today i had a dream

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i had a dream last night of a universe where a small percentage of people can see flowers that surround the people around them that functions sort of like ‘aura’ i guess? colors tell the viewer how the other person feels abt them and flower species determine their mood. the flowers are spectral and not common knowledge and only those who can see them know about them. but those who can see them can’t see their own nor the flowers of people who cal also view flowers — but they’re so rare these 1/?

people are not likely to meet. so in my dream it was really vivid and full colors. there was a whole story line that went down but that’s not why i stand before u today. i just wanted to mention i had a dream of that scenario and it reminded me of it art. like. even during the dream it had the vibe of ur art if u get what i mean 2/2 ! turns out it’s only gonna be 2 messages


I can totally see this being like, a Soulmate AU kind of deal, where your soulmate is a person who can see these flowers as well, and they can see your flowers (when normally they can’t see flowers of other…flower-seers? Haha)

But it’s hard to know when you find them!! Because normally you can see the flowers of everybody else besides flower seers, so how can you tell which person is your soulmate? I suppose the only way would be to bring it up in conversation

“Oh hey are you a flower seer?”

“!!! Yeah are you?”


“Holy shit”

“I can see yours”

“And I can see yours

“Normally we wouldn’t be able to, which means we’re–”


AAA. LOVELY. THIS IS LOVELY LOOK AT YOU GIVING ME IDEAS. Can we call this the Flower Seeing Soulmate AU?? IT’S SO RAD!!!!! Dreams are the best when they inspire you right

But wow um!! That’s really super sweet that it reminded you of my art?!! Wow!! I’m really glad it inspired you that way;; even in your subconscious lol

BUT YEAH I LOVE THIS IDEA A LOT!! Thank you for gifting me with your dream knowledge

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I had weird dream today and you were in it NOT IN A WEIRD WAY!! I was at Jack tours at the top balcony parts sitting and next to me were you! And I recognized you and you pulled curtains that were hanging behind us and pulled it between us because you didnt want your face to be seen (I dont want my face shown so thats why I guess you were like that in my dream) and some women gave us markiplier (with the M and moustashe logo) ballons?!? And I went to the toilet The End. hahah😂

Dude!! A roller coaster from start to finish!! :D
To be fair, I don’t want my face to be seen either so your interpretation of me was spot on! I hope I was at least nice to you!! D:

Today was a good day.

I interviewed for The Dream Internship and had a good time during it! If I don’t get the position, it’ll be because they found someone who’s a better fit for the team, and I’ll be proud of myself for getting this far anyway.

I hung out for a couple hours with this girl I’m casually crushing on (like, even if it doesn’t “go anywhere”, she is SUCH a good new friend) and had a really really good time.

I went to a networking event (because this girl is non-stop) and met a few people I definitely want to follow up with as good connections for the future.

Recently I had a handful of really bad days. I was feeling really discouraged and stressed, I was getting flat-out rejections for internships, and I ended up bursting into tears in the middle of a meeting (and crying again about it later because I was so embarrassed). But today was a good day.

I’m going to remember this good day.

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

I had a dream last night that i was at a house party and i went outside and peeked into the woods of the persons backyard and Griffin McElroy was just inbetween the trees and I was like “uuh dude?” And he stepped out into clear view and he was wearing like a better version of his job interview ep outfit and he looked me dead in the eyes and said “Don’t bamboozle your own life, cause youre the only person that can be you” and then he galloped back into the woods, his coattails floating w the wind and honestly? What good advice thanks dream griffin


@thatsthat24 is an absolute sweetheart and I am honestly mystified at the fact that he keeps saying such nice things about my art??  (also ngl pretty mystified as to how he keeps seeing it in the first place cause honestly??? I’m shook)

(or: I woke up to this comment on my Prinxiety speedpaint over on YouTube and I’m having a great day basically)

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so I was just day dreaming today and I had a thought. You as Harley Quinn, Joan as Catwoman and Ben as Poison Ivy.

Look, you keep coming up with these good ideas, and you may have yourself a job here at Sanders, Inc. *shakes hands for five good minutes never breaking eye contact, triumphant business music plays, casually zooms out as credits roll*

You Won't Forget Her

Soft in a way quite like cursive,
she twists and twirls her name
into threads for the needles
keeping reality at such a speed,
as well as spins and pirouettes her words
into ribbons cascading
colors of summer salt and winter sun.
She’s a whirlwind
for the necessity of movement
and motion.
She dusts the edges of my dreams
with pillowy clouds
and feathers of a bird
of praying sinners
and hides thin cotton netting
among the membrane of
these inhabiting visions.

She revolves and rotates phrases
like threads
to be tied around fingers.
You won’t forget her.

au where louis is a goth and harry is a scene kid and they fight a lot at school cause they each think the others a fuckin wannabe poser but one time their mutual friend niall whos a hippie prep but has been w them both like all their lives asks them the difference and as they’re furiously trying to explain they both realize that really, they’re both emo so they become friends and then idk kiss while listening to jar of hearts or something