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So we still haven’t recieved any renewal updates, which SUCKS. What we do know, is that the fandom has POWER - that’s been proved today by the Timeless un-cancellation. I have also heard from a reliable source (not SSA) that FOX has been checking out several NG Tumblr blogs today, so they are definitely interested in the fandom’s current mood.

So, let’s all summon our very last energy together, and SPAM SPAM SPAM the hell out of the #reNewGirl campaign, until Monday morning when we’ll get the news. They will listen to us!

Here’s how to do it:

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GO GO GO!!!! Together we will make #reNewGirl happen!!!

Professor Evans (7/?)

Summary: Everything gets worked out and Y/N takes charge of making plans

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader

Word Count: 2,737

Warnings: Nope, not one

A/N: I’m sorry this took me so long but it’s finally here and I’m so excited to finally write some good fluff with these two. If you have any drabble ideas please let me know. Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think! 

Feedback is welcome and much appreciated ♡

Professor Evans Masterlist 

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

But a knock on the door and the door knob being turned opened, startled them and their eyes grew wide as the person cracked the door open.

It was Professor Ursula, the professor who did everything in her power to talk to Chris or to run into him. Even if it were for a couple of seconds. She loved Chris actually, she was obsessed with him. Everyone knew she had a crush on him even though she could easily be his mother but that never made him avoid her. He was too respectful to be rude to her, even though sometimes she did push her limits. As she walked in Y/N and Chris struggled to make space between each other, knowing it made them look even more suspicious. The professor’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets as she glanced between the two of them while Y/N just wanted the floor to open up and eat her. Did the professor actually walk in? Did she see them? Was she going to tell? It felt as if time stopped then and there, the three of them staring at each other, not knowing what to say. Chris was the first to clear his throat, but as he started to speak the other professor did too, overlapping his explanation with apologies, which made everything even more awkward.

“I-I just wanted to tell you that the meeting for today has been canceled,” the professor said as she slipped her glasses back on and there was something about her that Y/N couldn’t figure out.

“Right, okay. Thank you,” Chris replied, despite being confused as to what meeting was she talking about. The three of them continued to stay standing until the professor finally took a hint and left the room, letting the door close behind her silently as Y/N was still in shock.

“Did that just happen?” She asked herself but didn’t realize that she said out loud until Chris nodded his head; a little traumatized himself. The two of them didn’t dare to move as they were too paranoid, thinking that she would come back until Y/N’s phone started to ring; startling the two. Since it was her friend, she made a mental note to call her back and faced Chris needing to know what was going to happen. “Um, do you think she’s going to tell? Would that get you in trouble? Oh my god, could they fire you?” The words flew out her mouth as Y/N felt every bit of guilt, she shouldn’t have made a move, especially since now there’s a possibility of him getting fired. “Chris, I’m so sorry.”

“What? Y/N, for what?” Chris looked at Y/N but she quickly averted his gaze looking down only for him to tilt her chin back up. “Y/N, you did nothing wrong and neither did I. And if she goes and chooses to complain, I’m ready to show the board that we’re doing nothing wrong and that we’re both happy even if they hate it. There are other solutions, even if it means I have to find another job in another school.”

“Really?” Y/N whispered, she knew Chris liked her and she knew that they could have something but she didn’t think he would give up his job for her.

“Yes really,” Chris confirmed holding back the urge to feel Y/N’s lips against his since now wasn’t a time for another plan of his. He needed to find out if Ursula was going to make it a big deal out of what she walked in on or was she going to be an adult. So he stuck with placing a soft kiss to Y/N’s temple before letting her go and grabbing his satchel from his desk. “I think, it’s best if we lay low, for the time being, you know no more office visits,” Chris sighed, brushing his hand through his hair. He hated saying those words, everything he planned went to waste and now they were back to square one.

