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Spring ~

I swear I’m never drawing umbrellas again. (Says the girl whose favorite romantic tropes include rain rip)


So, I decided that I'm working the rest of the day from home *whispers: don’t tell my boss 🙊* bc my county office space lacks windows and it is too nice sunny out and I’m not about that fluorescent light life. Also… you can wear comfy clothes while you do computer work ☺️.

Boys with an s/o that has a panic attack when someone gets a panic attack

yo yo it’s mod Succi back with the writing that sucks 

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Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

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I really hate how the sg writers are handling the show this season and I'm starting to lose interest in this series bc of this reason. But reading your fanfics makes me feel so much better about supergirl in the universe you created. so thank you for doing what you love 🙂 it really does cheer me up & Lexington brings a smile to my face.

You know Supergirl season 1 was hands down one of my favorite shows, and there are a few episodes this season that have really lived up to that, but sadly this weeks’ (especially the Flash continuation) was not one of them.

Fanfiction is the only escape from this season’s shitty writing, and I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my contributions as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!!

And Lexington, oh my heart, writing her has made up for a lot of the season 2 BS I’ve had to endure!

That and the The Hug™

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hi i am actually a guy and i'm sorry that all these people disappoint you osomatsu with "FUCK ME DADDY" or some shit like that anyways what kinda memes you like oso (btw you're my favorite oso)

To be honest, I don’t mind the memes at all. Oso is kind of a meme to begin with and it doesn’t help that I am too haha. I only find it irritating because it’s ALL I get and nothing else. Doesn’t give me much to work with. Though its my own fault for posting NSFW and making Daddy jokes. Like honestly, what was I expecting? LOL But, I’m glad I do a good Oso ! ; v ; I’m glad you like my blog so far !!

Also on a side note, if you have any questions for Samī, please ask them over at my self insert blog, @trashy-inserts . I kinda want to keep her on the sidelines as much as possible here because, it IS Oso’s blog.Unless she’s involved in some event or something. I’d be more then happy to answer stuff for her there though !