.
You had no choice but to make yourself accept it, because you’d never be able to live if you broke down every single time he did something you didn’t like or listed after a different woman.
You hated it and still hated the other wives and wanted to be the only woman in his life - and maybe someday you could sway him into monogamy, but it wasn’t today. Negan was stubborn, but so were you.
When you got back into the infirmary, Arat was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to get up.

“Where are you going?” You chucked as you walked in the door.

She looked back and shook her head, “I have to get up, I’m going crazy in here.”

“Well, I’ve got the gun situation covered.” You said lifting yourself shirt to reveal the weapon.

Arat’s face little up, much like a child’s does on Christmas morning when the presents are all waiting under the tree.

“You got it back?” She said, staring at it happily.

“I did. How about some target practice or something? We don’t need you getting rusty on that aiming.” You joked, brushing your hair back.

She rolled her eyes, “Shit. I can outshoot you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Come on, let’s go to the range.” You said as you both walked out of the building.

On the backside of one of the buildings there was a small makeshift firing range that was setup.
It consisted of a bunch of bottles, cans and few dummies that people could shoot at whenever they had free time on their hands, and Negan’s men used it quite a bit to get practice in for shooting walkers or other people in general.

“Jesus it feels good to be in the sunlight.” Arat said as she closed her eyes, holding her head back.

“I know what you mean. After spending your days chained up in a dark ass building, sunlight is really nice to see.” You sniffed as you got out your gun, aiming it at a nearby can in front of you.

You let out a couple shots, hitting the can and quickly trying to aim for other objects, a glass bottle was also successfully killed in your firing.
You stopped and looked over to Arat, handing the gun to her.
She then held out the gun much like you had and started firing, your eyes widened and she hit almost every target she aimed for.
She smiled big after she was done, you could tell how much she truly missed this.

“Okay, you weren’t fucking kidding.” You smirked, glancing to her.

She smiled back and nodded, “Well, I grew up in a family of gun lovers and a military father, so it’s second nature to me.”

She handed the gun back to you and you held it out again, firing at more objects.
You both passed the gun back and forth to eachother until the magazine in it was emptied out.

“So, what happened to Randy?” Arat said cautiously as she looked over to you.

You looked back over to her and smirked, “Nothing good, that’s for sure. Trust me, I made him suffer before Negan took him out.”

You were about to leave the range when a group of men came up, being led by Simon.

“What the hell is with all the gunfire?!” He yelled at you angrily.

“Target practice, Simon.” Arat answered back quickly.

“I know you’re injured and everything, but did you fucking forgot silencers are supposed to be used when practicing?” Simone growled pointing to the gun you were holding.

“I hadn’t thought about it.” She said back to him.

“Well that’s a big fucking help. All that noise has attracted a herd of walkers to the gates. Negan is gonna be on my ass because of you two!” He yelled back.

“Simon, why don’t you fucking tone it down. The walkers can be taken care of.” You cut in, glaring him. He was beginning to get on your nerves now

“Who the fuck are you talking to?” He scoffed, leaning towards you.

You narrowed your eyes, “I’m talking to you.”

“(Y/N) don’t.” Arat hissed back to you.

Simon took a step closer to you, his eyes piercing into yours, “You really think you have any kind of authority around here just because you fuck the boss?”

“I never said I had authority, Simon. But maybe you should go take care of the walkers before they tear this fucking place down.” You grolwed back to him.

He looked back to the men, and nodded, sending them away to take care of the dead ones and he turned back to you.

“Negan will hear about this shit.” He snapped back to you, as he hurried off to catch up with the other men.

“Fuck him.” You growled to yourself as you watched him walk off.

“Jesus. You literally have no fear do you?” Arat said, looking at you nervously.

You tilted your head sideways as you looked her, “Are you really trying to say you’re scared of Simon, Arat?”

“No. But he’s second in charge and I am scared of Negan.” She said back, shaking her head.

You smirked, “I’m not.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty damn clear. But you’re a wife, you do get.. privileges.” She said, putting emphasis on “privileges”.

“I don’t think it’s that I get fucking privileges. I just don’t deal with bullshit.. His bullshit.” You rolled your eyes as you both left the range.

You spent the rest of the day with Arat, you and her were beginning to bond the more you spent time together.
You didn’t see anymore of Negan, but he was off doing his own thing, just like you were.
Plus, Simon had probably told him all about you not using a silencer on your gun, so you already had yourself mentally prepared for the earful you were gonna get later and you weren’t particularly looking forward to that.

As the day ended, you headed over to the cafeteria with Arat for some food.
Once you got in, you wasted no time heading to the front the line, you tried to convince Arat to come with you, but she didn’t want to break a rule line cutting was for Negan and wives only: no exceptions.
You saw the familiar face of Brian who was serving others, but stopped immediately when he spotted you.

“Hey.” You said as you walked up to the counter.

“It’s been a while. How are you?” He said as he handed you a tray of food which consisted of vegetables and some sort of meat.

You smirked and shook your head, “I’m alright. I got stabbed again, so there’s that.”

He nodded slowly, “Yeah, I heard about it. Good to see you up walking around.”

“Jesus, does everyone know?” You asked, throwing an arm up.

“Pretty much. There was a manhunt for you.”

You shrugged, “Perks of being a wife, huh?”

“I wouldn’t know.” He laughed, serving trays of food to the others.

