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So I've been thinking about the retirement au a lot today (work has been slow...) and I was thinking. Yuuri strikes me as the kind of man not to talk about his accomplishments, but he will gush about his friends. Like, "My friend Phichit just won Gold at the Four Continents!" "Chris was so good at the European Championships!" "My unofficial son Yurio just won at Worlds!" things like that. I imagine him talking about these things, but like his friends don't know he really knows these (cont.)

(Cont.) people. Like they think the beautiful, untouchable, hot Yuri Katsuki-Nikiforov is just like a massive fanboy for figure skating (which, true he is, but he’s also been known as Japan’s Ace so…) and think it is just a cute little character quirk that makes him even more adorable. After all, his friends are not into skating so they have no idea who these people are. They do however know Yuuri is gay (or at least bi) because he regularly refers to this guy Viktor as his husband (apparently he’s some big shot figure skater that Yuuri has the cutest little (massive) crush on, can you even believe how cute this guy is?). But Yuuri isn’t really married because he would wear a ring on his left finger if he was, like come on. It all comes to a head like it does in your retirement au by Yuuri being recognized by fans, with some added hilarity of “I talk about my figure skating friends all the time?" 

"We thought you were just a really big fan!" 

"I talk about my husband all the time?" 

"Yeah and Jenny talks about her rock star "wife” all the time too!“ 

"wait, you’re not really married?" 

Bc of course Yuuri would not find it weird to be married to a rock star. He married Viktor Nikiforov after all. (fin.) 



And completely and utterly plausible omg. Because that is literally exactly the kind of language we use here on tumblr XDD Even I call my favs as my sons or daughters, or how I call JJ as the king of my heart.

Wowow, okay, so the only plot hole in this au has been filled, we finally have a good explanation for why Yuuri’s friends don’t know he’s married!!! This is totally canon…in my headcanon XD

But then also can you imagine when his friends do finally find out that the person Yuuri has been calling his husband all this time is actually his husband, they insist on getting to meet him.

Except maybe that week Skate America is going on or whatever.

So all these famous skaters are in the US, and Otabek’s competing too. And Yura wants to spend some time with the bff, so Yuuri and Viktor decide to have a house party after the competition is over.

And Yuuri’s college friends are invited over.

And they get there, and they just kinda stare around at everyone like OAO

Because they’re all lowkey terrified and highkey intimidated because???? This party is basically a who’s who of the figure skating world??? Their little Yuuri knows and is comfortable with so many celebrities? Their little Yuuri IS a celebrity!!!!! This is more famous people than they’d ever thought they’d meet in one place!!!

But before the night is over, they’ve loosened up and gotten to know the skaters. Chris is probably missing his pants. Yuuri has a bottle or two of champagne in him (nevermind the fact that those two bottles probably cost more than any of his friends make in a month). And you know Phichit has told a very attentive crowd the full story of how Viktor and Yuuri met, in detail. Never mind the fact that Phichit wasn’t even at that banquet in the first place, and he himself had gotten the story, heavily embellished, from Chris.

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Hi wiishu how's your day going?

Today has been slow and agonizing to get through and I was very close to just crawling back into bed and spend the day doing absolutely nothing but instead I went into town, watered my plants and made tomorrows video.

So all in all not a good day but I stuck through it nonetheless and that’s what matters. :)

Ice Cream Mishap

Prompt: "I work at an ice cream stand and you came up and got some ice cream except you didn’t realize that rocky road has nuts in it which you’re apparently allergic to???? so now i’m dragging your sorry ass to the hospital all bc you don’t know your ice cream flavors.“ Modern AU.

Word Count: 1,998.

A/N: Came upon this prompt on here, and you best believe I had to write something based off of it. Hope you enjoy!

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Rafael Barba / Thicker than Water (Part One)

Part Two

As requested by: @aprilfooledyou

Prompt: squeeze my hand if you can hear me

Another request done! Sorry writing has been slow lately. School is starting for me today so not much writing has been done in preparation for this huge change for me since I’m going away for school for one semester. Anyway! I had fun writing this request, that it ended up being way too long, so I split into two parts. The second part should be up as soon as I finish revising it! Enjoy! 

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Some Friends Are Temporary

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Summary: After the breakup with your best friend you’re pretty lost. But luckily you know a certain dwarf who is more than happy to take your mind off these past events.

Requested by: @spookyphsyco “I had a shitty breakup with my best friend… and I was wondering that if your requests are open you could do a Thorin x reader? Where Thorin walks into his room to find (y/n) there crying, and he’s shocked saying she isn’t ever in there. And he asks what’s wrong, and she tells him? With comfort and fluff please. Thank you for reading this. Have a good day!!”

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,480

Warnings: sad reader, fluff, slight smut

A/n: Not sure if this is what you asked for but I did my best, haha. Also, this wasn’t supposed to contain smut but it kinda just happened that way. I feel like I got a little carried away. I hope you like it nonetheless :)

“Oh, uncle? I forgot to tell you. Y/n was searching for you. She looked quite stressed.” Fili told Thorin. Both of them just left an important meeting.

The sound of your name made Thorin’s head turn. It was quite unusual for you to be stressed or in a bad mood. The king, who was a very good friend of yours, sensed something.

“What? When was that?” he asked, getting concerned.

"Umm, only a couple of hours ago, I’m pretty sure.” Fili answered and nodded his head.

"Didn’t you ask her what’s wrong?”

"If there is one thing I’ve learned about y/n in the last few years, then it is to leave her alone when she’s stressed or angry.” Fili said in a sarcastic tone.

"I must find her then.” Thorin announced with a frown. He quickly turned around and left his nephew standing there.

The first place Thorin was looking for you was your chamber. He smoothed down his hair and pulled his robe in place before he finally knocked the door. His heartbeat was getting faster.

The Dwarven king waited for a couple of seconds until he came to the conclusion that you weren’t in there. He was a bit disappointed, he had to admit.

Next, Thorin actually left Erebor and went outside. He knew that there was this one spot, where you just loved to sit and take in your surroundings. You once told him about it. It was a spot under an old oak, not far from the kingdom.

When he couldn’t find you there as well he started to panic. Ok, stay calm, he thought to himself as he rubbed his temples in concentration.

There was one more place he could think of. The kitchen. Thorin knew, that you loved to bake. He had found you there before in the past. That was something you did a lot when you were sad, actually. Visiting the royal kitchen and making a pie. It was as simple as that.

As soon as Thorin got hit with that thought, he was off to the kitchen. On his way back into the mountain, everyone else stopped what they were doing and bowed, when their king crossed them. But Thorin didn’t really take notice of that. All he wanted was to find you and talk to you, asking you what’s wrong.

He slammed open the heavy kitchen door when he reached his destination and searched for you. The dwarf felt himself panicking again when he couldn’t find you. You were nowhere to be seen.

"Can I help you, my king?” Thorin heard a familiar voice saying all of a sudden. He turned around to find his old friend Bombur smiling at him.

He was placing a hand on Thorin’s shoulder. Bombur had been working in the kitchen for several years now.

"Have you seen y/n? Has she been here today?” Thorin asked quickly, but tried to slow himself down a bit.

Bombur looked like he was thinking for a moment but shook his head soon after. “No, I haven’t seen her today.”

The king nodded his head and left the kitchen again immediately.

Thorin decided to walk back to his own chambers. Maybe in there he would come up with another idea where you could be.

