today for all the awards!


So yesterday I came back from my journey and I wanted to apologize for my long absence. My friend came from France to visit me and we were travelling a lot. Like… a lot. I took a little break from studying and from social medias. Now I am back and ready to work.

My finals are in two months so I need to get my shit together and pass them on 101% so I still won’t be here all day but I will do my best to be more active.

Also, thank you so so much for 8k. You guys are so wonderful.

I will answer all of your messages today and I will try to pick tumblr awards winners in the evening.

I hope everyone’s doing great and that procrastination hasn’t attacked you yet.

Thanks and see you soon!

How can I not be happy for them.
How can I not cry tears of happiness.

They’re talented
They’re hardworking

They deserved the daesang.

And every single tear they shed tonight, it holds more meaning to me than any smile of any photoshoot.

Because today, with all their hard work. And our determination to get them the award,

BTS proudly stands there with two Daesangs and love from a millions of people.

Every lyric they wrote held some sort of meaning to their heart. The whole HYYH series, the Wings album. It had their own feelings put into every song. And it was something that all of us could relate to, even if it wasn’t every song. They all worked so hard towards their dream. And they never forgot us, they kept us in mind. International Army, Korean Army. There’s no difference. We’re all Armies when it comes to supporting our boys. Regardless of our age or race or nationality, we all work hard towards making their dream come true.

To see them smile
To see those tears of joy.

And they deserve every single drop of our love.

The music the spent countless nights on. Hardly getting a blink of sleep, hardly having time for family and friends.

They sacrificed it all so that we could have good music.

They went through years of insults and humiliation.

But here they stand, at a spot where from the Tumblr staff to even Buzzfeed recognizes them.

You deserved it.

Even if I can never say it to you.

You deserved it.

Thank you for working hard, and I hope in the future we can all make you even more proud. As armies, we will always try our best.

Bangtan Hwaiting!


♔ BTS OT7 Lockscreen Pack #2 ♔

☄ Hello Everyone! ☄

First of all, I want to congratulate our boys on winning 2 awards today. It is all well deserved and I hope that next week will be just as good as this one. Yoongi is back and honestly, I am glad that we got to see OT7 slaying their performance. I feel like 2017 is going to be a great year. 

Secondly, I wanted to thank you for the 200+ notes on my Yoongi Lockscreen post from last year. It means a lot to me and I am happy that you like my creations. 

Last but not least, I’d just like to say that I hope all of you have an enjoyable day and smile a lot. If you like the wallpapers, please like/reblog the post. Thank you :)


트와이스가 오늘 제 26회 서울가요대상 시상식에서 3개의 상을 수상했습니다! 원스 여러분들 덕분입니다! 감사하고, 또 감사합니다. 모두 함께 축하해요!

#ONCE #원스 #TWICE #트와이스

TWICE received 3 awards at the 26th Seoul Music Awards today It is all thanks to ONCEs Thank you, and thank you again. Congratulation all together!



Still Here!!!

Now that my mild hangover is over, and I made it through Monday, some clear eyed perspective has set in today.

After the Batshit Crazy Awards and all of the bizzaro things we saw, here is where I am today.

I STILL BELIEVE IN SAM & CAIT!!! There is no way these two are with anyone else…period, end of story!! The very core of their tightly held emotions was so evident that it was painful to watch. Imagine how they felt. I don’t know why this crazy path has been chosen, but it has solidified my thoughts on the matter more effectively than any planted SO’S ever could. And, if you look at Sam’s IG, 197000 likes on 3 very recent pics with Cait tell the real story, and he is the one posting them. They obviously mean something to him, so they will mean something to me.

So, they can trot out the Purse Whisperer and Beetlejuice all they want. They mean nothing to them, or to me! I am sure there will be more wacked out things as we go, but for now, I am still on the ship! And quite frankly, I think Sam and Cait are too! Believe me, they need their real friends and fans right now, so I will be both.