You nodded, “Well, nice to see you.”

“And you.” He said back.

You made your way over to a vacant table and sat down, looking around over everyone. It was never too crowded in the cafeteria, you didn’t see any sign of Negan, but you saw Simon when he walked in the door.
you and he exchanged tense glances to eachother and you rolled your eyes as he passed.
He’d get over it eventually, Simon had a tendency to be hot-headed over stupid things.

You poked around at the food on your plate and took a couple bites out of it.
You were continued eating as you looked up to see Sherry coming over to you.

“Christ..” You huffed quietly to yourself as she came walking over towards you.

“I was wondering if you were staying with Negan tonight?” She asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

You looked back at her and shrugged, “I guess, Sherry. I really don’t know. Why?” You said forking a piece of carrot into your mouth.

“Well if you aren’t, I was wondering if I could take your spot. I spent time with him the other day. I really want him to let me stay.”

You narrowed an eye at her, “What day?” You said as a surge of anxiousness ran through your body and your heart felt like it was tightening.

“The day you left and disappeared.” She said crossing her arms.

“Well, he doesn’t let anyone else stay the night.” You growled.

You brushed some hair behind her ear, “Yeah, I know, but I wanna try to change that. It’s not fair. What’s so special about you?”

You wanted to be mad and throw a fit, but knew you shouldn’t, because even thought Negan had slept with her, he didn’t know you were missing when he did it. Even if he had did it trying to get back at you, and of course it did. Anger radiating through your body, and it sent a nasty shock through your body that was hard to control.
You took in a breathe and reached down to pull your gun out, setting it on the table.

“Sherry.” You said gripping onto to it.

She backed away a little and gave you a scared look.

“Would you mind fucking off before I shoot you in the face? I don’t wanna do this shit right now.” You said bluntly as you looked up to her, a dark look in your eyes.

She shook her head and began to turn away, “You’re fucking crazy, (Y/N).”

You eyed her as she walked off in a hurried fashion, she kept glancing back at you frequently, scared you were going to shoot her as she walked away.
Arat finally made her way over to the table to sit after a couple of minutes she sat across from you.

“Did you really just pull a gun on her in the cafeteria.” She said in a low tone.

You nodded, “She aggravates the shit out of me, Arat. She fucked Negan.”

“That’s what he does, (Y/N). I told you.” She said back, forking food into her mouth.

“I know, but you know what I told you about the situation.” You bit your lip hard.

“Yeah, but you can’t just shoot her.”

“I only did it so she’d leave me alone.” You huffed back, everyone seemed to be getting under your skin today.

After that, you both sat in silence as you finished your meals.
You stood up once you were done, feeling the stinging in your leg as you did.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said in a bored tone.

Arat nodded back, “See ya.”

You discarded your trash and was heading for the exit when Dwight came out of no where, “(Y/N).”

You turned to him, “Yes, Dwight?”

“Negan wants to see you upstairs.” He said plainly.

You closed your eyes tightly for a moment and opened them back up, “I figured that was coming. He’s in his room?”


“He knows about today?” You asked, biting your lip.

“Yes, he does. And Sherry came by a minute ago and told him you held your gun at her.” Dwight said, with a hint of anger on his face.

Sherry had been Dwight’s wife before they met up with Negan, so you couldn’t blame him for looking at you this way, but it was hard to remember that Dwight had feelings sometimes. He never showed much emotion, not that you needed him to.

“I don’t like her Dwight.” You said slowly.

He looked back to you and noticed you could see the look on his face as he thought about her.
He turned his head from you, looking towards the door.

“Just go upstairs. I wouldn’t keep him waiting.” Dwight said in his usual dull tone again.

You nodded and then continued back up the stairs towards the hallway you were so accustomed to you.
You passed by your room as you got closer to Negan’s door, you let your hand brush up against the wood of the door.
you hadn’t been I to your room for a while, but knew better than to keep Negan waiting on you.
You knocked on his door briefly before opening his door, nervous that he’d be fucking Sherry again.
As you walked in you saw him by himself, he was sitting back on his couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table.

“You’ve been making a fuckin’ day out of it, huh, babydoll?” He smirked meanly as he dropped a booted foot off the table.

You leaned back against the wall and crossed your arms, “Simon is a dick.”

“I don’t fuckin’ care. He said you attracted over twenty dead fucks that they had to take out, and no matter how fuckin’ pretty you are. I’m not gonna deal with that shit, darlin’.” He said, narrowing his eyes to you as he stood up.

You sunk back into the wall a little ways as he approached you, taking his jacket off.
You had been through hell and still Negan approaching you in this manner always intimidated you, no matter what.

“Also, Sherry came up her earlier saying you tried to fuckin’ shoot.” He said, standing over you.

“She exaggerates. She let it slip to me that you fucked her the day I disappeared.” You growled.

He licked his lips, “I did. I fucked her. Is that why you tried to fuckin’ shoot her, baby? Is that fuckin’ jealousy coming out?”

You looked up to him, feeling the smart ass in you come out, “I didn’t try. If I was gonna shoot her, you’d know it.”

Negan gritted his teeth and placed his hands on either side of you, “I think it’s been too long since you’ve felt my belt, babydoll.”

You then felt real fear, it’s not that you didn’t like getting spanked by him, you really did. But you knew with your current injuries how bad that shit would hurt you if he did that.