He opened the door slowly and closed it behind him again. His head was hanging low, disapppointed that he couldn’t find you anywhere. Without looking around he slurred to his bed and let himself fall onto it, face down. Thorin fumbled with the robe he was wearing for a few seconds, trying to get it off of his toned body. When he finally managed to take off the clothing piece he tossed it to the ground angrily.

Thorin was laying there, his face pressed into the matress beneath him. He was a little out of breath from the little fight he had with his robe.

"Aren’t you supposed to take care of your royal robes?” you scoffed nasally. You’ve been sitting in the corner of Thorin’s room for a while now, waiting for him. You thought he was the only one who could cheer you up in this moment.

The Dwarven king quickly lifted his head up and turned around, facing you. He looked like he had seen a ghost. His right hand was placed on his chest and he was breathing heavily.

"Mahal, y/n! How dare you scare me like that!” Thorin shouted. He was relieved to see you. A small smile formed on his lips, but it didn’t last for long. Thorin felt his heart breaking when he saw your tear stained cheeks. He quickly got up from his bed and walked over to you.

"Hey, hey, hey, little one. What’s wrong? Fili told me you’ve been searching for me.” Thorin said quitely as he sat down beside you, wrapping his muscular arms around you.

You nodded your head, looking up at the dwarf. You reached for a single strand of hair, which was hanging in Thorin’s face and pushed it behind his ear.

"Yes, uhm, the truth is, I just needed someone to talk to, and you were the first one who came to mind.” you told him and sniffed.

Thorin started to blush but tried to hide it by looking into another direction.

"Well, I’m here now, so what do you want to talk about?” Thorin placed his thumb on your cheek and brushed away the tears.

"Oh, you know, me and my best friend kind of broke up. We don’t talk anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it was the right decision, but I’m still pretty sad about it.”

"That’s understandable. It would be a miracle if you didn’t feel that way.” Thorin said, his hand now massaging the area where your neck meets your hair.

"Very helpful.” you joked which made Thorin chuckle.

"Why did you two break up in the first place, if you don’t mind me asking, little one?”

"Ok, so first of all,” you told the king, poking his chest with your index finger, “I already told you to stop calling me ‘little one’. Why we broke up? They changed, and not necessarily for the better. That is all I’m going to say.”

Thorin nodded, symbolizing that he understood. He pulled you even closer, so close that your lips touched the bare skin on his neck, rather accidentally.

You felt Thorin shudder slightly. The thought of him enjoying your touch made you feel a special kind of way. Suddenly, an idea popped into your head.

"You liked that?” you whispered against his neck. It was more of a statement than a question.

Your hot breath hitting his skin made his whole body shiver.

“Hmm?” You nudged the side of his neck with your nose when he didn’t answer. Thorin stopped massaging the back of your neck and looked you deep in the eyes.

You were surprised with what you saw. His eyes appeared darker that usual. It was like they were filled with something.

Thorin’s breathing quickened and, before you could react, he had already grabbed your waist and pulled you onto his lap.

Now you knew what it was. His eyes were filled with lust.

Thorin nodded slowly. “I did like it. Very, very much”

You placed your arms around his neck and swung your legs around his torso.

“Can I kiss you?” Thorin asked you, not breaking eye contact.

You didn’t answer but crashed your lips against his. Your lips were moving in sync immediately. He tasted just the way you imagined it.

Thorin slid his hands under your shirt and started rubbing your lower back.

You were beginning to move your hips slowly. After a short while you could feel something growing inside of Thorin’s pants. It was beginning to press against your lady parts, which made you want Thorin even more.

“Y/n,” Thorin moaned your name in between kisses. The desire to feel each other even more grew inside the two of you.

With one simple move Thorin put his hands under your butt and liftet you up. He carried you to his bed and dropped you onto it.

He quickly laid on top of you and started to kiss your neck tenderly. Meanwhile, you tried to take off his shirt, which turned out to be quite a challenging task.

“By the way,” Thorin began, after he started nibbling on your collar bone, “How long exactly did you sit in my room and waited for me?” His face was right above yours. The tips of your noses were touching.

“Only a couple of hours.” You gave him a sheepish grin and laughed at your own answer.

“I love it when you laugh.” Thorin purred and continued to make out with you.


You definitely had to ask Thorin for help again.


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The results of the Origami workshop :)

The workshop was organised by Everyday Origami whom you can find on facebook :)
She is organising several workshops throughout the month targeted either at young adolescents or adults (^-^)

The theme of that workshop was easter so we made a bunny, and an easter basket as well as a cherry blossom, a chopstick rest in the shape of a fan, a box and a hydrangea flower :3
It was a lot of fun although there were only few people taking part in it :)

I’m looking forward to visit the next workshop :3

It is also a good opportunity to visit Bergedorf :)

The workshop is not cheap but 20€ seems like a reasonable price to pay for someone spending 2 hours teaching you Origami and serving you tea (or coffee if you happen to prefer coffee over tea :)

I hope there will be more people visiting the next workshop :)
The theme will be mothers day. I’m curious what we will be making then :3

Recently my weeks are very busy and I’m not able to get much done on Tuesday and Thursday but I’m still doing things in my workshop although progress has been painfully slow so far (^-^;)

Today I started cutting some boxwood I want to make Ohashi from but sadly it cracked quite a lot while drying so there is only enough wood to make 2 pairs of chopsticks (^-^;) maybe I can make some nice chopstickrests from the other pieces :3
I need to finish some other thing before I start working on the jigs to make Ohashi :)

I wish everyone a great time with sweet dreams (^-^)/

Love at first Lizard Chapter One

Surprise! Me and @green-love-paternoster totally tricked you guys, because it’s not actually cancelled! There is 3 planned chapters and today we are presenting chapter Number One!!! Yay!

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“Everything is goin’ to be alright, Greeny.” Jenny whispered reassuringly, hugging the travel cage for her chameleon lizard closer. She’d owned ‘Greeny’, as she called him, for little under a week, and already she had to take him to the vet.

Glancing up at the building in front of her, she swallowed audibly. It hadn’t been easy to find a vet that even catered to lizards to begin with, and now that she had found one that claimed to have an in-house reptile expert, she felt nervous. It was not that she was nervous about what they’d think of her, or Greeny, but rather the fact that she had never been to a vet’s office before. She had always hated hospitals, and the vet’s office gave her the same creepy feeling in her gut.

Nonetheless, Greeny needed looking after, and there was nowhere else she could go. Taking one last, deep breath, she grabbed the door and opened it, stepping inside.

The waiting room was small, but cozy, with pictures of delighted animals - mostly dogs and cats, but also a few horses and a rabbit - lining the walls, and a childish jungle themed carpet covered the floor. In the corner, a reception desk had been placed, and serving it was a petite dark haired girl that hardly seemed tall enough to see anything over the counter.

Swallowing loudly once more, Jenny gathered her courage and approached her. “Excuse me, ma’am?”

The girl, who had been absentmindedly drawing doodles on a notebook, instantly looked up upon hearing Jenny’s voice.

She looked at Jenny with big, warm brown eyes and a welcoming smile exclaiming, “Oh, hello there! Aren’t you a delightful surprise, business has been slow today, as you can see.” The girl made a sweeping gesture around the empty waiting room with pen still in hand. “My name’s Clara, how may I help you today?”

