today good

canon may say otherwise, but we all know the real reason Splinter gave his kids their masks was so he could color code them and be able to tell them apart.

like me and my siblings all look wildly different- even differing genders- and our parents still mix up our names. if you think human kids are hard, try telling apart four identical scaly little shits that don’t stop looking like clones of one another until they hit puberty.

So i’ve been tagged by @letwhatyoulovekillyouu, @rammstein4ever, @leprozorium and @asylumsammet to post a selfie, so here you got a silly one I took today 

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that feel when you know that there’s a meltdown coming on, and you’re trying to stop it, but you’re really not trying that hard because you’re angry and bitter and upset and hurt enough that at least part of you doesn’t honestly care what will happen to the person you know you’ll be taking your emotions out on