“Please, don’t.” You said back quickly.

He smirked and placed a hand on your chin, “Now that’s what I fuckin’ like. See how easy I can be when you just fuckin’ submit to me like a good girl?”

You nodded back, your face still in his firm grip.
He pulled your face towards his slowly and gave you a hard kiss, you kissed him back deeply.
He let his tongue creep into your mouth a few times before pulling back.

“Good girl. Try to fuckin’ behave, or I’ll have to punish you.” He whispered into your ear.

You felt the chills run up your spine as his deep voice echoed throughout your body. You bite at your lip slowly, nodding your head, he always managed to turn you into putty in his hands when he did this.
He walked back over to the couch and took a seat again, propping his feet back up.
You raised an eyebrow slightly and started to walk towards him.

“I don’t think this is all you called me up here for.” You said, looking back to him.

He smiled and nodded, “Well you’re a fuckin’ smart one, darlin’.”

You glanced upward, not wanting to roll your eyes, “What did you really want?”

He cleared his throat, “Look you’ve been here fuckin’ long enough now that you can take on some more goddamn responsibility.”

“Okay?” You said confused.

“I wanna offer you a bigger fuckin’ role here, darlin’. I mean, you don’t take any shit and you kill easily which is a fuckin’ assest and a great turn on for me.” He licked his lips as he spoke in a serious tone.

You smirked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t know yet.” He smiled “But there’s always shit to be done around here. I just figured I’d offer you something better to fuckin’ do besides getting on my bad side.” He licked his lip.

You nodded back, “Sure. I’ll take it.”

“Good. One more thing.” He said as he looked back to you in a serious manner.


“You’ve gotta fuckin’ cool it with that little attitude you show to me in front of everyone.”

You cut your eyes to the side, “What? Scared they’ll see a wife back talking you?”

He pointed towards you, “See, it’s that shit. That little attitude right there, that shit talking. Now it’s no secret that going after you was risky to everyone and something I wouldn’t normally do, but I don’t regret it. You’re fuckin’ mine and I wanted you back here.”

“Then what’s the problem?” You shrugged.

“The problem, darlin’ is that I can’t have my men looking at me like I’m fuckin’ more concerned about you than the shit going the fuck on around here.” He spoke firmly.

“So, all this is because you feel compromised?”

“Look, just fuckin’ have some respect. I’m only gonna say that once.” His narrowed his dark eyes in your direction.

You sighed and gave a nod, “Yes, sir.” You said with a cheeky smile.

The rest of that night was mostly a quiet one.
You and Negan were both tired, so once you laid down is was pretty much lights out for the both of you.
You were happy that he was finally gonna give you a bigger part around here.

When you got up the next morning, you made your way down to the yard by Negan’s side.
he told everyone what they’d be doing for that day and where to go once things started to get moving at the sanctuary, he turned back to you, Lucille on his shoulder.

“You get a chance to prove your fuckin’ self today, darlin’.” He smirked, looking over to you.

“How’s that?” You asked.

“I’m going out with some of the men. So, I’m gonna leave you in fuckin’ charge of the place.” He said bluntly.

“Are you fucking kidding?” You said, widening your eyes.

“No. But you’re gonna have help.” He said back.


Negan took Lucille off his shoulder and pointed behind you, you turned around to see that he was pointing at Simon who was standing in the doorway to the weapons storage, where you and Negan had spent some time.
You let out a breathe and groaned.

“Son of a bitch.” You said quietly to yourself.


Come Back Home

Request: “Could you do a imagine were the reader is Kylo’s younger sister but he doesn’t know because she was born around the time he went dark side. She is there when Han died and yells out to him, Kylo kidnaps her and questions her finding out she is indeed his sister and he desperately tries to bond with her”

A/N: Hello, anon! I hope you don’t mind I changed it up just a smidge! This was actually a wonderful request and I’d like to thank you for it! Enjoy some Sister!Reader x Kylo :) [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3.6K+

Warning: Mention of Han’s death.


“I never thought this day would come, at least not now…not today.” Han breathed, looking down at his youngest child, seeing the hope glisten in her eyes. Her, she was the hope Han and Leia had, the child that was unknown–at least unknown to the First Order. “You know what we did for you was only for you safety, of course?” Seeing his daughter nod, he swallowed any fear he had. He didn’t want to do this, she was still too young in his eyes–although already a young adult–she was really all he had left for the slightest hope that something–someone–could bring the balance back into the universe. “I’m sorry it had to turn out this way, Y/N…at least you know about him, unlike him knowing about you.” Being born just around the same time what was then known as Ben Solo was in the new Jedi academy, her existence was unaware to him. “But you know, if all else fails, I put my faith in you to carry out your mothers request.”

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Giving Bonnie Bennett Excruciating Pleasure

(Written just now - Quick little one-shot of how I would have written the scene in the cave. If you watch his mouth in the gif, you can pretend he’s saying “What? Do you want me Bonnie?”)

Kai: What? Do you want me, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Excuse me?

Kai: Oh Bonnie, I can feel it all the way over here. Beneath all that anger and venom you spew in my direction, there’s something else going on. [He looks her up and down lustfully] You’re not just daggering me with your eyes.

Bonnie: [She scoffs] You’re so full of yourself. [She turns from him quickly then turns back] Let’s just not talk until it’s time for the spell then we can get out of here, okay.