Feeling a little more confident thanks to the girl’s cheery attitude, Jenny smiled back. “Hello there. I’m Jenny Flint, and I need someone to look at my lizard? He seems to be a bit ill.” She lifted up the travel cage still in her hands for the girl to see, as if to emphasise her statement. “I heard you help lizards.”

Clara’s smile shrunk a bit as she switched her gaze from Jenny to the lizard huddled inside the carrier cage. The poor thing clearly didn’t seem to be doing so well, since he barely moved within the cage. Clara’s no lizard expert, but she hoped whatever that is wrong with the lizard will get fixed soon.

Clara then glanced back toward Jenny with a slightly sympathetic expression, for she saw that Jenny was genuinely worried about the health of her pet lizard. “You heard correctly indeed! Our certified in-house reptile expert is certainly the best in all of London….but I must warn you that she can be a bit of a grumpy old tightwad sometimes,” added Clara with a mischievous lilt in her tone, an attempt to make Jenny feel more at ease. “If there’s anyone who can figure out the problem with your lizard, it’s her!”

Jenny bit her lip, barely holding back a smile. While the way Clara presented the woman was a bit odd, she sounded good enough. Before she could answer her, however, she was interrupted by another person entering the room.

“Clara! Have you got the file on that dog who…oh.” As the man, a tall brown haired guy in a doctor’s coat, spotted Jenny, he stopped immediately. He was standing just short of the threshold to the waiting room, and casually leaned against the wall as he gave Jenny a once over. “Clara, who’s the new customer?” He smiled, a mischievous and quite silly smile, that almost made Jenny wonder if vets were always this casual.

“John, this is Jenny,” explained Clara, returning an equally exuberant smile to the man in the doorway. “She came here today because her lizard is sick.”

Clara giggled as soon as she said that, which Jenny found quite odd, and the man’s grin seemed to grow even larger, as if this was some kind of inside joke just between the two of them.

“Right! A lizard!” John said enthusiastically, giving Clara another suggestive look. “Two beautiful female specimens for our dear loony lizard lady to take a look at. Oh, Vastra is surely going to be satisfied by this!” His grin was almost covering his entire face now, and Clara looked as though she was struggling very hard not to laugh her head off. What was supposedly so funny about the situation, Jenny didn’t know, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to find out, either.

Jenny had no idea what to expect next, but her attention soon got caught on the stunningly gorgeous woman that appeared beside John, most likely having been drawn in by all the commotion he and Clara was causing. The mystery woman was tall, about the same height as John. She had brilliantly sharp blue eyes framed behind thin, rounded black glasses, well defined cheekbones and jawline, and there was a strip of green running along the middle of her dark brown hair, which she kept tied in a neat bun. Jenny also noticed the woman’s seemingly impeccable sense of style, consisting of a silken form-fitting purple blouse tucked into her black slacks, and flats on her feet with a slightly raised heel. The woman definitely exuded a distinctive aura of flawless elegance and meticulous professionalism, that was in stark contrast with the easygoing atmosphere projected by the other two employees. Jenny couldn’t help holding in her breath at the awe inspiring sight of the beautiful woman, as something told her that this visit to the vet was going to get a lot more challenging.

The Doctor gave Vastra a far too gleeful look. “Ah, Vastra, glad to see you sticking your head round these parts. We got two fresh female samples for you to look at!” He tried to keep a serious tone, but utterly failed, and Jenny once more found herself confused as to why the doctor was referring to her and her lizard in such a way.

The woman, now identified to be Vastra, appeared to be utterly unimpressed as she shook her head and grumbled, “God grant me the strength to deal with these two foolish comedians without losing my sanity!” Vastra then stepped in closer and peered at Jenny’s lizard in the carrier cage for a moment, before looking back over her shoulder at John to say, “Nice try, Doctor Smith, but this one is a male. Honestly, for you to be a veterinarian, your horrendous grasp of biology troubles me!”

“Oi! I am a female!” Jenny objected sharply. Honestly, for a woman like that, gorgeous as she might be, to come here and call her a male. Like a male animal!

“And I do know biology!” John added, in response to the insult against his credentials as a veterinarian. “It’s just lizards that are, well…green and not green. Or the other way around!”

Completely ignoring John’s complaint, Vastra simply turned her head to face the visibly indignant Jenny and spoke smoothly, “Calm down, miss, I was actually referring to your pet, not you.” She allowed herself to do a quick visual scan of Jenny’s physical features and attire, noting that she was in fact rather attractive. Vastra immediately dismissed such inappropriate thoughts and continued in the same strictly formal tone, “Now, if you wouldn’t mind following me into my office room, I will be able to start properly examining your lizard there. It’s absolutely beyond my knowledge how Doctor Smith over here manage to get any work done, when he’s too busy making juvenile jokes with Miss Oswald.”

Sharply, Vastra turned around on her heels, and Jenny bit her lip hard to keep herself from letting out a noise as she caught sight of the woman’s well trimmed arse. It was the perfect, circular shape and Jenny could feel her cheeks heating up as she bit her lip even harder. Now was definitely not the time to lose herself to the appeal of the Lizard veterinarian, but by god, she was hot.

Holding the cage up in front of her like a shield, Jenny reluctantly turned to follow Vastra into her office.“Coming, Ma’am.” She said quietly, holding the cage a little tighter as she looked back at John and Clara by the desk, seeing them still giggling among themselves. “His name’s Greeny, by the way.” She didn’t know why she said the last part. It was stupid, extremely so, and she knew it. She knew no one who named their lizard Greeny, and yet, she had, thinking herself funny.

She just never thought she’d have to answer for it in front of an extremely hot lizard veterinarian.

Vastra stopped just before the door to her office, already having her hand on the doorknob, and Jenny swore she nearly dropped the cage when the oh so magnificent woman struck her with an expression of dubious disdain, one perfectly curved eyebrow raised up toward her forehead

“You can’t be serious, Miss Flint. ‘Greeny?’” Vastra scoffed in a haughty manner that was beginning to rub Jenny’s skin the wrong way. Throughout her years working in this clinic, Vastra had encountered pets with almost every single name you could imagine under the sun, but ‘Greeny’….now that was a new one; And by far, the least original she’ve ever heard. “You ought to be more creative than that, even my three year old nephew could come up with something better!“

Then without further ado, Vastra effortlessly twisted the doorknob to open the door leading into her office before walking in herself, and leaving Jenny standing outside with her mouth hanging agape in the wake of her surprisingly rude comment.

“Well I’m sorry, but I rather like calling my lizard Greeny. He is green.” Jenny couldn’t help but get defensive, because she couldn’t believe how unimaginably rude Vastra had just been. As if she had the right to judge what Jenny named her lizard!

Vastra wordlessly walked over to her desk at the other end of the room, where she picked up a disheveled stack of papers and proceeded to shuffle them.

“Well anybody with properly functioning eyes can clearly see that to be true, so my point still stands that naming him ‘Greeny’ is terribly redundant,” retorted Vastra while loftily waving away Jenny’s statement as if it was a pesky and insignificant fly.

Jenny huffed in annoyance. She’d told herself she wouldn’t care what they had to say about her and Greeny, but it was proving increasingly difficult, seeing as the veterinarian seemed to be hellbent on making everything harder and more embarrassing for Jenny. “Then what would you call a lizard? I, for one, cannot think of a better name.”