Ship on sweet shipsters! Time to go freeze some eyeballs, and change my fall purse….I just need to find a carrier! 😜😙😍

My friends don't understand me!!
  • All my friends today: GRAMMY AWARDS!!! BEYONCE!!! ADELE!!!
  • Me: ......ummm....... Naomi won the Smackdown Women's Championship and Bray Wyatt won the WWE Championship.....
  • Them: ......what???
  • Me: nothing nevermind *crawls back into my little hole*

160409 Top Chinese Music Awards
Roughly translated excerpt from Han Geng’s acceptance speech:

Today I heard that Mr. Lee Soo Man is also here (at this event), as well as [he lists a couple of SM staff and Kangta], are all here. Therefore, I hereby especially thank Mr. Lee Soo Man, because I believe he allowed me to be on this stage, allowed me to become a singer, become an actor. Without him, I don’t think I would be able to come on this stage today. Therefore, at this place, ‘thank you, Mr. Lee Soo Man’ (Han Geng bows).

Note: Han Geng won three awards today: “Best Male Singer,” “Best All-Around Artist,” and one for “I Don’t Give a Shit.” Lee Soo Man was there with Kangta, EXO, and NCT, and had been on that same stage earlier in the night to receive an award for “Best Producer in Asia.” The SM manager who was one of the people who helped select Han Geng to join the company, helped him out a lot during his early years with SM, and who was the only person Han Geng had publicly mentioned as someone he regretted not being able to let know beforehand about filing the lawsuit and leaving South Korea, was also there.

Was helping my mom clean up today and found a lot of my awards and trophies…they’re all for nerdy shit 😩 30+ 1st and 2nd place state and regional trophies for math, science, economics, etc and not a single one for a sport 😂😂

Today was our annual police department awards banquet. Sonjay and I got all fancy and went and we sat at a table with my two favorite coworkers and their significant others. We had cheesecake and a lot of other delicious food and we laughed a lot and it was really nice.
Now I’m at work and I’m too sleepy but there’s not too much to do.

today in how alex turner has fucked up my life

i cannot hear the word “invoice” without thinking about this idiot dropping a microphone onstage at the brits.

To whoever tweeted in the “Phil should get an award for being the purest cinnamon roll” in #alternativeteenaward to today’s internet takeover…..

You deserve all the awards! 

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Melon Music Awards


TOP:  Thank you.

We didn’t think we would get all these awards today, so our members did rock-paper-scissors to decide the order of the award acceptance speeches.

Even though I am not very good at talking, I am making a speech for this honorable award, and I am very grateful.

Our team, Bigbang, is approaching our tenth anniversary.

I think we received overwhelming love from you guys, getting more than we deserve.

Just like the name of this award, the Best Artist Award, we will continue to…

Even though we are approaching our tenth year, we will continue to work hard for ten, twenty, and thirty more years to create enjoyable music-

*fans scream*

Thank you.

We will work hard to become truly the best artists who can provide new music, new stages, and create new expressions  

Also, earlier, our members thanked many of our staffs, including President Yang Hyun Suk, those who worked hard for us, and of course, our fans

But I think we forgot to thank our parents who gave birth to us and took care of us all these years.

We, Bigbang, had our first album in 3-4 years, and during those years, our parents gave us so much love and support, and I would like to sincerely say thank you to them.

Seungri: Lastly, our Taeyang hyung didn’t get to speak today, (please give the mic to) Youngbae hyung too

Taeyang: This is our first time attending an awards ceremony as a five in a while, and you guys have given us so much love.

I always feel this way, but I would like to say thank you so much again to those who gave love to us, Bigbang.

And to those who work hard around us, our producer hyungs, Teddy hyung, and our staffs who help us out so much, thank you so much again.

If we did not have you guys and our staffs by our side, we, Bigbang, wouldn’t have been able to continue on as artists for the past ten years.

I hope to continue to make good music with you guys for a long time.

We will work hard.

Thank you.

Translated by bigbanggisvip

This video will be subbed soon!