Kai: You know - we do have another hour before the eclipse happens, so I was thinking….

Bonnie: Thinking what?

Kai: [He walks up to her, standing only a couple of inches away. He leans in and whispers in her ear.] Oh, that we could make the most of it.

Bonnie: [Shoving him away] Hell no.

Kai: [Smiles and chuckles at her] You know, you could have just used magic to push me away, but …I’m thinking this time, you’re the one who wanted to feel your hand on my chest.

Bonnie: Will you just stop? I wouldn’t – [She stops speaking as she’s beginning to stutter]

Kai: Wouldn’t what? [He walks back up to her, looking down into her eyes. She glares back at him, but doesn’t touch him.] I think the only reason you can’t say it is because you don’t want to lie.

Bonnie: [Pulls her hand back to slap him, but he catches it, then brings her hand to his lips, kissing it softly before letting her hand drop to her side. She takes a deep breath, but doesn’t back away from him. After swallowing hard, she speaks.] We need to get ready. We only have an hour, remember.

Kai: You know, we don’t even really have to go back today. [He looks at her with obvious desire.] Or tomorrow for that matter.

Bonnie: [Stands on her toes and glares at him, her nose flaring] I hate you.

Kai: You hate what I told you I did. [Uses his finger to trace the white lace on her tank top, stopping briefly on her cleavage, and then moving back up to her collarbone] But me – me you don’t hate. No. You want me.

Bonnie: [Yelling back at him] Liar!

Kai: Really? [He unties the shirt wrapped around her waist in one swift movement. He then picks her up by the waist, and uses his body to nudge her against the wall of the cave, pinning her up against it with his chest. He leans in like he’s going to kiss her lips, but he doesn’t. Instead, he plants small kisses along her jawline and up to her left ear.] Who’s the liar, now?

Bonnie: [Breathing heavily as his hands slip under her shirt.] Kai…

Kai: [Continues to plant small kisses and nibbles on her neck as he caresses her lower back and slips his fingertips just below the waistline of her jeans] Yes?

Bonnie: [Moaning, her eyes rolling back into her head as she bites her lip before speaking again.] Don’t.

Kai: [Speaking into her neck] Don’t what?

Bonnie: [Panting slightly now, her eyes closed – her voice is weak with desire] Stop.

Kai: You don’t want me to stop? [Continues nibbling at her ear] Fine. I wasn’t planning on it.

Bonnie: [Softly] Kai.

Kai: [Pulling away from her ear to look her in the eyes as he uses one hand to stroke her back and the other to unbutton and unzip her jeans. He slips his hand inside the front of her panties, teasing her aching core.] I can feel your heart beating so fast right now. See, there are actually three reasons for a racing heartbeat: excitement, fear, or desire. Right now [he leans in and whispers into her ear] – I’m guessing it’s all three.

Bonnie: [Moaning as the light from above begins to fade. She looks up at it, then at him – failing to hide the wanton desire in her eyes] Kai – the … the eclipse. [Her back bows away from the cave wall as she presses into him involuntarily.]

Kai: [He reaches into her pocket and tosses the ascendant away from them] It happens every day. But this [He reaches down slipping her jeans off her hips as they fall onto the ground. He then grabs her hips – pulling her even closer to him.] This – I’m not going to rush.

[Kai lifts her chin and kisses her softly. She moans into his mouth. She brings her arms up and appears to be reaching to wrap them around his neck. Instead, she slips Kai’s shirt from his shoulders allowing it to fall onto the cave floor. She then pulls breaks the kiss to yank his t-shirt over his shoulders.]

Bonnie: [Kai leans in to kiss her again, but she stops him] This doesn’t mean I like you. [She yanks his belt from his shorts and drops it. She then unbuttons the shorts as they fall off. Kai kicks them to the side.] This just means I want you.

Kai: Naughty girl! [He gently pulls her tank top over her head. He then strokes her cheek] My beautiful, Bonnie Bennett [he rubs his thumbs across her lips before kissing them.] I promise, I’m gonna give you an excruciatingly pleasurable –.

[Bonnie silences his words with a hungry kiss. He flicks open her bra with one finger, and pulls it off of her. She yanks down his boxers. He rips her panties at the seams, and then lifts her up – sinking her onto his manhood and using the cave wall as leverage to hold her up. She wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.]

Bonnie: Naughty boy! [She gasps as he slowly pushes into her again. She licks her lips and looks him in the eyes.] I’m gonna hold you to that.

[Kai smiles, nods, and then kisses her passionately as she kisses him back with just as much enthusiasm.]

[Camera pans down to show the broken ascendant in the foreground, while Kai and Bonnie’s bare bodies are shown in the background writhing against the wall. Their cries of pleasure echo and fill the cave as the eclipse passes by – casting the ascendant in a halo of gold.)



Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Sorry for the still lame gif header, I still haven’t had time to make the damn graphic. Also. thank you all so much for enjoy parts one and two! I’m so excited for this story and I can’t wait to share it all with you :) Updates will be every Friday, enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s such a tease?

Word Count: 4.3K+

It had nearly been four years since you had last seen Ben–the second he moved away was the last time you thought you would ever see him. The promise of keeping contact wasn’t kept, nor were the visits and the never forgetting…or at least on your end. You regretted not keeping contact with him, although you did ask Rey about him quite often, you never really put the effort to even try keeping in touch. And you felt guilty.