Vastra continued to occupy herself with various little miscellaneous tasks around her desk in order to avoid looking directly at her client, who she had mentally admitted to being the very most loveliest creature she’d ever laid eyes on, albeit not without tremendous difficulty. God knows it had been an excessively arduous task for her to maintain a steady, neutral composure out in the waiting room with Clara and John. No doubt those two would be cackling their heads off like hyenas if they could see her now, flustered out of her wits because of this stupidly beautiful girl with dark brown hair and charming brown eyes. She was exactly Vastra’s type, much to her utter dismay.

Using her naturally embedded cynicism as a pretense to mask her rising attraction, Vastra quipped in response,“How would I know, I’m only the vet around here. I don’t get paid enough to consult with painfully bland pet owners who can’t look beyond their animal’s physicality to give them an appropriate name.” Very subtly, Vastra’s head and shoulders seemed to become tense as she anticipated Jenny’s inevitable rebuttal, and the intoxicating sound of her Cockney accent that would come along with it.

At this, Jenny gave her an ice cold glare. Even for such a gorgeous woman as her, there wasn’t any good explanation for being quite so rude. The woman wouldn’t even look at her! It was almost as though she was not worthy of being acknowledged, for Vastra had better things to do.

Even with Clara’s warning poking at her from the back of her mind, it was frustrating. “Well then, maybe you could do your job, instead of complaining about things you clearly claimed are none or your concerns?”

Vastra could practically feel Jenny’s probing glare on the back of her head, causing an involuntary shiver to run down her spine. Nonetheless, she still managed to produce an articulate reply, “I simply stated my sympathies for your poor lizard who has to live the rest of his life with such a mediocre name as ‘Greeny’.” Then closing her eyes, Vastra inhaled a deep breath, and eventually was able to muster just enough courage to turn around toward her client. Obviously trying to be a bit more cordial, Vastra suggested, “Perhaps it would be best if you go ahead and tell me the reason you’re here, since we’ve just wasted half an hour debating your lizard’s name.”

Seeing her eyes, Jenny almost couldn’t breath. Gone was the frustration and anger, it all washed off of her like an unpleasant shower coming to an end. The brilliant blue eyes looked at her, waiting for her answer, and unconsciously, Jenny smiled. She didn’t even care that she had to spend half-an hour justifying her pet’s name to a stranger when she should have been at work. It didn’t matter anymore all of sudden.

“Yes, of course, uh, well…” Taking a deep breath, she tried to gather herself and figure out what to say next. “I recently bought this lizard, you see. I’ve only had him for little under a week, but he already seems to have gotten sick. He barely moves and won’t eat.”

It required every last ounce of willpower for Vastra not let herself become undone right there at the sight of Jenny’s radiant smile. She mentally cursed herself for getting too carried away with her unnecessarily snarky attitude, when she really should be helping Jenny tend to her lizard. Her demeanor softened considerably upon witnessing the apparent nervousness written all across Jenny’s face, and she smiled pityingly while gesturing toward the examination table in the middle of the room. “That does sound troublesome indeed, miss. I truly want to do everything I can to alleviate your lizard, but first I’ll need to ask that you take him out of the carrier cage for me.”

Jenny nodded, swallowing audibly as she walked over to the table, putting down the carrier case and opening it. Greeny was hiding in the furthest corner of the space, and she glanced at Vastra uncertainly. “Do you want to take him out?” She asked politely, standing by to lift him out herself if Vastra thought it was better.
A little dumbstruck, Vastra nodded positively with a reassuring smile, “It would be my utmost pleasure, Miss Flint.”

Jenny’s ears instantly perked up upon detecting a mild, but still relatively evident Scottish accent among Vastra’s words, thus making her all the more attractive if that was even possible. Vastra went over to a cabinet on the wall where she retrieved a fresh pair of gloves, pulling them on with a satisfyingly audible snap.That simple action drew Jenny’s attention to Vastra’s exquisitely long fingers, which then set loose a chaotic whirlwind of very impure thoughts running through Jenny’s starstrucked mind;They might or might not, have been something along the lines of getting her body pinned against the office wall by the bewitchingly sexy veterinarian, and letting those surely capable fingers have their way with her. All that Jenny could do was keep biting her lip even harder, almost to the point of drawing blood, while simultaneously trying her best to appear normal in front of this goddamn goddess of a veterinarian. Jenny soon stepped aside to give Vastra access to the carrier and watched with baited breath as her hands reached into the carrier.

“That’s it, Greeny, who’s a good green lizard boy. Yes, come here to the nice veterinarian, I’m not going to hurt you,“cooed Vastra in such a beautifully soothing voice that it made Jenny want to laugh and her heart melt at the same time. Thanks to a bit of highly effective coaxing from Vastra, she finally succeeded in bringing Greeny out of his cozy carrier, holding him in a carefully firm, yet gentle grip.

Alas, everything was put into jeopardy, when the calmly quiet atmosphere of the room was suddenly interrupted by someone else bursting in through the door like a mighty blast of gale force wind.

“Madame! Strax is here to assist you, for the glory of this clinic!” The man standing and shouting in the doorway was short, buff and bald. He had slightly brown colored skin, and had Jenny not known any better, she would have compared him to an oversized, sentient cartoon potato. Only potatoes didn’t walk around screaming, nor did they dress like nurses. Still, in her mind Jenny decided to refer to…him? Him, as a potato.

The ruckus caused by Strax’s impromptu entrance did not sit well with Greeny, who began flailing his entire body within Vastra’s hands. That, in turn, caught Vastra off guard and she nearly dropped Greeny out of shock, but luckily she was able to catch herself at the last minute, and narrowly avoided getting her eye poked by one of the lizard’s sharp horns.

“Careful, Madame. The poky lizard would not do well on the floor.” Strax provided unhelpfully, the little potato not moving an inch and grinning like a madman at Vastra.

“STRAX! How many times must I tell you, not to be so BLOODY loud when you come into the office!” Barked Vastra in her exasperation at the rambunctious potato man. Then suddenly realizing the kind of language she had just used aloud, Vastra gave Jenny an apologetic grimace and said, “I am deeply sorry about this, Miss Flint, but my assistant can be quite….enthusiastic in his job sometimes.”

Inwardly, however, Vastra made herself a mental note to remember to kill the person responsible for feeding Strax the sherbert fancies that are making him obviously hyper.

Jenny merely shook her head. Nearly causing Vastra to drop Greeny aside, she found the little potato man quite adorable. “I believe it is fine. It does not appear to have been Mister Po…Strax’s intention to be disruptive. Right?” She smiled at the potato man, who smiled right back, as enthusiastic as ever before.

“Quite right, boy!” He confirmed, missing Jenny’s unamused expression as he turned his attention back to Vastra. “The Doctor was making coffee and thought you might be in need of assistance, Madame.”

Vastra was definitely looking forward to the Doctor’s funeral, in that case. As if this whole ordeal wasn’t already stressful enough, now that lanky buffoon had sent Strax in to cause even more trouble than necessary. This was just perfect, thought Vastra.

Jenny watched the two persons in front of her, swallowing hard as she felt the tension simmering between them. Vastra was obviously angry with Strax, but the latter was either too daft, or too oblivious of his surroundings to notice. Timidly, she spoke up. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be a bother, but this appointment is coming out of my salary, so perhaps we can get on with it now?” She smiled half-heartedly, hoping it would be enough to get everything back on track.