“Uh, yeah that makes sense,” Y/N swallowed the lump in her throat, it sucked hearing those words; like reality was slapping her in the face. “Better safe than sorry.” She grabbed her things and made her way to the door, holding back the urge to cry as this wasn’t supposed to be happening, they weren’t supposed to be moving backwards, not when they made it this far. She grabbed onto the knob of the door but stopped as she felt Chris’ eyes on her, turning to look back at Chris who seemed to forget how to breathe, his heart breaking at the sight of Y/N leaving. But before she left she gave him a smile that was filled with hope as she said, “Don’t worry, one day we’ll be together.” And with that, she walked out of the room knowing if she stayed to hear Chris’ response she wouldn’t be able to walk out, ever. Walking through the halls, Y/N felt all eyes on her, staring at her like they knew everything that happened in that room. So she sped her pace, wanting nothing more than to find a quiet corner to slump in and let go of the tears she’s been holding back. Chris stayed awhile back, trying to compose himself knowing if he was going to talk to Professor Ursula, he needed to be in the right mindset and hold back his emotions. He needed to if he wanted things to work with Y/N.

Walking out of his room, he glanced the halls looking for Ursula or Y/N but to his luck, he couldn’t find any of them and had to stop as one of his other students came up to ask a question. What the question was, he wasn’t sure as his mind wandered and raced, worried if Ursula was with the head of the University complaining. So as politely as he could he excused himself from the student and sped across the halls, heading upstairs and to the dean’s office. But from the corner of his eyes, he saw a sitting figure waiting next to his office and it reminded him of the time Y/N used to wait there for him but this time it wasn’t her and this time the feeling in his stomach wasn’t joy. It was nerves as Ursula stood up, nodding her head at him as he walked towards her. biting his lip not even knowing where to start until Ursula cleared her that, grabbing his attention.

“I think it’s best if we take this inside your office if that’s okay with you?”

“Uh, yeah. Of course,” Chris replied as a couple of students passed by and knew it was better to have more privacy. He opened his door and stood to the side, gesturing for Ursula to come in and to take a seat. He placed his satchel to the side before sitting across from her, taking note of her trembling hands and knew she was probably more nervous than him. But why? She wasn’t the one who came close to kissing a student but what ever the reason didn’t matter, he needed to clear the air with her now. “Ursula, I need you to know if you’re planning to take what you saw to the dean. But I don’t think you are because if you were, you would’ve been there not here.”

“Yeah, I’m not going to I just wanted you to know that we can be adults about this. Hopefully, so can Y/N,” Ursula replied, she couldn’t do such a thing not when she heard wonderful things about Chris and knew that Y/N was a great student, a great person too, so who was she to deny them happiness. “For the past couple of days you have been looking much happier and people did say it was because you found someone and you have.”

Chris was stunned as he heard the words coming from Ursula’s mouth, did she really want them to be happy or was it an act. “Wait, what?”

“Chris I entered that room with the wrong intentions, wanting to do something that I’ve gone over and over in mind doubting it every step of the way. And since I walked in on you with someone it stopped me and I’m glad that it did.” At this point Chris was beyond confused, what attentions did Ursula have, he had no clue but it made him question if he even wanted to know. Without letting Chris respond Ursula stood up and headed to leave but only stopped when Chris called for her.

“Thank you, you’re a good person for not getting me in trouble or heading to the dean first.” Ursula gave him a sweet smile before opening the door and leaving and right when the door clicked he reached for his phone dealing Y/N’s phone number. As he waited for her to pick up, he could hear his own heart thump in echo in his ear making him even more nervous only because Y/N wasn’t picking up. He tried to more times before giving up and sending her a quick text that read, ‘We need to talk. Meet at the coffee shop?’ However right when he sent the text he realized how wrong it sounded and he knew that Y/N thought something bad might’ve happened. He sighed at his mistake before grabbing his things and leaving his office, searching for Y/N throughout the halls and asking her friends if they had seen her.

Y/N walked through the sand of the park as she made it to the swings, seating on the usual swing she sat on when she needed some time for herself. She swung back and forth as she thought back to the time when she and Chris spent an evening together at the field, laughing and smiling brightly at each other. But the only thing Y/N felt was a tinge of sadness as she kept on thinking she could never be with him not when Professor Ursula was probably at the dean’s office, filing a complaint about Chris. She brushed the tear that rolled down her cheek and sighed as her phone started to ring, thinking it was her friends whom she ran into before she left, knowing they were concerned but she couldn’t deal with lying to them, so she chose to ignore it and the other two times it rang. After a few minutes of complete silence, Y/N took out her phone but what she read made her heart ache and her stomach twist as she could only think of the worse. A simple text from Chris that read, ‘We need to talk. Meet at the coffee shop?’ but in her mind was the farthest thing from simple. In her mind, it was her whole world crashing down. Not just hers but Chris’ too. There was a small side of her who wanted to text back and to go meet up at the coffee shop but there was the other side of her who wanted to stay on the swings, afraid of what Chris might tell her. And of course, that side of her won as she continued to swing around carelessly, her eyes tearing up at the thought of what could Chris possibly want to talk about.