But you weren’t the only one to blame, Ben never tried reaching out either; ever since he left your sight after the shared first kiss, Ben couldn’t find it in himself to speak to you as he knew he had fallen in love…even if he was too young to understand the concept. He had only known you for six days but it felt like an eternity, the way you treated him and actually wanted to be his friend only made him fall even harder.

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Title: Don’t be Late 

A/N: Here is part three of Ten Years Waiting. You can find Parts One and Two here on my masterpost. Thank you to all who have liked and shared this! You guys are amazing. It has taken a lot for me to get back to writing and I was nervous about sharing it because I wasn’t sure if you all would like it. I love you guys! Part Four coming Soon. 

gif (x)

Tagged: @supernatural-x-reader-imagines @spn–fics @supernaturaltookover

Dean was lying on his motel bed, finishing off his fourth beer when his phone rang. He picked it up, and paused before answering. He didn’t recognize the number, but not very many people had his new number. It must be important.

“Yeah?” His voice was gruff, from sitting in silence and he coughed to clear his throat.

“Dean?” He straightened up at the sound of your voice on the other end.


“Yeah. It’s me.”

A mixture of confusion and excitement flowed through him. “How’d you get this number?” It hadn’t come out the way he meant it to. “I mean, I got this phone last week and it’s a new number…”

“Sam stopped by earlier. He gave it to me.”

“Sam stopped by? I’m going to kill him.” He was serious. He told his little brother to drop it and mind his own business. But of course, he couldn’t keep his nose out of it.

“Should I have not called?” Your voice sounded disappointed and sad and it pained him to hear it.

“No! I’m glad you called!” Dean stood from the bed, and began pacing. He looked over to the kitchen table where Sam was sitting, pretending to do research. Sam looked up, and shrugged. “I just wasn’t expecting it. How are you?” Dean walked past Sam, stopping to hit him on the back of the head, and walked outside. He really didn’t need Sam eavesdropping. He was nervous enough.

“I’m fine.”

“Oh good.” There was a silence that lasted a few minutes.

“Dean, I’m sorry I ran out of the diner today. I didn’t think I would ever see you again.”

He released a breath that he didn’t know he was holding. “No, it’s my fault. I should have given you a warning or something.”


Dean heard you chuckle lightly and smiled. “I missed that laugh.” More silence… “(Y/N)?”

“I’m here. I’m just thinking.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“I think we need to talk. In person.”

“Yeah. That would be nice. Did you have anything in mind?”

“Do you remember where we went on our first date?”

“Of course. The park downtown.”

“4 O’clock tomorrow?”

“I’ll be there.”

“Okay. I’ll see you then.”



“It was nice to see you today. Even if it was only for a second.”

“Goodbye, Dean.” The phone went silent, and Dean was left standing there. He wasn’t sure how he was feeling right now. He was mad at Sam for butting in. He was happy that you had called him. He was nervous about seeing you tomorrow… He sighed and walked back into the motel room.

“Who was that?” Sam asked innocently.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t know.” Dean accused.

Sam smiled. “So what did she say?”

“She wants to meet tomorrow to talk.”

“That’s a good thing right?” he asked, hopeful.

“I guess. I mean, I missed her like crazy, but what if she wants to meet tomorrow to tell me she hates me?”

“I don’t think that’s what it is about. Trust me.” Sam said reassuringly.

“I don’t know Sam… ” Dean sighed. “I guess we’ll find out.”

Dean arrived at the park a few minutes early and sat in his car. He spotted you sitting on a park bench. You were wearing a yellow sundress and your short hair was blowing softly in the wind. You were watching the kids on the playground with a small smile on your face. He didn’t think that you could be anymore beautiful in that moment. For every fear that he had about meeting up after all this time, there were ten reasons he couldn’t stay away from you any longer. He took the keys out the ignition and got out of the car. He pulled at his flannel shirt, trying to smooth out any wrinkles. Your head turned at the sound of his car door and you gave him a small smile. He grinned and made his way over to you. He held his arms out expectantly, and was relieved when you stood and put your arms around this waist. Dean hadn’t felt like this in ten years, and the smell of your familiar perfume prompted him to give you a small squeeze.

“You look beautiful.”

You smiled and turned to kiss his cheek. Dean released you and motioned for you to sit. He sat next to you, and he couldn’t take the smile off his face. “What has you all smiley?” you teased.

“Well, I was a bit nervous. But now I’m just excited to see you again.”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with the kiss to the cheek does it? Cause I’m telling you right now Winchester that’s all you’re getting.” You said, trying to seem stern.

Dean threw his head back and laughed. “Awe come on (Y/N)! That little thing…” He teased back. You nudged him with your elbow.  “I missed this.”

“Me too.” you sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes.

“I’m sorry I left you like that.” Dean whispered.

“I know.” your voice was quiet, and filled with emotion.

“When I left, I thought I was coming back.” Dean sighed and rubbed his face. “I thought that once I found dad, I could come back and everything would be like it was. But then things went to shit. Jess died, dad died… everyone died.” You reached for his hand. Dean accepted your comfort and tried to laugh it off. “I went to hell for God’s sake. Hell…. Who does that?”


“No. Let me finish. I started the apocalypse. I’ve gotten good people killed. I can’t tell you how many times I let Sam down… I was a demon…” his voice broke. He blinked furiously, not wanting you to see the tears beginning to form. He turned to you. “How was I supposed to come back? How could I justify bring you into all of my crap?”