Jenny’s voice cut right through Vastra’s flaring temper and brought her back to the situation at hand. Once again, she smiled sheepishly at Jenny saying, “Oh, yes, that we do indeed, for surely I would hate to put your paycheck at risk.” After taking a few seconds to compose herself, Vastra looked back toward Strax in silent resignation to address him with, “Alright, Strax, I’ll let you stay in here to assist me, but only if you promise to be quiet for God’s sake, and not touch anything until I tell you otherwise.”

Hearing that he was allowed to stay, Strax punched one of his short, stubby arms in the air, trying to make some kind of victory gesture. “I will help you Madame! For the glory of this clinic!”

Jenny laughed a little, not able to hold it back. Strax really was adorable. “Thanks. Scotland Yard doesn’t pay nearly as much as you’d think.”

Vastra paused in the midst of her inspection of Greeny the lizard to look at Jenny, equally impressed and curious. “Really, you work at Scotland Yard? Well, that does sound to be rather exciting, is it not?”

Jenny shrugged. “Yes ma’am, though it’s not very exciting. It’s mostly a lot of paperwork. Gets a bit lonely, too. That’s why I got a lizard - so I’d have some company that doesn’t require being walked three times a day and are allowed in my flat.”

“I see….even if it’s not as glamorous is you say, I have immense respect for anyone willing to risk their life in the name of justice at Scotland Yard. Although, I am sorry to hear that you’re feeling lonely,” spoke Vastra sympathetically, making casual conversation with her client as she continued to study Greeny. “I was just under the impression that such a seemingly likable, and decent girl as you would have plenty of friends to keep you company.”

Jenny blushed a little at Vastra’s glowing compliments, looking down at the floor. “I didn’t have many people before I joined Scotland Yard, and my current working schedule doesn’t exactly encourage lots of socialising and spending time with friends.” She bit her lip, trying not to let the other woman’s words get to her. It never bothered her that she had few people that she considered close to her, why would it now?

Vastra risked a brief discreet glance at Jenny and replied, “It would appear that you and I are the same in that regard, since I’m not exactly the type of person to put myself out there for all the world see. I’ll admit that I am much more adept at dealing with animals than I am with people. Apart from Doctor John, Clara, and even Strax, there’s actually nobody else that I can view as my friend.” Sensing Jenny’s increasing discomfort, Vastra then cleared her throat and decided to immediately change the subject. “I must say, Miss Flint, this is a really handsome Jackson Horned Chameleon you have here. It’s a shame that he had gotten sick so soon….what are his symptoms again, if I may ask?”

“He is not handsome, but well equipped for battle! It is most glorious!” Strax declared, before Jenny had a chance to repeat her lizards symptoms.

His eyes shone like stars as he spoke and Jenny found herself a bit uncomfortable by the thought that maybe he was attracted to things and people that could defend themselves. She shuddered.

“He’s not eating, and barely moving, ma’am.” Jenny told Vastra, trying to push Strax’s comment into the back of her mind where she’d never have to think of it again.

Vastra shot Strax a heated death glare as a warning before inquiring further, “Hmm, yes, he does appear to have lost some weight….what have you been feeding him?” Vastra then became aware of how Greeny was gradually curling himself against her arm, seemingly attracted to her natural body heat.

“I feed him insects. Mostly crickets, as instructions says.” Jenny said, looking straight at Vastra, a little questioning.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Asked a befuddled Vastra, afraid that she might have somehow offended her pretty client again. “I swear, I wasn’t trying to accuse you of any wrongdoing. Jackson Horned Chameleon diets are typically composed of insects and crickets, so at least you’re doing that right. Do you have some kind of enclosed habitat in your home to contain him in?”

Jenny nodded rapidly. She felt eager to please the gorgeous woman handling her lizard, wanted to show her that she was not some clueless person who just adopted an animal without a plan. “Yes, I have an enclosure at home, as one should have.”

Jenny’s confident statement was then rewarded with a dazzling smile of approval from Vastra that knocked all the air out of her lungs. Vastra’s tone was almost rather playful when she said,“Quite the responsible pet owner now, aren’t you? Very good, and can you please describe this enclosure to me?”

Jenny blushed at the praise, looking down at the floor, but glancing back at Vastra as she spoke,”It’s a mesh cage, as the guide said to avoid glass enclosures, and there’s a little tree for him to climb. That is about it.”

“Well I suppose that minimalism does have its appeal to some people, but I will advise you to add in a few more plants for his habitat,”Vastra suggested wisely. “What about the climate and average temperature of your home? Do you have any type of heat source that can be kept near Greeny’s cage?”

Jenny stared at her as though she’d suddenly grown a second head, or possibly a third eye. “Heat source? Climate?”

Jenny’s confused expression prompted Vastra to tilt her head, and lift one skeptical eyebrow as she spoke, “Miss Flint, you are aware of the fact that reptiles like Greeny are cold-blooded, and must gain heat from their surroundings in order to function, aren’t you? Or did they not teach you that back in grade school science class?”

At this, Jenny gave Vastra what she believed was the most apologetic smile ever to have existed, eyes quickly diverting and looking back down on the ground. The peach carpet sure was interesting to look at, Jenny decided. “I’m afraid I was never the sharpest one, ma’am. Haven’t had much education altogether, and can’t say I remember being taught anything about lizards.” She sighed, embarrassed. She had really hoped she would have done enough research to avoid exposing her rather lacking education in general.

The underlying sadness in Jenny’s words struck Vastra’s heart heavily, and she immediately regretted being so snide in her remark without actually meaning to. It physically pained her to see this beautiful, sweet young girl defeated by her own insecurities, which was preventing her from recognizing her full potential and self worth. Vastra, too, dropped her gaze to the floor as she was suddenly desperate to find something that could cheer up Jenny.

“There’s no reason why you should be embarrassed, Miss Flint,” Vastra began sincerely, eyes fixed onto Jenny’s depressed form. “Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, it’s a natural part of life. I know that you are trying your best to take care of Greeny, and I do not blame you for being uninformed regarding the biological anatomy of reptiles. You may not be well educated, but I can tell that you must possess a considerable amount of merit since you were able to get into Scotland Yard. So chin up a little, will you, for Greeny’s sake?” Vastra held up Greeny as if he was a sort of mascot in an attempt to uplift Jenny’s falling spirits, while acquiring a pleading puppy dog face herself to boot.

Jenny couldn’t help but smile a little. No one had ever tried so hard to encourage her and make her happy. If you want to be happy, you make yourself happy, her mom had used to say. But here this gorgeous veterinarian was, cheering her up like her life depended on it, and Greeny looking confused as he twisted around in her hands. “Alright, for you and Greeny.” She agreed finally, giving Vastra her largest grin.

Vastra released a little sigh of relief, and returned a pleasant smile of her own to Jenny; She was most delighted to witness how Jenny had transformed from a hopelessly wilted plant, to a lively blooming flower being fed by the rejuvenating waters of a spring shower. Another, albeit quite unexpected, result was that Vastra also found herself having a strange and powerful urge to always make Jenny happy like this in any way possible….depending on the probability of whether or not she’ll ever see her again at the clinic, that is. A part of her was already wishing and praying for Jenny to come back someday.