She stayed there while Chris roamed the halls of the spacious university, while he asked all of her friends hoping he didn’t sound too suspicious. Thinking she was already at the coffee shop, Chris headed to his car and sped through town and made it to the usual coffee shop that he and Y/N always met up at. Adrenaline rang through his ear as he searched the crowded shop, glancing at every table but sighed once he knew that Y/N wasn’t there. He walked back to his car, slumped in his seat, starting to give up but he couldn’t not when he planned a speech; hoping it would calm his nerves and show Y/N how much she meant to him. He started his car and headed straight to the last possible place that he could think of and hoped he was right. Despite the message making her worry each second, Y/N couldn’t stop herself from reading it over and over again; thinking of all the possible things that Chris would need to talk about. Was he getting fired? Did she need to transfer out of his class? Or maybe there were worse things that could happen that Y/N thinking about but she couldn’t even think about them as her thoughts were interrupted as she heard her name being called. It was distant and it sounded like Chris but as she scanned the park noticing it was empty other than a few kids and teenagers playing basketball, no sign of Chris. She shook her head disappointed that she was hearing things, she got up deciding it was best for her to leave but only stopped when she heard her name being called again. This time it was louder as she managed to trace where it came from and she could see a person jogging towards her, a person she knew all too well.  

“Chris?” She whispered to herself as she made her way towards him, squinting her eyes and confirmed it was Chris, painting as he slowed down once he realized he got her attention and there was no need for him to run. The two of them continued to walk closer to each other like they both knew that everything was going to be okay, whatever happened they could move on from. Together. Once they got to a position where Y/N was certain that Chris could hear her, all of her questions came out at once as she didn’t wait for Chris to answer any of them. “What are you doing here? How did you know that I’m even here? What happened? Did she-?” Thankfully her rambling was cut off by Chris cupping her cheeks and pressing his lips to hers, not caring about the glares of other. It was finally him and Y/N, no one else to mess things up and no one there to stop him from doing the thing he longed to do. They both breath as they separated, foreheads pressed against each other as Chris brushed his thumb against Y/N’s flushed cheek. “Wow,” Y/N breathed causing Chris to chuckle before kissing her again, missing the warmth of her lips.  

“I had a speech planned,” Chris snickered once they fully separated, his hands dropping to hold Y/N’s cold ones.

“We both know by now that your plans usually never end up working,” Y/N teased, surprised that she managed a whole sentence still feeling a bit dreamy from the two kisses and from Chris holding her hands. Chris let out a hearty laugh, nodding his head at Y/N comment before walking to his car, still holding Y/N’s hand. “So, I’m guessing everything’s good, if not you’re emotions are mixed up.”

Chris chuckled, shaking his head as he replied, “Yeah, Y/N everything’s perfect. I talked to Ursula and she’s not planning to say anything since I apparently looked so happy ever since I started seeing you. She told me she was going to keep it a secret and that we could all be adults about the situation.”

“Wow, that’s really nice of her. I mean she is a really nice teacher I just never thought that she would-,” and once again Y/N’s rambling was cut off by Chris’s lips making her sigh into the kiss as she reached up and brushed his beard, the tiny hairs scratching her fingers. “You’re lucky you’re cutting me off with a kiss otherwise I would’ve been pissed.”

Chris smiled before leaning on his car facing Y/N once again. “I was thinking you should plan something for us to move forward with since my plans never end up going to plan.”

“I guess I should since I planned that someday we were going to be together and it might just happen,” Y/N nodded, cheeks hurting from smiling so hard but honestly, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Howdy! This is your student from Texas A&M. As of today, the WLM rally at A&M on September 11th has been cancelled and no white supremacists (Richard Spencer) will be speaking, as the university was concerned for the safety of the students. Thanks for the support y'all and gig 'em!