“Can I say something?” Dean nodded. “I. Don’t. Blame. You. Not at all, Dean. I know why you had to leave, and I know how hard it was for you to lose everything. I know, because I lost everything when you left. But you have to understand that I loved you, Dean, I loved you so much and you didn’t have faith in me… in us.”

“What if something had happened to you? What if it had followed me home and you got hurt?”

“Dean, I was a hunter too. Remember? We took that risk every time that you left. But you always came back and we were always fine.”

“You weren’t there. You didn’t see Jess’ body on the ceiling… just like my mom’s. Sam was careful, and no one knew that he was a hunter, not even her. That damn demon found her and now she is gone. I can’t handle that pressure.”

“You don’t think that I felt the same way?” you sighed and ran your fingers through your hair. “You didn’t call, you didn’t write I… I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” You stood up and began pacing in front of the bench. “For months, I thought you were gone. Then you popped up on the news… I figured shifter, but I couldn’t let myself think that you were gone for good.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too. I just need you to realize that this goes both ways. I wasn’t some damsel in distress. I was your partner.”

“It never works out… It just doesn’t.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe we could have been the exception?” Dean nodded. He understood what you were saying.

“So, you know what I have been up to… sort of.” Dean said, trying to change the subject to something a bit more light. “What have you been up to?”

“Well actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh yeah?” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. I wanted to tell you before you found out from someone else…”

“Don’t tell me…” he interrupted, “You’re married?”

“GOD NO!” you said quickly, “I mean… no, I’m not.”

“Well that’s kinda hard to believe. I mean, how have you not been scooped up by now.”

“Well, since you left, I haven’t really wanted to be ‘scooped’. Besides, I don’t think Emily would like it very much.”

“So Emily is your… Umm, partner?”

You laughed. “No Dean. I’m not a lesbian… as much as I think you would like that.” you nudged him. You looked at the ground. “Emily is my daughter.” You looked up at him. His eyes were wide, and his mouth was open, but no words came out. You decided to go along with your practiced speech. “She’s 9. Well, she’ll tell you that she 9 and a half. She likes animals, and she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She reads all the time…” I laughed softly, “Hell, I think that she might be smarter than me sometimes. Oh, and she’s funny, although most of the time I have no idea where she gets half of her jokes…” You paused and placed your hand on his knee.

“Wow. That’s… she sounds great.”

“She really is.”

“So it’s just the two of you?”


“Can I ask what happened? To her dad, I mean.”

“He left.” You could tell that Dean was on the verge of getting angry. He had always been very protective of you. From the moment that he found you hiding in that closet, you knew he would go to the ends of the earth for you. “Before you get mad let me explain… He didn’t know, anything. He has no clue that she is his.” His shoulders relaxed and he seemed to calm down a bit.


“Yeah,” you took a deep breath, “I didn’t want to bother him. He had a lot going on at the time and I thought that when the right time came along I would tell him. But, I never got the chance. He had to leave town and he never came back.” He shifted on the bench, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“He sounds like a dick.”

“He’s not so bad.”

He nodded. “She’s nine?”

You began to tear up and you sniffled. “Yeah, she’ll be 10 in a few months.” The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes. You could see that the wheels in his head were turning.

“(Y/N)?” You closed your eyes, preparing yourself for the question. “Is she… um, I mean… Is she-”

“Yeah, She’s yours.”

“How did this happen?”

“I found out about it a few weeks after you left. I was going to tell you, like I said… but I never heard from you again…”

“If I would have known, I wouldn’t have…”

“Wouldn’t have what, Dean? Not gone and helped your brother? Saved the world? I understand, okay? Even if you would have known, I know you and I know that you would have gone and did all of those things. It’s who you are. You save people, and it’s important to you. I know that you were telling the truth earlier if you had thought that it was safe, you would have been here with me, so I don’t blame you for anything. I love you, I still do.”

“This is… crazy. I don’t even know what to say.”

“Say you forgive me.” You asked, desperation in your voice.

“You did nothing wrong, I know that keeping it from me wasn’t really your choice.”

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.”  You leaned over and wrapped your arms around him and locked him in a tight embrace. After all this time, you were together and he finally knew the truth. It was like a weight had been lifted off of your shoulders. You let him go, and wiped the tears that had fallen on your cheeks.

He cleared his throat. “I just can’t believe it. I mean, I had always told myself that if I ever had kids I would be there, you know? Dad wasn’t around a lot and I resented that all the time. Without even trying I managed to be completely absent from my kid’s life. I’m sure that she hates me for it.”

“NO!” you said earnestly. “She doesn’t hate you at all. She loves you.”

“How can she love me when I have never met her?”

“Because I am honest with her Dean. I haven’t told her about demons and angels or Lucifer… but I told her who her dad was. I told her about how he was very sorry that he couldn’t be here and that he was a hero.”

“A hero?” he scoffed, “Really?”

“Yes, a hero. That’s exactly what you are and I won’t have you tell me any different. I told her that you are out in the world fighting to keep us safe.” You smiled. “I gave her a picture… the one of us on our 6 month anniversary. She keeps it under her pillow.”

“So she knows who I am.”

“Yes,” You paused, “ and there is something else you should know.”