Vastra was so enraptured by her client’s joyous beauty, that it took her several minutes to find her tongue again. “Excellent! It is a scientifically proven fact that pets thrive much better when their owners possess a positive attitude, as opposed to being down in the dumps,”proclaimed Vastra, who included a sly wink to show that she was only teasing. “Now, I assume you will be glad to know that Greeny’s condition isn’t as serious as you think, and he can easily be cured with the use of a proper heat lamp. I’m sure that you will be able to buy one at your local pet store, or online if you prefer. Either way, I highly recommend that you get one as soon as possible, because Jackson Horned Chameleons need to be kept at a temperature of between 20 and 32 degrees celsius.”

At this point, Vastra didn’t mind in the slightest that Greeny was practically holding her arm captive, because the poor thing had clearly been deprived of warmth for so long.

Jenny nodded at her words, acting like a school kid confirming her teacher’s instructions for her homework assignment. “I’ll see about getting one uh…,”She glanced at the clock, trying to estimate how long she’d been there,”…on my way home. My shift’s over, by now, so I won’t really have anything better to do. Besides, the sooner Greeny gets what he needs, the better.” Jenny turned to Vastra and smiled, stretching out her hands expectantly.

“Smart thinking, Miss Flint, Greeny will certainly appreciate the sentiment. He should consider himself lucky having such a thoughtful and committed owner as you,” concluded Vastra while she prepared to give Greeny back to Jenny.

What was supposed to be a standard transaction suddenly became much more complicated when their hands touched upon Greeny. Both Jenny and Vastra gasped softly as sparks seemed to fly from the very first second they made that physical contact, feeling the invisible electricity race up their arms before ultimately exploding against their hearts. Their bodies trembled due to the sheer force of the impact, which continued to echo in massive rippling waves throughout their entire frame. Meanwhile, their overlapping hands had become extremely hot as if they were laying on a furnace, though the two of them fought the urge to jerk away lest they drop Greeny. The heat quickly spread to their faces, and their cheeks lit up with a blazing red color. Hearts pounding, palms sweating, minds spinning, neither Jenny nor Vastra had ever experienced anything this intense before, and they both struggled to fully comprehend what was happening to them. Eventually, they were able to remove their gaze from Greeny and locked eyes with each other instead. They immediately froze in place where they stood, as if some kind of mysterious unseen power had stripped them of all their ability to move. Everything else seemed to fade away until it was just the two of them left in this lofty, and surreal dimension that separated them from the rest of reality;The very air surrounding them had morphed and shifted itself, becoming significantly heavier with a daunting, unspoken question that loomed over their heads. Despite their current immobility, there was still a distinctly spiritual energy of restlessness that caused their souls to be irresistibly attracted to one another like opposite ends of a magnet. Vastra and Jenny both realized that something needed to be said if they were to break free of this awkward situation, but every word they meant to say instantly evaporated off of the tip of their tongues before they even had the chance, thus rendering their voices utterly useless.

Whether they liked it or not, they are completely, effectively, undeniably stuck.

They kept standing there, stagnant and unable to move for several more moments, before the door suddenly opened. Stepping in through the opening, was none other than Dr.John Smith himself.

“Strax, I need you! That pitbull that likes you is here and…” As he saw what he walked in on, he stopped, confusion quickly replaced by a mad grin. “Oh my…I’m sorry, Vastra, I thought you and Miss Flint would have been finished by now!” He let out a small laugh, and Vastra could see the joke in his eyes. “But I guess she required a lot of care!” He did a not-so subtle wink with his eye at this, and Vastra wanted to strangle him for his shameless behaviour.

The Doctor’s surprise intervention was enough to startle Vastra and Jenny into jumping apart from each other, with Jenny frantically clutching Greeny close to her chest. His gaze kept switching back and forth between the two women, as he was clearly relishing in the rare sight of a highly flustered Vastra. The other veterinarian glared daggers at him with laser point precision, being not thrilled at him barging into her office wearing that infuriatingly smug grin that she would love to tear off his face. Vastra fastidiously wiped her hands on her coat and hardened her facial expression, all in a futile attempt to make herself appear more dignified, yet the tell-tale fiery blush on her cheeks still remained. The Doctor always had the worst sense of timing, and Vastra hates the fact that this one incident has now given him basically unlimited ammunition to bombard her with.

“Ahem…uhh…Strax, it would seem that I will have to relieve you of your duties here at the present moment,” began Vastra calmly, as she was determined to pretend that nothing had ever happened. “Go ahead with Doctor Smith and report back to me when you are done.” She then turned her head to look directly at the Doctor and said to him, “And you, Doctor Smith, I simply cannot comprehend why you still insist on calling Miss Flint’s lizard a ‘she’ after we’ve been over it already. He did require a lot of care, but fortunately we were able to reach a viable solution. Now, do be so kind and remove yourself from my office, your unsightly hideous face is apparently causing Greeny some considerable discomfort.”

Vastra also made sure to punctuate her biting statement with an equally sardonic smile that told the Doctor ‘two can play at this game’.

“Ma’am!” Jenny couldn’t help the complaint that escaped her lips. Despite lacking in many other areas, Jenny had very good manners, and she knew what Vastra had said was not acceptable. Though the man had been immensely rude to his co-worker, and Greeny did look quite uncomfortable, it was simply not right to say such mean things to anyone.

John, however, didn’t seem as bothered by it. He simply gave her a wink and a smile, showing that it was all okay. “Don’t worry, my dear, the cold blooded tend to behave this way. Now, if you excuse me, I must be off.” Wasting no more time, John turned around and left the room, Strax hurrying to follow in his lead.

“Sir, wait for me!” He called out as he, too, left the room, short legs moving him as quick as possible away from Jenny and Vastra, leaving them completely alone once more.

Jenny glanced awkwardly around the room, trying to avoid looking at the veterinarian as she finally settled in with the task of putting Greeny back into his traveling cage. “Well, if there is nothing else, I suppose I should get going. I’ll remember to buy a heat lamp whenever I can.”

Jenny didn’t know why she was saying goodbye. She didn’t want to go, didn’t want to leave this gorgeous woman before her and likely never see her again. Yet, she had no choice, as there was no longer anything keeping her there. She sighed, deep and heavy.

Vastra’s head instantly swiveled back toward Jenny, her anger at the Doctor suddenly replaced with a grim sense of despair upon hearing Jenny say that. Truth be told, Vastra really didn’t want Jenny to leave either, but she knew she couldn’t risk violating professional business protocol by letting her suspiciously not-so-platonic feelings be revealed in front of this beautiful and lovely client, who had become the object of her affections. Rubbing the back of her neck with one hand, Vastra merely gave a small sheepish smile as she responded, “Yes, of course, it’s getting rather late….and I’m certain there are other clients that I need to attend to. Before I do that, though, I’d just like to say that it’s been my absolute pleasure helping you and Greeny today, Miss Flint.” Vastra paused for a moment, overcome with a sudden bout of self-consciousness, and temporarily diverted her gaze to the floor. She was soon able to look at Jenny again while her blue eyes shone faintly with optimism, and added, “I hope that you found my services here to be satisfactory then?”