Where You’ve Been Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 


           Sam paced his room trying to figure out why you weren’t answering him. “Dammit Y/N, answer your fucking phone! We need to talk!” Sam yelled as he left you another message. Gabe came into his room after hearing him yell, “Hey, what’s going on Sam?” he asked stopping him. “I can’t get ahold of Y/N, she won’t answer her phone,” Sam sighed sitting down in his desk chair. “Well she called in sick this morning,” Gabe told him as he stood in front of his desk. “What?” Sam looked up at him confused.

           Gabe nodded “She didn’t sound real good on the phone. Everything going okay?” he asked staring at him. Sam sighed running his hands through his hair before he stood up. “Gabe, I have to take the rest of the day off. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said gathering the rest of his stuff. Gabe sighed watching him leave as kids began to walk in. “Class has been cancelled for today, go home.” Gabe told the kids as he left. He had a bad feeling in the bottom of his stomach. Something was wrong, he just didn’t know how to ask.

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College Life Starters Pt. 1
  • “There’s no reason this college application should actually be this hard.”
  • “You want me to pay how much for a fucking textbook?!”
  • “I feel like my professor is out to get me. I’ve been popping No Doze and drinking my weight in coffee for the last three days to get this project finished.”
  • “Hit me with your car, pay my tuition for the next four years, relieve me of my financial stress, please.”
  • “You know you’re a college student when sleep has become a foreign concept.”
  • “Get ready to spend half your annual salary on textbooks for the next 4-6 years or however fucking long you’ll be in school for your degree.”
  • “College must be for rich kids only because there’s NO FUCKING WAY I can afford that.”
  • “No financial aid, no college. I’ll go work at McDonald’s for the rest of my life.”
  • “I got the scholarship! [INSERT SCHOOL NAME HERE], here I come!”
  • “But I don’t want to move to a whole other state to go to college.”
  • “I didn’t get any sleep last night. My dormmate’s boyfriend/girlfriend was over last night. They were fucking like rabbits till 5 in the morning.”
  • “I hope there’s a Starbucks on campus. I need a double shot expresso stat or I’m not making it through today.”
  • “It has been 100% confirmed today, I can’t have a social life until after I graduate.”
  • “Trying to have a job and going to school full time is a recipe for disaster.”
  • “I’m a struggling college student and I need food. Give me your sandwich.”
  • “If I get anything less than a B, my mom and dad are going to kill me.”
  • “Going home for the holidays is like saying you’ve won a lifetime supply of food to a college student. I can finally eat a real meal.”
  • “I survived off ramen, tap water, the free muffins in the lounge and hard candy for four years. It’s finally over.”
  • “Starbucks, 5 Hour Energy, Monsters, Rockstars and Red Bull are going to be my best friends tonight. I gotta get this 20 page essay done by 10 tomorrow morning.”
  • “Don’t talk to me, I’ll write whatever you say in my essay.”
  • “The library has become my new hangout spot. I can’t get anything done in my dorm because of my dorm mate and his/her girlfriend/boyfriend fucking like animals all the time.”
  • “The stars didn’t align and class wasn’t cancelled today. Fuck you, universe.”
  • “When you get an email saying class has been cancelled for today. Fuck yes, I’m going back to sleep.”
  • “I’m not sure how my dorm mate’s still a student here. All she/he does is fuck, eat and sleep in that order. I don’t think he/she’s ever met his/her professors.”
A Venti Cup of You

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender

Pairings: Klance

Chapters: 1/?

Words: 1,054


Lance sighs and rubs his eyes with his sweater paws as he walks into Starbucks. It isn’t his favorite café, but the coffee is good and the baristas are lookers. He awaits his turn in the short line with the occasional yawn. Once at the counter, he expects to see Allura, the normal barista, but instead he sees a new guy. Lance observes his face, completely awestruck.

“Are you going to order anything?” The barista narrows his eyes. Lance couldn’t help but notice that they are an interesting shade of indigo.

“How about a venti size of you?” Lance smirks and leans on the counter. The guy blushes darker than Lance’s red leggings and looks away frustrated.

“Okay, give me a venti featured dark roast with two shots of French Vanilla and topped with whipped cream. The name’s Lance, by the way.” Lance winks and makes finger gun gestures to him.

