So, that TOME finale

Let me just start off by saying… I think that ending was absolutely perfect; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how everything went in that final episode. (Also that live action scene made me cry really hard THAT WAS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER)

To kirbopher, thank you so much for making this amazing series. It has done so much for me and many others. Truly, I have so much emotional attachment to the series ever since the release; it cheered me up on my down days, it made me laugh, and cry, but it inspired me most of all. It has been such a great journey, and I’m sad that it has to end, but it was the most amazing experience I had that I could share with others.

I feel like I need to say this, although probably no one cares but tbh, I don’t care what you ship. If you ship Delena, that’s fine by me. That doesn’t mean, that I have to like it. Same with any other ships. But if you WILLINGLY repost graphics or gifsets from a ship you don’t like JUST to bash on it and make nasty comments about it you’re a fucking asshole. People put a lot of effort in this kind of stuff, whether it’s a manip or not, they put a lot of fucking effort in it, because they have fun doing it, so just let them fucking be. Don’t be an asshole.



Omg okay so Michi and John got me this figure for my birthday and it came in today aND I LOVE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE IT’S MY BBY EREN AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Thank you guys so, so much I CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ;u;