Although they had gotten started on the wrong foot earlier, Vastra did genuinely mean what she said. Out of every other client that Vastra had come across during the course of her four year career at the clinic, none of them had ever fascinated or outright perplexed her quite like Jenny does. There was an unexplainable, penetrating, persistent feeling deep within her gut telling Vastra that maybe….just maybe….it will be different and special with Jenny. She had utterly no idea why she is willing to get her hopes up so high for this girl who she never knew existed until an hour ago, but at the same time she found herself unable to stop, too. While Vastra may be a certified know-it-all expert of lizards, she is actually terribly ignorant when it comes to matters of love.

Jenny couldn’t help but feel disappointed. After their hands had touched, she’d actually believed there was something between them, a connection perhaps. That maybe Vastra felt the same and shared even just a fraction of her own feelings. But, of course, not for her as she was just another worried pet owner. “Right. Yes, your service was excellent and much appreciated. Goodbye, Miss McIntosh.”

The two of them approached the door together, and there was a brief episode of awkwardly treading around eggshells, before Vastra finally insisted on holding the door open for Jenny to get through.

Glancing back wistfully at Vastra as she went, Jenny left the room, walking down the corridor and back to the waiting room. At the reception section, she saw Dr.Smith and the receptionist, Clara, standing there and chatting away amongst themselves. Quickly, Jenny tried to make a bee-line for the door, hoping to avoid any more awkwardness by escaping unnoticed. She really didn’t feel up to listening to another of the other veterinarian’s comments, with his painstakingly clear innuendos.

She was just about to open the door and step outside, when suddenly, she heard someone calling her name.

“Miss Flint, wait! Please don’t leave yet!

Jenny was able to recognize that voice as belonging to Vastra, who nearly tripped and fell over her feet while rushing to catch Jenny at the door before it was too late. Dr. John and Clara both ceased their animated conversation in favor of watching their co-coworker chasing after a particular client like a madwoman, which was something they’ve never seen before. Every muscle in Jenny’s body became notably rigid with anticipation, and she closed her eyes, gathering herself so that she could face the gorgeous veterinerian again without automatically falling apart on the spot. When Jenny finally turned around, Vastra was standing only ten inches away, looking rather out of breath as her chest heaved rapidly to refill her lungs with air, and there was a thin sheen of sweat covering her forehead. Even in this disheveled and exhausted state, did Jenny still considered Vastra to be the most extraordinarily attractive woman in the whole world. She also noticed that Vastra was holding a sheet of paper in her hand, inspiring a newfound sense of curiosity within her mind.

Once she had recovered enough of her energy to speak, Vastra said, “Pardon my, err, inconvenience, Miss Flint, but I’ve just realized that I forgot to ask for your phone number. It’s a precaution to help us keep in contact with you, in case any problems should arise with your pet, Greeny, later on in the future.”

Not really knowing what else to say, Vastra simply held out the sheet of paper in front of Jenny, silently requesting her to sign it.

Seeing the paper, Jenny couldn’t help but smile. It was only for Greeny’s sake, she knew, but a small part of her just couldn’t help but hope that there was something more to it. Smiling nonetheless, she took the offered paper and pen, quickly writing down her number before giving it back. As she did, however, a sudden and crazy idea hit her. “There you go. And, uh, if you wouldn’t mind, could I have your number as well? In case something does happen.”

It wasn’t until now that Vastra became aware of two other pairs of eyes watching them intently from across the opposite side of the room. Vastra blinked obliviously and tilted her head aside, trying to confirm if she had heard that correctly, or were her ears playing a false trick on her? Naturally, she found it hard to believe that anyone would ever want her number, especially this angelic, amazing young girl who she had been so insensitive to.

“Come on Vastra, do it!” Vastra could hear John whispering behind her back. “I know you can do it!”

“No way, she won’t!” Clara protested, indicating that there was probably a bet taking place between the two of them. “She’s always been all talk and no action!”

As soon as Clara said that, it was like two circuit wires had been inserted inside Vastra’s brain to shock it back to life again, and she managed to smile charmingly at Jenny. “I suppose that would be alright, even if it’s not something that I normally do,” answered Vastra, who then unceremoniously grabbed Jenny’s hand and scrawled her own number on it. “Well, there you have it! That’s actually all the information that I need, so….have a wonderful evening, Miss Flint.”

Vastra couldn’t understand why she just did that, writing her number onto Jenny’s bare hand instead of a piece of paper, like any other reasonable and normal person would.

Jenny smiled at her hand and turned around with the intention of walking out the door, but somehow ended up colliding headlong into it. Though a bit disoriented, Jenny was luckily able to find the door handle and swiftly exited the building. She wore a huge grin on her face, feeling more satisfied with herself than she’d been in a very, very long time. As she began heading down the sidewalk towards her apartment, Jenny abruptly stopped and carefully put the carrier on the ground. She then pulled out her phone from her pocket, typing the number on her hand into her phone’s contact list, and also taking a picture of her hand for good measure. She really didn’t want to lose the number, after having gone through so much just to get it.

And who knew? Maybe she would need to call and ask about Greeny….wait, who’s Greeny? Oh yeah, her pet lizard, how silly of her to forget for a minute there, again.

Still smiling, she bent down and picked up the carrier. “Love you little guy!”

Jenny truly did love Greeny. She had originally bought him to be less lonely, and now it seemed as though it had all worked out, in the best way possible.


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Imagine being a fortune teller able to really see the future and Stephen Strange showing up at your doorstep to find out if you really have a gift and aren’t just a fraud. And you are the real thing to consult you. -Requested by anon

Part 1 | Part 2

It was a slow day at your humble fortune teller shop. Most people came in the afternoon, but you could tell the usual busy hours were over. So you sat down in your chair and cracked open a book. You barely read the first page, however, when suddenly the door flew open.

You immediately hid the book under your table and tried to look all fortune teller-y. You were expecting another customer, but instead you saw Doctor Strange, the magical sorcerer himself, enter the shop. Following in his wake was who you assumed to be Wong, someone Strange talked about often. They both had serious grim looks on their faces, looks of grave importance. Seeing them was like déjà vu, but you were sure Wong had never been to your shop before. Then it struck you: you’d seen this exact event happen 4 months ago, when Strange first came to your shop.

Since then, you two had created a special alliance. You would provide your helpful futuristic insight, and he would make sure your shop was protected from the evils of the magical realm. Though he didn’t drop by often, when he did, it was important. “Ah, (y/n),” Doctor Strange said. “I do hope we’re not interrupting anything.”

“Doctor,” you greeted warmly. “You’re not interrupting anything. Business has been slow today.”

“Good.” He nodded, satisfied. “Because we need your help. This is Wong, who I’ve mentioned before.”

Wong stepped forward and offered his hand, which you shook politely. “It’s a pleasure,” you smiled. He didn’t smile back. So, instead, you focused your attention back on Strange. “What’s the problem this time?”

Keep reading

whattheduckisthisbullpit  asked:

God work has been really slow today so I re read PR and Jesus I was tearing up! It sounds weird but it made me nostalgic??? I started reading it during exams and to procrastinate I re read it and re read it so fucking much, even just reading my favourite snippets during little breaks I JUST FUCKING LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH AND THE STORY IS SO BEAUTIFUL SND THE CHARACTERS ARE GREAT!!! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!!!

Awww I’m so glad that you liked it that much and that it’s worth re-reading!!! That definitely makes me happy!

How You Met


            You had been returning a book to the library, and somehow you found yourself holding three more and reading the back of another. This almost always happened, and you didn’t know why anyone even bothered to allow you to go to the library alone any more. A loud crash sounds next to you, and your head snaps up. Next to you stood a boy with rusty colored side burns, and a sick grin on his face. He had given you quite the scare, and your eyes are wide as you stare up at him.