He pulls out his wallet from the galaxy book bag that’s hanging on his shoulder and pays the barista for the drink. The barista turns around and makes Lance’s drink.

Lance sits at a table in front of a large window. His bag slides off his shoulder and to the ground. Lance gazes out the window at the bustle of the sharply dressed people walking in and out of offices.

That’s one thing Lance never wants to do, be a businessman. He dislikes suits, saying they’re itchy and restricting. As a college student and aspiring dancer, he gets to wear what he loves; sweaters, shorts, leggings and crop tops.

“Lance!” The barista calls out his name and shakes him from his thoughts. Lance bounces up to the counter with a smile. He looks at his cup.

“How can you misspell ‘Lance’?!” Lance stares at how it’s spelled. Lainse. The barista shrugs and stifles a laugh. “No, come on-” Lance glances at the barista’s nametag, “-Keith. You must have done that for shits and giggles because my name isn’t that hard.” Lance is laughing and Keith is grinning.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Keith tries to stifle his giggles.

“Yeah, sure.” Lance’s laughs fade out and he sips his drink. “So, Keith, to make up for your mistake, how about you give me your number?”

“Lance! Are you distracting my workers?” Allura, the Starbucks manager walks in the front door.

“Sorry, Allura. It’s kind of hard when your barista is such a cutie.” Lance turns the woman. Allura rolls her eyes and walks behind the counter.

Lance goes back to his table with his drink, but doesn’t sit down. He rummages through his bag for paper and a pen. Lance quickly scribbles his name and number on a paper and goes back to the counter when Keith is helping another customer. Lance bites his lip.

Once the other customer leaves, Lance shoves the paper towards Keith who looks at it curiously. Keith grabs it after realizing it was Lance’s number.

“You know, just in case.” Lance rubs the back of his neck and smiles softly. Keith nods.

“Just in case.” He repeats. They stare at each other until Lance’s phone rings, causing them both to look away quickly and blush.

“Hey, Hunk,” Lance greets happily.

“Lance, you’re late, again! Professor is going to kill you,” Hunk whispers. Lance’s face pales.


“Don’t say you’re going to skip again. You are one absence away from getting kicked out of class.” Hunk interrupts him.

“I’ll be there in four minutes flat. See you then,” Lance says and hangs up his phone.

Lance turns back to Keith, “see you around, Keith.” Lance rushes to grab his back and rubs out the door towards his university.

After almost running into four people and getting his white high top Converse dirty by stepping in a puddle, Lance makes it to class. Trying to regulate his breathing, he quickly signs the attendance board and gets in his seat beside Hunk before his professor turns around.

Professor Douglas, or Douchebag as the students call him, turned and squinted his eyes.

“So glad you could join us, Mr. McClain.” Lance groans and Professor Douchebag goes back to his lesson.

Lance is deep in his note taking when his phone goes off. A vibration in his bag that is loud enough for the surrounding students to hear and glare at him. He sheepishly grabs it out his bag. Lance hopes it’s Keith, but no such luck. It’s his dance instructor. He sighs and tosses his phone back in his back, vowing to check it once class ends.

“I swear he gets even more boring with every lesson.” Hunk groans after class. Lance laughs and nods his head. Lance’s phone rings again and he groans. Lance grabs his phone again.


“Hey, Lance, did you get my text?” His dance instructor asks.

“Yeah, I did. I just got out of class though. I haven’t checked it yet.” Lance switches the phone to his other ear and yawns.

“Ballet has been canceled for today. My niece is sick.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I hope she feels well soon.”

“Thank you. Me too. I’ll hopefully see you next week.”

“Bye.” Lance hangs up.

Lance and Hunk walk to their next class, physics. They take their seat next to Pidge. A freshman who was by far the smartest in the class.

“Sup, Pidge,” Lance says. Pidge groans at her phone in response.

“Everything okay?” Hunk asks sitting on the other side of Lance.

“My friend is being an idiot.” Pidge slips her phone into her back pocket as the professor walks in.

An hour and a half later the group is on their way to Pidge’s apartment to have an all night video game binge.

“I’m going to kick your ass!” Lance yells and flings himself onto Pidge’s couch.

Pidge snorts, “in your dreams.”

Pidge’s phone rings. She nods a lot and hangs up.

