September 21: Stephen King is 70 today.

Since 1974, the influential author has published over 50 novels and nearly 200 short stories, many of which have been adapted for film or TV. He has also written a handful of screenplays, including Creepshow.

His work includes IT, The Shining, Carrie, Salem’s Lot, Pet Sematary, The Stand, Misery, The Green Mile, Christine, Cujo, Firestarter, The Dead Zone, Thinner, Gerald’s Game, and The Dark Tower series.

keith is a character who tries so hard to keep this image of himself up. he’d rather show anger than any type of vulnerability or pain because he probably views that as a weakness, a reason why he was abandoned in the first place. it’s why he left allura, why he was silent when hunk asked if he’d leave him behind, because he knew that the answer wasn’t something hunk wanted to hear because he would if the situation called for it, or he would if he ended up getting too close and he got scared. keith would rather let himself look like a heartless angry person than what he actually is: a hurt and scared teenage boy. 

he even realizes  he has these walls up, and maybe that’s the first step to bringing them down. in letting him trust and believe that this family would never leave him behind. but he’s also the character who needs to see the physical, not just a belief in something, considering that the only reason he went as in depth into the desert as he did was because he picked up anomalies. he felt the pull. when that day comes, when keith is afraid he’s alone and no one’s coming to save him, and team voltron comes back for him, i think it’ll be a really groundbreaking moment for him.

Okay the amount of stolen gifs I’ve seen on my dash today is RIDICULOUS. Seriously… if you didn’t make it, don’t post it unless you use tumblrs gif feature OKAY??!! I’m reporting all the blogs that I see steal gifs because it’s getting way too excessive and we work so hard to make gifs and sets and it’s not fair to us when you just repost them.