today has been the best worst day ever

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Two people who want to be together but can't.

“3,000 miles.” He announces.

It’s so silent after he speaks that you can hear the sound of my heart breaking as it echoes through the cave.

The cave has been our spot for years, and it always brought good memories but today that ends. Today is the day he decides to tell me the worst news I’ll ever hear.

“For how long?” I ask, drawing symbols in the sand not daring to look up at him.

“Two years; it could be more.”

The love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate is going to be gone for 2 years. And I’m just supposed to be okay with that? 3,000 miles away?

“No.” I say sternly. “No way in hell am I waiting for you for two years.”

There was only two steps in between us but it felt like he was already 3,000 miles away from me. He tensed. I could feel the air around us shifting, and suddenly, for the first time ever around him, I felt cold.

“I figured you’d say that. I figured you wouldn’t wait,” he laughed bitterly, “what did you really expect to come from us if you weren’t going to wait?”

“I’m 17. I graduate in a year. I have my senior homecoming, my prom, I have my friends, and I have my life to carry on with. In my head when I picture all of those things, I picture doing them with you!” I yell, finally looking up at him, “I want to be with you, yes! I pictured a future with you, yes! But sometimes you don’t get what you want, and we don’t get to be together.”

I stop for a minute and consider my next words carefully, but they come out angry. “Sue me for trying to be realistic. Sue me for sparing the heartache a year down the line when I’m so fucking in love with you and you’re only a little in love with me. Sue me for trying to protect my heart!”

He walked away that day and we haven’t talked since. We wanted to be with each other but we couldn’t. The timing was off, I guess.

Come Fight Me - HighSchool!AU

Characters - Luhan x You x Kai
Word Count - 976
Summary - Yo, these two insanely handsome male are fighting for your attention.

Let’s be honest, today is not your best day. It has been tiring having to drag heavy books everywhere you go, or well bricks is what they feel like, next to that you also have the worst cold you have had in years.

Oh, and guess who has to attent the school’s play today because a friend ‘Zhang Yixing’ just has to have you there since he will be playing a role where he can show off his composing skills he has been dying to let everyone hear ever since he joined theather? And guess who has no other choice than to go because she doesn’t want to break the heart of a little lamb, and watch his sad expression for the rest of the year? Well, good. It’s not you.

Just kidding, it’s you.

You’d rather go home after a long day, get nursed by your mom and enjoy a good hot cup of tea. But the skies aren’t looking up for you today.

Especially not when a blonde doe-eyed figure flashes you a gummy smile that makes even guys awe on your right and greets you when you are busy switching your heavy books into equally as heavy books for the next few hours, “oh here let me help you with that.”

Taking all three books from you, you turn to him to give him a hurried thanks and he leans against the lockers giving you a grin and you close your locker, “so.. I thought we could maybe..”

Suddenly a strong arm leans onto your shoulder and pushes you towards him, the next thing you see in a new face appearing painted with that infamous smile that makes young hearts swoon and drop their panties in mere seconds. He slips with force between the small space between you and luhan to turn his back to him and obnoxiously puts his arms up to block any contact from a certain guy with still your books clutches between his arms. “You were so amazing in class again today, you should tutor me.. I suck at Science.”

Not this too.

“I didn’t even say a thing in class today,” you laughed, “besides, we had Biology.”

“Well anyway-” however in return of his rude interruption, a loud cough stopped him from going any further. He raised an eyebrow, decided to just ignore the sound and talk louder himself, “as I was saying - ah!”

Staring at him bewildered in question why he suddenly just made that sound you soon come to understand that the boy still behind him is hitting him on the butt with your books. Oh this again.

Jongin takes a step to the side and turns around ready enough to curse at Luhan. Luhan drops the books pleased when he discovers the opening Jongin made and pushes him further away and takes a step so he can continue what he was doing before he got rudely interrupted, “my books-”

Luhan turns you around and locks an arm around your shoulder and pushes you as far away as possible from Jongin.

This whole thing had all started when your friends Jongdae and Yixing introduced you to some of their friends; Luhan, Kyungsoo and Jongin when some kid threw a party and invited everyone to come, you didn’t speak to them that much though.

It had only been the next day that a Jongdae approached you with a sly smile about how Luhan and Jongin had a ‘thing’ for you, rolling your eyes you turned to Yixing for the truth and he spilled about how it was more like they both confessed they thought you were kinda cute. They didn’t think much of it until, Kim Jongdae pulled his mouth open and laughed at them exclaiming how you wouldn’t like either of them..

Despite it being true that you didn’t have any special thoughts about either of them, you still made Jongdae pay for making two guys chase you unconditionally.