“My friend is coming over. He got into a fight with his brother.” Pidge sets her phone on the counter.

Lance and Hunk nod. They pile their stuff in a corner.

A knock sounds at Pidge’s door.

“I’ll get it,” Lance says bouncing off the couch.

Lance throws the door open to be met face first with the barista from earlier.

“Keith?” Lance breaths out.

A blush covers Keith’s face, “Lance?”

@quarkie replied to your post “A year ago today arc v was attacked by the ping pong dimension Never…”

I’m late to the fandom, someone please explain the reference? ;_;

Alright, gather around new and old arc v fans, and let me retell the tale of the invasion of the ping pong dimension 

So it was a year ago [March 6, 2016]. it was arc v Sunday. For the whole week everyone was warned that, hey there’s this ping pong tournament going on in Japan, and it’s being aired on arc v’s channel, so depending on things, the show might not air. Well I don’t think people really expected the show to get cancelled. probably due to the ep being Yuya and Jack’s rematch, and well people just really wanted to see it.

Alright, so we waited, and waited, people had streams going like normal, some where watching the tournament just to see if the Japanese team would win so we would know if we’re get the new ep or not.

Then I think it was 30 minutes to show, maybe less than that, and we get a message from the YGO twitter that went like, “Sorry the show has been canceled today, thing’s will continue as normal next week.” And I think it also mentioned that they were going to find out a way to make up the missed ep. 
[Another small fact, because of this ping pong tournament, ep 99 and 100 where aired on the same day]

So then twitter and tumblr pretty much exploded with a mess of ping pong jokes and memes. And Twitter I think the tag like ping pong attack, or invasion was on the worldwide trends bar. People where making comparisions to Zexal because there’s a small sceen with Shark and Yuma playing ping pong

And there where jokes like, This is XYZ’s revenge. Or this is the true villain of arc v. Also there was some weird art/edits that came out of it 
Here, here, and here [thanks @kaiowut99 adding a link for that ahah]

And that is the story of the attack from the ping pong dimension

Hope you enjoyed that little part of arc v history

Okay this one is like really quick and messy, so forgive the shittyness, but I wanted to destress myself after today (I didn’t know that my lessons has been cancelled and it was raining af and I was soaked SHIT I HATE WALKING IN THE RAIN)

Probably my first picture of Kouha ever. He looks like a monkey or something. Idk. I’m tired and it’s not even 4pm.

I continue the Month of Mei doodles thing. Stay tuned. Or not, just do whatever you want.


You find yourself asking when it will go away. The desire to simply sleep until those troubles no longer exist. There is a sort of hope that instead of a to do list on your phone, a pop up shows saying, “today has been cancelled, go back to bed”. Regardless of the hours of sleep, it never seems to leave. Gravity feels as though it is ten times stronger in morning, only around your bed. Yet all you can do is sigh heavily and go about your day. So you ask yourself again, like always, when will this tiredness go away?

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Hello! Could I request a scenario with Shinsou having a bad day so his gf notice immediately and tries to cheer him up by showering him kisses and offering to do anything he wants (Like watching a movie or something like that) Your blog always make my day, when I feel down I marathon your scenarios!

Thank you very much for your kind words lovely, I hope I could answer your request well enough! Have a nice day today =)

Today has been very stressful. Shinsou almost cancels meeting his girlfriend, but he hasn’t really spent much time with her lately and he’d really like to see her, no matter how tired he is.

When he arrives at her house however, all she needs is one look at him to realize he’s drained and not in the best of moods. She gives him a small smile and steps aside to let him in.

Once he’s rid of his jacket and shoes, they settle down in her room and she kisses his cheek. When that draws a tired smile from him, she starts to practically shower his face in kisses, pecking his nose and forehead, kissing his tousled hair and the corner’s of his mouth until he’s smiling a bit more.

“We don’t need to do anything today.” She murmurs as she hugs him. “What do you want? I’m completely fine with following your lead.”

With a sigh, Shinsou relaxes against her, wrapping his arms around her as well and using his weight to let them fall back against her mattress.

“Just lying here is fine for now.” He murmurs, closing his eyes. “How was your day?”

She starts to tell him, slowly carding her fingers through his hair. He relaxes a bit more, listening to her voice as some of the stress drains away.