“She’s not sick is she? It’s not cancer is it?” he asked, in full panic mode.

“No, no. She is fine! She’s perfectly healthy. It’s just that… well… She’s met Sam.”

“What?!” he got up and stood in front of you, his hands on his waist. “What do you mean she met Sam?”

“He came by the house last night. Dean, he had no idea and I was kinda blind-sighted. I asked him not to say anything, I wanted to tell you in person.”

“Does she know I’m in town?” You nodded.

“I think so, when she met Sam I think she got her hopes up. I told her the two of you are always together.”

“Should I…? I mean, can I…” he stuttered.

“Meet her?”

He released a breath. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course it is!” you said, standing up in front of him. “I would never keep her from you. She needs you… we both do.”

He smiled awkwardly. “You need me, huh?”

You slapped his arm playfully. “Yes, I do… So do you wanna come by the house tomorrow night for dinner? Sam’s invited of course too.”

“I can do that.” You leaned forward and hugged him for a minute, neither of you really wanting to let go.

“We’ll see you at 7.” You said, releasing him. “Don’t be late.”

Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen

Word Count – 2016

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader

Triggers – None that I can think of?

A/N – Please take note this is just an imagine. I love Jensen and Danneel very, very much and ship them so much !! I would never expect them to ever get a divorce so please don’t take this in the wrong way, it’s just fanfiction! Thank you. Also, I’m thinking of making this into a series. So if I should post a part 2 please let me know.


You pulled into Jensen’s driveway and parked in your normal spot, taking a deep breath and looking in the mirror, fixing your hair and makeup before getting out of the car. “Act casual, y/n. It’s just a crush, It’s just a crush, it’s just a crush.” You whispered to yourself, but you knew it was more.

You got out of the car and walked up to the door, knocking on it loudly. Not even 10 seconds and the door comes flying open along with a smiling Jensen with his smiling baby girl in his arms. “y/n! it’s so great to see you!” He brought you in for a side hug, hugging JJ after.

You walked into the living room and noticed all the toys on the floor, smiling and shaking your head when you noticed the tiny impala toy on the floor. “Seriously, Jensen? That is so Dean of you.” He picked up the toy car and looked at it, passing it over to JJ who was now in your arms. “Dean’s a good role model, sometimes.” “Daddy’s – car!” JJ said happily, holding the car up in the air and looking at the toy with amazement.

“She knows” You and Jensen both laughed, sighing and smiling at each other after. God he was beautiful with his green apple eyes, curling lip whenever he smiled. His laugh made your heart warm, and his voice gave you shivers.

“I’m going to go look through the script for episode 9, if ya need anything just yell. Thank you so much for watching her.” He kissed your cheek without thinking, heart sinking after while yours stopped but he didn’t say anything and just walked away with a frown, wishing he could’ve kissed your lips instead.

You placed your fingertips over the spot he kissed, smiling to yourself. The sound of JJ fusing got you out of your thoughts. “toys!” “yes, yes we can go play with your toys.” You chuckled while she yelled “yayy!” and waddled over to the spot in the middle of the living room filled with stuffed animals. God she was adorable, just like her father.


It was 4 in the afternoon now. You were sitting in JJ’s room, helping her put on her princess dress she wanted to wear and show daddy. “You look beautiful!” You yelled happily while she smiled and stood In front of her little mirror. “Let’s go show daddy, yeah?”

You picked her up and carried her to Jensen’s work office. You knocked slightly, hopping he wasn’t to busy. “It’s open!” His jaw dropped when he saw his daughter. “look at my princess!” He picked her up and kissed her cheek, making her giggle. “She loves Cinderella, I bought the dress for her last Christmas and she still wears it.” You nodded with a smile. “How’s work?” “Same old, same old. I miss ya being on the show, you made it a lot cooler.” You blushed, hopping he didn’t notice. “Jared called earlier, said he’s coming over around 8 if ya want to stick around and hangout with us” “Sure! Sound’s great!” ‘Awesome! I’ll let Jared know.” Jensen fist bumped the air and screamed yes quietly to himself once you left, excited for tonight especially now that you’d be there.


It was 7:30 and it was time for JJ to go to sleep. You carried her up the stairs while Jensen followed from behind, staring up and down your body while you weren’t looking, feeling all the nervousness and sadness hit in his stomach.

“Don’t…want…sleep!” she fussed, pouting her arms. “Think about this, when you wake up I’ll make you pancakes just like how you like them.” Jensen said. “With y/n?” “With y/n.” She smiled while Jensen gave her a small high five.

“Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.” “I love you too, daddy.” She heled onto his finger, making your and Jensen’s hearts warm up from cuteness. “Forever?” ‘Forver” She said funny, not being able to say that word properly yet.  “Night, mommy!” She yelled from the crib. You and Jensen froze, not knowing what to say. “Sweetie, I’m y/n not mommy.” You frowned, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

“But – mommy?” “Mommy will be here in two days honey.” He said, holding up two fingers and looking at you with worry. “Okay, night y/n.” “Night J”

Jensen closed the door behind you, while you tried not to look him in the eyes. “I’m sorry about that, she’s just confused is all. I hope you’ll still visit us but if it’s to awkward no I’ll understand.” You looked up at him with confusion and sadness in your eyes, while he looked just as sad too. “Of course I’ll still be here Jensen, I’ll always be here for you both always have been right? Just like you’ve always been here for me.” He nodded and smirked. “Thank you for everything you do for us y/n, honestly.” “My pleasure, now let’s go hangout I feel like I haven’t seen you all day”

“A beer?” he yelled from the kitchen. “Yes!” He passed you the bottle while taking a sip of his own. “We still got like 20 – 30 minutes, what do ya wanna do?” “We can just sit and talk, doesn’t matter to me.” He sat down on the couch and patted the spot closest to him. You plopped down and laughed, laying your head against his chest while he had his arm laying against yours.