The truth is that both of them were jocks, the all stars, MVP’s in their teams and there had always been a slightly tense atmosphere when it came to who the best jock was.

And now after two years, neither of them have still given up playing a love song on your heartstrings.

“Yah! Who the hell would date a flower boy like you?!”

The grip on your shoulder became cold, and he dropped it upon hearing Jongin’s insult that got thrown at him. Making his way to Jongin you could feel the fierce eyes in both of them.

“Let me show how much of a flower boy I am when I beat you up until your cry doing pirouette,” he mocked him back, winding two fingers around the knot in his tie loosening the fabric around his neck. Jongin unbuttoning his sleeves to roll them up, the looks and mumbling from eyes around them became evident to you.

Standing against the lockers after having picked up your books you patiently waited for their little fight to end. It would be a lie to say you weren’t used to it, because you so were.

“Again?” A voice beside you asked you while lowering himself to sit next to you and came watch the two throw comments to eachother as well.

You laughed, “Hey Baekhyun.”

Somewhere between the words ‘go steam your little pink skirt’ and ‘only if you continue running behind a ball like a dog’ you had enough and went to get lunch.

It wasn’t until you heard screeching chairs and things throws against the lunch table on both sides of you that you saw them back. Watching Baekhyun gently take his seat to have lunch with that way too happy grin, you ask him about the two guys next to you that both refuse to look at each other, “So?”

“Detention. Both of them.”

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we’ve been together for 10 months today. holy fuck. i can’t even form words to even begin this. i love you so much. these past 10 months by far have been the best 10 months in my life. you have stood by me since day one, through all my ups and downs, through rain and shine, and youre still here. you have seen and helped me grow, you have seen me at my absolute worst, and at my best. and still, you are here. i have never met anyone has beautiful as you. inside and out. you are the most caring, most open minded person i have ever met. and i am beyond lucky to have found you. i am grateful that you are in my life. i dont know what i’d do or where i’d be without you. you are the best thing that has happened to me. thank you for these 10 months. thank you for not giving up on me when i have given up on myself multiple times, over and over again. you are my pride and joy. i love you with everything that i have. happy 10 months my beautiful baby💜 @sheyearnsfortheocean

Bad Days Turn to Good (Andy Biersack Imagine)

Anon: Hi! I was wondering if you would do an Andy Biersack imagine in highschool he’s your best friend where you’re having a really bad day and when you get home you just start sobbing and Andy just holds you and rubs your back and tells you it will be okay. When your done crying Andy tries to make you feel better by bringing you to the lake you guys used to go to as little kids and maybe a tickle monster breaks out ad you both fall in the lake and Andy confesses his feelings to you??

Word Count: 1477

Warnings: breakdowns occur???

Notes: I wish I had someone like this tbh. also, sorry it took a while, I’ve been busy and lazy


Worst. Day. Ever. Really, today has been the worst! I failed two tests that I studied really hard for, a project is due tomorrow and I haven’t had any time to start it, and this guy won’t leave me alone at school. Home isn’t the best either. My parents are constantly fighting and it’s getting worse nearly every day, my little brother is being a bigger pest than normal, and my parents have been pressuring me to get a job and to actually “do something with my life.” Overall, I am completely stressed, but today I just cannot take it. I’ve been wanting to cry all day, I’ve been avoiding everyone, especially my best friend, AND I have a pounding headache. It’s just not my day I guess.

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Today has been a hard day. From the absolute joy of waking up to confirmed solo Louis to having our worst fears confirmed by heartbreaking news of Jay’s death.

But today has also taught me a few things.

One: Louis Tomlinson is stronger than we ever knew. He’s not only a good son, brother, father, friend, boyfriend…he’s the very best of all of those in the face of unthinkable adversity. I’m prouder of him today than I have ever been.

Two: being in this fandom, being part of this community, and the amazing friends I have made here, is a gift. To those if you who have shared my fears for some time now, and who have been a constant support today, I salute you. And I’m so grateful for you. All my love.

Hey Taylor! My name is Mia and my 16th birthday is in three weeks from today (it’s January 31st)!! I have loved you ever since I was 6 years old and I’m so glad that I’ve picked you as my idol. Your music has been there for my in the best and worst times of my life over the past…DECADE (!?!?!?) Both times I’ve came to see you (July 13th 2013 & July 10th 2015 @ MetLife) were the best nights of my life so thank you for that also… Anyways I know you get asked this a million times a day but could you maybe message me or follow me or even just like this so I know that you know I exist? Please, as a 16th birthday present to me?:) Even if you don’t that okay, I will still love you forever anyways… My love always. ~Mia ❤️ @taylorswift