today has seriously been the best day ever

i’m lAte but happy birthday to like my biggest inspiration ever @kyleehenke ! i’ve literally been obsessed with her art since my sonic days as a small child. no other artist has really kept me motivated through several years to just keep practicing and feel confident in myself that i will improve. kylee’s like seriously the coolest person ever and literally has the best snapchat stories ever that have me laughing out loud at like 2 am. i usually never get this sappy saying things about my role models but i really think kylee is an incredible person and is seriously one of the reasons im who i am today. thank you so much for being such a huge influence on my life and so many others! keep being awesome!! ❤️

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For fluffy Bagginshield prompts: I would love to see Thorin or Bilbo finally feeling better after a cold/flu bug - this could involve getting their appetite back, so of course the other has to cook lots of delicious food, enjoying the return of their sense of smell after a blocked nose, and wanting to cuddle again after they exiled themselves, not wanting to pass on their cold germs! Also I share your concern about recent things in the tag, but appreciate your response to it! :) <3

i just want my boys to be happy!!! and safe!!! and nothing bad happens to them ever– but seriously, thank you for prompting this! i’ve been in some pain today and writing this felt really really nice 


Thorin rose from the bed in Bag End’s best guest room after a three-day self-imposed exile.

He’d caught himself a terrible head cold that had morphed into a worse cold in the matter of a day. The dwarf had been more concerned for his husband’s health than his own. After all, dwarrow were hardy folk and they could easily beat a cold. But if he was debilitated by a cold, it had to be far worse than the usual sicknesses in the Shire. Thorin hadn’t dared to let Bilbo catch it too.

“You’re being ridiculous,” Bilbo had called after him, as he locked himself into the guest room.

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Depth of Satan’s Eyes

Ladies and Genitals! Thank you all so much for the likes and reblogs of my last two stories! I’m so happy people liked them! This fic today was again inspired by conversation with @hannibalssweaters about that stare from dear old Papa II. “It’s like he’s staring right into your soul and then fucking it.” So uh…enjoy!

(Also, if people are looking for a beta reader, @espurrwhat is mine. She’s pretty damn awesome!)

Warnings: Might be slightly dub-con, graphic depiction of…well, an orgasm, there’s a boner in there…this is odd. XD

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Happy 48th birthday to the chief, Noel Gallagher.

Thank you so much for changing my life. You’re the reason I’ve become who I am today. Your inspirational quotes and lyrics will forever be a massive part of my life and you are the only thing that helps me get through the day. To me you’re the funniest and most talented person on this planet. Your music has changed my life completely and becoming a fan of yours and meeting other madferits has been the greatest experience of my life. Thank you, I’ll love you forever. Happy birthday, sir! 

Sick-velations, part 1

Hello, all. I’m currently riding the “Night Fizz” or, Alka-seltzer, for those of you who aren’t in my immediate family. I’m deathly ill.

Okay, no I’m not, I’m just being a drama queen. But really. Head colds are no laughing matter. Because laughing with a head cold just makes your nose start bleeding for the millionth time that day. Seriously. The inside of my nose is like the Sahara. 

But anyways. Whenever I’m sick, I take off work, drink fluids, watch TV and lay around — who doesn’t? It’s the best thing ever. Today, however, I was watching Sherlock on weird cough medicines that do weird stuff to my brain. 

And I had a revelation. 

About my 2nd favorite topic next to Jimlock.


Or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe Sherlock failed in his attempts to destroy dear Jim’s network. Either way, there’s something going on. Also, if this has already been talked to death and I’m unaware that other people have had my same ideas (balance of probability and all), I’m sorry in advance.

But Moriarty! What got me thinking about his apparent resurrection? John burning. 

Why? I believe we were intentionally mislead into thinking Magnussen set this whole thing up. That he did this to affirm that John is Sherlock’s weak point. To test Sherlock a bit, maybe. Granted, it certainly looks that way, with that sick jerk watching the screen so… calculatingly. 

But what does Magnussen actually *do* to people, besides piss in their fireplaces? He blackmails. He talks. He manipulates. He collects information. He threatens to print secrets, or lies, or anything, for the world to see. But he doesn’t follow through on his threats unless he needs a huge power-boner. This scene actually lays out all we need to know about his character: 

Magnussen doesn’t put his hands on people (his tongue, though…). He may jostle them. He may nudge them. But he does these things to annoy them. There’s a huge leap from flicking someone in the face to having them kidnapped, drugged and bound up in a stack of wood to be burned to death. 

No, Magnussen is a scenario #1 kind of guy. You know who is a scenario #2 guy? A certain whimsical darling… But I’m not quite there yet. 

Lars Mikkleson, who plays Magnussen, had this to say about his character, “I don’t even think he reckons himself as a villain, he just lives off preying on other people.” And, “Moriarty played the game to play it; Magnussen played the game to win it”

Magnussen doesn’t really kill people. In fact, he wants to do the opposite of that — if someone is dead, you can’t blackmail them anymore. You can’t use their safety or happiness as a pressure point anymore. People may kill themselves as a result of him going through on threats of publishing compromising information, but the goal is manipulation. He’s in it to win it, and he gets what he wants.

So if he wanted John dead, John would be fucking dead. He would’ve gone up to Sherlock and said, “Either you give me your brother, or I kill/ruin John Watson.” There’d be no further words about it.

You know what he wouldn’t do? Send taunting texts meant for Sherlock. He wouldn't give Sherlock to possibility of saving his friend if he’s clever enough. He wouldn’t dangle John’s life in front of him just to watch him dance. No, he’d want something. 

You know who does all of those things? A villain does these things just for fun of it.


Now, maybe it wasn’t entirely incidental that Magnussen was watching that clip. Maybe he DID plan to exploit Sherlock’s weakness to affirm his suspicions. But Magnussen isn’t a criminal — he’s got a trade, it’s information. He’s definitely a slimy evil guy, and he’s got people to get their hands dirty for him, but this just doesn’t seem like a plan of his. No, he has the idea.

But he’d need someone to fix it for him. Another criminal like himself. One he could consult with, on his dastardly plans. But this couldn’t be just any consulting criminal… it’d have to be someone who had an unusual obsession with Sherlock. 

Someone… someone who enjoys watching Sherlock squirm, for the sake of watching him. 

Someone who would endanger a life/lives, who didn’t care if they lived or died, maybe that’s because that’s just what people do… 

M.O. sound familiar yet?

Mmm, yes, Jim.


Stay tuned. 


Today has been the best day ever. I seriously can’t explain how happy I am to be able to meet these people and see everyone come together. therealjacksepticeye is absolutely the sweetest. markiplier was so welcoming. Tyler was so nice. Bob and wade were very welcoming. This was my first convention and I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way!


• the downstairs mirror is super flattering.

• this is a new(ish) top from Cotton On. I mean it’s just a black shirt but it’s so comfy! That store is so great. Especially their clearance section.

• I get comp time for travel for my conference coming up and asked my boss if I could go ahead and use some today. She said to take all the time I want especially since my parents are here! So I plan on doing a few things and chucking the deuces at 9:30! This means I can spend the day at the beach with my parents and Kim! Best news ever! Exclamation points!!

Seriously though my parents being here has been the most wonderful thing. They have done so much for me in their short time here. Even boring things like tag renewal, insurance and oil changes, without even flinching and I just feel so relaxed with them around. My sisters and I are very very very lucky.

Hope you guys have the best Friday!!