“Hi there,” He says. “I’m Two-Bit, and the boy with the reddish-blond hair and green eyes over there? That’s my friend Pony.” He jerks a thumb over his shoulder, gesturing to a boy around your age who was surrounded by at least 5 other guys. His eyes were wide as he stared right back at you.

“Yeah?” You say slowly, unsure of why Two-Bit had approached you.

“Well, he likes books too. Oh, and he thinks that you’re awful pretty.”


Somehow, you had gotten stuck with the job of picking up groceries for your family, and so as you stared at the boxes and boxes of apples, you found yourself squinting. What’s even the difference? You think to yourself. You sigh finally, and grab a random bag. This one should do fine. Turning to walk towards your cart, you walk right into the chest of a boy easily a head taller than you. Your head jerks up and your eyes meet a pair of dark brown ones.

            “Sorry,” You say quietly. He was attractive. Hell, was that was an understatement. He looked like a god. His face is emotionless, but it breaks into a goofy grin.

            “S’alright. I would say to watch where you’re going, but I actually didn’t mind so much.”


            Your cousin lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Oklahoma. You love Steve to death, but why Oklahoma? Why not California? Or anywhere else?

            “Hey, Y/N.” Steve says, seeing that you’re already up and making breakfast.

            “Hey Stevie.” You smile. He was younger than you by 3 years, but he was still more like a best friend to you than a cousin.

            “So today I figured that we could hang out with the gang.” He grins. You raise an eyebrow. You had heard about them plenty of times, but you had only met Sodapop.

            “Alright…” You say.


            Steve runs ahead of you to meet with the group of slouchy teenagers. My, were there a few characters. One stood out in particular – he towered over all the others, and was easily older than the rest. Possibly even older than you. Stepping up beside Steve, he pushes you forward slightly.

            “Everyone, this is Y/N, my cousin.” He says, grinning. You smile and wave slightly. A few of the boys nod, and go around introducing themselves.



            “Hey, Soda.” You say, smiling. He grins and nods.



            The last one stares at you before opening his mouth.



You knock on the front door of Ponyboy’s house. You had a Science project to do, and you and him had chosen to be partners. Everyone else in the class was either a Middle Class or a Soc, meaning that they wouldn’t partner up with either one of you anyways. The door is opened by Sodapop, and you almost smile at his perplexed expression.

            “Is Ponyboy here? I’m here to do a project with him.” A look of realization comes across Soda’s face and he nods.

            “Pony!” Soda calls. “Your friend is here.” You notice the emphasize on ‘friend’. It wasn’t like that with you and Pony. Not at all. Pony’s head pops out of a doorway and he waves you in. You walk passed the living room and kitchen and greet him.


            You and Pony were well done before 5:00, and you found yourselves lying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

            “Favorite class.” He said.

            “_____” You reply. “Favorite color.” You say.

            “I don’t know.” He replies. You roll your eyes.

            “That’s your answer to everything. Let’s go to the movies or something.” He nods, and you stand up. You follow him out of his room and hear banter from the living room. You had heard it a while ago, but ignored it. You’re greeted with the faces of 6 guys, all of whom you recognize.

            “Oooo, Pony. Who’s the broad?” Two-Bit asks, and you glare at him. Pony’s ears turn pink.

            “Just a friend of mine. We’re doing a project.” He nudges you to the door. “And we’re going now.” A boy with blond hair stares at you - Dallas. He grins slightly.

            “No, wait, Pony. What’s her name?” Dallas pauses. “What’s your name, Doll?” He repeats, and you find a smile playing on your lips.

            “Y/N. You’re Dallas, right? I’ve heard plenty about you.” You say. He smirks.

“Glory, a pretty broad like yourself shouldn’t be hangin’ around with Pony. Where y’all headed to? Maybe the rest of us could join.”


            Tapping your fingers on the counter, you huff. Business has been painfully slow today, and you were just about ready to close the shop early. It’s not as though your boss would even notice. The jingling of the bell pulls you out of your thoughts, and you watch a boy with shaggy black hair walk in. It fell over his forehead in thick waves and shines with grease. He immediately shuffles over to the cigarettes and grabs two packs of Kools. He walks up to the counter and sets them in front of you. His tan skin turns slightly pink as you stare at him, chewing on your lip. You begin to ring him up.

            “You know that these’ll kill you.” You say. You normally wouldn’t interfere with someone like that, but this boy didn’t even seem old enough to be smoking. He glances up at you, shrugging.

            “Doesn’t matter.” You sigh, and tell him the cost.

            “I’m Y/N, by the way.” His face is still slightly red, and seems to flush more.

            “Johnny.” He replies.


You keep yourself relatively small. You weren’t in any mood to be bugged today, even though you could defend yourself. No such luck.

            “Hey, sexy!” A deep voice calls. You ignore it, but you knew it belonged to Tim Shepard. “Where’re you going, babe?” Another voice calls. You glance up, and see both the Shepard outfit and the Curtis gang grinning. A few of the boys in the Curtis gang looked uneasy, but none interjected. Tim steps forward, blocking your path.

            “Tim, stop.” Another voice says. You look over and see that it belongs to a tall, stocky boy with rusty colored side burns. Tim ignores the boy. Sometimes you hated being a greasy girl. You never hear the end of it from Socs or Greasers.

            “You should hang around with us for a little, baby.” Tim says, grinning. He steps closer to you only to be cut off by the same boy who had protested.

            “I said stop.” He repeats in what can almost be classified as a growl.

            “The fuck did ya say t’me?” Tim spits. The boy in front of you grabs your arm and steers you away, ignoring Tim’s comment. Once you were at a safe distance, he turns to you.

            “I’m Two-Bit.” He states, smiling slightly. You can’t help but smile back.



As far as you could tell, nearly everyone in your class was a Soc or a serious Hood. No Middle class like you. Sitting towards the back of the class, you tap your pencil on the desk. The teacher begins to call attendance.

            “Jessica Nickels?” The teacher calls. A girls voice confirms.

            “Steve Randle?” The teacher continues. Silence. The door swings open and there stands a boy, his hair combed in greasy curls. The teacher sighs. “Hello, Steve.” He grins.

            “Hey Ms. T.” He states, waltzing into the class. She taps her pen on her clipboard as he takes his time. He is about to sit next to some random Hood when the teacher shakes her head.

            “Nuh-Uh. Go sit by Ms. Y/L/N.” She says, gesturing to you. Your cheeks flush slightly. You’re not sure if you could stand sitting next to a Greaser like him – especially a cute one. He chuckles and stands, walking over and loudly pulling back the seat next to you. He turns it around and straddles it before facing you, completely ignoring the teacher.

            “Hey, Doll. I’m Steve.” He offers his hand and you chew on your bottom lip, trying to ignore him. “Alright. Ignore me then. Let’s see how long that lasts.” He turns back to face the board. You sigh.

            “Y/N. My name is Y/N.” He offers a cheeky smile, turning back to face you.

            “Y/N, huh? Cute name. Fits you.” 

4.03.15 More from yesterday’s session, I got some work done today with my history mentor and am now working on my coursework. But progress is slow - today has been busy with a university interview and a youth forum meeting but, ploughing on!