“Did you really mean what you said earlier, how you missed me being on the show?” ‘Of course! It was so great having you there. Not to mention I got to see you a lot more.” He stopped, realizing how flirty that sounded. A wave of panic hit him, wondering if he apologize. “Aw is Mr. Ackles getting all sappy on me?” “Pshh, Mr. Ackles is never sappy.” You both chuckled and sipped on your beers, smiling and looking into each other’s eyes a little longer than normal.

“How are your eyes so green and pretty?!” You said, tracking Jensen out of his thoughts. “Um, magic.” “If you really had magic what would you do?” The first thought that came to his head was make you two be together forever, but he couldn’t say it. “Tons of pizza forever.” “Oh, me too! Great minds think alike” “Haha, yeah..” He sighed, looking away.

“You okay, Jense?”

“Huh? Yeah, of course. Just – thinking.”


“Work, I guess.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” You frowned, placing your hand on top of his.

“Just don’t want ya to leave.” You looked at him with confusion. “Why would I?” “I don’t know, things happen sometimes that you can’t control and it’s just scary.” “I know, it’s life but Jensen you know I love you and J very much. You guys are my family, along with Jared and Misha. I’ll never leave you boys or J okay? Family sticks together through thick and thin.” He gave you a tight hug while you hugged back, sighing against his neck as he did the same. “I’m so glad you’re here.” “I’m glad I’m here too.”


“Hey!” Jared said happily, giving you and Jensen a tight hug. “Hey Jar, still as tall as can be.” You both chuckled. “Of course, and you’re still short!” He picked you up, making you laugh while Jensen stood in the corner and smirked, trying to hide his jealousy. He knew Jared loved Gen very much and would never do a thing to hurt her, but he always got a sick feeling in his stomach when he saw you with another guy wishing he could protect you and love you as his own.

“Did you read the script for episode 9? Crazy right?!” Jared said while grabbing a beer from the fridge. “Yeah, can’t believe Lucifer’s back.” “Mark’s back on set?! What the hell why didn’t you tell me I would’ve came and said hi!” You yelled from the table. “You can come Wednesday since Dan will have JJ” “Woo!!” You yelled throwing your arms in the air with joy while the boys laughed.

You all three sat in the living room and watched The Walking Dead together, talking about everything and anything. You and Jensen were back in your position that you were in before and Jared was in the recliner. “How’s Gen doing. Jared?” “She’s pretty good. The boys are well too.” “Do they still have pizza parties?” “All the time” Jared chuckled, smiling at the thought of his sons.

Jared noticed how Jensen barley took his eyes off you the whole night. Other than when Jared talked, his eyes were always on you with a soft smile. He knew his best friend was crazy in love, but he didn’t understand why he wouldn’t open up and tell her. So many amazing things could happen, he should take the chance.

Eventually you fell asleep in Jensen’s lap while he played with your hair softly, leaving Jared and him to their selves. Jensen got up to get a beer when Jared came and followed him behind after, wanting to talk in private.

“Do ya need a beer too?” “No thanks, I wanted to talk to you about stuff.” Jensen sat down in the chair and chugged his 4th beer of the night while Jared sat across from him.

“Why don’t you tell her?”


“You heard me, you’re obviously head over heals for her, why not tell her?”

“You’re funny man.” Jensen laughed, starting to stand up till Jared pushed him back down. “You’re torturing yourself, dude!” He gave him an angry look then chugged more of his beer, hopping he’d be drunk and forget all about this soon.

“You love her and you know it, why not tell her?! I noticed you staring at her all night, Jensen. You look at her the way I look at Gen, with love and care. Amazing things could come out of this man, take the chance.”

Jensen tossed his empty bottle on the floor and looked away from Jared, wiping the stray tear falling from his cheek angrily. “That’s what I thought about Dan. I thought nothing could ever go wrong, now look at us. The only reason we still talk is cause of JJ. I thought we loved each other, but I guess not. I’m just so scared to get attached, for my daughter to get attached and have her ripped out of our lives.”

“JJ called y/n mom today, did I forget to mention that?” Jared’s eyes went wide. “What’d y/n say? What did you say?” “She just told her how she’s y/n, not mommy. I told her she’ll see her mommy in two days and left with goodnight. Me and y/n talked when we left and I apologized, saying how if she didn’t want to come over anymore I’d understand.” “And she’s still here.” Jensen nodded.

Jared gave him a tight hug and rubbed his back as he cried into his shoulder. “I know you had strong feelings for Danneel. I know you both loved each other at some point and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but amazing things could happen Jensen. It’s better to take the chance than not have it at all, and to be honest? I know she loves you too man.”

Jensen shook his head and wiped his face with his big hands. “Okay, okay yeah you’re right. I’m going to try to tell her tomorrow when JJ takes her nap. I’m going to tell her, I’m actually going to tell her.”


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